The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 20, 1940 · Page 11
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 11

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 20, 1940
Page 11
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\ Miliiiesola lieals Ohio Slate, K5-7 Huskers bury Kansas under touchdown avalanche, 53-2 Markels N nvvv Í SIMIAY, OCTOBKR 2(1, 1910 ^ ant Alls Missouri running attack sinks Cyclones, 30 to 14 Siiiitli gels 2 (foplier scores BY FRITZ HOWELL. COLUMBUS. O. <^. A great ■ Minneaota team wreiiked Ohio I State’* hope* of retaining the : Welitern conference grid title Sat- 1 urday. Before 63,199 rain drenched fan*, the Golden Gopher* won. 13 to 7. after repulalng two Ohio Blue seures 18 |HHIll8 ill Big Six will llopp (fttshes to kdiisos (oor •aee* • • S3K Seconil Big 6 Satuniay^s Football Scores ... N. t. tallies all periods III Will 111 roAv HTarh < oi.i.M.K. « rrlRhtnn t1, Muniiirltr fj lOrl. Oniahit 14, North llakotii 1. IVrii i«. Tmrkto «. Wrstrrn I nloB 4«, lork ». for Tigt*rs HIO MX. COLUMBIA, Mo. ‘.1’^ Nimble >iu„iiiri 30 . low* M«tr 14 . Harry Ice of Missouri belied his »*• *'•"'•'1. . ^ Í, . j . , OhiBtMim* 14, Kham* *t»le 0. aurname Saturday aiid melted Iowa State’* Cyclone* with red hot **“* running gear that wore a l>eaten path to the goal line and gave the MirhiKHn 2 «, iiiinoi* ». Tiger* a 30*14 Big Six conference Minnr*..!. is, ohi* M*ir 7 . victory, ksmt. The 165 pounder, playing hi* first year on the Missouri var*ity, ■ 4mhrr,t 2 «. i;<M-tir»irr « rl-ctrltl,.(i 12.000 ;P«iont,' Pay'': «• spectator* with three touchdown Hriimn) » wriiniiimirr o run* that ranged from a 2 yard 1 JJ-;;;;; bolt thru center to a 51 yard zig- i K.,w(i,)in is. witiiam» i.s uin. lajRinc tunkrt. "• lc€! Sl44rtC(i ftt <|UHrt6‘rbfti»K in ^ h^jnrj Tchm, 7* Il4»%i*r I'rhm. 0. place of Paul Christman and w'hen ‘ i»rion r<iir,. sa. ►.amhoro Trhr,. «. It.- ui„ V.I 1« aoi I 4l»rkiw.i» «. ill., toll.- the big blonde ace finally did lope Cyclone-Tiger statistics t'lrit down« Yard* SKinrd ru«hin* (nrt),. Forward pa«»r« att,mpt«d ... Forward p««««« .-ompirtrd. .., Yard« by forward p*««ln* ... Yard« lo«t, attemptrd forward pa«««« . . ... Forward pa«««« lnt«rr»pt«d . .. Yard« Raln«d, run-back of int«rc«pt«d pa«»«« .............. Puntln* averag« (from »< rim > Total yard», ail kick» r«turn«d Oppf>n«nt'« fumbl«» r«cov«red Yard« loat by fumbl«« ........ la. State Mo. l.N « .113 2(11 . 33 » .11 4 .13(4 34 n 2 7« 41 3(1» 0 Aft / «« of .N. 0 (tl«l. I olby 2ft, Mlddl«hiiry ft t olgal« I-roah 7, I'rtiii n I h I c Frimh 7 (del. 4 oluniblh 1ft, t.rorala lii. t onn. 13. .Main« ft. I ornrll S3, Nyracu«« 8. ■Ink« IS, I oiaat. ft. l-jiat MIroiidalnirK Tchr*. 24, ( ortlHiid 0. I erunklln MHrahal 14. .Miihlcnbrrft 13. I rordhani 24, I’ltlahiirg 12. ; tiriH-« 4 Ity 14, 4ll«ah»ny ft. I Itaryard ft, .4rniy ft (tl«l. ' liiraiii 2. Thirl ft. Ilol) 4 roan IS, N«w I ork t'. 7. Indian» Tchr,. IS. Sllpiwry lt.ick Trhr». S. ; John Hopkln, ft, .%ni«rl«an I . ft (tl«(. Jnnlata ft, Hiiaftiirhanna 0 (del. i l.ata>rll« 4S, (■rdyaburt ft. ' I ji H h II« is , llavla Flklna A. I l.iM‘khM,«ii I'chra. 19, HI.Himohur« Trhr». ft! .Mlll>r»,lllr Trlira. 2ft, Manadrld Tchr». ft. .. ,, _ ,, Monlt lair Irhra. 2k, Kut/lown ft. into the lineup, the Tigers kept . „ their famed pa.ssing attack in their j .Nrw MumiMnirr 11 », Nprinatirid «. hip pocket* except for a brief ^ XT flurry when (Tiristman<t to; .Vnrwlrh 27. lo*»l t.nard .4ra<l«niy 1«. Ice for a touchdown. i rrririr I'nnrrr Ik. Uiwrll Tr\dl« ft. I'rnn 4«, I'rinrcltin 2k. The Tigers broke into the .scor- i>nn m * i « S4. la-tinN «. ing column afte, the game was only five and one-half minute* old KOrr i «n, Tchr, 9 . mohi in,i. 0 . a* they marched 4'2 yards to a Knun, s.s, MaricUM ». ,, ,,, 1 T ct.t. rtrraoton ft, lolrdo ft. touchdown following Iowa State ,*hiird«ff 12 , MrKmdr.