Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on January 18, 1916 · Page 7
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 7

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1916
Page 7
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Tf KSI» A Y JAM ARY 18 I »10 THE EVENING TELEGRAPH« DIXON, ILLINOIS. PAGE SEVEK CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS | MAN WANTS BUT LITTLE HERE BELOW THAT HE CANNOT GET BY ADVERTISING WANTED WANTED. Highest market prlea pai l *• t til kind» ef junk, old iron, rags, rubber, metal, alaa bide* and wool Trading direct with us moan» moro tj,*eney for your good». Call 411 for y«ur order*. 8. KubonatoJn, 114118 lllvsr St.. DUon. FOIL SALE: Improved Frems, at cost of clearing »tump*. Show best »oil and bargains or pay your fare Wadsworth Co.. Temple Court, Minneapolis. 152tf FOR SALE. A fine building lot on Third St. Enquire of MLss Mary Wynn. Tel. 929. tf f WANTED. Woodwork of all kinds. furnlturo repairing, remodeling and building new furnlturo. lnter*«r . woodwork, «talr bulldln* .ttcan Risking, lawn mower and tool sharp , ening and saw filing, screen doors and windows built to any size, at 213 East Firta street. O. Selgestad & Son, 2 doors east of Hotel Bishop. Phone 737. 41tf FOR SALE. Norm west Missouri com elover and blue-grass farms. Best all-round farming country In the world. State soil map free. Basel J Meek Land Co., Chllllcotbe. Mo. 87H FOR SALE OK KENT. Modern six- room cottage located on N. Galena Ave. with two big lots and barn. Kn quire G. W. Drew. Polo, III. Po!< Phone. 229U WANTED. Everyone In Dixon to i bring their shoes to mo for repair- log. Once a «ustemer, always a oust»-1 mer. Workmanship and material th# j best. Full lino foot e&sers, polish, ' shoo strings and soles. H. Becklng- hain. 108 llernepln Ave. Ifltf WANTED. Plain sewing or mending. Mrs. Fisher, Sout£ College Bldg.. or Phone 13973. Bits of Byplay By Luke McLuke Copyright, 1915, the Cinotnnatt Enquiror Correct. “That blamed grocer of mine is nothing but a highway usan.'’ complained Smith, ''lie gives short weight and sie a t measure.” “Then you must mean that be Is a lowv\ eighman, don’t you7" asked Brow n. Smite! Whv fOiould you be ft four f.te*-«! mutt, XYhcn !iou«l the t^kles are fair? A s oiling f o e brings sunshine, but A long faif brhiK» gloom «verywhsra. Paw Knows Everything. Willie--Paw, what Is a silent part- nt r? l’a tv A husband, my son. Weak. “Fra 1 woman is too weak to vote," He told the «uffru Rette. SI quickly r * M ■ I him by ttie throat. And he is running yet. ftf FOR SALE. 1000 arrea bert oargalnr lii and N. D. wlll be sold to «ettle csUU R. A. Wadsworth, Langdou. N. D. 88t! FOR SALE. A $15 liard coal base humor in tiptop condition for the í malí sum of $2<>. Who is the lucky ono? 1 (Ht i v. Crawford Avo. Telo- phone 14 73 1. FOR SALE: A large lire proof safe with steel chest and three combin ations all in good order. Safe is 'J i in. high, 4 9 in. wide and 3 4 in. deep. Also a 25 lb. even balance agate bearing Fairban'-s grocers' scales Woman, white or colored, ,good as new. These are a bargain. Write, A, F. Dicrdorff, Franklin Grove, 111. lOtG* WANTED: Learn harher trade in tho finest and biggest system of barber colleges on earth. F 3 branch schools and shops. Write for catalog. Tri-City Barber College, Davenport, la. 28itlnio WAN I ED to do housework. No .washing or Ironing or fires to attend to. Phone 815. 