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Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California • Page 9

Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California • Page 9

Santa Ana, California
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ADVERTI SIN SECTION TWO SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, AUGUST 27, lOILH PAGES NINE TO SIXTEEN Municipal Wednesday Night RADIO AIDS DEAF BOY Deaf aince birth, Robert Weitbrecht, 15-yeer-old Orange boy, ihown at the left of the picture below, ia beginning to hear for the firet time in his life. The short wave radio which he made, also shown in the picture, is believed to have been of great assistance in helping Robert's hearing. Robert's brother, George, nine years old. is listening in on the radio which took Robert two years to make. The desk was made by Robert in school. Closing a suecossfut summer season, the Santa Ana Municipal Band will present Its final concert In Birch Park tomorrow night at o'clock, it was announced today by Conductor Lelan Auer. The program which will conclude the eighth and final concert of the' eleventh season will open with "Brooke's Chicago Band March," which was dedicated originally by the composer to the popular muslo king, Proton Brooke and his Chicago Marine Band. The composer Is Boland F. Hpitz. The number Is full of beautiful melody and stirring rhythm. The so-called overture to which Is really the overture to is the second number on the program This masterpiece of Schubert with a few stately chords of Introduction, followed by a beautifully melodious theme for oboe and clarinet. It Is repeated by and trumpet, with introduction of new and melodies. Walti on Program Third on the program is the waltz from the Ballet Suite, "The Sleeping from Tschalkow- second ballet. While not so well known as the suite, many numbers are gaining In popularity, especially the waltz which will be played by the band. Fourth on the bill is the first specialty of the evening, by Ben Switzler. the popular marimbaphonist who made such a success on a former program. "This talented young man," Auer said, "who only left the stand Youth Since Might Deaf Birth Hear SELL PENNY POSTAL FOR $75 Santa Card Goes to New York Philatelist PIONEER AIR MAIL SCARCE CONDUCTOR Leland Auer, below, I ductor of the Santa By MARAH ADAMS For 15 ypars Robert Haig brecht, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weitbrecht, Fast Walnut street, Orange, has lived in a soundlesi worid and now it seems possible that the stillness which he has known ever since he was born, may be broken and be will sonv day hear the voice of his father and mother. His eyes, which serve him very well indeed, will not have to act as ears as well as eyes in communicating with those about him. When Robert was about two years old it. was found that some connection beyond his ear drums did not exist. With apparently perfect outer ears he was absolutely deaf. Specialists held out a little hope that sometime this con nee.tton might be made and recently, 1t is believed through listening for many, many hours of many, many days to code messages over a short wave receiving set he heard his first, sounds The vibrations are believed to have established what is now a slight connection and which may become more adequate as time goes on. He heard Ills mother strike a chord on the piano and now he can distinguish between an or chestra and a voice on the radio. Speech to him is just like a Two Santa Anans today sold for the other $75 a penny postcard that was ear- the card, ried over Clayton, N. in a pio- him when he mov neer flight September 17, Several years igo The owners were Joe CJ. Steele to West, knowing of 933 South Main street well a stamp collector, known barber, and Biddle West of; Plan To Set! Card Kilson drive, editor of Ignorant of its value, West pectators. Steele iron gbt 1f with to Santa Ana. tie gave the card the latter to be Ana I I Municipal band, who wdf di- I I reel tha band in an quaat program tomorrow i night at 8 o'clock in Birch park which will conclude the summer series of concerts thia year. The Register, The purchaser was Krik Hllde- sheiitt of New York City, vice- president of the American Aero so and No. 1 collector of S. pioneer and government air mail cards and covers, HUdeshelm