The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1954 · Page 20
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 20

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1954
Page 20
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PAGES!* BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TELEVISION GOES EVERYWHERE — With the compact and versatile new Crosley Super V television receiver, TV now can go everywhere with the family — even on vacation jaunts in the trailer. Hardly larger than the face of its 17- Inch picture tube, the Super V can be carried easily from room to room or plugged in on the porch or patio as well as being ideal for trailer use. It has a vertical instead of horizontal chassis to eliminate bulk and weight. Picture quality has been improved yet by using recently developed dual purpose tubes, the number needed has been cut from the 22 used in conventional sets to just 15. 7iirfcty.ffi.Ca6 Story Found to Bo Trut ATLANTA W—Hugh Park, Atlanta Journal columnist, reported tersely that lour wild turkeys were seen riding in a taxicab at 2 a. m. Charged with stretching the truth he dug out the facts. Ed Dodd, a cartoonist and naturalist, obtained the turkeys from the state conservation department for experiments on his farm. They were flown in and the man who bought them didn't have time to take them all the way, so he called Dodd. Dodd, a practical type, toW him, "Just put'em in a taxi. They'll get hereall right." And they did. de-frosting as out-of-date as thi hand-cranked car. The trademark of the modern refrigerator in the years to come will be its ability to free itself from frost, either at the touch of a button, or a regular basis, without watching. Evidence of the trend is a move this year by the pioneer manufacturer of electrical household refri- creators, now celebrating its 40th year in the field. Every 1954 Kelvi- nator refrigerator, he said affords the homemaker a holiday from her former defrosting chore, since all are equipped to defrost themselves. The automatic defrosting system is not an extra-price feature available only -on deluxe models, but a standard part of every model in every size in the regular 1954 line, at no extra cost. Normandy Memorial BEDFORD, Va. (#)—The French government has sent a two-ton stone quarried near the Normandy beaches as a memorial to Com- p&ny A, 116th Infantry, which had 96 per cent casualties on the Normandy beaches in 1944. It will rest in the courthouse yard here and will be marked with he names of j 24 Bedford men who were among] the casualites. • Bad Tim* to Call OMAHA Off)—Military habits are hard to shake. A visiting Army officer found a note in his hotel box to "Call Mr. Smith At 0300." Not acquainted with Omaha telephone exchanges (AT stands for Atlantic), he interpreted the message in military langauge as meaning to call at 0300 hours—or 3 a.m. So he called Mr. Smith at 3 am. Thin Dime Thefts SAN FRANCISO (£>}—Alert city officals nipped a "flattened dime" racket by a few municipal bus drivers. Officials said flattened dimes registered as pennies when an operator dropped them into the cash box while making change for riders, giving the operator a 9 per cent "profit." The company soon stopped the thievery. Gory Practical Joke SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (#)—Sheepishly, the teen-age youngster wiped the" ketchup off his arm and the police let him and his companion off with a warning. The youngster had daubed the ketchup* on his arm and then hidden in an automobile trunk with the gory arm dangling. His accomplice drove around town. Citizenj called the cops. Lake Springs Leak FLAGSTAFF,, Ariz. W) — Water department officials found a leak in the lake from which the city gets its water supply. They estimated that one million gallons of water 2. day has been pouring into a hole leading to a subterranean channel ever since the dam was raised two years ago. The city will spend $20,000 to plug the hole. Antique Hazard HESPERIA, Mich. (£) — A 52- inch circular saw screeching through a big beech log lost all its teeth when it had hit a woodsman"s wedge imbeded deep in the log. Experts estimated the wedge had been there for.100 years, judging from the growth of the tree arount it. Front of Crosley s Super V Set Is Nearly All Screen ULTRA-MODER REFRIGERATION — Facilities for the 1954 homemaker. Thig new Kelvinator two-door model MTD-120 is a 12- cubic-foot combination freezer and automatic defrosting refrigerator. Exclusive 4i Humidiplate" in the fresh food compartment provides adjustable control of both cold and moisture throughout the entire refrigerator section, and defrosts automatically. The seventy-pound capacity freezer chest has all five walls refrigerated, for safer, more