The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 27, 1956 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 27, 1956
Page 11
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Tidbit* From Evelyn Oliver Bakken observed t her and . f J3SI »¥w\_r\ jut « —«, lhe dinn er at Mr am ''Mrs Ben Bakken's, the dinner a her own home and the party given by friends one afternoon were greatly appreciated am thoroughly enjoyed, the climax was when her son Kenneth and t "~ grandchildren, Zora Lynn c i* TKe , nne * h . J r., called from Salt Lake City., wished her a happy birthday and the children Sang the birthday sons. * * « The arrangers . 6 f entertain ment and program took no chances of temptation being laid in the paths 1 of the visiting Presbyterian laymen when they were at the Palmer House in Chicago recently. No floor shows, no 'women anywhere and even the Waiters were men. To one who attended I remarked .-"How horribly dull." Here is a report on another pjunge into cold water not long ago. Kathy Bay and Charlene LaBarre plus the LaBarre's collie dog were out on a hike and decided to investigate the area- around the soft water pond. There was a thin coating of ice which the dog apparently thought was sufficient to hold his weight, but his calculations were not correct. As he tried to get out, the ice kept breaking" away, and breaking away and Charlene lunged into the water to save him. I don't believe the water was very deep but it was plenty wet and plenty cold, and all together a disagreeable exper- pience. * * < Mr and Mrs Jess Manor/ managers of the Algona Rendering Works are being transferred to Wichita, Kan. I have a cousin, Harry Goddard, living there whom I visited last June. We saw all of the city and surrounding territory so I feel well qualified to talk about Wichita. I told her of seeing Udal, a little town near there which was flattened out in a few minutes by a tornado. I added that the night my cousin went to the station to meet Lizzie Post and me, his wife, and sister-in-law were fearful of what might be happening in another portion of the city, for storm warnings were coming in.' The night the Udal storm hit. Harry and the girls (Vinnie and Ethel, wife and sister-in-law respectively) had spent the night in the basement where a bed tpom has been >made and a rumpus room fixed for extra guests. Otherwise Wichita is all right— it's a sprawling city with the usual parks, a college, and rather flat country. It gets mighty hot in summer but my relatives Hke the winters better than Detroit where they had lived for over 20 years. I cautioned Mrs Manor that an air conditioner is a must and she agreed. She also said thdt judging from What I./ha.d'saidT about the storms, it would be well to rent a house with a good basement. That is perhaps more Important than a conditioner. * * * I asked a housewife for news the other day. She replied there was no news except that her husband was helping wash windows. I said "Then he's a good husband," She agreed, but with him close at Tiand she had to be rather flowery—keeps them at work better when the little \yo-' man goads them on with taffied words. ' ' * / Mrs Johanna Hanson had a nice surprise the other day when she returned from Des Moines where she had been visiting her son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Leland Thaves. It was a combination birthday and Mothers' Day gift and was a complete rejuvenating of her home by her daughters, Mrs Arthur Wiese and Mrs Harold Davis, of LuVerne, assisted by Mr and Mrs Ralph Stoll of LuVerne. The daughters were in league to get her to Des Moines and as soon as she was gone, they began on the house. It received a face lifting, a manicure and the works, paint, paper, new linoleum arid new curtains. Makes me wish I had "fairies" in my home to get things all polished and shined and ship-shape foi another few years. To show her appreciation Mrs Hanson had a group in for dinner recently, her daughters and families and others who had assisted. She can now settle back and greet Easter and Spring with great complacency. I have a closet exactly like "Grace's". Not only do I have similar troubles there, ' I have living room troubles. Wouldn't you think a 22x13 foot room •would lend itself graciously to furniture arrangements? Well, maybe to some it would, and maybe I'm just dumb about it. but I can't for the life of me get the furniture where I'd like to set it and still use the doors and windows. I look the room over, wish -I could eliminate a few pieces of furniture, but come up stymied. Why is it that all the pictures show rooms much smaller than mine with great expanses of space yet even more pieces of furniture than I use? At last I've come up lor air ajfter being buried under