Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California on August 16, 1909 · Page 2
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Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California · Page 2

Santa Ana, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 16, 1909
Page 2
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PS G e TWO rHE SANTA ANA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, AUGUST 16, 1909. TO Anaheim Expects to Leave the Matter to a Vote With Election Soon Chamber of Commerce. The sum of $50,000 is being ex pended on street paving in the central portion of the city and many ouildings are going up. The city has purchased several j I thousand feet of cast iron pipe from 1 j H. Holland of Los Angeles at $36.50 | per ton for four-inch pipe and $35.50 J j per ton for six-inch pipe. II TO 3 HE WAS TOO GAY AND LOST POLICE STAR ««-PII s i ta Secretary Mills of San Diego’s TV J ! AIÜ I Q ^am^er °f Commerce Under Charges Aug. 16.—Direct been made to Mrs. Joseph Balchweid of Buena 3C\ fl t cl Alia YellOW SOX HclfTI- tht> Cit'y council ^y Superintendent SAX charges DIEGO, have Believed $60,000 Will Cover All Costs Including Purchase of Sewer Farm ANAHEIM, Aug. 15.—A well-signed petition has been presented to the | trustees asking them to call an dec lion or the purpose of voting upon ; the question of issuing $60,000 bonds for sewer purposes. A number of leading business men are in favor of the proposition. The board decided to take no action until the next., meeting. It is estimated that the work can b<.' completed and a new! sewer farm purchased for between I $50,noo and $60,000. The sew.-r prop-! oskion has the endorsement of the Merchants’ Association and the Park, by the death of a relative in Boston, has become heir to many thousand dollars. C. M. cmmer ot this city, and Miss Lottie Z. Mozier of Santa Maria, were married yesterday. Mrs. William Ruddock, a well- known resident of Fullerton, died in the hospital in that city today w;ll be buried tomorrow at 2 p.m. Andy Fuhrburg will leave this week for Springdale, Nev., where he will erect a big stamp mill at his mine. L. A. Squires has sold his teu- mered Out Eighteen Hits in Yesterday's Game of Police Sehon agamst. John Scott Mills, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce. These alleged Mills so conducted himself while a representative of the city at the Elks’ convention in Los Angeles that he is no longer entitled to wear a badge as an officer. andlon'”‘ one of the faithful followers of Agreeing with Sehon that the dig- the Giants was heard to say after the ; of the city must be maintained, Darktown favorites had met defeat the council proceeded to divest Sec- at the hands of the Santa Ana Yellow Sox by an eleven to three score, in Los Angeles yesterday. Coleman and Clark pitched in great, (By F. H. Mitchell) “Yo all shuah had yo battin’ clothes retarv Mills of his powers as a special police officer. H* was ordered to hand over his star to the chief. acre improved place southwest of town to Mrs. Lizz e Kemper for;form «P until the seventh when the lo- QHI[VJESE ASK AID Broadway Garage being better equipped to do machine work than any other garage in Orange county Is able to do you a good job at reasonable prices. Also having men who know what to do and how do It are able to make any • i automobile run Ilk- iew l in many cases can give an <. «. car more power than It had v cd new. Ask our customers it they got a good Job, did it cost too much, etc. We also repair all makes of pumping engines and other machinery of a mechanical nature. BROADWAY GARAGE GRAY A SMITH Phone Red 531. Corner Second and Broadway $3000. •T. E. Stockwell has let a contract for a $2000 residence to be built of artificial stone. For the week ending last night twelve carloads of “spuds” were shipped from this city to Los An geles over the Santa Fe. the growers receiving $1.15 per sack net. P. S. Lemon, employed on a local paper for some time, has commenced the publication of the News at Garden Grove. William Pannier is erecting a $3000 residence on his place southeast of town. NEGROES ADMONISHED BY BOOKER WASHINGTON CHICAGO, Aug. 14.—Booker T. i Washington addressed 3000 negroes j at Quinn Chapel last night. He told j :hem that if they did not get to work and stamp out vices the race would be eradicated. He denounced whisky drinking and gambling, and j laziness he called the greatest curse of his race. CASTG" For Infants and Children. Tho Kind You Haya A^ays Bought /9 Bears the ,-—v / Signature 01 —Ben Turner sells, waps sewmg machines. rents and GO I NO EAST ? our agent call all about the ■Tickets East IN EFFECT August 9, 10, 11, 12, 13; Sept. 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15 Here are some oí the rates: OMAHA ..............................$60.00 KANSAS CITY..................$60.00 CHICAGO ..........................$72.50 ST. LOUIS........................$67.50 NEW YORK ....................$108.50 WASHINGTON ..............