The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1954 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1954
Page 13
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FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 1954 BtTffflCTILL« TABKJ PAGI THIRTEEIT OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hooplt W^^^^^m^^ f-- — ! <-^^—,i^^ Ai_<zn TOO SAt> MR. POPOV^ 10 ^^ MLOU HAULED AsiCKOR ™ ununv, g5FORE HE SAW OUR^. S?^2?n LATEST |Ni>JpK.Vn^\ «f DOPLICATC MA3OR• 5OUMD EFFECT, OF DAWM fatt! Y&U &JFFOOM5 ACe ' TOO Sf?ASH FC*2 Y0DR < II^STeAD OFF MV INCOME, /OJ WAV: IMPERTINENT.' X OUGHT TO THROTTLE YOU THE QUIETEST OPERATION A LAST ly J. R. Williams ME TOO.' AMP J NEVER STUDIED TH' CONSTITUTION BECAUSE I WA NEVER LOOKM4' FOR UOOPH0L** IW IT.' OW/ A 6UY WITHOUT A ftlRTH CERTIFICATE WOW IS A MAM WITHOUT A COUNTRY; HALF AFRAJC? TD UJOKMV5ELF UP.' TH 1 CHURCH ANO TH' TOWN) HALL &URWT DOWlsJ-AKJEM CANT FNP? ANV&O7/ OLD ENOUGH TO PROVE I BORKJ IN TMt COUNTRY/ I'M A PEAPHEAP TH£ LOST LESION »-,.,«, STAY AWAV PRO/ «v\r POO-/ Y'MEA* ME? SEZ ME! T Ow,Yfe"AH?TRY , THAT'S ) AMD MAKE ME / WHO/ DO L HAFfA ALWAYS PICK A FI6HT WITW A LU6 THAT TOTES HIS _ LUNCH TO SCHOOL? Television — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel * 10:00 Friday Night, April 39 10 *° 6:00 Dennis Day 11:0 ° 6:30 Life of Biley 11:30 7:00 Big Story 11:55 7:30 Stories of Century 2:30 8 :00 Cavalcade Of Spts, 3:00 8:45 Greatest Fights 3:30 9:00 Letter to Lorett* 4:00 9:30 News 4:30 9:45 Clete Roberts 5:00 10:00 To be announced 5:30 10:30 News 6:00 10:40 Weather 6:30 10:45 Hollywood Theatre 7:00 11:45 Sign Off 8:30 Saturday, May 1 9:00 9:45 News 10:00 9:55 Meditation 11:00 Captain Midnight Pride of Southland To be announced Quiz >m on tb.e Air Game of the Wee* Cowboy G-M«n Film Feature Super Circus Super Circus Cavalcade of Band* My Little Margri* Lone Banger Spike Jones Amateur Hour Show of Show* Hit Parade Wrestling Feature News 11:10 Amateur Night 10:00 12:05 Sign OK 11:00 WHftQ Channel 13 i ; oo Friday Nijht, April 30 2:00 6:00 Mama 3:00 6:30 Topper 3:15 7:00 Ozzie <fc Harriet 3'45 7:30 Our Miss Brooks 4:00 8:00 My Friend Irma 4:30 8:30 Suspense 5:30 0:00 The Goldberg! <5:00 9:30 TBA 7:00 10:00 Weather 7:30 10:05 News 8:00 10:15 Do You Know Why 8:30 10:20 Late Show 8:00 Saturday, May 1 10:00 8:45 Tops 10:05 9:00 Winkis Dint 10:15 Big Top Western Theater Western Theater Western Theater Western Theater Derby Preview Kentucky Derby Rotomaglcian Johnny Jupiter Early Show Beat the Clock Jackie Gleason Two for the Money Favorite Husband That's My Boy Name's the Same Wrestling Weather News Late Show SEPTIC TANK SERVICE CLEANING SEPTIC TANK and CESS POOL Modern Equipment- All Work Guaranteed GEORGE NUCKLES Phone 116 Monette, Ark. King Charles U named New York for his brother, the Duke of York. tt*WHATIC ARTHMTIC VICTIMS €A»*iFMfer Kefirf FrMPii* A Metal BnUrl* Coated Tabtat Qufafc, «MMi blood itrwun from tafcMttaw. w» Mt n«oe<Mte. Reduces nric acid, frfa« «vfek : longer htatfnf rftlirf to d«p**Ml p«ini. Get «*nui»t A.R, Pain B«iM »MM«. KIRBI DRUG SXOREi AH Sizes Budor Porch Shades 3 FT. to 12 FT. Hubbard & Son FURNITURE Watch For Our GRAND OPENING TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON! CONNIE'S CONOCO SERVICE G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" — Phone 2-2089 T PIGS WITH APPEAL! Ole Hickory Inn 7t7 W. Chicfcasawba EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hard wort Phone 2-2015 Complete Maintenance —SERVICE— H«dfe trimminf, B«ddinf, Mulching, Pruning, Sprayiny, Fertiliiinp. Call 3-8822 Paint Closeout Many Types and Colors i Price Hubbard Hardware CORRUGATED METAL CULVERT PIPE Automatic Flood Gates Concrete Culvert Tile Concrete Septic Tanks Metal Septic Tanks Best Prices — Prompt Delivery Webb Culvert Tile Co. Bifhway II at State Lint Phone 3-S414 . f- Copt. 1»4« by NEA S.raiM. ln«. "Mother said i could come and play with Johnny if you haven't got ypur house all cleaned up!" "Pop used to b« a big racing man — until Mom caught him!" I/I i vws JILTED:*. THOUGHTNoub WWJCIEO OJ2L/ / UP WITH US JUSTASWeWECE 1/c!