Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 31, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1973
Page 6
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6 Golesbura rUaister-Mgil,Gale$bura,JlK Tuesday, July 31, 1973 Lois Nettleton Career h g on says she made her Broadway debut in ld49. So she is long past the blooming starlet stage and finds herself in what can be an awkward time for an aft- tress, typed somewhere between Raquel Welch and Helen Hayes. "Well, I'm not exactly siire what the word* means but I guess you could say I'm a star," she says with a gently exuberant smile. "When I do something, I'm in a starring role, anyway. "OF COURSE then the next thing is being a superstar and I'm not a superstar. "But why not? I wouldn't mind being able to work where I want, when I want and with the people I want to By RALPH NOVAK NEW YORK (NEA) - Lois Nettleton's lengthy publicity biography does not reveal her The Lively Arts age but an outline of her career in a theatrical who's who Wednesday Special RIB EYE FRIED or CHICKIN n .25 Choice of laked or FF Salad, Roll A Butter Blue Angel Kitchen Open 5 Till n WEDNESDAY NIGHT SPECIAL FAMILY NIGHT RIB-EYE $ 1i9 '•• French Fries or Baked, Tossed Salad Kitchen Open 5 P.M. KNOTTY PINE TAP WATAGA, ILL. — 375-9918 Tuesday Special VEAL PARMESAN $3" DINNER 3£ FREE No Carry Outi WEDNESDAY SPAGHETTI DINNER 99 "Th» plac* for a family ol lun" 1824 N. Henderson St. Phone 343-0213 til F .iff! 1 work with, so I won't scoff at the idea." Whatever her status in the murky heights of the entertainment world's star hierarchy, Miss Nettleton is just finishing a successful run that establishes her lofty status in the less flamboyant actress hierarchy. She has been playing Blanche OuBois, in Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire," in a highly- praised production at the Vivian Beaumont Theater in Lincoln Center here. Miss Nettleton has appeared in many films and on most of television's dramatic programs this side of the Watergate hearings as well as in stage productions of Shaw, Shakespeare, Giraudoux and other Williams plays. But she can be persuaded to stop saying she enjoys everything she does long enough to admit that on the whole, she prefers the kind of acting that portraying Blanche involves. "I ENJOY WORKING crossword puzzles very much," she says. "And a role like this is like a puzzle; I really like to read a play and study and try to figure out what the character is all about, then convey that on the stage." Born into a show family biz ("her mother admits," says her publicity, "that Lois, as a very young infant, was practically brought up in a trunk"), Miss Nettleton has always wanted to be an actress. "It's nice," she says, "to be doing something you have always wanted to do." She began serious acting in Chicago, in high school and as a student at the Goodman Theatre. Then she made one of those fabled migrations to New York, armed, her biography says, "with nothing but 118 pounds of strong determination, unusual and compel- ing blue-green eyes, an enor- COME TO THE SHANGRI-LA INN And Enjoy A Night In Old Milwaukee Featuring OLD MILWAUKEE, America 's Fastest Growling Popular Priced Beer TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE VALUABLE DOOR PRIZES Drawing at 8, 10, 12 p.m. (No Purchase Necessary) Wednesday, Aug. 1st Special Prices In Effect 6 pm 'til Closing 421 EAST MAIN See You In The SHANGRI-LA INN Question Finally Rockford Life Is Cleared Up Insurance Will Change Hands By DICK KLEINER DEAR DICK; 1 km yti ett tauter a ftatiM that's been tntgtfei mi for abott 14 yean. 1 law a film with tat late Vaughn Moor* hi I* ifcett a Christmas tree bflslntM In Canada. It #aa wonderful. What was the same at the picture? —HELEN M. BENDlK L Falrh»p€. Ala, 3. Ask Dlch Kleiner Lois Nettleton mous talent and about $120." Now, 25 or so years later, she still has more or less the same 118 pounds, the same determination, the same blue- green eyes, the same significant talent and, presumably, a lot more than $120. She also still has a pretty good idea about what she wants to do. HER MOVIE CAREER thus far has been largely in B-plus sorts of films ("Dirty Dingus Magee," "Come Fly with Me," "Mail Order Bride," most recently "The Honkers"). And her television appearances have been mostly as one of those ubiquitous "guest stars," though she did have her own short-lived se- ... one of the girls ries, "Accidental Family," and has played Lady Macbeth and done a reading of John Donne poetry for the educational network. But she does not dream fn visions of Oscars and Emmys. "I think that more people have heard of Lois Nettleton every day and' I like that," she says. "I would like people to remember me and maybe in the future they will read about me and it will say that I was a good actress. "Then when I get to heaven and run into Sarah Bernhardt, Eleonora Duse and Sarah Siddons, I can go up to them and say hello and feel like one of the girls." Cliff Arquette Makes Brave Comeback HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Cliff