Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 31, 1973 · Page 28
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 28

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1973
Page 28
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• • r irrr * I Spur By mmM B. SULLIVAN BUENOS AIRES (UPl) Peruvian President Juan Velasco recent!? called for an end to the "Latin American arms race," but made no mention in his remarks of his country's recent announcement of the purchase of 40 military aircraft and three warships. Velasco's remarks followed an announcement by the United States that it would reverse its available to five Latin American countries, Brazil's public decision to buy 48 of them-and a report in a Santiago daily that Chile would also take advantage of the American offer. Diplomatic sources in this capital said the return to power of former president Juan Peron, once a career army officer who is how known to have differences of opinion with any deterioration of the Argentine army". In explaining the decision to the jets available to make Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina, U.S. State Department spokesman Charles W. Bray said, "It remains our intent not to contribute to an arms race in Latin America." Me also denied there had been such an arms reverse a policy of non-sales to Latin America-Designed to discourage an arms race and encourage spending on development-was reversed because of a new U.S. American to because policy "paternalism," the jet sales were policy and make modern jetslBra2il, will "certainly not mean race. Bray said the decision to going to other countries anyway. He also said that between 1968, just after the United States decided not to sell sophisticated jet weaponry to South American countries, and 1972, total arms purchases by from non-U.S. sources totaled $1.3 billion, compared to 8281 million from the United States. Despite Velasco's Warning in a recent interview that Latin American nations "must invest more in development and not in arms," Peru's defense budget last year Was up 11.8 per cent over the previous total, according to Sweden's International Institute of Peaceful Investtga* tion. Although the Peruvian government would not announce a breakdown of the 40 military aircraft purchased, Mirage fighters and British Canberra jets, military sources estimate the price .would be between 880 and $100 Lima did not announce the price of the two destroyers and one cruiser on order. , r the brand-new defense minis­ try of Argentina said the country has "no immediate plans for a substantial re-qulprnent of forces." But one atie source in that nation's capital predicted that with the purchases of F8f3s by Brazil, and possibly "another round of buying could start, as happened when Peru bought the Mirages." BEAD THE WANT AOS! ^^^^^^^^^ By FRANCES DRAKE Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlpok is, according to the stars. FOR WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1,1993 March 21 to April 20 (Aries) A better day for your intere than you may realize. Waste time getting started, but do drive through, indifferent to 1 reactions of others. April 21 to May 21 (Taurus) Your innate sympathy for your fellowmen could lead you astray now, so take all factors into account if asked for favors — material or otherwise. Curb emotions. May 22 to June 21 (Gemini) — Do not let unexpected situations ruffle you. Study them carefully and, with your innate foresight and ingenuity, you can solve all. June 22 to July 23 (Cancer) — Your personal ambitions may be dependent on some trends indicated in the day's news. Adjustments are bound to follow. July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) Ideas and plans for travel may be running into some difficulty especially if you have planned too much activity or have been too o p t i rn i s t i c about costs. There's still time to revise, however. Aug. 24 to Sept. 23 (Virgo) Indication of some disturbance in job quarters. Stubborn insistence on your own way could further complicate matters. Give a little! .t. 24 to Oct. 23 (Libra) Influences continue mixed. Some interests seem definitely "off limits/ 9 not as colorful as once deemed. Others will progress happily. Keep balance even, attitude thoughtful. Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio) A shifting of certain situations indicated; perhaps conditions altering. You should be in on the movements, plans. Express your opinions — but discreetly. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittarius) — You may trip over little matters if not watchful. Have patience and the "vagueness" or seeming inconsistency of things will clear. Manage tactifully. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) — A notable day for presenting new ideas; also o !4 ones carefully treated to get the most good still left in them. Your talents should shine now. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) — You may run into some snags, obstacles, but you can handle them — and ably. As with Capricorn, pep up an old idea, keep your vision broad. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) — Day awaits YOUR move. Study situations carefully. The wrong turn could cause a setback, but the right one could put you weU ahead of the crowd. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with a lively mind, a dynamic personality, lofty ambitions and great dignity. You are capable of leadership in many fields, but must curb certain traits before you are able to take on such responsibilities, which require self-mastery and discipline. Haldeman (Continued from page 25) of (jbe J. Walter Thompson Co., to help direct Nixon's losing presidential race to John F. Kennedy, Since that first campaign, Haldeman had just two professional loves—the advertising business where he handled accounts for Seven-Up and Black Flag insecticide, and Richard Milhous Nixon. He joined Nixon iagain in the winning 1968 campaign. Kept Quiet Haldeman believed so thoroughly in the doctrine of loyalty tp bis President that he bore wiil silence things that other men in his position might have resented. JHe reportedly once told a close friend that he wasted hows dealing with "all the bitching and <all the demands" of Mrs. Nixon and the President 's two daughters. But he adide4 qufcfciy md cheerfully that if it made Nixon 's life any easier, he was delighted to do it. SHOP WEDNESDAY 9:00 to YOUNG MEN'S SLACKS $2.88 MEN'S KNIT SHIRTS $1.99 DRESSES 1 2 Off WOMEN'S SPORTSWEAR Vi off BOY'S UNDERWEAR $2.19 Assorted stripes and solids, sizes 28 to I Mens knit sport 'shirts, short sleeves, Dresses from our regular stock, sum- I Famous name junior sportswear includ- I pkg. 0 f 3. 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Save on six year mattress too, only $15. Third Floor Choose for this group of sleeveless or short sleeved daytime dresses, pastels, plaids, sizes 12 to 20, 14& to 24V£, reg. Third Floor HOT AND COLD SERVER $7,88 West Bend Penguin server, double walled insulation keeps foods hot or cold for service, reg. $9.95. Fourth Floor CARSONS WHITE SALE IS IN FULL SWING With values in linens and accessoreis for the bath, bedroom and kitchen, don't miss it! Fourth Floor SHEETS Twin $5.00 FOLDING CHAIRS $5.00 STROLLERS Famous brand infant stroller with Cases 2 for $6,00 QUILTED BEDSPREADS $2 $8.00 Your choice of patterns, slightly irregu- Sensational value on these folding chairs by a famous maker, padded seat, choice of colors, limited quantity. Fourth Floor canopy, swivel front wheels, sturdy con-_ I Many patterns, cotton/polyester blends, I lar, quilted to the floor and flounce struction, blue plaid or green floral patterns, reg. $25.00. Third Floor flat and fitted styles. Fourth Floor styles, reg. $20 if perfect. Fourth Floor

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