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The Daily Herald from Arlington Heights, Illinois • Page 1

The Daily Herald from Arlington Heights, Illinois • Page 1

The Daily Heraldi
Arlington Heights, Illinois
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A YEAR, IN ADVANCE. Get of Your Own! Buy a LOT in ftltenheim Subdivision. Small Monthly Payments Better than a Savings Bank. Title Perfect. Investment Absolutely Safe, Apply to 3 3 3 R.

Mueller, ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS. or 189 LaSalle Street, Chicago. S. H. BERBECKBR.

THIEMANN President. Vice-President. B. B. CASTLE.

Ceshler. Heights Siaie Bank. It is the aim of the management to make this bank a necessity as well as a convenience to Arlington Heights and surrounding communities. No charge made to depositors for exchange, oor for Chicago or New York drafts used. Collections Mode at Any Point.

Safety Deposit Boxes to Rent. 3 per cent. Allowed on otary Public. Fire insurance. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS.

Mrs. Fehlman spent Tuesday in the city. Mrs. E. Richardson has been quite sick this week.

Just think of it, sweet peas in bloom in November. Frank Cooley left Monday for Forest City, Iowa. Miss Ida Busch Chicago, spent Sunday at home. Miss Lucy Hart went to her home at Maywood, Friday. Miss Margaret Shirra spent Sunday with relatives here.

Miss Mary Cooley visited relatives in Elk Grove, Monday. Mrs. Henry Doehring has been sick of neuralgia several weeks. Mr. and Mrs.

Heim, of Chicago, spent Sunday with G. Lunz and family. Mesdames Jas. Beaumont and C. H.

Lorenzen spent Monday in the city. The rain helps to settle and pack the earth over the recently laid water works. Leonard Wood shot 4 Mallord ducks, Saturday and his friend, Twitchel shot two. Mr. and Mrs.

Humphrey and Jessie Mangle, visited friends in the Heights, Monday. Mrs. Josephine Allen visited her daughter, Mrs. Adams at Oak Park several days last week. Aug Kelling is buying potatoes agaiii Fall and Winter Huts.

i We wish to call the, ladies attention He says he will ship a car load to Chicago to our new line of Fall and Winter hats. Saturday. Ben and Anna Bradley, of Maplewood, spent Sunday with their cousins at Hillside farm. I We have a full line of ladies and hats hoods, caps, turns, etc. the latest styles.

Come and see them. Miss A. Heiser and Mrs. Dietrich. FARM FOR RENT OR SALE.

170 acres good improved land, within 3 miles of Arlington Heights. For particulars apply to Geo. Duntou, Arlington Heights. W. M.

DYAS. M. D. Physician tiiut Surgeon. CALLS ATTCWOCO TO MOM 10 TO 12 A.

M. AND A TO 6 P. M. Emerjreacy and Night Calls. Rooats over say Drag Store.

Arlin-ion Heights, III. WALLACE SHIRRA, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Residence Arlington Heights. IH NOTARY PUBLIC. elephone 159 entral CHICAGO. ILLINOIS ltertise your Auction Sales and secure higher prices.

The Herald and Register can help you to make or save lots of money. Try it. Oue dollar properly planted will produce from $100 to $500 profit. First-class Farm For Rent. The Okl Homestead Farm of Wm.

Thiemann in the town of Elk Grove is for Kent. Inquire of Wm. Thiemann. Arlington Heights, or W. E.

Thiemann on the farm. SSS. 205 LASALLE ST. D- artiche IDENCE OFFICE hours 7 to 9 a. m.

I to 3 p. m. evenings. OFFICE AND RE over ailor Shop. Arlington Heights, iff DENTIST.

R. M. GIBBS, D. D. S.

Eight Years oi Practical Experience. Graduate of Northwestern University American College of Denttai Surgery. ft Office, over Store. Every day in the week except Thursday Arlington Heights, Illinois. Mrs.

B. Allen returned Saturday from visiting her daughter, Mrs. Albert Adams at Oak Park. Mrs W. B.

Beardsley went Wednesday to spend a week with cousins at Evanston and Chicago. Chas. H. Fahs, editor of World Wide Missions, called at the Methodist parsonage last week. The concrete foundations are ready and the boiler and pump for the water pipe is expected soon.

Lawyer Gail an 1 wife of Highwood spent Sunday with their friends, Rev. H. F. Lawler and wife. Mrs.

Decker, a daughter of Christ Nie- uian, is very sick with consumption at a hospital in Denver, Colo. Mr. Day, of Jersey, and Mr. and Mrs. Alien, of Chicago, were guests of W.

