The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1954 · Page 23
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 23

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1954
Page 23
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FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 1954 SLYTHlflAI CAWL) COTJlIBIt N1WB FAQK Home Appliance Load Requires Adequate Wiring Lack of Sufficient Wiring Adds to Cost of Electricity By DAVID G. BAREUTHER AP Real Estate Editor MOST OP US are paying for electricity we are not getting. The reason, experts say, is that our homes are inadequately wired. We are trying to get a fire hose flow of electricity through a soda straw. We have filled our homes with electrical gadgets and appliances which were not even invented when most of our houses were wired for electric lights. We plug all of these new conveniences into the same trickle of power and naturally £he ve-ltage, or pressure, goes down. The toaster dries out the bread instead of giving it a quick golden brown. The coffee maker slows down. Breakfast is late and we're Itte for work. The problem is so universal that industry leaders are concerned.-"Not one builders house in 20 is adequately wired for electrical living," says House and Home trade publication of the home building industry. "In practically every home built before World War n, wiring is more than inadequate; it's obsolete," says Business Week, explaining the "appliance boom that has led to a crisis." The electrical load in the aver', age home has increased 100 per cent since before the war, accord• ing to the power companies. But ; wiring has not kept pace. :" IF YOU DOUBT that all this is •v taking money out of your pocket, consider these examples compiled br electrical engineers of the National Adequate Wiring Bureau. 1. A toaster plugged into a wir- ' ing system which has a voltage • drop of 10 per cent — common in -,; a majority of homes — takes 31.5 per cent more time to brown a piece of toast and consumes 28.6 "per cent more current lhan when ,- plugged into an adequately wired circuit. 2. An electric toaster takes 28 -A per cent more to reach its required '" cooking temperature and wastes 19 per cent of the current. , 3. A lamp loses 34 per cent of its brilliance where there is a '" voltage drop of 10 per cent on ; ' your house circuit. * * * ,:. WHAT CAN BE DONE about it? v H. H. Watson engineer in the con*• struction materials division of the .: General Electric Co., sums it up '-• this way: ~ "Existing Inadequately wired homes should be rewired and new homes must be wired to adequate standards if the homemaker and her family are to enjoy the bene- , fits of full elctric living." 'I The cost of wiring a house FRIGIDAIRE THRIFTY THIRTY — This extra-large oven is an important feature of this new Frigidaire Thrifty 30-inch electric range. The oven has a total capacity of 6,275 cubic inches — enough usable space to bake six pies, 10 loaves of bread, and the largest turkey, or an entire oven meal for a big family. The range also is equipped with a new simplified automatic oven clock cooking control. A full-width drawer below the oven provides extra storage space for utensils. .mounts to about as much as i "extra cost: $5." minting a house. And an efficient wiring system lasts a lot longer iian any paint job. Also, it costs ar less to .wire a house properly .uring construction than after a louse is finished. "In Los Angeles," reports House and Home, • "most home buyers ind they cannot use an electric tove without first paying $94 for an electric outlet" HOME BUILDERS, the Federal Housing Administration, the Vet- rans Administration and local electrical codes have been blamed for the new houses with old style wiring. In New York's vast Long Island surburban field, where more than 4,000 new homes have been one week, only.. 60-ampere panel boards have been installed even in fairly large all-electric homes. • No house should have less than a 100-ampere panel board," comments House and Home, adding, "With so many more room coolers, electric blankets and other new appliances, all-circuits (not just kitchen circuits) should be three-wire." * • » AN INTERESTING sidelight on placing blame for overloads on house wiring was provided recently by Business Week. A woman, whose well-equipped home included all of the 56 common appliances, plugged in an electric coffemaker while most of the other gadgets were working, and a fuse blew out. whose fault was that? Should she blame the manufacturer of the cof- femaker, or the power company for inferior electricity? "As -a public relations gesture," said Business Week, "the power company may send