The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 27, 1956 · Page 32
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 32

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1956
Page 32
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6-AIgona (fa.) Upper Des Moines Tuesday, March 27, 1956 Ravings CO by CHRIS RtESE A Little of This, a Little o! Thai; Not Much of Anything Yep. it was Ihe olher day thai I received a letter from Ihe gent who knows tonguo-Uvisting a-plenty and I sure would like to print his name but lie insists that T can only say that he is a Wesley gent. And lie sent me another tongue-twister and which again proves that he sure knows tongue-twisting a-plenty. This time he sent me the following 1un<uio - twister: "Pickpockets picked Fete Putt's pockets. an<i pickpockets picked Pete Pott's pickpockets' pockets, if pickpockets picked Pete Pott's pickpockets' pickpockets' pockets, I wonder if pickpockets picked Pete Pott's pickpockets' pickpockets' pickpockets' pockets." There, now you figure that one out and here's hoping I'll be able some day to print the name of this Wesley tongue-twisting gent. But you will admit that he sure knows tongue-twisting. But he admits that Wesley is not a tongue - twisting gents' town because on account of he's the only tongue-twister getting his mail there because he's on a rural route but is a resident of Kossuth county. So, according to that he's a Kossuth county tongue-twister, so to speak. Yep, J. Amos Carberry, of St. Ansgar, is now a member of the Amalgamated Association of Coffee Gulpers because on account of I mailed him a membership card the other day. And it was Fred Laabs, also of St. Ansgar, who recommended the membership of Brother Carberry because on account of it is claimed that J. Amos is ,a 100 per cent lover of the Java, that he drinks it almost by the gallon and that he even is known to take a waking hour at midnight and brews of Java that he may gulp, so to speik. And it is claimed that J. Amos is one gent who knows his coffee brewing, that his coffee is most tasteful, delicious and gulpingly wonderful. Sure glad to get Brother Carberry into the coffee gulping association because on account of he will prove a credit to the over 17,000 membership in the gulper club,' .so to speak. Yep, it was Tuesday of last week that is designated as the first day pf spring but there must have been some mistake made by the forecaster because on account of we have surely not, had much of spring weather arid maybe he meant it to be Tuesday of this week or next week. At this time, Thursday of last week, there is nothing in looks or feelings or temperature that would stand for spring. With several inches of snow on the ground on the first day of spring it just seemed like it should have been called the first day of winter, so to speak. Of course the spring question varies each year, and I remember that on the first day of March some years ago the farmers in this section had finished seeding. But it's a cinch there has been no seeding done in these whereabouts this year. So, although the first day of spring has been here and gone, we are still enjoying the white snow aplenty and the lower thermometer readings, so to speak. —o— If was while I was enjoying the gulping of a cup of coffee one day that I got a big kick out of several gents who were also enjoying the gulping and the subject of their visiting was Algona street names. l3oes beat the band what gulpers will talk about and argue over while sipping their Java. And this time it was the naming of Algona streets. Said one gent: "You know it's easy for me to get lost in this city because I can't remember street names like I could numbered streets and avenues. For instance, I counted the streets in Algona one time and found there were 72 streets bearing a name. None of them were known as avenues and there was no north or south or east or west designations and so the only way I know where I am at or how far it is from the main drag to my home is by looking at a map of the city. And when I speak about a number on Jon?s street I might have reference to a number on Call street, so it is that I'd like to see Algona streets named and numbered. North and south streets named avenues and east and west as street and how much more simple that would make it for me as well as you, especially were we strangers and visitors here." And maybe he's got something there. At any rate if the streets were numbered in one direction it would lessen the big number of names and so would be the easier to remember and find, even for those of us who live here as well as strangers or visitors, so to speak. CELLADORE Lucas county residents watched the TV show, "64,000 Question" with unusual interest recently. A contestant, Mrs Celladore Rattrap Poinsetta Houston Crockett spent her early childhood in the Melrose area. STRICTLY BUSINESS COUNCIL MlNUfES J The Clly Council mot March 7, 1.056 ' .it 7:00 p.m. in adjourned session with the Mayor and nil Councilmen prc- .H-nt. * A proposed Ordinance creating a I'ity Plan Commission and prescribing powers and duties was passed and approved on the first reading. Trustees from Cresco, Irvington, Plum Creek and Union Townships were present and discussed rural fire protection with Fire Chief Ira Kohl .mil the Council. The trustees were unanimously in favor of calling an lUction upon a township tax levy for HIT. Mooting adfournocl to March 14. 