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Daily Pressi
Victorville, California
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Thursday Dec 23 Daily Preis Victorville B-5 LE6AU TITLE INSIAMNCf AND TRUST COMPANY MOFaurUlSlrill San RamarOna CaManua 42401 FI4)tt44S7 Tali kaurancaank Trail Campany aad Trualaa RyMananJakua AuUdnmSiRneiure PuMahikutlha VICTOR VAUIV OAKY PRESS Dac 142) 101432 (TM) aak inmmI canrayak Ik aak Mat Mk ky aakar Daak al Tran tra srapaiiy artwMk at 14 Ctiiaty ink SMM Calcutta at Lai al Tract Na 5421 aa pat MM racaikak at Soak al Maps mm 34 tumult 0 MCkitait ijcaiki al HriCMM Naata aak akkraia al lha kflaabnaku mt mnim) im tm888 R8 ah kaai caakucM Tha Mama Flaa Campany al CaMarira F0 Na IM Vidarailla Cahtaraia IMI Dtracttara la Ota aaaw praparly may ba abtaiaak ky raaaaakni aama at anbaf baai an kaaakciaiy aatkai kaya baai Nit Ml pakkeabta al Uaa aakca Nik aala aak ba maka mUttuI 1 tawnm at ait tma al Mat brUwialiM Mkm Hafsm mA Pm pOT S1M7S4 NOTICE TO FN0FENTY OWNED VOU AM St DEFAULT UNOfN A KID OF TNUIT OAUD Ararat 24 IMI UNLESS YOU TAM ACTION TO PNOTECT VOUN PN0PERIY IT MAV IE SOU) AT FUSIK SAU IF VOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATUNE OF THE PNOCEEOMG AGAINST VOU VOU SHOULD CONTACT ALAWYEN DATED OacamkarG IMI CHSANNONSENVICfiCOAPONATION 124N NwtriibAiia NwNtCASMTS 7144794210 BylJalviD Hams lblwSMlkA nMNMm mi vw VICTON VALLEY DAILY PNESS Dac I42330ISI2 tTNSI) Nona orTMTttrtiAU TnNrthllM On Jaraay a IMI HtlO i CwiHHM bract CtfMtlA T'hm ar laccratr TraaMa ar ImMiImM TraaMa Ml carum Dttd tl Trntl anacttMk Schtii Sawn illicit Mm mt nwM Oclakar I IMI Intlfumtnl Na 11-222417 tf MLma a vnoi mem nn evmarwine Cmrty CaMamta 4 tarwaM Qai ctrttm Nat tea at Ottauh SaiMlv neaiM hpsaMi 14 IMI at Mlnaranl Nt af Official bN al Cauny wktaikar ink punuanlMtaik Daak al Trail ttc al puttc auctan Mi A -t hu af ita Ibiba CHIi WM Mn TO UVNTO States el Amra i cartoncMi peyebte It wd Trustee drawn tn abb ta cbibul Nack abAt aa MRl 88R1R IRmi 8 Mm I credit umm im er Mml aifip Anri teen mhcaIm MaraiaJaM ia Mb abb af be bcM TOTR6PIR ml NMi SI TO TTWni antranca MGaraidWlaarINaaky ba kf bajfa Ibi IA raii MM8 R23FtCMmaakthat rit kka ana MwaM cantwttik ana mm halt ky ttnkar ak Daak at Traat In IM praft rty aitvaMk at taW CimkyaaltMNkmnkikii: Lett 2 ana I Mack I Trad Nt IMI MW SMS MIWnM MPVIMIa MW gM pMI rtceraak Saak 27 el Matt Sap 20 racarb al aaW Caanta Name ana akkrtta el Ike bawtietary al tWete raauaal Ika aa ketii teMuria The Merra ban Campany al CaMamia PA Sea MS VKtemlle Catifaraia S2M2 Diractiana la Via akaaa prepa rty may ke attaints ky raaaaillni aama tmknf Nam Me kanakewy aMhei 10 Sep Nam Ike a a ati nrsi pueeceoen uv mw iwooe bib him bm raa nbkeib WTO IRi MN MW mWWW WIW1WW1 camnaM ar tarran kr aapieaa ar makes as la Nt ataaaaaian ar ancamkraraa lately aw anyaM katanca Sin an ka nala ar naMa earns ky aaW Dab al Trust la mt SIMM Ml yha hkauani animates casta aapanaaa anS NOTICE OF TNUSTim SAU TmaMkNtTSCM On January IM) al 1000 a CUMNNON SERVICE CORPORATION aa Truant ar luccaaaer Trams ar SuktunnaS Tmalat al thM carMui DaaS al TruM taacuWS bj Nak Nf Rmam -1 nooen it- spve ene eucnpe IpWIt huafcanS aSnkp Jaml Tananh anS racorSat Octskar IS IMI aa kplrumml Nt S1-22S0S1 al Olticial Racarsa al Ian amarSms Caunly Caklanut anS punuam la mat cartam Natica al Dalaull IhirtunSar racarSaS Itphmkar 14 IM2 aa tratnarant Nt S2 IS2M2 al OHoP Racarb al aaiS Caunly mH unSar an putauam la aaW DaaS al Trail aak Al pubfcC AuCttAA lAT CAril IpWlul emaa mi Iht 11 al nWIty TO VflfTO