The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 20, 1940 · Page 13
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 13

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Sunday, October 20, 1940
Page 13
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Î-INCOIA SI VnVY JorKN Vl, \M) STVH, IM TOIU K 20. 1<H0 THKHF.—R May Be Wron "M day” is an army term meaning the day when mobilisât on takes place. It might be applied to next Saturday, too. because Missouri come* here and the Com- hURkers are suffering the tortures that accompany two .^^traight lickings at the hands of Paul Christman and his mates. They call Paul the Merry Magician. It's a pat name, because as he plays with that football, now you see it and now you don't. Plainly, the hand is quicker than the eye. One of the things that helps Paul most, probably, is his ability to pass without moving his feel. It isn’t necessary for him to take a step forward. He can throw-, just as a catcher pegs to second base. That gives him another fraction of a second to spot a receiver. With the poise which the Merry Magician possesses he takes advantage of things like this. His record against the Com- huskers for the two years indicates h i s efficiency. He has throw-^n 28 again.^t Nebraska, completed 15 of them for a percentage of .535 Nebraska has picked off five and eight have fallen incomplete. Here’s a significant figure: Christman’s 15 passes have resulted in four touchdowms and a grand total of 347 yards in the two years WALTER "BUTCH” LUTHER found the Kansas right end good for three yards on this scamper. (j’eijrlitoii Pre|K IJiicolii Face Havelock and Oiiialia South ill Prep Headliiiei*s ^lorfolk Kft'Vfii BY ALEX STODDARD. Despite the fact that the annual teachers' conventions occasion a mid-season lull in state high school football activity this week, key teams in the race for the Nebraska prep championship faca rugged opposition from challenging foe*. PI' l L ma N. Wash .P' Four Oelghton Prep snd Uneoln. “men in white." as hard to catch present leaders, meet Havelock as so manv straying thoughts, and Omaha Smith re.snecliv,‘ly. on Hackfiold four I cck I s Staiifoiil past (.ouoars (Iriilihetl liv 2(>-l I svorv carried the Rose Bowl hopes of Stanford one notch nearer the New- Year's classic Saturday with a 26 to 14 victory o\er the Wa.ahlngton State Cougars. , The quartet Southpaw Quar- I terback Frank Albert. Halfback Pete Kmetovic. Fullback Norm Standlee and Substitute Hnlfb-iek i Alfred Cole ran wild around the wings of State s baffled line. In cases picking up huge chunks of yardage almost without help from their blockers. The Stanford passing attack, stopped cold in mldfield by the Lincoln fields Ha.stmgs goes to Norfolk, while Omaha Tech steps outside the state race tc. meet Sioux City F,ast in a Mis.souri Valley conference game of importance. Prep is expected to gain a decision over Havelock, but it shouldn’t b<’ too Lincoln anticipates s hero earned victory over Omaha Smith while Hastings should get pest Norfolk without too much trouble Bison, Platters matched. McCook the Southwest conference leader, faces North Platte in to Jim Starmer to pick up still another touchdow’n. MORF THAN ONF It is safe to say that Nebraska cannot sit down on one touchdow-n, in case the Huskers are fortunate enough to score early. One touchdown isn’t enough the Magician and he has an end re ceivmg for him, Bob Steubcr, who has had as much acclaim as any sophomore in the conference. Many of the sharper eyed football followers who have seen Bob in action declare he has every qualification to become one of the be t wingmen this conference has produced. He’s a big fellow, weighing 194 and a .«^printer on the track He fouml liimself without in!< rfcrt'iiee aheiid of him after h<- got startefi, hut he shifie<l his hips to esea pe Kansas taeklers anti j>iek up a pain. Notice Hon I’ieree, K. \ . center, crossing hehiml th<> front of action. H( wore specially eonstnrete'l glasi^a's. " Bliiejay rally ^ichrmha-Kausas statistics ... ! «¡els deadlock with .Avalanche NEBRASKA 1q Oeijihloii at end. 27-27 First downs earned ........... First downs penalty.... Yards gained rushing ... Yards lost rushing ........ Passes attempted ........... Passes incomplete ........... Dwn passes Intercepted Passes completed ........... Yards gained on passes. Net yards gained............. Laterals attempted .... Laterals completed y THRFF YE.AR RFVIFW Three years ago, Thurston Phelps w’hipped a flat paf.% to Marvm Plock for the only touchdown of the contest and Nebraska won, 7 to 0. In 1938, Nebraska w-as leading Punt average ............... Punts returned ............. Punts blocked by Opts. Kickoffs .......................... Kickoff yardage....................75 102 ,, , OMAHA. Neb. ¡UPl. Ten thou- team. That make.« an excellent hv.sterical homecomers w-ere combination. hoar««»‘and limn at thr finish aa »-w... p...... rwarse and limp at me nmsh a* y gained on laterals. Creighton renewed it* ancient rivalry with Marquette by match- .................................... Ing the highly-favored Golden Avalanche in a thriller that ended tied at 27-all. The Bluejays, sparked by the brilliant running and passing of Slingshot Johnny Knolla, trailed _ . 