The Kingston Daily Freeman from Kingston, New York on March 26, 1955 · Page 7
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The Kingston Daily Freeman from Kingston, New York · Page 7

Kingston, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 26, 1955
Page 7
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i.liii* 1\JLA(j1 u^N DAiLl Jb KiiiK.ii.AA, KJ.AU¿>iUA, .N. l.t fc>ATLlii)AÏ ii*\iiì*\i*\ii, jiAiìvJii 2ùf 19dA feil* V JbA Modern Decals Perk Up Rooms Horn# decorator* may have fun with modern decal*. These may be used to perk up bathroom, J>edroom, kitchen, living room or nuraery to the satisfaction of the mo*t artistic homemaker. Try swans or egrets beneath the shower or on the sides of the bathtub. Bozo the clown is ideal for the nursery. Peter Hunt designs will make a hit with Junior or Sis. Large green leaf murals may be applied to closed Venetian blinds for a very decorative effect. Smaller leaves may be used to decorate coffee table or door panels. Three large leaves applied to the panels of a standing screen lend an outdoorsy coolth to any room. Decals may be applied to dull-finished walls and their gloss removed by wiping the face of the decal with a solution of buttermilk and thinned starch after it is on the wall. If you get bored with your decals after a time they may be removed easily, and new’ ones applied if you like. ♦—-------Sofa for the Kitchen If you're building a kitchen make it big enough to hold a plastic covered sofa, lounge chair, radio and, possibly, television. If you’re stuck with a small room, make it as comfortable as possible. Decorate it with as much care as possible. Trick WitlTCoIor If you live in an old house with very high ceilings that make your furniture look low and squat, try painting the ceiling a darker color than the walls. This treatment will aid greatly in “lowering" the ceiling. • --------Lot of Lifting In an average working day, a bricklayer lifts more than a ton of brick from the scaffold and lays it in the wall. A standard brick weighs about four pounds when composed of usual clays and shales. ♦--------Home Safety Note For safety, swinging doors in the home should have a glass v iewplate so that a person going through can see anyone approaching from the opposite side. THEY’LL DO IT EVERY TIME <«•*»»««« o. S. Pm test Office) By JIMMY HATLO Reux AUD STAgr TO do A CROSSWORD PUZZLE, AtiD THE 7WUNDERIN6 HERD MCMES Ibi TO MELP*%%% EllT CULL FOR A LITTLE MELPON THE YEARLV irtcoWE T 4 X HEADACHE- SOOMBYE, PLEASE / 'WHAT IS nr? 1 —J BUPWU 5 ? _ HJWW-EXTlNCT I I HC*MANY. ANIMAL-FOUR/ jXLETTER^r ABOUT LETTERS- I M iXt ÖONM4 DO MY JNCOMeTi aCT ENCXJ6M TAX-MDU FOLKS CAM help) FIGURES 4a ^ME ON THE NEW 1040 IF/^X-DA Y n >tXI WILL include ; MEOtJnJ WANTAET i * i TO GET . A / THEDCnON-J ARV.WPi Warding Off a Flood If the downspouts from roof gutters discharge near the foundation walls, the basement probably will be wet. The water should be drained away from the house with sections of clay pipe. • Windows Were Luxury England taxed houses according to the number of windows starting in 1696 and ending in 1851, thus inducing home owners to reduce the number of windows in their houses. Former Congressman Burchill Dies at 73 New York, March 26 <ff>» — Thomas F. Burchill, 73, former | Democratic congressman from I New York who served in the ;New York state Legislature for 20 years, died early today at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Far Rockaway, Queens. A family spokesman said death was caused by a heart at! tack. Burchill was a member of the 78th Congress, being elected in j 1942 from the old 15th congressional district in Manhattan. He was elected to the state I Assembly in 1919, and was a 'state senator from 1924 to 1938. i Survivors include his wife, Margaret, and five children. Funeral services will be held | Tuesday at the St. Columba (Church in Manhattan. Interment ¡will be made in Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Queens. Hearing on O & W Is Adjourned to May 2 New York, March 26 —An Interstate Commerce Commission hearing on plans to sell the {bankrupt Ontario and Western railway was adjourned yesterday until May 2. The railroad's counsel, Elbert IN. Oakes, told hearing examiner Homer Kirby that some