The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1949
Page 9
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SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 1<M9 <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE'NINE' OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople QOICK.EPHANIO, \ GET ME A PAIR I OF GLOVES AMP \ PRUNING SHEARS \ "TO 6ET MISTER / \ 1HE ROSE BUSH: -we GODDESS OF ov^jce ewoutO MERGE 00* PA-ms — AT TH^S MOMEriTjTOO, WMEW I'M ABOOT 1O OMFOLO TWfc MOST Si&rO ICAWT CHW*6E i>J MEl^'S SlriCeTW&TOGA ^£ST£RDAV,AT«UECJ WITH A, TUfiF TIP SM6ET--T«e DAY , A. 3OPC8 CeiW LOSS OJ A MORTGAGE — OF GOLF-6AIL CHECKS —AtJD K>OW TMlS/VJILl- TMfe GO DOri'T ''' \ OOTAKt UP COAL STEALING THE SHOW The coyote Is, one of the two I American species of wolf. Read Courier News Want Ads. Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election April 5, 1949 s For Mayor .. DOYLE HENDERSON * J E. R. JACKSON By Bob Wade »nd Bill Miller QUEEN CXnr.b...J t, NEA SEAVICI. INC Invnlvrd In nlr Sir. lln For Alderman First Ward , RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C. GATES J. W. ADAMS whrrc Ihr victim died, !*•• trA|ip?4 them In hl« mm Ml UK rnurk In1» whfrh th^T wrrr clinnf-rf hy fiflynrr mid V t-rnnn, two nf h !• rmplo JT». lln ruclrvu [niftta ih.n I An din. thr murilrr victim, told Johnny • omr- Ihtnt \vrn-n hr Hlrd. hut Sio i**"- l<-«t« t h«-y don't kno*T irliiil th* , dor• n't he- Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS G. NASH Fourth Ward (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE At DREIFUS SHORT XXV stihness fell while old records I've seen put Ihe value of the pearls alone at four or [We million dollars." "Gosh." Sin murmured tn an awe<l voice. "An English pirate nainrd Hled- soe fired on the Qn«n off the tip of Lower California But Cantain Arvaez was lucky. A storm blew up about that time and tie was able to dodge the buccaneers However, to b< on the safe side, Arvaez decided to take the Reina north.*jp the Gulf of Cali(r,rni.i. I EUPSS he figured on waiting a few days until Btcdsoe got out of neighborhood Barsclou turner! something over in his mind, John Henry sat motionless, nerves taut. He fumbled with the beginnings of a plan. Barsclou had reached a conclusion. "Maybe." he said. "It's possible Angliti didn'l tell you every- Lhinfi he knew. Or maybe you're lying. It won't cost me anything to refresh your memory." He linked heavy tankers before him on the table and Leaned toward the young couple. "The story of the Queen is quite a story, Mrs. Conover L: you've read any California history at all, you should know it." Sin shook her head several time in denial. John Henry kept silent prodding his brain. He had some thing to bargain with—the all important pencil—but how to us it? "In the year 1744, a Spanis galleon left Manila, headed Eo Mexico. This ship was loaded wit valuables—jewels, silks, gold an other precious metals. She wa named 'La Reina'—the Queen. : "Okay," said John Henry agains his wife's soft exclamation. "Wha does—" "The Queen was commanded by a SpantsLi officer named Arvaez y Moncada. She carried a mighty rich cargo. To give you an idea. WELL., the Reina sailed north killing time. According to le -old Spanish chnrts, she hac cached the head of the Gulf. But far aa Arvaez could see