The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 27, 1956 · Page 27
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 27

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1956
Page 27
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6-A!gona (la.) Upper Des Moines Tuesday, March 27, 1956 Mr and Mrs Darrell McFarland were visited Friday evening by Ralph Richards of Lono Rock. Melvin Hagg spent Ihe week end at Dell Rapids, So. Dak. visiting his brother, Robert Hagg and family. The Union Township Homemakers will meet at the Walter Hcerdt home on Thursday afternoon at '2 o'clock. Mr and Mrs Da)e Mains wil' be dinner guests Easter Sundaj of Mr and Mrs Henry Lauck nt Whittemore. They are parents o) ,....< ivijms. Spring vacation for Ihe siu- ^•>-.t<5 pr.H teachers at the Academy will begin at noon Wednesday, March 28, and will continue till Tuesday morning, April 2. Irvingfon Ideal 4-H Club me! March 17 at the home of Marilyn Peglow. A picture study was given by Virginia Klein and one by Virginia Simon. A demonstration was given by Wilma Brown. Roberi Weiner, a sludeni as the Iowa University, Iowa City, will be home March 29 to spenr his Easter vacation with Ills parents, Mr and Mrs William Weiner. Mr ana Mrs Edwin Johnson have returned from a month's visit with their daughter and husband, Mr and Mrs Vern Howard, Lodi, Calif., also a son Ralph who lives at Lodi. They made the trip by train. Bap'lismal rites were held recently at St. Cecelia's Catholic- church for Milton Dennis, son ol Mr and Mrs MiUo Bilycu. ' Mr and Mrs Don Weise will have as Easter weekend guests the latter's brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs W. E. Me Grew, of Guttenberg. Mr and Mrs Wade Hansen spent from Thursday through Sunday at Minneapolis, Minn., with Mr and Mrs Ray Besch former residents here and Mr ;md Mrs Maurice McEvoy. They stopped enroute at Belle Plain to visit Mr. and Mrs Wilbur Balk, brother-in-law and sister of Mi Hansen. Mrs Jean Wadsworth came Sunday from Denver, Colo., and will remain for an indefinite .ength of time. The climate, the altitude in particular has affected Mrs Wadsworth and on the idvise of doctors, she has come icre. .She will spend considerable time with her sister, Mrs Margaret Hofmaster. Mrs Emma Hagg and daughter and son-in-law, Mr and Mrs Wilbur Chri.slenson and family of Titonka, drove to Chicago and spent the weekend with Mr ana Mrs Chester Azuse and family. Mrs Azuse is Mrs Hagg's daughter Verona. Perry Hagg also drove to Chicago from Elgin, 111., where he is attending a Watch Repairing School, to visit with his mother and sisters. Kossuth County's Biggest Slock of Men's Spring Jackets — Reversibles, Washables, Lined and Unlined $3.95 to $8.95 'S SURPLUS Mr and Mrs John Claude were visited a few days last week by Mrs Claude's mother, Mrs Norma Lethcoe of Sioux City. Mr and Mrs Darrell McFarland will be dinner guests Easter of the former's parents. Mr and Mrs O. G. McFarland at Burl. Friends of Mrs Bob Mealy will be interested in learning she has established a beauty shop in her home at Rogers, Afk., where the family moved a few years ago. Mr and Mrs Waller Schildknecht will have as Easter guests the latter's brother and sistev-in- law, Mr and Mrs Ly!e Albright and family of Lake City, her mother, Mrs Martha Albright, and the parents. Mr and Mrs W. T Schiklknecht of Esthervlile. Mrs Florence Patterson Howard, well known former resident here now living at Phoenix.. Ariz., became grandmother fo> the first time when a daughter Elizabeth Ann was born to her son-in-law and daughter. Mr and Mrs Lando Mishak plan to spend the Easter weekend at Dubuque with Mrs Mishak's parents, Mr and Mrs Henry Haus They will slop at Alta Vista en- route home to visit Mr Mishak's parents, Mr and Mrs Frank Mishak. Clark Orion underwent surgery Friday at the University hospital, Iowa City, for the removal of a cataract. He is recovering nicely. Mrs Orion was visited Saturday by the son-in- law and daughter, Mr and Mr. Wilson Abernathy and daughte; Carol of Mason City. Dennis Boitz, who is in service and stationed in California, Is expected next week for a 15-daj furlough and will visit