« «. Quarterback Royal Lohry’s quick swarthmor« is, Fariham «. Irinil, 14, Mohnrt ft. I r,inii, 25, driawarr ft. trriiiont Ift, I nion 7. Wa,iiin«ton and Jrlf«r,on7, IMrkln,nn ft- V4r,lr.vnn 28. Hayrrlord 13. Ur,l l.lhrrt) Trhr,. 2ft, t allfomla Trhr». Tlinity 32, IMntrl Hakrr ft Wrut T««a* Mlalr 27, Flag,taff Trhr». 8. K04 h% .MOI M 4IN I olorado < olí««« 28. 4 olnradn Mlnr, 31. 4 oloradn I . 33, 4 oíorndn Stalr 14. ' l»«n\rr 41. Wyonilnft ». (.rrriry Trhr». 33, Wrdrrn ktalr 13. Montana 1.8, Montan* Statr ft. Nrvada 78. Mondrrllo A. * M. O, Rp«l, 19. Adam, Hlatr 0. I tah Slatr 7, l tah L. n. W«,t«m Slatr Froah 13, Fort l.rwi» %8- «ir» 7. 4 4 R W 4 «»T, 4 allfornia 9, I 4 I.A 7. 4 hlcn Mal« 12, Han 4 ranrUro Htatr ». 4.n,l«rn Or««on 13. l.«wt,toB Hiat« 8. l-acidr I . 13. IJndrId « f*o>iMina 23, 4 allfornla I rrh 8 Han l»tr«o Htatr 3«. Rcdland, 14. Han dn-Ko Marinr, 7, Wlllanirdr l. ft, Hoiidirrn 4 allfornla 13, drr«on «. Htanford 2«, Ua»hlnKton Mair 14. Wanhlngton 19, drraon Htatr ». Hl 4T4. 1414.11 H4 M4H1I,. R*»wtt 7 laylor 1». 4 hiipiwll il, tirant 8. 4 ulhrrt^in 13, Kcokrlnian ft. dakota 4 dy 21, Mary 12. davitl 4 lly 13. Wah.Hi O. Ijiiirrl 12, Raodolpli 8. MadUon 0, WUnrr fl <dr>. •Mllford «, 4.»rtrr ft. Skihrara 14, Biidr O thuaha Trch 27, 4»maha 4 rntral 7. Mantón 30. Tlldrn 7. Tablr Rork 2k, Hbubrrt ft. Hl AT4, HlX M%>. 4 hadron .A«,iimpdon 28, ttrlrlrb», H. d. 2. tírniM» 87, Htromabiiri t». 7. after repulsing two threats near the goal line. It was Minnesota’* third straight win of the year and its first in conference play. The de- „^ muiu rctmti cv feat was Ohio’s second in four BENTLEY, contest*, two of the losses being LAWRLNCK, Kaa. The full against conference foes. ! fury of a Nebraska eleven literally It was a game replete with pushed a long »uffering Kansas ••breaks’ the most heart breaking i -layhawker off the gridiron here one of which came to the Bucks Saturday lo compile the most de- with less than two minutes to go. i clslve victory the Huskers have Stopped on one. lever run up in the 47 game* the Trailing 13 to 7. Ohio dipped teams have played. The «core was deeply into it* razzle-dazzle bag 53 to 2. and the closest approach to surge from Its own 35 to the ; to this one sided affair was the Gopher 1-yard line. ' 47-13 decision which the Nebraska In that 64 yard jaunt were three i eleven put over in 1927. There were completed, all tossed by I 13,000 who .saw the slaughter. Quarterback Don Scott. Then Only twice during the game w'as came a Scott to Tom Kinkade the team able to penetrate forward, with a Kinkade to Leslie j Nebra.ska territory, in po.ssession Horvath lateral tacked on the end, I of the ball. Only eight times did which carried to the Minnesota 6 Nebraska have to punt. Usually Scott, who during the final , when the Huskers got the ball It surge had gambled on a fourth j j^as a touchdown, down running play when he i Major Jones sw'ept the bench In needed five yards and made six ' both halves in an effort to keep the himself—banged to the 1-yard sc'oring within rea.*onable hounds mark. Bad past fatal. Then came the break. Claude White. Ohio center who had played the entire game on the (lopher-Huck statistics Mlnnmota Ohio S First down» Score Early. but it made no difference whether it was the first or third team, the Red shirts rolled relentlessly on. Rohrig on Sidelines. W'hat w'ould have happened had Herni Rohrig been able lo play, no one knows. He did not suit up. but watched his mates roll on from the stands. A conference rule prohibits ^2 playing more than 35 in a game. ' The Nebraska eleven pounded 2 ^ j between the tackles where the Jay- I 