to the orlh was a great Inland sea. "He decided to explore this new sea. So the Reina kept going north Alter several days, Arvaez diseov red the sea was gelling.shallower So he turned back to the south. John Henry said. "What has a his got to do with us. anyway' "Don't rush me. Conover. Yo wanted to know details. The Rein headed south. Then Arvaez got th shock of his life. The way w; slocked. The water had disap pea red and only sand was Icf Desperately, h* sailed back »n forth Everywhere he went, th inland sea was drying up. At la her keel struck bottom and .th was that." I "I don't understand." Sin laid | slowly, Ilarselou turned his shadowed I eye-sockets on her again. "Here's whal had happened. There 1 d been heavy rains and this made the Colorado River overflow its banks. The overflow flooded this desert country, most of which is below sea level, anyway. The Queen sailed in when the flood was at its height. Then when the waters receded, she was Left high and dry." He surveyed Ihe Conovers' ex- pressions of Incredulity "Tt's not onl.v possible—it's fncl The same thing—the floods. I mean—hnj happened three times since lhat we have proof of. The last time was in 1905 Thai's hn\v the present Satton Sea got Ihere " "Oh!" cried Sin excltertlT. "That's whnt you were doinp with those maps'" OARSEl.OU'S heavy Hps curled irnnic-ntly "Brilliant " he mur- ured "But let me the o ry When the w n 1 1 r wn* rrvrn - etely gone. • th« Reinn was randed in the middle of thr dos- n Arvaez. and his crow werr In n ad spot for sure Hunrtrert* of miles from civilization, a rareo wor*'- nilliony and no m-aT to ECI "They did what they could Arne? took a si phi ing. Then the* acke<i up what they could enrry nd hit the trail for Mexico Only ne man made U — Ferrelo. (he avigator Indians or thirst look are of the rest. Ferrelo didn't much want to go back and look or the Queen, but he passed on vhat he knew about her So dur- ng the next sixty or seventy yenrs, parties, searched all over his section of the country for <he nst treasure ship. But they dirln'1 find her The galleon stayed lost — until very recently " "You know where the Queen 1* now'" Sin asked unbelievingly "The general location, yes. ?"rom the dope I've gathered. I figure she's hidden somewhere In fie Badlands. Thai's R section of desert between here and San Fclioe Creek to the south It's rorky. rushed country, chopped up wilh a lot of sublevel canyons'that twist and turn every which way.' "If you know where It Vs. why don't you—" "Because lindiui; something In VIZ FRECKLES ft HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER I-ong Hang* Guy "Do you think we should charge & luxury tax?" RUN OVtRTD V««kYM*»« AND Gtr OCH LAOOEH --L WAMr TO KWOW SHINGLES ARE LOOSE LAST WELUTWE LA006R , .,,_ WOTT WALK OVER | OARM THlKkSS Tt> "OUR MOOS£ ITSELF/ Mow ARF OPEBA 1 JuST GLASSES QOW& \WA1CH TO KEEP YOU FROM I AMD IAOVIM6 THE J WISE LADDER? LOOSE SHINGUS- ROW 'S I'OP You Om'l Win By AL VERMEER the Badlands is like looking for the needle in the haystack," Bnr- selou replied coldly. "You can tine it if yoM'vc got the time I though I had the time—until you showec up," His head tilted slightly that his eyes caught the bluish white light. "Now 1 can't to wait. From her* on i help." (To Be Continued) Open An Account n n E i r r s Mei< Praituf . . . Wear mamnml-: :u, \\IM \l\l\ M SAUGUS, Mn.