10 to 7 going into the fourth period q - 7 at the half, and 7-20 towards «*'' downs ........... but it’t enough. Pitchin’ the end of the third quarter Fumbles ........................... Paul, a sophomore then, wheeled Creighton struck hack like a cor- Ball lost on fumbles .. one fling to Rouse for 14 yards nered tiger. Knolla scoring on a Own fumbles recovered after starting a rally with a punt 9 yard run before the third ended. Penalties .......................... return. And Paul fini.shed up by making it Marquette 20, Creigh- plungmg for the touchdown. Final ton 33. that day was 13 to. 10, Missouri. Accurate-passing Jimmy Rich- year at Columbia, Christ- > ardson of Marquette retaliated man tossed to Bud Orf, who drib- : y^.jth a 69 yard pass to glue-fingered DonVosberg for a score. Knolla tos.sed to Gene Ziesel, substitute halfback, w-ho made a spec- | tacular catch one the 1 -yard line, ' . 2 . 0 .93 . 2 . 0 . 0 . 0 . 0 . 0 . .91 ,. 0 0 ,. 0 .. 2 . .31 . .25 .. 0 .. 2 2 q 3 0 65 18 2 1 0 1 15 62 0 0 0 1 32 0 0 2 3q 4q to’l. 3 7 15 0 0 0 50 108 316 26 3 2 0 1 20 4 2 1 0 1 13 50 7 4 0 3 48 1q 0 0 3 11 1 0 0 1 5 KANSAS 2q 3q 4q to’l 44 117 314 Kickoff returned Penalty yardage ........... Field goals attempted.. Field goals successful . 0 . 0 . 0 . 0 . 0 . 3 .15 . 0 . 0 0 0 2 0 2 1 15 0 0 1 1 0 2 39 0 0 2 78 49 0 2 0 2 1 25 0 0 0 0 0 3 37 0 0 1 1 1 0 8 35 25 0 7 25 280 41 90 0 5 0 5 5 L5 0 0 0 0 0 4 29 5 1 0 0 15 0 2 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 0 29 0 3 1 1 1 9 33 0 0 0 2 17 0 0 0 0 34 0 1 0 1 1 5 0 0 0 0 3 8 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 2 17 7 1 2 2 0 10 4 10 5 2 3 41 47 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 2 4 0 45 23 15 6 4 5 55 /a 1 1 1 8 olveriiiesi in fine lo b<*at Illinois Ken lucky heal 6 (ieorce Vi'aehiiig[loii F.. 21 1« 0 LEXINGTON. Ky. (.'P' Kentucky. scoring in the first three periods, trounced George Washington, 24 to 0, Saturday in their first gridiron meeting, before 7,000 spectators. stars ill 2B-0 Iriuiiiph ANN ARBOR. Mich. (,7‘. A vengeful Michigan football team, with sure sma.shing period. Harmon took a lateral pass from Nel.son for a 20 yard advance to the Illinois 3 and on the third play Harmon went over. Frutig Crosses Goal. It took only eight plays for 62 footed Bob Westfall yards and a touchdown in the sec- thru the Illinois for- ond period, Harmon, fading bacK year. Stanford w s r Graff ................. le ... .... Oodfre» Warnecke It ... Wooddy Taylor ................... Ig ... .... Englmanii Undsktg .....c .... .............. Stone Palmer ................... rg ,. ................Cliguiere Banduccl ............... rt ... ......... Johnson Meyer ..................... re .,, .... Rutherford Albert .............. qh . ..... Giwley Kmetovic ............ th .. ............ Sewell Oallarneau rh .......... Fletcher Standlee fb ,.. Score by period*. Stanford .. 7 7 12 0 2« W 8 C . 7 0 0 7 H g Cll* v( balv *v/* y * r' wards on a slippery turf, crushed from the Illinois 42, rifled a long J , , , 23 2 4 115 109 224 Coach Bob Zuppke’s eleven SaLur- sideline pass to End Ed Frutig, day. 28 to 0, for its fourth con- who caught the ball on the 25 and ran unmolested across the goal. Three touchdowns behind, Illinois lighted by these incidents' 22 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 71 1 4 1 3 2 6 0 0 secutive victory. While 39,114 rain and wind swept homecomicg fans shivered frantically tried to get back in the in the stands, Westfall rammed thru the line for 152 yards in 37 tries to lead the Wolverines to a game by unleashing its potent passing attack, but Westfall intercepted one of John Worban's triumph over the team that upset serials deep in Illinois territory* Time wa.*5 drawing s':ort. so Har- acros.s two mon dropped back and booted the them in 1939. Michigan rushed touchdowns in the first per.od, one field goal, on a 4 yard off tackle slant by An Illinois fumble led to bled a lateral to his brother Bob for the first score. The Husker.s retaliat«! with a touchdown of their own but Herm R o h r i g, rushed in to try for the extra point, missed his first effort of this ¿coined! type of the season. So Nebra.ska With and w*ea\'ed 57 yards before he w’as tackled by the last Marquette defender. (kilorado lopes to Creighton from where Fullback A1 Truscott Krm<-n . ' I Butt# . . tw’o minutes remaining cemore"^" ■was never seen m this game after Qjiother Knolla-Ziesel clicked Moaiiiicudeiy u It le ■ C .re rt the first few minutes. Christman whipped another pas.s to Bob Orf for a touchdown and followed it up with one to Bud Orf for a third BIX pointer. Nebraska was behind 6 to 20 at the half. Both teams for 65 yards and a touchdcmTi. Tackle John Krecji, who dubbed one of his three previous conversion attempts, tied the score with an accurate kick. Guard Bob Kemnitz of Marquette con- Praae l..pnn*rd ............qb. Knolla (gel .......... Ih. FlcmitiR ..................rh Tru#rott ................... {b Marquette .......................... Creighton ......................... Touchdowns— Marquette : .. ApolaXls Tunis Brve (go Sleske Phillips Richardson . Goodyear Renzel i 7 13 7 27 0 13 l*-27 . Votberg 2, booted a field goal from the yard line. Ricr 7 vjfliirv First Loop Victory. V sv tVJI V ^ Wolverines piled up 17 first FORT COLLINS, Colo. ilNSi.j downs to 5 by Illinois and 240 Loping’’ Leo Stasica, ' yards by rushing to 24. The victory the Ail America Tom Harmon. Ju.