Is compiling a history of atrpost. Airplanes Were Scarce Airplanes, let alone air mail, were relatively scarce 21 years ago when residents of Clayton tained the penny postal until he read in a Clayton newspaper that HUdeshelm was on the trail of the 1914 Clayton air mail. Then West and Steele agreed to sell the card At they believed the remuneration worthy, and to share the proceeds, Hlldeshelm first offered $5, stat- I ing he had obtained several at that figure. West and Steele held out I for $100, Eventually they settled I for $75, and the transaction was i sealed with the receipt the pared for their annual fair. As special added attraction. Clayton philatelist's check today, boosters signed barnstorming air mall cards and cov- Glenn C. Martin, humble Santa era a-e souvenirs of the early at- Ana automobile automobile dealer; tempts to bring air mall in'o Its turned aviator, to fly the mail as! own. and in no way avor of the an advertising medium. Other -t present day speculation and rom- d.ates Interfering, Martin sent his mercialism In collecting. They have mechanic, Floyd Smith to do the commander high and steadily rls- then hazardous trick for him. prices because the chance of Steele lived In Clayton at that discovering additional rarities is 'time. He was one of the citizens steadily decreasing, who watched the flight. His sister Steele says he happened to was one Of those who mailed a save the Clayton card." He had no card that was taken in a bag from Idea it would be worth anything the near air grounds and dropped the post office a mile away ran across old trunk. It at the bottom of found the work in the seventh grade too easy for him he was Quits Jail After 75 Day Term; Goesi Directly to Court Etnorv T. Tlbbets, 26. before after playing several en- driver of 2309 West Sixth truck street. for-tm I to th. person with normal hearing. Tor though he talks well, ho does not making the two years in on know the meaning of spoken year's time. He did ad words. work through Ids knowledg Builds Radio Set reading sion when he was a Boy Scout. Although barred from a number of games and sports by his hearing, Robert Is an excellent swimmer, his He has had wise and trained guid lip i anon for his mother was a teacher music in the orange Union High cores, makes a splendid addition to any band concert and the Municipal band is Indeed proud to present him again on this all- request program." "Atlantis," the Lost Continent suite, which is divided Into four parts and which might be said to chronicle the last day on the Lost Continent before the deluge, Is the fifth number on the program- It opens with a Nocturne and Morning Hymn of Praise, which leads to a Court Function. Later is heard the beautiful love song. Love Thee," followed by Destruction of Atlantis." J. Leslie Steffensen will act as narrator. The program listed above comprises the first half of the concert. Numbers on the second half of the concert will be announced tomorrow. started out of the county Jail yesterday morning, a free had just completed a 75-day Jail sentence. When he got to the door, however, two Santa Ana police officers arrested him on a bench warrant from Judge J. G. Mitchell's court Two years ago Robert became Last, year Robert entered the school when she Interested In radio and he built high school where he made ex- frod Haig, ami she had uUlized himself a short, wave receiving set. i oeptlonal grades in general set- ier ung -i ig 11 th. and In Charged with assault and bat- Tta Wl.vS with English, as do most boys who ter the sophomore year of the Or- tery. W. E. Allman, 21, 2149 South flndtnt Qf a sense have the keenest kind of ears, Union High school this fall. which he never known. This summer Robert attended The story of Robert's life is one I Camp Friendship for hard of hear- to entourage others who are slmi- ing boys and girls at Oak (Hen I larly handicapped. He is a nor- and he was sent there by the 1 tnal, cheerful hoy with a normal, League of Hard of Hearing with happy outlook on life, and with a headquarters in Santa Ana. Likes Astronomy EXPECTED AT NA Pomonf set a ti ments displays, River- mty fate at to 29. will art -tors rtati alitv be Friends Guests At Beach'Affair ir, tccordlnf te ri to board of Pai ce and of tant sertions, bere will be on dls- i of ev-rv rrown in I. The gorgeous tea- hy varl- and wlij more elabor- han From unty on north to ounty on south verv of effect, ani attractlve- thetr keynote Thotm- ire feet of space wtll i rare and fancy agri- uets in cltrus show of unusual rfu Sycamore street, was arrested near midnight last ni after he is asserted to have struck Mrs. Mary Trowbridge. 