Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 27, 1973 · Page 32
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 32

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1973
Page 32
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30 Golesburfl fteaiste>Ma8I, Golesburg 111, Frldoy, July 27, 1973 Market Reports Today N«w Yirk Sttckt NEW YOftK (tmy ~ Stock market mkJdty prices: Admiral 11% AlldChem m Alld Strs 27% Allis Ohdl 9ti Alcoa 65 Am Air 11 Am Can 36% Am Cyan 24% Am Dist 22 ill Pm m Inland Stl 28% IBM 319 Int Harv »% Int Nick 32V4 lilt Paper 38% Int TOT 34 Iowa P&L 21% Johiu-Mn 22% AmElPwr 28% Kennecott 27% Am Mtrs 8 Am T&T 51% Anaconda 22% Ashl Oil Atl Rich 85'/4 Avco 11V4 Bea Fds 22% Bendix.36% Beth Stl 28% Boeing 19 Borden 23% Cap C Bdg 51 Catplr. 62% Celanese 33% Cen II Lt 20% Cen Tel W,'i Cessna 22% > Chrysler 26% Kresge 39% Kroger 17V4 Lib McN 6% Litton 8% Lockhd 6% Mar Oil 30 Maytag 29% Merck 92% Minn Min 85% Mobil Oil 62% Monsanto 57% Nat Bis 43 Olin Corp 14% Outbd M 38% Owens-Ill 31% Penn Cen 2% Penney 82% Pepsi Cola 83% MOHMOUTH AtfCTlOM fteSflt ^tWMl KfMMf BimSlMNtkMf This W«ek 905 7 tm 4 Urt Year JM 3 3413 . 0 CATTLE: Receipts rr,*lnly feeder cattle. Demand good, reedef steers and heifers i.oo higher. Cows 6oc hlfher. .'. FEF _ JEDEtt CATTLE: Choice MO-900 lb. tteers S3.50-S7.S5; mixed Good and Choice 800-1100 lb. 49.S0-S3.79; Good 700-1000 lb. 45.50-49.75; Choice 900-800 lb. heifers 49.7S-S4.10; Good and Choice replacement cow* with calves at tide 490.00-S35.oo per pair. COWS AND BULLS: Cutter and Utility cow* 33 .75-38.50. HOGS: Receipts mainly feeder _. Demand good. Prices steady. LAUGHTER BOARS: 225-650 lb. 40.50-43.00. . FEEDER PIGS: U.S. 1-2 30-40 lb. 34.00-40.50; 40-50 lb. 40.25-45.50: 5060 lb. 4525-50.50; 60-70 lb. 50.25-56.75; 70-80 lb. 56.50-63.00; 80-90 lb. 62.7565.50; U.S. 1-3 40-50 lb. 38,75-43.00: 60-70 lb. 48.00-52.75; all sold by the head. IPrices Down Some Today On Exchange Cities Svc 45% Pfizer 50V* Coca Cola 143%Phil Pet 55% Colurrt Gas 27%Procter G 112 Comm Ed 30% Quak Oat 35% Comsat 52% Cons Ed 22% Cont Can 26% Cont Oil 31% CPC Intl 29% Dana 30% Deere 47% Du Pont 172% Eastman 144% Exxon 97% Falstaff 3% Firestone 21% Ford Mtrs 57 Fruehauf 27Ya Gen Dyna 23 Gen El 63% Gen Fds 26tt Gen Mtrs 68% Gen Tel 30% Gen Tire 21% Goodrich 20% Goodyear 23% Greyhnd 14 Gulf Oil 24% HI Cent 20% RCA 25% Rep Stl 23% Revlon 67 Safeway 33% St Regis 40% SanFelnd 24% Sears 101% Shell Oil 55% Simmons 20 So Pac 30% Sperry 45% Std Bds 50% SO Ind 84% Stvns JP 28% Stude 39% Texaco 33% Tex Inst 107% Un Carb 37% Un El 16% US Gyps 21% US Stl 29 West Un 22% Wstghs El 38% Weyerh 66 Woolwrth 22% GALESBURG ORDER BUYERS Burlington Northern Stockyards Quotations: No. 1-3: 200-250 $51.75-$52.25 No. 1-3: 250-300 $49.25-851.75 Packing Sows: 300450 $44.50445.50 350-500 $43.50-$44.50 St. Louis Livestock ST. LOUIS (UPI)-Iivestock Hogs 5,000; 25-50 lower; 180 head No 1-2 200-225 lb 54.25; No 1-3 200-250 lb 53.75-54.00. Cattle 125; steers and heifers too limited to test prices; choice steers 1000-1050 lb 50.00-51.00; choice vealers 58.00-61.00. Sheep 25. ST. LOUIS (UPI) - Missouri produce: Eggs consumer Grade A large 68-78, medium 63-74, small 4355; B large 63-73. Hens ice-packed broiler-fryers 58.5040. St. Louis produce: Eggs wholesale Grade A large 50-55, standard 45-50, medium 45.50, unclassified 16-20. Indianapolis Livestock INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) s Livestock: Hogs 2,400; opened steady to 50 lower, later and closing steady to weak; No 1-2 200-240 lb 54.25-54.50, around 50 head 54.75; No 1-3 195-205 lb 53.5054.25; late 53.75-54.25; No 24 230-280 lb 53.00-54.00; No 24 270300 lb 51.75-53.00; few No 3-4 350 lb 50.00. Cattle and calves 100; not enough to test prices. Sheep 25; lambs steady; choice spring 38.00-39.00. CHICAGO STOCKYARDS ATKINSON MARKET Volume: 1,600. Butcher Trend: steady. No. 1-2: 200-225 ..