the clippings I mentioned awhile ago. I whittled each "Tidbits" down to less than half size, chose just the choice morsels and consigned the rest to the incinerator. Whether I ever read the remains again is a question. Right at the moment I'd answer in the negative. My Esther made an amount of paste sufficient for a room to be papered, but believe it or not by the tyne we are through, we will ha,ve used it all. I say we conjectly tot she y my aunt Eva I've been asked has helped me through the whole org# She pasted and placed the, items while I snipped and discarded. The scrap book is finished, the features 1 did during the. centennial and at other times are in their separate books, and when the "Tidbits" are finished, which will be in one more sitting, then the kodak pictures will be attacked. After that I can sit back and relax. While I am in the stripping mood I've removed .several pictures. Left in the living room are just two oil paintings—one a mill scene done b- ~ Cady Goddard. countless times if it is of the old mill which stood by the river north of town back 'in early Algona times. No, it isn't that mill. The other picture was painted by a sister of my grandfather Cady and is a reproduction of the Cady lome back in New York state. The old fashioned well can be seen in the back, a type earlier than the windlass. * * * v I took one picture down that was in my bed room but when a little repair has been done to he old fashioned oval frame, I'll put it back again. • It-is one of my father when he was four ears old. My father was not a very rugged little boy—out of school a lot with childhood ailments, and I suspect since he was he baby of the family, he came n for a good share of extra* care, n fact Grandma Cady admitted is much, so when he didn't want lis picture taken unless he could it on her lap, he was indulged 1 n this whim, along with -many 'thers. • * * * Mother's family neglected hav- ng her picture taken till she vas eight years old. She too >vas picture shy and she and her youngest brother Frank Hender- 6n balked at posing alone. So "randma Henderson, though con- iderably -pregnant with Minnie, leld Frank on her lap and mo- her stood at her side. This is a tintype. * * * I would feel left out of the family if I failed to mention one of. me'which hangs in my bedroom. It was taken way back on my fifteenth birthday by A. L. Peterson. I was a budding violinist. Being a budding violinist; the pride and joy of my father who loved the violin so ardently, I must have a picture taken with the instrument. So there I sit on a stool which didn't show because Mr Peterson saw to it that my skirt fell in graceful folds around it-and-well, it was taken a long time ago so I look at that young girl face and think "Gosh Kid — you didn't know what you were in for a few years henee.-^ v.>v,.<,y ' * ' * * • . .•, • ' I certainly' am in favor of the new style I read about the other day. Have ones hair cut "crew" then have' wigs colored to suit the garments worn. * * * The weather spoils so many things. I wanted to attend the Sox Hop to which I was invited but it wasn't a very nice day and I was afraid I'd get caught in snow or sleet. The Hobby Club which was to have met at Britt with -Daisy Ellis, instructor, and a pot luck dinner was to have been served, had to meet instead Tuesday, March 17, 1956 Atgona (la.) Upper Bes Mo!n*s-3 with Mrs O. B. Kinden, the weather upsetting the original plans. , . *,.:»• i* Signs of Spfing—a merchanfs truck drivihg up to a house, men getting out with pails of some' thing, and then taking out a roll of linoleum. Yep, it's in the air this perking up the old homestead business. • •; ' * i * * Dy. and Mrs John Keniefick have had word from their son, Lt. . iVttchael Kenefiek, that he was recently in Florida and visited Mr and Mrs "Dutch" Lorenz. He is in the security services with the air force and made the trip\via plane. He was also at Palm Beach, the return flight having been made from there. Another son Stephen is a student at the Iowa State College, Ames. He Will be home for the Easter holiday. His parents recently visited him there. * * * ' My paper boy Dale McBride has a hard luckf story. Last week when he went to settle with his boss he discovered he had lost his money, which was a large amount, rolled up with an elastic band around it. He went over the territory carefully hoping he'd find the bills. Perhaps some one reading this may have found it and would be glad to return it to the lad. IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT IT Charles Newel Wm. Schroeder, Lone Rock, Dies Funeral services for William Schtader, 64, Lone Rock, were held at 2 p.m. Friday in the Lone Rock Presbyterian ctiurch. Rev. C. E. NorSdine officiated and burial