The Kingston Daily Freeman from Kingston, New York on February 28, 1952 · Page 6
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The Kingston Daily Freeman from Kingston, New York · Page 6

Kingston, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
Page 6
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srx THE KINGSTON' DAILY FREEMAN', KINGSTON', N'. T., THURSDAY F.YEXTXG, FEBRUARY 26, 1952. DONALD DUCK — YEAH, A BONE BUTTON J Registered U. S. Talent Office By WALT DISNEY BLONDIE ME AND MY BIG MOUTH! Registered l\ S. Office 34=1 r f REMEMBER rHE N!3*-it v ( VOJ TO Mrs vO’J S A!C? > OU y E m\v tq settle down ( ÓA’D YOU > TsPED C“ CA?£S a\o J. K .- f PFOc>.E ¿\D FAÇTtL'^ •• YfS * > you sa o yo s- ED S -) ( TOR PEACE ,A\[ r V J —\ s TV m ' <r&- vJL A h FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS féZ'mfrSlAL wrm Kt\Kr S /S /SO-T ^ 5 ^FT- NO GOAT YET By MERRILL BLOSSER W ithout van -/ Bur DY<fc HERE "O MAY8F UN-JJNX US- ; ST(J5 W1L Wt’RE 5EH MO i PIND WE 6'PALL, I Ui^t M-lDA/ / /v' O i' ^ A’ELL ME GETTER GET Cm IME s. BECAUSE T‘J£PE GOES TUE WWISTLE-/ 5l,t JClNTS SUSF ) ITS rOO SAD WT DONT / WgLL, IF THE JUNAP-N' WTM JOMAH HAVE A PAIR. OF . \ HEX STARTS TONK3M77 ■ . RABBITS FEET / 1 v. _ WILL mav/e; OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE / HbL'R ACVY-'* y' WHAT 7 THI-9 GLL'r-H* )/ ANI f APE aw’ t StOAkEP MOPCM V THEM.:IIII OUT? WELL. \ MV COOP 5L'IT/ MT V rc\G CARS'- HIM ] rf.OPS» UP YORE / LOVER-■ OM ‘OL'R dl vv ATER THAN! -\ \ THAT Tfl *1 ' shoulder I ì sale of *?ponc7--- >; r nv - ’ I II! I ;7; , Tinn™¿T£T ’È» V ^ <V " \ ^’-F- J a iw" ,^~77 » V í i r>. \ • : - JÁ » »•„ -r-CC- * -K*Sa * tfT*: II1 F~'~* thc FAMILY BRAW’_ER. EG V ~ AD gov's' T a 3ut' T«¡.-ó M A E«R£-0 Hvs vO-E "AD ^ ¿>00 POR Th A' with . MAJOR HOOPLE ^ \ WHAT/ M\ C ld TT no / is ) 43 \ t MAisl WAS if R.óhT' M& I 5 x i rA O I 'AAf* \ ,k s6 iM rAD *\y T he 3C ?r/ likely u . av ' HANS PA l L ì S ì vi GT^' \ A A\Ax WAS CASE v \H5 n ; *i íT,3hT.# m E. ÎAt HQ^A wk * »APJlLCn; VcSTA\!D ‘Thc 3Cv M06T if -thAT T-c CUSTOMER WHO Y UK ELY TO < | H'OR T^AT ThtÄD> *i00 S^J > , CPHcRSD YOU * .000 -1, POR T Am n £\€R \ CCM.V-r O n .' i *c frm ÌT.4 #1^ , '* il iAn G íT ; !/- V¿L /» GOMMiBsiOsi * í mc ' d poc 6: tt = n A?DJT TM AT - Noiiici; CAT <Tr»d« .M«rW K#;.> />y Junius Cliftord Coffin j * sccretaiy- treasurer of th'» Bellevue Memorial Park Cemetery, Davtona Bearti, Via - E. M. Clifton, Port Orange, Fla Happiness 15 that peculiar sensation ^ou acquire when you arc 10 busy to be miserable. Perkinson—Did 2 ,ou hear about Willard Elkins, the bank cashier stealing fifty thousand and running awav w ith his best li ¡end s vvjfe? •Simpson -Good heavens! W ho'll teach his Sunday school olrrs 10 - morro,, So long as we lose, we serve; so long as we are loved by others J would almost say that we a»e indispensable; and no man is use]«*<- while he has a friend Robert Louis Stevenson. Ethel That frceh taxicab driver offered me a quarter for a kiss. Reba—What are you looking in your pocketbook for? Ethel -Gee! I thought I'd lost the quarter. Trouble* When you say that you've troubles as great as my own I'm forced to admit that it’s true; But consider the fart ihat mine happen to me. While yours merely happen to you. Traveler 'being shown dingy hotel room>: "And what doe< this pjgsty cost?” Hotel Manager ‘ For one pig. for two pigs. S.V’ Tl.e electric light bulb was the result of a series of experiments and discoveries and no one person deserves the entire credit for its invention. Thomas A. Edison did not make the first electric light bulb, as is generally supposed; but he did make the firsi practical one that was manufactured and marketed. Question— Why is a field of grass like a person older than