Greensboro Daily News from Greensboro, North Carolina on October 8, 1922 · Page 18
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Greensboro Daily News from Greensboro, North Carolina · Page 18

Greensboro, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 8, 1922
Page 18
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X Carolina Holds Yale to 8 Points; W. feL. Defeats State 14 to; 6 m m t T m Tr T W "TIMIIIT1I tlflllA r I Ml If U . .- - . .n M . . ..- - ' ' . . . Aaron Ward, Yankee's ACTION PICTURES OF TWO HIGH LIGHTS IN WORLD SERIES OPENER AND THE FIELD GENERALS. Second Baseman Gets His Second Home Run I I Brownp For Trinity, Makes Spectacular Run of 65 Yards' For Touchdown - BUT m ONE ON GREENSBORO DAILY NEWS, SUNDAY. OCTOBER 8, 1922 Faulty Base Rhnntag In the Final Inning Prevents the Yankees From Scoring FATE AGAINST CARL MAYS fCobtlniied From "Pay Ona. th-Tiirg lanced eft tb pitcher glove for another scratch hit. Krlsch thsn aacrlAosd Bancroft to third and Jroh to aacond. Irish Meusol, ths nsxt batter, slap-psd th ball toward second. An ordinary bonno would hav pe rmlltod a try at put-out at the plate, but th bull Jumped high Into th air and by the time It came down Into Ward' glove, t wa too late to do anything but nuff out the batter ' at first baa. Bancroft- already having vrsaehsd horn. Neat came a clean Ingle to left from, the bat of Pep . Young, acorlng Groh. The rally end-ad when Young waa nipped oft first. . ' , . Yaak ila Ball Hard. Tha Giant got onIjcJTBrtr-nw that, and never threatened to aoore again. Right after the (ilante made their olueter of ecoree, the Yanks ; ilapped the ball upon the Infield turf, ; but, as luck would have It, all thess blowa bounoed In tha orthodox way and tha atter war thrown out The Yank were alwaye making opportunities for themaelvea, only to turn them down In aome careleei manner. They might have scored mrve r " ....... of two, with a little more audaolty In going around the diamond. They atarted off ae though they had found their laag loat hitting punch. Witt hit a tangle straight through the diamond Into oenterdeld and Pu an quickly followed with a single to left. Babe Ruth took a mighty swat at tha ball and drova one of the longest fllee that ever dropped Into an outfielder's glove. Cunningham aught It In deep centerfold, just a step or two from the bleacher fenoe. and the foroe of tha ball'a descent knocked him against the ooaros. no ivaa so far away from the plate that there seemed to be -plenty of time for TTItt to come home from second, i But Manager Hugglna, who was ooaohlng at third, stopped him there. He scored on Plpp' single. Tips Haas Toe Far, Plpp tried t8 run too far, rather than not far enough and was caught at aeoond, Meusel sent Dugan home with a fleroe tlner to right, then stole aeoond and took third, on Snyder's wild throw to eatoh him at the mid-. ' way aaok. Schang ended the often- live by striking out Bob Meusel began the Tanks' sev- anth turn at bat .with a roller that 'Oroh had trouble In handling. On the way to Drat, Meusel slowed ' : down, seemingly with the thought that It was no use to run. Otherwise he could have got there safely, for Greh'e throw was bad and Kelly , dropped It and had to step ft the ii hag to pick It ont of the mud. As It ' was, the play waa very dose. It was 5 only a few seconds later that Ward i bombarded the bleachers wltb his 5 home -run,! making a. goat ofMeusel. ' Then came tha last ohanoe In the ; ninth and the reckleas disregard of lit bv Muggins' men. Plpp slammed : tha drat pitched ball down the left i field line for two bases. He was '. trapped off second on Meusel's poke to Oroh. Tankee hopes bsgan to ex- plra, but they flarad up Immediately when Br hang got a long single