21 ; hawks were suppo.sed to be sound- | 51! est with their two veteran guards, . Quido Massare and Jay Kern. The Huskers made some mistakes and one of them cost the ' only two points the Jays w'ere able slippery field, came up with his „core. In the third period a only poor pass of the fray. I^ng- | snapback struck Harry Hopp Forward pa,«r» attemptrd Forward pa««r» rompletrd . Yard» by forward pa«»lnR .. Yard» lo»t, attrmptrd f. p«»«r« Yd* lo»t, attrmptrd forw. pa««r« Forward pa»«r» Intrrcrptrd by Yd*, xalnrd, runback Int. pa»«< Punt avrrax« (from «crlmmaKri, Total yard», all kick» returnrd.. Opp<inrnt'» fiimhir» rrcovrrrd .. Y»rd» lo«t by prnaltir» .......... in 1« 231287 0 22 011 0 98 1 ft 21 < 021 0 ft • 00 .7.3 H41 .1!«T4 0 :i 4».30 HARRY HOPP. th(‘ .»oiiiig inaii who Ix'canu' a father only last wct'U. swung around his own right (‘tid on thi.s play to travel from midfield to the Kansas 4. It was the last play ol the first (piarter. t>n the first play in. the second period lilne made it a tomdidow n. .lake Fry stopped llopp short of the goal. \ kirk out of bounds at that point, lee, who ('ontributed one nine yard mn to the advance, barged over from the two. Boh Steuher's end«round gallop from 23 yards nut. diBgulsed by an ingeniou* fake re- verae, gave MLssouri a second touchdown with a minute lt*ft in the first period. Ice set up the «core with a 39 yard punt runback. Iowa State narrowed that margin tc^ less than a touchdown at halftime a* Lohry passed to Bill Lechtenberg and to Don Griswold from his own 45 yard line, then hit Lechtenberg again, who scored from the Missouri 10. The shirt sleeved crowd hardly had settled back into its seals at the third quarter before the slippery Ice broke around left end on the first play from scrimmage and then slanted back to the right to outrun the Iowa Sta^e secondary for a 51 yard touchdown. Christman to Ice. Midway in the quarter, nian. who was under wraps of the afternoon when he’t on the bench, pas.sed a short one to the ubiquitmi.H Ice, who .strained to take the ball over his right shoulder on the visitors’ 7 yard line and ran into the end zone. Ice, whose winged feet averaged 12 yards every time he touched the ball, retired to the bcmch for the day with Christman then, and Reserve End Don Greenwood of Missouri Intercepted a lateral down in hi* own territory and scampered 73 yards for a touchdown. Larry Owens completed three passes for Iowa State and scored on a four yard fake i-everse himself a minute before tfie game ended. He ran over for the extra point. The victory, the Tigers’ eighth straight in the conference and eighth in a row at home, gave Missouri a half-game lead in the Big Six race. It also was Iowa State’s second conference game and first Big Six defeat. Mlaauiirt , .Ir ........... Struhrr ,H..i................. Wakrman ..I* low* St at* Mc41r»w Trnoff .,., Smith ....... Klrkpatruk l-rwi« ......................rx . Bargrr .............. rt,. liravr* rr . ijohrv ................. .qh , Oarltng, Bob l>chtrnbrrg, . .rh. Bill Lrchtrnbrrg. ..fb., loii* a St«tr . .. ............ Mlwiouri ............................... Iowa Rtatr »coring l,«cht«nhrrg «nrt Owrn« (»uh for Lohry>; point» after louch<lown, Sraburg tpUce- kick». Owrn« (nin> Mi!»»ourl «corinx: Touchilown«. Icr (3) atrphrr. (Irrrnwoort (sub for Crockm. 8uh»titutton»; Iowa State, end«, Ijinxr, R.van; Ucktr«. Happr, guard«, Bttrrell. 4Thtngton; center. Kiln»: quarterback, Owrn« Tind S««burx; halfback», (iriswuld and Stewart; fullback. Oaborn« and Wilder SchuUx ...... Duchek ................. K1U» Watlaeh ...(C) Cr«>cker ................ he ....... Notowit* . , , . Starmer ,, Cunningham n 7 ft 7 M 12 0 12 ft 30 Touchdown*. Bu! ft. Wclern Rcrrve 2 . Baldwin Hall»«« 0 . HiMialer 24 , Ml. I nion ft. 4 * 1 « 13 , llartrnouth 7 . .MIOH 4 .HT, •Akron 7 . Ha>n« I . 