B. Beardsley Tuesday. Hatwkes went to the IH Horn. and heard the lwture given by Miss Elleu Illinois tpuepucs Home. Stone at 1st Cong.

Church. Oo and 1, I nv anted the Magnolia Metal be at nivnew Chicago 1.11 York between place, he pleased to meet my lht, ()f lti audv(fars former and new patients who would con- suit me and intrust themselves or friends Mrs. Laura Wood and sou, Leonard, to my care. I will answer ail calls de- came from the city, Friday and spent sev- mamling medical, surgical or obstetrial days visiting relatives here, aid and will at the same time employ the Mrs. B.

D. Thurber and daughter, various branches of natural therapy (oste- Mildred, of Maplewood attended the opathy electricity, etc.) where the appli- Thurber-Wick wire wedding Sunday, cation of such methods promises the sue- cess which, in former years, I have so! who has visit-. 1 plentifully attained to the satisfaction of lnS relatives in Wisconsin two months, mv.patients. Finally 1 consider it within returned home with his sister Hatue, last Ijreping to refer new patients for refer- 1 ences and testimonials to those who dur-' Have you seen the fine oranges display-j lug my practice of the past few years have ed in the south window at J. li.

iome in contact with me. For the con- Tiie tree 011 which they hang is only one venienee of my Chicago patients I will year old. retain this office after the rebuilding of The village ought to require the horse mv sanitarium at Arlington Heights. and cattle dealers to pay a market license Respect fully, William eld M. D.

as a slight compensation for having the -----------------------------------------------i streets tramped up. THE BEST AUCTION BILLS. Wm. Wagner fell off a wagon while H. C.

Paddock Sons, Palatine and unloading a stove, Oct. 28, aud strained Arlington Heights, print the best aue- hls left leg so bad he has had to go around tion bills. They use strong paper, give 011 crutches ever since, full count, and all their patrons get a Mrs, Mandana Webster came from the free entire city Monday. Her daughter, Maude, the Enterprise, Register and ook lias been visiting at (J. A.

1 returned home with her. J. E. Miller and wife who have spent the past summer with their aunt, Mrs. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS.

Mrs. Alonzo Hawks returned Thursday from a visit with her daughter, Mrs. John French, at her home in La Grange. The Martha society of St. church met Thursday atternoon at Herman to prepare for the bazar which they expect to hold in December.

The W. F. M. S. of the E.

church held its monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. H. B. Perry Tuesday afternoon, subject Phillipine The society voted to sustain a Bible reader on the foreign field. Chas.

Klehm is building a handsome new residence for himself just east of his brother home. It will be a modern house 52x52, two stories and basement. H. G. Meyer and crew are doing the carpenter work.

A Program Sociable will be held in the M. E. church, Thursday evening, November 13th. The ladies will serve a hot supper from 5:30 to 8 An especially good time is anticipated. All are cordially invited to come.

A Mother Goose Bazaar will be given at Arlington Hall, Friday evening, Nov, 7 for benefit of Public School Librarys Doors open at 7 Admission 10 cents. Remember home talent furnishe, the best entertainments. Prof. Banta and school will give full value for your money. The cause isworthy.

Arlington Athletic Club will give a grand Thanksgiving ball in Aug. hall, Thanksgiving eve, Nov. 26. Music by a first-class Chicago orchestra. Dance tickets, 50 cents, supper extra.

These young men are generous, ever ready to help others in need, and it will give them pleasure to entertain their friends on this occasion. The Woman's Club held a pleasant session. Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. Muller.

A sketch of Loyola was read by Elia Taylor and a paper on the Indians were more friendly to the French than to fthe Mae Miiller favored the meeting with two instrumental solos. At roll call the members responded with selections 011 the flora of Illinois. Married, at the home of her mother, Kllen Marion, daughter of the late Allan Sloss and Ellen M. Sloss to Harry B. Reisinger Wednesday evening, October 22 Six months ago, her twin sister Anna B.

was married to Sherman DeWolf. MRS. HENRY BOLTE. Elizabeth Maria Theresa Hoffenbrodel was born in Berlin, Germany, July 12, 1848 and came to America with her parents in 1849. They first located at Baltimore, then at different places in Virginia and later moved to Minneapolis, Minn, where she was married to Mr.

Henry Bolte, March 29, 1869. They moved to Arlington Heights in 1875 and have reside! here ever since. She was the mother of five sons and one daughter, three of whom have died; Adolph, aged 5 y2 years at Minneapolis, June 8, 1875, Albert, aged 17 years, died June 15, Theresa, aged 15 years, died Oct. 12, '99. She had been sickly the past four years and three years ago had a bad siege of typhoid fever which left her a victim of nervous prostraliou and two weeks before her death she suffered from intense despondency.

