The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1954 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1954
Page 16
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ffXMI ^Wl BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWI FRIDAY, APRIL 80, 1954 Refrigerator - Freezer Combinations Lead '54 Four combination refrigerators with zero food freezers are deluxe •tyle leaders of a completely new 1954 series of nine refrigerators produced by Hotpotnt Co. in a multimillion dollar factory recently .opened in Chicago. Frestt wad frozen food capacities range from 7.8 cubic feet to 11.5 cubic feet. One top deluxe model will preserve up to 88 pounds of frozen food at zero degrees, the largest frozen food capacity of any Hot- p^int refrigerator ever produced and one of the largest in the industry. For the first time in the 45-year history of Hotpoint, both white and colored interiors are being offered. A soft pastel green is available on five of the nine new models. In addition to such use-value features as swing-out storage pans, heated butter bins, all-aluminum sliding shelves, built-in foil dispensers, -; completely automatic and pushbutton defrost systems and telescoping shelves, Hotpoint refrigerators for 1954 conform to a new functional-modern styling treatment developed to utilize advanced methods of quality mass production. Clean, unbroken lines of this new design blend readily with .modern kitchen assemblies, speed routine. cleaning and insure longer style life of the appliance. 96 -Pound Freeter Top deluxe model of the new 1954 series is a two-door refrogera- tor-freezer with a completely au. tomatic defrost and water disposal system. This unit will safely store 88 pounds of frozen foods in • the top freezer section for extended periods. A door shelf on the freezer door holds cans of frozen juices, small frozen food packages and quart cartons of ice cream. A swing-out "Meat Mart" tray in the top right corner of the fresh food compartment gives finger tip storage of fresh meat and poultry. Temperature and humidity indicators built into the lower door show that the cooling system is maintaining correct conditions for good food preservation. Three, full- width door shelves ar,e deep enough to hold quart, milk cartons, soft drinks, leftover jars and other small food containers. A removable egg crate insert is provided in one shelf for convenient egg storage and easy cleaning. In addition to new sliding all- aluminum shelves, this model has a divided full-width lower shelf that provides extra room for such bulky articles as watermelon, turkey, extra-tall bottles and large molded salads. A small folding shelf in the upper left corner of the fresh food compartment gives convenient storage space for cheese containers, salad dressing jars and leftovers. Total shelf area in this combination model is over 18 square feet. Aluminum evaporators, used on all 1954 Hotpoint refrigerators, will not rust and have 4 times more conduction than steel evaporators currently in general market use. Separate Freezer Doors Three other large capacity models with true food freezers have one outer door with a separately insulated inner freezer door. Fresh and frozen food capacities in these units range from 10.1 to 11.5 cubic feet. Each model will store up to 74 pounds of frozen food. Depending on size, these combination units have as standard equipment: three to five door shelves, butter bins, built-in foil dispensers, leftover jars, sliding shelves, vegetable pans, swing-out meat containers and freezer indicator thermometers. Two of these models are available with "Capri" green interiors. Three 10.5 cubic foot medium- priced refrigerators included in the 1954 Hotpoint line are available with pushbotton or manual defrost systems, three door shelves, butter bins, sliding shelves and vegetable pans. All three will preserve np to 49 pounds of frozen food. The pushbutton defrost model (4EC105- uses an enclosed heating unit (similar to Calrod units on Hotpoint electric ranges) to achieve efficient defrosting in a minumura time period. Bricks of ice cream remain frozen solid throughout the defrost period. As a result of advanced manufacturing methods used in the new Hotpoint refrigerator plant, new 7.6 cubic foot models measure only 24 inches wide by 56 inches high, providing maximum storage space in a minimum floor area. This is believed to be the most compactly engineered 1954 modtl available from any manufacturer. Features of 7.6 cubic foot models" include pushbutton defrost, two and four door shelves, sliding all-aluminum shelves, full-width vegetable pan, full-width meat tray, a nine- position cold control and two ice trays. Aluminum evaporators in both models have a 32-pound frozen food capacity. DETROIT (#)—Harold Mikkelson and Milton Santwire were arrestei