yourself? Answer—Because it's past your age (pasturage 1 . j The thickness of a man’s thumb Mas the original basis for an inch. 1 ---A fisherman at Semur, Vtancr hooked a hig carp, hut his line pnapped. He jumped into the water and seized the end of the ljne with his teeth. The line wound around the fisherman's nerk end THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME Registered S. Patent Office By JIMMY HATLO .73 Vfcy PROGRAM DIRECTORS ARS. ¿X ULCER PROME—• » TkANX AHD A Tip 7 M£ hAT-Q HAT IO PAT CU-L^H, 1342 4é~ ST , AS"TO«iA.U.X..N.y. started to choke him. Another angler fishing nearby jumped in, j rescued the man and pulled in a husky carp weighing almost 11, pound*. ♦ There i« no basis to the h^'lief that d jn dangerous to sleep in live moonlight because of the effect on the m:/id and sight. FUNNY BUSINESS By HERSHBERGER The Belgian government maintains a school for elephants in the Congo. The animal* arc trained, then sold or hired out. BARBS By HAL COCHRAN Come spring gaiden time and a lot of men’s ambitions will go to seed. • • • A circus dog that talks is named Bertha. We knew that when canines began to talk the first word would be had by a ladv. The politician who usee flowery language jsn t always handing out bouquets. “It cracked the crystal, but it was raally worth knowing;, wasn't it, madam?” SIDE GLANCES By GALBRAITH WT.TT m .1 ¿ IP t v a«t u % n»t 0 « C.eI , 1? *, Nra ?•• nr# t*r By DICK TURNER u ^. jbí G</i fcT _ * T v #•* U a r,# ç-f Cer 1?Í? B.. sr.« ** . -* “Now I know why thty put over social security and old-ag* pensions—so they can sneak up on us with these taxes!” “We've spent a small fortune giving him lessons—what with moving from one neighborhood to another and all!” BUGS BUNNY HIS FAVORITE YACHT WHO ANN I TO Pg*BffVC J\ —7 «5UICH - —^ HENRY By CARL ANDERSON ^UEEK LI L ABNER COM e* EPCIA LSfif THEY'LL INTERRUPT EVERY program, uuor at The -CHUCKLIL7* , r , CLIMAX'S ^ THE MIRACLE OF TELEVISION By AL CAPP H public will MAVC ,TO TAKE IT- TMEY'RE TOO LAZY TO WRITE IN. AND COMPLAIN.? 1 ... njow Ivesx* friends — all sirle !!l USE TÄBOODLE- öp A smell likie a millionoire !!! 4 XM- C»»t> > —> waste yourYouf k " ^ accumulating wealth ? * '‘WOikirV ,S for SÄDr>n A 5- MINUTE APPLICATION OP "OADOGDQB WILL MAXe YOUSMELL^^UR1£.H' and than EVERVON! will be NICE to you. rt¡á use VOUR r NOODLE “• , bw TABOODLE SMELL HI CH Am U POPULAR!' CAPTAIN EASY AL IS WEAKENING By LESLIE TURNER v».'wC't‘.’5P TOOK Y0L‘^ OS OCT XfJAy »J PCVT A'VK MF. PUT S’JT WHY THE Pip HS ?TCP * WHILE Y 0 lrRE PUTTING HERE MJD TAKE OFr* THE WHEELS’ J ’EXA fiXCK CW. TIL GO -""V t^LL the police - I JXWET, PtEA9E!! \ OH. ALL RIGHT/ rON-r YOU GO NEfilt \HE DIPM’T bother the A cOP AWV MORE TILL ISFAKE. 6 -AY1. WL 0 U 3 HT I'M SAFELY HOMEl IT /tOGETIT FliEP WOWi ALWAYS LEA 05 TO / AWD PUT IT SACK ON DISASTER.'. TH^ FROfJT. IT^ NEWER VThAN THE REGULAR. ^FARE. ^ UU5TA BEEN TH' RlßMT \ VOU DUWNO FRONT ONE. AL! WELL» \H0WIPREAP THEY’RE ABOUT ££T TO I IT, NICK». I'VE? GO.,, WE SETTER BE j AGED TWENTY READY TO FOLLOW! YEARS ON THI^JOB! rK 1-2Ò *»r, »r, il n **r of j BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES REAL HOSPITALITY, » AV>‘ WsVfc TW V\9.?)0^CY\^\O A\Ni"V \T 'XWt. \S VOWW V£_ m h V s a 0>\’. JV'5?.?‘«"Nr.W- TQ^ 0\^V?.?|l VVtW P.'VV>A •\VNO rJGOT 09 ^ 9VKC^S •* r~M VtX*. r— , 09 906 • By EDGAR MARTIN ^09. Y'«' 9.°.Vhy5AST . YOvVCH,-l 'tM ^09 YA 90«. '\tfi - A VS* P^OVi VA'S SOW ,u__ 9\V\9. 90«. 1. ,----- cs 1 ALLEY OOP MISSING LINK? By V. T. HAMLIN C*MON NOW.OOOLA, I WE'LL MIGHTY SOON j/fO YOU 6AY WE /•i ir r, ir ru'arEUiiKi1 V ciain m it ic ue // /“AM' t RC/îlkl CM II CUTOUT TH'DTEWIN'A FIND OOP CONVINCED ME 1 DtDOR HE KNEW WHAT DOIN'/

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