2 North Van Ness street, in the face and eye. was lodged in the county Tibbets'1 had ailed to pay "an 'old and Probably be given a deep Interest in scientific subjects. drunk fine given him several before. Judge J. G. MitchSll made remarkable progress months ago i in school. His education was be- Taken before the court he made Trowbridge had been to the pin ln Angeles under Miss an agreement with Judge o. station ear.ier in the Irvine in the schools of that Mitchell to work out the fine In tlme madp city. and when he was six years Hint i-nnrernerl wife of A Human the city park. Legion Group Install Officers Shower Held In La Habra Home Electa Circle To Hold Card Party RAN CLEMENTE, Aug. 27. Electa circle of the Eastern Star Is holding a benefit card party at Golf clubhouse next Thursday evening. The affair Is a benefit for the welfare fund of the O. E. 8. Mrs. John Killen Is chairman ln that concerned the wife of Alisnian and another man. Igsat night at 11:15 o'clock. Ernest Ladd, 705 Mtnter street and AUsman are asserted to have gone to the home of Mrs. Trowbridge where Ladd her out and Allsman is charged with striking her. She came to the police station and signed a complaint against him, causing his arrest. LA HABRA. Aug. 27. Mrs. Cavie Evans was the honoree at a shower given recently at the home of Mrs. Maud Moore, here mother, with Miss Ardys Moore and Miss Gladja Walthall as hostesses. Gifts for Mrs. Evans were presented to her in a small of drawers, which was a gift from several of the guests. Games of bunco were played during the evening, with prizes going to Mrs. Toy Blakemore. first, and Norma Sweatt for low score. In the guessing game, Mrs. A. L. Stone was the prize winner. Those attending were Anna Feldner, of Orange; Mrs. Alfred Moore and small son, Gene, of Sacramento; Mrs, A. L. Stone, Mrs. R. F. Sutton, Mrs. Bertha Drum, Norma Sweatt, Lucille Kissinger, Mrs. Maud Moore, Mrs. Toy Biakemore, Doris Jean Blakemore, Mrs. J. D. Herman, the honoree and the hostesses. Sunday School To Hold Park Picnic HUNTINGTON BEACH, Aug 27. Methodist Sunday school ia planning a picnic for members of the school and all members and friends of the church at Irvine park next Saturday afternoon Those planning to attend are asked to meet at the cnurch at 1:30 p. m. The afternoon will be spent at games, followed by a picnic supper. charge of arrangements. The party is scheduled for 8 o'clock. Refreshments will be served, according to the hostess. old he was taught privately by the late Miss Jane Smith and he continued to be under her tutelage after she became teacher of a hard-of-hearing class conducted for Orange county children at. the Lydia Ki liefer school at Orange. Continues Schooling After the death of Miss Smith, Robert continued to attend the class which was taught by Miss Myrtle Collett and In a year and a half he covered work extending from the fourth to the seventh grade. When he entered the Intermediate school in Orange, he Robert and his parents are con- RU15NA PARK, lug, sidering astronomy as his future of the American Legion career. Ho spent practically all of diary arc to tie installed Friday his time studying this subject, and evening at Orange in conjunction he received a great deal of with other county units, from Mrs. Jennie of this The Buena Park group Includes city. He is grinding six inch Mrs. Rodahaugh, president; Mrs. Jennie Murdoch, first vice glass at present with which to study the stars. The frame of the telescope is completed. The youth is an inveterate render. scientific books being read almost exclusively. He learned the code used in short transmts- OARDEN GROBE. Aug. 27 Hotel 1-iguna wm the scene of a pretty affair recently when Jack Jentges and Mrs. Harlan Ritchey entertained a group friends with a 1 o'clock 'urc neon, Guests found their places at one long table centered with baskets of fall flowers. After luncheon tables were ir- ranged for bridge in the sun room. At the close of the afternoon