$107.50 Additional sale dates To Chicago September 4, 5. To Kansas City October 16, 17, 18. To Omaha September 11, October 16, IV, 18. To Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, Colo., August 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, October 1, 2, 16, 17, IS—rate $55.00. Tickets good for stop-overs. Return limit Oct. 31, 1909. Choice of routes. Southern Pacific Los Angeles offices, 600 S. Spring St. L. O. BREEDEN, Agent; L. B. VALLA, Commercial Agent Santa Ana. Both Phones 19 cals fell on to Clark's choicest curves and scored five before the dust had j cleared away. McClain was then sent | in to relieve Clark but he did not seem to do much good in the line of stopping the locals’ batting streak. Score One in the First The Yellow Sox scored the first run | of the game in the first inning. Head was the first man up for the T^ads in , Green and was safe on a hit over j second, went to second on Brown’s ! out, landed on third when Robinson fell a victim to the lane and scored j j on Wagner’s hit to left field. The I Yellow- Sox stopped then and gave the : j Giants a chance to tie the score -which : j they did on Slaback’s wild heave into ! i the bleachers. The lads in green scored their second run in the fourth when Meats was allowed to make the .circuit on a few miscalculated plays of the Giants. The Giants scored two runs in the ninth. Slater received one on the head and was given his base. This he followed up by stealing second and Clark came up and met one on the trade mark and lifted ft over the left field fence for a home run, scoring the final runs for the Giants.. The score: Giarrts AB K H PO A E PYyor. If .....................4 1 I O' 0 0 Hubert, 3b .................3 0 1 I 2 2 Lane, ss......................4 0 0 1 5 0 j Slater, c............. ...3 I 0 9 4 0 j Clark, rf & p _______4 1 3 T 2 1 | Bronson, lb ..............4 0 I 10 1 0 , Banks, cf.....................4 0 1 1 0 0 , Taylor. 2b...................3 0 0 3 3 0 ( McClain, rf. p ............3 0 0 1 2 0 , *Boggs.........................1 0 0 0 0 0 OF SIX COMPANIES n Prosecuting Santa Barbara Man Whose Motor Killed Leo Leun SANTA BARBARA, Aug. 16.—The local Chinese colony is aroused over the killing of Leo Leun Thursday by a motor car driven by F. H. Robin; son. The Chinese Six Companies of San Francisco has been appealed to ! to come to the aid of local celestials i ; and force the prosecution of Robin-! ! son. The coroners’ inquest, held FM- day, completely exonerated Rbbin- j son, as he was driving at a moderate ; ! rate up State street and Leo' Leun I stepped off a trolley car directly in. front of the machine. Board of Equalization Finds;; Some Who> Neglected too ! Speak of Them Total......................33 3 7 27 19 ♦Batted for Taylor in ninth. Santa Ana AB R FT PO AE Head, 3b .............. .4 2 1 2 30 Brown, ss .............4 2 2 <» 6 1 Robinson, lb ... . .41 •> 1210 Wagner, 2b.............4 <y 3 3 40 Meats, c..................3 2 2 6 0 0 An.ele, rf ................41 310 0 Dubois, If................31 1 0 00 Slaback ft ............4 0 2101 Coleman, p .............4 0 10 5 0 --------———— Total ............................... 34 11 18 Score by Innings 2719 0 Gianis ...............0 0 1 0 u 0 o 0 2 __ 3 Santa Ana .. . . 1 0 0 1 0 1 5 2 1— 11 Home runs, Clark : three basehits, Meats; two base hits, Wagner 2, Brown, Robinson, Bronson, Clark; stolen bases, Head 2, Wagner 2, Angle, Clark. Bronson; struck out, by ¡Coleman 6, Clark 5 McClain 3; base on balls, off Coleman 0, Clark 2, McClain 2; Innings pitched by Clark 7, McClain 2; hits off Clark 12, McClain 6; double plays, Lane unassisted; Head to Wagner to Robinson; hit by I pitched ball, Slater; left on bases, Giants 4, Santa Ana 6. Time of game I I hour, 45 minutes. Umpire, Taylor. Notes of the Game “Midget” Brown won a home with the colored fans of Joy Park. He was one of the heavy hitters of the day and fielded his position in gilt edge shape. Angle, Robinson and Wagner were responsible for nine of the eighteen hits. Each secured three. Slaback played a great, game for a man so recently married. Six doubles, a triple, and a home run were the long hits of the day. “Played two; won two, and lost . none” sounds good to the locals. “Red” Taylor umpired a fair game for both sides. The locals play the McCormicks at Joy Park next Sunday. Plan Improvements Calexico Trustees Propose Bond Issue to Raise Funds for Municipal Works CALEXICO, Aug. 16.—New municipal waterworks, new city hall and city jail; fire-fighting apparatus and improvement of city parks are the projects to be provided for through a proposed bond issue of $37,500, if present plans of the trustees mature. They have adopted a resolution Oi intention to provide for these improvements. It is believed the bond issue will carry by a large majority. (Orang»' News.) Now, if you don't like the way your neighbor’s daughter treats or. mistreats the piano here is the chance to get even. When the assessor for rhe city comos around turn your neighbor’s piano in. because perhaps he neglected to do so. At least the 1 Board of Trustees have, while equal? ! izing taxes, discovered a dozen or; more cases in which such an over- \ sight occurred. The board also