The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 3, 1956 · Page 24
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 24

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1956
Page 24
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Dell Marlow ana James Marlow. Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Joe Hertz and son Roy-nf Rolfe spent Sunday afternoon at the Floyd Salisbury home. Donna Salisbury is working at Tilonka for Albert Harms. Mr and Mrs Gene Blanchard and family spent Sunday afternoon and were supper guests at the Jack Gerhart home'. Mrs Idella Hallman of Dccovah spent from Sunday till Thursday at the Merton Larson home. Mr and Mrs S. E. Straley ol Fenton and Mr and Mrs Free) Genrich called on Mrs George Thompson at Ledyard last Monday. She recently returned home from the hospital. Mrs Maude Blanchard was a supper guest Thursday evening at the Don Blanchard home. Sunday afternoon suppci &~A!gorm (la.) Upper Des Moines Tuesday, April 3, 1956 Peter Rabbit Presented At one Rock Lone Rock — The Lone Rock Brack; students presented their onerelfa "Pcti.-r Rabbit" Tuesday evening, March 27, at 8 p.m. at the school gym, under the direction of Mrs Kathryn Walker and insisted by Mrs Lawrence Pingel. Miss Florence Yager. Mrs Oonald Blanchard. Mrs Chas Staiidt and Mrs, A. A. Krueger. Characters were Peter Rabbit. Roger Leininger; Flopsy. Margaret Bierstedt: Mopsy. Jiidy Ha'inmerstrom: Cottontail. Larry Geitzenauer: Mother Rabbit, D:- unna Sinipson; Mr McGregor. Leon Geitzciiauer: Miss Lettuce, Marlene Nordine: Miss French Pea, Gloria Householder: Mr Carrot. Charles Collins: Mr String Bean, Robert Root. The chorus consisted of the kindergarten class as bunnies, boys of the fifth and sixth grade' us gardeners, roses were the fifth and sixth grade girls, carrots were the first and second grade boys, lettuces were the first and second grade girls, beans were the third and fourth grade boys, peas were the third and fourth grade girls, scarecrows were the fifth and sixth grade boys. Drive Nels $72 Mrs Kenneth Jackson, chairman of the Red Cross drive, has reported a total of $72.25 collected during the recent drive. Solicitors were Mrs Kenneth Jackson, Mrs Fritz :Newbrough, Mrs Clifford Nordine, Mrs Leslie Johnson, Mrs Dennis Priebe and Mrs Clarence Kraft. Confirmations, Baplisms Mr and Mrs Frank Dreyer entertained Friday evening guests, Mr and Mrs Henry Tieman of Fenton, Mr and Mrs Art Tietz of Lakota, Mr and Mrs Jack Tieman and Terry of Burt in honor of Jane's seventh birthday. Sunday, Mr and Mrs Frank Dreyer ancr family were dinner guests at the Larry Alt home at Fenton in honor of Katherine's confirmation. Sandra Schadendorf, daughter of Mr and Mrs Alfred Schadendorf, was confirmed Sunday at the St. John's Lutheran church at Burt. Dinner guests at the Schadendorf home were her grandmothers, Mrs John Junkermeier of Albert City and Mrs Franka Schadendorf of Lakota, Mr and Mrs Junior Hurlburt, Mr and Mrs Oma,r Smith and family of Sioux Rapids, Mr and Mrs Roy Ennen and Don. In the afternoon they all called on Mr and Mrs Kenneth Fischer at the Ernest Fischer home. .Baptismal services were held Sunday at the Lone Rock Presbyterian church with Rev. C. E. Nordine officiating. Baptised were Cindy Sue Rath, infant daughter of Mr and Mrs Clinton Rath, Mark Allen Behrends, Cheryl Ann Behrends and Carol Sue Behrends, children of Mrs Lucille Behrends. Mr and Mrs Milfred Mitchell were Sunday dinner and supper guests at the Ed Mitchell home in honor of Joan's confirmation. Sunday dinner and supper guests at the Donald Radig home were Mr and Mr? J.ihn Schallin, Mrs Marie Dreyer, Janice and Larry, Mr and Mrs Wm. Boettcher, Mr and Mrs Alex Radig, Mr and Mrs Wilfred Radig and family, Mr and Mrs Harold Gross and family, Mr and Mrs Gerald .Radig, Dr. and Mrs Leroy Hendrickson and son of Armstrong, and Mr and Mrs Glenn Berntson of Paulina, la. The dinner was in honor of the confirmation of Marlys Radig. Mrs David Beck, Mrs Ray Black. Mrs Ronald Christenson, Mrs P. M. Christenson, Mrs W. J. Cotton, Mrs Ruth Krueger, Mrs Emma Hurlburt, Mrs Roy Jensen, Mrs Frank Flaig, Mrs C. E. Nordine, Mrs Maude Blanchard, Mrs Ed Blanchard, Mrs Fred Genrich, Mrs Don Houck and Mrs Martin Bausman attended the P.W.O. meeting at Burt Wednesday afternoon. Sushilbala Christian- of Bombay, India was the guest speaker. Mrs Roy Jensen entertained the following women at coffee Thursday in honor of the birthday of Mrs Art Priebe; Mrs W. J. Cotton, Mrs Angus Cotton, Mrs E. M. Jensen, Mrs A. A. Krueger, Mrs E. A. Lee, Mrs Don Houck and the