The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 10, 1956 · Page 31
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 31

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1956
Page 31
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Rwitigs a! CHRIS REESE a -Lint* t»et Mucli Anything j Well, Spring finally arrived and it was last Thursday because on Sccouht of the thermometer rose to a point where I got along .Without '.wearing a coal, so to Mpeek. -However, got to admi that it was a low and late arrival for Spring but noW that it is here I notice that farmers are getting busy in the fields and that means spring has arrived. Got to admit we've enjoyed (?) a plenty long winter although it wasn't too tough. And it won't be, long now till you can dig up your straw head gear. And don't forget the 1st of May is a legal struw ha wearing day. But you've got^ t< admit that a real warm spring day is always 100 per cent wort! while. —o— My'coffee gulper mail Ihe pas week was extremely heavy anc from two western states alone I signed up over 40 coffee gulpers in the Amalgamated Association of Coffee Gulper. There were 2G Portland, Ore., ladies and gents received coffee gulping cards and there were three from Eugene, Oregon, and three from Oswego, and two from Klamath Falls, and iive from Troutdale, Oregon, as well as two from Beacon Hill, Washington. And in one of the letters I was assured that the western coffee gulpers sure'love the Java gulping. And I checked .up the membership gulper list and find that I have issued cards to better than 200 ladies and ' gents in three western states and 26 western towns,so far this year and that surely indicates that those folks out the Pacific Ocean way also brag about being members of the Amalgamated Association of Coffee Gulpers. But here's a hummer because on account, of I have mailed a gulper membership card to Leonard L. Burdett, Jr., of Weisbaden, Germany. And he asked in his letter cauld he get cards and so sign up 16 members of his soldier group and it's a cinch that i.<> easy because oil account of I mailed 50 cards to Brother Burdett and it 'may be that he'll want more because on account of he writes that the U.S. soldier boy serving over there sure 'loves his Java, so to speak. And Leonard wrote that the U.S. boys/were not a bit backward about bragging how they sure loved coffee gulping. —o— And there have been quite a number of local folks signed up in the Gulpers and it was one day last week that I met Leslie and Lillie Pechumer, of LuVerne, and I learned that they are both lovers of the Java delicacy and so I signed them up in the Gulpers and of which they were both happy -and proud, so to speak. Leslie admitted that lie got a big kick out of a cup of fine Java, as did also his wife. When I was introduced to these two I thought their name to be Peculiar, instead of Pechumer, sound alike, but they are not .peculiar, •they're both nice folks and I was happy to meet them and to discuss the art of coffee gulping, so to speak, and I'm sure they'll. prove swell members in the coffee gulper clubs. —o— It was recently lhat I suggested in this column that th.? city .streets in Algona be checked up on and changed to numbers and districts, etc., because on account of with a near 100 street nam..-s all of the proper sort it mean.; easy confusion in lemembcrinr .streets. And it looks like started something because on ; count of I kept count of the phone calls and tlirro were 2f during the past week from folk? who also felt that a rc-nainm; and numbering of streets Expert Dry Cleaning of should be made, And I also received 2i letters and postcards from readers who agfee with me in this street naming matter, all of them agreeing as well that unde% present naming there was the easy get lost angle, so to speak. Sort of tickles me to hear from folks about matters discussed in this column and just goes to, show that folks read it, as well, fc _Q__ And now that spring has finally gotten here I find that a lot of chores are staring