sus- \ picicns that there are instances that have not come to their notice. While sitting as a Board of Equal- i ization and holding sessions each night, the trustees not ced that in lists of taxable proper;y. pianos were not, over prominen:. This led to. a I comparison of notes, and it was discovered that in ¡i number of cases,.1 people had neglected to. mention that they owned a piano. In each case they were pres anted with a piano in their assessment. Speaking of the annual: tax rate, which will be fixed the first meeting in September, a trustee today remarked. that while the tax rate here and in Los Angeles are about equal, here the assessment is made at from a third to a fourth of the actual value, while in Los Angeles property is assessed to almost the full value. The result is that the Los Angeles taxpayers part with eormiderable more money. The trustees finished their work as a board of equalization last night. The Kansas Tin Shop has had most excellent luck in the effort to sell that large lot of GLASS FRUIT JARS. There are now something less than forty dozen jars left and “THEY WON’T LAST LONG.” Thus we see the effect of advertising. THE REGISTER advertised the goods. We paid the Register and our customers paid usj we didn’t GET RICH selling those jars but we have more room for that FALL stock !! !j WE want to sell the rest of those jars and SOME MORE CANS. Several of our tin shop crew are now taking a well earned vacation and that crowds the orders on those who KEEP AT IT, but there is not much delay in filling orders. “THE OLD MAN” has now commenced on his Fifty-Fifth year in the business and we now figure it will take but little more than forty-four yearsforhim to complete the century and then he contemplates taking a vacation; in the meantime he is anxious to sell SOME MORE CANS.j Call and see us at 213 East Fourth Street. S. HILL & SON « CIVIL SERVICE E FOUND-A purse m our office containing- curreney. In this as in all other cases we endeavor t© save our customers "money. Prove your property and we'll deliver the goods. S, H. PENDLETON LUMBER (§>, MILL CO. 1068 East Fourth St. Both Phones 8. P. O. Box 5 tóe and Place Áre September 3, Sa .ita Ana, for Clerk and Carrier Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits $300,000. VILLA PARK NOTES VILLA PARK, Aug. 16.—Mrs. Mary Bartley of Cochran, is visiting Mrs. Geo. Brown and Mr. David Bartley. Mr. Bartley is critically ill at * this, writing. W. W. Perkins went to Newport last Friday to visit bis family, who are there for a month. .He will go from there to his ranch in Kern county. Will Porter of Orange, spent several days in Villa Park last week. Mrs. Adams and broiher, Mr. Rose, will visit friends and relatives in El Monte and Los Angeles this week. Mr. James Holdick ana family are at Newport for a week’s outing. Rev. W. H. Jackson of Orange, fill-1 ed the pulpit of the Villa Park i church yesterday morning. Mr. Viaria of Los Angeles, and broiher, of Illinois, who is visiting him, spent yesterday with the for- j iner’s father-in-law, Rev. W. A. Rose. Mr. Viaria favored the morning church service with a fine solo. A1 Nuffer of Calexico, is visiting tue hon.e folks for a few days. An examination for clerk and carrier will be held at the postoffiae in Santa Ara, on Sept. 3, 1309. Age limit, 18 to 45 years, on the date of the examination. Unmarried women will be admitted to the examination, but are ebgible f7>r appointment only as clerk. Applicants must he physically sound, and male applicants must not be less> than 5 feet 4 niches in height withoat boots or shoes, and weight j not less than 125 pounds without overcoat or hat. For application blanks and for full information relative to the examination, qualifications, duties, salaries, vacations, promotions,, etc., address immediately, LEONARD F. HARVEY, Secretary Board of Civil Service Examiners, Postoffice, Santa Ana, Cal. Batik of Santa Ana Savings Bank jg \Under One Management —An expert mechanic is in charge of our automobile repair- departmmt.. Wm. F. Luitz Co. —WEBER WAGONS, liams & Son, Orange. J. C. Wil- Good Fixtures Are very desirable, but the essential part of a job of plumbing is the workmanship. If your plumbing is not done right, there is always trouble* and once the house is finished, it is always very expensive to remedy these troubles. Let us do yotlr plumbing and it will be done right. Estimates furnished on new work and repairs. E. A. BELL, 6Ü3IN. Main St. Home Phone 624 Sunset, Red 189 Residence, Black 1211 Personal Service We make it a point to give personal attention to the requirements of our depositors and clients, and that this service is appreciated is attested by the steady increase of our deposits. . Specixl to Young The saving habit builds the strongest protection against want. While you are earning money, let it earn more for you, by having an account with us, and making regular deposits. 4 per <eent interest paid. Conservative and Progressive See Our New Line Oi Stoves and Ranges The Best* Ever JOHN McRADDEN I 11I-114-1H East Fifth t

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