honoree. General meeting of the P.W.O. will be April 5 with the following hostesses: Mrs Rose Kraft, Mrs P. M. (Christenson, Mrs Delmar Fischer, Mrs Fred Druns- feldt, Mrs Milton Madison and Mrs Leslie Johnson. Mrs Fred- 'erick Schultz will be in charge of the program. Mr and Mrs Wilfred Radig celebrated their fifteenth wedding anniversary Friday evening with the following friends, Mr and Mrs Clarence Lohse, Mr and Mrs Robert Fuerstenau all of Fairmont, Minn.; Dr. and Mrs Leroy Hendrichson and son of Armstrong; Mr and Mrs Ted Vera of Algona; Mrs Rose Rahnistock of Lakota; Mr and Mrs Alex Radig, Mr and Mrs Paul Voigt of Fenton; Mr and Mrs Roy Bierle, Mr and Mrs Raymond Laabs, Mr and Mrs Gerald Radig, Mr and Mrs Donald Radig, Mr and Mrs Harold Gross and Mr and Mrs Rueben Fuerstenau, all of Lone Rock. The evening was sptfni playing cards with prizes going to Mrs Clarence Lohse and Harold Gross for high, low to Mrs Raymond Laabs and Paul Voigt. The couple received many nice gifts and cash. Sunday evening coffee guests at the Marlin Bausman home after chwch were Mr and Mrs Marlow and Franfc, guests at the Fred Schullz home were Mr and Mrs Charles Zoller and family of Albert Lea, Minn, and Mrs Mary Zoller ol Lakota. Mrs 11. E. Morgan of Algona spent the Easter weekend at tin W. J. Cotton hump. Delmar Fischer and Mrs G. A Sharp of Algona returned honu Wednesday evening after a at the Ed Fischer home at Goodland, Minn. Mrs Glenn Householder, ^El- l\vyn, Carol and Gloria, Mrf Ethel McChosney and Evelyn Earing spent Friday at Fairmont. Janet Krueger spent the Easter vacation with her parents, the A. A. Kruegers. Mr and Mrs Hiram Ackerson and family spent Thursday evening at the home of Mrs Ruth Krueger. Mrs Kenneth Jackson drove to Mason City Thursday and met N. L. Cotton and Angus Cjtton who arrived by plane from St. Petersburg, Fla. Sunday callers at the home of Mrs Lem Marlow were Mr and Mrs Pat Marlow and girls of Ostrander, Minn., Jess Marlow of Bancroft, Mr and Mrs Eldon Marlow, Mr and Mrs Marvin Marlow and Sandra. Mrs Lila Heiter called there Friday. Mr and Mrs M. O. Richards and Ralph, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Richards and Billy were guests for dinner Sunday at the Maude Bilsborough home in Algona. In the evening Mr and Mrs M. O. Richards and Ralph attended the Easter Cantata services at the Methodist church at Titonka, and afterwards called on Mr and Mrs Clark Miller. Mr and Mrs Wallace McArthur and Mrs Ruth Dutton visited Friday evening at the Glenn Teeter home at Burt. Sunday afternoon Mrs Dutton called on the A. E. Hildmans at Burt and the McArthurs visited Mrs Margaret Gardner in Algona. Mr and Mrs Art Person and family were guests Sunday at the Ed Hoppe home in Fairmont, the occasion . being the confirmation of their son, Roger. Mr and Mrs Clair Bollinger and family called Friday evening at the Dale Schroeder home. Sunday evening the Schroeders called at the Kate Schrceder home in Fenton tp help Art Schroeder celebrate his birthday. Mr and Mrs Art Tabor of West Bend were guests Sunday evening for coffee at the Herman Kramer home. Mr and Mrs A. T. Heiter of Rolfe spent Sunday at the W. C. Heiter home. Mrs Lila Heiter is here visiting a few days. Mr and Mrs Emil Person, Patty and John, Mr and Mrs Carlos Engelby and Cheryl spent Sunday afternoon at the Ralph Hammerstrom home, Mr and Mrs Roger Jensen, Mr and Mrs Ronald Christenson, Mr and Mrs Ray Laabs attended the beef banquet at Burt Thursday evening. Mr and Mrs Howard Bierstedt and girls called Sunday afternoon on Mrs Ed Kressin. Emmauel Ostrum was a dinner guest Sunday at the Louie Berninghaus home. In the evening they were supper guests at the Earl Fuoss home in Whittemore in honor of their daughter Mary Ann's confirmation. Thursday evening supper guests at the Leo Ramus home were Mrs Ralph Ballard of Redwood Fails, S. D. and Mrs Mary Studer of White Fox, Saskatchewan, Can. Sunday Mr and Mrs Ramus, Linda and Larry, visited in Dolliver Mr and Mrs Walter Thompson attended a .surprise birthday party for Mrs Jens Madson at Armstrong Tuesday evening. Bivl \v!in not hold any office in the municipal govonuiient, Said membership shrill lx> appointed by tho Mnyot subject to the approval of the City Council. The Zoning Commission provided for by Algona Ord* Inance No. 331 shall be the planning commission provided for herein and the personnel of each Commission shall be identical. Said Ordinance No. US'), ns amended, creating n Zoning Commission is hereby jncorp'ornted herein by reference and made a part hereof to the samp effect ns if same were