for loitering in an after-hour drin king place. The occasion was a membership party of the Civi Rights Congress, which is on th attorney's general's list, of suber sive organizations. They meekly pleaded guilty and accepted $10 fines and a year's probation. Later the two were revealed as FBI undercover agents when they were surprise witnesses at trial of Red lead&ra. Judge Frank G. Schemanske called the pair before him: "This court owes, you an apology,' he said. "For what you did at that Communist trail the country owes you a vote of thanka." Fast Service WEWOKA, Okla. (jP)~ You can get everything in a drug store these days. Undersheriff David Ramage was drinking his morning coffee in the pharmacy which also houses the Western Union office, a clerk handed him a telegram. It was a warrant for an arrest on a Texas bogus check charge. The accused man was also a customer. The officer made the arrest, finished his coffee and minutes after receiving the wire had the prisoner on his way back to Texas. Nabs Scared Burglar SEVEN FOUNTAINS, Va. (# Mrs. Mildred Davison, postmistress, walked into the combination postoffice and general store here and encounterd , a burglar. She flashed a beam on him from an electric fash and orered him tq march across the street to her home where her father took charge. "I wa-s aware from the moment I saw him that he was more frightened than I was," she said. "Besides with the light in his eyes he didn't know whether I had a gun." E xpensf've Coffee '' MARYSVILLE, Calif. (&)— Coffee cost $12.50 a pound here when a man pleaded guilty to stealing a two-pound can and was fined $25. TOP HOTPOINT MODEL — Top deluxe single door combination refrigerator-freezer for 1954 introduced by Hotpoint Co., for 1954 is an 11.5 cubic foot model with a seperate food freezer which holds 74 Ibs. of frozen foods. For the first time, Hotpoint is offering the customer a choice of either all white or a light pastel green color- ed interior on all 1954 models. Other features of this 11.5 cubic foot model include a swing-out meat tray, foil dispenser for either waxed paper or aluminum, foil for ease of wrapping left-overs, sliding rust-proof aluminum shelves that slide out for accessibility qf foods, and all rounded interior corners for ease of cleaning. ZENITH TV — This smart new 21" Zenith model represents the latest advances in television engineering. Zenith has long been famoufe for qual- ity products. The chassis of a Zenith TV set is carefully designed to provide quality materials and workmanship. Speed Queen Introduces Its Royal Pair -- Was/ier - Dryer Ensemble The Speed Queen Corporation of Ripon, Wis., announces the introduction of its new 1954 Royal Pair. Improved styling and design is the theme of the new automatic washer—dryer ensemble. The new A-12 automatic washer, matched by the DE-8 electric dryer and DG- 14 gas dryer, complete the line of Speed Queen automatic washers, electric and gas dryers and console ironers. Several new features have been added to the new automatic washer. The A-12 features a one piece porcelain top panel. The lid on the washer is recessed so that is is flush with the top panel. Chrome control, dials, chrome front panel trim.: and a chrome and gold background j piece for the Speed Queen emblem combine to increase sparkling eye appeal. The DE-8 electric dryer and DG- 14 gas dryer have identical chrome trim and one piece tops to match the A-12. Speed Queen's exclusive "In-a-door" lint, design. Speed Queen has insured the soundness and reliability of the new Royal Pair by incorporating into it the same mechanical construction used ao successfully in the 1963 Speed Queen automatic washer and dryer. The Speed Queen A- 12 automatic washer will continue to feature the "bowl-shaped tub friMijW popukiiMtf ia nearly three million Speed Queen*» wringer washers. Language Barrier DETROIT (.-P.) - Seventy - three - Mete red Promotion HELENA, Mont. (£>)—The Montana Autombile Assn. has contrived year-old Mrs. Eva Bundardiene a promotional campaign designed wandered Detroit's streets- for 30 to save motorists money. A MMA hours without food or water after; representative places pennies in ex- she became lost. The Lithuanian phed parking meters for tardy mo- grandmother, who speaks no Eng- j torists. Tht motorist is reminded of lish, started by going to an early j the good deed by a little MAA card mass at a church seven blocks from j placed on his windshield. her home. Losing her way, she! — — walked all day and .night before j boarding a bus. j Coffee Break? All she could say to the driver! was, "Lithuanian." The driver! STROUD, Okla. (£»)—• The Stroud found a passenger who spoke the American has come to the conclu- language. Police took Mrs. Bund- sion hard times are not here yet. ardiene home. j "We offered to give away