Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 30, 1973 · Page 10
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 10

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1973
Page 10
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WASHINGTON (\JPl) White Mouse anrxamce this 11 TOJISUTXO w •Hie will strong fhe dwindling supply <rf crude oil and AdinlnifltraUdft otfictais Said program was being drafted / John A. Love, the former Colorado goveftior who now is President Nixon's chief energy They said final da siotw had not been made, but mandatory allocation proposal was under consideration. lite allocation system would be out into effect in mid-August h • under preliminary drafts of the program. Officials said the program at lis stage does not involve any mer Instead, the plans call for it to anpiy products sold by wholesalers. It also would cover crude oil going to refineries .Goals of the program would be to aid independent producers and to spread supplies of fuel- eihort areas in foe nation. There have been complaints during the petroleum shortages this summer that many independents have been driven out of business or left short of there still are areas that continue to suffer from gasoline - shortages, Colorado. Officials said the program is sp&cuTwi oi fuel to cover a , including gasoline, fuel oil, jet fuel, propane, butane, naphtha and residual oils. Since r gummer, Con grass has been urging a mandatory Mandatory allocation legislation was passed by the Senate last month, and the Mouse is expect* ed to follow suit. The interior Department's Oil and Gas Office probably put into effect any flrjjP*ft the administration recominiends and monitor s regions of She country 'Another provision is to be the setting aside of special aMottnent, tan states ; to Sire supplies for high priori y coifcutners, such as public " " H + i* 4 Lj 1 - i # up j WASHINGTON (UPI) - The others, v Ralph Nader-supported Health effective. Research Group wants government to ban the sales of Alka-Seltzer and publicly censure the manufacturer of the antacid; • The organization made the request Sunday, contending Miles Laboratories, the makers of Alka-Seltzer, withheld data from a federal panel that declared the antacid safe and probably effective- Miles Laboratories called the allegations "outrageous and unjustified." The Health Research Group has criticized Alka-Seltzer on grounds that it contains aspirin which may cause internal bleeding in persons who have ulcers or other stomach problems. The group said the produce often is touted for relief of upset stomach but really may be caused by conditifns for which aspirin is bad. FDA Report The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) April 4 published the recommendations of a scientific panel which reviewed all over-the-counter ( antacid products. The board concluded that Alka-Seltzer, among However, Dr. Sidney Wolfe, director of the Health Research Group, said Miles Laboratories submitted additional information to the FDA On June 4, including an unpublished study which Wolfe said had been in the company's hands for five years. "Had this study been made available to the panel before it concluded working on the monograph, the debate might have resulted in Alka-Seltzer being removed from the market, for it shows that Alka- Seltzer causes significant bleeding in normal individuals- contrary to the oft-repeated claims by Miles Laboratories," Wolfe said in a letter to Dr. Alexander Schmit, the new FDA commissioner. Remove It Wolfe asked Schmidt to remove Alka-Seltzer from the market "until it has been reformulated without aspirin and to publicly censure "Miles Laboratories ... for deliberately withholding important data ..." Miles Laboratories had this response: "We resent the outrageous and unjustified conduct of the Health Research Group in the allegation withheld that we adverse information about Alka-Seltzer from the FDA and the antacid advisory panel. The research referred to was conducted by an independent expert gastroenterologist in Australia, and applying scientific methods, he concluded that Alka-Seltzer produced no significant increase in gastrointestinal blood loss." i w Band's Members Must Buy Pants FAIRVIEW — Members of Spoon River Valley School District 4's high school band wall be responsible far their own uniforms this year, according to Frank Willis, band director. Band members must order slacks from Pants Plus, Galesburg, by Aug. 1, Willis saiid. Asoots are being made and may when school shirt ma- be purchased starts. An $8 fee terial should he given to Wilis or band committee members as soon as possible, he added. Committee members are Mrs. Ruth Ulm and Mrs. Shirley Ovenrash, London ^MiEs; Mrs. Ruth Knott, EWiisvMe;' Mrs. Louise Bird, Maquon, and Mrs. Susan Harm. Fairview. CHILDREN'S ENTIRE STOCK CHILDREN SALE! SAVE 10 °/c ALL Limited Offer - Ends Aug. 4th OUTFIT THE KIDS NOW WITH THESE BACK-TO-SCHOOL SPECIALS AND SAVE UP TO 50%! GIRLS' SHOES BOYS' SHOES Buster Brown and Other Fine Brands. I Sturdy Styles For School and Every Oxfords, Loafers, Straps, Ties and Buckles. School Shoes and Dressy Styles. $11 to $15! day Wear and Dress Shoes. Ties, Slip ons, Straps and Loafers. Reg. to $16! BARGAIN ODDS-N-ENDS, MISC. STYLES AND COLORS, BROKEN SIZES, ETC. SUMMER SANDAL & CANVAS NOW ONLY PLUS, 10% OFF ANY CHILDREN'S SHOE FROM OUR ENTIRE REGULAR STOCK! Si \ 214 I. Main St • Goltsburg • 342-1313 — - *' .