followed in the Biirt Tcuvn- ship Cemetery. The Garry Funeral Home, Bancroft, was in charge of arrangements. Mr Schrader died of a heart attack Tuesday afternoon, Mar. 20, While erecting a highway sign near Fenton. He was employed by the county highway department. William Fred Schrader was born April 26, 1891 at Burt and was united in marriage to Florence Dittmer, January 25, 1927. He is survived by his wife, Florence, two daughters and a son. They are Emma (Mrs Blaine Saxton), Wanda and LeRoy, all of Lone Rock. A brother, Ed, Minneapolis; two srsters, Lena (Mrs Averill), Minneapolis, and Emma (Mrs E. A. Traeger), Texarkana,' Tex.; and three grandchildren also survive. A son, Edward, seven brothers and a sister preceded him in death. Pallbearers were Willard Ohm, Ed Ohm, Ed Blanchard, Charles Thompson, Rpelf Miller and RESULTS SHOW DEKALB CHIX' TOP-NOTCH PERFORMANCE 1 HIGH EGG PRODUCTION Results frohi all completed DeKalb entries In Random Sample Tests. Tett Iggt p»r yaar* 1st Texas 233 1st Missouri.... Tait Iggt p«r y««r* 5th California.... 267 6th California ..._ 271 5th Central New York , 219 IstTexas 246 •Hen day bails _ 240 1st Missouri..:.... „. 238 1st Missouri , ,_ 243 2 HIGH LtVABILITY The average livability of all of lhe 8 completed DeKalb entries in Random Sample Tests was 91% from baby-chick to the end of the tests.. . RESULTS FROM CURRENT TESTS 1st—Income over Feed Costs i 6th Central N.Y. Random 1st—Total eggs per entry V Sample Test (Dec. 15,1955) 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th In Feed Efficiency. 2nd Missouri Random Sample Test (B)— . (Dec. 29,1955) , 2nd—Hen-day Eggs per bird. 2nd Missouri Random Sample Test (A)— (Dec. 22,1955) 2nd—Total eggs laid. 1st Intermountaln Random Sample Test (thru November) .."":. ' ti? ' Order Today from: CLOVER LEAF HATCHERY, Algona, la. FRANK DROESSLER, Bancroft F. W. LANGERMAN, Swea City CLEM MERGEN, Whittemore .HOMER MATTHIESEN, Fenton ALPHONS BERTE, Bode GENE HOOD, Algona, la. You've sot your chick* off to a flying start with FELCO CHICK STARTER. Now keep 'em gaining and growing with FELCO GROWING MASH. Your bird$ still have to develop bones, body and feathers before they are ready to lay, FELCO GROWING MASH supplies the proteins, vitamins and minerals that chicks need to develop and grow. The better grown out your pullets are at the time they start to lay, (he better they'll be able to stand the strain of laying. Stop in and see us soon. Remember: With FELCO, you get those cooperative savings. ffKQS TM Bf$T~ SAVING'S THERfST AM Farmers Cooperative Society, Wesley Burt Cooperative Elevator, Burt. Lone Rock Cooperative Elevator Co., Lone Rock Fenton Cooperative Elevator Co., Fenton Whittemore Cooperative Elevator, Whittemore The Farmers Elevator, Bode. Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co., Swea City West Bend Elevator Co., West Bend EWA 's About Time For the Transient Roofing & Siding 'Experts' to Call « at Your Home! S,"» r t3iC-"" y&• rr. rr • • saw**' . .„. j i«bor is availa^ *• ——««ass^23 Rememter 0 , , h r^. "fsft? *"«•-*«.:S^5="Sr Display '^^^^^^^ OUR HONEST DESIRE IS TO HELP YOU ... We do not wish to discourage competition because competition is the basis of all good business. However we have listened to many families who have been led astray with false promises and have lost large sums of money to questionable firms from larger cities and from out of state. If you honestly feel that the Roofing and Siding Salesman at your door is offering you something at an exceptional price we urge you to consult one of the firms listed below for a FREE Cost Comparison. If the Salesman calling on you is an honest businessman he will welcome your investigation into just how big a bargain 1 you are getting. They will be calling on you very soon so feel Free to Contact one of the Firms listed below for a Free Price Comparison. They will be happy to do so at no costs whatsoever. Investigate before you spend . . not after. INVESTIGATE THAT "BARGAIN" You'll be money ahead if you investigate what you are buying bef o re you sign any papers. The Algona firms listed below will be happy to give you advice, cost comparisons or any other service you may desire Free of Charge. Because of the Homeowner's pride in his home's appearance, he has long been the victim of Fly-by-Night, Get-Rich-Quick Firms, with no knowledge of construction or materials. This ad is published with the hope that the people of this area will be spared from investing hard earned Savings into Something that they receive very little for. BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. MILLER LUMBER CO. KELLEY LUMBER CO. F. S. NORTON & SON READY-MIX CONCRETE & LUMBER CO.IIil

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