3tf WANTED: Want to exchange your business? 1 ba\e customer with nke 90 acre farm, Improved $12 5 j per acre. IT«* prefers groceries, g«*n- ! eral store or men’s wear. Stock worth about $6**00. Will give terms on farm. Terry k Son, Macomb, 111. 10t6* FOR SALE. 8 Duroc sow,s and 25 fall j pigs. Paul Harms, Dixon, 111. R. 7. ’ Phone C 5. 12 3 WAN! I : I >. Girl to care for 3 baby. Call after 5 p. m, G th St. year old at 1223 13 3* FOR RENT FOR RENT. Furnished rooms at 3 W. First St. 12 FOR KENT. 2 furnished rooms for light housekeeping. 1028 \V. 3rd St. 13 WANTED: Stenographer with office experience. Give age, etc. Address II. 15. care of Telegraph. 13tf WANTED. Bookkeeper. Apply to F. S. Suter, Dixon Fruit Co. River St. 13 3 WANTED. Salesman; any hustler with auto or driving rig <*an make from $30 to < 10 per week and build up a permanent business. Write for the evidence. Doan Oil Company, Cleveland, Ohio. 12 3* LOST The Wise Fool. “The | ltcher that g««es too often to the well is certain to bo broken,” observed the sage. “.Maybe," replied the fool. “But baseball history proves that it Is the pitcher who goes t«»o often to the raths­ keller w ho is certain to be broke. ho «aid, Danger. "I can’t Insure your life,’ “N t « \ en f■ >r a dollar. For though your hair is fiery rod You wear a rubber collar.” (.HAM) DETOl 11 Grand Detour, Jan. Is Mrs. Ella : llee.se ha: sold her ¡span of mule; to an Ashton man. Mrs. Will Guynn returned to her nome in Iowa last week. Mrs. Roy Weigle of Dixon visited with her mother, Mrs Reese, a few day s l;i.st w eek. C. A. Sheffield motored to Oregon Tuesday. Mr. Lee returned to his home in’ (Tiana Thursday alte; a few days visit here with his sister. .Mrs. Wili Palmer and family. The Yid society tue« with Mrs Je rome Cox Thursday Mrs Albert Tholen drove to Ore gon Friday. As our school teacher. Miss O’Mal ley, w.is ill, there wa no .*« oool Tliurs day or Friday. Mr and Mrs A1 Williams of Ko ehelle speu.t a few day last week with her sister. Mrs Ella Reese, before moving to Polo where they will reside tlu* coming year John Gcihardt sold hogs and delivered them to Oregon Friday. Misses Elsie and Glady s Return« is drove to Dixon Saturday. Mrs. Ellsworth Schaffer of Dixon is visiting with her mother, Mrs. Rebec ca Reese. Mi s Nellie Suggitl of Dixon spent Sunday visiting at the Geo. Returners home. Mrs Margaret England went to Chicago Friday to visit her daughter, Mrs. O’Rorke. WITNESS AFTER WITNESS IN DIXON Write Your Own Head on Thi« On*. If was stated at nu Inquest at Hack ney on the hodv of a shunter named Charles Hall, nffed twenty-one, who was run over *>n the railway and killed, that lie was perfectly bald and that the driver, noticing him on tho line, mis took the back id his bead for his fare and thought lie was coming toward the engine and could see it. 1/omlou 'l imes. Wuff ! Fur lasting beauty they nil «tgh, T) • v long for youth, the dears; A¡ I while they often want to dye They want to live for y «sirs. Ho*3 In. Dear I.uke- Can C. A. Mornlngstnr get in the citili as night clerk V lie is vice president of the Buckeye Stamping company of Columbus, G M. W. Tho Poor Daily Bard. Tho dally bard, it seems to us, 1 " - r\ • ; to have ;i raise In pay. Who i i s-r starts a .’ingle thus. “.Maud Muller on a summer day.” « incinnati Enquirer. 