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The Columbia Record from Columbia, South Carolina • 13

Columbia, South Carolina
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TUESDAY OCTOBER II HIT Tod Newt Mf ft Columbia UecotD Tod aft Ktvt Todag thirteen SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Eddie Brietz This Curious World Fgrguion Erskine Seceders Are Ready For Terriers Jeeps-Giants-Golf at hi ll Given Credit or Match 1 1 At Memphis AT fbRT RSOUmON NORTHERN CANADA At WDU LEARNED THE SBfTggT OP PULUND UP PISHERMENS UNES PROAA ICE HOLES 30 COULD DfiVO UA THexfTtsnS ISmcuj wfu smmsj DUE WEST Oct Era Wine's favurml football team for tho Houlh Carolina "LUtls championship is this wssk prciwring tor tha Invasion of Woftonf'a Tarrlors Homecoming tlay will ba observed hpra (Saturday and tlio football gams will ba tlis alurnoon'a fear lure with tho opening kickoff at Officials are expecting ona of the largest crowds in the history of football hers for tlia Homo coming program that will faatura a barbscua dinner just bttoro the game Dr Grier president of Erskine has announced that Jim Bowers of Moreland Ga with 25 years of experience will be In uharg of tha barbecue pit where between 600 and a luuu pounds of juicy pigs will bo cooked over hickory wood Alumni and parents of oludonla art expected from Uock 1H11 Chester Columbia Lancaster Charlotte Atlanta and aurroumllng towns and cltiea An alumni meeting for both nun and women will be bald at 11 o'clock As tor tho gam itself Coach Jake Todd said today that ho expected a tough contest following Wofford'a fine showing against Oglelluirpo Erskine successfully past needs victories over Wofford and Newberry to lay claim to the "Little Four1' title this season FIGHTS LAST NIGHT By ik NKW TOKK-Mirtn Vwwrl Ill II llr MU-puiaurf Jriak Tasasr luma 1U l-k OmM UN UOIXIOI jMnAI Mufrwla 1M Pimm rant satrslaMd Uaar? aouti Itfc MissrsMUs (111 tit rarwwk omm its i-i at rwt diw4 Mist SrkM IT! OmUIs I) WUKKIJXU Vk-ChM "Hale' MIIM 1U Wkwltais setrwuri Kw wunkqi lit llwriwd II0J 1UNV1IJ4 M-ratat Quote Jtnuhr-NnUlk Ci luurM me Tuuuur Mutes NrhaKk-M Pi (II IHrkteWiktet rHiuiiKU'iiia ibir Penbsw lu nmuHisiis miimIbh4 jimw in i-a HililteNu ill (11m Atom III l-l rkllHM Iklk Iwrtrt sat Isis TteeMdM 1U I WM Palm Hrata PUm Ilk IT BELIEVED THAT A SWIFT OOULD MAKE A NON-STOP FLIGHT AROUND THE GLOBE IN GOOD WEATHER From Sport during the match At (trot it wao bar inability to chip and putt With anythin like tha accuracy of bar ra van-haired advsrsojv but tha hardast olow of all camo whan aha laid heraalf a atymlo on tha No IB groan By that timo aha had managed to whittle Mlsa Hemphill's lead down to only 0114 hola aa tha South Carolinian momentarily loot her immaculate control Tha atymlo coat Mrs Pago a hole aha ahould have halved And ao in-atead of being only down with throe to play aha waa in an avail tighter a pot 1 down and throe to go That looked to be tha golf match right thare but lira Pago atlll in there fighting hit a beautiful iron hot up on tha next green and won the hoA with a birdie I when aha hqtod a 15-foot putt Bha had another disappointing ax parlance on No IT when her drive llg yards down wind claareq tha ravine but caught the rough making it Impossible for her to raaoh the green in I whereas Miss Hemphill after having tha good lock to have bar ball run through Out of tha World Series bealdea tha moans of tha slaughtered Giants came soma fancy cracks from sporta writers Ona suggested that the only way to give baseball back to the other clubs waa to plow under every third Yankee Another hit a high mark of description when he wrote that ClUt Melton the gawky Giant pitcher like a crowd dispersing" whan ho chased a Gy In practice Coach Gene McEver of Davidson according to the Carolina publicity department has pat one over on the Gamecocks Baaing the "Big ho took a fancy to tha dance and fashioned a play under that name So Saturday Columbiana will have a chance to ace a "Big play executed In the homo of the by visiting team And by the way Bill Harth predicts a complete sellout of damson Carolina tickets by Saturday All