The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 3, 1956 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1956
Page 2
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I f«t«it1fti-" : :wf««€ • '•\\ , fieri a few dollars investtthin hail insurance on -,.,'" , ; ' - ' "**• v '• growing crdps 'will turn,d -Bad Bef'into GOOD BUSINESS. Bojiannon Insurance HOME OFFICE • 2323 GRAND AVENUE Ea st of Iowa State Bank f DE$ MOINES, IOWA , Phone 103 5 'DEKALB' matches on-ahead of the popularity parade for 16 -. straight years... and this year, nearly 80,000 NEW cus- . tomers will be planting DEKALB. Why not let DEKALB ' help you take guesswork out of'your corn growing. \.'I-•={.'.< ': •'•:••• Eugepe .Hood,-Algona Homer O. Matthiesen, Fenion Clem H. Mergen, Whittemore Kermit Fowler. Otlosen Frank Droessler, Bancroftj Martin Meiners, Ringsled GUARANTEED APPLIANCES At A Phenomenal Low Price! IT'S AN SCOOP ! YOUR CHOICE OF THESE APPLIANCES: AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC FRYER COOKER heat controlled with Westinghouse thermostat. Easy to clean aluminum colander type basket. Huge cooking capacity — almost 6 quarts 15 different ways to use. FREE beautiful recipe book for deep frying and cooking AUTOMATIC POP-UP TOASTER handsomely styled in gleaming chrome. Automatically pops toast up and shuts current off. Color selector assures perfect toasting. Crumbs easily removed. A OO Permanently attached cord — -. - V"UU ELECTRIC SKILLET Fully automatic electric skillet with coppertone bottom and cover for even heat. Controlled heat with Westinghouse thermostat. Easy to clean, all purpose portable. Huge cooking capacity, Q OO holds 4 full quarts - - U.OU STEAM AND DRY IRON Steams irons, presses, steams fabrics, dry irons. Cool, easy-grip handle. Chrome plated. Weighs only 2'- < z pounds. Even steam distiibutiori, fill from the tap. Dial heat desired. Extra long cord EVERY ONE FULLY GUARANTEED t->Algdr»6 (la.) Upper CdhfirmaiiaA Mrs Mary Buenger attended the confirmation' and the dinner following it for her grandson Lloyd Hattselman at the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs Leo Manselinari at West Bend Palm Surid'ay. OtharJ guests there .were Mr and Mrs Roy Buenger, Mr ctnd Mrs Harvey Buenger, Mr and Mrs George Hanselman, 1 Mr and. Mrs John Hanselman, Mr and Mrs Lee Thiel and Mr and Mrs Amos Meyer, and .the, respective families, andiMrs Minnie Hanselman, all of West Bend and M,r and Mrs Wendell 'Kish,- Sp'encerV Guests Ai Ortons Mrs Clark Orton had as dinner guests Saturday evening her son- in-law and daughter, Mr and, Mrs Wilson Aberhathy and daughter Carol of Mason City. It was a celebration for-Mr *Abernathy who was observing a birthday anniversary and was also their tenth wedding anniversary. Mr Orton was unable to be present as he was at University hospital, Iowa City, and will not be dismissed till early this week. The son Dennis Orton came from Omaha, Neb., to be with Mr and Mrs Abernathy and Mi's Orton, and another son and daughter- in-law, Mr and Mrs Ardeh Orton and children came from Des Moines. IBih Birthday Bonnie Lou Elliott was honoree Sunday at a Theatre Party. The occasion was her 16th birthday. Those sharing in the courtesy were: Marcia Anderson, Judy Lowman, Faye Loss, Judy Pickett, Karen Hutchins, Sandra Strahorn, Elaine Montgomery, Phyllis MetSen, Ronette Metcalf, Mimi Wright, Paula Priebe, Helen Kuhlmnnn, Judy Adams, Virgina Dale, Sandra Medin, and Marilyn Peglow. After the movie the girls were served refreshments at Bonnie Lou's home. Presbyterian Circles Circles of the Presbyterian Women's Organization will meet Thursday, April 5 as follows: Circle A with Mrs Alfred Schenck assisted by Mrs Harlan Sigsbee and Mrs A. L. Fisher, program by Mrs Firman Laing; Circle B with Mrs Ada Price assisted by Mrs Andrew Hansen, program by Mrs Clifford Etherington; Circle C with Mrs H. Sievcrs; Circle D with Mrs W. A. Hardy assisted by Mrs Richard Lee. Program by Mrs Wesley Schulz; Circle E vvith Mrs A. D. Crawford, assisted by Mrs Bert Harmes, program by Mrs Bertha Pommer. W.S.C.S. Luncheon Women of the