Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 30, 1973 · Page 6
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 6

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1973
Page 6
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6 Golesburg ReflistefrMaii. Gdlesburo, ill, Monday, July 30, 1973 Tonto' Turning Down Bad Image s By DICK KLEINER I'jf ftgjtil • Altjllti^ui -Weill • Tke Lively Afti thinfs tkn't Jay SUverteeb says the way movie* and tele- viakm treat American Indians is one of the things (hat doesn't change much. Silverheels, one of HoUy- wood'a veteran Indian actors, feels (hat Hollywood still treats Indians poorly. He says that maybe (here will be two cr three films in which IndU Tutidoy Night Spteiol DOLLAR DAY at Knotty Pine Top Wofrcgo, III. 375-9918 Swiss Steak M.00 Baked Potato, Cole Slaw, Bread & Batter BEER & WINE SPECIAL — BEER — « PACK CANS • Palstaff • Stag • Butch • Old Style • Drtwerys M.00 — WINE — BOONES FARM Strawberry Hill Wild Mountain Grapa '1.00 Start Strvina —4:30 P.M. COCKTAIL HOUR MONDAYS THROUGH THURSDAYS 5 P.M. — 6:30 P.M. STARTING MONDAY, JULY 30 ALL MIXED DRINKS 50c Complimentary Hot ft Cold Hort -d 'o «UY «ri SAMMY ROSE at the Piano Nightly 8:30 -12:30 JIM'S STEAK HOUSE 951 N. HENDERSON ST. Every Tuesday Night Is LADIES NIGHT Ladies Cocktails 1^ pR/|£Q from 8 P.M. on Dance To The Sounds of Ron Carroll Sheraton Motor Inn MONDAY SPECIAL PIZZA AH You Con Eat JM25 S" U8 HP« or ChM *» I Per Person "TUESDAY 1 VEAL PARMESAN Buy 1 Get 1 Free for • family of fun" 1824 N. Henderson St. Phone 343-0213 1 1 S^S^SSSK*?-^^ If EVERY TUESDAY SIRLOIN PIT. Bring Someone You Love •r Bring Everyone Yov Love 1.39 YOU GET juicy, tender, rib eye steak or sizzling hot chopped steak, with delicious baked potato, crispy green salad, and buttery texas toast. u ans are shown in a respectable light. But then one comes along in which the Indian is portrayed badly - "and the cne bad one cancels out the three good ones." As an example of the bad, he says he recently was asked to do a Gunsmoke episode. "IT WAS A cliche (hat was old 20 years ago," he says. "I was supposed to play a vilian- Ous, snarling Indian, who at' tacked the wagon (rain and kidnapped (he beautiful white girl. Then Matt Dillon single- handedly Went after the Indians, knocked out or shot a dozen and rescued the girl. "I turned it down." He says there was a time when he didn't turn that kind of part down. He knew if he didn't do it somebody else would. He felt he had to get established as an actor "before I could begin to exert some influence." Now, he believes, he's strong enough in the business so .that he can exert (hat influence. He has founded the Indian Actors Workshop which teaches young Indians the fundamentals of acting, writing and the various film crafts. He .also serves on the Ethnic Minorities Committee of the Screen Actors Guild. AND, NOW, he picks and chooses his parts with care. You can see him, currently, in "The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing" and he's presently shooting Disney's "One Little Indian." He thinks both parts are good. For eight seasons, of course,, he was Tonto on The Lone Ranger. That 's his most memorable role. He considers Tonto "a postive character." "He was on the side of law and order. He had the respect of the people he met, certain- EVERY DOG HAS ITS DAY! Ours is every • • • "Coney" That's right. Our original and famous Coney Dog is only 15c every Tuesday. It's a wiener, golden bun, chili, and chopped onion Coney Dog combl* nation. What a way to put on the Dog I Over 2,300 Drive-in restaurants LINCOLN ST. A&W 1135 LINCOLN ST. Your Horoscope Identity Problem Jay Silverheels, who became famous for his role as Tonto during the Lone Ranger series, says movies and television still show Indians in a bad light. "I hated Indians in the movies . .. before I was told to realize that I was an Indian myself," he says. ly the respect of the Lone Ranger. He was strong and silent." He doesn't feel, as seme have charged, that Tonto is to the Indians what Uncle Tom is to the blacks. Siliverheiels grew up on a Mohawk reservation in eastern Canada. As a boy, he would go to the movies in the nearby town. "And I hated the Indians in the movies," he says. "They were always so cruel. I hated the Indians before I was old enough to realize that I was Turkish Youth Pleads Innocent LOD, Israel (UPI) - Faik Hassan Bulut, a 23 -year-old Turkish national who was captured in Lebanon by Israeli forces during a raid last February, pleaded innocent Sunday of participating in Arab guerrilla activities. Rulult is being tried before an Israeli military court. He was taken prisoner by Israeli troops who crossed into Lebanon to raid Palestinian training camps Feb. 20. A police witness said Bulut told him he belonged to a Turkish revolutionary party and had entered Lebanon after Turkish authorities /tried to airest Mm. His trial is the second now in progress involving foreign nationals accused of guerrilla activity outside Israeli soil. MARTI ES 57 S. Cherry St. CLOSED for VACATION YES! Our Kitchen la Open Monday Nights SPECIAL Rib - Eye ? 