a pound It was just like the eight years iof coffee with each subscription," she wandered around Germany,, the Paper said "People called to see homeless and destitute after she lost her husband and home in a bombing, she said. Fire floats In MT. VERNON, Ind. (>P)— Fires have come to fire departments before but this one was A little unusual. Floating trash saturated with waste oil caught fire on Mill Creek and floated through Mt. Ver- what kind it was before they came in, or if they came by and didn't like the brand, Just passed by the offer." Timber! SOMERVIUJ!, C*j— Mr*. non. Firemen put without <Um*it. A^tope was dangling from a tree branch. The rope caught on a passing milk truck and pulled down the, out the blasej branch on Mr». Parker'a head. She minor tutfc Triumphant Ticktr RICHMOND, Va. (ff)—A police car trailed Mrs. EltoatMth Bugg a* she maneuvered her automobile through three milts of Richmond traffic. Finally, she pulled over to the curb. Th« cop alighted, and backatopped by a newsman and an automobile club representative, told Mrs. Bugg she was being ticketed as Richmond's best driver. Mrs. Bugg said her huaband taught her to driv*. Nt w Nervy Fighter NORFOLK, Va.W—The Navy is putting thes new F7U-3 Cutlas fighter into operation with the fleet. The Cutlass is a twin-jet ship and was carrier-tested lait year along with the F4D Skayray from the USB Coral Sea. GREENFIELD, Mass. (£>)—Beaver* built their dam too damn high and the creek overflowed, washing away a sizeable portion of Shutesbury Road. / Life's Too Short NEW YORK, (/P)~ Raymond Duncan, long - haired, toga-wearing American philo*oph«r, says people would be smarter if they lived longer. Arriving on one of his periodic visits from Paris, he commented: "When you get to be 80 like me, you commence to see the light. We die too young. America will be really great when people live to be 150." Marirw Get Action SAN FRANCISO WE*)—The : Marines fired a single gun salute and the city's pesty pigeons took off from the Civic Center like frightened jet*. City officials, who have tried many ways to get rid of the birds, were disappointed when they soon fluttered back. Jail Cook Jailed CHELSEA, Vt. (ffj—Prisoner* in Orange County jail missed several meals recently. Their cook was in jail in Washington County. He celebrated a night, off too gtenuously. tost in Transit ! MEMPHIS, Tenn. C*5—A trailer truck loaded with 38 head of Brama cattle was barrelling through the Miwisiippi when the tailgate fell off. In Memphis the driver found one lonely cow in the truck. A motorized roundup found II of the animals, thrw ao badly injured they had to be slaughtered at one*. Ou// Business DULL CENTER, Wyo. (jfh-Dull Center is apparently too dull lor the U. S. post office. The Dull Center pott office has been closed. Eight familiei asrved from the post office now get thtir mail from Bill, 36 milei away. And All Aces PORTLAND. Conn. (£»)— Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cunningham'! first grandchildren were all girls— 11 of them. The 12th was a boy. Commented the happy grandmother I "A king after 11 queens." at HUBBARD'S WIDEWIDEI fl/ewfihi/co "Dresm 0m" is easiest-to-use in history! New Satin Titanium porcelain interior pulls more light into the operi oven. Easier to reach into! Greater width gives more room at sides for both hands— ends danger of bums. Easier to use! Gives nearly 50% more front shelf space for up-front, side-by-side cooking. PHI ICO Electric Range 444 PHILCO ELECTRIC RANGE It's the greatest oven news in years! For this superb new 1954 Philco Electric Range gives you the wide oven you have always wanted— the easy-to-use oven with more front shelf space .. . the roomy oven ... the perfect baking oven with extra capacity. Come in and see this wonderful new "Dream Oven" for yourself... today! HOLDS MORE! 6624 cubic inches, for the largest turkey, or roast. Bakes six 9" pies all at once! "Dual Heating" floods all parts of oven with the same, even heat. GREATER ECONOMY! Exclusive design gives new efficiency and savings. Plus these exclusive Philco features! "BROIL-UNDER-GLASS" —juiciest steaks you've ever tasted, yet without smoke. Glass shields coils from grease spatter. WE WANT YOUR OLD RANGE! Use it as down payment on a new 1954 Philco Electric Range. Generous allowance! New Philco mod»lt from '0001S 2-SPEED JIFFY GRIDDLE —adds cooking area of two large surface units. Solid aluminum; it heats evenly, cleans easily. BARGAIN BUY for'54 with PHILCO This budget-priced new Philco gives you deluxe features, including wide "Dream Oven", Storage Compartment with Shelves, Easy-Clean Surface Units, Deep Well Cooker, and Automatic Preheat Thermostat. See Philco 442! HUBBARD & SON FURNTIE & APPLIANCES PHONE 3*4409 BLYTHEVILLE 4

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