Arquette is making a courageous comeback for a senior citizen who suffered a heart attack and paralyzing stroke within a two-week period last April. He is back on "The Hollywood Squares" now in a camouflaged wheel chair which is pushed onto a ramp by stagehands before the show is filmed. "I could feel the heart attack coming on," Arquette recalled. "I was driving on the freeway and prayed I could find a police car. Sure enough, I saw the cops pulled off to the side of the road and I stopped right in front of them." The officers jumped from their cruiser in time for Cliff to tell Wtd. & Thurs. SPECIAL TACOS or ENCHILADAS 5 for '1.50 race DELIVERY With $S Order or Mora 5 PM - 1 AM JOHN'S TACO HIDEOUT Phone 343-5610 WEDNESDAY IS KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN DAY YOUR CHOICE OF: Colonel Sander's Original Recipe or Our New Extra Crispy Chicken Regular Dinner 3 Pieces of Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Cole Slaw & 1 Roll them he was having a heart attack. Within 10 minutes he was in an intensive care unit of a hospital. A few days later he suffered the stroke which left him with out the use of his left leg and arm. Gradually, his strength returned. At the moment Cliff is learning to walk again. He uses a cane. To simplify his life the comedian has moved from his large home in the San Francisco valley to a one-room bachelor apartment near NBC in Burbank. Two full-time nurses attend Arquette's needs. The day nurse cooks his meals and keeps the apartment shipshape. A male nurse spends the night with the comedian who made Charlie Weaver from Mount Idy a classic American homespun philosopher. The furnished apartment is only four blocks from the studio where Cliff is driven by the male nurse one evening a week. All five shows are taped from about 6:30 to 11:15 p.m. Cliff has an electrically operated bed which allows him to raise and lower himself for comfort. At the foot of the bed is a color television set which occupies much of his time. He has rigged a Rube Goldberg contraption with his cane to turn the set off and on without having to get up. When not watching the tube Cliff exercises his paralyzed limbs toward the day when he can throw away the cane. This summer he hopes to use the apartment swimming pool for therapy. Before his heart attack, Arquette weighed 210 pounds. He left the hospital at 120 pounds but now is a fairly robust 147, aiming for 155. Cliff is amazingly good natured about his plight and optimistic that he will regain full use of his arm and leg. To break the monotony of spending most of his time in a single room, he bought a color television camera and" tape deck. He tapes shows he enjoys on the tube and replays them at leisure. He's also telling his life story for the camera, hoping one day to see it all in book form. Divorced for 15 years, Cliff — who is 67 years old — has no plans for remarrying, although he admits romance still appeals to him. "Let me put it this way," he says. "When I had that heart attack I thought I would see my whole life pass before my eyes. But it didn't happen. My life is 'X' rated." DEAR MRS. BENDIK: 1 think maybe those 24 years played tricks on your memory. According to the records, Monroe made four films, two were westerns ("Singing Gum" and "Toughest Man in Arizona"), one was about concert* ("Carnegie Hall") and one was about ship building ("Meet the People"). Not a Christmas tree to be seen. DEAR DICK: I haven't heard anything in the last few years about Frankie Carle. Is he dead or what?-PAUL PICTON, Bremerton, Wash. DEAR MR. PICTON: The answer to your question is "What." He's not dead at all. He's now 70 and semi-retired, living in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. He still performs once in awhile and lives comfortably on the ASCAP royalties from some of his tunes, like "Sunrise Serenade." DEAR DICK: I keep bearing about how so many movies nowadays are made by Independent producers, Instead of the big studios. Can anyone produce a movie?—ROBERT T. HOUGHAN, Phila. DEAR MR. HOUGHAN: Sure, anybody can, and you can tell it by the quality of some movies these days. All you need is the money to buy a script, hire a cast and a crew and a director. And it doesn't cost that much—you can make a respectable film for $250,000 or less. Peter Traynor, Exhibit A, runs Leverage Funding Systems, an investment service for doctors, and he made "Steel Arena," and it paid off. DEAR DICK: Will there be any football shows regarding practice sessions or anything of that tort? (Especially with the Miami Dolphins or Dallas Cowboys).—KAREN LOSS, Wllliamsport, Pa. DEAR MISS LOSS: Probably. Pro football has become such a big thing on TV that they leave no stone unturned in their coverage. Chances are there will be several preseason shows spotlighting teams in training. And the odds are that you'll see your beloved Dolphins and Cowboys at work, too. DEAR DICK: I saw somewhere that Barbra Streisand says she won't appear nude in a movie. What I'm wondering Is if anybody cares?