Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 30, 1973 · Page 21
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 21

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1973
Page 21
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r i ' i i« » is »-••' > i »,. f 18:. f • I'-. »'•• It . ( « t MeibufaAeQiste^Mdil. (kilesburaJH, Monday, July 30, 1973; 2) Market Reports Today Now Ydrk Stotkt NBW IfOM (IM) - Stock iharket midday prices: AlldChem36% IBM 317% AIM mm AllisChal^i Alcoa m Am Air 11V 8 Am Cen 30% Int Harv Wk Irrt Nick 31 *4 Int Paper 38% Int TAT 34 fiwa P&L 22% Attn cyan 24% Johns<Mn 22% AmBlPwr 26^ KennecOtt 281 '4 GALESBURG ORDER BUYER* Borllitgton NeHkeni Stockyard* No. 14: 200-2S0 .........IM.SO-IS425 Quotations; ,No. 1-3; MO -m ..—.,-^1.50-153.86 Packing Sows: 3OO-3S0 .....—.$4«.O0-$4«.8O 350-500 .....,...$45.0(H4«.00 Am Mtrs 7% Am T&T 51% Anaconda 22% Ati Rich 86Vi Avcd 10% Bea Fds 22 Bendix 36% Beth Stl 27% Boeing 18% Borden 23 Keys Cons 15 Kresge 38 Kroger 10% Lib McN 6% Litton 8% Lockhd 6% Mar Oil 30 Maytag 28% Merck 93 Minn Min 84% Cap C Bdg 50V4 Mobil Oil 61% Catplr 63% Monsanto 57% Celanese 33% Cen II Lt 20% Cen Tel 24% Cessna 22% Chrysler 27 Cities Svc 45% as tern- fS *.< it (J- Si r I, # 1 to I Nat Bis 43% > NoAmn R 17% Olin Corp 14% OutbdM38 Owens-Ill 32% Penn Gen 2% Coca-Cola 143% Penney 82% Colum Gas 27% Pepsi Cola 84% Comm Ed 30% Pfizer 49% Comsat 52% Cons Ed 23 Cont Can 25% ContOil31% CPS Intl 29% Dana 30% Deere 46% Du Pont 172 Eastman 142 Exxon 97 Falstaff 3% Firestone 21% Ford Mtrs 57 Fruehauf 26% Gam Sko 28% Phil Pet 54% Procter G 111% Quak Oat 35% RCA 25% r Rep Stl 24 Revlon 66% Safeway 33% St. Regis 39% SanFelnd 24% Sears 101% Shell Oil 55% So Pac 30% Sperry 45% Std Bds 50% SO Ind 84% Gen Dyna 23% Stvns JP 28% Gen El 63% Texaco 33 Gen Fds 25% Gen Mtrs 68% Gen Tel 30% Gen Tire 21% Goodrich 21% Goodyear 23% Greyhnd 14 Gulf Oil 24 III Cent 20% 111 Pwr 26 Inland Stl 28%. Tex Inst 107 Un Crb 37% Un El 16% Utd Corp 8% US Gyps 21% US Stl 29 West Un 20 Weyerh 64% Woolwrth 22% Wstghs El 37% Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 1,400; moderately active; steers 1.50-2.00 higher; heifers 2.00-2.50 higher; cows 50 higher; 1 load high choice steers 53.50; choice 51.50-53.00; good and choice 50.00 - 51.50; good 47.00-50.00; 1 load good holsteins 46.00; choice and prime heifers 51.00-51.50; choice 49.50-51.00; good and choice 48.00-49.50; good 44.00-48.00. Hogs 4,000; very active; 1.502.00 higher, few heavyweights 3.00 higher; No 1-2 200-240 lb 55.50-56.00, 85 at 56.25, 18 head at 56.50; No 1-3 200-260 lb 55.0055.50; No 2-3 250-270 lb 54.50 55.25, 270-300 lb 45.00-54.50; No 2-4 300-350 lb 53.00-54.00. CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ATKINSON MARKET Volume: 1,500. Butcher Trend: $1 higher. No. 1-2; 200-225 $56.00-$57.40 No. 24: 190-240 .$55.50-$56.25 240-270 ..$55.00-^56.00 280-300 ... $54.50-$55.25 Sow Trend: |2-$3 higher. 300-500 $48.50-$52.00 Boars 350-up ...$42.50-144.50 Joliet Livestock JOLIET, 111. (UPI) — Livestock: Cattle 2,300; slow to active; steers steady;, heifers 25 - 75 higher; cows steady; high choice and prime steers 54.0055.50; choice 52.50-54.00; good and choice 51.50 - 52.50; good 49.25; high choice and prime heifers 52.50; choice 51.00-52.25; good and choice 49.75-51.00. Hogs 700; active; 1.00 - 1.50 higher; No 1-2 200 - 230 lb 55.75-56.00; No 1-3 200-250 55.00-55.75; No 2-3 250-270 54.25-55.00; 325 lb 49.50. GALESBURG GRAIN MARKET Consumer Grain & Supply Co. Market may either go up or down by 1:30 p.m. when final bid arrives. 11:30 o'clock bid. Corn ... $2.44 New Corn $2.31 Oats i ......$1.00 New Beans .