«it final Michigan .score. When Half- Harmon hack James Easterbrook dropped 20 the ball Tackle Reuben Kelto recovered for Michigan on the Illinois 1 35. Westfall carried the ball 5 of before the half ended charging Cougar line, tightened up the game that will make or break when the chips were down and title hopes (or both teams, as well brought the high riding Indians of as posjible "top 10" placings in Stanford twt' of the four touch- stat»*widc circles, dowms which spelled defeat for the F’alrbury s apfHarance at Falla Cougars for the first time in Pa- city tops' the southeastern slate, cific Coast conference play this «ith North at Fremont in the eastern feature. In the northeast, in addition to Ha.stlngs-Norfolk, Pender-Wayne and Bloomfield-Han- dolph are top attractions. Chadron is at Ainsworth and Wood I*ake at Atkinson in the north central leaders. In the middle area, .Nehgh's game at Albion, Columbus’ ap- pesrance at David City, and Ravenna at Ord are th* features. Jackson-Crete and Fairmont-Geneva top the aouth-central slate. Bayard at Mitchell. Lexington entertains Kearney in ■ a southwert attraction, while the panhandle slate calls for Bayard- Mitchell and Kimball-Morrill. Many of the «-tale’s schools take the week off from gridiron activity, then return to heavy firing next w'eek as the season turns into the final month. This week’s slate: man. ianeoln-Omab* Oinnh« Soullt *■; Un- poln, Cretghlon Pr#p af liiiv#li*rk. Wynmr« at Colleg# Vt«*w. Cimaha «'atheflral at Ne- braaka lM>af Valley at Omuha Htily Name. Southea#f Aiili.;rn at Pawn««' City, Fatrtmry at Fall# CItv. Humbnirtt at bv Vike Francis and the Huskers Nemaha. TecumReh at Nebr«#ka Citj. Sum- merfielb. Ke#.. at Odell. Table K'H-k at Peru Prep, Syran ■» #1 Kiigie Kaat tllyaae# at ARhlanil, Blair „t WatH»<>. Omaha Nnrlh at Fremont, Bethany of Ltneoln at Ptattamouth. Hliubert at Weeping Water. Northeaat Allen at Hornet, Bio««mtteid Pecatur at Emeraon. New- Stanford arortnp Touchdown». Btandlre Armatr«»ng t#u!> for Kmetovic t. Meyer, Altiert, point# from try after touclidown. Al- t»ert 2 I place kicki W, 8. C #c«»rtng Touchdown«. Fletcher Renfro («ub for Seaton i. point from try after touchdown. John»on 2 tplacekleki (Continued from Page 1-B > No. 1 —Ed Schwartzkopf blocked Ed Eaugee’s attempted quick kick and Forrest Behm recovered on the Kansas 8. Tw'o bucks by Harry Hopp and a .smash at right guard Marquette . . Vo«berg Kiug Kemnit« Sparked by the University of Colorado Buf- j was Michigan’s first in the west- Plav bv i)lav account of Huskers’ sniasliing victory. . . scored in the fourth quarter but it verted three for four for the Mil- Richardaon creighton FieminB, __________ 1 , __■ „ *, ^7. vertea inree lur tout lur utt mu- Rnolla, Tru#coU. Zleael Point# after ni 0 rc?l> soing thru the motions , \^'aukeeans. touchdowns; Kemnit* 3 , Krecji 3 . of producing a foregone conclu- pnded the game I Referee; Ronaw aibb#, st. Thoma#, sinn ! r- n »7 ' umpire. E. r, Qulpley. St. Mary'#, field 4 V, I n r. intercepted a desperate judge, Pete Welah, lirake: head llneaman. Among oiner t n i n gMajor j^ai-quette pass on the goal line Ed cochrane, Kalamazoo. Jone.s w’ould like to prove to I Chri.«;tman that he doe.s not coach touch football here. Thi.«; was a point upon w'hich Paul asked for clarification a.s he trotted by the Nebraska bench last fall. It will be no trick to have the Huskers at the proper mental peak this week. These boys who are seniors this year have never been able to defeat the Tigers. If they can stop Christman they can do it. Otherwise, hoi* tight! If Preston and Prochaska put the pressure on Paul that these Hu.sker wmgs placed on Hurlin’ Hal Hursh of Indiana, they may do it. Rushing the passer has faloes rolled on to another Big Seven conference victory' over Colorado State at Fort Collins Saturday. 33 to 14. Stasica accounted for three of the Buffs’ touchdow'ns. He ran 14 yards to score in the second period after Pudlik had recovered Clay’s fumble on the Aggie 34-yard line, and going 97 yards for his second tally in returning a kickoff in the third quarter. ern conference campaign. Michigan scored its first touch- dowm in less than six minutes, the Wolverines marching 70 yards in 12 plays after the kickoff. With the Illini looking for Harmon -or perhaps Westfall—little Dave Nelson scampered around right end on a double reverse for 12 yard.3 and the score. The next drive started from the Michigan 32 near the end of the the 7 tries it took to put it across. The lineup.