The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 3, 1956 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1956
Page 17
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6-Algoha (Id.) Upper D« Metne* Tueiday, April 3, 1956 Wesley Folks At Wedding In Britt Church Wesley — Mr nrtd Mrs Halvor Flonv Jr., MV and Mrs Raymond Carlson, Mr and Mrs Anton Pearson and Mr and Mrs Frank Johnson attended the Walter L. Johnson, Wedding of son of Mrs Ruth, Johnson of Britt and the late Elmer Johnson, and Wilhelmine Uhl of Germany, Thursday evening. The ceremony was performed by Rev. B. A. Rust in the Bethel Baptist church. The young couple were attended by. the groom's brother and sister-in-law, Mr and Mrs Denny Johnson. Mr and Mrs Dale Knopper sang, "Whither Thou Goest": and Mrs Knopper sang, "The. Lord's Prayer." A large group of relatives and friends attended the reception that was held in the church parlors after the ceremony. Mrs Curtis Lewcvke had charge of the guest book and Mrs Wesley Beenken had charge of the gifts. Wesley Besnken and Curtis Lewerke were ushers. Walter was recently discharged from the Air Force, having served 3 years in Germany. His wife arrived in Britt from Germany March 21. Engaged To Wed Mr and Mrs Fred* Eden announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter Shirley Jean to Hugh Haverly, son of Mr and Mrs Henry Haverly. The wedding will take place in St. Joseph's Catholic church, April 24, at 9 a.m. • Shirley has been,employed at the Jack Lickteig drug store. Hugh has assisted his father on the farm since his discharge from service. Flys To California Mrs s '' Will Titus left Sunday March 18 to join her husband in Los -Angeles, Calif. Her plane left Mason City at 7:43 a.m. and arrived in Los Angeles at 5:12 p.m. the same day. Mr and Mrs Titus have purchased a home there and he has employment. They will return to Iowa about May 1 by car'" 'and move the family and household goods to California when school <s out. Brownies Elect Brownies met in the American Legion Auxiliary rooms Monday evening, March 26, for election of officers and then they went to Roadside Park near the public school for a marshmallow roast. Joan.Ricke was elected president; Connie Lickteig, vice president; Elaine Goetz, secretary; Rita Eisenbacher, treasurer; Tone Tucker, reporter,. . Mesdames Nyla Newbrough and Shirley Bruns are leaders. A New Arrival A baby boy was born to Mr and Mrs John Bauer Tuesday, ' March 27 in the Britt hospital. They now have a family of three sons and three daughters. Mother and son were brought home-Sunday. Joan Ricke is employed at the Bauer home. Sunday March 25 dinner guests at the Wm. Hrubes home in honor of the 5th birthday of Brian Hrubes which was Saturday, March, 24 included his paternal grandparents, Mr and Mrs Ed Hrubes of Duncan, his maternal grandparents, Mr and Mrs R. C. Bauer and Bill of Wesley and Mr and Mrs Ralph Bauer and family of Whittemore. Mr iind Mrs William Schiller of Jump River, Wis. wore March 25 weekend guests of Mr and Mrs Lawrence Wingort. Mrs Schiller is a nioce of Mr Wingert. Mrs Matt Erdman was dismissed from Britt hospital Wednesday, March 28 and taken to the home of their son Lawrence Erdman where she spent several days. She had surgery at the hospital. A son was born to Mr and Mrs John Seiler of Humboldt on Monday, March 19. Mr and Mrs A. J. Seller art; the paternal grandparents. Mrs Ida Bohn rind daughter Mary of Garner and Mrs Isabelle Dade and daughter, Judy Ann of Mason City were recent guests of the Curl Albues and Mrs Mary Seifert. The Catholic Missionary So- city and the C. D. of A.'s will meet Wednesday, April 4th, The American Legion Auxiliary will meet; Thursday evening, April 5. Mr and Mrs Pat Rasmussen and family were Sunday, March 25 guests at the Charles Hagen home at Gladbrook. Mr and Mrs Rasmussen were sponsors at the baptism of their niece Paulette Faye Hagen al the Garwin Catholic school. Mrs Hagen and Mrs Rasmussen are sisters. The Pat Rasmuseen family were Easter Sunday guests at the parental, John Nedved homo at Garner. Mr and Mrs Fred Rasmussen were Easter Sunday guests in the Anton Rasmussen home in Eagle Grove. The men are brothers. Mike Wagner attended the funeral of his cousin, Mike Heider- scheidt, at the West Bend Catholic 1 church Friday morning. Mrs Floyd Armstrong, Melvin and Calvin and Mrs Armstrong's grandmother, Mrs Louisa Fish and Earl wtnt to Woden