Into ' left. There waa only an out and i : lleuaal had gone to third, ao that It ; waa expected that Schang would be satisfied with one base on -Me hit, ' but he wasn't Ua tried to reaoh seo- and and failed, Ward ended the sum with a fly to Meusel. Had '. iohang been willing to let well enough elon. when be reached first, Bob Meusel oould probably have ' scored after -his brother - caught t Ward's fly. Rain Dampeas Bleaokerlea Even leaving tha Tanks' base run ning out of It, tha game would rank , aa one of the aloppleet In the his tory o( tha world series. The rain waa never weary. It began In the morning aa a gentle mint. Little t drops began to tall durii.u batting r praotloa. Ibey. - were -eemlng . down aaeadlly aa the Bret Inning began, and the fans In the bleachers covered ' themslves with umbrellas and newe ; aapera Not even the most profound editorial page waa heavy enough to 1 keep the rootera dry after the fourth '; Inning. From than on, tha rain fell , with Increasing wetness,' so that the : tleaohera seemed a blur to those In the grandstand. Detailed analysts 'of the pitching ' ahowr that MoQulllan and Mays worked on practically even terms. v Baoh had one bad Inning. MoQull Man, In the first when the Yankees bunched four of their eight hits for two runs, and Mays in ths fifth, : when tha Olanta regletered five of ' ' ' i 4 i Aaron Ward 2- BA8t their nine hits and four runs. MoQulllan held the Yankees hltless from th first to the seventh, while Mays allctwed no more than one hit In any Inning outside Vie fifth. McQuillan pitched 113 times, 42 of Which were balls and !6 strikes Maya tossed to the plate 108 times In eight Innlnga and Jones, who worked In the ninth, pitched but eeven times, all three men facing him going put on flies, Seventeen foul atrtkes and 10 fouls were nicked oft Mays' delivery and buf nine foul strikes and four fouls off McQuillan. ' The attendance for today's gam was 16,243, the lowest total for any gams so far, and the receipts ggTs-gated $118.84, making the total for the foVir gamea as follows: Attendances 147,96; receipts $410,-IM. " The money for today's game Was divided as follsws: Players' share, (0.ST6.S4; each club's share, 130,-125.26; commissioners share, ll. 1ST. 60. Box score and summary: as Olanta: Bancroft, Oroh, lb Frlsch. b . . E., Meusel, If Yoiuig, rf .. Kefiy, lb .. Cunnlnghain, Snyder, o . .' McQuillan, p cf AB RH TO A S 1 J,l"l 1 0 1 2 0 0 2 1 ' Totals: .... Yanke: Witt, cf Diigsn, lb ... Ruth,' rf Plpp, lb R. Meuael, If , Bchang, o ... Ward, 2b ... Scott, as ..... Maya,p Jones, p . . . . . Elmer Smith, It 4 AB R . 4 1 9 27 14 1 H PO A E Total 12 x-Batted for Maya Score by Innings: Yankees .'. Giants . I I 17 IS 0 In Ith. ' -R. 2001 008 1001 000 040 0004 Summary: Two-base hits, Mc Quillan, Witt, Plpp. Home run. Ward. Stolen baae, n. Meuael. Sacrifice, Frlaoh. Double plays, Frlsch. Bancroft and Kcrty; Plpp and Scott. Left on bases, Yanks, 4; titants I. Bases on halls, oft Mays, 2; Cunningham, Ban- orofti oft Mogulllan, 2, Ruth and Scott Struck out, py Maya, i, (Mcgumanr, by McQuillan, 4, Unhang, R. Meusel, Ward, Elmer Smith. Hits, off Mays In I Innings; off Jones none In one Inning. Umpires, Owens,- (American. Umpire at chief, at plate, Klem (Na tional), flrat base, Hlldebrand (American) tseoond base: McCormlck (Rational) third baaa. Time l:S4.i Pennsylvania University Beats University of South VISITOH.S PLAYED HARD Durham, Out.' 7. 