of his remaining witnesses were sick and he would not be able to produce them before that date. Among those still to testify, Oakes said, were Lewis D. Freeman, court-appointed trustee for the railroad, and Samuel M. Pinsly, who heads a Boston group that has offered to buy the road for $4,600,000. s THE MARQUEE T.V. — STAGE — RADIO &7Z7/?7777777/j//r/r77/;;s RECORDS CE DICK KLEINER PEOPLE 777?7777/^ Seeks Support For Easter Seals Declaring that four times as many civilians lose an arm or a leg each year in accidents as veterans who were similarly disabled during the entire period of World War 2, Edward A. Stiles, executive director of the New York State Association for Crippled Children, called for a concentrated effort by the state’s residents to support the current Easter Seal Appeal now being carried on throughout the Empire State. “WE HAVE TRIED to point out to the public that the need for their support of Easter Seal projects is greater than ever,” Mr. Stiles stated. “These accident figures are just one piece of evidence that we haven’t been talking through our Easter bonnets.” “Still more persons, a great many of them boys and girls, are crippled each year through accidents, or by disease, who also need care and treatment not now within their means. The figure for the nation as a whole is staggering,” he continued. “It runs into the millions.” In Yugoslavia Answsr to Prtviotit Pinolo ACROSS 1 Yugoslav * leader. Marshal — 5 Yugoslavia is composed of 56 Tidy 57 Upper limb 56 Mest dish DOWN 1 Point 2 Angers — republics sCarry (coll.) • It once was 4 Assaults T— of the empire of Alexander the Great 5 Perception 6 Artificial language 7 Dry (comb. 12 It produces form) some 8 Father or 13 Dutch city mother 14 Athena 9 Wolfhound 15 Fondles 10 Lease 16 Correlative of 11 Oriental porgy29 Ages neither 19 Universal 3! Plentiful language 20 Medicinal potions 1 6 V DB A F A T é A V E R 1 V E A O E NI R A N o i N E S « T R m é T L. E Y' à * E NI *S * k * \\ ■ Mi R A L. A N -A R o p P E R m T O oU E o A RE O A V e R s E S R R A N a * i * r A S é VA). E fi + A B m é T T O N L. m A RN A V e Ni O 1 o A N T 1 O O T e s M O o MO o N V E N X E T A 1 * V A Ô e E N A T 22 Coin 39 Idolizes 23 Huge 41 Sacred song 24 Always 42 Preposition 25 Ancient Irish 43 Uncommon 17 Hindu queen It Soothsayers 20 Depression 21 Pedal digit 22 Peruse 23 Veterans (coll.) 26 Reconstruct 30 Miss Gardnei 31 Mtke amends 33 Drone bee 34 Weight of India 35 Yugoslavia capital 26 Highway 27 Smell 28 Roam 32 Placed on a golf mound 36 Bother 44 Operatic solo 46 Pause 47 Grafted (her.) 48 Writing tool 49 Mineral spring 50 Paving substance 52 Morning moisture KkfstM, N. T. CLEARANCE OF BUILDING MATERIALS limited Quantities Reg. 117 Square Red Blend Siding Brick Design Insulated Siding. 11 Squsraa Only. NOW $11 Square Reg. J17 Square Buff Siding Brick Design Insulated Siding. 17 Squares Available NOW $11 Square Reg. $17 Sq. Shake Design Siding Pastel Golden Blend Insulated Siding, 8'j Squares Available. 7 Square« In Pastel Green. 99*4 Squares In Pastel Silver Blend NOW *11 Square Square Natural Mort NOW $12 Square Inaulated With Natural Mortar Line. 21 Squares Available. THE RECORD SHOP: Stan Freberg’s rather naughty record, “John and Marsha,” is revived in Alec Guinness’ new picture, "To Paiis With Love.” Most stations banned the song, but it’s used in the film. Which should prove that radio is a tougher censor than the movies. (It should also bring a big revival of the record). * * * Anybody who questions the accuracy of the statement, “Opportunity knocks but once,” is advised to keep a close eye and ear on the further adventures of Bernice Parks. The lovely Coral records thrush had one solid knock on her door. Due to circumstances beyond her control (namely, double pneumonia) she was unable to answer. And now she's waiting patiently for another chance. It happened 11 years ago. Miss Parks had come down from Boston, where she’d been a ballerina with the Boston Opera. Somehow, she became interested in singing. It turned out to be a lucky somehow. “Good breaks comes fast,*' she says. “I signed at the Copa for two weeks, and stayed three months. Then I doubled at the Paramount for four weeks. 