first prize was awarded to Mrs. I'lnir Head, second prize went to Mrs. L. W. Hchauer and consolation to Mrs. O. B. Henry, while the traveling prize was won by Mrs. J. Woodworth. ttqests of Mrs. Jentges and Mrs. Ritchey Included Mrs. Thomas Haster, Mrs. E. O. Fulsom. Mrs. W. R. Merchant. Mrs. L. W. Behauer, Mrs, ('lair Head, Mrs. J. Orland Smith, Mrs. A. J. Woodworth, Mrs. (7. Henry, Mrs. J. L. Mitchell, Mrs. A. U. Robbins, Mrs. Dorothy Thorn- burg, Mrs. W. A. Wheeler, Mrs. T. V. Todd, Mrs. L. L. Doig and Miss Gertrude Jentges. autv, oriental myth Ing of The fai is agricultural building, Mure of its kind in ths present a picture of Manager C. B. Af- volved a scheme of orations surpassing kind ever attempt- enviable reputation and most beautiful county fair in Anjerica, will be till further enhanced. For rs there will bs a picture will never forget. The cream of the flocks and herds not only of the west but of east and midwest well will vie for the rlhbonv In the premier livestock of Paciflo coast. More than 7000 head of large and small Mock will he exhibition. These will include 1 tie, horses, sheep, swine, goats, poultry, pigeons, and rabbits. With i exception of poultry, pigeons and rabbits, livestock show will i continue throughout the seventeen days of the fair. Pigeons and rab- i hits wtll he shown the first nine days only and poultry on the last days only. The three see: form the largest how' of the kind in the United States, and one whi'-h attracts national and national attention. president; Miss Jackson, second vice president; Mrs. Faye Rtt- tenhousH, secretary; Mrs. Ida Stapleton, chaplain; Mrs. Anna Burns, serge and Mrs. Nila West, historian. Lubrication Oil SPECIAL! 1. Compiate Goodrich AH For 35-Point Guaranteed Lubrication MOTOR SURE I NOT A CENT DOWN AND JUST A PEW CENTS A WEEK. I GROZIT PULVERIZED SHEEP MANURE DRY, ODORLESS AND FREE OF WEED SEEDS aack wifi do more lor your lawn or garden tnan a half-dozen sacks of ordinary Barn Yard Manure. No danger of burning. R. B. Newcom 504 N. Broadway Ph. 274 LEI YOUR NEXT RANCE BE ELECTRIC QUICK Cl Our QUICK CREDIT Easy Pay PLAN is quicker and easier than ever during thk with 4 Rir DIM special ten-day opportunity for Labor Day DI AW A II7 DDATCMIAM drivers. Same quick, simple arrange- 5LUVTUB I ment of bothersome 3d degree At FEATURES BATTERIES Theee Diamond Super Service are specially designed to protect you against tire failures at today's driving speeds. The famous Diamond Shock Cushion protects the carcass and cords against high speed road shacks. Three other special features give added protection. no long-winded and now, for ten days, cent down payment. complfca- not a As Low As he 50 You hai With Vs Virasi A Week This is our own credit plan and all transactions are handled a strictly confideatial manner, to save you time ana expense. So take chances with dans AUTO RADIOS Low As don't take chances with dangerous, unreliable tires whtn new Diamond Super Service tires ate so easy to buy. YOUR RSGiSTRATIOM CIRTIPICATC OPKNS YOUA ACCOUNT A Week NO MONCY DOWN ASK FOR THE BUDGET DEPARTMENT THE SPEED YOU CAN DRIVE AT NIGHT WITH SAFETY DEPENDS UPON YOUR LIGHTS DO NOT TAKE CHANCES. HAVE YOURS CORRECTED Official Headlight Station 2 Drain Crank Case and Refill with 6 Qts, Texaco Valor Oil ANY Regular St.ts CAR SAB ORgzie D4V OH THE FAMOUS Check These Prices Qoodrich PER WEEK odridi PER WEEK OTHER SIZES EQUALLY LOW Help Us Keep Santa Vila oil Top! During August in a great nation-wide Goodrich Tire Sales Contest and our hoys are working hard to put our store ahead oj all oj the other dealers Buy now, save money and help to put our town on too! Siivertowns Here yourcnanceto equip your car with the Sarest i ires Ever Built and the only tires with the Lile-Saver Golden Ply that treacherous high-speed Cost No More Than Othtf Standard Makes Number 77 MetSwta AUTO RADIO Brings all your favorite programs wherever you drive. Cash price. DOWN Set your own easy terms on any size purchase. Our original Budget Pay Plan has enabled of people to enjoy quality ucts on easiest credit. No no tea cowieous audit to everyone. HERBERT L. MILLER, Inc. Goodrich Silvertown CSi i mullir QUAL I TVS Bush Street Phone 1906 Santa Ana U. LYON, Manager and Broadway Santa Ana Phone 34M

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