'spectacular run of 66 yards for a touchdown by Brown featured Trinity's 27 to nothing victory over Hampden Sidney on Hanes field this afternoon. Tbe long run came In the fourth quarter after Brown had several times before gotten .away for telllrux gains of ths three other touchdowns made. Quarterback Smith carrfctd two of them over and :aptatn NeaL playing with a bad ankle, got the other. Three times out of four Rlmpson made good In the extra point' after touchdown by kicking. The Virginia team put up a terrific fight, but were kept on the defense by Htelner's men during most of the game. In the third quarter Trinity had ths ball on Hampden Sydnevs three yard line, only to be held for downa by the ptuoky VlrgtnUne. The Trinity team kept the offensive most Of the way through and played the gam In their own territory, making thirteen first downs to Hampden Sld- .ney.axn.ree. Day.'for Hamoden-SMneT. r.efvrf the ball on klckoffa and did some pretty running back. The Inter-rerences which his mates gave In this feature wore noteworthy. Cptaln Brnnaman, for the visitors, also stood out. The terrific heat of the day told on both teams and neceesltated the uee of numerous substitutes. Carter, who had been going like a 'house afire, had to oome out when bo Buffered a bad gash on the forehead. lineup: i Position Hamp-Sld. if?V V" - - - .':Ldt'H I ' f ' '' y , ,v V v-,- ; v -? -,4 1 IwP I 1 i ' ' - r -: V a wrf,S)Pi.lh 4.r-4v.'.4.....r..v..---.- i., ,; .,,''.-.. i; i. w '. --.'ft-t" "" 11 ' lie,ri , ' : a, i iy,ari4 ,iti if?, , i A ,iftia.rTiwiiii, ar m.i nAi...1' f ii.riT ipr-n ttmi "i11 11 'tt w n r-i i i """'" iT ai riiMiMwMitmeefceawiMMMii r,ew.MiSMeiiSi "J"-' -iTiMta a mn-i i.iaiMi.Mntinnii - "Crnl l 3 . , - ' . WAKE FOREST EXERTS ,p .w, rt',, ... ' s". to n n ' Ui i m n.. iiuiiii i miiHi in ii n ills i in r ,in,r -ti UillllL I liUIII ULU LLUI1 p4M V f i.i I . I lit Ir . ; Trinity Neal, captain Hatoher Taylor Simpson Pennington , Calrrwell .... B. Carter, .., Smith Garrett . . W. Weaver , Brown Substitutions I, t.t..,. .!.... . o... .r.g.,( .r.t.., .r.e.. q., C. Carter ...... Fuquay Lacy Saunders Hall ........ Stults Brenaman, Cn, Sanders r.h... Day . I.. H. Blankenshlp .l.h..... MoXelwey Trlnlty4 Maore fir Neal, Everett for Brown, H. Woaver for B. Carter, NCal for Moora, Brown for - Everett, Bullock for W. Weaver. Winters for Smith, JCverett or Brown, Troy for Neal, , Hampden-Sldney C. Blankenshlp for Fuquay, Tyson for McKelway, Brenaman for Sanders,, Ott for Brenaman, McKelway for Bandera, Smltn for Day, Durham for Hall, R. Brena-man for Ott. Scoring by periods! Trinity T T 0 1 127 Jlampden-Bldney , tj Oh 0 0 0 0 Touchdowns: Neal, Smith (2), Brown. Points from placement after touchdown: Simpson I. Time of pe-rlodsr IS minutes. Offlolals: Referee, Norton; umpire, Dlshman; head linesman, Howe. Attendance, ,000. Baptists Start With a Rush and Looks Like Biggest Kind of Victory- Then ELON ELEVEN PICKS UP Philadelphia, Oct. 7. The Unlver- alty of Pennsylvania today, on a rain-soaked field, defeated the Un . .11. to. P,..l,nthe , first local intersections game. Neither team showed to great advantage, although Captain JPoa Mil ler and Tax Hamer made -repeated gains through the Sewanea line. Frequent tumbles on tha part of the southerners In the early periods of the game made possible the two first Pennsylvania touchdowns. Lineup and summary: Pennsylvania ..............17 University of the South 0 Constantinople has with a medical faculty. a university Cod fisheries of Newfoundland are the most extensive In the world. DON'T MISS IT! tappy Ricks One of the most delightful and cleanest plays on r the American stage today. "Cappy Ricks" is really one of the- best comedies billed: at the Grand this season. Tuesday Night, Oct. 10, 8:30 p. m. Reserved Seat Sale Monday Auspices Henry K. Burtner Post American Legion GRAND THEATRE , ritr iumUM trm ) - Chicago. Oot . Displaying polished team work and. relying almost entirely on straight football, the University of Chicago machine rolled op a 80 to 0 score over the