his parents, Mr and Mrs Fred Beitz His wife, the former Jean Champion, will accompany him. They have purchased a trailer house to take back. Mr and Mrs Arthur Kiecker spent from Monday till Thursday last week at Minneapolis where the former transacted business They were guests of Mrs Kiecker's brothers and sisters-in-law. They were accompanied as far as Blue Earth, Minn, by Mrs William Ringgenberg who spent the week there with her parents Mr and Mrs Abe Tuttle. Mr and^Mrs I. W. Nelson have returned Texas where they spent the winter. Shortly after reaching home they were visited by their son and daughter-in-law. Mr and Mrs Harold Nelson and family of Lone Rock and Mrs Cora Bacon, mother of Mrs Nelson who were dinner guests Sunday the Nelsons had as guests Mr and Mrs H. A. Holgrin of Lone Rock, Mr and Mrs Tony Sorensen and Mrs Cora Bacon. J SHELL CHIMICAL\_ •Another Important flarm Field Report Sine* 1048, aldrln has protected millions ol •er«« of farmland ... h«r« again, aldrln makes the difference. Even In a hot, dry season — in -treated rows yield more corn than untreated rows RESULTS gathered by Shell Chemical's field research show, again and again, that you can get greater yields of top quality corn by treating your soil with aldrin. Like Mr. Franklin Rodgers, thousands of growers throughout the corn belt are controlling major soil insects with powerful aldrin. Aldrin wipes out rootworm, wireworm, seed corn maggot, and other damaging soil pests for the entire growing season. And aldrin is economical, Mere ounces of actual aldrin per acre give an effective, fast kill. Apply aldrin as spray or granules; or ap^ply it mixed with fertilizer. Whichever method of application you prefer, aldrin gives you top-notch control. Aldrin is available under well-known brand names from your insecticide dealer. Or your local fertilizer dealer can supply you with aldrin-fertilizer mixtures. They'll be glad to give you further information on aldrin and its application. See them today. Here are the results that Mr. Franklin Rodgers, Corse, Mo., got whenhe treated with aldrin: "I'll get about J* to Yi more shelled corn from the field treated with aldrin. Aldrin- treated rows were more uniform, better filled and there were fewer nubbins." SHELL. CHEMICAL CORPORATION AGRICULTURAL CHEMICAL. SALES DIVISION 1231 Locust Street, St. Louis 3, Missouri ALGONA FLOUR & FEED CO. SO. PHIUIPS ST. PHONE 257 Algona Couple Hit Jackpot In Florida Fishing Waters Mr and Mrs Gail Towne, pictured above, a pair of Algona's most famous anglers, returned from a fishing sojourn at Venice, Fla., Mar. 19, full of fish stories that proved to be true. They are shown in the above photo holding a 16 Ib. 4 oz. Robola, more commonly known as snook, caught by Mrs Towne. This wa«>the largest caught at Snook Haven Resort, seven miles from Venice, for the past four years. Venice is located 30 miles north of Fort Myers. Mr and Mrs Towne, who have made many trips to Florida in search of fish, headed soulh January 23, and after arriving at Snook Haven Resort, set all sorts ot records in connection with snook fishing. Not a day went by that the Tpwnes didn't catch more of the orized snook (which, accordina to Gail "taste better lhan Walleye") lhan anyone else in "the entire area. Most of their fishing was done from 4 p.m. on, as it was easier 10 locate the fish and much cooler in the boat. Heavy gut leaders were used at first, but after losing some plugs and fish, a switch was made to steel, which had io be changed repeatedly due to the violent cutting action of the gills of the snook. For bail, the Townes used Heddon Tadpollys. Gail notified the company of their success and received, by return mail, four plugs free and a note staling the company had no idea snook could be lured with their Tadpollys. , U. S. Representative Engels, of Michigan, went out with Gail and caught the first snook he had gotten in four years. The representative no doubt would be glad to hire Gail as a guide the next time he makes a trek io Florida. The Townes feted many guests several limes io fish dinners, featuring heaping plaiters of sleaked snook which was absolutely boneless. Their camp was