^ //I ENTETZ1W5 TV4E t' /'- : w £lf rrruewEO OUT THAT TWS LIZ WOPVING WASCMZLfenWslCEE R2OMNEWNOCK.SWE WTO THE MOUSE/ I SUDDENLY \ CEAUZEDWCWf ) LUCKY I WAS' COUNTING , PRISCiLLA! THAT ALWAYS WORKS POf? THEY'RE KEEPING ME AWAKE! The Courier News is authorized to announce the following candidate for the Preferential Primary July 27. For State Representative Mississippi County H. H. (Buddy; Howard GHOMO|; THE STORY: T,cnny, young; bride of Tom Dnhlxtrom, Already ha* nen*ed that her motber-iii- Jnw Is dJ«plcn»<;d becnns* Tom did not marry Awirid Bfelson, dnuK h te«' " f an °ld f.'imS'y friend. Forced to livi- in the «nmc house with h«r mothcr-in-lnw. l.enny lit »rn««-ly awn re of straiipre trn~ *ionn. Before the young 1 coupl* ha.« had time to set xcltlcd, An- trid come* to call. Not h.ivfnuc ln-tird that Tom I* married, Astrid kifiKca Tom. VI TT was a light kiss, v yet a kiss •*• of promise. Then Astrid Nelson smirked ever so slightly and introduced the man behind he*. "Tommy, I want you to meet a very dear friend, Jerry Schmidt. He's engineering the new highway from here to Eau Claire." As he gripped hands with Tom and said the conventional things, Jerry Schmidt grinned a lopsided grin and glanced out of the corner of his eye at Astrid as if he, too, knew that she was using him to increase Tom's interest. When he droppd Jerry's hand, Tom looked up the stairs. His smile broadened as he motioned Elaine down. "Astrid," he said, "may I present, Elaine. My wife." Astrid caught her breath and went a little pale under her heavy make-up. Then she flicked her hand through Elaine's and said smoothly, "Well, this is a surprise." Brushing her hand across her simple, white jersey dress as though to wipe off an invisible taint, she added, "I suppose best wishes are in order." Her brown eyes traveled from Elaine's ballerina slippers to her short, curly hair. In that instant Elaine judged herself as severely. Suddenly, the velvet skirt Tom had admired became what it was . . . homemade and amateurish; the sweater a bargain basement bit of nylon she had hand- trimmed into a caricature of a .picture in • fashion magazine. She felt the hot blood crawl up into DM dMtki. aht lonf«d to I flee up the stairs, fling herself across the wide bed and let her stifled tears gush into her pillow. A strained atmosphere enveloped the four people at the foot of the stairs. "I guess I'd better introduce myself," Jerry said. "I'm Jerry Schmidt, Elaine. And my favorite sport is kissing new brides." Pulling her to him he kissed her firmly on the lips. Elaine almost complied with her ridiculous desire to hug him for kidding away some of the tenseness of the moment. Then, over his shoulder, she gazed into the disapproving eyes of Mrs. Dahlstrom. The disapproval changed to warmness when Mrs. Dahlstrom saw Astrid. "How nice to see you, Astrid," she smiled as she put out her hand. "I've had such a longing to see you, my dear. Won't you sit down at the piano and play for us before we get to, talking and forget all about it?" "Of course, Aunt Signe," Astrid replied. "But first