It was hoped that with the of she would soon recover her normal health; but Monday afternoon while suffering extreme melancholy she wandered to the cemetery and over the grave of her daughter committed suicide by shooting herself in the left breast with a 22 calibre revolver. The body was discovered by school children returning home about 4:30 and was removed to the home at about 6 The evidence and verdict of the inquest, Tuesday was in accord with above facts. The funeral took place Thursday afternoon from St. church and the remains were laid to rest beside her two children in the Lutheran cemetery. She leaves beside her husband, three sons, Edward, aged 26, dealer in shoes, Henry, aged 21, with Edsou Keith Co.

and Otto, 15 years at home; also her mother, Mrs. Hoffenbrodel, two sisters and three brothers at Minneapolis to mourn her sad death. Her mother and one sister, Mrs. Miinnich came to attend the funeral. Mr.

Bolte and sons wish to express their thanks for the kind sympathy shown in their sad hour ot bereavement. it This Tine Last Year it was Cold and it may be Cold tomorrow. Keeping warm is not so difficult if you buy and Children Underwear and Stockings at Special Lot of Cotton and Wool Blankets at Low prices. Dark Outing- Flannels at reasonable prices. A few left at reduced price of 95c A full line of Stone Jars and Flower Pots all sizes.

Stove Pattern Oil Cloth in several Sizes. Sad Irons, plated, per set Grope in the dark but buy onp of our good Lanterns and See your way Clear. YARNS. It takes no more time to Knit Good Yarns than it does to knit inferior qualities. Be Wise and buy only Strictly First as wTe sell.

SUPPOSE It Does Snow, Have you a reliable Snov Shovel? If not, we have them to sell at low prices. Celebrate 75th. Birthday. A complete surprise was given Mrs. Luther Whiting on her 75th birthday, Oct.

31, by her daughters, Mesdames Abbie Taylor and F. A. Whiting. About fifteen ladies were present, all having known Mrs. Whiting from thirty to fifty years.

Bountiful refreshments were served by the hostesses, after which an interesting program was given. Mrs. Through circumstances and ability these 1 )vas was unstress of ceremonies, sisters became leaders in the little com- a ievv chosen words she spoke of munity in which they lived and although lae beautiful life, Mrs. Whiting has lived only relatives were invited to their wed- i ainongst ua winning the love and esteem dings, each was the recipient of numerous a9 wbo knew her. Mrs.

Draper was valuable, presents. Conspicuous among t0 respemd to reminiscences called the list was over $100 in cash, cut glass, of the sincerity and truth china, silver, etc. Business men vied character, of her loyalty as a friend with each other to who should send ber neighborly kindness in times of; the choicest piece of furniture. Mr. and I great self sacrifices Mrs.

DeWolf live in their new home in Which Would You Rather Do? Save a few cents every day, and put Dollars in the Savings Bank, or keep on paying high prices for your Dry Goods and Groceries and be forever in debt. Buy at and Save Money. Best values with us means High Grade goods at Lowest Prices. FRIEDRICH REDEKER, General lvlerch.and.ise, Mention the Herald. ARLINGTON ILL.

A EMPTY Alcohol HOLDING 22 to 26 GALS. FOR SiLXiE AT 11 Mr. and Mrs. Reisinger of her goodness to the" poor and needy. Every lady present testimony to the I) gc 1c Iowa are to reside at Arlington, S.

D. Mrs. Krtat value of the life ot this their friend Sloss, sister of Mrs. Dyas is well known at1 ueighbor, of the respectand affection by many tlicy tclt tor Iicr. Mrs, Shirra and Mrs.

A pretty home was solemnized anfette1'Younlwai Rt Sundav aftrrnnnn whon earner nays ivaureiie YOUng WdS Edith, eldest daughter of Clark and Ks- over for her in I telle Thurber of wk song- Knowing her love for united to Charles Wick wire of the 111 Mrs Taylor arrang- umtui tocnaries wiekwireor Aiapieifootl 0(j th Banta to be present; he re- Rev. T. Reynolds officiating. Tne 77. rooms were brightened hv When the frost IS Oil the pump- roonis were brightened by carnations ki and to pale pink and white, and the bride looked lovely in her gown of white mull with vr white roses.

