Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 30, 1973 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1973
Page 23
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Forty Attend 40th Hut son Family Reunion RNOXVILL& - About 40 sons attended the 4Wt reunion of the lsdiah Hutsott family Sunday at the Newman Com* Muntty Center. Mrs. Cora Lacy was reeog* nifted as the oktest, member present; Joyce Mootehead wad *he youngest. Members fejwt* ed five deaths since the last reunion including Benny Ro- sifie, 2any Huteon, Gertrude Howard, Setii Hutson and Sylvia Lumberry. There were four marriages: Sheryll Danforth and Bradley Siever; Charles Cai^penter and Sandra Thomas; Vickie Dredge Anderson and Ricfcie Morrison; and Thomas Dennis and Mary Stickle. Eleven births were re- parted. Others present included Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Moorehead and Jolene, Martha, Karen, Lisa and Amy, Henderson; Mr. and Mrs. George Dredge and Richard of Gttson; Mr. and ANNABEL PETERSON CORRESPONDENT Home Address: 210 N. Timber St. Galesbufg, 111. Classified Advertising Dial 343*7181 k Ofrice MOUHS: MandAy through Ftiday- „ „ 8 A.M.-4:30 P.M. Saturday r 8 A.M.-3JP.M. TRANSIENT CASH RATE Effective Match 1, 1971 Words 7-days 1-day Phone 289-2816 1-20 1 5.21 I 8.78 1 1.50 21-25 1 6.13 1 4.20 * t 1.68 r 26*30 t 6.78 | 4.49 1. 1.82 31-35 -1 7.84 | 8.24 1 2.13 Mrs. Lester Lena of St. Augustine; Julie .dteek of Bushnell; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lenz, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Monzo, Fred Dredge, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilhelm, Mr. and Mrs. Harley Griffith, Ed Griffith, Zella Cunningham, Clara Adcock, all of Galesburg. OrvaUe Dredge, Evelee Borrell Woods, Faye Higgins, Lee Hutson, Mrs. Mildred Scraggy, Mrs. Dorothy Senders and Floyd Lenz, all of KnoxviJte. Tlie committee in di arge consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Grilfith and Mr. aid Mrs. Rus­ sell Cheek. Knoxville firemen were caliL- ed out last night at 10:45 after a ,c ar be tocging to Charles Cadton caught fire northeast of the Knox County Nursling Home. The car was reported as a total loss. The Knojcvilile Rotary Club will meet Tuesday at noon at the Galesburg Sheraton Motor Inn. Guest speakers will be two women who are attempting to organize a Christian .women's club in the area. Rotarian wives will also attend. Blind Ad Charge—50c a Card of Thanks. In Memo Ham, Lodge Notices, Other Notices, 1 inch or less—$2.75. ASH RATE—Appllei when ad is paid within 8 days from date of last insertion. > in Memoriam—2 r Festival President Breaks Arm in Fall CABLSON, Mrs. Elsie — In loving memory of our wife and mother who passed away three yean ago today, July 30. 1370. In our hearts your memory lingers. Sweetly tender, fond and true, There is not a day, dear mother, That we do not think of you. Sadly Missed by: Arthur S. Carlson Violet Carlson Marie & Wayne Carlson . - . — —- - •- —• " •* • • • * Notices - Special - Personal—5 PREGNANT and NEED HELP? Call Birthright 343-4913 PROBLEM? something about it? Let you help yourself. Phone 24 hours. Confidential. Nevada Fire The charred remains of telephone poles stand over the blackened earth near Hallelujah Junction, Nev., following a brush fire in the area yesterday. To the south smoke blots out the mountains as the fire burned with another one just north of Reno. UNIFAX ABINGDON — Forrest Bates, president of the Abingdon Fall Festival Assn., suffered a broken arm and bruises when he fell from a ladder while working at the festival grounds Saturday about 6 p.m. Bates was listed in fair condition today at St. Mary's Hospital, Galesburg, where he was taken by Abingdon police emergency ambulance. Lost and Found-* ABINGDON BLACK Angus heifer with white utter strayed from William Jacob's pasture, R.R. 1, Gilson, 2894392. Business Service— 7 MRS. GERALDINE BAUER CORRESPONDENT Home Address: RFD Augustine 9 2477 DeSoto usAuth n 9 spital MADRID (UPI) His real life adventures made him a modern Monte Cristo, the master of escape who found fame and fortune beyond the walls of French jails.. But unlike the French fictional figure, Henri Charriere actually lived