«!: Illinois Michigan Phtnip* ..................... .¡e. . . . ... Ro-ers DtUon ........................ U ................. Wi.-tcrt Sle;«.d ................... .1;: . ................... Bu:;un Wilf'ird ..................... .c . , . ................... Inpal Turek ........................ r". ..................... Flit I Rig.';« rt .....................Kc:to ONell! ................... re ................... Frutig Ehni ....................... qb. . . . Evashevski Wnrtisn ..................... 1 h . .............. Harmon Asrroth ..................... rh Nelson PR tier ..................... .fo. . . Westfall Illtnois ................... . 0 0 n 0— 0 MIchtpan ............ 12 ÍI 7 0-28 Michigan scoring Tnuch'iown«'. Nelson, Harmon. Frutig. Westfnll. Fteld goal. Harmon ( placement i Pointofter touchdown. Harmon ‘plucekick; scored with 7 *-2 minutes consumed in the first quarter Second* FIniah Job. No. 2—Harry Hopp .set this one __ up w'ith a 41 vard run, with War-i *t Randolph ren Aif i.adinR h.m, M th, fir« | ‘w.Vn.!* H!.r; quarter ended, tn came the second 1 i^t HarunKt^n, puiter *t wmrwMiuKC'. team to finish the lob, Wavne Blue Creighton at Plamview WakefleW at ^ Ponca. Walthill at South Siouz tity, i 8|>«nc«r at Laurel. Ewmg at TlWen. Oakland at We« Point North Central: i'hadron at Ainaworth, Wood Lake at Atklnmm Central: Neligh at Altiion. 0#reola at Cedar Rapid*. Clari.» at Genoa. Sti»u>ier blasting the middle on the first play for the four needed yards. No. 3 Don Pollom’s kick rode only 8 yards Into a stiff north breeze and the Huskers started on their own 46. Wayne Blue burst again thru the middle and ran 31 yards to the K. U. 19. An offside at Central City, Columl«u# at Uavul City, Seward at Fullerlun, Litchfietd at Git>t«on, North Loup at Scotia, Ravenna at urd, Overton at 8u..incr. Folk at StromiburK , , . , Bouib Cantrul; Alma at Red Ci««ud, penalty aided the Huskers on this jack#on of Lincoln «t crete, Het.n.ii «t march and Blue crashed from the ouide R««k at Edgar, Republican - J 1 * * ■ 1 . City at Franklin l-airmont at (.enrva, 1-yard line to put the finishing Harvard at Clay Center. Nel»«m at Sutton, touch on the marker he had Mtifont at wiiber BtoTdoH I 8outhwe«t. Arapahoe at Indianuta, Men- BU* kelman at Imperial. CJillaway at C«izad, No. 4—Vlke Francis picked off , Valentm* at Curtl« Aggie*, Holdrege at Vandaveer's naas and ran tn o ! Orlean* Huntley at Minden, Kearney at vanaateers pass ana ran to a McCook at North Platt«, ogai- touchdown that was called back. FIRST QUARTER. Game Captain Quideo Massarr of KiinKHS wtiii the tfiss and the Jayhawker# dof«»nded the north poul. Francia kicked off ib yard# to Hall who was brought down by Alfson on the Kansas 26-yard line. KANSAS; Fry picked up 3 yards at left tackle. Francis and Muskln st<ipiM‘d _,,»„Tcro him. Hall fumbled and lost a yard, 1 SECOND QUARTER, The Husker llneu NEBRASKA; Hopp swung around his own right end, and with Alfson leading the interference, reversed hi# field on tiie 25-yard liiw and got domii to the 4 before he was hauled down by Fry. It was a 41 yard gain. The quarter ended and a completely new- Nebraska t«>am went on the field. SCORE: NEBRASKA 7, KANSAS 0. Prochaska coming in to make the tackle. Suagee punted 46 yards to Hopp who returned 10 yards to the Nebraska 37-yard line. NEBRASKA: Francis hit over his been, is and always will be. the 1 own right tackle for 3 yards. Hopp best defense against overhead • n>**de 8 yards ov^r the same spot, nttark« Massare stopping him. Francis broke uiiacKs. over his own right tackle lor 10 yards and a first down on the Kansas 46- yard line. Hopp made 2 yards at J. Kern's guard. Francis broke loose for 19 yards and then laterailed to Luther w'ho advanced 10 more yards to the Kansas 46 but the play was called back and Nebraska penalized five yards for offside. Hopp failed to gain over his own left tackle. Pierce slopping him, Nebraska was p«'naU»ed five more was Kathol and RANDOM SHOTS Bill Bronson sends a clipping from the Lc« Angeles Times, the first sentence of which reads: “A former AU Big Six guard from the University of Nebraska. Lowell English, became a ball packer temporarily tonight to carry the San Diego Marines to a 13-0 victory over the battling University of Redlands.” . . . Lowell also yards for taking too much time in the huddle Francis hit the middle for seven yards. Jack stopping him. Hopp punted out of bounds on tiie Kansas al-yard line. placekicked the extra point after * kansas ; Preston and Schwartzkopf the first touchdown to account for ^ jn'tared Fry for a 3 yard loss« all the points. . . . ^ klST“nf . Vem VanWie. 