located in a wild and woolly neighborhood which is surrounded by a 46.000 acre tract owned by one family which uses il for grazing thousands of cattle. The area is kept in its primitive slate and alligators and buizards are numerous. • •; •, When asked about alligators, Gail had this lo offer — "They're as afraid of you .as you-are of them." He found on* while there thai became < sort of a distant pel. Gail approached the big animal, which laid in the same spot each day, regularly, ajid by lh« lime the Townes were ready for the trip home, he could gel within 12 feel of it before 11 switched its tail and slid into the river. Might be a good thing the Townes came home when they did — the alligator might have gotten real friendly. Mr and Mrs Raymond Gilbert had Mr and Mrs John Claude as dinner guests Friday evening. Mrs Arthur Obreehl ^suffered a hearl altack and spent last week at St. Ann hospital. She was'dismissed Saturday. Mr and Mrs Glenn Chally spent Friday al Mason City with the latter's brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Jack Graney. Mrs Ray W«s««l, mother of August Schmidt, went lo Iowa City, Friday, where she will have surgery at Universily hos- pilal. • Tom Lundell was dismissed from Ihe hospilal lasl week'fol- lowing a few days spent there for treatment of reaction from medication for bronchitis, Mr and Mrs Andrew Hansen were visited from Monday lill Wednesday by Mrs Hanson's brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Alvin Karr of Irelon. Mr and Mrs Herbert Hensley spent Ihe weekend at penver, Colo, yisiling Mr and Mrs Donald Krieg. The little son Kevin was cared for by Mrs Lee Vander Waal during their absence. Mrs Elsie Harden accompanied her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Rudy Hang of Livermore lo Belle Plaine, Minn., to visit another son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Wilbur Balk. Fred Johnson, father of Mrs Raymond Gilbert, has returned from visits at Ramsey, 111., and St. Louis, Mo. He spends a:parl of his lime here wilh Mr and Mrs Gilbert and part al Eslherville wilh another son-in-law and daughter. Mrs Perry Byam returned Sunday afler spending Ihree days at Cedar Rapids with relatives and attending Ihe funeral services for her uncle, J. E. Selzer who was widely known in that area for the many beautiful churches he had built during his lifetime. Mrs Maude Bilsborough and her daughter Ila spent Wednesday and Thursday at Titonka wilh Ihe former's son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Maurice Bilsborough and celebrated Ihe senior Mrs Bilsborough's birlhday Wednesday. Marjorie Byam spent a two week's vacation with her parenls, Mr and Mrs Perry Byam, before starting on her new posilion as private secretary at the Austin State Bank at Austin, Minn. Miss Byam is- a 1955 graduate of St. Cecelia's Acedemy and completed a secrelarial and business course al Mason City. Richard Carr and Jerry Donovan- Wi-a at OmSK*}" NfeSU ; r UMfc week attending a convention of gas company managers. ,-•:. Mrs Lucille Zerfass returned Friday from a .visit of a couple of days with her sister Mrs J. H. Thruau al Des Moines. Mr and Mrc M. C. Metcalf returned Friday from Ashton where they had been called by %»--si'c'kW?S* £tftf«>v*te«h ; • of = Mr.4 Metcalf's mother, Mrs Margaret Krogman, 72, who had been in failing heallh for some lime. Mr and Mrs James Kolp Jr. and Ihe former's parents, Mr and Mrs James Kolp Sr., plan to go lo liaCrosse, W5^ to spend the Easier weekend Scientific Improvements Bring Radical Changes In Laundering Today you are using more and hotter water than you think possible. Few people realize that they turn on their hot water tap one hundred and forty limes a day. It takes a lot of hot, hot water to keep ourselves and our homes sparkling clean. Literally millions' of homes have added automatic appliances in recent years. Experts tell Ais 'hat the overall efficiency of these numerous labor saving devices depends upon an adequate 'imply of hot water. Women are finding that they use hotter water and more of it each time they add a new appli- ifnce. A recent survey conducted '••v the gas industry shows that 59 