The bridegroom wore the 'n customary black aud we have it from good UJ? -T authority that he looked verv haudsom I Van Border, A. E. Whiting, authority that lie looked naiidsom Draper Dvas I)av and Davis as as liappv. With the exception of 1 Miss Beaumont only relatives of the fam- in County Herald, which is worth more than all the posters put out. fill Kinds Boms and snoes.

numerous that it to put a of evei in the window. Please remember that I have them inside. I want you to feel quite free to enter my jre at any time. Come and Look over my Shoes. If a pair suits.

lay them aside for a few days, if you wish it. This is the place where I meet Customers half way. Of course rices are tixed. because I mark them at the Lowest rate ar first. FOR SALE AT PETER HART New Store.


Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist. Treats Diseases of all Domestic Animals. Arlington Heights, Illinois. FERDINAND HANSING, Watchmaker AND Jeweler Hannah Hart returned their home at Whitewater, Wis. Jas.

and Margaret Telfar and Charles Boyd, of Kenosha, and Mamie Slierritt, of Irving Park, were guests of the F. W. Miiller family over Sunday. Ed. Greenberg receivedj a letter last week from his brother Carl at Zearing, Iowa, saying tnat his son FMdie is well and working for a farmer there.

I am not a politician, but I give all customers the best bargains Read my new ad this week. Then call and see for yourself. F. edeker And uler In Ropalrinir Promptly A Neatly Arlington Heights, Illinois. It's Better to be Sure Than to be Sorry; ily were present.

The presents were mostly silverware and china, the gift of the groom was a beautiful watcli and chain. Supper was served at 6 and the happy couple left 011 the evening train for Maplewood where they will be at home to their friends at 1525 N. Talman Ave. Mr. Wick wire holds a good tion as fireman at Lumber yard.

The best wishes of a host of friends go with the bride to her new home. Maliidous Halloween Mischief. The public ought to be protected from night marauders; if it requires a half dozen special police. Many innocent parties were victims of cowardly Halloween tricks committed under the shade of darkness and considerable property damage resulted. It might be all right to tell in a police court, but is hardly suitable to mention in a clean home paper.

No intelligent person will You Have the Floor. We Have the Carpets. And are the old Reliable Superlative Carpetk Buy until you See this New Line and get our Low Prices. Wo now offer the Latost Designs, Ha west Colorings, Choicest Weaves, Largest Assortment and atsuch LOW PRICES too. We have just received a large assortment of Lamps, direct Mrs.

.1. B. Allen has been on the sick stoop to such dirty tricks, list the past Yveek. Those who commit depredations should FOIL Pfeifer place. For be exposed and required to make good all terms apply to E.

Davis. A healthy lesson would from the Pittsburg Lamp of Pittsburgh, Pa. which we offer tiTI such Low Prices as to enable to Purchase one or ribly humiliated if their names were pub-; more of them, lished, yet it would be just punishment, No person who has any self respect will You will be Greatly Benefitted by giving us an Early Cali and Mr. and Mrs. E.

N. Berboeker and daughter start to day for a brief sojourn at New Orleans. Blum makes lots of extra money in commissions on the sales we advertise and ought to give us ids patronage in return. A noble St. Bernard-New Foundland wants a good home, with kind people, where his services will be appreciated.

For Bargains in all kinds of Honsehold Furniture COME TO URIEL A. REESE funeral director im The monthly business meeting of the EPwortl1 League was held at the home of I For particulars apply to Mrs. V. WATCHES, CLOCKS ana EWELRY. Lester Allison.

Saturday night. Refresh- Davis. Arlington Heights menu were served; all had a splendid time. J. II.

Lorenzen started Tuesday for Forest City, Iowa to see his handsome Hew granddaughter and visit friends. He expects to return in ten days bringing his wife with him. Fred Krumweide has a stray horse at his place. Owner is requested to call at once pay charges, and take it away or it Register, will 6e advertised as a stray and sold to pay for feed and expense. Henry Olinstead and wife who have lieen spending the summer with their parents at Hartford, start for their tiome at Colorado Springs next week and Hearse Furnished.

and Caskets In Stock, or on Short Notice No. 2002. tn Heights, III. Harrier at first: easier afterwards. If folks spent half the time and energy looking out for shoe faults before they buy, that they do in trying to correct them and in "grinning and 1 them afterwards, it would a good thing for both Buyer and Seller.

made sure for you here. When rouble my trouble, not yours. H. BOLTE, ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS COME TO H. W.

BOEGEHf Dealer In Lumber, Coal, Etc. For Sash, Doors Mouldings, Screen Doors, Window Screens, Glass, Putty, Paint and Building Paper of all Kinds, i also Agent for Gl'lris Falls Insurance Company ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILL. Reuben Guild returned last Saturday from South Dakota, where lie spent a month looking after his real estate. He reports prosperity there. Stock and produce bring good prices and the farmers have plenty of money.