University of Oeorgla In tha first gam of Chicago' season today. ' A crowd of H.000 witnessed the intersections! game- despite aklss that threatened another downpour on the already rain-soaked and slip pery field, which made forward pass ing oitricuit. Halfback Johnny Thomas, of Jamestown, N. D.. whose playing enabled Chicago to triumph over Princeton last year, waa tha most sensational performer of the day, although Jimmy Fyott, a Chicago youth who plays the other halt, was a close second. Together with Fullback Zorn they carried the ball nine out of 10 times and ripped big holes In the Georgia defense on almost every at tempt. Thomas odunted both touohdo'vns after carrying- the ball down the field on repeated emashes at the right sldo of the Georgia Hne.wblra -Pyntt soored tloe with short drop kicks. aeorgla fought stubbornly, stopping Chicago for downs three times Dall, the bulldog's star left-half, taoklers had disabled one 'knee and foroed him from the game In the so-on quarter'. The acoldent broke up the Georgia overhead attack at Randall was the cracker'e chief dispatcher. .Only one of four passes attempted during the game was auooessful, Pyott Intercepting both of the Geor gians' passes, .returning one oft them for 20 yards. Chicago used 'short passes over the line, one of whloh, Caruso to Pyott, netted 1 yawls In tne last quarter and eet the stags for the laat ounhdown. Stagg'a favorite last rear, a line drlveeln which the whole back field drlvee through to clear the way for tne runner, waa ueed time after time with great success, the right side of he Georgia line crumpllnal before drives by Thomas and Bern. ' Virginia plays the TIGERS A GOOD CAME C - Princeton. N. J.. Oot. 7. Princeton won Its seoond game of the season today, defeating Virginia by 8 to 0. The ontest was played under a steady downpour ef rain whloh made good playing Impossible. Many fumbles and constant allpptng marred the , game. , ' Princeton scored on a drop klok by Smith-rn tha seeond period and a safety In the fourth period, Despite the rain several th.ousa.nd loyal Tiger rooter were on hand In the Palmer stadium to witness the fray. v , Tbe score by periods wssi (ftMdarte Dittr RM) Wake Forest, Oct. 7. Starting the game In whirlwind fashion by making a touchdown and four successive first downs and then Blowing to a pace that failed to produce' touchdowns, Wake Forest won the aeoond football game played, on the home gridiron today from Elon by the score of 7 to 0. Inability to aroduoe the necessary punt at the cruolal moment prevented Wake Forest . from 'scoring several touchdowns that should havs followed first down after first .down, espeotally, during the Initial half. On the other band Elon began an offensive In the laat half that gained four first downs and ono threatened the local eleven' goal. Coach Levenes' charges - made a total of 10 first downs, seven of which were In the first half and five In the first quarter out after that period the' team began to slacken Its pace an did not seem able to oarry the ball over when the opportunity came. Wake Forest also suffered a total of four lt-yard penalties and several five-yard penalties which seemed to come at the time when scoring seemed most possible. ' , Lowry, light halfback . and star broksn field runner on the' Baptists aquad, atarted the game at quarter and by efficient generalship carried the ball down the field for' the only touchdown In the first two minutes of play. Lowry kicked place kick. Wake Forest then received and again marched down tha field only to lose tha ball on the 15-yard line being held for downa In the last half Elon i evelopel an offensive that brought four first downa to ther credit and ssveral lengthy runs .were made by Perrv