Elk Grove Herald from Elk Grove Village, Illinois on May 25, 1971 · Page 7
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Elk Grove Herald from Elk Grove Village, Illinois · Page 7

Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 25, 1971
Page 7
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■ v: - ' W „ by Rick Du Brow - - g ft ' ' <V: ^ ;: v ° § * ? Morning 5:40 5Today’s Meditation 5:45 5 Town and Farm 5:502Thought for the Day 5:552 News 6:002Summer Semester 5Education Exchange 44 News—Luis Uribe 6:159 News 6:257 Reflections 6:302 Let’s Speak English 5Today in Chicago 7 Perspectives 9 Five Minutes to Live By 44Instant News 6:35 9Top O’ the Morning 7:00 2 CBS News 5 Today 7News 9 Ray Ravner and Friends • 7:05 7Kennedy & Company 8:00 2 Captain Kangaroo 8:05 11TV College— f Educational Psychology • 8:30 7 Movie, “Nightmare in Chicago,” Charles McGraw 9Romper Room 26 Black’s Pre-School Fun 9:002The Lucy Show 5Dinah’s Place 9 What’s My Line? 11 Sesame Street 26 Commodity Comments ‘ 9:05 26 The Stock Market Observer 9:1020 Interdependency Metropolitan 9:1526 The Newsmakers 9:30 2 The Beverly Hillbillies 5 Concentration 9 The Virginia Graham Show 10:002Family Affair 5 Sale of the Century 26 Business News, Weather 10:25 26 Market Averages ’ 10:30 2 Love of Life 5 The Hollywood Squares 7That Girl 9 The Mike Douglas Show 20 Sing Children, Sing 26World and National * News, Weather ; 10:4026 Market Tone . 10:55 26Commodity Prices 11:00 2 Where the Heart Is 5 Jeopardy * 7Bewitched * 26 Ziv Investment Corner 11:252CBS News 11:30 2Search for Tomorrow » 5The Who, What or Where Game I 7A World Apart 26World and National News, Weather ! 11:3526American Stock Exchange Report * 11:45 26Market Averages ’ 11:509Fashions in Sewing i 11:55 5News * 26 Commodity Prices ? Afternoon ; 12:002 News, Weather , 5 News, Weather • 7 All My Children • 9 Bozo’s Circus 26 Business News, Weather 12:05 11 TV College—History of the American People to 1865 12:15 2 The Lee Phillip Show 26Ask an Expert 12:302As the World Turns 5The Memory Game 7 Let’s Make A Deal 12:4526 Market Averages 12:5526 Commodity Prices 1:00 2Love is a Many Splendored Thing 5Days of Our Lives 7 The Newlywed Game 9 The Mothers-in-Lavv 11 Quest for the Best 1:10 26 New York Stock Exchange 1:17 26Board Room Review Market Indicators 1:2211 Word Magic 1:30 2The Guiding Light 5The Doctors 7The Dating Game 9The Donna Reed Show 1:3526American Stock Exchange 1:5526 Commodity Prices 2:00 2 The Secret Storm 5 Another World 7General Hospital 9Movie, “Dr. Kildare’s Strange Case,” Lew Ayres 26Dow Jones Business News, Weather 32 News 2:10 32 What’s Happening 2:15 26Market Comment 2:20 20 Cover to Cover 2:2526 Board Room Reviews 2:302 The Edge of Night 5 Bright Promise 7 One Life to Live 26 World and Local News 32Man Trap 2:45 11 TV College—Political Science 26 Commodity Comments 2:5026 American Stock Exchange 2:55 26 Market Wrap-up 3:002 Gomer Pyle—USMC 5 Somerset 7 Password 32 Little Rascals Time 8:30 2 Movie, “Horizons West,” J 4 We watched that well-known, card- slapper Joe MacGenius go down at three no-trump in the continent-wide charity game. Joe’s two no-trump response was , the old-fashioned 13-15 balanced points. ; North rebid three clubs, in the faint hope that Joe might be persuaded to play in a suit, but Joe insisted on no-trump. West opened the four of diamonds and Joe started proceedings by going up with the jack. This was a bad guess, but players like Joe always guess wrong. East’s queen forced Joe’s king, then he led a spade to dummy’s king. East held back the ace and Joe had to get back to his hand. He led the jack of clubs and let it ride. If the finesse lost the dangerous diamond lead could not be made against him. West took his club queen and made the very good lead of the heart queen. Joe won with his ace, led a second sapde and went up with the queen. This time East produced the ace and led back a diamond. Joe’s nine lost to West’s 10 and another diamond knocked out Joe’s king. At this point the best Joe could do was down one. It wasn’t bottom score. Some pairs reached six clubs and mis guessed the queen to go down one, but it must have r Robert Ryan 5 The David Frost Show 7 Movie. “Something of Value,” Rock Hudson—Part 1 9 Beat the Clock 11 Sesame