Wednesday where they visited Mrs Fish's mother, Mrs Anna Rath, aged 90. The latter lives with her son George Rath and family. Mrs Tony Seller went to Humboldt last week to care for her daughter-in-law, Mrs John Seiler and new son Richard Wayne who was born, March 19. Mr and Mrs Lee Hildebrand arrived here Tuesday from San Diego, Calif, to spend several days with her" parents, Mr and Mrs H. E. Hemmingsen here and with his parents, Mr and Mrs Cecil Hildebrand at Britt. The young couple will farm near Britt. Mr and Mrs Fred Thomas and :wo sons spent March 25-29 with ler parents, Mr and Mrs Tom ianley. Mr and Mrs Charles Price and Jean were Sunday, March 25 supper guests in the Curtis Rasmussen home near Garner. Mrs Robert Munson and -family of Bradgate visited his mother, Mrs Eunice Nelson Saturday, March 24. ' Mr and Mrs Al Wagner were Sunday, March 25th guests in the Dwight Wagner home in Algona. Easter Sunday guests in the Vincent Doughan |home were Mr and Mrs Phil Ballard of Estherville and Mr and Mrs Roger Ravings CO CHBUS REESE A tUH* of TJiU, * Llltl* el Thai: Met Mack 61 It was Thursday night of last week, March 29, when this column was written and it was a really winter night, plenty snow yet on the ground and the thermometer taking hourly drops downward and I can't remember Doughan of Clarion and Mrs Veva Lease. Mrs Dorothy Snook and David of Minneapolis, Minn, were Easter weekend guests in the R. E. Newbrough home. Mr and Mrs Dwight Bruns and three children spent Sunday, March 25 in the home of Mrs Bruns' sistert Mrs *Charles Heishman and family. The women's mother, Mrs Louise Osborn returned home with them for a several week's visit. Mr and Mrs Robert L. Moore of Story City, have . a new son, Steven Robert born March 20. They also have a four year old daughter Christine. Mr Moore is principal of Story City high school and will be remembered by many Wesleyans as he went thru high school here. His father operated a produce station> where H. E. Hemmingsen now has a plumbing shop. Mr and Mrs Robert Weiland left last week for Fort Devans, Mass, following 21 day furlough in'the parental Tony Ostercamp and Richard Weiland homes. Rev. F. A. Webb and Rev. Percy Carlsson participated in a union service at Nazarene church in Britt Friday March 30 from 12:45 to 3 o'clock. There was organ and vocal music from Stilson, Wesley and Britt churches. Fred Thomas left Mason City by plane Thursday afternoon for Austin, Mass, having received word of the death of his 88 year o 1 d grandfather, Sidney B. Thomas. Funeral services were held Friday afternoon. Elrey Loebig, son of Mr and Mrs Victor Loebig,'was one of 62 students to receive a certificate March 20 from a 10 week's surveying school at the State College at Ames. Mrs Louisa Fish and Earl, Mrs Floyd Armstrong, and two sons Melvin and Calvin of Wesley, Mr and Mrs George Rath and family of Woden, Mr and Mrs Marion Renning and family of Titonka, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Bains and family of Rake were Sunday evening, March 25 supper guests of Mrs Anna Bruns. 46th YEAR Recently, the Harvey Wheelers of 1 Granger renewed iheir subscription to the weekly Madrid Register-News. It was the 46th renewal for the couple. fm^rnmm^/mm'fl 'THIS FLOOR PAINT LASTS TWICE AS LONG! , NO-FLOOR PAINT EVE* MADE BEFORE THIS STANDS AS MUCH ABUSE* FL.ORPLV ..,o product of lirwrmrouwwr.., KELLEY LUMBER CO ALGONA — SEXTON — OTTOSEN BURT CO-OP ELEVATOR BURT THOMPSON YARDS BANCROFT See It Now ! The BRAND NEW TYPEWRITER ROYAL ROYALITE $/LO95 PORTABLE-at only OY Including Leather-Zipper Carrying Case (Plus Tax) SATIN FINISH IN HEATHER GREEN PERFECT FOR STUDENTS, SALESMEN, AND HOME USE on display at the UPPER DES MOINES PUB. CO. ALGONA Office Supply PHONE 1100 the year when the present Wfa< ter weather was etytf equaled oft, two days from A£ril ? Fool's da$ v And it's a cinch that we have all had enough t>f thls^jSJortk Pole weather hanging orHiere within two days of April Fool's day. And It was last Thursday, March 29th ( that We enjoyed (?) a hear blizzard for several hours. SnoW covered ground and temps dropping and dropping. I just sometimes wonder what wa .have done to the weather man that he' spreads this sort of weather upon us. Yep, we've had several nice* days the past Week ahd the-out-?' look for spring weather was good enough that a lot of we gents changed to lighter underwear and the next day we just shivered and shivered, so to speak. Nojfc, I don't like January 1 weather this time ,of year. Do you? "And, I repetjf, the fuel dost just about drives a guy nuts. And following a nice decent winter, it just seems we can't take this cold, cold stuff the weather man is handing us now. It was just a week ago that the •V.nMi printed a new, . bboit: for Fen tori and 1 through it to find the number of my nationality, the Danes, having phdnes in Fenton. 