and Hanner. In the last five minutes of play Elon got away with a 85-yard gain by the air route nom Perry w Clark which pl.vmd the ball on Wake's elghtnyard lines. Wake Forest Position ...I.e. .. ...I. t. ... ...I.g. .. Upper left Joe Tuvart scoring flret run of world series In sixth tnnlnr on smash by Babe Ruth.. Upper right -Heinle Oroh "digging In" at third in nrnt inning. Below Banorott and Scott, captains of olanta and Yankees, shaking hands before the game. Johnston- Palermo . Smith ... Reltsel .. Martin .. Johnson , Pagano ., Lowry . . Brandon Fulton ., Boylan Elon ... Clnrk . . . Smith Whltesell . Braxton , ... High Brown, A. , Flynn . . . Perry . . . Ganti Kirk land McAdams ELEVEN T0 18 10 0 IN GAME PLAYED IN RAIN .'' ' sasim i pii.i-a. , MeDonald Carries Ball Across Yale Goal Line, But Is Was Not Counted . . . ,r. g. ....r.t. , ...,r".e. ... .q. b. . . . .1. h. r. h. ....t.b. Summary: . Scorlnr. Wake Foreat. touchdowns Lowry. Flaoe kick from touohdown Lowry. Substitutions fur Wak- Foreat, Holmes for Brandon: Coward for Palmermo; Hansen for Fulton; Graespn for Lowry i Brandon lor Holmes; Palermo lor uowara Fulton for Hansen; Lowry for Grac son; Lee for Martin; Hansen lor Lowry; Lents for Bmltb; Crutohlield for Johnston; Caudle for Keltiel; Coward for Palermo; Harris for Lee; Graeson for Boylln. Substitution for Elon, Hanner for Ganta; Fltts fur Klrklandj Oantta for MoAdams. Time of quarters. It, 12. IB, 12. Of ficials, referee, Torgen. Rhode Island State; umpire, Whltaker, State headllnesman, McDouglas, State col leg. TWO CHANCES TO SCORE LENOIR OUTRL 31 17 Prlnoten Virginia Lineup! Frlnoeton Snlvely Treat . .'."? , , Dickinson, O. MoMIUaji ... Buokner ... Baker ...... Gray ' , . Wlngate , ,. Hergen . . rum ....... Nelav4r ... OtMfjIals; Heteree. W. Ii. Crewell linesman, W, H. Manely, Umpire, J. P. Murpbyi Said judge, V. B. aliunde. , '.'... .,. ,. Position ....I.e. ,. ....It, ,. ,...1.1. ., i,,.r. g. ,. ....r.t. ., ,,..r. e. ,. ....q. b, ,, ...,l.h. , .r.h. ...t .f.b. 0 10 1 S 0 0 00 Virginia . . . . Davis Blackford ., Hall, C. ., Thesmar Ward . . Fenwlck . CampbelH . .,. Foster . Oppelman Arnold Wilson Hickory, Oot. 7. Scoring 11 points to Lenoir' seven, Guilford defeated the looal collegians on the home grounds today In a game that was better than the score indicates. Weakness In Lenoir's line enabled the heavier Quakers, to break through on aeverat occasions and prevent passes or kicks and two. of. the visitors touchdowns were cue to Hukes. The Urge crowd whJch saw ths gam wsloomea the return-of football here and expresses gratification at tha fine showing made by Coach L- mdttes charges. Joby Hawn's 4nterceptlon of a for ward pass and return for S6 VardS, the playing of Brown, Carpenter and Cox featured for Lenoir. 'Knight Thomas and Frasler In tha backtleld and McBane, Warrick and Fraaier m the line were towers of strength for Guilford. The lighter Lutheran line held the Quakers for downs in ths shadow ( their goal and on two rooaelons lest two touchdowns on so count of blqcked kicks, i- Rnnre bv Quarters - Guilford ... . . . , , . .-. . .... s-9-11-1 S Referee, Williams, uaronna. umpire Abernethy. .Osrolina. Headllnesman Slfford, Linesmen Crips ana Leonard. Time-of periods li minutes. Meadewbrmtlt Wlas Meadowbrook Club, Oct. 7. Th American Meadowbrook "big four1 polo tram, with a substitute In the line-up, won Ha second straight Vlo, tory today over the Argentine federa tlon team, open champions of the United States, ending ths - aeries ' of special international matohaa. TPhe soyrs was to 4, 1 1 " 'tarn is About 100 fans yesterday afternoon aaw. Djick -Bin;.th'aAll-Stars gpx the decision from tr7e Buffalo club Tn fast oontes. at Con park,, lb, 3 Oull-forr) county league