$54.50-$55.2O No. 2-4: 190-240 $53.75-$54.75 240-270 _.$53.00-$54.50 280-300 $52.25-$53.O0 Sow Trend: steady to 50c lower. 300-500 $46.00-$48.50 Marktts at a Glanco By United Press International Stocks mixed inmoderate trading. Bonds mixed. U.S. government bonds lower in quiet trading. American stocks mixed in moderate trading. Cotton futures lower. Chicago grain futures irregularly lower. Cattle 1.50-2.00 higher; top 54 40. i Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (UPI) - Livestock: Cattle 25; insufficient volume to establish market. Hogs 5,000; 50-1.00 lower; No 1-2 200-240 lb 54.0054.50; No 1-3 200-250 lb 53.50-54.00; No 2*3 250470 lb 52.50-53.50, 270400 «> 51.0042.50; No 1-3 180-190 50.00-51.00. lb Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD (UPI) - In terior bogs: 16,00; weak to 50 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 52.7543.00; No 1-3 200-240 lb 52.00-52.75; No 2-3 240260 lb 51.2542.25. Joliot Livestock JOL1ET, 111. (UPI) - Live stock: Cattle 600; steers 1.50-2:00 higher; heifers 1.00-1.50 higher; high choice and prime steers 53.5044.50; choice 52.50-53.50; good and choice 51.75-52.50; load choice heifers 51.25; 1 load good and choice 50.50; cutter cows 33.50-36.50; canners 32.0033.50. Hogs 500; mostly 50 lower; No 1-2 200-230 lb 54.0044.50; No 1-3 200-260 lb 52.5044.00. Monday estimated receipts: cattle 2,000, 800 hogs. Mercantile Exchange CHICAGO (UPI) - Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange today: High Low Close Prev. Live Beef Cattle Aug 53.57 53.57 53.57 54.55 Oct 55.20 54.77 54.77 55.77 Dec 56.00 55.90 55.90 56.90 Feb 56.27 56.27 56.27 57.27 Apr 55.12 55.07 55.07 56.07 Jun 55.55 54.97 54.97 55.97 Aug 53.80 53.80 53.80 54.80 Live Hogs Aug 53.75 53.00 53.70 54.50 Oct 52.67 52.67 52.67 54.25 Dec 54.27 54.27 54.27 55.80 Feb 54.17 54.17 54.17 55.80 Apr 53.10 53.10 53.10 54.55 Jun 53.32 53.32 53.32 54.75 Jly 52.10 52.10 52.10 53.60 Aug 49.45 49.45 49.45 50.95 Frozen Pork Bellies Feb 75.12 75.12 75.12 76.70 Mar 74.15 74.15 74.15 75.50 May 72.90 72.90 72.90 74.40 Jly - - 70.70 70.70 72.10 Aug 68.35 68.35 68.35 69.75 . NEW YORK (UPI) - Prices declined slightly in moderate trading on the New York Stock Exchange today amid some profit taking and mixed economic news. Shortly before noon, the Dow Jones industrial average was off 1.66 at 832.87. Declines led advances, 738 to 398, among the 1,536 issues crossing the tape. Turnover lightened, amounting to more than 5,380,000 shares for the first two hours, compared with 8,100,000 shares in the period Thursday. Ideal Basic Industries was the most active issue, off V* at Gulf Sulphur was second, unchanged at 26% on 63,400 shares. Uniroyal was third, up % at 12% on 60,200 shares. Prices declined in moderate trading on the American Stock Exchange. Gold mining issues on the Big Board lost ground with go prices declining abroad. ASA Ltd. eased 1%, Homestake Mining 1% and Dome Mines 1. Oil stocks were mixed. Superior climbed 5 and Kerr-mcGee 1%. Ohio Standard lost 2%. Electronics and computers were mixed. IBM and Texas Instruments were point-sized gainers. Burroughs lost 2%. In the glamors, Schlumberger lost 1%. Chemicals moved in both directions. Eastman Kodak dropped 1. Steels, motors, rails, airlines and aircrafts were mixed. General Motors Will Use Trash to Heat, Coot Plant By EDWARD S. LECHTZIN UPI Auto Writer PONftAC, Mich. (UPI) Sometime next year, trash trucks ait the General Motors Truck it Coach plant will begin taking tons of refuse to huge boilers where it will be used instead of oil and coal to produce steam. Baiinegs Today Many American cities at ready are running out of room and money to dispose of the 3.5 billion tons of trash that will be accumulated this year. By 1980, that figure is expected to reach 5 billion tons a year. But next year, GM will begin Grain Futures CHICAGO (UPI) range: Grain GALESBURG GRAIN MARKET Consumer Grain & Supply Co Market may either go up or down arrives. 