$6 .99 Legal Notice LEGAL NOTICE This will advise that, oil of before September 3, 1973, IppH' cation will be filed with the Federal Communications Commission requesting that the Commission renew the licenses of Stations WGIL and WG1L- PM, Galesburg, Illinois, td operate in the public interest. Station WGIL operate* oil 1400 kHz, with a daytime power of 1000 watts. Station WGIL-FM operates on 94.9 mHz, with a power of 50 kw, day and night. The Officers, Directors, and stockholders of the Licensee, Galesburg Broadcasting Co., are Ethel C. Pritchard, Burrel Barash, Roger Coleman, Lester Pritchard, Galesburg Printing & Publishing Company, and Northern Trust Co., Trustee. Members of the public who desire to bring to the Commission's attention facts concerning the operation of the Stations should write to the Federal Communications Commission, Washington, D.C. 20554 not later than Npvember 2, 1973, Letters should set out in detail the specific facts which the writer wishes the Commission to con sider in passing on the Appli cations. . A copy of the Applications and related materials will, upon filing with the Commission, be available for public inspection at the offices of the Licensee, 154 East Simmons Street, Galesburg, Illinois between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. during weekdays. 7/25-28-30-31; 4T B>LElOtf POPE s UPI Business Writer NEW YORK (UPI) — If all business enterprises in America did a complete marketing job there would'be no problem of consumerism, ays Herbert Eagle. 'Complete Marketing End Consumerism' BMtnesi Taday Mercantile Exchange CHICAGO (UPI) - Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures today. High Low Close Prev. Live Beef Cattle Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr Jun Aug Live Hogs Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr Jun Jiy Aug 53.67 52.57 '53.45 53.57 55.77 53.77 55.77 54.77 56.90 54.90 56.75 55.90 57.00 55.27 56.00 56.27 55.95 54.07 55.80 55.07 55.00 53.97 54.60 54.97 53.90 52.80 53.30 53.80 55.22 54.70 55.22 53.70 54.17 53.00 54.17 52.67 55.77 52.77 55.65 54.27 55.65 52.67 54.90 54.17 53.80 51.60 53.45 53.10 52 .75 51.82 52.00 53.32 51.70 50.60 51.70 52.10 49.50 47.95 49.50 49.45 Frozen Pork Bellies Feb Mar May Jiy Aug 75.60 73.62 75.45 75.12 74.80 72.70 74.40 74.15 73.25 71.50 73.15 72.90 70.20 69.20 70.00 70.70 67.75 66.85 67.90 68.35 READ THE WANT ADS! DISAPPEARED Red Polled Shorthorn Bull. Ring in Nose from Section 19, Copley Township Foxtown Call 375-4618, 375-6678 or 342-3525 tOTOtOOTIRI ID in lOon 't Dig Up Your Sewei No Charge If We Fail Call 343-6913 — or Phone 3424430 GUARANTEED WORK Grain 354 344 354 344 339% 328% 339% 330 331% 317 331% 322 319 289 306 278 319 289 309 279 Grain Futures CHICAGO (UPI) range: High Low Close Prev. Wheat Sep / Dec ' Mar May Jiy Corn Sep Dec Mar May Jiy Oats Sep Dec Mar May Jiy PUBLIC NOTICE Pursuant to the provisions of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, notice is hereby given that Webster Broadcasting Company, licensee of standard broadcast station WAIK, Galesburg, Illinois is required to file with the FCC, no later than September 2, 1973, an amendment to its application for renewal of its license to operate station WAIK on 1590 kilohertz. The officers, directors, and owners of 10% or more of the stock are Frederick C. Webster, Jr., Harold B. Jnman, and Frances L. Webster. Members of the public who desire to bring to the Commission's attention facts concerning the operation of the station should write to the FCC, Washington, D.C 20554, not later than November 1,1973. Letters should set out" detail the specific facts which the writer wishes the Commis sion to consider in passing on the application. A copy of the license renewal application and related material will, upon .filing with the Commission, be available for public inspection at 36 Park Plaza, Galesburg, II linois between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 5 P.M. 7; 17-18, 24-25 Eagle, a vice president of! Transamerica Corp. of San Francisco, also is president of Marketing Executives International. "Most people don't really know what marketing is," he said. 