7 ((!«». .Alfred llulbrfHik 14 , KUi 4 irandr (I. .Aim* 14 , .Adrian ft. . 9 ,bland ft, Ib-fiaiirr 0 (Or). .Aurora lot. 34 , HI»con«lii I, 4 .»trn,lon 0 . Hrhdt ft, Rlinm (I (Or), tiowlinx (ircrii 16 , Mlrblxan Noriiiai ft. Howling Orrrn 1 . 7 , 4 pailanO 0 . Riirnavlata 2 «. \ 4 arthrrg 0 . Hutlrr 19 . 4 Vab*»h 12 . 4 arlrton 13 . St. Olaf ft. 4 arthaxr 31 , Klmbrrtt <'ollrgr 0 . 4 rdur ralU 2 ft. HalainaxiM* Trhra. 19 . Central IM. 44 hrato.i IS , 4 oiicordia jm, Hamlinr 0 , 4 ornrll (U.) 19 . 4 or 7 . 4 iiOrr-Mockloii ; 42 , 4 rntral 14 . Oa.yton 23 , .Miami ft. Dr Kalb 21 . IHIikoMli Hlatr Tcbra. 7 . Diibiiqur 20 , I pprr Iowa ft. Duluth Tchra. i;i. 44 lnona Ter«. 7 . i-.iy Junior 4 ultrgr 2 ( 1 , Duluth Junior 4 ollrxr 4 ). Kiiiporia .Hlair Trhra. 27 , Houthwratrrn 0 . FoU ||a.VH Htatr 13 , Mrrlliix ft. tiiiMlapliu* .ftdolphiiM 2 ft, . 4 lr.Alr«lrr 0 . Ilanovrr 7 , Franklin ft. Howard Paynr 52 , .MrMurry 0 . Illlnola .Malr .Nor. ,3ft, 4 harlr,(on Trhr». 12 . IlllttoU Hralryan 34 , I’rnRarola .Na»al Ba<«r ft. Iowa Hlair Irbra. 2 ft, 44 ralrrn Hlatr 19 . Iowa 44 r,lryan IS, Hllliam I’rnn ft Kaiiaa, Hralryan H, Ottawa ft (On. I .«4 ro,-.« Irhr,. 'ift, Hui>rrlor Irhra. 9 . |j»kr I orral 13 . Aiigualana ft, Ijiyyrrnrr 19 . Moiimoiilh ft. Ijiyyrriirr Trrli 2 «. 7 rrrl* 0 , l.liiroln 2 ft, la-Moyiir 7 . Manrhratrr 7 , Hall .Mate ft. Mlrhlxan ( ollrxr 2 H, Mi,»ion l(ou»r (I. 4 li»»iurl \allry 2 ft, 441111 am Jrwrll 1 ft. North Dakota Hrtriirr 7 , Jamratown ft. .Norlhrrn (.MIrh.) I'rhr,. 14 , Northland 8 . .Notre Dame « 1 , 4 . arnrglr Trrh 6 . -Nntrr Dame H 7 , Ht. Hrnrdirt» 0 . tihio Northern 12 . 4 apllal 7 . tlhbt I . 1 », Furman ft. tlhlo 4 Vr»lr.YHn 2 «, DrI’auw 19 . tikla. A. A 51 . 53 . Haahington I'. 12 , Ottrrbrin 13 . HliilHon ft. I’rinclpia 13 , Fnrrka 0 . Hrhrrlnrr 19 , lainiar ft. Mtiith Dakota 2 ( 1 , Morning,idr 8 . Nt. 4 loud Trhr». 32 , 'lankato Tchr*. 0 . Ht. Jo,rph 2 «, l:yan»ylllr 7 .Ht. . 41 ary» 21 , .AuxRhurg 7 . Ht. .Nikrbrrt» 2 ii, Carroll 10 . Trrrr Hautr Tchr». 27 , 4 >r«ad Rapid* 0 . 4 alp»ral<M> 2 «, Danville Trhr». 0 . Harrrnwbiirg Trhr«. 7 , .Mbi»ourl Miner* 6 . 44 rllrnhrrg H. Drnlaon ft. Hhitrwatrr Trhr«. 19 , .Milwaukee Trhr». IS. 4 Vtrlilla r. 12 . Hltt»burgh, Ka»., Trhr». 8 . Hllbrrforee 32 . Knowlllr 2 . HtH TH. Ala. A. * M. Inal. 39 . Talladega ft. Alrttrn A. A M. 34 . Ml**l,»lppl Induatrlal 0 , Hiaine I'rhr». 9 , Newberry 7 . Rradlry 19 , Ml. I’lranant Trhr». 0 . Davldaon 27 , Hewanee 20 . Florida 19 . . 4 taryland 0 . Florida N. A I. 2 «. Ft. 4 alley N, * I. 0 . tieorgia Tech 19 . Vandrrhllt ft. tiranihling Trhr«. 2 «, Philander Hlth V. Orrrnyltle Tchr*. 13 , Tu,culiim 0 . Hampton 7 . Hliirfirld ln*f. (I. Hlghikilnt 17 , l-Inniry Henry 0 . Ja*. Millikin 14 , Knox ft. J. C. Hnilth 17 . 44 e»l \ IrKinja Hlatr 7 . Kriiturky 24 , (ie«!«!« 44 a,hltigton ft. Kentucky Junior ( ollrge 7 , Florida A. A M. 7 . ; l.a. .Normal IS, Ijl. Trch 0 . : l.iving,looe ft, Allen ft <Or). I laiuKlana 2 «. Mercer (I. Mrmphi, I'rhr,. 28 , l.oulrlana ( •dirge 13 . I Middle I'rnncee I'rhr,. 13 , ( iimbrrland ft. I Milligan 19 . 4 ar<u»n Neyyman 0 . MliUap, 14 , , 4 |i,,i„lppl Hoiilhrrn 7 . MlK,i„l|>p| 14 , Dliqucnr ft. 411 »,. Hlair 4 ft, Howard 7 . Montgomery Trhr,. 