Street 32 Cartoon Town 4:00 9 Hazel 26 Black’s Pre-School Fun 4:30 9 Garfield Goose 11 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood 26 Soul Train 32 Speed Racer 4:509 The Flintstones 5:00 2 News, Weather. Sports 5 News. Weather, Sports 7 News, Weather. Sports 11 What’s New 32 The Flying Nun 44 The Sig Sakowicz Show 5:05 9 News, Weather 5:307 ABC News 9 Flipper—Part 2 11 Charlie’s. Pad 26 A Black’s View of the News 32 The Rifleman 5:45 11 The Storyteller 26 Spanish Drama Evening 6:00 o CBS News 5NBC News 7 News. Weather, Sports 9 I Love Lucy 11 Frenchman’s World 32 The Munsters 44ESPeciallv Irene 6:10 44Race Track News 6:15 11 TV College—History of the American People to 1865 26 Spanish News, Weather, Sports 6:30 2 The Beverly Hillbillies 5Julia 7 Mod Squad 9 Alfred Hitchcock Presents 26 Don Canuto Show 32 Get Smart 44 The Outdoor Sportsman 6:45 44 Boating News 6:50 44Sports Final 7:00 2 Green Acres 5 GE Monogram Series: “Kifaru—The Black Rhinoceros” 11 Director’s Choice, “Redesigning Paradise” 20International Cinema; French 26 Soul Train 32The Avengers 44 The Mary Jane Odell Show 7:30 2 Hee Haw 7 Movie, “Assault on the Wayne” 9 News 11 Industrial Film Festival 44 The Tek Osborn Show 7:40 20 TV College—Fund, of Math. 9 Lead Off Man 7:559Baseball—Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals 8:005 Movie, “The Love God” 11The Advocates 26 Victor Ortega Pan-Am Show 32Baseball—White Sox vs. Kansas City Royals 44 The Paul Harvey Report with Linda Marshall 8:25 20 TV College—English Composition 8:302 All in the Family 44 The Dan O'Connell Report 9:00 2 60 Minutes 7 Marcus Welby, M.D. 11 Chicago Festival 26 El Derecho De Nacer 9:20 44 Horse Talk 9:25 44 Sports Scores 9:30 11Accent 26 Musica Nortena 44 The Conservative Viewpoint, Rep. Philip Crane, Host 10:00 2 News, Weather, Sports 5 News, Weather, Sports 7 News, Weather, Sports 11 Consultation 26 Turin Acevedo Show— Simplimente Maria 44The Northwest Indiana Report 10:159 Tenth Inning 10:30 2 The Merv Griffin Show 5 The Tonight Show 7 The Dick Cavett Show 9 News, Weather, Sports 11 San Francisco Mix 32 Movie, “The Devil’s Disciple,” Burt Lancaster 44 The Audrey Thomas Show 11:009 Movie, “Five Miles to Midnight,” Sophia Loren 44 News of the Psychic World 11:30 H Underground News— Chuck Collins 12:00 2 Movie, “Mystery Submarine,” Macdonald Carey 5 The Allen Show 7 Howard Miller’s Chicago 44Heart of the News 12:15 32News 1:005 Everyman 7 Reflections 1:10 9 News 1:30 5News 1:40 2 News 9 Movie, “The White Warrior," Steve Reeves 1:45 2 Meditation 3:209 News 3:25 9 Five Minutes to Live By NORTH (D) 25 4k K Q10 8 6 VK4 ♦ J3 *AJ109 WEST 4k J73 y Q10 3 + 10654 *Q43 SOUTH 4k 5 2 V A952 4 AK9 4k K 8 7 5 None vulnerable West North East South 1 4k Pass 2 N.T. Pass 3 4k Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—♦ 4 tied for low at no-trump. We do know that some players made 11 or 12 tricks while almost everyone came in with 10. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) TV Highlights by United Press International 60 Minutes, CBS. A report on the money, politics and danger involved in the Middle East’s lucrative oil tanker business, booming since the six-day war; and a profile of a decorated ex-Navy officer who took a leading role in the recent veterans’ anti-war demonstrations in Washington, D. C. (color), 9 p.m. CDT. * * * Kifaru — “The Black Rhinoceros,” NBC. Rerun of an hour about a study of the rhinoceros by a Canadian wildlife biologist. Filmed in Africa, (color). 7 p.m. CDT. * * * * Tuesday Movie, NBC. “The Love God?” Rerun comedy with Don Knotts as a meek magazine owner who is built up into an international sex symbol. With Ann Francis, (color). 