The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 10, 1956 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 10, 1956
Page 10
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Z-Alfl6rtci (id.) Upper Des Molnes Tuesday, April 10, 1956 Tidbits A certain man, a relative, ,was- talking to my hqUsekeep"etjJ Esther, recently and said, "I'd have called you early but I was ftfraid I'd,' disturb—oh, "Tidbits." What is her name?" That gave me a good laugh,.and I was highly gratified that the column title is remembered, ,'»'•'.*•*" - «• , I was also gratified and amused nt the "antics of'Danriy' Kay'e itl "The Court Jester." That is the kind of show I like. Somethin: to tickle one's funny bone ani ' you leave the theater light hearted and gay. • Wish we had more of thai type to place bf the shoot* 'em-uf> variety. : *, '•'» Esther just brought in a handful of hickory riUts she brought from Minnesota some .tihi^ ago They look like bitter nuts; These came ; from Kentucky, old home of her late husband, Erby Benson, who she says used to say "This proves that things can be grown in Kentucky." What has become of hazelnuts? 1 remember years ago when I was about eight or ten years old rnother,had a quart jar Of nut meats sho had shelled. • $h> -keptx -them I on ;the prantry'Shilf -and "every now and ;hen we'd hav;e a treat from the ' • <.,'( . * * A little fellow, a five year old I talked 'With by. phone the other day i.kept, me entertained till his mother could take the line. He told me about his cat, Mitzie, and the 'kfttens she had, The talk became a little involved "but knew 'he 'had heard about the birds and * bees, young 'as he is for he, 'informed me, old enough to be his grandmother, that Mitzie -could ' have kittens. "Papi cats crfn't have them, you know It's only rtama cats that do.' (Lesson mlmber 1.) • » * * .Krisiie Weyderl comes to stay With her grandparents, Mr and Mrs Chris Wallukait, frequently and finds so much entertainment here— So many little play mates among them R i c k i e Post. Everyone gets the wanderlust on a nice s'p'ring day, anc tots are no exception. The othei day when grandma Wallukait couldn't find the youngsters in the- immediate neighborhood,', she fa'Gwudu^ x iiiiiSiilSlSi^lilfci i^lliliiiiiiiiiSilillf ii^KilSii \ff?^ As'lonf? as crystal is intact, case unopened Pioneer hybrids made this outstanding record competing against 293 dillereiit hybrids rci>re:;ciilir.:; 45 diii'crcnt seed corn producer;, — includiiu; all of the major producers. No other producer ranked lir^t in more than 2 districts. One year's results idl only part of tlie Pioneer performance- rccoid. Pione-ei corn also ranks . . . FIRST in 5 of 10 Districts J? • FIRST in 5.. of._9_. Districts with 3-Ycar Avcrj gcs PLANT HIGH-YIELDING PIONEER CORN SEE OR CALL: Eugene Kollcisch Bode Wm. Mqrtinek Wesley Walter Vaudt _- ___ Whittemore T. O, Johnson _ $wea City Harold Jones Swea City Aaron Steussy Algona C. I. Bailey _, _ Algona ^. I. Mqwdsjey Algona started down McGregor street..! No hint o£ where they >mfgjit-be,* till she Baffle to tW jhigh ;scHdbl.; There she' discovered; Kristie'ss tricycle; ' A talk Hvlth the jariitof* and ari inspection of the building showed no wandering youngsters, and the 1 !! alcjng- came rnatmi La-* wnne Prtst ;tnd' stater, Joan Pdst... Papa Weydert also appeared on the scene and the runaways wert discovered at Hamilton's, across the street, mud covered and bespattered, nonchalant and completely unaware . they had caused anxious moments. Kristie is a friendly little girl and when she saw .John Mahoney talking through a device he uses since major throat surgery some time ago, she asked him, "Why don't you call me on your telephone