6 foot 1 inch cen- l Nebraska on the Kansas h-yard ime ter on the Hastings high team, has ! N ebraska Hopp made a yard over returned after a fling on the west coast. . . . His parents live on the coast but Vem decided to return and finish his schooling at Hastings. . . . He’s a member of the national guard. . . . ip ’ M. Thompson, ends; Schleich and Herndon, tackles, Abel and Whitehead, guards: Burruas, center; Theo* Thompson, quarterback; Zikmund and Bradl«y, halfbacks and Blue. fulliiacK. Blue plunged over his own left guard for a touchdown. SCORE: NEBRASKA 13. KANSAS 0. ik-hleich placekicked the extra point with Theos Thompson holding the ball. SCORE: NEBRASKA 14, KANSAS d. Du Gibbens, Pierce and Kern went back into the Kansas lineup. Schleich kicked off 44 yards to Vani daveer. who returned 13 yards to the I Kansas 28-yard line. KANSAS: Kansas took out time. I Pollom replaced Fry in the Kansas backfield. Schleich ¡»topped HaU after ' a gain of three yards. A pass, Vandu- , vei'r to Pollom, was good for 8 yards ! and a first down for K 1». on their : own 39-yard line, Zikmund Intercepted Vandaveer's pass on Nebraska’s 46^ J S I yard line and came back three yards. Schwartzkopf blocked Suagee s quick ;' „. cbbacka . »..« mi »,. orrest Behm recovered fur ' 4SKA. Bradley fought his way for a <»ne yard gain to the midfield stripe. Bradley picked up another yard . _ - - J I on an in and out play over his own his own left ugard. Hopp swung j Hartman came up fast to around the Kansas right side for six _ throw Bradley for a 4 yard loss on yards before he w&n run out of bounds m-ide sweep of the Nebraska left end. by Vandaveer. Kansas took out t™«* : Bradley punted 32 yards to Gibbens F rancls drove right ^.h„ returned 4 yards to the Kansas guard for a touchdown. i 28-yard line. There were seven and one half min- | KANSAS: Pollom broke thru a hole W^AHJCAC n right Side of the Kansas line N^DFASKA 6, KANSAS 0. j 4 yards for a first diiwn for Kan- Wtth Hopp holding the hall, Francis , th«' K. U. 42-yard line. New *«uc AC n I braska took out time and Dudwick re- SCORE; NEBRASKA 7, KANSAS 0. p[a<p<i Kathol at left end for the Italph and Hartman went mto the , Pollom fumbled and Hall re- kansas lineup for Holloway ^d J ; covered for a one yard gain. HaU Kem, Francis kicked off out of bounds and Kansas scrimmaged « IF . I. J „ — him. Vandaveer’s pass to Ulrich KANSAS; \andaveer faked a pass i incomplete. Suagee went back in and was spilled by Preston for a two ^he Kansas lineup, replacing HaU. Pol- yard loss. HaU fumbled _and recovere| i ^ ^ligh and was caugnt Rohn's attempted placement from the i 17-yard line was short and wide. SCORE: NEBRASKA 20. KANSAS 0. Rohn kicked off 5 Syards to D. Gibbens who returned 24 yards to the Kansas 26-yard line wliere Thompson brought him down, KANSAS: Pollom made six yards over his own right tackle. D. Gibbens failed to gain, M. Thompson stopping him. Vandaveer picked up a scant three yards after faking a pass. Pollom punted 25 yards out of bounds on the Nebraska 40-yard line. Knikht, R. Kahler, Simmons, Rubottom, Lelk, Bunker. Bryant, Kelly, and My erg went into the Nebraska lineup. NEBRASKA: Simmons, on a half spinner, picked up 7 yards over his ow'n right guard, Simmons gained two yards at center. Simmons made eight yards and it was first down for Ne- picked up tw'o yards at right guard, irom Its 40- Whitehead and Schleich were in to for a three yard loss Suagee punte 56 yard* to Hopp who returned 15 yards to the Nebraska 30, NEBRASKA: Hopp lost two yards on an attempted swe*'p at his own right end. Hartman making the tackle Pierce spilled Francis for log* by the wind and advanced only eight ball onyards. Whitehead grabbed the the Nebraska 45. NEBRASKA; on a reverse one yard ; o" » 'ran- : H Zikmund made a yard Blue picked up three f spinner thru center. Luther took a lateral from Fran- i «»u«’ thru over his own right half spinner thru center, his cts and swept around the Kansas left tackle, found a clear field and ran 31 a full spinrn'f. picked up three yards thru the middle Nebraska drew a five yard penalty for taking too much ttme in the huddle Francis picked up 4 yards thru renter after faking a lateral to Luther. Pierce and Massare held Francis for no gain on a spinner. It was fourth down and nine yards to go for Ne- spanks \ aiulais BOSTON. <JP' Boston college power and det'eption thoroly bewildered a completely outclassed Idaho eleven Saturday as the aoanng Eagles trampled their intersectional rivals by 60-0 before a well chilled crowd of 10,000. It was not until the game’s closing minutes, when Boston college Coach Frank Leahy cleared hia bench of every substitute sub- .......................... ....... stitute, that the invading Vandals 1 »19« tor 16 yards and a first down on | betore being run out of bounds put forth any auaUin«! off^.v“ N«>>nu.k: ««.yard.lln. Franci., on ! <»> th. Kiu,.