11:30 o'clock bid. by 1:30 pjn. when final bid No. 2 Corn (old) $2.49 New Corn ..$2.28 No. 2 Oats $1.00 No. 1 Beans (new) .—$6.72 Treasury Accounts WASHINGTON (UPI) • Treasury accounts for the fiscal year through July 24: Wthdrwls $20,859,111,819.23 Deposits 16,690,759,165.26 Cash balance 8,910,689,961.27 Public debt 457,158,423,214.55 Tennessee was the site ot more than 700 Civil War battles and skirmishes. High Low Close Prev. Wheat Sep 334 344 342% Dec 334 325% 330 335 Mar 324 314 322 324 May , 314% 307 309 317 Jly 283 278 279 288 Cora Sep 275 268 268 280 Dec 250 242 245 250 Mar 250% 241 244 249 May 248 239 239% 248 Jly 246 236% 236% 247 Oats Sep 123 118 118 124% Dec 128 122% 123% 129% Mar 131 124% 125 130% May 130 126 126 130% Soybeans Aug 1060 1060 1060 1100 Sep 930 930 930 970 Nov 753 712 737 746 Jan 732 696 715 733 Mar 725 694 715 731% May 720 688 701 718% Jly 710 685 TOO 712 Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI)-Cheese: . Processed load 70.25-79.25; single daisies 78-82; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grade A 89-92.50, B 87-90.50. CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwest eggs: Steady; prices unchanged; extra large 87; large 83; medium 72; pullets 49; standard 72; checks 50. The first hydroelectric plant in California was built near Riverside in 1886. converting $5,080 tons of scrap wooo, caroDoera ana paper mo more than 800 million pounds of steam to heat its facilities in the winter and cool them in the summer. "Conventional coal-burning boilers would require about 37,000 tons of coal to produce the same volume of steam power," says Alex C. Mair, GM vice president and general manager of GMC Truck & Coach. Fewer Stock Gases The new system is expected to reduce the division's annual consumption of polluting low sulphur content coal by 40 per cent, Mair said. The project is costing GM $8.2 million. The main beneficiary of the new system will be the community surrounding GMC's new 1.6 million • square • foot truck assembly plant. There will be less stack gases landing on the $50,000 homes across the road from the plant. Also benefitting are the 2,200 employes in the truck plant, a fully air conditioned facility where the temperature is maintained close to 72 degrees the year around. The 5,000-ton air conditioning system will keep the plant at 75 degrees even when the temperature tops 95 degrees outside. The only electricity used in the air conditioning system is the power needed for the water pumps. No Sulphur Problems generate electric power is not new. R has been done for nearly 30 years in Europe, particularly in Germany, Switzerland and England. But the GMC installation represents the "first major industrial application of spreader stoker type boilers designed to use 100 per cent refuse as fuel," said Mair. Barry Michaels, supervisor of the environmental department at GMC Truck & Coach, said trash offers many benefits over conventional fuels. There is no sulphur problem as with soft coal, no necessity to bury the trash in overbur dened landfills and it saves the company the cost of hauling away trash. "What we've done is take a throw-away fuel and.turn it into some use," Michaels said, noting that one ton of refuse has about two-thirds the heating power of one ton of coal. Unsorted plant waste will be trucked to a 26-foot-high