Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California on August 7, 1935 · Page 7
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Santa Ana Register from Santa Ana, California · Page 7

Santa Ana, California
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Wednesday, August 7, 1935
Page 7
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SANTA ANA DAItY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, AUGUST 7, 103.1 ♦ è MEET IN PARK OWNS OLD BOOKS Miaa Lillian 8utharland, 606 Eaat Fifth atraat, ia tha ownar of many beautiful adi* tiona of magatinea and booka issued in England on the oe* caaion of the coronation of King George and Queen Mary of Great Britain, the silver anniveraary of whoae raign ia now being observed. Mrs. Clyde Gedney Birthday Honoree Reet workers an<i other unskilled labor from several sections of Orange county were meeting In Birch park here this afternoon during which time they were expected to appoint committees to wait on officials of the FWA. to proteat against any plan to cut their wages and to ask for more money with fewer hours of work. The meeting was being held under the auspices of the Workers Club of Orange county, to whom a city council permit was issued throlugh the city clerk's office late yesterday. The meeting ia the result of asserted discontent in Orange county labor fields over the published rate of pay the WPA will offer for that type work, namely $48 per month for unskilled labor, $55 for semi-skilled labor and $70 per month for skilled labor. Broadsides delivered throughout the county Monday summoned workers to the meeting after a reported rlan to march on the WPA headquarters at Second and Broadway this morning was rejected. The workers decided, instead to hold a peaceful meeting In tha park nearby at which time their delegations would be selected to call on WPA officials. A permit for the meeting was Issued a group of the workers by the city clerk this morning, signed by several members of the city council. Chief of Police Floyd Howard has his eye on the meeting thii afternoon, but stated that he anticipated no trouble. Howard became interested when he learned, he said, that outside leaders were forming the meeting and causing agitation among the working groups. Scale of wages now paid beet toppers la $2 per ton for acreage producing three tons or less ami down to 45 cents per ton for acre- , Dur|n|f th(i mornlng workPrg or age producing up to 15 tons per | nPW, cruiser Dunquerque Catalina Island and San Pedro this noon, through the medium of motion pictures of the hunt presented by Dr. Elmer Belt, of Ixis Angeles. Scenes of all parts of the hunt were shown, from the start of the expedition to the sighting of the huge mammal, the firing of the torpedo harpoon, the securing of the giant, and the stripping of DARDEN HROVF., Aug. 7.—Mrs Waller* Edwards, formerly Miss Marjorie Mag 111, of Harden Orovc entertained at*her home at 1011 TÜ8TIN, Aug. 7.-Plans for ae- Harvsrd street Fullerton, recently I of th* Tu"t,n American in honor of Mrs. Clyde Hedney Legion auxiliary were made by i (Dorothy Hwvnn.) The affair was members of tue executive hoard ¡given as a surprise marking the and m„mbers of the ways and birthday anniversary of Mrs. Hed- mfanB comrnitt*e who met Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Esther Johnson, North A street. Mrs. Myrtle Horton and Mrs. ¿cat, were Mesdamea Esther Hay- > den, Nellie Curl, Vera Park. Helen j Rruce, Marie Timmons, Psulln»* Cleary, Hilda Riehl and the host- i ess, Esther Johnson. Refreshments of homemade lee, cream and cake were served on in- | dividual trays. — Mrs rv Members of the Hanta Ana Kl ».„I. « »”h*'; | of hrMs, prl» w.nt t„ mi ., T.H, Mitrh.’ and consolation to Mrs. Lucille Starkey. When the prixes were being awarded the honoree was presented with a number of lovely gifts. A pink and blue color scheme was carried out In the tallies and place cards and flowers decorating WESTMINSTER. Aug. 7. — A D lly Holford will be captains of of $$fl,»75 for Westminster ON BREST STREETS PREST. France, Aug. 7.—(UP) —Rioting broke out again In the streets of Brest thla afternoon on the third day of demonstrations against government wage cuts which have resulted so far in one death and many Injuries. Fighting between workers at the naval shipyards and Mobile guards w.n renewed after a temporary’ lapse when the workers tried to parade after a meeting at the socialist “house of the people.“ the membership drive which will. . . ...... . .. ___, , _ close the first. Friday In July. 1956. 