«, l5. Br.rtlny But even that late gesture was not enough to escape the terrific whitewashing they suffered. Before the game was three minutes old, Boston had smashed out Its first touchdown in five savage thrust* at the Idaho line. From then on the rout was steady and terrific, the only letup coming in the scoreless fourth period when the substitute sprinkled Boston team stalled and spluttered when presented with several golden •coring chances If you’re looking for a dog any kind of dog—see “Pets For Sale" In today s big Want Ad section. failed to gain when Hartman came up fast to hit him. Bradley s pass to Zikmund netter 18 yards and a first down on the K U. 5-yard line Bradley sla.shed off hi* own left tackle for two yards. Blue made a yard over the same spot. Blue fumbled but recovered for a 5 yard loss. He was attempting to hand the ball to Zikmund on a reverse play. braska on it* own 45-yard line. * Zikmund picked up a yard after tak- K&nsas took time out. Wiimin replaced ‘"f ,» iater^ from Blue. Kansas Royal offs'9« on the play and It was fourth down for Nebraska on the K. U. 1-yard line Bob Kahler replaced Zikmund at Pierce at center for Kansas. Ko Kaider replaced Muskin at left tac f«»r Nebraska. Hopp punted 35 yards to Vandaveer, who returned before Behm tackled him on sas 26->'mrd line KANSAS: Vandaveer fumbled and recovered for a two yard loss. A flat pass. Vandaveer to Frv’. netted five yard*. Schwartzki>pf stopped him after he slipped by two Huaker tackier* Suagee a punt rrtlled out of bounds braska on the Kansas 42. Rubottoni’s pass to Knight was Incomplete. Bob Kahler fumbled and recovered for a loss of nine yards. Simmons made four yards around his own left end as the half ended. SCORE: NEBRASKA 20. KANSAS 0, THIRD QUARTER. Nebraska 8 lineup was the same n.s started game. Kansas defended the north goal. Hall kicked off 65 yards into the end zone to Hopp who returned to the Nebra.ska 2«-yard line. NEBRASKA: Luther lost a yard on a deep reverse around his own left end. He got past Fry but stumbled. Francis plunged lor three yards over his own left guard, Massare stopp«-d him. Hartman and Hardman w'ere in the Kansas lineup, otherwise it wan the same as started the game, flopp punted 34 yards into the north wind to Vandaveer who returned six yards to the Kansa.n 3«. KANSAS; B«‘hm and Schwartzkopf spilled Fry for a 5 yard loss trying the Nebraska right side. On a double lateral. Fry picked up three yards Preston nailed him Francis and Muskin Iwld Hall for no gain. Suagee punted 34 yards into the end zone and Nebraska srrlmmaged frcim its own 2(t NEBRASKA: Hopp failed to gain on a cutback over his own right tackle. Luther gained a yard on a reverse around his own left end. A bad pasis from center bounced off Hopp s shoulder and rolled to the N. U. 51-yard line. Hopp attempted to pick up the ball and run and he was tackled by two Jayhawks In back of the goal line I for a safety for Kansas. ! SCORE: NEBRASKA 20. KANSAS 2. Francis’ kick sliced out of bounds traveling only 21 yards. The ball was on the Nebraska 41-yard line. KANSAS: Francis came up from his line backing position to throw Fry for a three yard losa. Francis Intercepted Vandaveer 8 pass on the Nebraska 48- yard line anti raced down the sideline.^ for a touchdown. There was a clipping penalty on the play and it was Nebraska s ball on the Kansas 38-yard line NEBRASKA: Luther Icwt four yards on an attempted sweep off his own right end. A pass, Hopp to Petsch was good for ^ yards and a fiiat down on the K. U. 22-yard line. Francis fumbled and recovered for no gain. Francis broke over his own ngnt tackle and cut back to the left for a 14 yard gain and a first down on the placekicked the extra point with F'etsch holding. SCORE: NEBRASKA 27, KANSAS 2. J. Kern and Fluker came in at the guard post for Kan.*<aa. Zimmerman re- •ilaced Jack at tackle for K. U. Hall .ticked off .55 yards to Hopp who returned 26 yard* before he was forctai out of bounds on the Nebraska 31-yard line. NEBRASKA: Hopp mde three yards on a cutback over hia own left tackle. Kern made the tackle. Francis picked up BIX yards at KU s left tackle. Francis dove over the middle for two yards and a first down on the Nebraska 42- yard stripe. Luther, on a reverse, picked up six yards over KU • rignt guard. Hopp’s lateral to Petsch lost a yard. Nebraska to«ik out lime, Sheridan replaced I’ierce, Holloway went in for Relph and Hayden for Crowell for KU. Lindquist. Pollom and D. Gibbens went into the Kansa.« backfield. Simmons replaced Francis for fullback for Nebraska. Hopp * pas* to Petsch was incomplete, Hopp s punf hit the Kansas 10-yard marker and It on the Kan.'ia.« 19-yard stripe Bradlcv made a yard <m an in and out cutback plav. Blue picked up four yards over the KU left tackle Bradley cut around hi.# own left end. shook off three would-be taeklers and scored another touchdovm for the SCORE: NEBRASKA 46, KANSAS 2. Schlelch’s kick hit the crossbar and dropped to the groundSCORE: NEBRASKA 46. KANSAS 2. Bill Kern fur Jack at tackle for Kansas. Royal Kahler. Rohn. Lt*ik, Bob Kahler. and Vincent went into the Nebraska lineup. Hall kicked off 54 yards to Vincent w^ho returned 21 yards to the Nebraska 27. NEBRASKA; Vincent faked to his right and cut over right tackle for a gain of five yards. Vincent made a yard on a wide end .