most, if not all, of the adventures he recounted in an international best seller he called "Papillon," French for butterfly and his nickname. "Papillon" died Sunday at age 66. Officials at a private Madrid • # m clinic where he died said the t former Devil's Island convict succumbed following surgery for cancer of the throat. They said he was admitted July 19 own to wealth in 1969 with his account and had undergone two opera- promotional appearances tions during the past week. assail harsh French justice. A spokesman said Charriere's Not everyone agreed he told body will go later to France for the unvarnished truth but they burial. * all agreed he wrote an exciting "Papillon" attained fame and story. Charriere wrote 500 pages of - . VJJ- . TX. , n "Papillon" in two months, of prison life in French Guiana, ^ a elmtaTy where he said he endured two copy fo&s with dialogue and years of solitary confinement description. Its casual, conver- and made 10 escapes in 13 sational style made the horrors years from Cayenne, Royal's it depicted seem almost matter Island, St. Joseph's Island and of fact. Devil's Island prisons- He was when some critics questioned imprisoned on murder charges the authenticity of his story and school Gail Larson. The Brocks plan to cd their son-in-law and daugh- The ' * 'J ' * Fall Festival will meet at the Galesburg. I at Buffalo Grove, fairgrounds Wednesday at 7:30 %K . ter Lenz have reutrned from a gerve ^ Ft g.jj church Wednesday at 7:30 pm.^^^ ntri P William White, Ray Dunlap, Mrs. Cathy Edmiston and Mr. Larry Lom " and Dand Gin " A. E. Wilson will be hostesses. „* uqu OT% jJl M ^ pLmhT ther returned Saturday after A class for converts will be K 2d Mrs Ina Cheek at s P endin 8 two wecks with thc rc ' held at First Assembly of God Snrfncfcolo serves at Ft Dix > NJ/ Church Wednesday at 10 a.m. St ^ mb ° 1 *J* Trnmt^nn of Mr * and Mrs ' Francis ^ Berean BaptistChurch will I ^ J^ff^ have returned home have its midweek service at the »* TM *^ rffit from a weck ' s va ^ ationat Lake Friendly Cafe Wednesday at 7 fe h £ h home ° f MlSS Cindy <* 0zarks > The y a,so went P Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Brock Mr. and Mrs. Claire Schislcr game and to Six Flags Over have sold their home southeast'have returned from a 2-week Mid-America. CARPET CLEANING. Dirt is actually extracted, not just surface cleaned with clean, clear soft water steam. No long drying period. Ron's Steamliner, 3424232 ^"WEED MOWING E. J. MARTIN — 342-0521 PAINTING Interior or Exterior. For free esUmatcs call 342-3996 anytime. Fully insured. , TREE cutting, rooting, general hauling. Call 343-2906. Reasonable rates, insured. , FREE Estimates on new roofing and repairs. Chimney, foundation work, painting. Quality work at reasonable prices. G. A. Simpson, 343-0437. R CARPET SERVl New & Used Installed Repairs — All Kinds 342-4650 ELLISON'S Refrigeration & Appliance Service 342-2667 Louis Seeding & Soddinc E. J. MARTIN -~ 342-0521 Henri Charriere y Thirteen Coal Miners Die Documents As Elevator Crashes to Floor after a life of petty crime in Paris, where in the 1920s he was nicknamed "Papillon." The book sold more than 10 million copies in 16 languages and made Charriere an international figure who often used said he erred on some or nis dates, Papillon replied: "I didn't have a typewriter with me." He was convicted of a 1931 murder in Paris, a charge he always denied. .. Papillon Inspect (UPI) (Continue^ from page 22) CHESTERFIELD, England area director of the National An elevator carrying Coal Board, said: "We cannot an early shift of coal miners to say at *his sfoage how it work at Maridham Colliery happened" Tadhiari out of control to the He said engineering safe- the painted, treat the inside and bottom of a 2,000-foot shaft to- guards failed to prevent linseed oil. d ay accident, which happened It's not a bad idea to paint Allege Tax Investigations (Continued from Page 1) CITY WIDE RUBBISH REMOVAL Wo furnish rr.oial containers for npts., business offices, stores and factories. 1 cubic yard thru 50 cubic yard sizes. We rent flatbed trucks or containers for one stop spring cleanup, remodeling or Honey Do special projects. Call low bidder Bill. 3421134. 