195G ...: 7:30 p.m. Dr. Cameron C. Shierk. Mayor Attest: Ivy D. Sciiffhain. City Clerk The City Council met in adjourned M.'SMon March 14, 1S5B at 7:30 p.m. with tl-.e Mayor and all Councilmen present i xi'cpt Furst. Minutes were read aiftl .ipproved. A Resolution was adopted accepting .1 warranty deed from Gordon and p.urie Kuhn for real estate tp be '.i'ccl for street purposes. The offer of John Giscli to purchase near the sewage treatment plant was rejected. A Resolution was adopted correcting an error in the curb and gutter as- M'ssttient on Lots 7 and 8. Block 230, Call's Addition owned by K. S. Cowan. Tho Clerk was authorized to issue ii warrant to Schram Bros., said warrant not to exceed !)0';r of the Engi- m-fi-'s estimate of work completed. A proposed Ordinance creating u City Plan Commission was passed and approved upon the second reading. A 'Report and Recommendations' died by the Zoning Commission was road. A Resolution was adopted selling April 11. IMG at 7:30 p.m. as the "1 with to report a hostile ribbon clerk I" Mrs Trenary Is Portland Club Hostess, Mar 22 Portland — The Portland Progress Club met Thursday afternoon March 22nd at the home of Mrs Tom Trenary with Mrs Earl Shipler and Mrs Harold Becker assistant hostesses. About 25 members were present with one guest, Mrs Bill Trenary. The meeting was opened with a song "Yankee Doodle." Roll call was answered by naming an Irish dish or food. The program was a lesson on Care of New Fabrics by Mrs Earl Zwiefel and Mrs Victor Fitch. The next meeting will be Thursday afternoon April 19 at the home of Mrs Virgil Schrader. UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends Mr and Mrs Victor Fitch and girls visited Wednesday evening at the Arnold Danielsen home near Algona. Orlo Zwiefel, Mr and Mrs Earl Zwiefel, Corinne and Kermit were Sunday afternoon visitors and supper guests at Supt. and Mrs Russell Castor's at Burt. Mrs Otto Reutzel and Mrs Ray Fitch attended a Cancer kick off meeting Tuesday evening at the Johnson House at Algona. Mr and Mrs Bill Trenary visited Tuesday evening at the home of Mr and Mrs Dwight Ruse. Mr and Mrs Otto Reutzel, Darwin and Denise accompanied Mr and Mrs Leo Harris to Collins, la. where they spent the day Saturday, visiting relatives. The Four Corner Social Club of Portland will not meet in April, as previously planned. Whittemore Pfc To Germany FORT EUSTIS, VA — P.fc. James F. Busherfeld, 22, son of Mr and Mrs A. B. Buscherfeld, Whittemore, is scheduled to leave the U. S. for Germany next month as part of Operation Gyroscope, the army's unit rotation plan. Buscherfeld's unit, the 4th Transportation Battalion, now stationed at Fort Eustis, Va., is replacing the 27th Truck Battalion in Europe. A truck driver in the battalion's 16th Truck Company, he entered the Army in March 1955 and completed basic training at Camp Chaffee, Ark. On the evening of March 6, Mrs John Preuschl won high in "500" at the home of Mrs Nick Eischen. The party this week will be Friday in the home of Mrs Philip Arndorfer. HURT A Fairview youth was hurt as he watched a tree-trimming crew clear the way for a new power line, near Inwood. Gerrit Van Grootheest received a fractured skull when struck by a falling limb. AUCTI SWANSON FURNITURE, HARWARE & APPLIANCE STORE-WHITTEMORE FIRE SALE - FIRE SALE Thursday, March 29 Sale starts at 10:30 A.M. and continues all day. Sale begins again at 7:00 P.M. and continues until entire stock is sold. REMEMBER! THIS AUCTION IS FOR ONE DAY ONLY AND EVERYTHING WILL BE SOLD IN THIS ONE DAY AUCTION! FURNITURE CONSISTS OF: Livina Room Suites • Dining Room and Bedroom Furniture • Springs and Mattresses • Mirrors Floor & Table Lamps • End Tables • Other Small Tables Rugs & Linoleum Rugs SMALL & LARGE APPLIANCES Toasters • Mixers • Radios Television Sets • Washing Machines • Sewing Machines • Refrigerators And Hundreds of Other Items. HARDWARE OF ALL KINDS Some slightly damaged by smoke, but most of this merchandisers perfect in every detail. You will find what you need and want in this great auction. EVERYTHING SELLS PIECE BY PIECE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER REGARDLESS OF PRICE. COME PREPARED FOR THE BARGAINS OF YOUR LIFE TERMS: CASH SWANSON FURNITURE, HARDWARE & APPLIANCE STORE WHITTEMORE, IOWA ReUch & Levy, Auctioneers lime for hearing upon snirt recommendation. A building application filed by Albert Hagg was rejected for non-compliance. Builder's permits were Issued to Harold SuncU-t. Fcrm Sewick, Mrs. .Sylvia Martin and St. Cecelia's Parish. The following claims were allowed: General Government Fund Nancy Sands, salary 76.67 L. K. Ferguson, salary _. IB.94 Iowa State Bank, tax . _ 35.60 Dr. C. C. Shierk, refund 10.00 John Spencer, audit _, 350.00 Lithoprint Co. of N.Y., maps ... 