some time?" *• * * There was quiie a mix-up between the local Oliver Bakkens and the Walter Bakkens at Bode. a few Sundays ago. • The Oliver Bakkens drove to Bode to visit the Walter Bakkens and the Bode Bakkens drove here. They, finally got together here when the Bode couple saw the Algona car parked in front of. the Wayne Hansen residence, the Hansens being son-in-law and daughter of Mr and Mrs Oliver Bakken. * * * How would you like io have a vacation like Mr and Mrs Don Orion plan? They teach at Grants Pass, Idaho, I believe. • At any rate it's in the west. Early in June they are leaving, with the children Michael and Connie, for London, England to visit Mrs Orion's parents. Eileen has been back a couple of times, but a family vacation is much nicer. The parents, Mr and Mrs Osbourne made the trip here a few years ago. Since the grandparents are aging, Mr and Mrs Orton considered it advisable to make the trip themselves and 'take the grandchildren. Don has not been in England since he was in service during the war and married Eileen there.' / IS S * This is Ihe time of year when housewives are all alwiller. With clean up time and remodeling time it's no wonder Mrs Briggs (Bernard) was at a loss for a news item. She replied, "We are adding to the house and I'm so mixed up and in such a mess I can't even think." » * » The Eafl Sheppards had a bang up Easter dinner — 37 guests. They have a'nice basement room ;o Use as dining room for these ianl dinners, a blessing as every housewife, knows. ' :.t ' 1(1 IS The Garden Club at a recent meeting discussed "A Spot in Algona I'd Like to See Beautified." E-Iow many can you think of? First of all I'd like to see the old Call theatre site either filled in and used for parking, or bolter, a nice business building erected there. What business I don't know—but it would b-j a wonderful improvement to that portion, of the'dty} -. '•'•'-•:• * '•' ••_' * - * « Then there are; some businesses that have a collection of clutter on the parking and around the building—unsightly too, and they disturb my housewifely instincts. order and cleanliness. And why not keep the side, walks free of gravel. Why put the gravel there in the first place? A cement border around the building which 'would be easily kept neat and clo'in. wouldn't have bean too expensive and certainly far more attractive and sanitary. Some qf the e!ay hills north of town left staik and hideous certainly could bj covered with grass, vines, or low growing shrubs. The beauty of the plac-j was v.'i'C'cked years ago with the first changing of the hill, but from time tn time as work has- been ilolii: there, the hill:; have been made more ugly. Now, Ihin is only a column done oy a very insi;:nilir;mt p,'r.-;nn .so ar us civie plan.-; are cunrerned. ^fnr do I mean any dHparage- nt-nt when I mentioned busi- ie.--.SL-s and the possibilities of a >eauty treatment, so J ho:j • no Mi!' takes iilt,-n;e. Ju-l l:'>ke it like 1 w.ili'd i! anv une o! them would say in iiv "You are \vear- in;.; a most uiih. e >nnn<\ hal." I'd answer. "Well. 1 !i|.;e it, so what?" 1 attended the V/.S.C.S. lunch(•on Thuis.tav Mut Ir.-nvil II. H l'!eek oi Suit-it Lake talk «0 juvenile i-lelimiU 1 - in y lie i-; Ihe |,Tnl)alion oi'i'ii-er fi.r ,Ju.L'.e \arey. nl' Spirit l.;.ke. Hud-:..H ,,| |',,i/a- luMit; -; and Siiilman oi .-\l'.. : ona 11 started In : ili.-.f ,ur.-e hv .-"iy- ill;; h.' v.'a.-. I;:.! ,. ..ii.--||.er !o till terms llsuaily apijlied. hut he J'.ave a pleasant !a]|: on hi 1 (hit ie- .'•licl \vitii t.-nouJi huiiior mjeeled. I!.. 1 we.-, ea.-,y to listen |o. '1 hank :J'» tl,.-.i- v.-i-n'l ,, liatet, o! .-t.-llistii- th.'i.\.-ll ,,t II : 11: il.vii- i (.