set out at length herein, and the period of teninv of members.' manner of tilling vacancies, and compensation of members shall be as set out In said Zoning Commission Ordinance. Section 3. Duties and Powers: (A> The City Plan Commission shall i;ne and exercise nil the powers and privileges and shall perform the duties nut conduct of its fiscal affairs, all .is provfded for by Chapter 373 of the Jode of Iowa. li»Sl or as same may be from time to time amended. IB) Subject to the limitations con- 'ained in this Ordinance as to the ex- HndiHire of funds, it may appoint inch assistants as it may deem necessary and prescribe and define their respective duties rind fix and regulate the compensation to be paid to my person or persons who may be 'iTioloyed by It. (C i 'It shall have full power and authority to make or cause to be made ai(_h surveys, studies, maps, plans or harts of the whole or any portion if such municipality and of any land uitside thereof., which in the o'pinion of the Commission bears relation to i comprehensive plan and shall bring !o the attention of the Council and may publish its studies and rccom- nendations. (D) It shall also have the power to nake recommendations conc"erning fire districts, limits of same, requirements >t construction within fire districts .ind ordinances concerning all matters laving to do with fife districts within he City of Algonn. (E) No statuary, memorial, or work of art in a public place, and no public ouitdirtg, bridge, viaduct, street future, public structure or appurtenances, shall be located or erected, or site therefor obtained, nor shall any permit be issued by any department of the municipal government for the flection or location thereof until and unless the design and proposed location of any such improvement shall have been submitted to the City Plan Commission and its recommendation thereof obtained, except such require ments and recommendations shall not act as a stay upon action for any such improvement wHere such Commission after thirty days written notice re quiting such recommendations, shall have failed to file same. (Fj All plans, plats or re-plats of subdivisions or le-subdivisions of land embraced in said municipality or adjacent thereto, laid out in lots or plats with the streets, alleys or other portions of the same intended to be dedicated to the public in such municipality. and all proposals for the vacation or partial vacation of a street. alley or public ground shall first be submitted to the City Plan Commission and its recommendation obtained before approval by the City Council. |G) No plan for any street, park, parkway, boulevard, traffic way, riverfront, or other public improvement affecting the city plan shall be finally approved by the municipality or the character or location thereof determined. unless such proposal shall first have been submitted to the City. Plan Commission and the latter shall have had thirty days within which to file its recommendations thereof. (H) The Commission shall' have full. complete and exclusive authority to expend for and on behalf of the City ol Algona. Iowa, all sums of money appropriated as hereinafter provided, and to use and expend all gifts, donations or payments whatsoever which are received by the said municipality for city plan purposes. (I) The Commission shall have no power to contract debts beyond the amount of its income for the present year. (J) For the purpose of making a comprehensive plan for the physical development of the municipality, the City Plan Commission shall make careful and comprehensive studies of the present conditions and future growth of the municipality and with due regard to its relation to neighboring territory. The plan shall be made with tho general purpose of (wldlnp ; hrvr-hy psf.ibllshPd, Ihe boundary lines - - . - -. and accomplishing n coordinated; adjusted and harmonious development of the municipality and its environs \vh1ch will, In accordance with the present .and future needs, best pto- rfiote healtn. safety, fife protection, morals, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare, ns well as efficiency and economy in the process of development. (Kl Before adopting a comprehensive plan as referred to In the preceding paragraph, or arty part of It. or any tlie . amendment thereof, Commission shall hold at least one public hearing thereon, notice of the time of which shall be given by one publication In a newspaper of general circulation in the City of Al- \ hereof to be as follows, to- wit; beginning at a point on the East City Limits of the Cit.V| of % Algona, Iowa, coincident with the centerline of Call Street; thence west along Call Street to -Ark ley Street; thence south .ilong Ackley Street .to State Street; thence west along State Street to Dur- .mt StreeV, thence southeasterly across Lot 4, Block 285, Call's Addition, to the east line of said Lot 4; thence south along the east line of Lots 4 and 5. Block 255. and Lots 4 and 5, Block 2B4. Call's Addition, to Gregor Street; thence west along Mc- Mc- firegor Street to the east line of Block l. Hlllcrest Addition; thence north along said east line of Block I, Hill- ercst Addition, to a point 50 feet north gona. Iowa, not less than ten or more I »< the south line of said Block 1; than twenty days before the date of thence east parallel to McGregor hearing. The adoption of the plan or | Street, across Lots 26 and 25 to the part or amendment thereof shall be west line of Ixrt 25, Block 1. Hlllcrest by resolution of tho Commission carried by the affirmative vole of not less than two-thirds of the members •of the Commission. After adoption of ;aid clan by the Commission, an attested copy thereof shall be certified to the Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, and the Council may approve he same, and when said plan or any modification or amendment thereof shall receive the approval of the Coun.•il, the said plan until subsequently nodlfied or amended as hereinbefore authorized shall constitute the official city plan. (L) When such comprehensive plan as hereinbefore provided has been adopted, no substantial amendment or modification thereof shall be made without such proposed change first, being referred to the City Plan Com- •nlssion for its recommendation. Section •!. Where the word "recommendation" is referred to herein it shall be construed to mean erther a favorable recommendation or unfavorable recommendation so that if and In the event tlie City Council receives an unfavorable recommendation to do or not to do a certain act the City Council may override the recommendation of the City Plan Commission by a three-fourths vote of the whole number of elected Council* men, it being the Intention hereof that the CHv Council shall not be bound and obligated to follow the recom- rnendatiojis of the City Plan Commission. " Section 5. That hereafter said Commission shall be known as the "Planning and Zoning Commission of the City of Algona, Iowa." Section 6. The City Council may annually appropriate a sum of money from the general fund for the payment of the expenses of the City Plan Commission. Section 7. The Zoning Commission Ordinance being Ordinance No. 334 is hereby amended by striking from Section 2 thereof the word "seven" and inserting in lieu thereof the word ' eleven". Section 8. All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are iiereby repealed. Section !). This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect upon its passage and publication as provided by law. PASSED AND ADOPTED this 28th day of March. A.D.. 1956. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk . Mayor ATTEST: Ivy D. Scuffham City Clerk AUTHENTICATION The foregoing Ordinance No. 373 is hereby duly authenticated this 28tb day of March, 1M56. Dr. Cameron C, Shierk Mayor Ivy D. Scuffham City Clerk ', (SEAL) (Published April 3rd, 1956. in . Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines) the 14 ORDINANCE NO. 375 AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING A STOHM SEWER DISTRICT FOR THE ENTIRE CITY OF ALGONA. IOWA, AND ESTABLISHING ONE STORM SEWER SUB-DISTRICT BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALGONA, IOWA: Section 1. That a storm sewer district comprised of the''entire City of Algona be and the same is hereby established. Section 2. That a storm sewer district within the City of Algona, Iowa, to be known as "Storm Sewer Sub- Dislrict No. 1" be and the same is Addition; thence northwesterly across Lots 24 and 23 to the northwest corner of Lot 23, Block 1. Hlllcrest Addition; thence west along the north line of Lots 22 and 21. Block 1, Hillcrest Addition, to Heckart Street; thence north along Heckart Street to the Southeast corner of Lot 1, Block 2, Hillcrest Addition; thence northwesterly across Lot 1, Block 2, Hillcrest Addition and Lot 1, Block»258. Call's Addition, to State Street: thence west along State Street to the main track of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad: thence north and northwesterly along said main track to its intersection, with Diagonal Street; thence northeasterly along Diagonal Street to a point opposite the west line of Lot