28.52 Koch Bros., supplies ..57.33 Yelland & Hants, supplies 5.06 Alex Nielsen, labor 1.50 Advance Publ. Co., publ G!).4!) \Vm. Barry Jr. Kstule. refund-.. -13.75 Street Fund Jess Lashbrook, salary ..133.17 Albert Porgande, stvlary ^..114.30 Glenn Burtis. salary 111.04 Richard Frambach, salary ... . 93.95 Raymond Metzen Jr., salary B8.95 Jack Mears, salary ...101.72 Donald Prew, salary . ....103.95 Kenneth Frank!, salary 107.58 Iowa State Bank, tax 67.00 Gordon & Fairie Kuhn. real estate .._• ...' .--700.00 County Recorder, fees 1D.OO State Industries, signs ._ 14.10 Algona Electric, repairs ._ 2.00 H. J. Cowan, repairs . 6.00 Miller Lumber Co., mdse. 22.71 Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co., repairs ..220.53 Mid-Io\va Industrial Supply, supplies 7.84 Sieg-Fort Dodge Co.. supplies .. 1.2G Cities Service Oil Co., oil .. 31.80 Sinclair Refining Co., fins 41.40 Algona Impl. Co., repairs 12.28 M. F. Amfahr, mdse. 41.3B Arnold Motor Supply, supplies ..128.97 Greenberg Auto Supply, supplies 11.10 Hilton's Service, supplies 30.95 Kent. Motor Co., repairs 8.IB Prrclvnl -Motor;:, repair* .. fl.72 Viking Oil Co.. oil 105.84 Carlfton D. Bell Co. & Glover, Const. Co.. curb & gutter .70.000.00 Public Safety Fund Albert Boekelman, salary . ..108.12 A. C. Welslinar. salary ... 136.10 Richard Groen. salary ..145.08 Ernest Hutchison, salary 147.83 Peter Jorgenson. salary - .11730 Inw.i State Bank, tax 3590 Dr. C. C. Shierk, expenses . ... 15.38 Kossuth Oil Co., gas ... . 01.72 Ira Kohl, salary ...... .20.00 Algonn Fire Co.. service -141,00 Arnold Motor .Supply, supplies __ 38.00 Hilton's Service, gas 2.R3 Sanitation I,. K. Ferguson, salary 141,75 Reiner Helmcrs. salary .... 9H.10 Rrnkus Helmors, salary !)2.71 John W. Helmers, salary .._ 97.02 George Weig, Jr., salary - 80,60 Holmers. salary !>.«> Hilton's Service, repairs 12.00 Leo M. Hatcher, repairs , ' 5 - „ James Egli, salary 140.38 Fred Gronbnch, salary _ 97.97 Iowa State Bank, tax - 14.90 7,ep Mfg. Corp., supplies 13.7S Cities Service Oil Co.. mdse .125.93 Thuente's. supp. 850 Recreation Fund Algona Tree Service, labor 35.00 Airport Fund Municipal Utilities, wafer _. 3.00 Cresco-Union Electric, elec. ..- 35.01 Viking Oil Co.. oil . 72.11 Debt Service Fund Iowa State Bank, Interest 1,017.00 Parking Meter Fund Raymond Krehs. salary .... J3n.4fl Iowa Stale Bank, tax ..> 13.40 Meeting adjourned. , Dr. Cameron C. Shiork, Mayor Attest: Ivy IJ. SculTham, City Clerk W ROTO-ROOTER -.KOOTER SEWER SERVICE OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN MILLIONS Of HOMES Cowan's Roto-Rooter Serv, One Year Guarantee Phone Algona 980 — COLLECT AUCTION TO BE HELD ON STARTING AT 1 P.M. 2 •i • HEAD These Heifers Available For Inspection Before Sale. Come Early and Look Them Over. Cafe Nearby. These Are Guaranteed Open Holstein Heifers Because of the possibility of bad weather, I wi|l take my heifers to the Algona Sales Barn, at the junction of highways 169 and 18 just north of Algona, for this sale. SALE BARN WILL BE THOROUGHLY DISINFECTED BEFORE HEIFERS ARE TAKEN THERE. 125 head of these heifers will weigh between 550 to 750 pounds. 75 head of these heifers will weigh from 400 to 550 pounds. These heifers were bought as calves directly from Wisconsin farms, through the Barron County Co-Operative Dairy Cattle Sales Association, of Barron, Wisconsin. They were fed on my farm near Irvington. They are from dams that produced over 400 pounds of butterfat and some as high as 600 pounds butterfat. This gives them all the potential of developing into the very best top grade of springing heifers demanding top prices and insuring top production. All heifers have been fed a complete ration, fortified with vitamin A and D, and trace minerals, assuring proper development and minimizing breeding trouble. They have all shown a very satisfactory growth to date. These heifers all dehorned and completely healed. ALL HEIFERS ARE OFFICIALLY CALFHOOD VACCINATED AND TATOOED. INDIVIDUAL PAPERS WILL BE FURNISHED FOR ALL HEIFERS SOLD. THEY ALSO HAVE BEEN TESTED FOR T-B WITHIN 30 DAYS PRIOR TO SALE. Terms — Cash, or make arrangements with your Banker GERALD FRANKL IRVINGTON, IOWA Auctioneers — Quinn & Yungeberg

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