seats down to the 10-yard line of the Carolina side have been sold and there are not many left on the Clemson aidj Sales for tha Davidson game are also reported to be brisk It will be a case of like son like father at the Davidson game when all fathers of boys on the Carolina football squad will sit In specially constructed boxes on the wearing on their backs the same numbers as their football playing sons By EDDIE BRIETZ NEW 'YORK Oct 13j---Watch Put for Virginia In football next year Coach Frank Murray (the old Marquette wisard) haa IS all-state high school players on his big HO-man freshmen squad Travis (Ole Hooa) Jackson cams out of that Jerisy City nightmare with only tour new gray hairs Fane wonder why the Atlanta Craekera cahnsd Eddie Moore who won two pennants and flnlahad ond once in hla three yeere as man agar Just whet doea a guy have to do to hold a job in that leaguer Tho eute license plates of Lou Little Columbia coach are numbered "LL-11" An authoritative Beantown source wlrsa: were slightly off key on Maranvlllo today Ha hasn't a chance to aueceed McKechnls as manager of tha Bees Boma years back ha thumbad Ms nose et a coaching job here and Bob Quinn has never forgiven him The Rabbit la down to low with Quinn Donla Bush Is the man on tha inaida Thanks mlater Bill Terry didn't bother to walk across tho hall to eongraUflata Joe McCarthy Why? Well he Juit didn't bother to Cul John Reed Kilpatrick who waa forced to lira Jimmmy Johnston aa matchmaker at Madison Bquars garden called at Johnston's new ofllca tha other day and presented Jimmy a handsome gift Gene Lawlng who at 011a president of tha North Carolina laagua is slated to succeed Dan Hill as boas of the Piedmont league If Hill becomes president of the Southern association aa almost averyono down South btUevoa ho will Mike Jacobs who rises to overy occasion served tsa at the last business conference ho bed with Tommy Farr Ona of tha fallsclsi exploded by tho Yanka In tho World Meries waa that they couldn't hit left handers They knocked Uubbell out of tho box once and Melton twice Furthermore they hit all four of their homers off tho three Giant southpaws Oshrlg nicked Hub-boll for hie Hoeg end DIMag-glo found the range on Melton and Leiseri got hla off young Al Smith Umpire Bill Stewart dashed straight from the oeriea to tho training camp of tho Chicago Black-hawk hockey team which ha'll coach thla winter This may bo a minor league record: The Buffalo Blsone have finished in the black for seven consecutive years Joe McCarthy will bo rewarded with a new contract calling for 040000 per Likely to be for flvo years too Colonsl Rup-pert doesn't Intend to let any rival baseball outflt out-do him on tha old pay-off Whatever Joe gets it will not bo too much Three flrat end tour second piece flnlshee in seven years la a record hard to beat isovietst era ul jest aer IQ-lX "Stop whistling Bobby I'm trying to concentrate on that radio program' ABOUT OO MLLtOM BUNCHES of BANANAS ARE SHIPPED FROM THE TROPICS ANNUALLV tato the United States until hcn orcnzo BoRcr oiler delivering a cargo of mining machinery to South America tossed on board a rcybunchw or tho homo folks in New England They were received with rudi enthusiasm that Captain Baker began mnktog regular trips after the fruit NEXT Won what tree Is wise made la lower Mexico? Much of tha old metal from worn-out railroad care and automobiles la ahlpped to Japan ae crap iron In early Biblical times magic was being ptrformed by Oriental magicians It has been estlmatad that total sales of electrical equipment In tho United (Rates during tha current year will exceed the 1000 000000 mark Loom and unloose have tho earns meanings MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP HEyWOirrl Dohfr BE STUPIDS TUB AUQUIE BISTfeR FOODS A FtNaER-PRlNT Okl THAT ICIKlSJ well khqwmuo did xcfijr OH SoT LOOK'! KFRE8UCAME OM-m-ama! A-SUALL'' WET Little Louisiana College Leads Scorers THE MOUNTAIN By PAUL WEBB STOCKS SUFFER HEAVY LOSSES AT TORONTO CAN i 4 1 I BOOTS and HER BUDDIES Speaking From Experience MRS 8USA6 MILLER Broad River Road Resident Dios in Hospital Htra 'lira