•(! (jiu st.ons ;..]),! in c!,- h i;rj, spnl;i • «\ the misdfMiej.iiur -o current- \vanton rlestriji-ti-ni ol' property Sirn-e In- put mile!: i.i t!ie iilani" on parents I an. •'Ma-.-i),- llu l-'ills a: .• JU 1 .-:i|i,\'.-:ii'j. 1'op lhe\ e.m keep iii) with '-.vha! tin; ta- ! 'i. s.- e:,l * \.- r a'.;, i ami Ij KIS! :-l) ait." He replied i.e thniu'lii I ha i pill :::'-' lin e; 1 on tlr.- I i-!h' an- -,vei. 4 Weil, isn't it trua ws hi;:?.I ol l!.::i;; . \\ uid ,h mil voule'.' The Iht'i.-- v. ' ;.,M; le v.-ith al .en ml -n partieii! a? ! r.-call that a iritnd 1.1 iniiie an-1 I h;-d i! ai- ran.;.i d so tn:.t w. v.:uil.l a-k te leave ti, - ii.n;-!i du: i'i.; a stud\ Pv-l i- .n. So:i :e ';: a : . - \'.a i*a iii ;;.'•; I'll'.-'. :-.'iaeli!iii;-. I. Ja a !i",>. nio- m> n'.- \ve Wi-uld inee' in I'm lower hall, ;;o oul.side and sit it- ll.e basement WIIJMOW.; and liavi a you,I t-liat about this and that- liothm;^ oi n al inip-.i-lanei . It was just s)ii'in,L! in the air, it. was nice tn be out. doors, and I think it must liuve been Ihe spirit of. shall 1 say devilishne^s that ni-niMoted i,ii! v.-;»o!(- Ihmu. 1 -said i I" liim OIK- da\. "Suppii.-i- Mr some,day, flnd-firict, us here." He c^.jiuyii-tu^gO ,vyv" J here,was plepty j time after school" to d 6 this", 'bi it was so much mere fun slipping awaj*. Ah, spring! True; we did some botanizing, ate a lunch I had prepared,,sat on a hillside and drank in the good May air, but uppermost;was the feeling Of bravado. . • •'.' ; .• * . * * .. . "Shorlie" Lowe and I skipped schodl one afternoon too. Miss Coate rather prided herself that she knew all that was going on. But I took the .wind out of her sails many years later when -I gave her an .account of it, I couldn't get away from the feeling as I told her that I'd'reap some .punishment at her hands. She ruled me completely for four years and habit Was strong. None will ever take her place. ' ' ~ * .- a * My mother has told me of some skipping she did too. "Twas county fair time and. how awful it was when the fair was held in September years ago and one had to be in school when there was such allurement at the fair grounds. So mother and some of her friends decided to do something about it. Armed With a little spending money thev had vSomehow hoarded, they went to the scene of-forbidden delights. Not wanting to waste any .precious coins on entrance fees, they went down by the barns.-At that time animals were kept under tents. Choosing a place whei;e the canvas of a concealing fence was loose, they rolled under and much to mother's amazement, she was but a, few inches from the, •hooves of a horse. Had the animal been frightened or of a. bad disposition, another would have come out on the losing end. * • * « The story I remembered best of my father's misdemeanors is this. Since it involved only the family, I guess it isn't too great a. crime. He and his brother Willis, (Pat to everyone who' knew him after he came to Algona.) decided the cat had too long a tail. Dad was about tlirea years younger than uncle Willi % s and no doubt had the small' boy's faith that older brother could do anything (and usually does.) Dad was to hold the yat while uncle Willis bobbed thfc tail. It was a very thankful cat that escaped when grandma appeared upon the scene, rescued her butcher IcnifD and told • the lads there would b.e no surgery that day—01 ahy other. , KILLED Ernest Dinsmore, 69, Logan farmer, was killed recently, as a tractor he was operating tipped over backward on him. , He .was drjving;, the machine up aar incline,!« -.-,.,.' ' -" ' "' "< Demoted SeeflW' itlettis Feoin High Softool. r bancUp. made' off with none of Tom Hutchison's vljjirous,cam- paign " for District \studerit. cotlfi* cil treasurer erfded successfully. He Was Delected •.Thursday.. For* tunate'ly.V the Thursday, $ ,'rag'tiit -.