Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 31, 1973 · Page 40
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 40

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1973
Page 40
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Tuesday, July .• 3jJ,973 #"1 re it Lops With the Odds for Weapons NfJW YORK (MA) Re- ^tfttly *n New Jersey a re* porter in a bank was chatting with (he security guard. The guard, in his early 60s, was discussing his responsibilities Wid pointed to his .38 cal. revolver to make a revealing -point. "I guess I'm supposed Id use this, but I hope I don't .Have to. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn." The admission, numbing by itself, is not unusual. America, which has for generations condemned the proliferation of guns in the erratic hands of criminals, now is beginning to worry about the numbers of weapons in the erratic hands of anti-criminals. •"NEW YORK has of late begun to weed out its "gun- happy" policemen. Boston is trying to tighten up rules for arms use by law enforcement personnel. There are demands in several cities that off-duty cops leave their weapons in lire station house. But the far greater danger, too seldom considered, comes. :not from official police forces. Tcday all manner of non-official security people are strapping guns to their hips, often without proper training, often without psychological clearance — and very often without any real need other than prestige and bluster. The bank guard in New Jersey is one example, A retired Army clerk with no combat experience, he was hired mainly as a pistol packuV deterrent. But not only is he not a deterrent according to professional security men who . Most distressing of all, perhaps, are the legions of "auxiliary" police across the na* tion Who are being issued increasing numbers of weapons. These men — numbering about 500,000, mostly volun- " Today alt manner of non»officiat security people are strapping gum to their hips, often without proper train' ing, often without psychological clearance — and very often without real need other tlmn prestige and bluster," believe bank guards are uot- dated, he is a danger. If panicked, Who's to say how'd he'd act? THERE ARE NO reliable statistics on the matter, but evidence suggests the bank guard is one of hundreds of thousands of grossly inept yet legal gun-Wearers in the country. New York's Port Authority police carry weapons while they direct bridge and tunnel traffic." Private detectives carry sidearms while they tail and investigate playboy husbands. All of the nation's estimated 220,000 plus professional security guards are eligible for gun duty. Many amateur security people, most of whom are hired off the street, also carry guns. Today, armed men work in churches, in buses and at baseball games. teers — were ongpafly. assigned simple cM^||raffic or crowd control ffi&M But in many towns, they have ao quired many of the same responsibilities as official police officers and posse members. THE SITUATION, says former anti-gun Congressman Abner Mikva, D-I1L, is out of control: "Guns beget guns, violence begets violence. We are approaching in this, country what, the Kemer Commission' a968). prMcted — bur cities have becolne;' armed camps." Not only rnuit a citizen fear the bad gjys today, Mikva suggestsf^he must fear the good guys too. To be sure. A factory owner hiring an untrained retiree for late night security can, in many states, ami the man with • a cannon. .An agency •security guard, low paid and bored, can and often Will dfaw his revolver toihorit ait noises in the night. Recently in New York City a Housing Authority sentry shot two teen-agers for simple trespassing. And not kng ago an auxiliary cop in Dallas killed a burglar with a shotgun he kept under the patrol ear seat. MIKVA SAYS such indiscriminate gun use, even if legal, is unacceptable. And many security authorities agree. JohnHoran of the Pinker -ton Detective Agency says his men are "discouraged from having weapons except when they are experienced and in hazardous duty." Otto Vehlej national director of the Reserve Law Officers Association, says on auxiliary officer should be given a weapon unless he has passed mental as well as physical requirements: "It's not enough to known how to shoot. A man with a badge must also know when and when not to shoot." Mikva believes gun-banning and "de - escalation" would reduce the proliferation of legally carried firearms. Law and security authorities feel the solution would be better handled through legislation. Gerald Areriberg of the American Federation of Police, says he would like to see all states adopt similar laws requiring' strict training ifor gun carriers. , , •'BUT* NfiflHER approach is likely to bring quick improve* ment. *Anti i gun laws have failed in Congress for decades. And qualifying people on rifle renges will in no way reduce the worry of too many substitute cops having too many real guns. An easier answer, one which regular cops .themselves suggests, is to arm non-official law and security people With non-lethal weapons. If they must be given weapon! to di- Tect traffic or guard eggs in a warehouse, let them be chemical stunning agents, or rubber bullets, or any of the myriad of potent but safe defensive devices now on the market. As the New Jersey bank guard puts it: "Even a sling shot would be better than this .38. How could I justify using it? What if I missed and hit a customer? I shouldn't even have it on." Change of Diet In the gaslight era, people of moderate means ate mostly solid, filling foods — meats, poultry, fish, potatoes, bread, and starchy vegetables like dry beans and peas. Fresh fruit was expensive, and hardly anyone ate sa\ads. NOW Featuring UNION OPTICAL PLAN UNION MOtKltS BRING YOUR UMKHf CARDS UNION OPTICAL CO. 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