«. (U.P.)—Tile llijh co-st ol living has caught up even with the fninecl Boston bean. The women of the Methodist Church of the Redeemer called, off a bean .supper because beans "used to be eight cents n pound and now they are between 25 and 28 cents." 4% HOME LOANS Elbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society phont £228 Evening* SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Heller Signs • Better Service 808 North Franklin Phone 3203 THE GRAMS COMPANY I\F.\I_TOI\S Real F>tat< - Morlqacjc lodn-- In^unin- <• Phone 521 Phone 30751 COTTON FARMERS "' Chemical!} delinted cotton Mtd terminate quicker, plant and plow the smme week. Reduce choppinj expense »nd produce more cotton per acre. STATE CBKTIFIKI) VAR1BT1F.S AVAILABLE O. A. F. L. No. 14, pet jl) Lb. H»( «1U.IM) D. It F. L. No. 15. F.f M Lb. Bii . Stonevillc 't B, Fer SO Lb. B» 5 »' Stonetillt 'i C. Per 50 Lb. Bait 10-0" Kowdcn 11-B. Per 50 l.b. BaR 1»-00 Half & Half iHihrcdl. Per 50 Lb. Baj 10.00 Coker'j 100 Will Resistant, Per 50 r.b. 1t*f 10.00 Paula, Fer 50 t.b. Rajc 10-00 Empire, P«r 50 Lb. Bait Come In anil plare vour order or get ronr supply today. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone SS« Bljllicvillc. Ark. Flione 8S7 BranchM: I^achville, Ark.. Horncrsvllle, Mo and Senath. Mo. TUDEBAKER FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS Here's Your Truck! OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. W* H C O m There's a new kind of Operating Kconcimy in every W size and wheelbase of Ihe New 1919 Studehaker ^ Trucks. Come by today and look over our complete m line of 'lllcrs. w ;» Chamblin Sates Co. "Your Friendly Slutlelwker Dealer" Railroad & Ash 1'hone 2195 •S TUDEBAKER TWENTY CENTS FOR THE 5HOW?-'/ WHY, YOU THE TROUBLE WITH YOU BUT IT'S A SERIAL... AND PR1SCILUA. 15 YOU THINK 'OL1 ALWAYS LOCK WENT TO THE SHOW MOHEV GROW5 ON MY BWCK/ THE BATHROOM / ALWAYS SAY WHEN I START A TUNG 1 5HOULD FINISH IT/ By MICHAHL O'MAI,L10\ and RAU'H LANE , 1 Calthinj( Uie I'iclure NOW TO MIT THE SACK : THt lOCK'S IN PIACE AMD VVERYTHING LOOKS CALM AND PEACEFUL. YES,SIR, DOTTY, THIS MAKE A GOOD SHOT f ONE OF OUR CHEAPSKATE CLIENTS TO COPY. Pm ADMIT IT'D LOOK \XOU H* IT, THOUGH. By LESLIE TURNER. , iMoTTsTirE~HoiftFuf"rUE DREADED SO FOR WteELFl rilftUKS FOB EVEC-VTMIHG-, • ^ vvw WASH TU1I1SS THIS 15 THE Bit; MOMENT MOU UE WMTEB fOE-SO E/VGEKIV. KONEVl youc DM>ny WILL BE VEKV PCOUP OF VOU... AMD I SHil.1 MISS WU TERRIBLE! WELL MRKE OUT OKWr PENKV! IOOKIHC 6f-Ttt MR WON'T IEWE ME MUCH 7IWE 10 BROOB OVER HMIUO TO LEWEWU, «V SWEET! I HOPE CATHY WONT BE MUCH, TBOUBLF- ON THE TB.IP. EASVl EP.6V.DARIW&.-I... Hy KRED HARM AN . Ciond Hands With Skitlcs BlHiS RUNNY aiMME. TWO PA.1R.S O FINEST SKATES, ooc/ I WRAP THEM Up? HOLLER SKATE By V. T. H AM LIN Run Thai Keel Again A.N' WHEN ONE Cf US NEEDED HELP. TH' ' ALWW5 THEEE VlTH TH' 6OOO5? RISHT. THRU THICK AN' THIN. NO WEL'-.TC^XJUD USE SOME bELP IN A /..I'M FIXIN' BIS DEM- I TO TAKE IM ABOUT \ OVEE TH' LEM1AN YEH.-LOOK. FOOTi 15 IT TEUE NVc NVEEE PALS A. LONG. LOUS TIME ? HELLO. OOP r IN FACE FIND INDICATION Of SUMPIN VOLR MIND.' ME-5S TH' OTHETE IN.' By EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES "WrNU OW V06V

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