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The Registeri
Santa Ana, California
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VANDERMAST an der mm San 110 East Fourth What! No Easter Suit Then the world would be black. Just like rain on track meet day. Or a two minus. Or missing Harry Langdon on a school night. No, not new clothes are so VERY MUCH CHEAPER in price this year, and SO VERY MUCH MORE STYLISH.

Some of the greatest patterns you ever saw at SI 0.95 and $13.95 And new Easter Wash NEW Frenchy, some of them $2.95 and $3.45. FOR 423 North Sycamore COAT New Pastels and White Coats, Black Satins and Novelty Weaves, with and without fur collars, all silk lined. Coats for sports and dressy wear. New HATS far Easter $475 always an appetite for this whole wheat food WHOLE, A FULL MEAL IN TWO BISCUITS SHREDDED WHEAT 3 for 25c AT ALL OUR STORES SANTA DAILY REGISTER, CAL'S NEW LANDLADY FIRST VICTIM I ONDON, April new sport of balloon Jumping has resulted in the death at Hendon of I one demonstrator, a leading aircraftsman of the Royal Air Force, I named Dobbs. The principle of balloon jumping is that a balloon, the buoyancy of which is just a few pounds less than the weight of the wearer, is attached ya harness to a man who then jumps into the air and, instead of coming down at once, sinks gradually as the balloon drifts in the wind.

Dobbs had not been very successful in the morning but by the afternoon was jumping over low hedges and trees and had traveled three fields away from the aerodrome. Apparently without anyone realizing it, he was in the vicinity of some high voltage overhead conductors carrying electric power at 11,000 volts from Willesden to Hendon. These conductors, of thick, bare copper, were seen, and Dobbs jumped with the intention of clearing them, but unfortunately, fouled and caught hold of the copper conductors. Contact was only momentary, but death was instantaneous, and when the onlookers reached him his body was lying, partly charred about the hands and clothing, on the ground. Balloon jumping originated in America, though there is no record of any extensive jumps having been made, but enthusiasts in this country suggested that it would be possible to jump long distances from field to field.

early experiments did not uphold this contention and he had been steadily lightening himself in order to keep in the air, for it is obvious that the resistance of the balloon Itself would prevent any rapid motion through the air, and that in the end the strength of the wind would largely dictate the length of the jump. This again Introduces an element of danger, for in a strong wind the wearer would be carried along at a speed that would make the landing risky. Dobbs, however, was a man with much experience with parachutes, and was making perfectly good landings until the accident. The president of the American Women's club In Shanghai is Miss A. Viola Smith, who had the honor of being the first woman to be appointed a Deputy Trade Commissioner by the United States government, and who for the past four years has occupied that position in China.

More than 100 women eminent in business and the professions hold membership in the London Chamber of Commerce. Through their aptitude in business and finance, the majority of these women are said to enjoy yearly incomes ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. Overstuffed Cleaned Mattreeees Renovated Rite-Way Carpet Cleaning CARPETS AND RUQS Cleaned, Renovated, anteed. Phone west Fourth Santa Ana. Consider yourself presented to Mrs.

Elmer Schlesinger, owner of the Washington residence which President and Mrs, Coolidge occupy while the White House is undergoing repairs this spring. A daughter of the late Robert W. Patterson, Mrs. Schlesinger was formerly the Countess Gizycka. These Rocky Mountain trophies of her expertness with the rifle adorn the walls of the temporary White House.

Our Neighbors SAN Approximately $4,800,000 will spent In developing San Diego this year by two of the city's major public Pacific Telephone and Telegraph company and the San Diego Consolidated Gas and Electric company. The gas and electric budget calls for an expenditure of approximately $3,500,000 and the cost of telephone Improvements will total about $1,121,900. VIKINGS FIXED HISTORIANS OSLO, April and historians of Oslo university are keenly interested in a report made public by Dr. Sofus Larsen, head librarian of the Copenhagen Royal library, of the latest results 1Ilt, of his archaelogical investigations attorneys said when the governor 4 I nonn nrVin 11 lie i SPRINGFIELD. 111., April Governor Len Small today honored requisition papers for the return to San Diego county, California, of William R.

Johnson, charged with bribing county officials. Johnson is held in Chicago under bonds of $10,000 Habeas corpus proceedings probably will be instituted at Chicago in a final effort to defeat return to the west coast, his hv jcj oaiu nuuu uic feu vui of Viking times. Dr. Larsen, who signed the California warrant. is a recognized authority on the Viking era, thinks he has established beyond doubt the site of the Johnson, according to the war- ant, signed by Governor Small, used $40,000 to bribe the at- ,7 UOL If tu KJI 1 LUC Oltltv old Viking stronghold of Jomsborg torney and an assistant at- in the Baltic.