11«.w happy' nil we hanls would be If substitutes for th* so they ’ll find us. And also fojr the parody Of, “Lives of great no n all remind us.” lu'trolt Pi Presa. M i ll 1!VIDEM I Ol It HEADERS t AN NOT IHSI’I TH ___ As we take up the Telegraph week by week, we are struck by the hearty unmistakable way in which witness after w itness speaks out as Mrs. Fine does here, if those people wore strangers living miles away, we might take little notice of them. But they are not They are our neighbors living among us. Their word is too easily proven to admit o( any donut. They speak out in the hope that their experience may be a guide to others Mrs. .1 1 Fine, 1006 Peoria Ave., Dixon says: “l have suffered for years from kidney trouble. My back ached and pained so severely that I had to stay in bed I had headaches and dizzy spells and specks appeared before my eyes. My wrists and nnk Ies also swelled. 1 procured Doan's Kidney Pills at Leake Bros. Co’s. Drug store and they helped me. They have never failed to give satisfactory results. Price 50e, at all dealers. Don’t simply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan’s Kidney Pills the s;.r** that Mrs. Fine had. Foster MUburn Co., Props., Buffalo, N, Y. F O Jtrfc S3 «A. JL- m X±3 Cood Five-Room House with Furnace Lot 50x150 OQ1CH One Block from Court House. Owner leaving Dixon | J y BS& HODGHTON-VAILE AGENCY New Bank BUI CLEANING AND PRESSING Modern Equipment for handling all Men's and Women’s clothing work calleo for and delivered P*. C. PARMUA/ a Phono P.12 Beier Block YOU CAN'T LIVE Without Accident lnsurj.::e and have peace of Mind! YOU (and those dependent upon von) can’t afford to he without a “Perfection" Accident Policy Sold only by the MARYLAND CASUALTY CCMPANY. Apply to F. X. NEWCOMER COMPANY mMvnHHHnni 400 BUILDINGS ARE BURNED Damage in Berocn's Conflagraron Is F xcd at ro.tmcou. London, Jan. 18. Me ut ino bull i Ing: me; t ef lin ni v tluable «tn«'.* wore tb‘, t <>* I in í aturde: night hr, at lb'in « n, Norway a «onlim; t « » a Ucu ter di pat'di from chrpdiaina. Eli,* te­ lai i ¡magi- i estimated at $2u,t)')9,i*0O. I inly one lile w as 1« I. Cupid Cigno Ditcher Z.iLcl. Baldwin, Kan., Jan lx The rn gaaei.uiit of George Wm-bi igleli V .a bei, piteher f >r t Im * Chicago XatnuinF, an i Miss liul y Kr« of I-odi i .ic ni. I*a.. was announced b; Mi*’ Km a' a S« rority dinner, /blind is a a nioi and Miss Krcnr a junior in B.C.er uni ver tv bet e. MARKETS Ask Any Portage Owner About Portage Tires MONEY BACK TIRE SHOP 111 East First St. D. JW. Fahrney AUCTIONEER Peal Estate Office in l/)ftus-Brookner B1 Iti. Photic 152 Dixon, III. "WB"1 Loaal »rlaas »aia lar grain: LOST: Pair of eye glasses. Hinder please returnto Parker’s Restaurant, opposite Dixon Inn. 1013 \\ AN 1 ED. Moler Barber College, Chicago, III., Wants You to Learn the.. Trade. If this opportunity means! lighter, cleaner work at better pay j you want it. Can learn in a few weeks; and have your own shop. Write for tin* truth about it today. 