uniform cold and faster freezing. Features include "Sea : Tone" color trim, built-in butter chest, easy-to-reach door shelves, twin roll-out shelves and "moisture seal" twin aluminum crispers. All Kelvinator Refrigerators For 1954 Defrost Themselves The front of the new Crosley super V television set is all screen. The Cabinet is a trim frame around the picture tube, and the entire front of the set is barely larger than the face of the tube. Its simple, uncluttered design makes its styling adaptable to any room. The Super V occupies one-third less cabinet space than conventional 17-inch models. It never crowds: fits places where television never be used before. The Super vd.gns 40 per cent less than any other set on the market. It carried from room to room, used on a porch or patio, or transported in a car. Mounted together conveniently on the right side, all controls are within easy reach. With each on a separate knob clearly identified, tuning is simple. The television industry has tried for years to produce an upright chassis — now Crosley has done it The vertical instead of horizonal chassis eliminates bulk and- wasted yet space, is amazingly compact, gives superior performance. The vertical plane chassis allows use of recently developed dual purpose tubes. The Super V uses' only 15 tubes compared to 22 on a conventional 17-inch receiver, yet gives a superior picture. This means .less power consumed, easier servicing. Compulsory education in elementary and Latin grammar schools in Connecticut was established in 1650. Refrigerators that defrost themselves are as great a mechanical marvel in this decade as the first automobile designed to start at- the touch of a foot-pedal, a generation ago. The self-starter eliminated the most back breaking chore of the early automobile driver, and from a novel accessory it has come to be a fundamental standard. In the 40 years that the electric household refrigerator has been the most essential mechanical servant in the family kitchen, the only real task it presents to the home maker was the chore of regular defrosting, Today, the invention of ways to accomplish defrosting swiftly and efficiently, without harming stored frozen foods, has made messy hand- Now! KELVINATOR "Magic Cycle"* Automatic Defrosting at no extra cost! Do ice cream molds ... or even cartons or bricks of ice cream ... melt in the freezer chest of your refrigerator? Why not free yourself from this annoyance? Even the fanciest ice cream molds stay frozen in a Kelvi- nator. There's no defreez- A ft ing during defrosting. ^— —"• ^^^ ^""^ mmmmmmmm- OBI ••• SUPER-V New! most compart ( and versatile ' TV set ever designed! ;.X f L V 1 M A TO R asr Itwit applied for. Now—as a special 40th Anniversary bonus value—Kelvinator frees you from having to compromise on refrigerator size or price to get automatic defrosting, Kelvinator gives you automatic defrosting at no extra cost in whatever model best fits your needs and purse . . . plus the best in features, styling and dependability. • Giant Full-width Frootor. Big Meat Tray. Total storage for 53 pounds of frozen foods. • toll-out and Slide-out Shelves • Handy Door Shelves. • tatter Cheit In door. • Olont "Molitwre-Seol" CHioeri. • 11 cu. ft. *f cold »poce. • Olantorou* now "See Tono" styling. MODIL MAD.110 ILLUSTRATID Only $3.00 k « WMk 9 cu. ft. KAD-90 with comparable features only $4.25 a week **«fter minimum down payment f f on, i. >-«"*•" "* *" '"'* ** «*'""* tetiMtional "HolUay House" ^ J * r -**l'g9 0 «»««•"•• KILVINATOt'S $75,OOO ^•^Jirni«AX "HOMIMAlCIt'S MOtlDAY" COKTIST! nuiilINO TO MfTl JVM cem« *, for nm Intry ilank Wt'v. never before been (octly tfct S«iP»r-V porformv obi* to offer a TV value liV. An<J how | itt |« j| cost, K> owft tfin! L«t ut ihow y 0u ho* per. on « CROSLEY BF Goodrich B F Go oil rich 417 W. MAIN - Phone 3-6331 "Save More At Moore's" Moore's Furn. Inc. Complete TV Repair Servictt—lasy Ttrmt 306-310 E. Main Phont 2-2660 I Now at Hubbard's You Can See the World's Only Completely Automatic WASHER DRYER YOU '»• 3. WRINGING 5. WRINGING 6. CARRYING OUT 8. STRETCHING 7. STOOPING {[ DRYS as well as WASHES your clothes Come in, see the Daomatic.. .the only complete laundering unit that drys. as well as washes clothes automatically.. .with a single setting of the dials. See it demonstrated amazed how completely it frees you from washday drudgery. It banishes forever old-fashioned washing, dipping, rinsing, wringing, back-breaking line-drying and weather worries, too. Learn about this all-in-one unit that costs less than a washer and dryer. Convenient Terms OVER 3,000,000 ENDU.,.c WASHERS Ut. rSon Any Olh,, Mai t ' HUBBARD & SON FURNITURE & APPLIANCES

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