1.69 Knotty Pine Tap WATAGA, ILL. an Indian myself. That shows how badly the films were slanted." IT WAS SPORTS that got him out and away. He was a boxer and wrestler, played hockey and lacrosse. He became a pro lacrosse player and toured the United States, ending up in Los Angeles. From there, he decided to try acting. It's been a long and busy career. But the whole Indian situation still rankles. It hasn't changed very much since he was a boy. RPV Makes First Flight EDWARDS AFB, Calif. (UPI) — The high altitude, long endurance Boeing Compass Cape, largest remotely piloted vehicle (RPV) in the Aiir Force fleeii, miadis its maiden flight over (the weekend. The takeoff and landing remotely controlled by an operator on the ground using a television display panel, was from dry lake at Edwairds, a departure from the normal RPV procedure of launch in flight from a mother ship and recovery by parachutes caught by helicopter. The RPV, one of two prototypes being developed for the Air Force by Boeing Co., Seattle, and Teledyne Ryan, San Diego, flew 'at about 10,000 feet for one hour to check out the plane and its subsystems. The Compass Cope, powered Iby a single General Electric J 97 turbojet engine, is designed to operate for periods of extended duration at altitudes above 50,000 feet. It is 40 feet in length, d3 feet high at the engine, which is pod-mounted on top of the fuselage, has a winig span of 90 feet, weighs 14 ,000 pounds and is made primarily of fiberglass with wings of fiberglass honeycomb core and aluminum skin construction. Bogus Booze TEL AVIV (UPI) - Police said today they are seeking a man who sold liquor dealers bottles of sweetened tea that he described as whisky. By FRANCES DRAKE Look in the action in which your birthday comes and find what yottf outlook is, according to the stars. FOR TUESDAY, JULY SI, m March 81 to April » (Aries) — You may have to set aside certain personal desires in order to show your abilities in the best light, but the effort you make in this regard will pay olf handsomely. April 21 to May 21 (Taurus) — In making changes or starting anything new, consider ai possible outcomes. Weakness in spots may have to be shored Up. May 22 to Jane 21 (Gemini)If you take minor annoyances in stride, as Geminians usually do, you should enjoy your day, Chosen goals are nearer. Increased favors indicated. June 22 to July 23 (Cancer)- Principies and values most be well considered now. If you avodd extremes, you can have a satisfactory day. Especially favored: Executives, teachers, students, researchers. July 24 to Ang. 23 (Leo) Some unusual situations indicated. In all dealings, be direct. Avoid devious tactics or approach, and give others the benefit of any doubt. Aug. 24 to Sept. 23 (Virgo)Don't hesitate to engage in a novel enterprise if it is worthwhile, regardless of your present situation. You may find a new, if different, road to success. Sept. 24 to Oct. 23 (libra) — Mixed influences. Some past agreements may have to be revised, strengthened. However, competition should enliven the day nicely. Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Scorpio)— It may be more dilficult to achieve in little things now than it was to attain on a large scale in the past. A test period lor "your cotrnposure, dignity and good judgment. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21. (Sagittarius) — Mostly favorable influences. Do not let pressures or tensions : hamper steady, well-tempered action.*- Especially favored: Business and organizational affairs. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Caprir corn) — Do not yield to indifference, nor lose faith in a.mat­ ter that seems stymied. Strengthen your hand with facts, your courage with faith Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) — Your artistic touch will be needed to,brighten the "bare spots." And .DO be, practical about. ; fundamentals, domestic concerns, children's affairs Don't harbor prejudices. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) — Some new opportunities indicated. Strike white the iron is hot. Don't let that Piscean tendency- to underestimate his abilities stand in your way. YOU BORN TODAY often take the world by storm through your ingenuity and dash. You are endowed wiith personality-plus, and your courage, independence and generosity are outstanding. You wiil share your assets with others, but often demand your own way in exchange—and obstinately. Try to overcome this along with excessive pride in your achievements. You are suited to any position which brings you in contact with the public; are a bom leader, a salesman par excellence and, in anything you d>, have a flair'for the dramatic. Birthdate of: John Ericsson, Swed. naval engineer; Geraldine Chaplin, actress (daughter of Charles), *Jiimlb /family Don t Abuse Any Laxatives Dr. Lamb By LAWRENCE LAMB. M.D. Dear Dr. Lamb — I have an occasional flareup