28 , Hoiith t arolina A M. ft Foi’dliaiii uses I’itl mistakes to win, 24-12 Maiiv fiiiiihles oil \se[ field riTrSBURGH. (I’P). A quick I from the 10-yard line on a . .striking Fordham univer.sity eleven i .second He picked off one of Marvin Van- took advantage of the breaks tn on a ,3 yard plunge. They climaxed j daveer's in the third period over three touchdowns in the (jrive* (»f 55 and 69 yards, re- and roared down the sidelines 48 second period Saturday for a 24 ppectively. to 12 victory over the Pitt Pan- j Smith also gained 139 yards in thers on a snow covered gridiron jg ru.shing attempts. A crowd of 40,000 was on hand to see both teams score early in j ground, the first period. Fordham rushed, The Gophers stayed on the ahead quickly at the start of the I ground the entire distance, not second quarter and before Pitt! once taking to the air, while the hurst fell on the ball on the 13, but Ohio’s chance had flowi;. Bruce Smith. Minnesota’s 193 pound halfback from Faribault, Minn., W’as the game’s outstanding star. He counted both Gopher touchdowns, one in the first pe- the chest and bounced away from him. He tried to run it out of the i end zone but was nailed before he could make It. Vike’s Run Called Back. i There .seems to be an eternal jinx on long runs by Vike Francis could get control of itself the Rams had .scored three more times. The turf in Pitt stadium was wet and slippery at game time and before the first period ended a layer of snow covered the playing field. The underfooting was treacherous and ball handling was difficult of the snow and cold. Jones Breaks Loose. Pitt put over its touchdown before the game was more than three minutes old. The Panthers took the kickoff and roUeil upfield until they reached the Fordham 34. Then Edgar “Special Delivery’’ Jone.s ran outside his right end for 34 yards * and a touchdown. The tide turned quickly in favor of Fordham, however. Pitt stopped one drive on its 33 yard line but the Rams came right back and sent Janies Blumenstock, of Rutherford, N. J., rambling around his left end and dow'n the sidelines on a 49 yard touchdown run. Len Eshmont, shifty left halfback, scored the first of his two touchdowns from the Panthers’ one yard line in the second period. Fordham got possession there W'hen a bati pass from center got away from Bob Thurbon, Pitt’s right half, as he sought to punt. Eshmont Tallies. Steve Filipowicz, sophomore fullback, smacked over the second score from the tw’o yard line after John Kuzman, burly left tackle, blocked a Pitt punt and Alex Santilli recovered for Fordham. The last Fordham touchdown was made by Eshmont on a 14 yard jaunt around his left end. The play was set up when Kuzman recovered a Pitt, fumble on the Panthers’ 33 yard line, Fordham’s three touchdowm advantage stood until midway in the third period when Pitt made its final score on Jones’ 18 yard touchdown run around right end. In the fourth period, Fordham made its last threat. Eshmont took a short pass from Filipowicz to go over the goal line but the play was nullified on the officials’ luhng that Fordham screened the pass. Bucks hit the air lanes 22 times, completing 11 for 98 yards. Minnesota loat no time displaying its vaunted power. seven plays after taking Scott’s quick kick on their own 45 In the opening session, the Gophers were over the Buckeye goal line. Smith tried a drop kick for the extra point but missed. Ohio bounded right back. Dick Fi.sher slanting off tackle for 57 yards to the Gopher 21. Capt. James Langhurst and Fisher alternated to reach the 1-yard line, but Minnesota took over on downs. A few minutes later Joe Mernick, substitute back, fumbled on the Gopher 20, and White recovered for Ohio. Anderson tallies. The Bucks surged in for the touchdown, a fourth down Langhurst to Scott lateral, followed by a Scott to Charles Anderson forward, sending the big Negro end over for the marker. Scott booted the placement that put the Bucks out front, 7 to 6. Smith reeled off two 23 yard da.shes shortly after the second period started to spark the 69 yard march and within three minutes the Gophers had the winning touchdow’n. Guard Paschka place- kicked the extra and last point