Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 31, 1973 · Page 17
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 17

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1973
Page 17
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Ga lesbur - T_.1 •4 , By EbWARD S. LECHtZlN UPI Auto writer 1 * LAI ME DETROIT (UPl) The American motorist can look forward to better fuel economy and performance from his car. U .S. automakers say he shouldn't look any further than 1905 unless Congress rewrites air pollution standard* contained in the Clean Air Act of The fuel economy improvement on the 1975 models could be as much as 20 per cent compared with today's cars, say some automotive engineers. That's when the automakers MM1INS AT THE SUNSHINE SHELF will tut chemical »mog control devices on their cm to clean up exhaust gases. On Monday, tile Environmental Protection Agency for the second time this year eased a clean air standard, this time delaying for ohe year controls for emissions of nitrogen oxides. But, it put an interim standard in its place which will take effect when 1W6 motels are introduced. The EPA has already agreed the original standard setting a 90 per cent reduction in nitrogen oxide pollution may be nnec&sary. Granting the one- year delay in meeting the full standard will give Congress added time to decide if it should be dropped entirely. Monday's action means Detroit wilt have to build a car for 1976 that can meet the once- delayed standard for controlling emissions of hydrocabons (HQ and carbon monoxide (00) and bring nitrogen oxides (NOX) down to two grams per mile, about ofie-third less than in 1973 cars. Use Catalytic Converter For 1975, the automakers will use the catalytic converter to purify the engine exhaust gases. This means they can let the engine run "dirtier" than present controls and count on the chemical device to clean up the tail pipe gases. But cleaning up the HC and CO increases the amount of NOX and causes a further fue problem, say the automakers who claim the technology is no 1 available to do both. EPA officials say the interim NOX standard can be met. probably using improved exhaust gas recirculator systems which wil aid fuel economy. 216 South Chombtrs St* ANNUA! SUMMER CLIAN-UP ClIAMOUT I* If Dollar r w Mutual Fund Invest rs Find All Doy Dolor Day On Any 9x12 Or Larger Remnant Or Wall To Wall Carpeting Purchased During Our Groat lace ing as Well as Others To $28 To $38 To $48 To $76 By CARLTON SMITH For small investors who've put their faith in mutual funds lately, the most encouraging news that can be offered is that they 've done about as well as the big spenders in Wall Street. Final Glariup All Summer Styles Dresses, Pant Suits,. Shifts, Longs All Famous Labels, Szs. 5 to 22 Vi Personal Finance all Summer Tops to *14 * Lots of Shorts to *9— *3 t Assortment to $ 35 - - $ 5 All Sales Final - No Layaways More bluntly, they been losing money during the past year. It's common practice to measure the performance of mutual funds against "the market," or market averages. Using that measure, the funds can't be heavily faulted — but the sad reality is that all but a small percentage of mutual fund investors have been watching of their shares dwindle steadily. In the first six months of the year, all but 11 of 536 funds — 98 per cent of them — showed declines in share value, according to the performance anlysis of Lipper Analytical Services. THE AVERAGE share- LIN DSTROM 1 from th« WAGON Buy 1 Single 45 Record Specially Good For One 15c Popcorn Each Buy 1 Long Play Record J^OO Off or Tape R 4 „i. r FHC* Receive Coupon Good For Ono 25c Popcorn Buy 2 Long Play Records or Tapes Receive Coupon Good For One 50c COUPON REDEEMABLE AUGUST 1 Specially Priced $1.00 Off Each Record or Tape Popcorn ONLY RCA POCKET AM RADIO — $5.48 1000 Long Play Records—Values to $5.98 (Receive Coupon Good For One 15c Popcorn) Each Special Group of Current LP Hits ONLY Receive Coupon Good For One 15c Popcorn Values $7.?| ^ — " " *-' ™" —- _M . ->-- - .... • - - -™- I I II I -^^^^^^VP^^^^mPWVBWUPHH 200 Eight Track Cartridge Tapes Popular and Country — Values to $6.95 ONLY and WHITE and COLOR TV Specially Priced Radio and Record Headquarter* FIRST IN TELEVISION value decline for all 536 funds on the Upper list, was 21.42 per cent. Over the same period* 2,458 of the 2,652 stocks listed on the two major exchanges were down in price, according *o the analysis of. Interactive Data Corporation, a major computer time-sharing firm specializing in financial data. So the scores are about even. With M per cent of the iisted stocks down in price, the average common stock declined about 15 per cent. That dismal picture indicates a market even more depressed than pictured by the popular averages. The actual decline in stock prices is 25 per cent greater than the six- month dip in the Dow-Jones Industrials average. IT'S HARDLY to be expected, in these circumstances, that mutual fund investors could have experienced anything but woeful results in recent months. But the longer range