X, Block 128. Call's Addition; thence north along said west line of Lot 2. Block 128, and Lot 2. Block 11!), Call's Addition, to a point 66 feet north of the south line of said Lot 2. Block 119; thence east parallel to Commercial Street to the east line of Lot 4, Block 117, Call's Addition; thence southeasterly across said Lot 4 to Commerlcal Street; thence east along Commercial Street to Johnson Sireet; thence southeasterly across Block 132. Call's Addition to the Intersection of Putnam Street and the alley of said Block 132; thence south along Putnam Street to the City Limits; thence west :>nd south along the City Limits to the point ' of beginning. Section 3. That existing ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. That this Ordinance shall be in foire ind effect from and after its passage .ind publication as provided by law. PASSED, ADOPTED AND APPROVED this 28th day of March. A.D.. 1956. Ivy D. Scuffham City Clerk APPROVED: Dr. Cameron C. Shierk Mayor AUTHENTICATION The foregoing Ordinance No. 375 is hereby duly authenticated this 28th jay of March. A.D.. 1U50. Dr. a Cameron C. Shierk Mayor Ivy D. Scuffham City Clerk ISEAL) (Published April 3rd, 1956. in the Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines.) 14. NOTICE OF HEARING ON RESOLUTION OF NECESSITY TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice Is hereby given that there is now on file in the office of the Jity Clerk of Algona, Iowa, a proposed Resolution of Necessity for the construction ,of bituminous paving with stabilized soil .aggregate base on the following- street in the City of Algona, Iowa, to-wit: West McGregor Street from the West Line of Blackford Street 'hence West to the city limits. In said Resolution of Necessity it is proposed that so much of the cost >i isdiu improvement as the law permits will be assessed against property specially benefited by said improvement in the manner provided by law. The remainder of the cost of said improvement .will be paid for from the Street Construction Fund. A hearing will be held in the Council Chambers in the City Hall in Algona, Iowa, at. 7 SO o'clock p.m. on the 25th day of April, 1956, regarding me adoption of said resolution of necessity. Ivy D. Scuffham City Clerk, Algona. Iowa (Published April 3 &. 10, 1956, In the Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines) 14-15 SfE YOUR NASH DEALER FOR FREE .ENTRY BLANK! HURRY! ENTER NOW! AMERICAN MOTORS NEW, EASY SEE YOUR HUDSON DEALER' FOR FREE ENTRY BLANK! PRIZE CONTEST! «25,OOO CASH FIRST PRIZE 1140 OTHER PRIZES IT'S EASY I Just give us a name for the biggest difference in cars today, American Motors' SINGLE UNIT CONSTRUCTION. So strong, so modern, so safe, you get a total of $25,000 Personal Automobile Accident INSURANCE* against fatal injury—divided equally between husband and wife! ORDINANCE NO. 373 AN ORDINANCE CHEATING A CITY PLAN COMMISSION AND FIXING AND PRESCRIBING THE POWERS AND DUTIES THEREOF AND AMENDING THE ZONING COMMISSION ORDINANCE BEING ORDINANCE NO. 334 INCREASING THE MEMBERSHIP OF THE ZONING COMMISSION TO ELEVEN WHEREAS, Ihe City of Algona has. an existing Zoning Commission Ordinance, being Ordinance No. 33-1. enacted and approved October 25, 1951 which created a Zoning Commission and said Zoning Commission is composed of ses'en duly appointed, qualified and acting members appointed under the terms and provisions oi said Ordinance No. 33-1, and WHEREAS, the City Council has the power to create a City flan Com mission under tlie terms and provisions of the 195-! Code Chapter 373 '"hosf duty it shall be generally to plan the physical development oi the city aiong orderly lines and the City Council may provide that the Zoning Commission shall be the Plan Commission und the personnel of each Commissior identical, and WHEREAS, the City Council desires to piovide for tlie orderly development of the City by means of the preparation by a Plan Commission of a comorehi.'nsive plan for the Citv NOW THEREFORE. BE IT ORDAINED BV THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITV OF ALGONA, IOWA: Section 1. That under aud by virtue of the authority conferred by Chapter 373 of the 1^54 Code of Iowa, a City Plan Commission und established. hereby created Section 2. Membership. That the membership of said City Plan Commission bhall consist of eleven members who shall be citizens of Algona. ;owa and qualified by knowledge or experience to act in matters pertain- to the development oX a'cijj plan 3 OAlK CONDITIONED CARS Ramblers! Hudson V-B's! Nash V-B's! 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