'fThey confuse it with selling, which is only a small part of marketing." Eagle said marketing is a totally integrated process, from conception of a project to its consumption, everything except production and financing. It includes design, packaging, market research, product testing, consumer testing, adver tising, distribution, pre-selling and selling, and continuing customer relations after the sales. ' . Pre-selling, Eagle said, simply is the use of all media and methods of preparing the ground for sates people in order to predispose customers with multiple buying choices. A large part of marketing is proper recruitment, training and motivation of salesmen, Eagle said. "M this were done properly," he said, "mistakes in products |^nd marketing policies would be discovered and corrected sooner and the need for the consumerism movement wouldn't have developed." Eagle admitted this was like saying that if everybody were honest we wouldn't need policemen. It is significant he said, because too many compa nies fay to effeclt marketing through shortcuts, He said the affluent 1960s, when people would buy almost anything thrown at them, encouraged this attitude. Affluence now is a thing of the past. So is the old -fashioned salesman of the Willy Loftlart type in Arthur Miller 's play "Death of a Salesman." Unfortunately, he said, the image of the poor salesman persists. , "Selling still seems -to be something to get into if you don't have anything else in mind. Too many people just drift into it." The modern salesman is something very different, Eagle said.' Art of Persuasion "Professional selling is the art of persuading people to accept new ideas. To accom plish that you must use many techniques and be prepared to do whiat would have been unheard of a few years ago, to tell the prospective customer 'I don't believe we have what you really need,' " he said. Such a modern salesman ought to have a broad social and business background, Eagle said. He should be familiar with the humanities 278 258 254% 236 254% 236 278 268 254% 245 254% 244 249'A 232 1 /* 249V 4 239y 2 246V2 231 246% 236% 123% 115% 123V4 118 129 119% 128V4 123V4 124 131 125 123% 131% 126 130 132 .... 131 131 132 Soybeans Aug Sep Nov Jan Mar May Jiy 1020 910 772 1020 890 716 754% 695 754% 694 742% 690 736 690 1020 1060 900 930 772 737 754% 714 754% 715 742% 701 736 696 Crack Filler Easy To Mix TECH SEAL Gal. Perfect for filling cracks in driveways. Easy to follow instructions for all types of installations. Ideal to install in warm weather. lirilders Supply €o 600 E. MAIN STREET Interior Hog Prices Estimated receipts* 15,000; Friday's actual 15,400; mostly 2.00 higher, demand good; No 1-2 200-235 lb 54.75-55.00, few 55.25; No 1-3 200-240 lb unevenly 54.00-54.75; No 2-3 240-260 lb 53.50-54.50. READ THE WANT ADS! BACKYARD SALE 1748 Beecher Ave. TUESDAY, July 31—9 a.m.