VITOS Amarct a caahaCi chick payble la aaW Trualaa Srmn an a mu ar nakanal bank a mh ar hbm crass man ar a aim ar tabral aiYinfi anS lean aatsciatien I-J ltd -1 -d- 1 ltd knal 8RMCH8 VI HTOL TO WmIR a i-i jra VRflfiCI WVTM MR MBRa 104 Al Haipa Atm balia a RW ra IMVMVmMM a RMRi 2374 Caktama ak that rakM MM DAR ADDY ABIGAIL VAN BUREN I'M AtMNIATKII lNKW Judy Wilson looks at tenth grade photo of daughter Leslie who disappeared eight years ago children Years laters mother still hopes for daughter's return Hosts sell guests false bill of goods FORT WORTH Texas (AP) Leslie Wilson's presents are still in the attic of the small white frame house The new clothes are out of style and she is too old for the toys Everything was bought for a 14-year-old girl who 0 disappeared eight years ago while Christmas shopping If she's still alive Leslie is now 22 Her little brother has grown up married and become a father Her greatgrandmother who took care of her while her mother worked is dead Her Pekingese grew old and sick and had to be destroyed four years ago But the gifts are still in the attic and her mother Judy Wilson now 40 still hopes "Would you please assist in our search for our children?" Mrs Wilson recently wrote to The Associated Press "When I read in this morning's paper about President Reagan's Missing Children's Act it gave me a new The bill signed by Reagan in October permits parents to ask the FBI if the name of their missing child is in its computer files If local police decline to enter the name the act permits parents to do so on their own "Oh I dream about her quite often I know what she hasn't changed" Mrs Wilson said gazing at the last school picture of her daughter "She'd be tall and headstrong spoiled you know" Leslie Renee Wilson set out with two friends on an afternoon of Christmas shopping at Seminary South shopping mall Dec 23 1974 She instructed her mother "in no uncertain terms" to pick her up at her great-grandmother's house at 4 pm "We were going to a party" Mrs Wilson said "I know she intended to be there" Police never had many clues to the disappearance of Leslie and her friends Mary Rachel Trlica 17 and Julie Mosely 9 Investigators first assumed the girls had run away A few days later after they vanished a note mailed to Tommy Trlica Mary Rachel's husband of six months 0 seemed to support that theory know I'm going to catch it but we just had to get away" the penciled note said "We're going to Houston See you in about a week The car is in Sears upper lot" Mary Rachel's name was misspelled and FBI handwriting experts could not confirm if she had written the letter But the car was where the note said it would be Inside were gifts the girls had bought and a pair of blue jeans taslie had gotten out of layaway The car was not dusted for fingerprints because officers did not think they were dealing with a crime could have told you that night that they hadn't run away" Mrs Wilson said "Leslie wanted to go to that party And no 9-year-old is going to run off two days before Christmas Everybody knows that The families of the missing girls have sent 70000 handbills with their daughters' photographs throughout the United States Mexico and Canada They sent the pictures to 45 newspapers They hired a private investigator and followed up every tip from seers and psychics who claimed to know where the children went or where their bodies could be found "We went around knocking on people's doors asking them to let us look in their basements We went out to a field in West Texas we dug in ditches