me in the face because on account of I have seven storm windows to take down and seven screen windows to put up and neither of those two chores are so ticklishly pleasant. And then, too, I have several thousand feet of lawn to go over with a rake and that ain t any hap>y exercise either. Bui those are- chores that go along with spring and then later there comes the exercise pushing a lawn mower over the land upon which the house rests. So you can see that along with spring a gent finds new and added chores ro meet up with, so to speak. Travelers At Lakofa Back From Journeys Lakota—Mr and Mrs W. E. Ley returned Wednesday from an ex' tended visit with Mrs Ley's mother, Mrs Opal Wheeler in St. Petersburg, Fla, and her brother Leland Wheeler and family. Mr and Mrs Ley went to St. Petersburg because of the illness of Mrs Wheeler, however when they left now she had competely recovered and plans on visiting here this summer. Mr and Mrs Fred Schroeder arrived Thursday after having visited their daughters and families, Judy, Mrs Robert Anderson lives in Cororiado and Charlene, Mrs Eugene Blome in Los Angeles, also Mrs Schroeder's brothers, Thomas in LaCresenta and Charles of Glendule. Enroute to California they spent a night with Mr and Mrs Wade Ball in Wheeling, Mo., and two days in Houston, Tex. with Mr and Mrs A. L. Sorensen and the Roger Sorensen family. Mrs Schroeder and Mrs Sorensen are sisters. The Schroeciers left on their trip March 4th. Other vacationers who return- ed the past week were Mr and Mrs Jerry Heetland who arrived Saturday. They left February 10 for De Ridder, Louisiana, where they were guests of Mrs Meet- land's cousin, Mrs Florence Mo Adams. ',, Enrouto thtey stopped at the Wade Ball home in Wheeling, Mo.,' with Dr. and Mrs R. L-. Wiliiamp and Mr and Mrs Roy Worley in Springdale, all former Lakotans. • Mr and Mrs A. L. Sorensen, also formerly of "Lakota and Algona, now of Houston, Tex. were Saturday and Sunday guests of Mvs McAdams and the Heetlands. Pfc. Ronald Schroeder of Ledyard stationed with the 1st Armoured Division at Fort Polk, also visited there several times. Mrs Russell TePaske and Mrs C. Buckels entertained a group of ladies at a coffee party honoring Mrs Vernon Smith, Monday afternoon. ' ' Easter guests in the Presbyterian manse were Mr and Mrs Low of Mason City, parents of Mrs Kruse. ' , Mr and Mrs Edmond Lester and Sandy of Blue Earth were Sunday guests of Mr and Mrs Vancie Lester. Sue Schissel who attends school at Langhqrne, Perm., spent the Easter vacation with her parents, Mr and Mrs A. C. Schissel. Saturday supper guests in the Wayne Heetland home were Mr and Mrs Fred Ploeger of Ledyard; Merrit Ploeger, Milwaukee, Wis.; Mr and Mrs Jerry Heetland and Gerald. Frankie Lewis and Gerald Bierstedt of Luther College, Decorah, spent several days of Easter vacation with their' parents. ' Mr George Greise has returned home from a two month stay at Hot Springs, Ark. The W. D. Ley family have moved into their new ranch home south of Lakota and Mr and Mrs Harry Mussman have moved into the former Ley home which they have .purchased. Mr and Mrs Loren Sachs of Oelwein were Easter guests of Mrs Sach's parents, Mr and Mrs Rufus Olthoff. * Attends Retreat SEOUL — Army Pfc. Marlin O. Runksmeier, 22, son of Mr and Mrs Orville E. Runksmeier, Ledyard, Iowa, recently attended a five-day religious retreat at the Chaplain's Retreat Center in Seoul. Runksmeier, a member of Headquarters Battery of the 7th Division Artillery, completed basic trajning at Camp Chaffee, Ark. beautiful washable walls . . . for wpodwork to match . . . there's no 'paint like Ready to use, it glides on smooth aa velvet over plaster, wood, previously painted surfaces and wallpaper. It's easy to get beautiful decoration in your homa with wonderful SUPER KEM-TONE- even if you've never painted beforel C mf OOROI Q t <J Gal. IO COLOM (D.ep Colon Slightly Hightr) Let us put 'a new, fresh look to your drapes with our DRI- SHEEN Process. Finer Cleaning FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY Phone 537 MODERN DRY CLEANERS AND TAILORS 111 S.,Harlan - Algona • TREES SHRUBS PERENNIALS ' , '-..