24 years of experience. WEED MOWING 343-5949 LAWN BUILDING Steve Wilson—343-3946 WANTED . paneling and carpenter, cement work, guttering, waterproofing, painting, Allen Brlggs •7681. Chesterfield the lifting mechanism overran Rennie , ' 4 Leads Indian i Guru Worship NEW YORK (UPI) defendant Rennie the 1968 Davis, defendant in "Chicago Seven" trial, led 3,5 youths this weekend in worship of a 15-year-old Indian guru whom he calls the "living perfect master" — the answer to all the world's ills- Davis acted as master at of a as ceremonies Saturday happening in the newly named Louis Armstrong stadium to welcome the Guru Maharaj Ji on the first stop in a seven-city tour of the country. "I believe 1973 is the year America will recognize that thq living perfect master is here," said Davis, who forsook radical politics several months ago to become a devotee of the were seriously dumping liiLiiiLUUmiiJliiiLl fti 1 3i«=! ••::-= i ^ -::s * i ^:-:-".*: r i,=- ;- - a I t j; Maharaj Ji .. • peace, satisfaction tlie inside of your garage, it Royal Hospital, where <fe dead its normal limite will aid appearance and make and in j ured men were takenj upC0fnix ,g the wood last longer. J said 13 men died in the derrick above the With the floor swept and hosed a^^t a cfo\^n you can go to work on cdl ^jm^j and grease stains. Fresh oil „„ t ^ as lerrM absolut ely should be taken up mthan ai> tefTibte n said ^ miner who sorbent powder-sawdust, fine was flmong to fkst - to sand, dry cemwit. th? wreckage oif the elevator. Stems can be gleaned in a „ Men , g todies were m t variety of ways. Easiest is the of ^ aMtherl ^ mk use of ccmm^l solvents sold cou , d ^ been one of them in auto parts departments. These are degreasing agents for cleaning drives, garage floors tand even car engines. They are applied, allowed to stand for a time and then washed off with clear water. be cleaned shaft and The unofficial list of wit- WINDOW CLEANING Residential & Commercial ( J. F. Petty, 342-408P KNOX Summer painting service, professional experience, low prices. For free estimate call 3430865. g Robert Dunn, Derbyshire men onto the Jfaaf t uoarance • Miners already underground p atrlck were the first to reach the ig Fm d|rect wreckage of the elevator and secret FBI began a two-hour struggle to free the; workers. Rescue teams oustea whUe House counse i were able to descend by two j h w ^ Gray was a lso shafts into the mine, the a ]j eged HOME IMPROVEMENTS Remodeling and roofing. Paul Wilson, 343-3046. aldeman's ap- , WANTED — Roofing and chimney Gray, former repair. All work guaranteed. 20 Who _jy. earB experience, 342*0247. filne WANTED: Any type home repair: cement, carpenter work, basement waterproofing, gu tie r^ t painting. Work guaranteed. 553 E. IrookR. 343-0563. country Moving - Storage -8 followers, a cherubic-faced guru Several hundred wearing buttons depicting the Indian boy, burst forth with th? Hindu response "Bolie Shn Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jail" which is Hindi for "Speak of the Glory of the Perfect Master!" After two hours of music and talk, the guru himself entered a stage bedecked^ with roses and sat on a large velvet throne as a rock band played music with spiritual lyrics. To his enraptured followers he said "I can satisfaction of promise you promise you mind; I can peace/' Some of the spectators were not so impressed. * ( I think he's just talking trivia—common sense," said John Friedman, 30. "But he talks like a 15-year- old," Stains also can with such' housei trisodium phosphate. Use a quarter pound to a gallon of hot water. medy for stubborn The guru, leader of the stains is a paste of lye and small amount offices around the nation, water. Apply, let dry and claims 4Q,000 followers in the off United States and 6 million so work carefully, wear rubber around the world. gloves and keep Last year, after a world tour, away, he brought seven jumbo jets (Newspaper full of followers back to India for a festival of prayer. The Blue AllgClS Wian^gov^nment^prompUy Memorial g et im gold watches, and other gifts that the Indian had receiver during his travels. th a L 1 1. 