-.- ftp, U nra'beihv usiflg -her fail ball to good Epvantage is* she topped'the |ftlg! Jym"cla8fe?ttbWliifi[& lit the; HaWSfeyfe JlStoefeMtJ:!! :af lrfi$fli)inrt 188. .Most of the girlVwere mbrS consistent, staying irf' the' ?0's, •;"..-'.'- , •' - * •''•*•. '*''-.' N6 repot* is available yet on gblfV "fearspme"' five",' but ten* nls eoscro Pfilrrfer hal .'slibmlftea a progress'report on.-Ifte hetrheri iwHidh MdiGates .that, ptaclipes, -if -'' Lary Wicks and in, their festive i .shorts, Cook's; ,cai5 : (Hec,ic|edly^dlL •Sttd Mr y Palmers ,, dirty whi ? s'Vv-eat shirt, ditty because. it : shrinks Men it 5 is washed, all radd much to ; :the ce-lor-ancl- ghiely, '• besides' j&r.qviding topiCB for; -cohversaiidrt ) JwH'en; -Ufflmw. talents displayed do -'not lend; themselves well to same. f - •-.- " ' * * *•.,-'•' Terry Cook "established ; hfa claim to the, famed tradition ;b|- crashing into! the ,tietu'.'He.tdid nbt, however, break it as tils predecessor, .brother Don, did. Pi'actices are just fceglttning,' so there is still: ample-, time. >•'?..;.; •, ;.; ^-tfiu*..; - ... , . Ji trie learn x fairly well; Mt J 1; fsyJbVloUs that the wach Is itf d f^need of a -vehicle, since- -he tMds the -four b'clock . hike. ,to;v the} courts eacn afteMb'oh MtMr, .'sttelJUous. Bicycle, ahy6ne7 "' ' ' ' 'The state 1 lost brie:of its oldest residents'recently, s In the, death of Mfs Lbuise Schifadei' at l^a- dora. She was 97 years .pf age. Her husband died' tn, 1024.; • SPECIA FOR STOREWldl BUYERS'DM! men's blended! sheen gabardine k\ 'V«'tfe?'^P^?,. 'V TRULY TREMENDOUS SAVINGS i! *^i&m 11 •*W<: •':>., ' .,->!«- *•-*-' . : -/v /% 7.:r?r- .-•-•£ ;• •-- f •-'• &: •* w.- :••'&. f\ '. .U : 'f '• • ; ;• t" tf ! - L: • I- »V.i -' I •","" I I . -V •-,,.. H: V' ; ) ';•- MAHE TO SELL FOR MUCH MORE THAN : .i«*.-^'"" $V\^ !$'. !l. •••.".•>•-< ' .-!•-' -:'-'• «: ;|'-'i-« ' > "ir .: -M.'/rV- "IV i --.'.. :i salad dressing Made by KRAFT from ihs one and only MIRACLE WHIP and special pickle relishes rp; !%& *?-&& LIKEGETTING 2 JACKETS IN 1 , • Colorful high shades and distinctive dark colors! • New, eye-pleasing splash patterns and attractive prints to satisfy every t^ste! • Durable, water-repelja/ir, ,w,rinj<le resistant; nylon sheen gabardine,fabric^/., i ^,.,,^,--,' • So good-looking you will wear yours every* where you go! ^ • 2-button adjustable cuffs, full length zipper \ front, shirred elastic waist. Slash pockets. - ' • New two tones! • Sizes 36 to 46. NYLON-RAYON SHEEN.GABAR- DfNE • skipper blue with new .rnulti color fibrene pattern' -re-" verses to rnake your second jacket ,of solid cqiJet:btue sheen gabardine. SSr,-.: ,:'VP ••• fi^^-. v A;f^. TWSCETHE WEAfe BECAUSE THEY'RE REVERSIBLE! TWO-TONE "ROCKET BURST" PATTERN- rich tan with colorful burst design on collar, body and sleeves with contrasting solid brown yolctt front. This re verses to smart so rown shewn gaba NEW BRIGHT STAR PATTERN ; DESIGN Nylon-rayon light blu* with red and whit* stars forming'an qll oy»f patt«m which revarsts" to »»IU navy blv* »h»en gobordlrw* Hydrarnatic Transmissions We'd like you to meet Kenny -Wehrspan, shown hare as he |QO!<$ up from his work at Ernie Willipm's garage. Kenny has specialized on automatic transmissions for several years. Just recently returned from a 6 day special training..on Hydramqtic at the General Mctors Omaha Training Center. , t Complete Auto Service - Wqshing — Greasing — Polishing ^ FREE 'Pick-op and Delivery FRgg, ' E fffc Rk H I H" ^LJ§ jf9k.m H MM •V B'Sa • DP* Km B id p iiPI 5LLIAMS WE GUARANTIEE SATISPACTfON

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