Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California on August 17, 1942 · Page 2
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Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California · Page 2

Santa Ana, California
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Monday, August 17, 1942
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SANTA ANA REGISTER, MONDAY, AUGUST 17, 1942 Pay Reduction To Be Striken From Tax Bill Committee to Resume Hearings On Wednesday WASHINGTON*. Aug. 17.—CUP) —The Senmo finance committee today appeared ready to strike from the pending tax bill the Treasury's pay envelope withholding tax plan to collect income taxes in advance. Sen. Bennett C. Clark. D., Mo., chairman of a special finance subcommittee. claims that the check­ off plan would raise $1,250,000,000 in "hidden” revenue. Clark’s committee is scheduled to resume consideration Wednesday of the Treasury’s proposal to collect income taxes at the source by deducting five per cent from each wage-earner’s pay check after allowing for personal exemptions. TO SCRAP PLAN Although the subcommittee was appointed to study methods of simplifying the complicated pay- j roll deduction plan, it was reliably | predicted that it would recommend scrapping it altogether. Clark said today that while he j had a "completely open mind” on! the withholding tax, he wasj strongly opposed to the principle of putting taxpayers on a current basis by forcing them to pay three year's taxes in two years, as provided by the House bill. According to the terms of the bill. Tie said, the Treasury next year would take 24 per cent out of the first dollar of taxable income—19 per cent in regular income taxes on 1942 earnings and five percent to be applied to 1943 income taxes. In 1944 the withholding rate would be raised to 10 per cent, but; the impact would be somewhat eased by the fact that individuals would alreadr have paid a substantial share of their 1943 income tax’. Clark said that although the Treasury estimates $1,250,000,000 will be raised by source collection of income taxes, Treasury officials have never admitted that the tax would produce "new” revenue and have not included it in the $6,271,000,000 which the House bill is expected to yield. ADVANCE COLLECTION Randolph Paul, Treasury general counsel and Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthau’s principal lax adviser, tpld the finance committee last month that "this will not change the amount of revenue .... this is not an additional tax. a withholding tax, i wgiwu .1 II »M» .'U»’’W» PpjMtfyy Protected only by sparse desert vegetation, British trodps edge their way toward protected enemy positions near El Alamein. (Passed by censor.) - Wm. W. "Bill" GARVÍN FOR County Recorder Riderless Blimp Falls In Street At Daly City it is a collection in advance.” Sens. Robert A. Taft, R., O., and Harry F. Byrd, D., Va., however, have contended that the levy would in reality raise new revenue by forcing taxpayers to double up on their payments. Clark said he was thoroughly in favor of putting taxpayers on a current basis, but thought this could be done without “double” taxation simply by writing off 1942 taxes and starting 1943 with a clean slate. Under such a “pay-as-you-go” plan, advanced by Beardsley Ruml, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and backed by many committee members, income taxes next year would be called 1943 taxes, instead of constituting payments on 1942 earnings as the present law provides. Clark’s committee has recessed until Wednesday in order to give Treasury officials an opportunity to furnish further data on the scource collection plan. The full committee, which concluded public hearings last week, has also recessed uptil next Monday while Treasury and committee experts catch up on technical work. Over the weekend more was heard on the subject of making ! the pending tax bill last for more ; than a year. Byrd said that Conj gressionai assurance that a new tax program will not be written | immediately after the pending one ; is passed would be a "very substantial contribution to the wai I effort”. LADIES' SKIRTS EXPERTLY CLEANED and CAREFULLY FINISHED A-l CLEANERS and LAUNDRY 25 11 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU BETTER Santa Ana. 423 West Fourth St. Anaheim, ?26 E Center St Santa Ana, 731 S. Mam Street Fullerton, 110 S Spadrn St. Santa Ana, 120C No, Main St. Huntington Beach. 307 Mam Santa Ana, 401'E. 4th St. Newport, 21 1C West Central Orange. 133 We«t Chapman St Long Beach ENLISTED MEN S CLEANING SHOP, Santa Ana Army An B ist SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 17— (UP) — Naval authorities sought today to unravel the mystery of a riderless blimp which, after scrapping house-tops and losing one of two high-explosive depth charges, crashed yesterday in a Daly City street. * The two crewmen still were missing today and a search was under way for them at sea and ashore. Their parachutes were neatly racked in the blimp’s gondola and their life raft was still attached. Jt was assumed both men were wearing their “Mae West” life jackets which would keep them afloat if they were in the ocean. WITHOUT CLUES A spokesman said the Navy was completely without clues as to what had happened. “Any speculations as to what happened is just that—speculation,” the spokesman said. The blimp was engaged in a routine offshore patrol. It carried radio but no messages were received to indicate that the craft was in difficulty. Reports that men were seen parachuting were received from various sources but none was confirmed. Ida Ruby, telephone operator who was riding horseback near the beach, saw the blimp from the ocean. She said she watched it with binoculars and was “quite sure” she saw three men in the gondola. ONLY TWO ABOARD The Navy said it had confirmed that only two men were aboard, although there were three parachutes in the racks. “I noticed the blimp out over the water,” Miss Ruby said. “It was very low and I could plainly see the letters spelling out N-a-v-y, Then I noticed that the letters “N” and “A” had disappeared and that the entire blimp seemed to be folding into a rough V-shape. “It was drifting in toward the beach with the wind. I watched it with binoculars and was quite sure I could see three persons in the cabin. “The blimp passed over me and I could see the wheels graze a small peak. Then we heard the sirens in Daly City.” Daly City is a suburb about five P-E-T-E-R-S-O-N-S eedL joyce C alifornia Look alert, feel alert ... be alert In one of these oxfords on Joyce's new Alert last. De­ signed for duty, fun to wear. A clean cut blucher.. .