Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 30, 1973 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1973
Page 14
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14 Gof«>buro Repi'srer-Moil, dafisburg, Ml Mondoy, July 30, 1973 Laotian Government, Pathe/t on VIENTIANE, Laos (UP!) « 1 *he tfevtnwftent of Prime Minister Semtm ttiauma and the Communist Pathet Lao reportedly hive agrt*d on a coalition government and the machinery for policing a cease- fife originally signed in Feb* Official jmras said the two sides were expected to sign the accord sometime this week. Other NgNttnkJng sources said the two sides were still t discussing several points of the agreement, particularly military issues. Hiose sources declined to speculate on When the accord might be signed. Agreement came after five month* of negotiations between the government and Pathet Lao. An original truce agree* ment signed Feb. 21 provided for formation of a coalition within 30 days, but the, deadline passed with no agreement. . Despite the drawn-out negotiations, the cease-fire generally has worked with the exception of sporadic clashes, two of which brought brief bombing strikes by U.S. war planes on North Vietnamese positions. Start In Motion Signing of the document would start in motion provisions in the February truce agreement for withdrawal of all foreign troops and advisers from Laos within 60 days, the sources said. Tfoey said the two sides e of Signing informed the Soviet Union andlgovernment. TWO other minis- Britain, the co-chairmen of the 1962 Geneva Conference on Laos, and Canada, Poland and India, the three member nations of the International Control Commission (ICC) of their agreement over the weekend. Under the agreement, the sources said, the present Souvanna government and the Pathet Lao each would receive five ministries in the coalition tries would go to nonpolitical figures. Still Boss Souvanna would remain as prime minister with the Pathet Lao filling one of two deputy premiersh^w, a point that was one of the major obstacles to agreement. %e Pathet Lao originally insisted on one deputy premier under Souvanna with a Pathet Lao candidate filling the office. The final formult, sources said, calls for two deputy premiers— one a Pathet Lao post end the other probably going to a rightwing government figure. According to some reports, the two sides also agreed to establish 20 "control points" along the border with North Vietnam to monitor military movements. The agreement would provide for six mobile supervisory teems from the two sides and another six teams from the ICC. Troop Strength There are a reported 66,000 North Vietnamese troops in Laos, plus 16,000 Thai irregular troops serving the government and several hundred Americans operating under military status and for the Centra) Intelligence Agency (CIA). Under the 1962 Geneva Cambodian Military Police Round Up Help To Defend PHNOM PENH (UPI) Cambodian military police fanned out today through the streets of Phnom Penh, gathering volunteers and drafting other young men for the defense Of the capital that is encircled and threatened by Communist rebel forces. U.S. planes battered the insurgent forces late Sunday and early today in support of Cambodian troops fighting on all sides of the capital. Military spokesmen said they had inflicted, 600 casualties on the rebels and that there had been "some" gains But the military situation remained serious with some rebel units as close as five or six miles to the center of the city. Frontline government forces defending the capital are estimated at close to 10,000. Insurgent strength on all sides of the capital is estimated at 20,000. Authoritative military sources say the government needs close to 20,000 new recruits to wage an effective defense. Military police searched homes for men between the ages of 18 and 35 who are eligible for the nation's newly created draft. Authorities said the day's recruiting brought an estimated 1,000 volunteers, while another 2,500 were drafted. Outside the main collection center, wives and children of those drafted gathered and searched for their husbands and fathers in the crowded courtyard where the recruits were changing into army uniforms. From the collection center, they were taken by truck to two Army training centers, one at Prey Sar, about 5 miles south of the city, the other 10 miles down Highway 4. Both the training centers are within a mile of the front lines. Field reports said the bombing occurred on all sides of the capital as the government fought to reverse insurgent advances to the south and northwest. The Cambodian high command said 400 insurgents were killed on the southwest front, along Highway 3 and about 10 miles from the center of the capital. The command said another 200 were killed about four miles further south. Six government soldiers were killed and "some" wounded in ground fighting in the area, the command said. Officials said government troops captured three positions to the north and south of Phnom Penh with the help of heavy U.S. bombing. The closest position was Phnom Basset, 11 miles from the capital. One U.S. air strike, field reports said, came within 100 yards of government positions and killed two soldiers. Villagers in the Phnom Basset area said American bombing accounted for about one-half of casualties inflicted on the insurgents. Residents of Phnom Penh could hear B52 and Fill raids within five miles of the city. It marked the 145th consecutive day of the new intensive U.S*. air war. Government forces also scored some reported success in pushing insurgents back from Phnom Penh's big Po- chentong airport, where insur­ gents moved into an area 1% miles north of the airport Saturday. Field reports said government forces using armored personnel carriers conducted; a successful clearing operation on Sunday. The activity near the airport closed down the government's radio transmitters Saturday night and Sunday, cutting off communications between Phnom Penh and the rest of the world for 24 hours. Communications were restored Sunday night. agreements, a coalition of neutralists, Patthet Lao and rightists was set up under souvanna, himself <a neutralist. This broke down in 1963, bringing greater involvement in the Laotian fighting by both the North Vietnamese and the ,United States, wftidt gave [clandestine advisory and logistic support to Souvanna and started bombing operations in Laos in 1984. WATER WEIGHT PROBLIM? USE X-PIL IK si water is the bo&f AM to MM op of ptmmnH period cm be otcanfort. ible, X-PEL... I mid diwttie, »i help you lose eicets body water wefeht. Only RW. We recommend it. osco THE SWEET SELL OF SUCCESS The sale was fun . • . and profitable! 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