8 p.m. CDT * * * All in the Family, CBS. Archie hits the ceiling when he learns his daughter is going to have a baby and his son-in-law has no means of supporting the child. Repeat, (color) 8:30 p.m. CDT. HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Comedian Don Adams has murdered Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, in ruthless cold blood with the excuse it was either Smart’s life or his own. Professional life, that is. After five years of portraying the nasal, beady- eyed witless spy in “Get Smart,” Adams faced an identity crisis. Would audiences believe him as anyone except the bumbling cloak and dagger misfit? “That’s why I had to do away with him,” Adams said. “It was either him or me.” The showdown came with Don’s role as a big city cop in “The Partners,” a new situation comedy to be aired this fall by NBC. Because it is less farcical than “Get Smart,” which expired last year, Adams must play his new part more realistically. His character is detective Lenny Crook, the sort of fuzz who went out of style 20 years ago. “Lenny is the kind of guy who bates crooks,” Adams explained. “He is a dedicated man but he’s human and makes many mistakes.” Adams makes few. He wrote the pilot script with Pete Falk and James Caan in The Lighter Side by DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) — It is good to see that the Agriculture Department, which has been in a bit of a slump lately, is once again making rapid strides down the road to ecological pest control. The quest for a way to do in harmful insects, without also doing in your Aunt Hilda, has been one of the most exciting chapters in the ever-thrilling saga of modern agronomy. In the latest breakthrough, the department has developed an artificial diet for aphid plions, which, as you know, are the larvae of an insect known as the green lacewing. The artificial diet is packaged in a capsule consisting of paraffin wax, candellia wax, polyethylene and polybutene. Which sounds something like a frozen TV dinner. At least the last one I had tasted like paraffin. At any rate, the artificial diet will enable scientists to hear vast quantities of aphid lions in laboratories. Whereupon they will be released in the old* cotton fields back home. And since the aphid lion is a natural enemy of the bollworm, which is a natural enemy of the cotton boll, the theory is 75 Posts At Tire Company Shifted Seventy-five positions in the zone and accounting departments at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., 150 Nicholas Blvd., Elk Grove Village, will be transferred effective Aug. 1 to Topeka, Kan., a spokesman for the firm said last week. Some 200 other positions in the central region sales office and the Chicago district sales headquarters also in the suburb, will not be affected by the move, he said. The zone and accounting offices, in the village cince 1964, are being moved as part of a consolidation effort on the part of the firm, he said. The Elk Grove Offices are in the central region which includes 11 states. The spokesman estimated that 30 of the 75 persons whose jobs have been transferred will move to the Midland rooe accounting department in Topeka. by RICK DuBROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - Television’s Archie Bunker, the most popular bigot in the nation, has made it all the way to the top. The CBS-TV situation comedy in which he vents his social and political prejudices each Tuesday ,“A11 in the Family,” outrated every other network video show in the 70-market Nielsen rankings for the week ending May 16. In short, it was No. 1. Below Archie played by Carroll O’Connor in the ratings were such longtime television smashes as “Marcus Welby, M.D.,” “Laugh-In,” “Bonanza,” “Gunsmoke” and Lucille Ball. Archie is moving in fast company. Dick West that the effect of pesticides will be achieved without messing up the envirofn- by LAWRENCE LAMB, M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb — I have a lot and garden and don’t like weeds, so I work some, but if I don’t stop at the first warning and get to the house and to a chair I get considerable pain in my chest and right arm and generally up my left arm, too. Sometimes I feel choked. Usually I get relief in one to two hours. I don’t want to go back to the hospital on my income of $75 a month. I am a long way past retirement age and otherwise in good health. In fact, I have survived my own cooking for about 17 years since my wife died. Here’s hoping you can give me advice. Dear Reader — Pain in the chest occurring with exertion is often due to heart disease. This can cause pain in both arms and the choked feeling which you describe. Episodes that last as long as one hour are unusual unless some damage to the heart has occurred. You should see your doctor, so he can get a more detailed story of your symptoms, and perhaps do a