—PAUL LONG, Shreveport, La. DEAR MR. LONG: Obviously. Barbra cares. And, just as obviously, you care. I can't say anything about the rest of the world. Actually, Barbra has a figure that is pretty good, all things considered. So maybe somebody approached her about doing a movie, clothesless. It would have been rated X — for Xtraordinary. , DEAR DICK: Maybe I'm getting old, but it seems to me that many of today's movies are Immoral. I'm not talking about sex, but about the way the "heroes" get away with crimes. Do you agree?—DOROTHY KNUDSEN, Bemidji, Minn. DEAR MRS. KNUDSEN: I sure do, I think films like "The Getaway" and "The Thief Who Came to Dinner" are reprehensible, even though I'm in the latter. "Paper Moon" is another one, although that's such a fairy tale,that it's excusable. But I think criminals, big and small, should be shown having to pay for their crimes, otherwise it could influence some people whose morals are on the shaky side. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) BIRMINGHAM, Ala (UPI)- Rockfond Life Insurance Co., Rockford, Hi., will be acquired by the Liberty National Life Insurance Co. here for 122 million, officials of the two companies said Monday. T. Roy Hanson of Rockford and Frank P. Samford Jr. of Liberty National said the agreement; was subject to the approval of Rockford stockholders and the Illinois director of insurance. The agreement calls for the local company to pay $55 cash for each of 400,000 shares of Rockfond stock. Liberty National assets total about $1 billion with J6 billion total insurance in force. Rock' ford's assets total |55 million and it has insurance in force of $300 million. Hanson and Samford said if the transaction is approved, Rockford would continue to operate as a separate company with a separate staff. Rio, Galesburg Boys in Finals Of State Event Two Knox County youths' projects have advanced to the finals in the educational exhibit "A Chance To Be" at the Illinois State Fair Aug. 10-19. The 150 displays represent the best of more than 3,700 projects entered in regional competition during April and May by school children from kindergarten through high school. Representing Knox County will be Dave Holt, Rio, and Jim Neal, 327 E. Prospect St. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Michael Bakalis will present awards in ceremonies AUg. 14 ait 11 a.m. Projects will be judged for general appearance, craftsmanship, originality, creativity and use of materials. Prizes will range from $115 to 115...... < A pother 'area contestants ire James Tippett, Monmouth, and a. group entry by the second grade of Lincoln School, Canton. 1017 N. Henderson No Substitutes NOW 1.30 Offer Good At Both Locations Jfyntudy fried #ki*k«$ the Corner of Main & Farnham COCKTAIL HOUR MONDAYS THROUGH THURSDAYS S P.M. — «:30 P.M. STARTING MONDAY, JULY 30 ALL MIXED DRINKS 50c Complimentary Hot It Cold Hori-d'oeuven SAMMY ROSE at the Piano Nightly 8:30 - 12:30 JIM'S STEAK HOUSE 951 N. HENDERSON ST. Escapees Nabbed by Police during the weekend, were back in jail today. The two were arrested Mon- JACKSONVILLE, 111. (UPI)Charles Costa, 24, Boston. Mass. and Julius Brewer, 33, Colorado Springs, Colo, who escaped from jail for the third time Girls Are Named For Dress Show LEWISTOWN-Jody Williams and Riiioandia Kauzkrioh, both of Canton, Anne Harper, Astoria, and Susan Cattron, Fairview, were chosen to represent Fulton County 4-H'ers in the Illinois State Fair dress revue Aug. 12-13. Members exhibited 160 garments at Lewistown High School on July 17. Nancy Marshall, associate county extension adviser, said the event kicked off two weeks, of special 4-H activities. Among the girls given dress revue pirns at the close of the evening were Susan Cattron and Denise Evans, Fairview, and Rulby Morcy and Patsy Anderson, Avon. Among girls awairded first- year dharms for awoimpilish- ments in sawing were Lisa Parks, Avon, and Jennie Mathis, Falrmington. READ THE WANT ADS! HOT DOGS SPECIAL TUE. & WED. CONEY DOGS BURGER CHAMP 2100 I, MAIN ST. PH. 343*1009 day by an off duty sheriff's deputy in the Jacksonville area.. Costa, Brewer and a third man, Charles Ford, 18, Chicago, escaped from the Cass County Jail in Virginia, HI. Ford was arrested Saturday. Costa and Brewer had escaped twice from the Brown County Jail in Mount Sterling before their latest escape. The two were taken to the city jail here. They were to, be transferred to the Sangamon County Jail in Springfield. Costa and Brewer were originally arrested on burglary charges. CLOSED Will Re-Op Sat., Avf 11 The EARL Knoxville JgOW "DJttyHarry ($|4P> PANAVISION«| Wtrrwc Bret., A Klniwy Company TECHNICOLOR«| SHOWS AT 7:00 -PLUS DONALD inanalanjpakula [9 production oonovision , SHOWS 9 technicolor® AT 8:50 - CINEMA I & II 0RPHEUM NOW SHOWING! Better Than 'TRUE GRIT" Open 6:45 - Shews 7-8:55 NOW THRU WED.! 3rd Big Week Open 8 Shews at Dusk Now thru Wed. MWCllU 'THE CHINESE CONNECTION' Cqler.ANaligralGtnwarfclutttlilMM \<U PLUS

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