Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 27, 1973 · Page 26
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 26

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1973
Page 26
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%4 Gafosbura Re <3ister -M<aiL Gatesbura, (II, Friday, July 27, 1973 White House Puts Clamp on New Ehrlichman Data .. By WESLEY & PIPPERT WASHINGTON (UP1) - John Ehflichman's testimony has revealed that the White House •."plumbers" were engaged in a •,4971 operation that so far has not been made public. It was sensitive enough that for the first time in the Senate Watergate hearings, the White House Invoked executive privilege so that Ehrlichman would not have to testify about it. *f "This is not a waste of time, -this is a terribly important matter," Sen. Howard H. Baker ^'!lr., R-Tenn., vice chairman of ti 'the Senate Watergate Commit* tee, said in questioning Ehrlichman Thursday. "I need to know Whether or not we are playing games or whether in fact this was a legitimate area of /Inquiry with the committee. Or I am I being stopped?" { 'Not Related' * Ehrlichman's lawyer, John J. 'Wilson, read a letter from I 'White House Special Counsel J. *Fred Buzhardt saying the "'r fi 'iy;.. I |!|: ;;:'|' ; ::!. %^, T ';C ,K,B' John D, Ehrlichman Before Senate Panel matter "was in no way related to the Watergate affair, the alleged cover-up or to any presidential campaign. "This matter does involve AT THE 120th REIDS SPECTACULAR Knox County Fair July 31 - Aug. 5 Featuring ALL NEW RIDES • SHOWS • MATTERHORN • 90 FOOT SKY WHEEL • GREAT KIDDIELAND Reduced Prices On Rides Thursday, August 2 and FAMILY DAY Sunday, Aug. •meet* most sensitive national security matters, the public disclosure of which would cause damage to the national security," Buzhardt's letter said in invoking executive privilege. Wilson offered to go to the White House to seek permission to provide the information to the seven members of the committee upon assurance it would go no further. Baker said he wanted to take the matter under advisement. Throughout the hearings, now in their 32nd day, - national security has been offered repeatedly as a justification for the Watergate bugging and other campaign espionage. Several witnesses have testi- ied that the fear of antiwar demonstrators and other protesters, coupled with the rash of domestic bombings and guerril- a tactics in the early 1970s, had created the necessity of counter-measures. Price Rise Ehrlichman, formerly one of President Nixon's top two aides, has been questioned more about the bugging of the office of Pentagon Papers defendant Daniel Eljsberg's psychiatrist during Labor Day, 1971, than he has been about the Watergate bugging or cover-up. A White House special unit known as the "plumbers" was established to help plug news leaks and prevent future occurances of such things as publication of the Pentagon study of the Vietnam war. According to a 1971 White House memo, Ehrlichman initialed an authorization for the "plumbers" to conduct a "covert" operation to get a psychiatric profile on Ellsberg. Ehrlichman has insisted that he did not know that the team, made up of White House aides E. Howard Hunt Jr. and G. Gordon Liddy, later convicted as master minds of the Conservation of Toothpicks Takes on New Significance By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) - Although you hear more about meat and milk, one of the leaders in this year's national price-raising contest is wood. Hie Lighter Side Evidence of this can be found in the fact that you no longer hear anyone say "don't take any wooden nickels." The reason being that coins of that composition are now worth more than the real thing. In a recent Senate speech, Sen. Gaylord Nelson, D-Wis., noted that prices of some grades of lumber had risen •ottosowou fW DOLLAR DAYS 100% POLYESTER POLYESTER I DOUBLE KNITS DOUBLE KNITS On bolts, in prints, m plains for menswear, yp Dragneal, Jacquard. v| All are 60" wide ma- • fiLL chine wash and dry. %/•• 60" wide machine wash SI and dry. An excellent •! YD. value for only NOTIONS PONCHO FRINGE 10c Yd. GREAT FOR TABLE CLOTHS COTTON BLENDS Ideal for sportswear 45" wide machine wash and dry, 2 »• *r BUTTONS A CARD MANY TO CHOOSE FROM RIBBED CORDUROY 45" wide machine wash and dry. Ideal for sportswear. $400 Yd. FAPRIC CENTER? STORE HOURS: Mon., Tues., Wed. Tfaurs., & Sat. 10 AM - 5 PM Fri. 10 AM - 9 PM Sua., 12 PM - 5 PM 1964 N. HENDERSON 342-8231 Prices Good Only Friday, July 27 