heart tracing to see if there is any other evidence of heart disease. It is important enough to warrant your making the effort, sir. Two other conditions that would cause recurrent problems of the type you describe are a spasm or cramping in the esophagus and sometimes arthritis. Some people with hernia of the upper part of the stomach through the diaphragm will have difficulties when they have been stooping over pulling weeds. And you can bet the success of this hilariously blunt and crude fellow — and the outspoken contemporary way he is showcased — is already having effects at the various networks, which are alert to trends. IN TELEVISION, a trend is usually one very hot show with a unique twist. It only takes one such show to turn the industry around. Flip Wilson is merely a success, not a trend; his talent, not the concept, put him over. But “Laugh-In” has had major effects on other variety programs, not only in terms of content and attitude, but in changing formats and techniques as well. The suddenly explosive prominence of “All In the Family” is rather astounding ment. For which we may all shout “Hallelujah!” Let us hope, however, that the department will not stop there. Let us hope it will carry artificial diets for insects far beyond the aphid lion level. What I have in mind is carrying artificial diets for insects right on up to the human being level. Human food, as you know, has become so synthetic and laced with additives that many of us go for months without consuming a morsel of anything in its natural state. The government, for example, is presently preparing regulations for the sale of vegetables processed to taste like This may cause the esophagus to have spasms or cause similar difficulties. In severe degrees, this can also cause referred pain to the arm. If you simply can’t afford to see a doctor — and I really can’t see how you can afford NOT to see one — the only general advice I could give you without knowing more about your problem would be to reduce your weight. If you should be overweight, limit your fats and cholesterol along the lines I have discussed frequently in my column, and just in case your problem is related to a hiatal hernia, eat small meals frequently rather than large ones. And don’t involve yourself in activities that require bending or stooping over. In fact, you could try a little test on yourself to see if you can tolerate about the same amount of exertion as long as you Several hundred softball players will kick-off the season in the Elk Grove Park District’s men’s slow-pitch 16-inch softball leagues. Nineteen teams will play 114 games in the season scheduled to conclude in late July. Games will be played Monday through Thursday at four locations: Bartram, Fairchild, and Brantwood parks, and at an Elk Grove High School athletic field. to industry observers. Although the original feeling about it was that it would be either a big hit or a bog flop, jnost persons — including some of the cast- thought it would be off in 13 weeks. The fact is, although some furor was caused by the first episodes of “All in the Family,” there really wasn’t much explosiveness surrounding the series in the beginning. The original surprise at the concept seemed to wear off quickly, and, of all things, the show settled into a nice middling position in the ratings — respectable but not great. The public, it appeared, was getting blase about controversy. But the second time around — that is, the reruns — proved to be the charm for “All in the Family”: plus the fact that more and more attention was being called to the series by word-of-mouth opinion, critical praise which culminated in a burst of various awards, and, in the end, curiosity. People obviously just wanted to see what all the talk was about, tuned in and got hooked. Rep. Crane To Appear On TV The “crisis in America’s defense posture” will be discussed by U. S. Rep. Philip M. Crane, R-13th, and author Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly on Conservative Viewpoint at 9:30 p.m. today. Mrs. Schlafly, the author of “A Choice, Not an Echo,” was an unsuccessful candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 23rd District last fall. Conservative Viewpoint, a half-hour discussion program hosted by Crane each