Busan Pitta Miller IT who lived oh tho Brood River rood died at 1:10 this morning at tho Columbia hospital following an illnern of several weeks Funeral services will be conducted Wedneedey morning et 10 o'clock from tha residence of her niece Mra Clyde Whetsell at 1327 Richland street by Dr McQuilkln president of Columbia Hlble college Interment will ho In Mt Zion cemetery at Bilveratreet with the cervices In rharge of Dr Lantoraux of Newberry Mra Millar tho widow of William Yancy Miller had lived In Columbia 40 yaara and was a naUva of Nawberry county Bha did private nursing here for a number of years having been a graduate of the Blata hospital and of the Massachusetts General hoapltal In Hoe-ton Mra Miller was at one tlmo connected with the board of health and operated the nurses' registry for seven years Bha was a member of the First Baptist church Mra Miller was tha daughter of Dr Aaron Brooks Pitts end Mra Lucinda Galloway Pitta Surviving are two etep-aona Fred Miller Columbia end Arthur Miller Baton Rouge La ona sister Mra Mlnnio Pitta Brook a Chappells and several nieces end nephowa The body will remain at the homo of her niece Mra Clyde What-aall 1327 Richland street until time for oervlcsa HENRY'WATTS DENTSVILLE SUCCUMBS IN COLUMBIA Henry 'Watte IT of near Dents vllle died In Columbia at 4 o'clock this morning after an Illness of several weeks Mr Waits waa a member of Drntsvllls Methodist church and hnd lived near Dcntavllle all of hie Bfr I la Is survived by hie widow Mra Mary Jena Watts of near 1 Mints villa ona daughter Mrs IJxxla Milas of Dantavllla: two ona Walts of Columbia and Allan Watts of Dantavllla: one sister Mrs Jans Cooper of llln-ney end a number of nieces and nephews Funeral plans were Incomplete today HARTSVILLE TO HAVE PAGEANT OF 'BEAUTY By MARTIN RSMNMA A VttWEacf 6RMNO LOOK SftOQtt NdO CAN HMZOtN VdMT TO FINPUl tjOOUlONQ OPfHORW OftVtbb WON'T MWTEQ1 WNOU3I EXXM UP TO EAQb IN A SWOEUL VJOUE TOO EINCE UUt KNOWN AN UH STILL TRW TO 9 1 ILL ciuicat MONROE leu Oct lt-VPh-Bidding tor high acorlng honors among tha nation's football teams is little Northeast Center Louisiana Bute university's junior college The Indiana have rolled up til poinU in three games this year over opposition considered pretty fair in their own elasa and if you listen to tha Tribe's fans tha scoring has just begun The desire to pile up a touchdown record struck the Monroe school with a bang after the Indiana opened their campaign by routing Arkansas A A M-'a eleven from Monti cello by the gmaamg score of 111-0 The Arkansas team won last year's game 0-0 Then came a clash with Tennessee Junior college and a EO-O victory and the scoring bug bit harder Faithful supporters ware skeptical sines tha third battle waa with Kilgore college which had annexed the Texas Junior college championship last year and was undefeated since October 1016 but it fall' victim to a tune of 41 to 0 Behind this high scoring are 04 husky youngsters hnd a young coach Jimmy Malone who learned 1 his football at and teaches his players the style of Play Heavy Ticket Sale Reported For Fair Game In the greatest pre-gams sals In -the history of tha sute tha tickets tor the annual Carollna-CIsmsun football classic have hsen snapped up at the rats of 01600 dally The game slated for 0 o'clock In the Carolina stadium October 01 drew the largest crowd last aca- son ever to witness a sports event In South Carolina This year the tickets sales are fnr ahead of the 1636 record and Director of University Athletics William Harth predicts a complete sellout on Hat-' urdny before the game Bests am onjy available from the 10-ysrd line into tha endsoncs en the Carolina aids and the ducats for the Chunson sections have baen going alrnnat as rapidly All seats for this Ult are reserved sailing at 0040 each For the Pl tour years tickets on tha Carolina side alone have been selling st more than 1000 worth a day OLYMPIA AND LEXINGTON PLAY AT PACIFIC FRIDAY Olympia after playing John-ston high school to a 0-0 He Mat week meets Lexington Friday afternoon st on the Psclfle field Islington eliminated Olympia in the district race