„ ^ \ SUPER V/ALU - i h The Independent Store Owner Who Tries to Give You More for Your Food RATH LINK y m 8-0Z. PKG. Commodore Pr*Cooked Breaded God Fillets/Fish Sticks LB. I LAV O-RllE ' ( -'"'^"v 'K*'' 1 ' POT PIES * * * • * • » 8 07 P /os H t , J s { y * • f r (•)/'• n COOL WHIP 0 •) ( Of lii/i 49 Hir (Is f y Frozen Awake 3 12 o/ $1 00 IHO G cans tiinh \ ye I- in/en Cut Corn/Peas * A * * 2 Hi tu 45 f II f ru/en Hash Brown Potatoes [>uly (My 35 «1» 1111 1 .... I h ri I • ri 4 About Food By RON HENDERSON r j Today I'm launching a second career of sorts publishing a food column to KRAt I HARf A > MARGARINE :*>:4>: 4_ I +_ w _1_•_ _+ 4 -:-x-x-w appear each week in this space. Not that I don't keep busy enough running a modern supermarket. But it just seems to me that, in this punch card world of ours, the human touch is more important than ever. And I thought this might be a nice way for us to get a little better acquainted. So, whether or not you are a Rons Super Valu customer, I hope you'll L , feel free to drop in any time and let me know what you think about it. What will it be about? Well, there are r thousands of items in any supermarket. And there's a story behind every one of them. As best I can, I'll tell you some of those stories* How different foods originated. How they got their names. Some of the curious ways they played a role in history. Things like that. And I'll get into other areas, too. Pack- Kt nit ^{fllllHIIIII— . i WILSONS CORN KINO 8-oz. ^^^^ |J#*£) # R*0* Bologna # Salami • Sliced Luncheon Pickle Pimento • Olive Loaf H r I FOSTER FARMS BREADED 1A $100 IW FOR • CHUCKWAGOM • PORK • BEEF MORRELL PRIOE FRANKS i * VINE RIPENED CALIFORNIA (36 Size) ~ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^ " ^^^^^^^^^ J ^^^^^^^ ^i^i^P ^j New Crop California . • Bartlett Pears 3^69* •j Garden Fresh I U Cello Radishes or Green Onions (»«h).....,..... 2 25 T" I Horn* Grown , Fresh Tomatoes. ..........„....ib. 29 ( FUv-o-ritt AsitU Flavors • Cookies ..........4p k8fc$ l 00 Campfira(Mb.pfcg.) % Z^^t^^ Marshmallows ........25* Betty Crocktr 008 e — Angel Food g Cake Mixes.....Box 49* I WITH THIS COUPON g r Limit On* Coupon Ptr Family. c Good Only at Ron's ^ Super Valu. Oflor Expirta Aug. 4, 1073 u-ss s r KRAf J CHEESE SPREAD VELVEETA ?-lb. >ox 1 * VALUABLE COUPON / // Orange Juice * * • + 89 Dad's 'I .American Cheese Spread 69 —145* Super V J I U English Muffins IU o/ • 29 Root Beer Whitnsy CHUM Salmoa .;£ M -99 F J VALUABLE COUPON LAVORS 46 f a Deterjent Ajax ;.J» 89 WITH THIS COUPON ii Limit Qnt Coupon Per Family. Good Only ai Ron's Super Valu. Offer Expires Aug. 4, 1973 t INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED Ice Cream Coke Rolls j 2 pAc * t aging. Advertising. Foods past. Super Volu Foods of the future. Anything and everything touching on the subject of what we eat. Everything, that is, except recipes and dietary advice. I'm sure you already get plenty of both from other sources. Strawberry Preserves VALUABLE COUPON 18 oz. H<Jar Elf Bartlett j i F • • ri . + ft • P T | . k n b w * _ I'll try to offer variety. One week, for I Pgjjf HdlV6S F • + T h - * T r F" P"F - 4 + A-' F I b + example, I might tell you how milk came to America. The next week, I might tell you some things that perhaps you didn't know about popcorn. (Or did-you already know that it was once served for breakfast, with cream and sugar?) And the next week, I might cover anything from shoplifting to food in space. I don't claim to be any great shakes as a writer, of course. But then, Ernest Hemingway would probably have made a terrible grocer. So I'm just going to relax and enjoy it. And I hope you'll do the same! 29 oz, (Light §yryp ) 9 „,<:Qn PataiQent 020 S Ivory Liquid WITH THIS COUPON Limit One Coupon PerFamily, Goo4 Only at Ron'a Super Valu. Ottor £xpirta Aug. 4, 1073 32oz ,CQt Lemon Up Shampoo 10 oz. Bottle 77c REGISTER FOR THIS WEEK'S Someone Is Going to Win and It Might B* Yen! You need not be present to win — we have a customer draw a name out of the barrel at 4 p.m. every Saturday — That person pas (til JO a.m. Monday to show that their card has been punched. ) N-a purchase is necessary. VACATION CLAUSE Richard Fey, Abingdon did not have card punched so this week 1500. did not have card punched so this week $500.

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