all over the place and looked up and down creek beds I have no idea how much money we spent" Mrs Wilson said Finally police turned the case over to the homicide detectives Major Case Investigator George Hudson has helped look for the girls for seven years He has a file almost two feet thick full of leads that went nowhere "Probably the only way we'll ever solve this thing is if somebody just comes forward and says what happened to them" Hudson said "There's no evidence no nothing" Last year bits of human skeletons were discovered in a swamp near the southeast Texas town of Alvin Hudson a team of convicts from the state prison and dozens of volunteers dug in the muck for two months finally finding enough teeth in April 1981 to identify the bodies They were two girls from Dickinson Georgia Geer 14 and Brooks Bracewell 12 They also had vanished in 1974 "It was a relief that it wasn't Leslie but you know it was well at least those other girls' families know what happened to them" Mrs Wilson said Mrs Wilson and her husband Richard have tried to go on Three years ago they finally threw away Leslie's old clothes gave her bedroom furniture to her cousin and put the rest of her belongings in the attic with the Christinas gifts "I'd be so grateful I just can't tell you how grateful if someone would tell me what happened" Mrs Wilson says "I dream about her so often I just have to NOTICE OF TUUSTtES'S SAU TSSS744AP On January II ISA) al 1030am INST AMERKAN TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY a CaMama carparahan ALL-INCLUSIVE aa Trualaa ar Trad aaacikad by WESTERN SIENNA FINANCE CORPORATION ank racarkak SapNinkir 24 1N0 aa Inairumaal Na SS-2IS4IS al Othcwl tacarka al laa Rarrarikna Caunly CaMatad and punuaM that curiam Nakca al Dalaull Udraunkar racarm AuruM 1RS2 aa kdlraadnl Na IM 35120 al Official Racarka al aad Caunly aak unkar and purauaal aad Dm al Trual at pukhcauctian lar caah dtkul manay al Ud Unkak Slalaa al Amarca a caduary chack payakd la aad Trudaa aaa an a data ar uuinia and Iran aaaaciatian kamredak ur Out data lha north antranca lha Fad Amancan TAM lukkini ItciNd 323 Wad Cant! Shad mUdCAyd San Samarkuia Caklariua ak Utd nWK kUa mk udarad caaidyad la ank row halk by a unkar aad Dm Trad InUd prapahy akudak aad Caunly ank Slaiakaacnmaa: Law 1 2 aak ank Ud Wkd 12 al Id 4 Slack 2F Taan Vidar Ud Cay Victarakt Caunly San Ramaribna Maw Cdkarma aa da mrnN raaaatad am Inah i aA a pNIITO8888IIOOIVmMpii tatt 34 racarka aad Caunly kaacnkak aa Mkard RawnamR at Ud atMtidlltn Ud SauUdrty bra Sand adh Ud EaaMrly brad SamnUi Sind aad paudd kauauura kautR lha aad Nartharkr carrar aad Ld Udnca dam Ud SauUdta bid Skoal SF-II tad Udnca rwM anNa SadkadiWtly a pwm lha SuuUdtly bra aad Ld 4 17-12 OAjaak Rb OMraOinR wwm TO fflggl WaMarty carrar ltd Ld I Udnca nM arWd NatUMaaMrly GF-l2 hd la Ud mad NbaMity carrar am Id 1 an Ud Elderly bra RmmmlW BimaAi Manna nA mmn ooiotvwi Mno wionco ov angia NdUddlirV Ud Pdnl Tha alraal akkrMi ar athar common kaaiRnatlan al aaik praparly: la purparlak la ka ununpram praparkL Nama ank akkraia al lha Mn Mma SAW 14211 Mian Craak aama marlknt ham Udkarahcidy unUun 10 kaya tram lha lira! puMcManBftfMnttaB bdad RnU mmil mndn ayRkmd ww ad llMMd IHWraM ancumkrancaa aataly Ud unpalk aacurak by rad Dm Trad ad RMj0444 phd Ud lukauant aatlmatad caah pan aaa ank YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UN0ER AN AU4RXURM DEED OF TRUST DATED Araud 14 1MG0 UNLESS VOU TAXI ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY IT MAY SE SOLD AT PURUC SAU YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING AGMNST YOU YOU SHOULD CONTACT ALAWYEff DATED: Diaiakd 4 IRG2 FUST AMERKAN TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY 321WadCaurlSkad SaaRamarduraCdilurndk24M (7I4 SRkGlIlEd 301 Mu Adpnamn N4a lg fSFHBFWnnd rnRgral Traded laid Olhcd PukbdadmUd VCTORYAUIYDA4Y PRESS Dac 14 2110 1112 (TMR) ADVERTMIME NT FOR MDS MO NOSOCSA FO-J kaffad Mad Tanka Mtad ItaiNwti WUll EVWipWVRa Nolict ii hrby ivm I'i Ihc Board of Suptrwbort of th County of San Barnartfino CA will raiaiva MUd bah on or htforo Thursday January 11 19SJ al the hour of 00 o'clock in lha nffir of SPECIAL DISTRICTS OtPARIMI NT EAST THIRD STREET SAN BERNAR1XNO CA 9M1S af which tuna (hay anil ba publicly opantd and daclarad lor tha construction of boliad steal tanks CSA 70-J Wni Hasparia accordance with the plans specifications and other contract documents now on file the office of the Special Districts Deparimtnt Each bid shall be accordance with the pianst spacifcaftons and other contract documents and copies may ba obtained at tha Special Districts Deparimtnt phona (714) 363-2642 No deposit required for plans and specification Bid shall be prepared on forms obtained from the said officers and must ba accompanied by a certified or cashier's check or bidders bond issued by a surety company accredited by the Owner for not less than ten percent (10) of the amount of the bid made payable to the order of tha County of San Bernardmo gwan as a guarantee ttie bidder shall enter into contract if awarded the work or any part hereof and will be declared forfeited if the successful bidder refuses to enter mto contract within ten (10) days after being requested to do so by the County of Sen Bernardino The successful bidder will be required to furnish a labor and material bond an amount equal to one hundred percent (100) of the contract price end faithful performance bond an amount equal to one hundred percent (100) of (he contract price said bonds to be secured from a surety company satisfactory to the Board No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty (30) days after the date set for the opening thereof Bidders may submit with their bids a sworn statement of their financial responwbilfy technical ability and experience Such sworn statement may ba required to he furnished before award is made to any particular bidder Bidders shall conform to ell requirements and intent of the County Affirmative Action Compliance Program Pursuatni to the statutes of the State of California the Board of Supervisors has ascertained the perier ji prevailing rate of wages end rales for legal holiday and overtime work the lorality in which the work is to be performed Said prevalent rates of tfsiget shall (inform to (he most recently punished rates negotiated under and conforming to the ACC A Southern California Master labor agreement and Supplements Said rates are on file in the EPttA library HUE Mill Street Bldg I San Ktriierdmo CA 9241b Contractor may upon written request and at their expense after approval by the Hoard of Supervisors deposit substitute terunlies lound in Government Cede Sertion 164)0 as authorized bv Government Code Section 4 WO lieu nl retention monies wfhhrid to insure pet for ina nee Ihe Board of Supervisors reserves the right to revert any or all twh and to wave tethoKiil errors and disrrepanrifs 4ndot to waive any informality jt md ilfetted by Uw if pi do so seems to best serve IhepuMi inter-! By outer nt Hw hoard Of Supervisors the lounfy ul Sm bernardmo Nov 19H2 Dated at Sm