-? Washing machine & twin tubs, lots of Avons, some tools, clothing, many misc. WANTED FULL-TIME FARM HELP Must . have experience' with livestock and large equipment. Modern house, good wages. References required. Box 70, Gilson, 111. ' and the social sciences, particularly psychology. The modern salesman, he said, must realize that he is dealing with human problems, those of the customer, not just his company's and his own money problems. "And that requires the ability to pick up the nonverbal as weU as the verbal cues from the customer,'* he added, "to find out what the customer really needs or wants." Salesmen making with quick jokes and trying hard to please aren't going to succeed today, he said. Nor will the companies they represent, because the consumer today - is a lot smarter and more sophisticated. Backyard Salt 1077 W. Main TUESDAY, July 3Ui I A.M. - 5 P.M. Children's it Adults clothing, assorted sizes, formals, tire, assorted household goods. Rtmovol of Treat STUMP REMOVAL TREE PLANTING TRIMMING - FEEDING SHADE TREES FOR SALE SOUTHARD TREE SERVICE M1-7I1I — 34MI32 INSIDE SALE 1087 W. LOSEY TUESDAY—10 a.m.-3 p.m. Nothing sold before 10 a.m. Electric broiler-grill, some furniture, knic knacks, jewelry UHF antenna, insulators, curtains, wiglets,; clothing, frames, dishes, Etc. MRS. LANE Palm Reader and Advisor 189 N. HENDERSON ST. (Next to Soutodt Realty) 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. If you have any problems MRS. LANE can help you! All readings confidential. Tor appointment! Call 3424639 Watch for sign ESTATE REALTY & HOUSEHOLD AUCTION EVENING SALE—Selling the following property of Lucinda Smith, (deceased) in Stronghurst, 111. Located VJ block touth of Neff Implement Store on FRIDAY, August 3, 1973 at 6:01 P.M. sharp PERSONAL PROPZRTY; Nearly new Frigidaire, frost free refrigerator & freezer combination; Frigidaire 4 burner electric stove (good); utility base cabinet; Hotpoint electric dryer; General Elec"uric automatic washer; 3 lawn chairs; old Singer sewing machine; Lawnboy power mower; garden tools; metal hanging flower trellis; 5 by 7 ft. metal yard storage shed on platform; good yard swing 6 frame; garbage cans & carrier; bird bath; small Maple dinette set, round table & 4 chairs, like new; kitchen step stool; hamper; bath tub' stool; kitchen utensils; dishes; silverware; electric coffee pots; toasters; fans; small oak desk & chair; green davenport & chair; 2 end step tables; 3 nice lamps; throw rugs; 2 nearly new swivel rockers; small round table; flower stand; oak dresser & nlte stand; maple bedstead with innerspring mattress & box spring; sweeper; walnut tobacco stand; linens; towels; pillows; 21" Zenith console TV; 8 day, two weight, cuckoo clock; plus many miscellaneous items. CAR: 1962 Chev. Impala 4 door Hardtop with P.S. ie P,B., V-8, only 66,000 miles, good. REAL ESTATE: Sella following aale of personal property. LEGAL DESCRIPTIONi Lots Eight (8), Nine (9) and the South half of Lot Ten (10), Block Seven (7), of the Village of Stronghurst, Henderson County, Illinois, This small one story frame house has 3 rooms and bath and utility room. The house has many features that make it very desirable for a small family. Fully insulated so is easy to heat, carpeted, plenty of cupboard space, in a very good state of repair, and ready to move into. Located convenient to the needs of any family. Be sure to attend this auction. TERMS: 25% day of sale. Balance due January 30, 1974. TAXES: Payable in 1973 by sellers. Taxes due thereafter to be paid by purchaser. TITLE: Will be by Warranty Deed. For inspection contact Executors DOREN E. and GLEN A. SMITH—EXECUTORS Auctioneers: ELMER HARDEN. Mason City. Iowa. HARVEY LINK, Media, III. Attorneys: FORT k FORT, Stronghurst, IU. f SAVE THIS AP. IT APPEARS ONLY ONCE! NEED A GRAIN DRYING TANK? SEE US FOR A BETTER IDEA The BEHLEN KA170 Automatic Dryer — Plus Our 10,000 Bu. Storage Tank For less Than Our Popular Drying Tank — Faster Drying Too. In Stock Now. Avoid late Delivery. KIRK'S CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 1006 Monmouth Blvd. Galesburg — 3434123 Galesburg Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 761 E. Brooks St. Phono 342*3479 FOR SALE VEGETABLES 2 Blks. South of Hendricks Funeral Home in Oneida. 