-.' EVERGREENS , FERTILIZERS FLACJSTpNE WALKS RUSTIC STONE WALLS BERR Y ANO STOCK LANPSCAPE DESIGNING AND PLANTING ' ' ' ' '' ' • **•• ' i - •* v ' • .---.•..-,;.. \ i- -f* ;*•• •>-j .-. - * t-"-; •• V :•;''. F *.,***- ^ ,- • - ' - • - - > -,. " '.;•--..'.-' OPERATIC HOME Mf^mzATlON AND " i -' : ''•'' • J tracked Down Old House; M GOT SHABBY DOORS? Replace them .with the new flush doors, or old ones can be covered on , both' sides With a hardwood plywood like oak, walnut or' Samara. Molding strips can be added for interest. PITTSBURGH'S UNBEATABLE PAINT TEAM TAG PLUMBING VALVES All plumbing valves should be tagged to Show exactly what their purpose is. When a valve has to be used, it's often an emergency and there's no time to waste. 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Coast-To-Coast STORE Ed Wolf, Owner Photographs above show "after" vers on of remodeled house at the left and the "before" version, right. Floor plans show how living rooniwas increased in size by/ combining the old-fashioned parlor and the sitting room into one long living area, which a picture window at the rear opens to the light. The old dining room and the kitchen swapped positions during remodeling, putting the kitchen in a considerably more central and convenient location. The new garage is connected to the house by a breezeway-likc porch. Only the "after" plan of the second floor is shown, lor few changes were made upstairs. Major alteration was tearing down a wall between two small rooms to make one large master bedroom, Remodeling Job On 8-Room Home Began With Roof Robert F. Wurth, Jr., of Chestnut, III., and his family wanted new living quarters, so they searched for and found the solid old eight-room home shown above at right and bought 4 and remodeled it. Total cost of the house, plus extensive modernization, was less than half the cost of a new house of comparable size. Like new successful reinodel- ing jobs, this one began with the roof. The third-flnor gables, coupled with the huge front porch, advertised the building's Victorian origin. The gables were removed, presenting a clean, modern roof line. The front porcti also came off. It had darkened the front rooms, and since the street in front had changed from a sleepy road to a busy thoroughfare, the porch was no longer a restful place to enjoy the air. The roofs of house, and new attached garage at side of house, were covered with colorful asphalt shingles. Highlight of the interior re- planning, as shown in floor plan above, was the expanded living- room. On second floor, two of the former small bedrooms were combined to make a large, luxurious master bedroom. The "new" home now stands as one of the nicest in the town of Chestnut, 111. pirf wrtfi IjOli in «* WALLPAPER i We Are Headquarters'for WaUpaper and Paint — Let Us Help You Plan Your Redecorating DAVIS PAINT On State Street Algona, Iowa t** HOMt [Modernist andr^ai? Consult us on. your remodeling or building plan* — no obligation I BOTSFORD tUMiii CO, THERE 19 A QASHIATINQ ' 3Y8TIM TO FIT YOUR HOMI IXAOTtY Home Improvement Begins With Your Heating System I Save Money—As Much As / 25%—On A New or Conversion GAS BURNER. FREE ESTIMATES- North Central Public Service Phone 1412 ALGONA BUY THE FINEST1 Timken Gas & Oil Burners Your fuel savings start the day you buy & TIMKEN OIL OR GAS BURNER. And you'U enjoy greater quietness, dependability & best of all — your Timken will test longer, top. Come in for a free estimate this FUNK PLUMBING & HEATINQ Algona, Iowa Show ' Full of Latest Ideas The Algona Home Show will be brimming over with all kinds of ideas and suggestions on new construction, farm and town home improvement and beautificaiion, and also the very last word in appliances and home furnishings. Visitors lo ihe show will find each and every booth' display something of really novel interest, with emphasis being placed on ideas lhat can be taken home and applied