benardmn Cuiiloria 22 im 1 1 red A tirmdte Cef Systems Development 6 Operations Dw Spwiai Districts Department Huteisheil the VICTOR VAUEVDAIIV PRESS Dm 16 23 1962 (Th 26 1 aacaaiMncaa la lately Nta aapaik katanca kua an nala ar notm actual ky i4 Daak al Tran la ate 3114(424 pka kta Maaani Hlimatak caata aapanaay anl nlwncM al Ota kata al mM pukketkan al na Natica al SaN S3M1S4 NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNER YOU ARE DEFAULT UN0ER A DEE0 OF TOUT DATED Octakar 1) IMI UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY IT HAY RE SOLD AT PUkUC SALE IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING AGAINST YOU YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER DATED- Dacamkart 1M2 COMMON SERVICE CORPORATION 124 WAwraradaAya RwHnCA237l 7144794210 Dy MMhnB Hama WcaWaNkM Pukhahadmtha VICTOR VALLEY DAILY PREH Dac 14 2330 1M2 (TUI) NOTICt OF mutmrs IDLE TANa 34742 AP 4MJ414I YOU ARE IN DEFAULT UN0ERA DEEO OF TRUST DATED 12-4-73 UNLESS VOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY IT HAY RE SOU) AT PURUC SALE IF VOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDING AGAINST VOU YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER On January SIM)al M0 AJL Tika Inauranca aak Trial Campany ink purauant la Daak al Trual racaikak Fakruary 17 1174 aa tail Na S21 at kaak MM PM FISi al Official tacarka a Ua tfftca attha Caunly Nacartar al San Raraarkiaa Caunly CaMama WILL SEU AT PURUC AUCTION TO HIGHEST SIOOEX FOR CASH OR CASHICR1 CHECK (payakM at ktra at aala at al Ha Irani arkraaca al Ua Tiki kaurancaank Trial kukkatial 340 Faurth Straal San Rarnarkma CaMama as rtsM SOa aak BMraat caauayak la aak aaa halt ky unkar aak Daak al Trial a Ua pnparRr akuaM In aaik CaunRf aak iTncInaSSTZ ki Ua Caunly al San Rarnarkina Stala al Soak SF al napa pasaaHank tl a Ua aWca al Ua Caunkp racarkar al ad Caunly THERE NO STREH ADDRESS OR OTHER COMMON DESIGNATION HAS SEEN URNI SHED TO THE TRUSTEE VOU MAV ORTAIN DIRECTIONS TO THE PROPERTY RV SURMrmNG A WRITTEN REQUEST WITHIN IS DAYS FROM THE HIST PUOUCATION OF THM NOTICE 12-1442 HwnpMaa kwaakaanM Incarparalak ca Sa Cal Manatamanl Ca 30001 Craan VMNy Partaay Laura NuaL Cl MS77 Traatar or racork mar RannaUi any hakkikr lor any acanadniM al lha alraal akkrata ank athar caatnan kaosnakan any ahauai Sak aMa ml ka na akhaul anpkak iaaikai Ml paaaaauan ar ancumkrancat pay Ua unpaM taNraa al Ua naMCa) aacurak ky auk Daak al Trual la-alt: WZ1I4Z tackMas at praaikak at aatk aaMM aOonciB iri unkar Ua Mma al aaM Daak al Trial Im charpn ink acpaniaa al Ua Trualaa ank af Ua kuala craalak ky and Daak al That MVkk lautaikitaMi npa inv MmipM cmmi wi Nakca al Dalaull ank EJactan la ikk ka raeaikuk ui Ua caunly akara Ua rail praparly a lacilik DaMiDacambart 1SS2 TratWaar party caakuckaiitN TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY SOON MautSIraal Santa Ana CaMama S27G2 AttnrJoycaVMliama 714433-2020X234 Tika kaurancaank Tnal Campany aaaad Thalaa SyNJaycaWMama AuUanaakSiralura PukMakmUa VICTOR VALLEY DAILY PRESS Die ISU301SG2 NOTKIOFTRUSTHSXSAU TXNUR20S4I VOUAREMDEFAULTUNOERA DEED OF TRUST DATED 424-74 UNUSS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY IT MAY RE SOU) AT PURUC SALE IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PR0CEXDUM AGAINST YOU VOU SHOULD CONTACT ALAWVER On January 1SS3 al SOO AJL Tika hauranca ank TraM Campany Orly appaakuk TraaMa uatar ank pnrtuanl Daak af Trial acarkak AuruM 23 1SF4 aa Inn Na 44 in boo ttM pap 32 al Official tacarka a Ua alhea al Ua Caunly Racarkar al SAN RERNAJIOINO