The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 3, 1956 · Page 28
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 28

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1956
Page 28
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WHERE TO GO I ilium iiiiiin"i WHAT TO DO 4-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines Tuesday, April 3, 1956 Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON Hollywood, Calif—Smiley Burnette, Clown Prince of the Far West, recently nursed his bedraggled, black hat through* its 171st picture! It's been twenty-two years since Smiley, a young radio comic PLANTATION BALLROOM WHXTTEMORE, IOWA Friday, April 6 FRANK BUHR Sunday, April 8 DON HOY Friday, April 13 RAY STOLZENBERG Sunday, April 15 HENRY CHARLES Friday, April 20 ANDY DOLL No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 at the time, donned his floppy, black, 3-X Beaver headgear to follow Gene Autry into Film- land's celluloid wastelands. The durable Mr Burnette has worn well, despite the day to day wear-and-tear any movie comedian must expect but, the hat— that droopy, old veteran i.f a thousand film escapades, is fast sagging into a shapeless blob of felt. * * * While Smiley could grow new hide, to replace skin left here and there all over the backlot in the interests of laughs? the battered bonnet just sort of disintegrated. It had been doused in puddles and watering-troughs, trampled Milton E. Putnam EVERYONE COME SKATING PARTIES National Hot Rod Ass'n BENEFIT Friday, Apr. 6 St. Cecelia's Academy BENEFIT Mon., Apr. 9 DOOR PRIZES Admission 50c Star Roller Rink! Algona, Iowa Hi, FISHERMEN! Please Accept This As Our Personal, Sincere Invitation To Spend Your Vacation At One Of The Friendliest Resorts Anywhere . . .Where Guests Come Year After Year To Enjoy Relaxation And The Best Of Fishing In Our Two Bottle Lakes, Part Of The Famous Mantrap Chain. We have a modern cottage waiting for you and will be happy to make your reservation now while dales are still available. Write us for our complete story. Summers 7 Pine Point Park Rapids, Minn. 14tf ALGONA^ TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY The Thrill-Story of the pleasure empire of today's great Southwest! THURSDAY FOR 3 DAYS ! / Marjorie MA N- Arthur HUNNICUIT v,i»hUNAMERKEL-TEOdeCORSIA M § CHAMS UWHI • Stwj art ScietnpiS) i, M* !i MHO •AUIiHtMlliHiiKA'WLPit'llkt by steers, chewed by mules, nicked by riccocheting slugs, crumpled under stage-coach wheels and pierced by flying arrows. Not infrequently, these mishaps befell the ancient hat while the Burnette skull was parked inside! * * * It was a "good" hat. a lucky hat! It started out on that first, eventful. Western trek with Smiley and he was loath to replace the old sky-piece. He'd keep adding supports. A stitch of thread, a pin, a paper-clip or staple. Anything that would hold it together through another picture. In fact, more than once, a bit of scotch-tape held wandering sections in some semblance of shape until more permanent repairs could be effected. * * * It is a question whether Smiley Burnette absorbed a little character from this venerable hat or whether the soft, old, felt acquired some of the Burnette personality. Certain it is that, like the friendship of Smiley, it wore well, and comfortably. The aura of rugged simplicity could have emanated from either—or both. With a wilted brim propped skyward at the prow, in an "off-the-face" tilt, there was more than a suggestion of open- faced honesty and naivete. * * * More than two decades ol moppets came - to know "the funny cowboy with the turned up hat brim." In his personal appearances, thousands of kiddies tried on this 10-gallon "sieve." Thousands more wore it while their pictures were taken on the Burnette knee. Ice cream and lollipop stains mingled with prop "blood" and the Fuller's Earth of countless movie "deserts." f * # Still possessing a rakish air in its dog-eared, tattered, old-age, Smiley's hat has been withdrawn from the rigors of a movie workday. At last reports, Smiley's head had seconded the motion! Together, they'll play about 15 weeks of