483-8124 FOR SALE 1,500 lb. and 3,000 lb. round bale carriers, fits all categories, 2-3 point hitches. Phono 875-3358 MAQUON, ILL. FOR SALE 1972 2-DR. HARDTOP CHEVROLET CAPRICE Power steering, power brakes, AM-FM radio-tape player. Cruis- amatlc & air cond. $3,205. Call anytime after 10 A.M. 342-1239. WANTED WAITRESS Apply in person or call for appointment Phone 342-6015 2200 N. Henderson CLUB 10 HIRING Sowing Machine Operators A Mechanic Trainee No Experience Needed Air Conditioned Plant Apply at Front Office PMTfXALL INC. 77 S. Henderson Galesburg, III. MERCER COUNTY LIVESTOCK AUCTION VIOLA. ILL. WED., AUG. 1, 1973 9:30 AM — 12:30 PM 10 Angus Heifers, ave. 425 lbs. 14 Angus and Hereford Steers and Heifers, ave. 500 lbs. 20 Cross Bred Steers and Heifers, ave. 550 lbs. 50 Mixed Steers and Heifers, ave. 300-800 lbs. WESTERN CATTLE ON HAND FOR PRIVATE SALE UNTIL SALE TIME 32 B{. & Bl W/Faced Heifers, ave. 460 lbs. 44 Hereford Heifers, ave. 540 lbs. 25 Charolais Heifers, ave. 500 lbs. If in need of cattle we handling shipped in cattle weekly. Give us a call as to your needs and we will try to fill them. 50 Hamp Pigs, ave. 40 lbs. 65 Mixed Pigs, ave. 60 lbs. Last week on a short supply, the fat cattle sale was very active, with a $51.50 top on steers. Give us a call — We want to help you 9:30 AM — FAT CATTLE 12:30 PM — SHEEP, HOGS, FEEDER CATTLE Mercer Co. Livestock Auction Home of Locally Consigned Cattle. For Further Information, Phone Office Phone 596-2125 - Home 667-2218, Day or Night RONALD DOUBLER • Manager TOOLS Estate Auction FURNITURE CORBIN'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE STORE 565 NORTH WEST STREET Thurs., August 2nd 7:00 PM We will sell I Lot of TooU from the Estate of Fred Mathers, Deceased, plus 1 other Lot of Furniture as follows: TOOLS: Jacobson snow blower, Jacobson 3 h.p. rotary mower, like new 21" Lawn Boy mower, Lawn spreader, Johnson's Messinger C.B. radio. Movers refrigerator cart, Royal portable typewriter,, Steel, file with lock compartment, R. C. Allen adding machine, Burroughs adding machine, RCA black and white TV set, Plumbers pipe vise, Pipe wrenches and other wrenches, Bench pipe vise. 200 ft. W Plastic pipe, Lots of Plumbers supplies, Stock and Dies, Cross-cut saw, Contractors rubber tire wheelbarrow, Pip* cutters, Postal scales. Lawn edger, Masonry tools, Carpenter tools, 2—6-volt Battery chargers, Large electric soldering iron, Lots of misc. hand tools, 3 Cooler chests, 4 ft. Florescent light, Leather brief cases, Steel shelving, Benz-o-matic. camp stove with master torch burner, Sunbeam electric knife, 6V2" Craftsman electric saw in case, Porch chaise lounge, Hammock and stand, Hip boots, size 42 Hunters outfit consisting of jacket, vest and panto, Hunter storm suit, Oxford ther- massage lounge chair, Station wagon air rnattress, 3 Elecaric radios, 2 Transistor radios, Portable elect, vacuum cleaner, desk chair, 3 electric shavere—Remington, Schick and Norelco; Elsie Smith office typewriter. PAULINE MATHERS. Executor of the Estate of Fred Mathers, Deceased PEEL, HENDING, MATHERS and BELL, Attorneys for the Estate FURNITURE AS FOLLOWS: Like new 7-pc. dinette set in wood grain, Roper gas range, 1 Section Sectional bookcase, French Provincial console stereo set. Lock and rock rocker, Thinline console TV set, 11x13 Wool rug, Kneehole desk, Bell and Howell 8mm movie projector. Hall tree, Fan. Cannister type cleaner with all attachments, Copperlined humidor, 