Caunly CaMarma WKL SEU AT PURUC AUCTION TO HHNEST SOOER FOR CASH OR CASHCRS CHECK (payakla kma al Ida at lnlui manay al Ua Umiak Swat) at Ua Irani antranca al Ua Tika Uauranca ank Trad Campany hukkuiR al 340 FatrrUi Strait San HaSatarara kM a ua mnsR umnM 'V'' ank akaad caauayak la aak aaa had by 4 unkar lad Dm Trial Ua praparly Miiatak ui ud Hjar ORaRaaaaAak oWrwfinioMVIllMlQIBII Lai 42 Traci Na 4311 ai lha Caunly al Sun Ranarkuai SMa al CaManaa aa par map racarkak at kaah 121 Pmm la FF metuana al Mapa ar Ua affat al Ua Caunly Racarkar al and County acapt tharafram all ail Rll AurucI 23 19F4 ui back MSG papa RIOfhcdlRucarka Mua uAmra na nANnu unramn rtm Una mf common kaupnatisn haa kaan krarnnliak la the Trualaa: yau may aklain kirucliana la lha praparly by aubmittinp a rmtlan raquuH unUun 10 kaya ham lha tail pubkcation al Uua nakca la- MG0 Waparbu Inc P0 tau IFFUS Faurkam HAL A a GUM Attn Charlana Hawaii Na 13-01032 Trualar ar raraik aanar RICHARD RALPH LATIMER ink PATRKIA LEE LATIMER huakank and aka aa lauk Mrann Tha unkaiURnak Trualaa kacNima any hahkky lar any mcartuclaaia of tha alraal akkraia ank athar Gunman kaaiRnakan any ahauai tad aala ndht maka hutnilhaul caumanl ar warranty aapraaa ar anphak rugardmR MN poaauman ar ancumkrancaa la pay Ud unpad kalanca al Ud nala(t) aacurak by auk Daak al Trual la-ml 14140 F3 utckdmt at praudad ad naWU akuancaa any unkar Ud Hrma al aid Dm al Trail Im charRH aak aapanaaa al lha TraaMa ana al lha tram craalak ky udDuudalTruai kahuank to tha unkarHRnak A anum Dacdralian al DalauX and Darnaak lor Sad aak a mittm Nakca Dalaull ank Edddn la Sak Tha unkarai rak caum aad Nakca al Dalaull ank taction la Sak ha racarkak ui Ua caunly nhara Ud rad praparly a tacatak Data Daramkar IMF TraaMa at parly cunkuckaR yd DEAR ABBY: My wife and I were invited to a Sunday night get-together" at the home of casual friends Assuming it was to be a social function I asked if we could bring something and was told "Just bring yourselves" Upon our arrival much to our surprise we found it was a commercial promotion! We had absolutely no interest in any of these household products since I am retired and financially secure and we have everything we need We politely endured the sales pitch and left at the earliest possible moment It has since disturbed us to think that even casual friends would try to use us In this way We do not want to get trapped in such a get-together again and would be interested in your response to the following questions: 1 What are your feelings relative to this practice? 2 How can one determine what type of "party" is planned? 3 Would we have been justified in leaving as soon as we knew it was a commercial affair? Sign us MISLED IN NC DEAR MISLED: 1 tacky 2 Ask 3 Yes DEAR ABBY: What is your opinion of a doctor who would tell a patient that he had only three or four more months to live? Don't you think the doctor should have told the family first and the family should have decided whether or not the patient should have been told? Do you think the patient would or would not give up the fight to live if he knew that he was going todie? NEEDS YOUR OPINION DEAR NEEDS: There is no hard and fast rales for off patients I believe the patient has the right to know what his chances are Nobody "knows" how long a life is going to be A doctor may predict but he for certain DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have a serious difference of opinion Tom's father is very very ill He's been hospitalized since May and is rarely coherent Tom is an only child