fair dates each' year while the Burnettes leisurely tour the country. — And, if Smiley doesn't always tip his hat while in costume,—it's not a lack of courtesy! Who would want to watch an old friend fall apart at the seams right before his very eyes? * * . * Disneyland went slightly "old hat" on Easter Sunday as Easter bonnets of half a century ago were proudly worn in Walt Disney's magic kingdom. In an Easter parade right'put of.Yester- day, hoop skirts, horseless carriages and finery of'another cnr made their appearance on, "Main Street, U.S.A." Most of the costumes • were from the famous, and very valuable, collection of Mrs Helen Larson in Whittier, Calif. Historic garments, loaned to Disneyland for the occasion, included such priceless items as a satin dress once owned by Mrs Rutherford Hayes, wife of President Hayes. * » * Automobile enthusiasts also enjoyed a gala day as Ihey thrilled to a parade of ancient "horseless carriages" in which all makes and models were displayed, dat- Roger Anderson ALGONA,., Sunday - 3 Days ' COLUMBIA HCTU«tS PH4HU : VICTOR MATURE GUY MADISON ROBERT PRESTON Their great d«t4s won us th« fo«4 to a mighty continent! »„.,-.« C010 '" JAMES !!»[• ANNE BANCROFT 2nd HIT! A GREAT POG STORY "IT'S A DOG'S LIFE" With the Dog "WILDFIRE" REPMUND GWENN At Drive-In Even a young boy's life holds no value for ihe assassination-bent savage killer. Kim Chainey plays (the boy and Frank Sinatra the killer in "Suddenly", playing Sunday and Monday, at the Starlite Drive-In theater. ing from 1900 to 1915. There were Maxwells, Locomobiles, S.tanley Steamers, a Velie—rand, yes, even an old Chalmers in among the other cars forming the lineup. As the brave, little grand fathers of today's sleek motors proudly chugged their noisy way past gingerbread-bedecked, Gay Nineties buildings, the great "whirley-bird" helicopters from Disneyland's Heliport p a s s cd over them on their routine pas- Roland Bernau senger flights. And, in nearby Tomorrow] and, youthful Space Travelers loading aboard TWA's "Rocket Trip To The Moon' worshiped at the shrine of modern space-eaters, the turbines of jet propulsion! SIX WINKERS Be sure to read this page thoroughly and if you spot your name individually, you will receive free admittance to ihe two hit movies, "The Last Frontier" and "It's a Dog's Life", playing Sunday for three days at the Algona Theater. Just give your name at the box office. Hi Jinks * * * * Devoted to "Behind The Scenes" Items From Algona High School. Last Monday was D-day as report cards were dispensed. Students recovered between the two bobtailed weeks to celebrate a cottontailed weekend. * * * M. S. Found in a Beer Can Dept.—Pat Van Allen handed her American history term paper to Mr Palmer in this somewhat unusual container. The can was. except for the paper, unfortunately empty. * * * Last week brought its usual Mrs Anna Geischecker IOWA'S WONDER SHOWPLACI The Sl9f$lSF CLEAR LAKE , IOWA FRL, APRIL 6th ANDY DOLL'S RIDGE-RIDERS SAT., APRIL 7lh JULES HERMAN And Orchestra WED., APRIL llth Teen-age Dance COUNTRY CLUBBERS THURSDAY NITE - 7 to 9 p.m. BRINGS KIDDIES IT'S ALL FREE Everyone Is Invited ! • Come On Out . . . , Browse Around ., And Get Acquainted ! 4 Color Cartoons Snack Bar Will Be Open ! Free Cartoon Books For All The Youngsters ! SCREEN: FRIDAY & SATURDAY JOHN WAYNE 'SUSAN HAYWARD in 'FIGHTING SEABEES" RANDOLPH SCOTT in "THUNDER OVER THE PLAINS" assortment of damaged fingernails and or bowling alleys, as the girls' gym clashes at AHS made their annual invasion. « * * Around the batketball loop, ihe 12-3 girls, under the sign of the Sprig, smashed through the regain the championship they Jost as juniors last year .., s,harp- shooter Gorene Fahre'nkrog led the faculty to\ a rather decisive 51-21 victory over the All-Stars game, 12-3 vs. All-Stars. ' * * » Seniors were last week casting anxious eyes toward the snowy skies and polishing up their earmuffs for the long walk to receive their fur-lined diplomas. * - • * • * Student council launched their campaign to elect Tom Hutchison as district treasurer, wished momentarily that he could change his name