champions coming out of the fray -wltb the small end of a i to 8 soore. Both teams played splendid ball. For the All-Stars Braxton and Pennington did the pitching while Lankenau and R. Neeley pitched fcr the Buffalo club. TtM third and final game of the series between the two clubs will, be playod next Saturday afternoon. Guilford Takes Slow Game FronrLenoir, Score 31 to 7 Hickory, Oct. 7. With a steady drive that waa seldom checked Gull-ford- Oafeatwl Lenoir college -ii; to; "T today. , Guilford's passing waa 'poor and Ha'wn Intercepted one and ran ,60 yards for Lenoir's only score. 'Aanapolls Squad Wsns. Annapolis, Md., Oct. 7. Opening! their, football schedule today,, the Annapolis : midshipmen . burled tha eleven of Western Ressrve university. Cleveland, Ohio, under an avalanche cf touchdown and piled up a soore of 11 to 0. All the Best ! Magazines and f Periodicals ' - Her6 on the date of issue - HOWERTON'S I) R TJ G S T O It E: 'The Careful Apothecary?;; 113 E. Market St.: """. ; ' , We Close Sundays Phone 47 - (RptcUll tn Dally Nm ) New Haven, Conn.. Oct. 7. In a drlsxle, Yale deprived of Captain Jqrdan" and O'Hearne, defeated North Carolina 18 to 0 this afternoon. McDonald, the visitors' quarterback, once carried tha ball across Yale's goal line, but the lads from the south- had -bMB-.ottalde.an4.Uia ..touchdow.n did not count. A clean 22 -yard forward pass. Neldlinger to Mallory,, gave Yale Its first soore. In the third period ohnston, from behind North Oaro- Ina'a line, kicked the ball against the post. It rebounded and Eddy, of Yale, fell on it for Yale's seconl touchdown. The third score cams when N'ldllnger was pushed over from the fine. The soore VaJo North Carolina Yale Cutler ., ... Storrs . . , , Crulkshank Landls . , , Cross Dlller .... Holman , . Becket Bench, . . . Nnldllnge.- Mallory . . . Score by eertodsi Yaio ; North 'Carolina K.. raie scoring Touchdowns! w I. lory, Eddy (sub for OUMer;) Neldlinger,. Schwarts, Brown umpire; Reed, Springfield. Field juoget Thurber. Colgate. Headline man.:. J'almer, ..Hartford". Time of periods: 10 . minutes each Position . .e. .l.t. , .l.g. . . c. .r g. .r t , .r e . ,n.b. ,l.h. r.h. .f.b. :8 0 IN. C. U. Morris Mathaws .Prltchard (C) Blunt . . . .Polndexter Haw II eld Cochran McDonald V. Morris JohiiHton McGee , ...0 6 111 ..0 0 0 0 Furman Wins From Florida Eleven By. Score of7 to 6 Use Your Own Judgment! Make your clothes selections where dependable merchandise is offered at a fair margin of profit. We claim , our clothes to be superior in STYLE AND QUALITY at LESS PRICES than elsewhere. "We want you to come in and make your own comparisons. . New models, 1 ate fabrics, high grade work- ' manship. ,' vrr,:';: " ;:.;' ; -r-:: .r T . . T?:- and Overcoats suits 1.4 .50 $ Others At $25, $30 and $35 Pants $1.95, $2.95, $3.95, $4.95 S--4- Gainesville, Fla, Oot; i. Newton's .raiiurs to sick msl Iff the Jmnnvirl period gave Purman a 7 'to 6 victory over . r lorma ..toaay ln,t,iia opening game of the season here. The Gator touohdown was scored In a 'downpour of rain which marred the play through the first half. Thls and ths visitors' touchdown .resulted from long forward pasees, .Furman aih-fng 60 yards, on one completed pas and F-lorida 60 yat;ds on two. Neither team'could gain consistently through the line, i , Ed41. Leva .Wianer, - . St. Joseph, Mo., Oot. 7. IJddle Loos, laka Shore Country ulub. Chicago, won St. Joseph' seoond annual championship wltb a saor of 1190 for the 43 holes.. .Hurry Hampton, of Brooklyn, Oounfry club, Kocheslef,. Mich., was: Scootid' JvlUi 281. 'VSMlllam a.Reavey, f heiHlll-crest Country club, lirnsas City, was .tnird with sat., . . Middle name, war nca Illegal. 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