12 G * i WANTED Two or thru«* furnished rooms for lious«*ke« ping by couple Modern conveniences. Phone K 9G2 1213 FOR SALE FÜR SALB. Several rois, bargains. In Dement s add. Phone 782. Mrs. G. H. BquLres, £.19 E. 2nd St. 117tf BEST MINNESOTA BARGAIN. About G25 acres of the best land In j this state a a smooth as a floor and: I’a eut on the north by goo«^ river (full r i« of fish), and cut on the south by Dig!on ditch, just completed, and thi.- «lit*:;. * Is about eight feet deep and show, *> the best of good y* How clay clear to the bottom. The top soil *s flm best black sandy loam to be found in Minnesota The water is pure, ar.d rnner- f iP’r.g well on the p! u *, wl.irh i.-, * ■■coif«1 by tenant, fb » «yn this farm is as smooth as the b* .-t of tie Red Liver \’all<*y it shoul dnot b<* confe * i NI I .SON. Nelson, Jan. 17 Although Sunday was an extremely cold day Rev, Pott came aivl conducted serivces in th<• school house. .Miss Gertrude Gardner of Chic, go ,sp«*nt a couple of days here w ith her i,-ter, Mrs, Harry Ortgiesen, and family. John Kchryver wo nt to Polo Thursday and called on friend , returning Friday night. Mrs. W. W. Phillips on Wednesday and Thursday entertained her uncle as i aunt, Mr. and .Mrs. (’has. Baird of northern Iowa. Mrs. Augusta Mille ris quite ill with tin* grip and threatened with pneumonia. Hhe is under th« car«* of a nurse. The lptl«* daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moats is critically ill of brain f* v* r and spine trouble. Her cornli- j t ion ha been about the same for tho pa i t**w days. ] Mr: G. G .'• ((•wart visited in Dixon h;” t week. Air . 1. rael Liter an«l sou. Clifford ‘ I it Sunday night for th« ir home in j I j * - * i u o i, S. Dak., aft*T a visit with 'relatives for several weeks. I Miss Hazel Greene of this place and ul Smith of Dixon were quietly mar •i at Ft. Patrick’s parsonage in Dixon .Saturday evening. They were elide«! by MLss Hula Greene, a sis- bride, and Frank W'f the groom. Mr. an at Saturday evening ■« parents. .Mr. and Mr th Tend mit h je br; A ha: rh, a M rs. with j Fred an(l left for a short wedding Sunday morning. Mrs. Smith! t here for a number of years a large circle of friends who wi. ii her and her husband happi with same, as this is near the highest point of land in the state. There is fair Louse and abm oth‘r; buildings with some fenced In pasture; and alos e me field in crop, and ail; the land desired for crop can bA brop ; en with tra* for and as this is rev. land ono crop of flax will pay for it at the bargain price of $25 p- r acre. Five thousand dollars cash v i handle the deal and it Is near dire * line VO Duluth, which is the beat market in the Northwest, Wadsworth Co., Fa/ngdon, North Dakota, umi 5-5-7 Temple Court, Min oe&poUc, Minou S62tf y. T! ( groom j hose who know .t the Brown ¡-:h ii ighly ini and No, tho Club 1 3 No Jitney Bus. Dear I.uke Can Mrs. Gnu Nickel of Bloomlngdule, Ind., get Into tin.