1 was getting offers right and left. I had three picture offers and went to Hollywood. I sang at Ciro’s — and after three days I collapsed.” She was sick eight months, and out of show business for two years. It’s never easy to come back, especially when she was coming back from being only a budding star. Bernice’s records have always sold well, never great. She’s known as a "singer’s singer,” and you’ll find her records in the private collections of most of her competitors. She’s had some tough breaks in the matter of just missing big songs, a common complaint in the record business. “Once,” she says, “I was all act to record a certain song, but the arranger couldn't get it the way he wanted. So we switched to something else. The one I didn't make turned out to be “You, You, You,” a tremendous hit for the Ames Brothers. I nearly killed myself.” But neither double pneumonia nor contemplated suicide has dampened her ambition. (Uultimately, she has her sights set on musical comedy). She keeps on making records, good ones, and wearing her 60-carat smoky topaz ring and waiting for the coy fellow’, opportunity, to knock one more time. * * * A FEW FAST FACTS: Maybe it's the merry rhythm of the scissors, but there's something about harboring that makes for musical success. Perry Como, of course, is an ex-hair pruner and now the latest orchestral sensation. Dot’s Billy Vaughn, used to cut hair down Kentucky w ay . . . BUI Kenny, Mr. Inkspot, has finally decided where he’ll do his ooo-oooos from now on — he’s signed with Label X . . . RCA excited over Gretchen %Vyler, the “Silk Stockings” discovery’, who never sang before. They like the way she sounds on the original cast album and have big plans for her , . . Mambo to end all mambos — the “Davy Crockett Mambo” is now out. Vaya west, young pjan. (All rights reserved. KEA Service, Inc.} “AS AN EASTER SEAL Society. we are dedicated by charter to giving assistance wherever it is needed, provided it is not obtainable through any other agency. Virtually all types of handicaps are within the scope of our program. We have no restrictions on the cause or effect of any given disability, just as we have no restrictions because of age, race, creed or financial standing. “But the fact remains that it is exceedingly difficult to keep pace with the increasing accident toll, along with the toll taken by disease and birth injuries. We stand ready and willing to provide the handicapped with whatever help they need. “TO BE ABLE TO HELP them, however, we must attain our immediate campaign goal for 1955 of $600,000,” the executive director concluded. “This of figure will help to cover the cost i rjnjrS of our existing program and to * ' , fulfill requests already received 1 Atty for additional services at various -Jr., a points in the state. It is a realistic goal insofar as the immediate needs of the handicapped ar# concerned. But it requires a realistic viewpoint on the part of all the citizens of the Empire State if the increasing 36 Eggs 37 Trod 39 Greek war fo< 40 Aged 41 Cushion 43 Chest rattle 45 Shop 48 Peel 49 Station (ab.) 51 Tear asunder 53 Goddess of discord 54 Chum 55 Italian city 1 r i il lb r r 1 0 y Í t « IS li D 18 ff a il ÉF fi ' A f ti » » W a r # y _ W 35 3 b » 3è ; ■J 37 46 9 : 0 n M V j W j i/S % Vh ■A 50 il 5Z L « 55 i r 57 £& 26 * U. S. to Consider Any Proper Bid for Asylum Washington, March 26 </P>— The State Department has informed Soviet Ambassador Georgi Zarubin it will consider any proper request for asylum. Undersecretary of State Her* bert Hoover Jr. so advised Zaru­ bin yesterday when the Russian envoy asked about published reports that the United States has decided to grant asylum to 20 Soviet crewmen of the tanker Taupse, new held at Formosa. The department said Hoover told Zarubin that so far as he knew, no decision had yet been reached on the question of asvlum for the Russian sailors. The Taupse was captured by the Chinese Nationalist navy last June as she was making for Red China. The 20 Russian seamen are reported ready to come over. The State Department said yesterday American officials on Formosa were discussing their case with Chinese Nationalist authorities. Sour milk, or buttermilk, was used in the process of bleaching cloth, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Will