record of the funds has been, if not exactly brilliant, at least encouraging. The Lipper figures on fund performance going back to the beginning of 1967 show that shares in the average fund have increased in value, since then, by 34.36 per cent. That's the average for all (he funds on the binder list that have been In business that long. The Dow-Jones average, by contrast, at midyear was only J?. 5 per cent above the figure of six and a half years ago. The broader averages showed larger increases — but the average mutual fund investor seems to have done at least as well, during this period, as the investor in individual stocks. Most mutual fund investors and potential investors probably believe that eventually the economy will recover from whatever has been bothering it, the market will turn up again, and investment results will improve. BUT SALES figures show that investors are waiting for something. Waiting, of course, for the upturn. How long should you continue to wait? Probably the best consistent performance record in the mutual fund industry, over the past 10 years or so, has been that of the Rowe Price group of no-load funds. Says Charles W. Shaeffer, president of the T. Rowe Price Growth Stock Fund, in his current report to stockholders: "We cannot consis­ tently guess the stock market, and do not try. We have never found anyone else who could/ Rather than trying to play a short-term Shaeffer guessing their ment game, investor says, philosophy consists investing in promising compares, when the stock is priced right in relation to what it's "really worth/' Today's depressed stock prices — attributed in part to "emotional selling by short* term speculators 0 — offer "excellent buying opportunities for long4erm investors," Shaeffer believes. DON'T EXPECT any quick profits, since Shaeffer is not predicting an imminent market turnaround. In' fact, he says, "we wouldn't be surprised if things got worse before they get better." You can, of course, wait till you're sure there's been a turnaround. "It is well known," says Shaeffer — and indeed it is "that many people buy close to market highs and sell near the bottom." They manage this by waiting until .they're very, very sure that the market is roaring onward and upward. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) 9 Copters, Hounds Aid Search for Suspect • « e WE'RE SAD But You'll U Olsd At Our Greatly Reduced Price* Offered on i Six Months Accumulation of Warehouse Open Every Day This Week 9:30*5 Discontinued Patterns Mismeisured Cuts Slightly Irregulars Soiled Roll Ends Dogs Today's Best Dollar Values For Your Hot Cosh Now Ind'r-Outd'r Rugs Various sizes, Slightly Imperfect, Many Colors, Example 9' by 12', Each fll.N or Now Linoleum 6'&12' Widths, edges slightly damaged, good colors, Example 9' by 12', Each $U.S8 or Good Used Rugs Many in good condition, real bargains, Various sizes, Example f by 12', Each $11.8* or SPECULATOR, N.Y. (UPI) Police have brought in heli- ut copters, bloodhounds, and al 140 armed lawmen to search for a man wanted in connection with the disaDDearance of disappearance 21-year-old Illinois coed. Police said Monday that man wanted for the Sunday slaying of a teen-age camper in the Adirondack Mountains may be the same person responsible for last week's disappearance of SUsan Petz of Skokie, 111., and the slaying of the man she was camping with. Miss Petz, a Boston Univer- since July she Runners-Small Remnants Accumulated Stuff & Things, Per Sq. Yd. Iff ISL^Jf^TX '1° ffSS ISSS^ !t° Rubber Pad^ A Few £ « Sq. Yd 20, when the man slayer as Robert Garrow Sr., with was about was camping found stabbed to death 30 miles east of Sunday's slay- ajing. On Sunday, a man broke into ajthe campsite of three youths, tied them to trees, and stabbed one of them in the heart. r Police said the intruder stabbed Philip Dombleski, 18, of Schenectady. His body was discovered by searchers who went into the area with two of the youths who managed to untie themselves. 37, of Syracuse, police said. Police said they were probing the similarity between the Dombleski killing and the fatal stabbing of David Porter, 22, of Concord, Mass. Porter was Miss Petz' camping companion, police said. "We'd certainly like to talk to him (Garrow) about it," said state Police Maj. Francis T.j Stainkamp, commander of Troop G and in charge of the hunt for the suspect. Reg. $5.95 & $6.95 Sq. Yd. RUBBER BACK CARPET Slightly Imperfect, Good Colors. Cash It Carry and $3.99 Also Large Rolls Embossed VINYL LINOLEUM CARPET REMNANTS From 18" by 12' up to 36" by 15'. Many large enough to Cover Good Size Hall or Stairs. Several Lg. Rolls of CARPET Jul! Slightly Irrogular REDUCED A More Many Rolls Ind'r-Outd'r CARPET Hot Perfect Bui Ptonty Good $177 Sq. Yd. Tight Woven Rubberback KITCHEN CARPET 1 Roll Nylon Sq. Yd. Reg. II. Lousy Colovi.but Priced lUal 111ghi, iq. yd. "1 Bubble fc Half Pad Discontinued, •q. yd. Rubber Pad *6.99 *5.99 Sq. Yd. Wide Selection Carpet REMNANTS From 20" by 12" up to 36" by 15. 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