«weep. Rohn made six yards and a first down for Nebraska on their own 38-yard line. Vincent made a scant yard at KU's right tackle. Vincent quick kicked into the uil Ulf rLttiiamf iu-y*iiu mn-i m * «uva n , _ was KU’s ball on its own 10 with a i S minute left in the period ■When he was hit. Pollom fumbled and Petsch recovered in the end zone for a touchdow'n. SCORE: NEBRASKA 33, KANSAS 2. Hopp B kick from placement was wide. SCORE: NEBRASKA 33. KANSAS 2. KANSAS; KU scrimmaged from Its ^-yard line. Crowell and Llndqui*i went in the lineup for A shovel pass. Vandaveer to Fry. gained 8 yards. Rohn made the tackle. Vandaveer's iang pass to Fry was gcKid for 32 yards and a Kansas first down on the Nebraska 40-yard strljM'. Bob Kah- down from behind. Seven plays later Hopp smacked thru the right side for the touchdown. Petsch Grabbs Fumble. No. 5. Hopp punted out H bounds on the K. U. 10. Pollom fumbled and the ball went into the end zone where Roy Petsch fell on it. lala at WauneU, Hnlhruuk at Oxford Far w«#t Bayard at Mitchell. LiiaK, Wyo.. at Crawiord, ('hadr«»n ITep at Hay SlirltiK#, Dalton at Minatare, Kimt>aU at Morrill. ()ut-*t«te; Lyman «1 TornriKton, Vt yo. “B,‘ Omaha C«'ntral at Al«c Lincoln «.( Council Blutla, la , Boy* Town at W imh I- ulnc, la., Ruahviile at k.artm, R O.; O.naha Tech at Btuux City. 1*,, Kaat. l(NITB4l.i.. Ltncoln-Omaha: tirand laland Bt Marya at Lincoln Cathedral. Southeaat: Union at Avoca, Omaha Un- No. 6. Pollom S quick kick was derwood at Nehawka. Otoe at Alvo. North Central; Btuart at Umg, r'lna, Niobrara at Lynch, Wayne Prep at Cole- ridse. Central; Elmcreek at EddyvUle, Greahana at HaatliiK* Bt. Cecelia. Oconto at MU- burn, Pleasanton at Berwyn South Central; Belvldere at Alexandria, Bruntng at Hardy. Carietun at Cheater. Southwest: Farnam at Kuatta, Blo«imtn«- ton al Inavale, Itniterial ‘’B" at Paltauila, Parka at Stratton, Wtiaonville at Btum- ford. Far We#t- Merrtman at Chadron Aa- aumption, Ludgeitole al Sidney St. Pat* blocked by Alfson and Ray Pro chaska recovered on the K. U. 12. Luther picked up eight on one of the reverses attempted and in came the second team as th«* fourth period opened. Blue and Bradley broke the middle with Blue smashing for the score. No. 7. Marvin Thompson’s interception of Vandaveer’s pass 21 yard return. It was Kansas ball by Vincent. It Was intended for Fry , on the Husker 15. O'Neill replaced _U1- ' rich at end and Hunter for Relph for KU. Vandaveer faked a pass and then I ran his own right end for 10 yards ! and a first dowti on the Netiraska 30 j Lelk was thru to spill Hull for a 4 i yard loss. Vandaveer's long pass to Luther in the etid zone was ineomplele ! B# tVie nuarter ended ! KahhT. Another long pass by Vanda- ACORE" NEBRASKA 33 KANSAS 2 veer was brttken up on the Neliraska SCORE. NEBRASKA 33. KANSAS Z, , Vmcent and Theos FOURTH QUARTER. | Thompson. There were five and one- Both Maj. Jones and Gwlnn Henry . half minutes left in the {»eritid Had on its 25-yard sQ-ipe. KANSAS: Pollom'* quick kick was blocked. Ray Procha.«ka caught the ball. Juggled It and got down to th* Kansa* 12 before he was downed. Aif- *on blocked. Luther on a wide end *weep made 8 yard*. Hopp's pas.« to five yard* : f'Fht halfback. Blue went over his ownljayhatvk 8-yard stripe Kansas took the 'Kan- right guard for a touchdown, i out time. Francis rammed his right SCORE: NEBRASKA 20, KANSAS 0. j guard for three yards. Hopp cut back There were four and one-half minutes left In the quarter. Schleich placekicked the extra point but Nebraska was holding and penalized 15 yard? Rohn replaced Blue . at fullback for Nebraska. Fluker and the Kansas 45. It was a 17 yard kicA. IJ. Kern went in the lineup tor Kansas. over his own right aide'' for three yards. Hopp drove over the same spot for the fourth Nebraska touchdown of the afternoon. SCORE: NEBRASKA 26. KANSAS 2 There were five minutes left in the quarter. substituted completely new team.«. The Nebraska backfie.ld w'as Theos Thompson. Zikmund. Bradley and Blue. Blue made two yards over his own right tackle. Blue got dowm to the Kansas 2-yard line on the same play. Kansas was penalized half the distance to the goal line for being offside. Bradley made it a first down on half yard line. Blue crashed over his own left tackle for a touchdown SCORE: NEBRASKA 39. KANSAS 2. Schlelch’s kick from placement was good as Theos Thompson held the ball. SCORE: NEBRASKA 40. KANSAS 2. Hall kicked off 52 yards to Zikmund who returned 21 yards to the Nebraska ! 28-yard line. i NEBRASKA; Bradley fumbled and recovered for a four yard loss. Blue found a hole at right guard and picked up six yards. Massare made the tackle. Bradley hit the Kansa* left tackle for four yards. Nebraska took out time. Burruss was hurt. Kelly replaced Bur­ ruas and Vandaveier went in for Hayden for Kansas Bradley's punt rolled out of bounds on the Kansas 32-yard line KANSAS: Vandaveer’s pMS to Fry was incomplete. Vandaveer * pas« lo Fry was complete far no gain. Mar\-in Thompson intercepted Vandaveer's pass on the Kansas 38 and returned six yards to the Jayhawk 32 NEBRASKA: Bryant replaced Ab‘l at guard for Nebraska. Bradley s pa.s« to Zikmund was complete for a gam of 17 yards but the play was called back. Kansas was offside and Ne; braska was guilty of illegal of the i hands. Bradley cut around his own I left end for