Ask Permission To Tap Bookie Phones Trenton, N. J., March 26 </P> — New Jersey’s 21 county prosecutors have decided to ask the State Legislature for permission to wiretap telephones bookmakers and numbers Gen. Grover C. Richman Democrat, made the statement at a news conference yesterday after the top law enforcement officers of the counties met with him. Richman said the prosecutors and he “are just as reluctant as as anyone else to invade a per- number of victims of handicaps I son’s privacy.” are to receive the assistance ' But he said that w’hile book- they ueed, now.” | making was not on a highly “On their behalf, I urge every- j organized scale, it nevertheless one to contribute to the 1955 appeal between now and Easter Sunday.” So They Say.. was evident. # “It is extremely difficult to obtain evidence of •j bookmaking, because bookies no longer keep records,” Richman said. JACOBY ON BRIDGE Drawing Trumps Is Sometimes Wrong By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NEA Service What is your first move when you are playing a* hand at a trump contract? If you are the average experienced player, your first move is to draw trumps. This isn’t a bad general idea, as general ideas go. There are, however, hands on which you shouldn’t draw’ trumps. Today’s hand, as we shall see, falls into that cttegory. West opened the three of spades, and declarer won. South took the precaution of counting his tricks before he made another move. In the side suits he could win two clubs, one diamond. and one easily established heart. Those tricks came to a total of only four, so that declarer needed six trump tricks to 1 make his contract. How do you make six trump tricks when you have only four trumps in each hand? That’s easy. You must ruff at least twice in the dummy and make four natural trump tricks in your own hand; or you must ruff at least twice in your own hand and then make four natural trump tricks in the dummy. Either method will work, but in either case you can’t afford to draw’ more than two rounds of trumps. Since this was quite clear to South, he led his singleton heart at the second trick instead of drawing any more trumps. East captured dummy's king with the ace of hearts and returned a WEST NORTH A J 10 6 7 9KQ993 ♦ A *K62 EAST 26 * 32 *654 952 9AJ1Q74 * KQJ108 * 953 * Q J 95 *107 SOUTH (D) * AKQ9 96 * 7642 * A843 North-South vul. Smith West Narth East 1* 1* 19 Pass 1* Pass 2* Pass 2 N.T. Pass 4 * Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—* 3 The action to cut taxes was an act of unpardonable irresponsibility to buy votes in the 1956 presidential election. —Rep. Dan Reed (R., N.Y.). • • * We are now in an atomic age, and haven’t fulfilled all the requirements of the automobile age. —Gov. George Craig (R., Ind.). Marines Are Halted Anywhere will do. My bition is to make the Yankee team. —Elston Howard, sure shot to be the Yanks’ first Negro. • --------Among your friends and neighbors are several persons who have found the w’ant ads a success. Try it yourself! Phone the Freeman 5000 today! hospital. The squad retreated, vowing to be back Tuesday for another assault. “No you won’t” the city department of air pollution control said yesterday, adding: “You can’t burn those w’eeds without causing large quantities of dense smoke. This w’ould be a violation of our rules and you would be fined.” ©tyr H atrir ¿Rathskeller KINGSTON, N. Y. Serves Daily from 4 P. M. to 1 A. M. A variety of Fine Continental Specialties ----ROAST CORNISH ROCK GAME HEN HASENPFEFFER With Dumplings , second trump himself. t c Liv* a 1 Lobsfars ! t € f 1 Aay Styl« have ATTENTION ■ MN 6 ST 0 N AREA I USlBt COUNTY NUBS SPECIAL MEETING Monday* March 2K, 8 P.M. Gov. Chnton Hotel Spoasored by WJSO HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION V.A. uaU F.H.A. Regulations and Requirements and Law Dawn Payment Financing Will Bn Dhcnuad trumps, and that would done some damage. Declarer let the second trump ride around to dummy, cashed the queen of hearts and the other top cards, and then began to cross-ruff. It U’as easy to make the six trump tricks, and South therefore made his contract. The contract wouldn’t be so easy if South drew’ three rounds of trumps as his first move. He would