$6.50 miles down the peninsula from central San Francisco. FALLS INTO STREET The blimp slithered across a housetop, tangled electric wires and caused a great flash as they were shor.t- circuited, then collapsed in the street. The gondola came to rest at a steep angle with the engines smashed against the street. Immediately before crashing, wheels of the gondola rolled across the roof of Mr. and Mrs. Horace C. Appleton’s home. Mrs. Appleton said she was “terrified”. “I was outside and saw it falling,” she said. “I rushed inside and yelled to my husband, 'Look, a balloon is falling on our house.’ “I could hear the wheels roll across the roof. Then it struck the electric wires and there was a big flash. It settled down in the street.” One depth charge was still in its rack. This was removed and placed under careful guard. The second depth charge was found on the Olympic club golf course. Naval authorities said they were adjusted to explode only if dropped in the water. One engine cowling was partially choked with earth, CQnfirm- ing eyewitness reports that the blimp had scraped one or more peaks before finally coming to rest. One witness, Edward Taylor, 17, said he watched the blimp through binoculars and §aid he thought he saw men moving about inside it. Civilian air raid wardens and auxiliary police cooperated in the land search, while naval vessels patrolled the ocean along the route believed followed by the blimp. The blimp took off at 6 a. m. Sunday for its ocean patrol. It crashed five hours later. There was speculation that the men might have jumped from the disabled blimp at sea. Reports by eyewitnesses indicated that it was too low to allow use of parachutes. Freight Cars Must Have Capacity Land (By Associated Press) WASHINGTON, Aug. 17. — Defense Transportation Director Po- seph B. Eastman has ordered that freight cars carrying civilian freight must be loaded to .their marked load limit, or to full visible capacity. Eastman said the purpose was to obtain mere efficient use of ears and locomotives. Railroad motive power now was being used to a point close to capacity, Eastman said, and “vve must get the greatest possible use out of the existing railroad plants.” Troop movements and war freight will continue to increase in volume and ODT also must anticipate a further diversion of freight from truck lines because of the rubber shortage and retirement of equipment which cannot be replaced, he added. Provisions of the loading order may be disregarded, it was emphasized, in cases where maximum loading would create a transportation hazard, or result in damage to goods. Commodities which require refrigeration, heating or ventilation must not be loaded beyond the refrigeration, ventilating or heating capacity of the freight car. LOW BLOOD PRESSURE FATIGUE ANEMIA My non-modical basic treatment often obtains rapid constant and outstanding results. NO DRUGS - NO SURGERY Call Now for Free Consultation an# Advice, including a check-up of your Blood Pressure Dr. A. P. Koentopp, D. C. 416 Otis Bld(j., 4th A Main Ph. 1344 Over Owl Drug Co. R-8-17-42 “Every Stick A Masterpiece99 Frank Curran Lumber Co., Inc. Santa Ana Huntington Beach PH. 8 Ph. 386 Orange Ph. 750 Germans Claim Victories Along Whole Don Basin (Enemy origin: not filed by a United Press correspondent) BERLIN, Aug. 17—(German broadcast recorded by United Press in New York)—The High Command today reported heavy Russian attacks at various points along the 1800-mile Russian front north from the Caucasus and said that “the entire Don basin is firmly in the hands of German and allied troops” after the crushing of Soviet resistance in the big bend of the river west of Stalingrad. East of Vyasma and around Rzhev, southwest and northwest of Moscow, German forces were said to be fighting “continuous heavy defensive battles” against Russian attacks. On the northern sector of the front (presumably south of Leningrad) Russian attacks were said to have been repulsed. In the lower Caucasus along the Kuban river and in the Caucasus mountains, the communique described “a further advance in successful attacks.” Along the Black Sea Caucasus coast west of Maikop and Kras­ nodar, it was stated, German planes sank three Russian ships and damaged a large transport. “In the northeastern loop of the big Don bend the enemy suffered a crushing defeat and the river was reached at all points in the communique said. “The mopping up of this sector of scattered groups still is in progress. Thus the entire Don basin is firmly in the hands of German and allied troops.” Along the English channel coast, it was added, the “heaviest” German artillery shelled military targets around Dover. (The British admiralty announced that two German outpost boats were believed to have been sunk and two others severely damaged in an encounter with British light naval forces and coastal batteries in the Dover straits.) In isolated raids over western and northwestern Germany and the occupied territories the British lost four planes, it was stated, while German raiders bombed targets in central and eastern England. Heavy bombs were said to have been dropped on Midland targets. AUGUSTINE S. DIAZ, 24, son of Mrs. Teresa Saldana, formerly of 317 South Franklin, Santa Ana, now living in Los Angeles, private first class in the Army, has been in the service nine months. He is a native Santa Anan. To make a medium tank, 25,000 separate pieces are used. Of these, 5000 are different. U.S. Fights In Raid in Germany LONDON, Aug. 17 —(AP)~ Except for a few inconsequental German scattered blows, the channel air front was quiet in the hours before dawn today. Some of the enemy raiders stabbed inland as far as the north midlands and bombs fell at one point on the east coast but the British said damage was slight and there were no casualties reported. A moderate-sized RAF bomber force struck at western Germany Saturday night and despite thick clouds, the air ministry said, some of the crews found their targets. The British listed five bombers as missing. United States Army fighters flew with a Canadian squadron in one long sweep over France during the weekend but the operation apparently was routine and a terse United States headquarters communique gave no details. Spitfires continued the aerial assault on occupied France yesterday with a tree-top run over a railroad with Belgian pilots participating. A freight train was damaged. The zeppelin was named for Count Von Zeppelin, its inventor. 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