nine yards Blue picked up i four yards at center for a first dow n { KANSAS 2. dropped ’Vandaveer's pas* and the hall went to Nebraska on downs on the Husker 34. NEBRASKA: Vincent carried three KU tackier* with him as he picked up 10 yards. Rohn hit the Jayhawk right tackle for five yard*. Vincent made a yard at KU # left guard. Rohn added another yard at center. Vincent's punt was fielded by Vandaveer on the KU 14-yard line who returned to the Kansas 2Ü. KANSAS; Bob Kahler intercepted Vandaveer's long pass and dropped a hand to the ground making the play automatically dead on the Kansas ii NEBRASKA: Vincent's long pass sailed over Bob Kuhler's head. Hall and Chet Gibbens went in th'e Kansa# backfield Zimmerman was In for Bill Kern at right tackle for the Jayhawks and Wilson was in at center for Sheridan Two minute left to play. Vincent made three yards on a delayed buck over his own right tackle. Vincent's pass to Bob Kahler was good for 13 yards and a first down for Nebraska on the Kansas 26. Rohn sliced off KU’s right tackle for 10 yards and a first down. Ball on the KU 16-yard line. Vincent made a yard on a cutback over his own left tackle. Rohn fought his way thru the middle for 15 yards and a first down on the 1- yard line. Rohn plunged for the touchdown SCORE: NEBRASKA 52. KANSAS 2. Rohn placekicked the extra point. SCORE: NEBRASKA 53. KANSAS 2. TV'O second.« left to play. Rtthn kicked off out of bounds e* the game ended FINAL SCORE: NEBRASKA 53, Started this one. Starting on the rr J .r» ! Out-«t«te: Halglcr at L*inJ, Colo. Kansas 32, Blue and Bradley alter- __________________ nated. Dale shoook off three a i ■ taeklers in running the last 'l5' IllciilO HpOrlSlllC*!! yards into the end zone. . , * Seven Husker Pasae*. grUlllhle OXeV No. 8. Bob Kahler intercepted Vandaveer's pass on the Kan.tis 42. Jack Vincent passed to Bob Kahler for 13, Rohn added ten, then 15 for a first down on the 1-yard line. Henry finished it thru the middle • Nebraska used only seven passes, completing four with Hopp, Bradley and Vincent throwing them. The game may have a bad reaction. The Huskers may be wearing clouds for hats when Missouri comes to town next Saturday. The fullbacks, Francis, Rfihn, and Blue, provided most of the rushing yardage. It was week tackling by the Jays linebackers that let many of their runs go tor lime of sunrise TWIN FALLS, Ida. (.f’). South cential Idaho sportsmen grumbled—and loudly- iLS the duck season opened. The sun rises 20 to 27 minute* later—legally—in Cassia county, Idaho, than in contiguous Box Elder county, Utah. Marshes, ideal for duck hunting, are along the border. The difference in sunrise time —when hunters may start firing—is all a matter of weather bureau^ jurisdiction. Officials at I Boise regulate Idaho’s sunrise; : those at Salt Lake City set Utah's. dist^ce altho none of the Husker Omaha T<‘rh ov<»r|M )44 prs fullbacks was trying to fly blind, once he got thru the gaping holes Omaha Central, 27 to 7 in the Jay’s front line. Up came runners’ heads as they thru the secondary. set sail Nebraska- —Kansas Preston ............ ..........1*____ ................. Ulrich Mili kin ............ ..........It------ ............ Holloway 1 Gibwartzkopf , ..........IK ... . (GO Massare Melcr ................ ............c... .................. Pierce Alfson ....... ..........rg.... ............ J. Kern i Behm ................. ..........rt.... ..........................lack ' Prochaska (CC) ............... Ct'iwell 1 Petsch .............. .... qb------.... Vandaveer Hopp ............ ..........Ih ... ...................... Hall Luther ICC) . ..........rh ... ................... Fry Francis .,.. ..........f b.... ................. Huagee Nebraska .... .....................7 13 13 20—53 1 Kansas ...... ........................ 0020—2 1 Touchdowns : Nebraska : Blue 3, Francis. OMAHA. A red hot Omaha Tech passing attack spelled disaster for Central to the score of 27-7 in a football game here Saturday. It was Tech’s 15th win in games > between the schools, but the first since 1936 Try for point; Schlelcb 3, Francis 3. Kuhn (placekicka). Safety; Hopp. Substitutions: Nebraska; ends, Kathol. Bunker, Ludwick, M. Thompaon tackim. Schleich, Herndon. Lelk, R Kahler; guards. Whitehead, Myers, Bryant, .Abel; centers, Burruss, Kelly; quarterbacks. Knight, Theos Thompson: halfbacks. Ztk- mund. Bob Kahler. Rubottom. Vlncen» Bradley: fullbacks. Rohn, Blue. Simmon« Kansas; Ends Hardman. O'Neill: tackles, Relph W Kern Zimmerman. Hunter guard* Hartman. Fluker; c.enters, Hhert- dan. Wilson; backs, Lirtdquist. D. Gibbens C. Gibttens. P*»llom. Hsyden. Officials- Referee, Parke Carroll. Kansas City ü.; umpire Ted O’Sullivan, Missouri; tincsnian. Bob Miller. Missouri, field judse, A. L. Haskins, Oklahoma. LEXINGTON. Neb.—Wentworth Military Academy cadet* will reverse the usual procedure and cheer the enemy when their Red Dragons take on the New Mexico Military Institute Bronci of Roswell, N. M., here Nov. 1. jjjO^ LOBSTER DINNER CAPITAL

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