a service man around to change the fuse — although in most instances it's not the company's responsibility. Last year Consolidated Edison Co., of Showers Require Energy OMAHA (ff") — It takes four times as much energy to take a shower as a bath says Dr. Howard A. Rusk chairman of the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation at New York University. That's important to two million Americans crippled by heart disease Dr. Rusk told a University of Nebraska medical college audience. Taking a bath instead of a shower is one way cardiac victims can conserve their overtaxed hearts. Dr. Rusk also confirmed something many a bed-ridden patients has suspected: It requires twice as much energy to use a bedpan as it does to walk to the bathroom. 20o,000 calls on blown fuses at a | cost of about one million dollars.' Are such expenditures passed on in your power bills? Figure it out. ITS ALL NEW gnd Better Than Ever! FRIGIDAIRE Electric Range with the "WONDER OVEN'* No other Range has it! Here's th« ONLY oven that bakes as it broils . . . roasts as it bakes ... in the same oven at the sam* time! It's one big oven becomes 2 separate ovens in a matter seconds. Each has its own heat, temperature control and signal light. AND . .1 the "Wonder Oven", has th* new Quick-Clean design. Everything 'lifts out, right down to the smooth porcelain oven walls for easy cleaning right at the sinkl Imperial Model RT-60 {•> N«w Imperial Cook*Mai*ar Ovan Clock Control. Sot starting timt, cooking time, ttmparaturs and that's all V* Ntw Multi-Dury Thtrmiitr. It's an automatic dop-fat fryar, a d«ap-w»ll oa«k«r, a «mall ovan, a corn popper •r M oxtra surface- unitl 4» N«w full-width Pan.l Clow Lighting lights tntira cooking surfaco •uilt-ln Condimant Shall—with o Ntw Dual-Purpoia Tima Signal for timing turfaco cooking or ovan moojr Adjusts up to 4 hours o Full-width Storoga Drawar a Walit-high Iroilor • Past, suro Radiantub* Surface Units .• Illuminatad switch knobs • Warmar Drawar • luilt and iackad by Ganaral Motors' 381 " ON EASIEST OP TERMS^ Ask about 1 1 other Now Frigidcrfro Elactric Rongot In 21, 30 and 40 in. siios {'Be Modern-Cook Eteetmally* ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 206-208 Wttt Main J. W. Adams, Mgr. Phont 2-2071 HOME LAUNDRY — > typical . Frigidaire equipped home laundry room is shown here. The clothes washer, Filtra-matic dryer, electric water heater and electric ironer assure "carefree living" to any American household. Bird to Get Bird CINCINNATI tflp) — Starlings for i many years have been the plague, of downtown Cincinnati. The city council is studying the possibility of importing falcons to get rid of the pest*. Every other means has failed. High Riding Hen DARLINGTON, S. C. (/P)—Farmer Nelson Alford, after a five-mile hike into town noticed people staring and laughing. He looked around to see one of his white Leghorn hens sitting placidly atop several blades of hay on his pickup.truck. Less Bread for Britain LONDON (/P)— Britoni tra Less bread nowaday* — about 10 per cent less in a year. Other foodstuffs in wide variety are now read* ily available. /x>&/k? 4fa tfa - Frigidaire leisure laundry cohhm m* tool It's the nost thorough washing and rinsing , action known—y«t is gentle enough for ray- daw and woolen*. Lire-Water Action gets rid of "deep-down" dirt that ordinary methods ea»'t touch. And beat of aft, it's completely froav «urt to finish. Set the dial lUpidry Spin... and featwre* Hce tfce trouble- free Umnatie mechanism . .. top loading ... ••boking down ... easy-to-use control*. S<*<- a $299.75 *«•« doftwf M fast at foo wwfc fhwni Imagine! Winter or summer, rain or shine, day or nigh*, JOB dial your own drying weather! No Ufting, carrying, reaching. And die new Fiitra-matic Dryer is the only dryer that takes out sticky tint, leave* no moisture on watts or windows . . . without aoy extra acpeoae far plumbing or special veers*. The cabinet and dram are finished in fifetaow porcelain—making the Automatic Washer and the new Filtra- ma tic Dryer a "porcelaia pair" that "an't be atasdiest, any wh«*e4 Sit down and take it eaay wf A th* °* w airc Electric Ironer! Boti hawk me fern to guide clothes—became the ironing and ing action* start and *wp "kh jiast a touch of your foot. A»* tn «»* open «nd»l ^haj^ sheets and tablecloths sfip right tfvoogh ml come out 'smooth * new- Come in, Tty < $247.95 £. Mtt-boswro a* Hot a Frigidaire Electric Water « Frigidaire Leisure Laundries Now Available In Color Styling To Fit your Decorative Scheme! Yellow — Green —• Whitt Halsell & Ma in &Di vision ite Furniture Co. Phone 3-6096

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