Tuesday, appears on WSNS-TV, Channel 44. Eye Pupil Exhibits Student exhibits will be on display today from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at Grant Wood School in Elk Grove Village. . Displays include science projects, social studies projects and other student work. A meeting of the Parent Teacher Conference at the school will precede the program at 7p.m. meat. Presumably to be followed by meat processed to taste like vegetables. Very well. If vegetables can be converted into a substitute for meat, there is no reason why trash cannot be made to taste like cotton bolls. And what a blessing that would be! It would solve overnight the trash disposal problem now vexing American cities. For if trash tasted like cotton bolls, the stuff would be eaten by bollworms. And just as many people come to prefer substitutes to the real thing, bollworms might do likewise. Thus ridding cities of trash and cotton fields of insects in one operation. stay upright without developing the problem that you ahve described. If you can, this suggests a hiatal hernia. There is no substitute though, for seeing your doctor. Dear Dr. Lamb — Is there any way to prevent prostate gland trouble in men after 65? Dear Reader — It would be possible to prevent it by castration and taking female hormones, but most men aren’t interested in this. Some older men escape prostate gland trouble, but most don’t. It is not available yet, but some anti-sex hormone preparations tend to neutralize some of the effects of the male hormone and may be useful in preventing prostate trouble. (Newspaepr Enterprise Assn.) Questions? Address Dr. Lawrence Lamb, Paddock Publications, P.O. Box 280, Arlington Heights, 111. 60006. There are two seven-team leagues and one five-team league with players from the residential and industrial sections in the area. Jake’s Pizza and Spruce Inn won the championships last year when there were 13 teams playing in two leagues. The two teams will be in the same league this season. A1 Hattendorf of the park staff is in charge of the softball program. < Win At Bridge ri/tz i n Él** -wmw**L r i f i # t .. by Oswald and James Jacoby Mi— nr I is The H o + ’ s.-. ft \ • *■ by Vernon Scott EAST * A94 V J876 ♦ Q872 «62 mind as the two policemen. Universal Studios decided Adams and comedian Godfrey Cambridge would be funnier. Universal was wrong. Two comedians playing for laughs wasn’t as effective as a comedian and a relatively straight Scouts.To Take Dells Canoe Trip A three-day canoe trip on Wisconsin rivers will be taken June 4-6 by 25 members of Boy Scout Troop 95 in Elk Grove Village. The boys and their chaperones will travel in a 34-foot long canoe starting north of the Wisconsin Dells. They will travel through the Dells and conclude their trip at Portage, Wis. The canoe, which weighs more than 500 pounds and can carry 28 people, was made by the Chicagoland Canoe Base. It is being rented by the troop from a Winnebago Indian Chief. Troop 95 is sponsored by Christus Victor Lutheran Church in Elk Grove Village. Scoutmaster is William Ulrich. man. For that reason Cambridge was replaced by Rupert Crosse. Cambridge, according to Adams, hasn’t spoken to him since he was uncoupled, following a less than hilarious pilot film. “The chemistry just wasn’t right,” Adams said. “But Godfrey won’t even take my calls. I’d like to set the matter straight with him, to let him know there was no personal feelings involved.” There is little chance that “The Partners” will be confused with “Dragnet,” “Adam-12,” “The Smith Family” or “Ironside,” nor, for that matter, “Car 54, Where Are You.” “There’s an honesty to this show,” Adams said, “but we find legitimate excuses for cops to make honest mistakes. I don’t play a clown like Maxwell Smart who worked for a fictitious organization Control. “That’s why I have to kill the Smart image. I talked in a normal voice, just as I’m doing now. I’ve abandoned all the old Maxwell Smart mannerisms.” Adams is more fortunate than most television series performers. He will be writing some of the scripts. Smart is dead. Long live Lenny Crook! New Roar In D.C.: Aphid Lion The Doctor Says: Pains In Chest? Better See A Doctor Softball Players To Take Field Today

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