3-Pc. mahogany Chippendale bedroom suite complete, Vanity and bench, Hoover upright oleftner with attachments, flat bottom boat, Glider, Bar-B-Que grill, Cartop carrier, Flat irons, Lantern. Sec of dishes, Pots, Pans and other misc. merchandise. CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE — Phone 343-9033 COOK and WOODS — Auctioneers DELENE COOK—Clerk M. W. KENT—Cashier AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: This is an exceptionally nice lot of Tools and Furniture and will be on display from noon Thursday. The Tools and Estate Sale will be sold first starting at 7 P.M. Moving Sole 140 Blaine Ave. MONDAY—S to 8 TUESDAY—10 io S Good clothes, furniture, misc. STOTLIR & m> 2ift Bondi mpf> COMPLETE CbMMcSW SERVICES Lei Kromttd ^ Garage Sale TUESDAY, July 31t! 8 A.M. till 5 211 DIVISION New Gremlin snow tires, air conditioner, clothing and misc. items. #lMS V^N ^»seWsijlk1lhl WonUd To |p FARM SCRAP IRON (Win Pit* Upg| Junk Carl R«movtd SERVICES^ 529-9431 329.9493 Backyard Sale 355 OLIVE MONDAY & TUESDAY July 30 & 31 4 Chrome reverse rims, new Sunbeam electric snow plow, children and adult clothing, curtains, twin bed & chest. Many other items. Noi Responsible For Accidents ATTENTION FARMERS FREE Removal btj DEAD STOCK T! i f Phone 937-2112 * or 937-2218 SCHNOWSKE BY-PRODUCTS Cambridge, III. 6)2jp; Abingdon Rock Cor ABINGDON, ILL. Closed for Vacations Aug. 4 thru Aug. 19 Open As Usual r MON., AUG. 20 — NOTICE — EFFECTIVE SEPT. .1, 1973 the following,truckers will increase hauling rates due to increasing expenses: Out of Elevator; lc a bushel more than preser\f. Off the Farm; elevator buys the corn and trufikej: sets the price depending on loading facilities All prices subject to change ... BELL TRUCKING, SAMPSON TRUCKING, JOHNSON TRUCKING, GEORGE VOLLMAR TRUCKING, COTTOM'S TRUCKING, JOHN MEGAN, MAX THURMAN, BEN SIMPSON, D. L. HANNA, DONALD E. SHINN, JOE COLLOPY, RUSSEL DYDIC, ART MITCHELL, RUSSELL STACKER, MARVIN THOMPSON, HAROLD MERIDTH. Summer Clearance Sale*** Vi OFF On Remaining Summer Wearing Apparel. Still a good selection of. Dresses (reg. and longs.) JAMAICAS and KNEE PANTS (XL Sizes) — ARRIVING DAILY New Fall Dresses (regulars and longs) Sportswear & Co-ordinates (reg. and XL) MITCHELL'S Route 34 Oneida, III. 9 AM to 5:30 PM MON. thru SAT. I. Free Parking Lot , *, REWARD The residents of Gireenbush Township and surrounding communities wish to offer a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the party'or parties responsible for the burning of the "Greenbugh Covered Bridge," south of Greenbush, Illinois. Any one interested in contributing to this fund rnay do so at either the Tompkins State Bank in Avon, Illinois, or. the Roseville State Bank in Roseuillej Illinois. The money will be deposited in a fund with' tfie names of the donors. The money will draw interest,,^ will be returned to those donating if not used after,a period of one year. If parties are apprehended, it may solve other crimes. , Please donate! 1 Signed: CONCERNED CITIZENS OF GREENBUSH TOWNSHIP, WARREN COUNTY, ILLINOIS^ ATTENTION ONEIDA COMMUNITY BUS LEAVING SOUTHSIDE BUSINESS DISTRICT' OF ONEIDA Te The I.C.C. Railroad Hearing , IN SPRINGFIELD Wed., Aug.!, 1973 - 7:30 a.m. PRICE — ROUND TIN* so nn PE|i *OtUU PERSON Purchase Fare at: ; ANDERSON STATE BANK — Oneida, 111. Sponsored by ONEIDA (.IONS CLUB , 4 , BACKYARD SALES Garage, Patio, Driveway, Basement, Front Room, type must be in our office by noon the day before Private Household Sale* and oil other sales of M* ad is to be published. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL DISPLAY ADV. — Phone 343*7181

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