1 had always been under the impression that Fenton had quite a few Dane names,'so to speak. There was" Arnold Mansen, .Adolph Hansen, Mrs Mary Hansen, Otto Jensen, P. H. Jensen, Carl Mpr- tensfin, Fred Mortensen, Arnold Nielsen, Curtis Olsen, Ole Pederson, and Oscar Sovenson, all names spelled like the Danes. And I suppose they are Danes and one of these days I hope to visit Fenton and' maybe I can get these Danes together and we can organize and hold a "sang fest" and put over a Dane concert featuring "Forgangen Nat Vor .Sultne Kat" that famous' Danish operatic tuneful vocal nUmber which is outstandingly Danish both in fine verse and swell musical tune, so to speak: Yea, there are several names in the book which;sound Scandinavian— liR|; :but- It don't, know whether they are Swedish of Norwegian or Dane.' However, Fenton has a nice leaning: in population to- Wardv- the Scandinavian angle and the Danes are well represented; And that's that. AftS in the telephone bo6k there were several names which w^ere listed in numbers reaching a near, dozen. For instance, B. G. Berkeland, Robert Berkeland, Mrs Andrew Berkland', Bennie Berkland, David Berkland, Ernest Berkland, 'Lloyd Berklahd, Mar-, tin' ,Serklarid, Melvin Berklahd; Oscar Berkland and Ruben Berk-land,-11 of them. Then there also were 8 Bierstedts, Alfred and Clarence Bierstedt, Emil and Ferdinand Bierstedt, Gustaye and Hilbert Bierstedt and Walter and Wilfred Bierstedt. And the name Of* Luedtke 'was lined up eight times, Art. and Donald Luedtke, Ervin and Herman' Luedtke. Marvin and Reuben Luedtke and Mrs Ben Luedtke. And the Muel- ler name was listed eight times With Afthttf ahd jErneSt Mueller» F.*. Mueller, Sf.'a«d Jf.* Frank* liri and Lawrence. Mueller, Roy Mueller and Mrs f heo. Mueller, And the Volgt; folks were not so slow.with seven listed: Arthur and C. C. Voigt, Mrs Carrie Voigt, Dale and Merle Voigt, and Paul and Wm. \Voigt. But the Weisbrod name topped dll others With .11 and they were Charles and Dale Weisbrod, Donald and E. C. Weisbrod, Ed and Lester Weisbrod; Lyle and L. J. Weisbrod. Ralph and William Weisbrod and Mrs Elmer Weisbrod, and so I judge -that name to be .the most popular in the book. ' ••' —o— •'.•«.. Jhere were several,names listed in the Fenton directory' which reached above ten in the number of letters, and naturally Jhey take more ink when being signed on that check, so to speak. For instance there are Ronald and Roy Chrischilles, 12,letters, mora ink, Wm. Householder 11 letters, John . Laubenthal 10 letters, Homer Matthjesen 10 letters, At- arid the ioftgesiin the bbofe ffott Steinberger dl.'. lettersL ^wrenbe Jjllertsvarig 10 letters, Fred Wein- feger 10, $te&. Wessendorf. 10. and Otto Wich'teridahl 11, -: So you can see where there argFen' ton names in the" book whichtake up of ink front the fountain pen, so to speak. As for names of four letters there . were Wayne Barr, Robert' Burt, JSlen Gage, Ahier Cody, Earl Deafi, John Fuhr, Herman Gade, Arnold Juhl, Mrs Amanda Kei-n, Lloyd Kern, Carl Odin,/j»nd ; Donald, Root, an eVen dozert." And there were Lawrence Alt,.Martin Ohm and Otto Ohm listed, three gents with only three letters to use up fountain pen ink, / so to speak. Maybe you won't give a hang about printing these names from the Fenton telephone book but I got a big kick out of hunting and checking the length of names in the book which represents a dandy good town in Kossuth, Fenton, so to speak. 'GIFTS AT ow with your A New, Progressive Step Forward in Line With a Fast - Growing Trend Nationally in The Merchandising of Gasoline To The Public ! Your Choice Of These Free Gifts GLASS TUMBLERS MILK GLASS DINNERWARE IVORY SOAP I When You Buy Gas At Viking (CASH PURCHASES ONLY) STOP AT OUR STATION AND SEE THE FREE GIFTS DIRECT-FROAA-PIPELINE TO OUR PUMPS HIGEST OCTANE RATING GAS IN HISTORY FOR AUTOMOTIVE USE MJIFTS with your GAS' AT E. B. Carlson, Mgr AIGONA, IOWA Phone 53Q mz

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