F. 11. Way man says he finds that it pays to advertise in the Herald and His last cow sale was the best he ever had. Buyers came from bey Palatine and othet points where no bills had been posted. He will have another cow sale in a few days.

Watch for bills aud further resort to malicious mischief on any occa- sion and their victims are not bound to endure abuse under any pretext. Most everybody enjoys a joke or fun to a prop- er degree on suitable occasions; but when property is damaged or destroyed it is i time to call a halt. We would advise the public to load their muskets or cannon with rock, salt or bird shot and when i trespassers invade your premises at unseemly hours upon mischief bent, pepper them good and proper so they will be effectually cured and have no further taste for such tricks. making your at Our Store. Wm.

Batfermann, Arlington Heights, Illinois. Good Luck the Brave. Arlington Heights notice in this paper. plan to make their friends a brief call. Some of the force at N.

W. depot were Club Musicale. given a day off Saturday. Edw. Schmidt! c.

1 spent the day at home and Jas. Beaumont 5r land wife visited their aunt, Mrs. Alice "V'V'If Ire in the citv Saturday and Sunday. i Vov i 7 i inK. Nov.

14. Gertrude moving my family to Thompson Alice Falr- Arlington Heights, my wife has been child, Miss Eluora M. Arps and Mr. annoyed by strangers carrying her things I Walter Abbs. as if she had no one on whom to deoend I programme for support.

Please do not do this as it 1 Son ate. Op. ----Miss Thompson 3 annoys and worries her. E. S.

Bailey. Klehm's Nurseries shipped a car load of trees and shrubs to Nashotah, Wis. Henry Klenni. the landscape artist and gardener, went up Tuesday night taking 4 two men to lay out a five acre park for a suburban home for a wealthy wholesale grocer of Milwaukee. to $500 each by all who neglect to advertise their auction sales in the Herald.

We can Make and Save Money for you. Remember Blum get any of his printing done at the home office: but sends away for cheap work full of mistakes. Song Miss Fairchild. a) Tschaikowsky to) Cradle Song Miss Thompson. Mr.

Abba. 5 Sleep Little Bab; The Village Board who have patiently persevered amid adverse circumstances and some unjust criticism are likely to triumph and give Arlington Heights a Water Works system including boiler, pumps, water tower, tank and a mile of distant mains all complete, at a cost of about the $10,000 appropriated. I At the regular monthly meeting, Monday night they paid contractor McLen- i nan, $4,5 00 on account for laying water mains back $72.18 and his bond until after a final pressure test with the steam pumps. The Board after careful consideration rejected all the sealed bids for water lower and tank and tried open bids, at auction as it were. The Chicago Bridge Iron Co.

then offered to cut their price to $3,000 which is $295 less than their original contract which they threw up on account of the indemnifying clause. Their open bid was accepted by the board and they can now proceed with the job as soon as they sign the contract including liability for all damages they incur. Bethoven Dy of Charles Dennee Miss Arps. Fred Heifers little boy bit in the face last Saturday by F. W.

big dog which reported to have been bitten by a mad dog some months ago. The father and mother took the child to Chicago, Tuesday to have it treated before hydrophobia should develop. We hope the case will not prove serious. Rustle of Spring Slnding Miss Thompson. 7 Mona Adams Miss Fairchild.

8 Pasquinade Gottschaik Miss Thompson. 9 Winds in the Trees, Thomas Goeing Miss Arps. 10 Staccato Caprice Vogrich Miss Thompson. 11 In the Chimney Miss Fairchild. 12 Military March, Miss Thompson.

Our Great Clubbing Prairie Farmer, Home Magazine, Weekly Inter Ocean and this paper, all four one year, for only $2.05, cash in advance. Chicago Daily Tribune and this paper both one year for only $4, spot cash. paper stands up for home enterprise. It asks no favors other than it merits. We believe it pays to trade with home merchants and practice what we preach.

of my children was taken with cramp colic and suffered says S. B. Elzee, of Monett, Mo. telephoned for a doctor, then gave a dose of Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, and a few minutes later a second dose. Before the doctor came the child was re.

For sale by A. S. Olms, tine; all druggists Arlington Heights. The Handiest Machine Ever Invented. Sale, Economical, Simple in Cansmilen, Easy in Operate.

This Engine Pays for Itself in a Short Time by the Quality and Great Variety of Work for which it can be Adapted. foe ml BRAY it KATES, Arlington Heights, Illinois..

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