1 d,9<Hct for th* ,<,rm The losing side will entertain the adopted by school trustees at winning side with a dinner. The a meeting held Monday evening captain of the winning side will be; and at which no taxpayers ap- awarded a prise. j pearod for obpectlons. The budget A budget of approximate ex- figures follow; Administration, the home. Refreshments were ser- penses was formulated and will j $2800. cslsrles, supplies and oth- V#d on «mall ta ->ed flt the next a I aatarlea empties an* blubber and fat on the decks of ^ 1 ®^, wafers, cake and Iced tea. meeting. The members of the er expenses, $18,175; library, $550; the little killer boat*. Present were Mrs. Clyde Hedney. ways and means committee made operation of plant, $8150; malnten- The whale as a species la in ■ Mra Lucille Ptarkey, Mrs, Red« pi„n* to earn the money by var- ance of plant, $450; auxiliary grave danger of extinction. Dr. MeConnaughay. Mrs. Zelma Van Mous activities. agencies, *950; undistributed re- 1.1«It said through the indiacrlml- j qPr Linde, Miss Frances Ham- Executive board members pres- serve, $2000; special expense nate killing for commercial pur-- montree, Miss Lida Mitchell, Miss *nt were Mesdames Helen Rruce, charges, $2200; capital outlays, poses. Only about 10 per cent of Dorothy Knapp. Miss Ruby Aabel,1 Katherine Stanton. Gertrude $800. the whale la used, mostly for the Mias Mildred Weaver, Miss Juanita Cleary, Esther Hayden, Hrace Cash balsnee, July 1. 19SB, production of soap, he said. * Dunran, Miss Hladys Cooberham. Leinherger, Myrtle Horton and $2094.25; «t«t« apportionments. He estimated that 180.000 of the of Harden drove, and the host- Gladys Ward. Members of the $23,114.SO; amount to be raised by huge beasts had been killed in the ess. ways and means committee pre- district tax. $5166.46. Antarctic alone during 25 years, exclusive of the past five years. Msn. he said, is the whale's only enemy, with the one exception of the small killer whale, which j drives its head Into the larger whale« mouth and bites out Its | tongue. Loren Moore presided over the meeting, with Bill Iverson as program chairman. Mrs, with md .«!>V TUSTIlf, Aug, MeKinxie was the go^sf of at a charmingly arranged held recently at, tha home o William Kcllams in Irvine, Mrs. Kellams and Mrs. Vlctr Klnxle, of Tustln, as ro-bos Decorations featured a yello blue color theme. During the afternoon, a guessing contest and a stork gar*-» were enjoyed, with Mrs. Betty Rear winning the prize» in the former game and Mrs. Verna Miller, the sward In the latter contest. The honor gues» was Instructed to participate in a. treasure hunt by following a ribbon which s i into th« front yard. Tit* tre«ai e trove proved to be a lovely bassinet filled with many t’alnfv rift for Mrs. McKlnrle. Adjourning to the enclosed b? yard of the home, the co-host*»«*, s served refreshments of (r* ••• o- and home made cakes at preftUi appointed tahl*s Those present other than Mrs Kellams and Mrs Victor MrKin- *1«, and the honoree, Mrs, JWt M. ’Kfnxl % ht Irvi 1«. W« to Mr* Rr Us ’A r*h or. Mr« . BettyR«W, Mr«. J*ck I Tum«.Mrs, Willlum K<'tslcr, Mr*. Frrd Miller, of S*n« ts An« Mn ». H* îrn Wtlkrr, of tcntc, Mrs. John Fun* % 0 f Ir- vt nu- drs. Mary Mr* H Brrsct Bent on. M r». H* «ter Mc- K Mr«, \vrnu mí !1«*r and r«. I) w!?htT, F tsyden, of Tu«. tl n. SkmSufferers find ready relief from itching of eo* jema.raihse and similar » 11 «, in th« GROZiT PULVERIZED SHEEP .MANURE DRV, ODORLESS AND FREE OF WEED SEEDS Ona sack wiM do moro for your lawn or garden tksn a haif-dozen sacks of ordinary Bern Yerd Menure. No danger of burning, R. B. Newcom 504 N. Broadway Ph. 274 acre. This sliding scale enables •workers to earn as much as $4 per day, it is said. Information was to the effect that the workers would demand a 60-cent rate per hour, eight hours, working four days per week. Complaint of 979 Pages Breaks Record All standing record* in Oranga county courts war* broken today with tha filing of a 979 page complaint in the suit action brought by E. Perry Churchill against the Santa Ana Title Insurance and Trust company. The complaint, whioh lists 324 courses of action in the lengthy document, asks foreclosure of etreet improvement bonds on lots in tract 8b1 on Dana Point, covering El Encanto avenue paving work. It is the bulkiest ever filed in the local courts, it wee said. Two others were filed by Churchill against the same concern today, one of them bulky in its own right, containing 233 typed pages. The second oomplilnti were against lots 962 and 768 in the same area. at the great Brest naval shipyard« went on a one-hour “passive'* strike, dropping their tool* and sitting wdth folded arms. They calmly returned to work for moat of the remainder of the clay and then trouble started again In the shipyard shop, which was evacuated. Civil guards and police charged the demonstrator« In the streets several times. The number injured or arrested was not immediately known. TWO NIL FLIERS KILLED IN CPIS« BIDS OPENED LAGUNA REACH. Ang 7—Rids for excavating and grading work Incidental to laying a playground at the elementary school on Park avenue, now nearing completion, and for extending the present high school athletic field so as to include a baseball diamond, were opened Monday night at a special | meeting of the board of education. Altogether 11 bids were received for the work which requtres the \ moving of