with my di- verticulosis. Would you please explain this condition to me. I'm on a low residue diet, and am told to take a laxative every day. Is it necessary to have a daily elimination? Every bottle or can warns one that prolonged use of laxatives may result in dependency. Are laxatives the only way? Dear Reader — Diverticula are small herinated pockets along the intestine. Often-Jhey are along the left colon. These little side pockets literally are hernations of the inner lining of the colon into pocket-like formations. In many people they cause no symptoms, in others they become inflammed and produce symptoms similar to appendicitis, or they may even bleed. I have discussed this problem before. Many authorities feel that di­ verticula are associated with poor function of the bowel, specifically spastic colon and constipation-type problems. Dr Denis Burkitt feels that the lack of bulk in the American diet is the reason this problem is so common in pur society. It's not very common in societies that have, a great deal of cereal fiber in their diet. His Studies, and others, have resulted in a change in thinking by most doctors about what kind of diet a person should have to prevent or manage a problem of di- verticulosis. Other than acute inflammatory problems, which are a special problem, most of these individuals are better off if they have a diet which contains an appreciable amount of bulk., This is just the, opposite of. the, low -residue diet that vou've mentioned. Goes Into Spasm The colon contracts in a rhythmic fashion to move the food residue along. If there's not much residue in the colon, it overcontracts and goes into spasm. This starts off the chain of events that; leads to spastic colon, constipation, and related problems. By using something to provide sufficient bulk, such as the natural • cereal fiber that should occur in eating whole cereals, this problem is avoid- Jeb Magruder In London NEW YORK (UPI) -Jeb Stuart Magruder, former deputy director of the Committee to Re-elect the President, has left for London with his family. The former White House aide flew out Sunday on a. charter flight as a member of a group. Magruder admitted to the Senate Watergate Committee that he committed perjury last January during the trial of the Watergate burglars, but he is not now under indictment. ' ed. The diverticula are an outgrowth of prolonged poor bowel function. Obviuosly, a chemical laxative is certainly not the answer to this problem. Bulk expander type laxatives are useful in a number of conditions and do not have the same harmful effects. Chemical laxatives propel food through the small intestine too rapidly and end up disturbing the function of the colon. Most specialists In gastro­ enterology would not recommend laxative regularly for a person who has diverticula. Quite the contrary, they would recommend a bowel training program directed toward prevention of spastic colon, constipation and related problems. This is achieved by changing the diet at a suitable time to one that contains a satisfactory amount of bulk an destablishing regular bowel habits. One might need to use a bulk expander or, at interims, a small tap water enema in the process of training the bowel. Don't Agree In a nutshell, I do not agree with the type of program you're on if it is being provided to you for a treatment of diverti- culosis. It is not the form of treatment that I think most gas- troenterologists would recommend for Constipation or spastic or irritable colon. The chemical laxative habit usually leads to continued problems with the bowel. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's new booklet on di- verticnlosis, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for "Diverticulosis" booklet. HOT DOGS SPECIAL TUE. & WED. CONEY DOGS BURGER CHAMP 2100 E. MAIN ST. PH, 343*1009 4r Miss Oak Run 9 Pageant Entries Due Wednesday Deadline for entries in a "Miss Oak Run" pageant is Wednes* day, according to Mrs. Sue See* hawer, contest chairman. The pageant, for girls 9 to 12, will be held Sept. 16 at 1 p.m. at the Oak Run residential development information center. Miss Coleen Metternich, the reigning Miss Illinois, will crown the winner of the contest. Contestants will model hot pants and maxi dresses and will be interviewed by a 3 -judge panel. The five finalists will be questioned by Miss Cairo* Graflund, 1972 Miss Moline, who will emv cee the event. Last year there were 48 entries in the contest, Mrs. Seehawer said. CLOSED Will Re-Open Sit., Aug. 11 The EARL Knoxville READ THE WANT ADS r Dirl FflffftOT€d Dirty Harry Sl^^ PANAyi$ION«| W«msr Bros., A Klnn«y Company TECHNICOLOR*| SHOWS AT 7:00 JANE FONDA DONALD SUTHERLAND ingnaianjoakul3| Danovision <3 technicolor® SHOWS AT «:50 MOWSMOWIW 7:30 NODGERS* HAMMKRSTEIN'S -^ANDREWS NOW SHOWING! Better Than "TRUE GRIT" JOHN WAYNE Open 6:45 - Show* 7-8:55 NOW THRU WED.! 3rd Big I,. I Open I - Showt at Dusk Now thru Wed. THE CHINESE CONNECTION" PIUS ~

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