of the game played in a cold rain. The lineup and summary: yards to what appeared to be a touchdown But F^ddie Schwartzkopf was ch11(x1 for clipping and ii ' 25 yards instead of the ousto- 1 mary 15. Vike thought he was being called for stepping out of bounds and was too forceful in hi* protests. When he di.scovered the reason he apologized at once. , The Huskers used very little fancy stuff. When they discovered they could punch holes in the K. U. middle there were few reveraes. Most of time the ball was shapped j to the ball carrier who drove for the various holes inside and outside of tackle. ^ ■ Heat Beats Pierce. The JayhawkcrS suffered a bad j break when Don Pierce, scrappy | 186 pound center had to leave the tíé HOW IT STARTED; Tl.ia is a vm - vv ,,f N.hraska's f.isl in ll.n ,uaUìM^^ I'.ijr Vik- field on a stretcher. Fnuici.s ha.s the hall duiclicd iii his right iirm aiul is tlnvmg into a cumforlahly wide hole iii Glenn Presnell had made a statement in Topeka Friday that was borne out completely. “If this team ever gets rolling once, as it did .several times in spring practice, some one is going to .suffer,’’ he declared. They rolled, all three teams of ’em, and Kansas suffered. The touchdown parade was high- See 53 2, Page 3-B, Col. 7. tin* Kansas forward vail. He ])owcr(M| across the goal liii(\ with not ninch to spare. 'I'lie official in the fore«gronnd is dashing dose to signal the instant Francis readies the promisi'd land. Northneslerii bares* 0))io States Minnesota Anderson ...............le____ ............... Rinxcr Daniel .........................It------ ............ Wlldunx Bruckner ...............18.... ............. Kuu«l«tn White .......... ..............c ... .......... Bjorklund Nosker ...................rx... .............. Paschka Stephenson ...............rt.... ................. Od »on Clair ............ Scott ............ ...............qb... ............ Paffrath Flaher .......... ........ Ih,. . ................. Franck Kinkade ... ..............rh...................... Smith Langhurat ..............fb... Sweiger Ohio State . ............... .7000—7 Minnesota .6 7 0 0- 13 Ohio State touchdown :Anderson. Point from try after touchdown: Scott (placement). Minnesota touchdown»;Smith 2. Point from try after touchdown: Paschka (place- Mliuiouri, end», F.verla. Ureeaw<,Kl. U,ter. xi^r.,«« «i i t Steiiber. Otten; tackle., Aussieker, Uxltt- ♦ ' '"P."" .F foot. Mettinxer, PheUi». Hirich and Saeeney; xuard*. Kckdahl, Fitixerald. J«f- fene«. Liebig and Stachkay; center, Jeffer.«.I- 4 . 1 .... ixuriinHHia ¿> 1 . ivinc i. Morrl, Hrown Ift, tUirehiiuw ft. Ml. Ht, Mary, ft. I'ltUiniar Htale ft. North t arilina 1.3, North t'arolloa Hlate 7. .North f arolina t olKge ft, Ht. I’aiil ft. met; halfbacks, Adam», Carter, Chase, Meyer»; fullback, K.k«rn and R«ec« R«f«r««. M. G. VoU. Nebraaka; umpire. Bat Shunatona, Oklahoma; head ltn««man. Art Stark. aKnsa* State; ft«ld Judse, Louts House, Iowa. Texas scores 21 points ill third Houth iicorxla 13, .xiarloii ft Houthapstern fl'enn.) 21, Hendrix ft. Tenit. 37, Al»b»nta 12. Trn. 44rsl«yan 19. Hi-evard 14. Toax»l«H> 2ft, Dillard ft. Troy Tthra. 14, Htatcboro Tehrs. 8. Talane 15. Rler 8. Tnakrg«« 18, Georgia Mate College 0. t nhin (Ky.) ft, 'rransylvania (I (tie). Virginia Military 7. Virginia ft. 4 Irglnia Htale 2«, Howard 0. Hagwpr 14. Berxen Jnnlor t ullege 8. 43akp Forest SI. Marshall 19. 44a*hlngton and 3, KlrhiiMuid 0. V4e»t \ irglnia Si. 44, Mrglnia Healryan 0 LITTLE ROCK. iJP\. The.Uni­ versity of Texas crowded a 21 to 0 Virginia 32 . H. \lrglnla 44r,lryan 0 . SouthwMUrn ccnferince vlcjory “ over the University of Arkansas sot th 44 Fht. Into a single quarter Saturday aft-' Ahiirne t hrutian 21 . H«nth»e»i«rii Tex»« o, erniwn before approximately 10,- 'rt*ona i. 29 . tenten«ry « 000 fans. Cowboy Jack Crain scored one of the Longhorns’ three touchdowns and placekicked an extra point. But he .npent the entire Arka«!