ham mer mill weighing 250,000 pounds. The mill will shred up to 60 tons of refuse an hour into random size pieces no larger than three inches in any one dimension. A huge magnet and a bulk density separator then will eliminate nonferrous and un- burnable elements such as copper, wire, glass, stone and concrete. The remaining com bustible refuse will be fed into the 80-foot4iigh boilers which can bum any combination of -nonet- UNOA't rftEfto or ttAtrrr (Beauty Salon) Hi Ptttttm MM M9-7MI Bvenlnrappointmentt available Mon. • Ttturs. FOR SALI 12 Ft. ALUMINUM IOAT ami S H .P. MOTOR 343*30515 FOR SALE TO SITTLI ISTATI 3 Lots, Cabin and Boetheuie, ISO ft. River Frentage - In Oquawka Hill view Stablet — Approximately 10 Acrea 1M» WEST MAIN, CAUaSBtmtt 1*42 Imperial - Good Demolition Car High Wooden Wheel Wagon Running Gear, Like New Phone 309-867.3751 The idea of burning trash to coal, oil or trash. LEAHY ELECTRICAL SERVICE COMMERCIAL — RESIDENTIAL — INDUSTRIAL PHONE 343-2050 Emergency Service Jim Leahy, Owner Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages 30 indus 20 trans lSutils 65 stocks 935.73 up 1.20 166.74 off 0.55 100.78 off 0.42 282.74 off 0.15 Chicago Grain Range CHICAGO (UPI) - Wheat, corn and soybeans were substantially lower at noon today on the Board of Trade. Prices at Noon Wheat Sep 3.36V* off 7% Dec 3.25Vfc off 10 Mar 3.14 off 10 Corn Sep 2.68 Dec 2.45 Mar 2.43 Soybeans Aug 10.60 Sep 9.30 Nov 7.22 off 10 off 7 off 7 off 40 off 40 off 24 TECH SEAl Crock Filler Easy To Mix Per Gal. Perfect for filling cracks in driveways. Easy to follow instructions for all types of installations. Ideal to install in warm weather. Builder* Supply Co 600 I. MAIN STMIT TRACTOR PULLER SPECIAL Farmall F30 with Bond 409 Chevio OFFIE Equipment. State Fair Winner in Hot Rod Class 197111 Ready to go. Haul it with this I.H. BC 172 Tilt Bed Implement Truck, Good Body. The Whole Works. Separately. WESTBAY EQUIP. CO. R.R. 4 GALESBURG, ILL. SWEET CORN FESTIVAL SUNDAY, JULY 29th KEITHSBURG, ILL Boat club building on the riverfront. Serving from 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Donation of $2.00. Entertainment Sponsored by Keithsburg Lions. "ALL THE SWEET CORN YOU CAN EAT" — NOTICE— The DUCK INN is closing down August 31. We are going to tour the U.S.A.. If you have not tasted our gourmet meals yet hurry and make reservations at least 24 hours in advance. Call day or night. Meals $3.50 and up. By the way do you want to take over? We will spend one month with you teaching you the secrets of the French cuisine. 2400 GRAND AVE. — TEl. 343-0315 Knoxville Community Sole Co., Inc. KNOXVILLE, ILL. "WE DONT MEET COMPETITION WE MAKE IT" Certified Livestock Marketing Center. State Licensed 1 Bonded for Your Protection. THERE WILL BE NO SALE HON., JULY 30, 1973 BECAUSE OF FAIR WEEK Roland Bell Phone 289-4446 W. E. Bruniga Phone 289-4128 Day or Night If you have fat cattle or feeder cattle, contact us for an appraisal. Auctioneers: Lane Hyett, Don Wolf. COLLEGE STUDENT HOUSING - Persons with furnished apartments or sleeping rooms available in the Gajesburg area for college student housing beginning in September, 1973, are requested to call: Corl Sandburg College 343*6101 Extension 237 Th orm oijas BARGAIN OF THE MONTH Only $1.95 * (Pl8$ UX) NORTH STAR AUT0-B0AT COMPASS (Retails up to $6.95 as new car accessory) Quickly installed on dash or windshield. Especially useful on rural roads and long boat trips. AND WHILE YOU'RE AT OUR STORE Take advantage of low prices on furnaces, heating systems, and air conditioning during our Up, Up and Away Sale, and be sure to enter our Up, Up and Away contest. Guess how long Tom Oennan will stay aloft In the Thermogas Balloon when he sets out to break the world hot-air balloon endurance record. You can win a chareTTe gas grill, or even a full refund of the puchase price of any gas-burning equipment or major appliances you purchase during the sale. for a tank ptai with appeal, bt sure and ... „_ u—«i git our deal I ^42 S. Wttt 343*3145 \mpeo\ (ZfctOMIMg) BACKYARD SALES Garage, Patio, Driveway, Basement, Front Room, type must be in our office by noon tho day before Private Household Sales and all other sales of this ad is to be published. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL DISPLAY ADV. — Phone 343-7181 TIP of the WEEK To remove tar from carpets, apply a paste of Fuller's earth and turpentine. !i\.fckJL£ with a stiff brash. Jim Hagrsllus How long will the Thermogas hot air balloon stay op on its world record attempt? If yon guess right, you'll win a free gas grill. Come in and enter our contest. Thmrmogag ^ 1242 South West St. - Oelesburg - Ph. 3434145 jj^Bj Automobile AUCTION Furniture S4S East South StTMt Saturday, July 28th ~ 1 p.m. As we are moving to Florida, Cor bin's will sell the following: Aulomobilt: 1969 Mustang Convertible with power steering and power brakes. Furaltaie: 2-Pc. Early American living room suite, recliner, swivel rocker, foot stools. 2 step-end tables, glass door book shelves, several table model radios, 2 student desks, clock radio, book rack, world globe, table model TV set, end tables, chat bench, Woodstock typewriter, oval braided rug, several other rugs, books and misc., bar, 7-pc. oval dinette set with wood grained top, matching walnut dresser and chest, walnut bookcase bed, 2 dresser bases, 1 antique .chest ot drawers, vanity dresser, 3 oak dressers, rollaway bed, twin size bed with bookcase head board, 2 chrome clothes racks, X twin six* maple beds, complete; night stand, set of metal book shelves, childrens toys, square oak lamp table, metal wardrobe, 4 window fans, gas stove, Cosco table, Seme Avon Bottles, small electrical appliances, pots, pans, dishes, Jungle Gym childs set, 21" rotary mower, garden and yard tools, lots of misc. filling station supplies, large camping tent, bar-b-que grill with electric spit, extension stretch board, other miscellaneous merchandise. MR. and MRS. RICHARD WRIGHT, Owners COUSIN'S AUCTION SERVICE, Phone M3-S033 Auctioneers: COOK and WOODS Clerk: DELENE COOK REWARD The residents of Greenbush Township and surrounding communities wish to offer a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the party or parties responsible for the burning of the "Greenbush Covered Bridge," south of Greenbush, Illinois. Any one interested in contributing to this fund may do so at either the Tompkins State Bank in Avon, Illinois, or the Roseville State Bank in Roseville, Illinois. The money will be deposited in a fund with the names of the donors. The money will draw interest, and will be returned to those donating if not used after a period of one year. If parties are apprehended, it may solve other crimes. Please donate! Signed: CONCERNED CITIZENS OF GREENBUSH TOWNSHIP, WARREN COUNTY, ILLINOIS QUALITY PRECAST CONCRETE MANUFACTURED IN GALESBURG STEPPING STONES & PATIO BLOCKS • Round 12", 18", 24" • Hexagon 18" # Square 18" • Rectangular 12x18" and 12x24" All in natural cement color/red, green or black in either plain surface or beautifully exposed aggregate. GALESBURG CONCRETE MATERIALS CO. 1050 MONMOUTH BIVO. FHONf 343*3111 ATTENTION ONEIDA COMMUNITY BUS HAVING SOUTHSIDf BUSINESS DISTRICT OF ONEIDA To Tho I.C.C Railroad Hearing IN SPRINGFIELD Wed., Aug. 1, 1973 - 7:30 a.m. PRICE — ROUND TRIP $A A/I PCR "0»VV PERSOsf Purchas* Fw» si: ANDERSON STATE BANK — Ontld», 111. Sponsors* by ONEIDA LIONS CLUB 1

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