last year Coach Harry Bhealy rejwrted that al this men are In good condition and reedy to seek revenge for last year's defeat Tho Olympia It tesm plays Cmt-enlldalsd High school Wednesday afternoon on the Taclfle Geld et 0:311 Arctic Museum Built Thn most northerly museum In the world Is boins eslahllslied by a Russian expedl-Josef Land archipelago north of Nova Zumbla PEANUTS SUFFOLK Va Oct Peanuts: jumbos 0 1-0 to 0 Ml runners 0 1-0 to I 1-4 bunch 0 1-4 to 0 10 Ardala Pleads BUCK ROGERS 2437 A 0 By PHIL N0WLAND and DICK CALKINS TORONTO Oct 8tocka suffered further losses at tho opening of the Toronto Block Exchange today wRh trading generally alow International Nickel woe down about I the heaviest loser Consolidated molten dropped I and Norandn 1-0 Other bast metala were down moderately MONTREAL STOCKS MONTREAL Oct OPi Prices dropped on tho stock market at today's opening following weakness In London Many Imuoe reached new Iowa for the year LIVERPOOL COTTON LIVERPOOL Oct IL-tfV-Cot-ton 10000 balsa Including 6000 American Fair demand for spot prices four imlnta higher quote-tiona In pence: American strict good middling 111: goad middling All: strict middling 100: middling 4-70 strict low middling 446 low middling 101: strict good ordinary 146: goad ordinary 605 Futures closed firm October 4-66 December 46E: January 466 March 470 May 471 July 477 CHICAGO POTATOES CHICAGO Oct (IT Dept Potatoes on track 351 total shipments III steady aupplles illieral demand fair sacked per rwt Idaho Russet Rruluinks I No 1 13ft to 40 No 1 112 1-2 to 20 Colorado Red MrClurrs No 1 120 to 3 North Dnkota Miss Triumphs IT No 1 and partly grgadod 110 cobblers I' No I and partly- graded 65 la 12 1-2 early uhliia No 1 and parity trailed os to ijhi Minnesota cobblers No 1 and partly graded 61 commercials 60: Wisconsin round whites IT No 1 in commercials 12 1-2 Michigan Russet rurals No 1 63 LIVESTOCK CHICAGO Get P-(r Dept Hogs 160O0 Including 2lft0 direct: generally 1ft to 15 cents lower lop one load 1120: bulk good ond choice IN to 220 Ilia llnn to 2ft most good anil choice 15ft to 16ft lbs 1040 to fin 2(0 to Iftft 1h 1053 to 1116 moat goad parking sows mostly 640 to 61 up to ta00 and batter fnr best light weights Cattle TOOft reives 1100 long fed steers end yearlings moderately active fully steady other sicmly to 25 cents off early top 100ft asking 1625 several loads 1573 to 1625 Jailer for 100 ft Ih yearllnga helfrra Heady cowa unevenly aleaily In 21 ernta lower miller grades ITI to 475 largely stackers and feeders fairly active steady suusnge bulla si rang out Ida 675 vealera strong to 21 cents up few select 2sn bulk good and choirs 1100 to 60 BALTIMORE POTATOES BALTIMORE Oct Maryland and Pennsylvania round whiles and cobblers In to to II few lftfl ungraded 71 to 61 Now Jersey 100 pound asrki cobblers la mostly 100) Rweal unchanged RtCIIMONDfvgOcL ILIA V- Wash Suggests a Way By CRANE WASH TUBBS Alb 1 fi tHANteV Wdr36UL 7x6 ttak OU CHAPP THOSE CC0UNDCC15 MV Ate AMD WAVFP UIM0C! COMHANV lHtktS tterxoari AAHOEAMV ALKbAlV I Cut amp rweto a mamo PVFKS MAN WOMAN AND CHILD IN BQA2JU i A AW nTC This CATFa ANP At A cuwN rwe cinch VACS XOOA a HUNCma ea INK AlPANS A ANOAww HARTSVILLE Oct At tho Hartavllle grammar schnnl tonight et 0 o'clock will be staged a beauty pageant Three contest will provide tha features i The first an amateur rivalry of the town'e host talent with the winner receiving expanses to tha late contest: then Shirley Tom pie parade tha wlnmi to receive a Shirley Temple dress The ellg-Iblcs to compete In these two contrail must bo hctwcqn tho ogee of two to 10 years The third end big Con lest" will be thnclimnx Anyone between 11 and II years may enter and the winner Hartavllle" will compete for United Mrs John McCtilchsnn president of the llartavlllu chapter end Mrs Doth Joyner ere in rharge nf the entertainment In Rut henls Csechoslovakle bridal couples wear ring of cheoaa on their arms an dthe bridegroom an-circles hie triad with a wreath of garlic There ai4 more than 11N dlf forant kinds nf tress growing in the Unlied 'State A I.

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