***’»"« second half on the bench while PittFordham Cervell* .. ...................le.. ................... Dennery Konetsky . ...................It .. ................... Kuzman GradUek ...................I k Bennett Sinco . ... ............. c. ............. De Filippo Fife .......... ........... TK ....................». Sartori Benz ...................rt.. ................... Ungerer , GoodridK« . ............... LannlnK ■ Seketa ... ................ qh........................... .Noble ' Jone* ,... .......... !h. .................. E*hmont Thurbon .. ...................rh........... Blumenstock ^ Kracum .. ...................fb. ................. Filipowicz ment). Ohio State *uh»tltutlon*; Knd*. Her*h- berxer. Fox, McCafferty. Tackles. Maax. Dixon, Guard«. Thom Howard. Back« Strausbaugh, Horvath. Sexton, Graf, Hal- lahrin, Sweeney. Minnesota subatitutiftns; Knd.,, Fitch, Htrscher, Baumgariner. Tackle*. Vant Hull, l.«chner. Guards, Pukema, Smith. Center, Flick. Backs, Mernick, Daley Plunkett. Official«; iteferee, Jam«« Masker (Northwestern): umpire, John Schommer. (Chicaxo): field Judge. H Vmmillard (UUnoia Wesleyan); bead linesman, Pau) Goebel, (Michigan i. Pittsburgh Fordham . .....6 0 ft 0—12 ....................« 18 0 0—24 Touchdowns; Pitt. Jones 2. Fordham, Eshmont 2. Blumenstock, Flllpowlc*. Substitution«: Utt, end. Gurzenaki; tackle, Benghouser; guards. Antonelli, Mitchell; center«, Kunkle, Allshouse; back«, BoneilU, Stetler, Dutton, Saksa. Fordham, end, RItinskI; tackles, Hudacek, SantlUl; guards, Ptere. Lucas; backs, Hearn, Pie- culewlcz. Shedloaky. Krtvtc, Lewczyk, Kellagher Baylor 7, 4illanoxa ft .Norlhweatern Dklahonm ft, t entrai Dkla- hoina ft (tie). .Hoiithern .Melh4*dl«t 2«. .Vaburn IS. Hoiilliwestern Oklahoma 24, .Nnrlheastern UklMliom« 2. U.S.d. flalleiis Orejioii U.a LOS ANGELES, i^. Southern California’s Trojans, registering their first Pacific Coast conference victory, outlasted a battling band of Webfoots from the University of Oregon and a heat wave that had the mercury over the 100 degree mark to ride on to a 13 to 0 triumph before 40,000 in Memorial coliseum Saturday. The game Oregonians held the Trojan Rose bowl machine fast for the first half but saw their efforts wasted late in the third quarter w’hen a dash thru the line by Quarterback Bobby Peoples turned into a lateral to big Ben Carolina’s Tar Heels turned back | Sohn. 226 pound guard. Sohn, a last quarter threat and defeated | heaviest man on the field, charged North Carolina State. 13 to 7. In a ; 42 yards to set up the touchdown Tar Heels turn hack Stale, 13-7 RALEIGH, N. C. LP). North gs to Badgers Wildcats .slip^ over 27-7 win IdADISON, Wis. (^1. The Northwestern Wildcats, conquerors of Ohio State and Syracuse, remained among the nation’s undefeated team.s by overpowering the University of Wisconsin Badgers, 27 to 7, in a Western conference game before 25,000 spectators here Saturday. Utilizing both their pa.ssing and running game to good advantage, the Wildcats took the lead in the second period and never relinquished it. ‘They slashed to scores twice in the second period and twice in the final quarter. Wi.sconsin, which could get few ; beyond the alert North-1 western secondary and few long gains thru the strong Wildcat forward wall, scored early in the NOT BLUE MONDAY, hut hliM’ ........... - . . . i , * t i i fourth period after a sustained] Kansas F.i yartl lino. Ho started iroin tlio inKificld striiic, cut over Ins o\'a rmlit tac march sprinted thru a clear field until woiild-he taekh rs chased him out of hounds. He’s