about 15.000 cubic yards of earth. It 1« estimated that the I undertaking, including the cost of; engineering services, will run close to $3500. »«ids were received from . Rob Rosko, C. J. Willis and son, • Parrish Brothers. Chuttek and R 1 E. Campbell, all of Loa Angeles; the Price company. Santa Monica; | Jules Markel, Santa Ana; J G. < Smith and O'Neill. Southgate; Pet- SAN D1EOO, f'allf., Aug. 7. *— I Pr Alferl and Son, Glendale, and (UP)—Two naval flyer« were Instantly killed today when their Paul R. Hughes. Long Beach. The bids were referred to City plane went into a spin at an alti- Engineer Arthur P. Stead, who Is tude of 500 feet and crashed on acting as engineering consultant, to Otay Mesa, 20 miles north of here, the hoard, who will bring hark a The two Lieut John F. Nelson, report at this evening's meeting, pilot of the scouting plane and The Pacific Plumbing company, radioman Michael J. Glynn, had Santa Ana, *iv*n * contract been fl>mg In a practice formation with six other naval ships. The plane suddenly apparently went out of control, fellow pilots said, and spun to earth. The pair, caught In the twisted wreckage, i were dead when reached. Pilots of the remaining six (planes brought their shtps to landings on the rough mesa and rushed 'to the wrecked ship. STRANGE AS IT SEEMS-By JOHN HIX ■ po* *a*Mopo !*• * **ty K«c 0 • e*4 oc Mtl PiNV _.... r/. <¡<jercfáiej>idíioii, Jll'i WCKtTHRODört Q'itts&C* for the heating of the new elementary school at a cost of $1210. Likewise contracts were signed with the Cave Electric company, of Runta Ana. for electrical work, Including installation of a clock system, at $804, and with the Hickman Rrothers. plumbing concern of .San Pedro, for additional plumbing at $1246 Superintendent Linton T. Simmons reported the completion of « number of slteratlons In the main building of the F’ark avenue n>»hooI i plant, this to mwke more space available for class room requirements. It also was added that the administration offices will be mov- j ad from the present separate building Into the main building, and that the former will h*« used for the high school art mom. HI TROOPS TD ■»STÏTiii ytee-fcestoff CM iÖRtiäN^Olk Vi A SPECIAL ACT OF COiáReSS UN- ¡nMMw' K ¡¿Mí* Atm 1 Awv tàiFTlM ROME, Aug 7—(UP) Military maneuvers by 500,000 Italian troops at the Brenner Pass leading through the Alps to Austria and the rest of Europe will be conj ducted with the utmost secrecy, it was announced today The foreign office said neither Italian nor foreign correspondents will be allowed to witness the maneuvers. The press will be supplied with daily communiques Issued by a special military press bureau. The maneuvers, starting August 30, are designed to be the greatest in history The mobility of the highly-mechanised army designed to repel any attack on Italian territory by the swiftness with which It can strike, will he thoroughly tested Strange as it seems, William R. King, elected vice president of the United States, was permitted by a special act of congress to take office on foreign soil. King was elected on the Democratic ticket with Franklin Pierce but he was ill in Cuba when Pierce took office on March 4, 1S53. Because his health would not permit him to return to Washington for the inaugural ceremonies, congress passed an act which allowed him to take his oath of office in Cuba. Vice President King returned to this country not long afterward but he never was able to assume active duties of his office. He died in Alabama the month after his inauguration. Diplomat and statesman, his foreign office work in France is credited with having blocked a French protest against the United States' annexation of Texas Strange as it seems, none of the famous pyramids of ancient ! August Egypt is as large at the base as the ono erected by an ancient Mexican civilisation near what is now Mexico City. This huge pyramid although shorter in height than the huge Egyptian examples, covers a greater area at the base than the Great Pyramid. The Mexican structure, called the “Pyramid of the Sun" measures a few feet more than the Great Pyramid. Mexican pyramids were built as altars for religious ceremonies, while those of Egypt served as tombs for the dead rulers. Yet, strangely enough, the.- monuments on opposite sides of the earth are of strikingly similar design. Tomorrow» “Th# Overland Navy.“ LEGION SELESTS OFFICERS COSTA MESA, Aug 7 Emmett Allen was elected commander of the local American Legion at a meeting of the organisation in Legion headquarters on Broadway Monday night. R. C. Carlton was made first vice eonianmder; Robert Powers, second vice commander; Goss Grable, historian; Johu Jones, sargeant-at-arms, and John Wilcox, chaplain. An adput&nt will be appointed at the regular meeting to be held on the evening of IS. Actual $2 Vmimmi $1.00 $#¥•«•♦••* F»ce Powder mmét $1.00 Both 97 Here’s the best toi letne buy of the year Quantity 11 ended 1 « lb. 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