* club’/— F. E. K. Things to Worry About. Joan of Arc could not read ««r write. Names Is Names. Sal lie SDknitter lives at Tower Hill, 111 . Our Daily Special. Keni«* people Hkalu on tiiln lee all tho year round. Luke McLuke Says. If must be tine to la* a le rmlt. A hermit «!*>«*s n«>L have t«« let tiii'ei* dozi'ii men ii««l«l him up every morning while tiny spill a 1««t of us«*less noise about tin* remarkable weather we are having Why boiler about the high <*ost of living when you « an buv eleven « host nuts for a dime and get elevt n Imndred worms thrown in five? After all. tin* ri«’li are I lie best friends Hr* poor have If it were not f«>r Unit >!!<*r tin* wealthy auto owners Jet <*ut every film* gas «line goes up a half Cent, .a gallon the pri< e of gasoline would be so high that tin* poor who have t*> cook vvitli gasoiifie would In unable to buy any ami would have t«j eat their food raw*. Samson was a strong man beeausn In* let hi hair crow. We have lots of strong im n who let their hair grow In tlieo- «lays. But we «all them hoboes, and their strength li<*s in the fact that they never take a bath. The 1 rouble with the lnd who Is no happy that he whistles at his work is that ho makes tin* other workers unhappy. What doth it profit a man to have a Jot. (<f will power when his wife has a i«>t of won’t power? When we compare ouryhes with our neighbors we never give ourselves any tin* wor-t of it, Th<* women folks do not seem to know it, lmt there never was a man who war t»*d a divorce because his w ife didn't talk enough. Maybe « hen the women get the vote und g'-t t * running this country they will nr:”i> e • dug.-, .-<> that we will not have any t • Sundays. When I’ * ; ie to wisdom Solomon didn't h.t ** a thing on the roan who mat: • g to 1 • happy though married. Any o) 1 time a man Is o ;t all night his V* if«* can easily t«-1 > where he was because he will start in and begin to prove that be wasn't there. After having admired a photograph >f a girl it is often quite a disappointment to meet her. ANNOUNCEMENT ANNOI NCEMENT. This is to announce my candida« y for tli^ office of tax collector for Dix >n Township, at the spring election, \pril 4, 19 1G. tf NOAH W. DEAL. ANNO! NCEMENT 1 wish to announce myself aH a and ¡date for the office of tax colle? tor of Dixon township at the election \pril 4. GRACE G. STEEL 307tf SALE DATES Mix ad Whit« Out«.............................. . 4 0 4 2 .... 4 070 j I.ocal I' ivmiih . (fwouiloiw. Day Hell 1 Creamery butter ... . . . 3 X Dairy buttel ................ . . . 2 7 *1 *» j 1 Lard ............................ . ..10 15 RggH............................. ........ 35 10 Rotatooa ....................... 90 Spring cblekena ......... 20 2 2 j . ... 18 •} O I 4* (M Turkeys ....................... .........25 30 i I'ouliry. Light hens ................. Heavy hens ................. . 9 . .1 j . . 8 Y OUI; g t urkev H .......... . 1 5 1, i » i, il u. k st ............... .10 W. D. DREW 90 Peoria Avenue Dealer in windmills , TANKS , rUMPS Wind-Mill and Pump Work See the New OIL-LESS Wind-Mill WILLIAM SCRIVEN Parcel Delivery A ik I Baggage- Headquarters SODA GRILL Tlephono* No. 1 Id III 12 If you demand the finest quality of Coal or Coke if yon w in« the maximum quantity for the in mmum price, if you desire prompt and careful delivery, then you arc safe in pluciug your order with J. P. MclNTYRE 624 Depot Ave. - Phone 206 |)oiible-Gear(sl, No Oil llob***—and Bc|f-Lu!