and his mother didn't stay around to raise him so he and his father are extremely close Tom was brought up in the country and spent many happy times hunting with his father His father built a special cabinet for his large gun collection Some of these guns are old and have a lot of sentimental value for Tom We live in the city and don't have a lot of spare room After Tom's father dies we will inherit those guns Abby I do not want guns in our house! Tom does What do you say? MARRIED TO A SON OF A GUN DEAR MARRIED: Compromise Keep the gun collection ia the cabinet securely locked And keep the bullets elsewhere CONFIDENTIAL TO PEOPLE WHO APPRECIATE CONTEMPORARY POETRY: Get "If I Loved You More" by James Kavanaugh (Dutton $895) a lovely thought-provoking collection of poems worth owning and giving to someone you love Problems? You'll feel better if you get them off your rhest Write to Abby PO Box 38923 Hollywood Calif 90038 For a personal reply please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope urbulent emotions of the '60s gave inspiration for 'First Blood' IOWA CITY Iowa (AP) -Writer David Morrell got the idea for the novel "First Blood" while watching American cities in flames during the urban riots of the 1960s And he says that reaction to the Sylvester Stallone movie of the same name shows that the emotions of that turbulent era are still alive the time in the summer the major riots occurred in various American cities" he said "On television news you would see pictures of buildings burning in Detroit with national guardsmen and soldiers with rifles I remember thinking 'My God it looks like a war' "That would be followed by actual footage from Vietnam" he said "I made a leap of logic by saying 'I wonder what would happen if the war came Morrell's book deals with just that topic and the film has drawn praise from Vietnam veterans who say it shows the problems many veterans have faced in readjusting after that war "The film is an extreme 0 example of something that has very likely happened many limes" says Vietnam Veterans United a group from Waterloo Iowa Delayed stress is a continuing problem for many Vietnam vets today it AYMKIATKII PHKXK Writer David Morrell Stallone plays the war hero John Kambo Morrell says he's delighted with the way his hisik was translated to the screen and likes the continued interest in the topic 10 years afterit was written "It struck me the filmmakers had perfectly depicted the images I had in mind when I was working on the book" he said "The book handles the material in greater depth but that's only because the book is longer than the film" Morrell says his book is the first time a fiction writer has dealt with the stresses veterans face "To the best of my knowledge 'First Blood' as a novel was the first piece of fiction to deal with this phenomena" he said Though Morrell isn't a veteran he said the research for the book included taking weapons classes and survival courses talking to veterans and reading anything he could find on Die American involvement in Southeast Asia The message in this film is below the surface but it is there" And Morrell says that message survived the translation to the screen "The story dors not say that every Vietnam veteran is walking anxind blowing up buildings" he says "But the story is that if you pushed it really hard you find the anger that is latent" Blood" pits a Green Beret veteran still haunted by the horrors of Vietnam against the entire law force of a small town.

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