1 Ten Are Killed in Head-on (UPI) — A head-on collision[Bamefct, killed 10 persons andjUndsey, Spencer, Adams, PENSACOLA, Fla. (UPI) Memorial services are planned Tuesday for three members of Navy's acrobatic flying team, the Blue Angels, who died in 'an air accident in Lakehurst, N. J. last week. 10; Willie James [Danny E. Adams, 15, and Otis; Cmclr# Wes Lassen, spokes- others victims of the injured, all Rolling Fork residents, were passengers in a 1968 Ford Mustang. Sharkey County Deputy Sheriff W. D. King said indications from the tangled wreckage were that the collision on U.S. 61 was head-on. Local fmi/eiral homes identi- 16; 20; 18 and Walker James Jaimes his brother, Alvin larchland Couple Visits Burlington LARCHLAND - Mr Spencer Also killed was the driver of the other automobile, 20-year- old James Carlton Hart of STORAGE SPACE AVAILABLE NOW! Puckett Moving & Storage Grand and Penna.—343-0149 Care-10 to have destroyed politically embarrassing documents taken from Hunt's White House safe. Henry Petersen, assistant attorney general in charge of the Criminal Division who handled the original Watergate DAYT IME babysitter needed In my probe. hOTnc Richard G. Kleindienst, former Attorney General who headed the Justice Department during the Watergate investigation. Gen. Vernon Walters, -Lt. CIA deputy director. —Gen. Robert Cushman, former deputy CIA director. -Richard Helms, director of the CIA. BABYSITTEIi wanted from 4 to midnight, 2 small children. If Interested call 342-8727. STORY BOOK CHILD CARE CENTER 360 N. Kellogg Hours: 6:30 to 6:00 Air Conditioned 342-3060 Male-li t^n** SALESMAN: Licensed Insurance former Agent exclusive territory. All leads furnished. Call collect 9:00 420-6263. Greenville. A passenger in the Pope! man for the Pensacola Naval Air Station, said Sunday night that individual funeral arrangements for the three men had [vehicle, 13-year-old listed ccrapleited. Thursday at Lakehurst Frank Naval Air Station were Lt. Umstead, 30, Mike Cmdr Mr. and Mrs. j James Odom, was listed in Cmdr. Skip George Brown and family spent ^itioai condition at a Jacksonl^ 0 ^ 0 ^f ne A 2 n July 22 with her parents, Mr. hospital Sunday night. Ray-^fP^ 7' and Mrs. G. A. Ssigrist, Bur-jmond Gardner, 16, apa^^, m ' Hart's automobile, was dU > ™ nca ™*> ^ . ! Pensacola and Corpus Chnsti Brinkman! Brinkman? Ah, yes! The cnap n with the beautiful tenor snore!" Mass Transit Strike End and PO l.C. Ronald Thomas, in hospitalized in good condition. fied the victims as Noah Pope, 49, driver of the Mustang; Lonnie Lee Spencer, 22; James Johnson, 22; Barry Lenlin Missouri Mrs. Francis Souther and Rita Tex., which houses the Navy OAKLAND, Calif. (UPI) Officials of the nation's nev mass their trains back on the tracks in a week following settlement of a 27-day strike that sent 35,000 commuters back to their cars. of the $1.4 billion Bay Area Rapid Transmit (BART) system. Tentative agreement between BART and unions representing j 1,100 striking workers was announced late Saturday night after 36 hours of negotiations. Terms of the proposed WANT "We're very pleased the flight training operations cen-istrike is over and that we canjeontract will not be announced ter, serves as home base forget the trains rolling," saidjunitil a vote on toe pact by tbe Blue Angels. B. R. Stokes, general manager \ union members Tuesday.. Shah of Returns Home TEHRAN (UPI) - The of Iran and Empress Farah returned \\<xm from a visit to the United States Sunday to a rousing welcome from thousands of Iranians who decorated the streets with flags and buntings. A government spokesman said the crowds lined the route of (/he Shah's motorcade to "thank him for securing for the Iranian nation its rights in the oil industry and for pladng complete control of this industry in Iranian hands." The Shah, who completed four days of talks with President Nixon, will give royal assent Aug. 3 to a bill which will take control away from a Western oil syndicate. The Shah has proclaimed it a national day of rejoicing. c CONFUSED? L LOST? A ASPIRING? s SEEKING 1 s SELLING? I INVESTING? F FOUND? I INVESTIGATING? E EXASPERATED? D DIAL WANT ADS 1 The WANT AD Number 343-7181 (Continued \ r A J i 1 • x 1 - -

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