Methodist WSCS will meet Thursday, April 5, for a one o'clock luncheon,. Mrs Sid Spear and Mrs Elizabeth Post are chairman and co-chairman. Mr Beck of Esthcrville will be,guest .speaker. Dorcas Society — The Dorcas Society of the First Lutheran church ' will meet Thursday afternoon, April 5. Those on the serving committee are Mcsdames H. T. Bunlcofske, Melvin Bay, Robert Clark, Bless Rusk, Robert Morton, Kenneth Seelcv and H. E. Jcnsc-m Tewnsend Easier Patty • ; : The AJgoha Townserid . Clutf held a. regular business meeting' and Easter party at the Wilbur Holdren Hortie on Tuesday ew<!, ning, March'27, ; ' . '.''f)"; The nekt meeting was planriect for Tuesday 1 , ' April 10th ' at '(M A. M. Anderson home. This is ; to be a covered dish lunch and the April theme is to be carried otits The Mystery quiz was, won by 1 Helen Johnson..She also won^ * Human "bingd.;. Mrs Mary, Carney won the Filled egg con-' test.' In the hat' contest, Mfs! Johnson-alspworl that with her creation of Spring .flowers. ; Congregational Fellowship ' ! The Congregational Fellowship! Association will meet Thursda'y,< April 5, for a 1:15 o'clock dessert) luncheon which will be served by; members of Circle 3 of >which Mrsi Albert Grahzow is chairman. Mrs' Ethel Chubb tfill have charge of- devotions. A''colored film "The : Indian American" will be.shownv To Serve Luncheon ; The Catholic Women will serve! their monthly luncheon Thurs-i day, April 5 from 11:30 till 1:15 ! o'clock. Mrs Charles Devine and Mrs Frances Holtzbauer are chairladies. Church Rummage Sale ; Women of the" Methodist; church are having a rummage' sale Saturday,' April 7 ' in the church basement from 8:30 till 11:30 a.m. Baked goods will alsb be sold. Trinity Lu'lheran Aid Women of the Trinity- Lutheran Aid Society will meet Thursday afternoon, April 5. Those 9n the serving committee are Mrs Luther Loesch, Mrs Louis Lenz and Mrs Robert Leisner. Daughter For Si, fienecttei — Mr and Mrs Ralp'tf 5irh0h"s became parents of an S Ib. daughter the .evening, of April,!;. . ; ... j • ". ,' The Town and Country Club members met at the home of Mu and Mrs Philip. Arndorfet Sun* day eveningf March 25 and a lesson on • the care of upholstered furniture was given by Mrs Nick .and Mrs Philip ' Arndorfer; The club ->alsg; entertained the husbands that' evening. They played cards in the recreation room; They stopped long enough before going down to hear a little organ music. .Jane"; played ft -bit for them, i LuricH Was served before midnight to 24 persons. Mrs Martin Seller sand Mrs Arndorfer were the hostesses, TM Mrs* Leo McEnroe and daughter 'June visited in the Philip Arndorfer home Thursday evening. June attends school at Fayette Colleger Mr and Mrs M. H. McEnroe en- ivf gi Lola Ad the Philip tot dinner oft , '"' '. r : IMfBrS ? fridk: 'Arnadffef thl ihbm'ei of Mr and MM I Itta 'ffcttxily; to? dih* Easter! Stinda$ ' ''• ' I ' ". i : Tovim ; and xdoyWtty; Club to homeicff MM A; J. ; Graridg^flftV: April 4, in 'thfc evening! I •' ' ' Mrs :' Lawfeftce .Cihk will be hostess to the; card club the after- ri6bh : b£ April J4? • • ' v i U ' .' Ort Friday, Mar'cii 23, Mrs De'an Gble 1 afcd> Leftoy .Pjckehs were sUpper^tiMs /at the home of Mr. and MfiHtfick Arhdorfer. Le- .Roy, whti'gbfef to Ppllege afMis- soula, Mont,,! had a 10-day vaea- tibA > between quarters. Mrs Cole's-'hUsband is in the navy and is located in -California." LeRoy and Mtfs Cc-le; are 'children of -Mr. and-iMrs'-Roy: Pickens of Stdrtnj Lake, .They ^called -on Dorothy Arhdbffefl alsb. \ ;••!:.-!