alone here, Chambers Scores Two. j ^ looks like he had jileutv of blocking to “siiriug” him. Floyd Chambers accounted for i . two Northwestern scores while George Benson and Bill De Corre-, vont supplied the others. Jim McFadzean countered for Wisconsin. De Correvont and Don Clawson, Purple fullback, were injured during the game, but reports from the dressing room said both would be ; able to play next week. Lineups and summaries; Salurdav: M'he llusker fullback is well oii his way to tho Northwestern Wi»con«in Texa, 4. A M. 21. lex», ( hri,0*« 7. every member oí the Texas squad %•***■ *■ Texa, Mine, 9, New Mexleo 7. saw action. i Texas 44e»leyiui 30. Oklahntna B»|>ti»t 18. 1 backfield «tar. thrill-packed Southern conference football game Saturday. An estimated 15,000 witne.Hsed the con- te.rt, highlighted by the sparkling play of Jim Lalanne, Carolina on the Webfoot 2 Peoples dropped back and flipped a short pas.w over the line to End Joe Davis for the tally. Tackle Bob De Lauer added the extra pomL Smith ............ ...............le .......................... Phlltp Bauman .... ..............It ................... Thornally Lokenc .......... ..............18 ............................ Gile Helmenz ,,.. .................c. .......................... Henry Zorich ........................rg .......................... Gaxe Aarts ............ ...............rt. ...................... Tornow Butheru« ... ........................ I/>renz Richards . .. ...............qh ........................ Farri» DeCorrevont ..............Ih. ...................... Hoskins Chambers..............rh. ........................ Miller Clawson . .................fb. ................... Paskvan Northwestern ...... ------ 0 14 0 13 27 Wisconsin . . . .. 0 0 0 7—7 Northwestern * e o r 1 n k: Touchdowns, Chamt'er* 3, fieCorrevont Benson (sub for Chambers) Point« from try after touchdown. Smith, Benson 2 ( placements >. Wisconsinscorms: Touchdown, M< Fad¡ zean tsuh for Milter)Point from try 1 after touchdown. Gage(placement). Washington L turns back Oregon State Huskies rally to will, 19 to 0 SEATTLE, Wash. (INS). Oregon State’s Rose Bowl hopes sank In the mud of Washington Stadium Saturday a* the Huskies pounded to a 19 to 0 victory be- first play, fore 30,000 thoroly dampened A beautiful punting exhibition ! spectatois. by McAdams kept the Beaver* at i The Huskies capitalized on * ] bay thruout the The clos- I fumble and a 15 yard penalty to j est the visitors could come to the [ tally in the third and fourth quar -1 Husky goal was the 36. Wrecks of Teseli wreck Vaiulerhilt ATLANTA. i/P). Georgia Tech opened of its share of the Southeastern conference football title impres.sively Saturday by smacking Vanderbilt, 19-0, before 20,000 customers. ters and with the game in the bag, Gene Walters, substitute halfback, raced 61 yards for the final touchdown as the gun sounded, ending the game. Ernie Steele, left half, broke the deadlock early in the third quarter on a 10 yard cutback over his own left tackle. The score came after Ray Frankowski had recovered Jim Ki.sselburgh’s fumble on the OSC 30, and a Statue of Lib- i erty play from Dean McAdams to ! Nevada riiiik w ihi as Steele netted 24 yards. I » i a v aj i A penalty for unnece.s.sary | 'ArkailHaK A. cv .yI. Iiovvr roughnes.s which placed the ball o.T I RENO. (INS). The University the 1-prd line gave the Huskie.s' of Nevada Wolf Pack continued the clinching score, as McAdam.i, it.s big scoring sessions in Reno pounded over left guard on the ! Saturday. defeating Arkansa* A, M , 78 to 0. Nevada made its touchdown in the two play* after the kickoff. in than one minute. A second score followed shortly by Motley.

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