percent of today's homemakers •ire washing two, three and even four times a week. The primary reason women give for washing oftener is the convenience of be- ng able to wash and dry an entire load in one operation, using the wonderful gas washer-dryer, two-in'one, appliance. No Wealher Worries And the housewife no longer has to worry about the weather. She can wash and dry her clothes any time she chooses. She merely places the laundry in her duomatic gas washer-dryer, sets the dials,- and within one hour her laundry is washed and dried and ready to be folded and put away. In addition to their convenience, automatic gas washers and dryers offer many other advantages, such as economy of operation,- speed and dependability. The wonderful new detergents, specially and scientifically made for automalic washers, mean cleaner, longer-wearing clothing for every member of the family. One such advanced detergent, just placed on the market, produces exactly the right amount of suds to make your machine work better, longer, and more ••economically. Research sponsored by Ihe ^merican Gas Association has turned up many ideas aboul hot water temperatures, too, which •.Drove that the holler the water the better the job. Four Basic Steps In laundering, best results are obtained when you remember these points: use water* that is hot enough ,a soap or detergent •aerially made for automatic washers, a bleach when necessa- rv, and a properly sorted load. Failure to get clothes, clean is generally caused by not following these basic steps to good home laundering, rather than by poor washing action in the machine itself. There are so many, many uses for hoi water when you're planning Ihe household chores lo ,be done, that it isn't much fun to have to worry constantly whether there's enough hot water to help make the job easier, Any utility company or reliable appliance dealer will tell you that an automatic gas waler healer heats water taster and keeps it hot. That's because gas is such a quick- heating fuel. You'll al»o find that gas water heaters are less expensive too. Over and above the size of the tank is the "B. T, U, input." B. T.U. means British Thermal Unfit and is a method of measuring heat. B.T.U. input for a water heater is Ihe amount of heat nle- *essary lo heal Ihe whaler quickly. Your utility company or 'appliance dealer can explain to 'you the importance of having enough controlled heat for your automatic gas water heater. 'Adv. ^^ y Mary Shore, who is at'iending the St. Luke's school of nursing at Davenport and also attends Augustana college, will spend \KI Easter vacation here with her parents, Mr and Mrs Glum Shore. Mr and Mrs Chris Wallukait have been on vacation a few days and visited the former's Drotncrs and sisters-in-law, Mr and Mrs Martin Wallukuit at Des Moines •md Mr and Mrs Andrew Wallu- kait at Adel. Select Your Shoes For EASTER From Names You Know PARIS FASHION FLATS In Ncvy, Biege, Pink, Red, Bark, White. AAA to B Widths $4.95 ENNA JETTICK NYLON MESH Glove fitting mesh in pink, black, navy, C|A pale blue, wheat & white, AAA to B widths, yl V» TWEEDIES The ultimate in high fashion pumps. Choose absinthe black and white patent, wedgewood, blue, navy, vanilla, black or brown. Q| J *Jf *•(J- 'if AAAA to B widths. yl < f»lV and yij»l<| JACQUEUNES 'The finest style shoe in the popular price field. Select from black patents, navy, green, red, suntan, vanilla, white JUMPING JACKS FOR THE LiTTlE MISS! $5.95 - $6.95 Presents v Touch of Gold It's Iflce captive sunlight— inspired flew stocking shadq< for spring I In sheer, sheer BERKSHIRE stockings Here's a shade that's like pale golden suntan on your bare skin. * A shade that's the perfect complement to spring's important beige*. And brilliant oranges, reds, golds. Exotic blues and greens. See Berkshire's new 'Touch of Gold'%?here now. Wear U—delight in it—all through the golden days of spring! No runs ever, starting here or here 51 GAUGE 15 DENIER REMEMBER-every pair hw Berkshire's 1 exclusive Nylace Kantrun Top and Toe-Ring. That means no runs ever, starting at top or toe. ' $1.35 60 GAUGE 15 DENIER $1.50

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