>rirnting TIME TABLE ECRNIKIIEI) BY MMiAN A HUYAN, CHICAGO — CHAH. ANDERHON. DIXON MANAGER. < Tiicago, Jan 18 1 9 1 G Jun. 19- Sam lluk’e tk Son. pur* ored Duroc sale, I’rophetBtown. 111. T*‘o Fruln, Auct. Jan. 20 Joseph Enu ben, closing ot sale, 2 miles east of Dixon George Fruin, Auctioneer. Wednesday, Jan. 28—Wm. Lelvan, I ruil(!S west of Dixon on Intorurbsn ar line; closing out. D. M. Fahrney, Auct. Feb. 1 — H. G. Vogel, Duroe brood «ow sale, Benson, 111. Geo. Fruln, \uct. Feb. 2—Ed. Hailaran, Duroo brood ow sale, Campus, III. Ges. FTuln, Auct. 1’ebruary ;;rd Harry Tprinp« i, i loiung out sale, 3 miles eouthvv« t of Dixon on th«* Rodney Ayres farm George Fruin, A u tionecr. Feb. 8 S. H Patterson at St. James, 4 mile • •;« t of Dixon, cloning out. ale 1 • ' * Auer.. Feb 1 " a.*’ A Naylor, clorlnf ¡¡I«*, 2 miles south of Nactmsa, 111 F. D Kelly, Auct. Feb. 14 -Cbarb'» Sheffler, Publi ale, pjx mile- «*; * of Dixon. George i’ruin, auctioneer. Tuhsray, Feb 17- Charles Bar ton on Asa Judd farm south of city limits, Dixon, Hi , on Peoria road large dosing out sale D. M. Fahrney, Auctioneer. Jan 19 r’b. .eg out sale. 6 rnibs Houtheacb of Div >n, 1 Vi rntl< • north- ea t of Eldena, on Pat Duffy farm. T.. E. Etnyre. F. D Kelly, Auct. Monday I'eb . I J. E. We! tea i, do tig out a!! , •-nnal property. 1) M F «hrriey, A. '. Ech •» o .Fred May 129*4 ?* 1 % 1 1 X > 2 1 3 1 ”H I uI> 122 >¿í 25 121% 124 % • «1 rn— Muy 79% 79 % 78% 79% July 79'a80S 7 9 11 8" ( lit Is .Muy 52*4 f. *! ,1.5 ,-ji f, 1 % s 53 Vi J u ! y 4 9 % 50% 4 9 % 50 % Horh-— Jan 20"*) 2" i o 2000200 2 May 2035 2055 2020 2**12 Jan 1077 1 <180 1 "77 I 080 May 112" 11151*197 I 1**7 KMw— Jan 1082 1190 1 182 1 u'ii ,\ i y 1120 Ri « el pi s t «nbiy - 1 ! 2GS 1115t 12 5 ILLINOIS CENTRAL RY. Cot reel time of ul! trains leaving Dixon that curry passengers and freight. :Daily. ‘Dally except Bunday, Houlh Round, Local Express, Dly «*\ Sun 7:15». m 123 Southern Exp 11:10 a m 121 Clinton Exp.* 5 10 p,m. Noi’lli Round. 132 Waterloo Exp • 12 4 Local Mall 120 Local Exp.* Freeport Freight FUR AGO it NORTHWE8TERN IIV. Ccrred time or all passenger trains , leaving Dixon. »Dally except where otherwise specified: laist Round to Chicago. I FALL 10 ur, a Ul. G : lu p. in. 8:19 p. tn. 12 ; 3 0 p. m. otfb’e ‘phone 799. fiM.'phsn# 14111 Oleani ng Mtnam and Kvencli Dry ( iMslsg Alan all kinds of Mending. Men’s and l.ndfi’j* Nulla and Kaür roafs Tailored R> Order Kn » Kulta Pants and UaRtnaw For Kal«. W . W LEHMAN • SO k. KNt Ht., Itln*t, 111. so rem* will (Mircliaae % l«rg* Miri to notify all (MTson* of the dang«r of ire-piiftslng on your farms and aprimi !n( (hr foid and m«aith SRsesu»« tf Hog* 30,000. Cattle 4000. Slieep li ,000. I,< f« over 0300. 1 ogK open I 5c higher. Mixed 705a7G0. Heavy 7 1 Oa765. Rough 08Oa7O5. Eight 70*)<!7 1 5. Cattb* :trung. Sheep dead y. Hog <h (’ active, 20« high« r than I « rday'h av * r age iv,limat« «! tomorrow 1 8 , 000 , H, ’VJ'J *» No. Vv. Dixon Ar. Chicago 6 .12 3 a. rn. 6:45 a. m. ' 24 G;23a. in. 9:05 p.m.! 7:21 a. in. dly ex Bun 10:30 a. no ! 