$, -> v : , .' ' A Fellowship meeting of the Burt Full Gospel Church was held Monday this week in the school building at. Fertile, and Mrs '•' G. Dickenson of Watkins Glenn» New York was the evening speaker. • , _^ SPECIAL HEW! Birthday Club Hostess Mrs H. S. Montgomery entertained the members of her birthday club Wednesday afternoon.: The birthday- of Mrs, Elizabeth Post was being observed.,' • P.E.O. Meets April 4 ; P.E.O. Sisterhood will meet: VVednesday afternoon, April 4, at 1 2:30 in the home of Mrs Ted Herbst. The program "Medics" will be in charge of Mrs Herbst. Card Club Hostess Mrs Harlan Wichtendahl enter-, tained the members'of her card club Wednesday, evening. High score prize winner was Mrs Richard Reynolds. \ , - .' ', First Baptist Women '' jij Women of the First Baptist church are meeting Thursday,] April 5. After the lesson there: will be election of officers. •• | Mr and Mrs John Buscher and family attended thp pot-luck supper Saturday evening at Mr and Mrs p. A. Campney's at Burt, a surprise in honor of their 47th wedding anniversary. Mr and Mrs Cainpney are parents ot Mrs Buscher and other members of the family were in attendance. Alpha Psi chapter of Beta Sigma Phi mel Tuesday evening at the linine of Mrs Melvin Tlieisen. At ino election of of- fic'i-i'K, Mrs Lee ScheiU'k was chosen us the new president; Mrs Lyle Andersun, vice president; Mrs Hill Cummings, treasurer; Ms Pat Mot/en, recording secretary; Mrs John Roberts, t-orrcs ponding .secretary; Mrs Corwin Peer, sorority city council member and Mrs Russell Picljett, extension officer. The progam was in charge of Mrs Lee ScheneU and Mrs Harley Haas. John Marshall Harlan, appointed to the supreme court by President Eisenhower, is the grandson of John Marshall Harlan, who ,vas in the supreme court from 1877 to 1911. v Man's-Adam's Apple gets < it's name from a story that a piece of apple given to Adam by Eve; stuck in his throat. Famous WEST BEND ' Brand COVERED LOAF PAN • Specially designed for baking evenly browned bread. '• • Perfect, too, for meat loaves, cakes, escalloped dishes. '•' Seamless, heavy-gauge aliis rhinum; 9" x 5" x 3"; electro^ finish; snug-fitting cover. REGULAR $1.35 VALUE Gel '/ours today Oiler oood while jupply tail) KOHLHAAS HARDWARE Ed and Pat Cullen 0UR 0UJN HARDUJARE '2/crvi/i, kirict o^fSto^e - ' ••••',' L* tested. . .. are auctioneers. •April 4* -Wednesday — ranW Holsteiiv sale_ at.:Algona Sales Barn, bttdrtn ng at-1P^ 200 head Hblstein dairy heifers including 75 that weigh 400-550 and. 125 that weigh ^50-750 pounds, all vaccinated and TB Bearse Members li-thdaV C ; of lub Mrfe . ftev. • • , •:.• „ . th <! Friendly t .the hbtnb o Mrae observance. of tter : - birthday. . Eugene Meye^f was a gUest. Uts Bertha Stbwr who, ' has been a patient the toaSt twb Weeks at Str Ann iiVAlgona, Was br6ught home -Friday ; " Only GAS Dries Clothes So "SUN- GAS CLOTHES DRYER 5169 NOW ONLY SEE THE NEW MODELS NOW! JiORIH CENTRAL PUBLIC SERVICE CO. "YOUR GAS COMPANY" Rich leather., ,gleaming gold ... lh>V$ fashion-plus, adding beauty tp your watch. %WM>%ft"s#AWAtet$?/AV/M. ADD UP THE'COST of keeping your engine work— paint— battery — muffler dealer about his modern financing pla to drive home in a '56 Plymouth — the present car in top condition this year— new tires— brake linings, etc. Then talk to your Plymouth n; find out how it may actually cost you less money only all-new car In the low-price three. 'AX INCL. Enrich the beauty Of your watch with a WATCHBAND WILTGEN JEWELERS "Let's trade! Your present car on a big, all-new, jet-styled Plymouth!" You'll own the only Ipwrpri?? ear that's really new. Plymouth is all new-design of the future today. But the other two low-price cars? Still about tho same as las>l y«ar (indjhe yew before! You'll own the biggest tar in Plymouth'* field. You'd ha\u to |>ay hundreds of dollars nionj to mutch Plymouth's length and roominess. YoM'H own the only low T priee ear with positive, 60 in.p.h., us mdei^udofit i cs t 3 sliow! Just trv iK«t meehanieql Pysh-llutton Driving. Greatest ad- new liy-Fire V-tt~whl, U jj lo 200 horbcuower' vance in a decade, and only Plymouth has it in its Sa-brlno ««n» «».. * field! Touch a button ... and you're off. Fool- ?°~,, ^/T P ™ '" "° W uud see how proof! At left, safely out of children's reach. ' ,«£ i ..,,,,.f'"^ ?,!'" f" - a lllu 8 Ilirice "t ail-now " ^ * tyiiiuuin. \\u H suVin'ise you' Ai 1 1 You'll own the top performer of the low-price to ask about our modern financing plau-inZa three. Plymouth is fastest from 0 to 30 and 0 to owning a Plymouth easier than ever! costs less th« you all PDQ

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