to the more suitable for rhyming Tail Bell, and finally settled on the campaign slogan, Roland Haas "YoU'll Get'Much If You Vote For Hutert!" ' < —8S. SAVED Dale Kuhnau of Dallas Center was covered with burning gasoline wben an auto tank exploded there recently. Mis life was saved by John Shaffer, \\v\\o was also burned. Shaffer prevented Kuhnau from running and tore off,his burning clothing. BROTHERS There's quite a brother act in the Chariton national guard company. Twelve sets of brothers, 24 in all, are included on the company roster. BURNED At Batavia, Marilyn Giltnor tripped over a wire while carrying a shotguft. It was a close call; the blast caused burns on her face and neck. Mrs Luella Ester SQUARE i SAT., APR. 7 8:30 to 12 o'clock K. C. HALL K.C. Square Dance Club Algona, Iowa I SUMMER SESSION Buena Vista College STORM LAKE, IOWA \ Continue Work Toward Your Degree . . : Renew or Reinstate Your .Teaching Certificate . . . TWO TERMS: June 4 — July 14 July 16 — August 18 REGISTRATION DATES: First Term — June 4 Second Term — July 16 For Information, Write: \ Dean W. D. Wesselink Director of Summer Session Buena Vista College Storm Lake, Iowa Barry's Recreation League Standings Hawkeye Lanes League Standings Published each week through Courtesy of Morck Dist. Co. & Storz'Brewirig Co HAWKEYE LANES American League W L Titonka _78V ; - 33 1 ,-'Studer's 73 39 Brandt Buick 72'^ 39'A Hamilton Hatchery .-67 1 :; 44M> Baker's Livestock 65'-2 4G'/i Sjogren's 64'/2 47 M- Boone Ridge 47 \'-> 64'.-. Robinson Produce 44 1 * 67Vi> Sorcnson Mtr. 43 69 Corwtlh 40 72 Lions 38 Ms 7 3 Ms Hefti Lockers 30 VO National League W L Algona Produce 79^ 32M> Ernie Williams P-C _.68 44 West End Billiards _.65^ 46«^ Burt Co-Op Elcv. 64% 47 1 /-Seven-Up 62 li > 49'£ Bancroft Oil Co. 60 52 Ready-Mix 59 53 Ernie Williams J-D -_62':> 59'a Rood Ins. •_ __44 68 Britt 41 71 Kossuth Co. Imp. 39'i 72',i Ray's Jack Sprat 36 76 Western League W L Titonka IK 36 Pioneer-Hibred 74'2 37 J i Swartz Hdwe. 74 38 Burt :?0 42 Mutual nf Omaha (>0 52 Sjosren's 59 53 Sargent Feeds 58 54 Thennogas ,i4 5<i Plantation _^: 50'2 61'i Albright Aero-Ser"v. __50 Thomas Skelgivs ____*29 Kossuth Motor 21 4 Classic League W Hamm's 83'!: State Farm Ins. 75'.2 S. & L. ...71 Titonka 67 Plantation 66 Beecher Lane Appl. -.64. • Hub Clothiers 48'.is Seelcy Farms 46 Root Hdwe. 43V 2 Miller High Life 39 Burt 34 Scobba Skelly Serv. _-34 Mixed League W Sinclair Oilers 76 Has Beens 71 Brandt Buick --65 Conoco Service 64 Buckaroos 58 1 -. Aces 54'/2 Vets ---52M: Farmers Co-Op 51 Standard Oil 50'u Sargent Feeds 48 Strudels 47 Hutzell's Cities Serv. -34 LARRY'S Monday Men W Miller HighJLife 59 Bode Billiards 58 Moose 57 K. of C. . 54 Bode D-X -_40 ' 62 ^Clark Grain Co. ___'__ .43' 83 •Schulte Recreation __30Ms 91 "Don's Phillips 66 27 L * Tuesday Men W 28 >,2* Hamm's 53 41 ""Secley Farms 49 45' jBlatz 48 46 fRuss & Ky's 47 48 JPetersen's 41 63'/a.Barry's __;39 66 * National Guard 22 68^5Wednesday Women W 73 -Cook's Welders 50'-i> 78 2 Thuento ' s --- —-47 1 -! 78 » Druggists' Mutual 4fl'. a L ^Bancroft ... 37 36 .United Variety _30Mi 41 >Moose 29'-is 47 tCoast-to-Coast 28 48 iWelp's Hatchery 18' 2 53 it, ^Thursday Women W SV^JSharp's .... ...48 i;n i ^•Bill's Standard 41 fil "fDeKalb 3!! 61 i!,JVan's Cafe 37 05 JStorz-Ettes r .-32 73 •Wallburg's Texaco -_.31 2 Brad ley B'rosr 27 IMixed Doubles W <?Chrome Cafe 22'2 • JCowan Motor Court _.21 L *Coast-to-Coast 20 31 jBig Four '-._17 yo ^Phonies 17 33 »K and E 15Ms 36 ?No Goods 11 50 Algona Produce 5 55 . 59' i 63 L 37 35 38 39 43 4l> 48 65 L 21'2 24 '2 25P .. 35 41 '.'3 42 Ms 44 53 la L 24 31 34 35 38 40 41 45 L 10 'i 12 13 13 16 17 Hs 19 28 The above Bowling Standings are Presented, to You Each Week Through The Courtesy of MORCK Distributing Co. *ND THE STORZ BREWING CO. Like a refreshing dip, Sforz has what it takes to satisfy your thirst. Each golden glassful is a toast to pleasure — Bitter-Free pleasure — with no lingering aftertaste. You'll find it less-filling, too- That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly

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