8 05 a. m. 1 1 :0Q a. m.! 11:19 a. m. 2: 00 p. m. 11:01 a. m. dly ex Sun 2:25 p. m. 4 .2 1 p. in. dly ex Sun 7:25 p. m 4 1 5 p. m. Sun. only 7:25 p. m. 6:10 p. rn. 8:45 p. m. West Round. No. Lv. ( hl« ago 5 7: 00 a. m. ex Sun. 7:10 a. m. Sun only 10:80 a. in. 12:1 5 p. m. dly ex Sun 4 2 Op. m dly ex Sun 6:05 p m. 6.10 p. tn. 9 :35 p. m. 1 0 00 p. m. 10:45 p rn. 28 18 10 2 0 4 100 12 P9 ! 13 19 27 !■> 25 17 •7 3 v-, Lv. Dixon Ar. Dixon 10:20 a un. 10:23 ft ni. 1:0G p. rn. 3 34 p. m 7:26 p. m. 8 ; 40 p. ni. 8:57 p. m. 11 53 p m 1 2 28 a. rn. 1 57 a. m. Ar. 1‘eorla JliHT HKCKFVICD Ml AND WINTER SAMPLES of Foreign and Domestic Woolms gulls fruin $15, flfl, tt* and up. (’leaning and ITmili’K ftnd Itrpxirlat iadlm' aud Men a (Tothing. from SOc up (iLRHAKD FFRICHS Olio Wllzleb Plumbing AND Heating UNDER PRIN .ISS THEATRE NORTH DAKOTA LAND. Write E. A. Wadsworth, Laugdon, | N. Lak., If you are Intareeted In Da kota lands. 78U time mails close ictU in Herrin tovvn n the liquor question BY MAIL T e Evening Telegraph is S3 fije Remi Weekly Tebgraph Ii 5o a year. Lord. A f’u 1>)if Ii of Dixon on Hie T" n, auctioneer. v Fruln T r o brood n, HI. c. LT tin in -ale, 2’4 miles' n Sterling road. Ft Fob. 22 - Perci -sow raie. Or« g* Ann February 2« Brant Mathias« do ;i,g out - «I«-, tii?'- and one 1ml miles ea«t of Dixon on the Dr. lv« farm. George Fruln, Auctioneer, ! ! Electrical Repair Shop 10« River Street, Basement Rodeseh Building. Electrical Repair Work of all Kinds Batteries Repaired and Recharged Auto Starter«*, Generator*, Magneto*, «,f All Mal.es Repaired or Renewed. Storage Batterie* *<f All Make* Rebuilt. ALL WORK Gl 'ARAVI ELD Edward J. Coe Phone (187 The following table shows lh time of the cloning of ail mall for- waidfol from the Dixon postofflce. Mail Hhould he lri the office ten mln- ufei preceding the locking of the pou< h to Innuro U h dispatch: i;a*t Mall. Train Time No. 6 ................................... 3:00 a. m. No. 2 8 ................................ 6 :55 a. m No. 20 .................................10:40 a. m. No. 4 ..................... 3 :55 p. m. No. 12 ................................ 5:40 p. m. West Mall. No. 5.................................. 9 :40 a. m. No. 13.............. . 12:40 p. m. No. 27 ................................ 7:00 p. m. No 9 .................................. 8 : 20 p. m No. 15 ................................ 1:30 a. m. South Mall. No. 119 .............................. 6.55 ft. m So. 1 23 ...............................10 :40 ft. m. No. 131 ....................... 4 -50 p. m North Mall. \u, i *» 2 ...................... 9:40 a. m No. 120 .............................. 7:55 ». m. No, 134 J 10 t, »-j FARM LOANS Unlimited funds at all time* far Loaning (.1 lowent Interest rates, with Jberal prepayment privileges. abstracts or title promptly coinpllad to any raal •stat*. H. A. ROE CO. Suite i and 2. Dixon Nat. Rank Bldg DlioQi Illinois. ORANGES 25c, 30c, 40c Dozen New Mixed Nuts 15c pound The Pure Food Siore w. c. JONES 1)05-7 Depot Ave. Thoae 127

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