No Ruins Left There are no ruins or other vis- SAN construction total continued its steady climb toward the $2.000,000 mark last week, when permits aggregating $73,465 were issued by Building Inspector H. G. Hansen. Last construction brought the year's total to date to $1,353,978, compared to $1,062,523 at a corresponding date in 1926. torney of San Diego county to gain possession of a knife found sticking in the breast of George ible mementos of Jomsborg, and McMahon, who was murdered last for centuries the location of this year.

once far-famed, fortified town, of brother, Thomas A. the sworn brotherhood of fearless Johnson, Was charged with the warriors, known as the Joms- crime, the warrant declared. Vikings, had not been definitely Deputy Sheriff William H. Buck, known. Historians usually have of San Diego county, departed at located the site on the island of noon for Chicago, where he will Wollin, at the mouth the Oder take the next step of his fight to SAN nave! orange season at San Dimas will close with the shipment of 20 cars of fruit which are stored in the local packing house.

During the season the exchange has shipped east 236 cars of navels, with 20 cars yet to go, making a total of 256 cars of fruit for the season, hich commenced the latter part of December. The San Dimas exchange has completed the season sooner than the other houses in the valley, which are in the height of the season at the present time. While the crop has been less than that of last year, when approximately 275 cars were shipped, the season has been satisfactory, according to H. C. Foster, manager of the exchange.

For the first time in the history of the company, the San Dimas association, one of the two houses in the local exchange, has stamped the oranges with the Sunkist brand, the stamping machine having been installed in time for the navel season. river, on the Baltic coAst of Germany. Dr. Larsen, whose research work carried him back to thj year 1074, to a work by Adam of Bremen, a monk, who described Jomsborg, now believes he has identified the site through the writings of this chronicler. Stronghold Not on Wollin The much feared warrior stronghold, Dr.

Larsen says, was not lo cated on Wollins, but on an island which, In the course of the centuries since the destruction of Jomsborg, has been reduced to a low stretch of almost submerged soil, now known as the Veritas ground, forming a part of the delta of the Oder. The depth of water at this mouth, one of the three mouths of the river, is now one meter. Once Big Island In Viking times this was an island of considerable size, with a good harbor and plenty of elevation above high tide. Here, Dr. Larsen says, was located the most celebrated of all Viking sthong- holda, called by Adam of Bremen in his description the of the Baltic." Adam relates further that borg was a community of Norse pagans who their aversion to Christianity, are extremely hospitable to strangers who visit them on peaceful missions, so long as the strangers refrain from confessing Christianity within theii secure the prisoner.

The longest sentence in standard literature is one in of the Age," containing 110 lines, the word being 97 times repeated. EASTER FOOTWEAR WITH WITH EASTER just a few short days away, you owe it to yourself to see the endless selection of chic footwear here at Rices. Remember that the models shown here are just a few of the styles shown at our store lot Spring and Summer 1927. You have the advantage, also, of Rices highy specialized Foot Fitting Service, together with the beautifully molded arch which gives a fine, clean line of smoothness the heel seat. A dainty cut-out tie in the new Mosaic pattern fashioned from Apricot kid and trimmed with copper patent and only An exclusive Rice design in parchment kid with copper patent trim.

A buckle of copper and parchment brings out the beauty of this exquisite pump. Also in black kid. and only Black patent leather is enhanced in this smart strap pump by trim and piping. Exclusive in the strictest sense of the word. and only Blonde kid strap pump with cherry patent trimming.

A model that is both attractive and comfortable. One of our feature numbers. and only 8.00 Full fashioned Holeproof Hose to match. Silk from toe to top, $1.95. THE HOME OF 403 WEST BIRCH) Full fashioned pure silk hose, Regular $1.95 Special $1.50.

LA district is adding a substantial sum toward San 1927 new construction figures. At present there is under construction hero more than $350,000 worth of residential property alone. The figure quoted includes construction under way both in this place and in La Jolla Hermosa, the subdivision to the south 300 cars of navel oranges were shipped from Redlands last week and the total so far is now near the 4000-car mark. To be exact, orange shipments from Redlands during the past week totalled 282 cars as eomparde with 119 for the samo week in last year's record-break- i ing season. Season shipments to 1 date are 3949, as against 3569 cars to this date a year ago.

U. S. BOOMERANG BAG LAKEHURST, N. Sam has a boomerang balloon. Carrying seven men, it was blown miles from the naval air station.

Then it drifted back after four hours. Tire Saving Station Like the lighthouse, we you off the the rocks we mean are tiny ones that get inside your tires. Let us take off your them over them them back. No charge at service is as as PLATT AUTO navies irdwMilwhSimta MAIM navies 6 Mate Nwth OPEN EVENINGS PHONE 2186 Largest Music House 420 WEST FOURTH SANTA ANA Victor Records Q. R.

S. Player Rolls Day SALE New Apollo Baby Grand Silk Shawl, Bench choice of musicians since 1875. This dainty baby grand reflects all the quality of this time honored name. Built to sell for a great deal more. A special get ac quainted offer, $545 $10 Years New WURLITZER Super RADIO CONSOLE DeLUXE 124 Complete Has 6 Tubes, Including Power Tube Power Unit, Utah Reproducer All Orange County is talking about the sensational new radio.

Resistance coupled circuit, famous for tone, selectivity and distance. Mahogany console cabinet, has new desk-type drop panel. $12.50 1 Year.

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