then be able to ruff only once in the dummy, for a total of five trump tricks. That would give him nine tricks in all, and the tenth trick would be very, very hard to find- •■■■■« -----------Dickenson Case Will Be Reviewed Washington, March 26 (A*)— The U. S. Court of Military Appeals will review Army Cpl. Edward S. Dickenson’s court martial conviction and sentence for unlawfully dealing with the enemy while a Red prisoner in Korea. The court, a civilian body, set no date in agreeing yesterday to review the case. The youthful soldier from' Cracker’s Neck, Va., was sentenced to dishonorable discharge . and 10 years in prison after his ! conviction last April on charges | of unlawfully communicating' with the enemy. Among other things, hit lawyer is challenging the constitutionality of a section of the uniform code of military justice under which Dickenson was tried. Dickenson first refused repatriation when the Korean armistice was signed, but he later changed his mind and came home. Genuine Sauerbraten With Potato Damp lings Dalicioas Steaks * Sandwiches K*celle«t Facilities for Private Parties, Business Meetings or Banquets from 19 to 199 Persona Call: Kirkland Hotel 4247 — Max Brugman inviting yon — Selected Imported Beers and Wines — Dear Folks: May I take this opportunity to thank every one of you for the patronage through the years winch makes our present expansion program possible. So that we may complete this expansion and remodeling program, and be sure that the NEW CONTINENTAL ROOM tad NEW EXPANDS KITCHEN FACILITIES Is ready to receive you, down to the loot luxury detail.. • all dining facilities will be dosed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday — March 28, 29, 39 LOUNGE AND BAR HOWEVER WILL REMAIN OPEN AND SERVE SANDWICHES, SALADS, COLD PLATES AND DESSERTS DURING THIS RENOVATION PERIOD The new NICK BENI’S ANCHOR INN will reopen Thursday, March 31 for luncheon and the wonderful new CONTINENTAL ROOM will be open to the public, for dinner, Easter Sunday at 12 noon. Because we know you will like the changes, may’ we take this opportunity to invite you to the new Nick Beni’s next time you dine out. The Continental Room will be available for private parties, banquets, weddings, etc., from Easter on.... The Continental Room will also be open to the public Saturday evenings for dining and dancing. Sincerely, Nick Beni NICK DENTS ANCHOR INN (ARLINGTON) #. POUGHKEEPSIE, N. f. To Share Estate New York* March 26 (Special) ,—Two area women are the only legatees in the estate of their aunt, the late Helen S. Gale, of New Yprk city, under the terms of her will filed for probate in Surrogate’s Court here Thursday. They are Julia S. Leaycraft of Woodstock and Isabel S. Warren of Wynkoop Farms, Hurjey. Each receives half of the estate which has not yet been appraised. Helen Gale, who lived at the Parksidc Hotel in Neur York, died on March 10 at a nursing home in Kingston. ORPHEUS ” TONITE 8:30 STAGE ATTRACTION LAST TIME$ Martin & Lewis I Rex Allen 3-Ring Circus I IRON MT. In Technicolor | TRAIL SUNDAY—ALL NEW SHOW U N IO N STATION «lorrmg SLUM* BOLDEN i i HANCT DLSON VBBIMflt I Ugtt RTZttRAU Picture 2ND FEATURE jam» T ripoli nürVARD ca SI LI A A ParamoMOl Pklura THE h ‘JiJaÀtiÀ K j UUU v- kjiatXa COMMUNIT PHONE 1613 SAT. ft SUN. — CONT. PERFORMANCE STARTING 2P.M. NOW SHOWING ----I ITS BEST-SUER TIE NATION QNIDNT POT DOWI New York, March 26 (A*)—The threat of a fine has halted any further invasion of the Bronx by the marine corps. A squad of leathernecks moved into the borough on Thursday armed with flame throwers. They blasted away at an eight-foot-high jungle of weeds but the wild foliage, damp after recent rainfalls, didn't give in. The acreage am- be used f°r a state mental O nuu S co PE WARMERC 0 L 0 R STMNIWIG NANCY JAMES RAYMOND TA8 HOUN - KAY - PAEEMAN - OLSON - WHITMORE - MASSEL ME AT REGULAR ADMISSION PRICES WEDNESDAY—JANE RUSSELL in “UNDERWATER KINGSTON ìì LAST TIMES TONIGHT SATURDAY * SUNDAY CONT. PERFORMANCE PHONE 271 BETTY GIURIE CUMIO* IEw O rleans ra:7 UnCßfiöM&t STARTING TOMORROW ■HER DANA ANDREWS PIPER LAURIE 2ND BIG FEATURE itarrfag fHUNM'iAN tmm CUI MOIE • iniEY IATIEI fflflUSÌMXTEIUr A COLUMBIA fCTWC ,

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