for belter and more comfortable living. Top Entertainment In addition, lo "spark" ihe show, Ihere will be different enierlainmenl presented each of the Ihree days. One of Ihe featured entertainment presentations will, be Ihe famous KGLO-TV "Dude Ranchers", who will appear Friday afler- noon and evening. Other enierlainment will be of a similar caliber. A greal many of ihe firms appearing at the Home Show will have favors and gifts for vi'silors, and Ihere will be a host of ideas in prinled form which can be taken home and studied al leisure later on. A Top Quality Event Planning of IhiS firsl annual "Algona Home Show" has been in progress for many weeks, and it is expecled lhal Ihis show will, in scope and entertainment, compare highly wilh Ihose presented in the large metropolitan cilies. More news on Ihe Home Shgw will be presented next week — walch for it, and above all, .plan now lo attend. •-••-•••- | • • f ..•;•'.. •?• • See Plywood At Lumber Yard It is logical and easy to decide to use decorative plywood foi 1 home improvement. It is also easy to decide which kind of ply.wopd to use. The most convenient place to see many varieties of plywood is at your local lumber dealer's. These dealers are wide awake to the trend toward increased use of decorative plywood, and ho will have helpful displays and samples. Perhaps he will have the standing display with which he can demonstrate, in three minutes flat, the easy steps for putting up panels. He may' also have counter displays and large, stand- ing units which show the most popular species of plywood, both finished and unfinished. Some' dealers have plywood samples which can be taken home and studied in their ultimate setting,- and most of them have photos or slides showing actual paneled rooms in full color. Plywood can add much beauty to a room, at modest expense. Custom-Made 9 KITCHEN FIXTURES • BATHROOM FIXTURES CABINET WORK OF ALL KINDS DONOVAN CABINET SHOP IT YOURSELF ... and we£an help I We have a complete line of Sherwin - Williams paints, asphalt shingles, insulation, siding materials and lumber. We'll | be most happy lo discuss your home improvement plans with you. KELLEY LUMBER COMPANY Serving Your Building Needs For Sixty Years The Norton Red Trucks Deliver Anywhere in City or County — Right to Your Building Site F. S. NORTON & SON Phone LUMBER & FUEL Phone 229 BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE IS HEADQUARTERS FOR CARPET and DRAPERIES We Hav« one of the largest slocks of CARPET and DRAPERY MATERIALS in north Iowa. Here are the services we render: We can show you this large stock in our store; We can come lo your home with samples for checking; We lay cajpet expertly; we offer a complete drapery service, from making to hanging. USE OUR EASY BUDGET PAYMENTS BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE Three Large Floors of New Home Furnishings Next Week O M II M P RO V E M E N T " IDEAS AND PROJECTS PRESENTED BY FORTY ALGONA BUSINESS FIRMS ' i Algona Scheduled April 20-22 At Algona Fairgrounds For everyone interesled in "Belter Living" — and that include's jusl aboul everybody — an event of fascinating inleresl will lake place in Algona next'week. The event is the^firsl annual "Algona Home Show", and the dales are April 20, 21, and 22. Hours of the show will be 1:00 P.M. lo 10:00 P.M. each' of the three days. The place is ihe National Guard Armory al the Algona fairgrounds, wilh plenty of parking space available for all who attend. N "He's caught the spirit of Home Improvement Year- using more pans than ever." INSULATION TIP In insulating an attic, especially with wool batts, never carry the insulation all the way to the roof peak. A ventilated area .should lie between the ceiling joists and the roof peak. Put Your Confidence in "General Electric" G. E. "Built-in" Ovens & Refrigerators G. E. Water Healers G. E, Garbage Disposals G. E. Dish Washers Lindsay Water Softeners NORTH IOWA SEWING MACHINE CO. r,^ Few- improvements help dress up a house and preserve a lawn '•'"llkc.a clean, dust-free tioncrete driveway-and walk. An 8 to 10 foot ."