thru Thursday, August 2 more than 100 per cent in six months. He said the increase had added at least $1,200 to the average home-building cost and was driving the average person out of the housing market. True'Naff True enough. But if you already own a house, the inflationary impact has a different character. For then inflation enables you to live in a more expensive neighborhood without actually moving. Either way, wood clearly belongs on the list of materials — gasoline, beef, etc. — that should be used with restraint. Consumer Tips Which calls for yet another series of tips to consumers on how to pracitce conservation. May I be of service in that regard? —Recycling toothpicks: Millions of board feet of lumber are wasted every year by people who insist on using a fresh toothpick after each meal. Some are even so prodigal as to use only one end of a toothpick and then throw it away. For conservation purposes, have each member of the family select his own personal toothpick and put his initials on it for identification. Or, if it's a small family, each can choose a different colored toothpick Washed After a meal, the toothpicks should be collected and washed along with silverware, then returned to the table. When both ends of the toothpick become frazzled, it can easily be resharpened with a pen knife or a piece of sandpaper. With proper care, a toothpick can be used clear down to the nub. —Chopstick substitutes: Using wooden chopsticks while eating Chinese food is another wasteful practice. Essentially (he same results can be achieved through adroit use of the fingers Bend the thumb, ring finger and pinky into the palm, leaving the middle and index fingers extended. Insert those two fingers into the moo goo gai pan, or whatever dish you're having, and close together until particles of food have been secured between them. Lift hand to mouth, separating fingers to release food. With a little practice you will find that most of the food lands on your necktie, just as with real chopsticks. Watergate bugging, were going to commit burglary. The other two known operations of the plumbers according to Ehrlichman testimony this week, were directed at the disclosure to the Russians of the U.S. position in the strategic arms limitation talks (SALT) and compromising the CIA in the India-Russian treaty. Nixon, in his May 22 statement on Watergate, described the activities of the plumbers. He said that he "considered it my respon­ sibility" to see that the Watergate investigation did not impunge adversely upon the national security area. EHrlichman, who was to return for his fourth and final day before the committee today, also testified on Thursday that: -On four occasions, including July 31, 1972, six weeks before the indictments were handed down, Attorney General Richard G. Kleihdienst assured Nixon that "the seven people who were indicted were in fact the only ones implicated." Refused to Talk —He refused to talk to Hugh W. Sloan, Nixon's campaign treasurer, about Sloan's doubts about Watergate last summer because "I didn't want to see him tell me something before he had talked to counsel." —He did not believe he told ousted White House Counsel John W. Dean III after the Watergate arrests to "send Hunt out of the country." —On the basis of Dean's repeated assurances last summer Ehrlichman and Press Secretary Ronald L. Ziegler coached Nixon before his Aug.j 29 press conference statement that no one then in the White House was involved in Watergate. —It "didn't dawn on me" that a Watergate cover-up was under way in the White House. "You mean to tell me," Sen. Herman E. Talmadge, D-Ga., said, "that you, as one of the highest officials in the land sat there in the White House after authorizing the sum of $350,000 to pay for lawyers' fees, bail bond and everything else on this cover-up, supremely ignorant that you were obstructing justice?" "I didn't feel any kind of a cover-up was going on at that time," Ehrlichman said, "It just didn't dawn on me." FREE! AT THE Knox County Fair $3,500.00 IN DOOR PRIZES Each Night $200.00 IN GROCERIES Sunday, Aug. 5th 1973 VEGA Will Be Given Away 0000000000000000 o o 0 o o o YrnwniM. Designed from the inside out POINTS the WAY With Fun For The Whole Family 0 O o o o o o o o o o o o o Knox County Fair TUESDAY, JULY 31 to SUNDAY, AUGUST 5 3101 Ire* 10BSDin4iM -^ife &.v, ifegliNjM 2195 N. Henderson St - Phone 343-7101 - Galtsburg s o o 0.0.0,0.0.0/0.0.0 O.OiOiQiOiOiO

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