you must shake hands with Jerry Schmidt." • • * iniSDAIN glinted in her eyes as Astrid Nelson stepped out of the little circle and sat down at the piano as though it were hers. Elaine didn't know quite how it happened, but within a moment Tom was standing over Astrid ready to flip the pages for her. Jerry was leaning on the other side, his hungry eyes on Astrid's immobile face. Mrs. Dahlstrom and Elaine were seated across from eacfc other in big, easy chairs. The whole room was filled with the smoldering excitement that exuded from Astrid. No one paid heed to Elaine, curled up in the immense chair, trying to make herself »s insigniftcant as possible. Reflecting from the shiny, whit* keys, th« shaded light abovt the music rKk diut«d UM cloud of amber hair that fell down around Astrid's shoulders with gold. Elaine tried not to see the admiration and affection in Mrs. Dahlstronrs eyes as Astrid's tapered fingers moved with exquisite grace along the keys. Astrid played well. Elaine had to admit that. But her sense of fair play couldn't deflect the little jabs of jealousy that were making her position worse. She chided her feelings. Why shouldn't Tom and Mrs. Dahlstrom be delighted to have Astrid call? Tom and Astrid were lifelong friends. Astrid was the daughter .of Mrs. Dahlstronvs best friend. Everybody knew that. And what mother wouldn't be proud if her son had chosen a woman as beautiful and talented as Astrid for his wife, particularly when she came from the same background? Wasn't that what the psychiatrists and marriage analysts were always preaching? But Tom married me. Elaine repeated the words to herself again, Tom married me. Tom and Astrid began to sing a melody as startling and silver-toned as the music that soared from the harp of the piano. felt her lips begin to form a smile. Then Tom glanced her way. He winked and for an instant he smiled. Then his eyes shifted to Astrid again as if the smile he had given Elaine was only the beginning of a smile he had meant for Astrid. Elaine's smile stiffened. Sht held the corners of her lips up until the muscles in her cheejc seemed to freeze with the effort. The music took on a raucous sound. When Tom and Astrid started to sing the Norwegian words that went with it, the music became more disagreeable. If she could only escape this noise and this room where she was as foreign as a clump of dirt on the heavy fray carpet. They finished the song. Tli« sound Astrid made as she carefully riffled the pages of the songbook was as offensive ar her n§d b««n. NOTICE Open 24 Hours a Day Except Sunday For Rotary Hoe, Culti-Pack- er, Planters, Spray Equipment, Seed Corn, Hy-Brid cotton seed, Storage Bins— Anything- In Farm Equipment Bought from us will be a Savings to You. HARDY Sales & Service 70S Clear Lake Ave. Ph. 3-6978 THIS CHAN/1 WONtTEK --WELL, ITS WDTTH A TKV ANYHOW/ IN6 THIN66 SO. FLtNT WILL FUSHMC UP u CONWTIOW5 ARE ABOUT AWE... 8KEEZ& BLOWlMG CUKTWW...NOW TO LAV A LI6HTEP ClS(VK£f HEK£ ! ONCE IT CAUGHT, If FLAKED UP I.W HER QUARTERS, MOD GET THERE IM EXTINGUISHER., PUT IT OUT, LE55 TH^W HMF DE5TKOViO! 5HE BEEN VKMTING WITH EXTIMGUI5HEK: Swings, Slides, Sand Boxei and Monkey Climb* Hubbard Hardware NEED PAINT? We can Save You Money Pittsburg Standard Outside White 3.49 Sunbrite Outside White 1.95 Also In Pastel Snide* ROSE SALE SCO 501 8. 21 St. BELIEVE ME.TM HAPPIER THAN EVER BEFORE, RIG AIMT NUTHtN ID 1 NOW PEACE AN 1 COMPARE WITH TH'ONE LOST FOR ME... A REIGN ONCE &LJT I GUESS .-__ IT'LL DO/ ' i *' r-TK VOUI? IS MY COMMANR SUV'NOI?! a

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