•':. wide driveway can serve double-duty by providing an off-the-strcet (•'. recreational area for youngsters when the yard Is wet and soft. Concrete walks save tempers, lawns and cleaning bills the year ,;;,round, especially during spring rains and winter snows. the new and old parts of the 'house. , (2) The trend in windows today ijp for the use of .larger areas of : glass for light, air, and view. 'Most architects believe a room should have at least 20 per cent as much window area as floor space. One of the most widely used new window types is the awning wood window shown in the picture here, and it really dresses up a remodeled house. New Windows Add A Lot Here are two basic rules to consider when considering the advantages of remodeling with new windows: (1) Select windows (and doors) in keeping .with the rest of the house. This' will help to unify SEE ME FOR All Remodeling Work New Home Construction LIGHTNING RODS & CABLES my specialty I Can Give Lower Prices, Too! HENRY (Hank) JOHANNSEN Phone 1240 517 E. Lucas BEST BUYS IN TOWN ! 324- New Colors For Your Selection! GAMBLES HEADQUARTERS Let Algona's most complete hardware store help you wilh your home improvement problems — electric and plumbing supplies — hand and. power tools, — "Janney-Besl" Paints , and Varnishes. • Hall-Strahorn HARDWARE Home '» Decorating • PAINTING • DECORATING • PAPER HANGING FREE ESTIMATES RELIABLE DECORATORS, Milo Renlz - Kermil Forbes - Phone 698 or 1194, Algona Everything In • Linoleum & Tile Floor Covering! •'•'Wall'Covering! • Counter Tops! - • Paint — Wallpaper! 'fil^F COWAN BUILDING SUPPLY FIX U YQUR HOME We Specialize in,Building and Remodeling Work • E;xperl Carpentry Work • Call for Free Estimates • Easy Payment Terms Arranged • Cabinet-Work a Specially BEN WIBBEN Building Contractor Tele. 1255-W or 1255-R NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION REMODELING - POLE BUILDINGS ALL TYPES FARM BUILDINGS E. E. & R. E. JOHNSON BUILDING CONTRACTORS * Find Out About the "MASONRY WAY!" Building or remodeling wilh HAYDITE block is the modern way . . . more economical, self-insulating, exceptionally strong. We can give you full details on MASONRY BUILDING. ALGONA BLOCK & TILE Our New Building — South of Sargent ,& Co. CALORIC BUILT-INS For new or remodeled homes. Engineered installation. Build any place in any material. Easiest range lo keep clean. Most convenient oven installed at height you want. CO. mmam Algona 3 YEARS TO PAY! -K YOUNGSTOWN SINKS & CABINETS -K V FRIGIDAIRE BUILT-IN OVENS -K WESTINGHOUSE WATER SOFTENERS & HEAJERS Beecher lanfc Appliances REMODEL MODERNIZE - REPAIR RIADY-MIX CONCRETE & LUMBER CO. No. LantrySt. ready-mix cement Phone 1<>6 Let Us Make Your Home Plumbing Perfect • Expert Installation « Skilled Repairs • Modern Fixtures SIGSBEE 208 East Stale Ph. 1070 MERGEN WEBSTER Painting & Decorating Phone Loo Mergen — 562-J Merle Webster — 756 Algona, Iowa We can give you a "modernized kitchen" all in ONE PACKAGE . . . everything complete lo match, and all on one loan, wilK monthly paymenis. Ask us-- •lotwdo- lails! THOMAS SKELGAS 208 Easl Stale Phone 221-W One Contract — One Contractor For Your Home Improvement Our service is complete — planning, materials, labor. All work done under one contract, wilh one loan. Lei us lalk il over with you now! E. E. (Bud) ROBINSON CONTRACTOR Phone 271 or 1249 BUILDER Enjoy the Luxury, the Beauty ot BIGELOW BEAUVAIS Broadloom . , . while you pay for, it! Smart folks the country over are buying handsome Bigelow carpeting this easy, practical way. ENJOY it while you pay for it. Bigelow's Beauvais is woven of thick, longwearing wool. FOSTER'S COMPLETE STOCK OF ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Wiring, Repair and Installation Work PRATT ELECTRIC 214 East State St. Phone 170 5 A Jf» . * FURNACES eriectiom ^\ aw inn Gas or Oil A SIZE fOR EVERY HOME P. R. IRONS HEATING & PLUMBING — ALGONA PHONE 523-W

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