The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 20, 1956 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1956
Page 10
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'* (lo.) Upper &*i Mainti Tuesday, March 20, 1956 f- SIX WINNERS Be SUM lo rMd AiSs page thoroughly arid if you spot your name individually, you will ^eeeive free admittance la th* twin billing of "the Spoilers" a ri d "teen-Age Crimfe Wave." playing Sunday and Monday at the Algona Theater. Just give your name at the box office. A surveyor's chain is 66 feet long. .iiiiiiiinniiiniiiinmiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiDiniHiniiniiiiiiniiini OUR 45th EASTER Of Bringing The Most Beautiful Easter Bonnets ! . 1 > What is more exciting than milady's Easter Bonnet? . . . and it should be just the "right one" for you, chosen from the Elite Shop's captivating collection! Our Easter millinery answers every lady's desire for something that is really new, really enchanting in millinery. Pictured is a Trio of Easter Hats That Make Spring Fashion News — From The Elite Shop's Spring Millinery Collection 4.98 Up THE ELITE SHOP Behind The Movie Sets wiftt BUDDY MASdtt Western fans have witnessed A variety of fancy "roundups" on the silver-screen. These have ranged from slow moving parades of cattle, urged on by singing "cowboys" strumming guitars, to stock-shots of stampedes, apparently mistaken for "rouhdup- footage" by minor producer's more familiar -with shoestrings than pursestrings. Even the best of roundups, when staged for the cameras, have a way of ending up with a decidedly "stagey" look. However, no honest-to-goodness cowpoke can view the roundup in Columbia's "Jubal" through the eyes of a "Cactus-and-Corral- CrMic" and find it to be shy on realism. Leonard Warner True, it's filmed in Cinema- scope and Technicolor — and Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine and Rod Steiger mingle in among the cowhands. BUT—camera artistry or stars notwithstanding, this roundup rolls right on past the cameras in workmanlike fashion. No retakes! If the cameras get it, fine! If not, it's just too bad, for the serious business of a real roundup continues on—cameras, or no cameras! eye to setting up cameras and Spotting Olenn Fofd, Borgnine and Steiger among the cowboys. Now, glamour and movie-making may have their place in the lives of ranchers, as well as other movie fans. However, mixing pleasure With the really serious, ticklish job of herding 1,000 head of steers through mountain passes and over the Snake Rivef across the narrow Cattlemen's' Bridge, was out of the question. Herding your worldly wealth 'in seething waves of restless animals is somewhat of a chore, in itself. .Adding side ventures in mpvie- niakiriE; smacked of presenting a tight-rope artist with a chimpanzee just as he starts out to jCfoss Niagara Falls on a swaying Cable. Harry Potter The ranchers' answer to Eddie Sacta was terse, but polite. They would indicate the route to be taken. If cameras could be sei up and actors placed among the qp.wboys without interferring in liny way with the normal course *md movement of the drive, tfeey'd agree. But, it would be at the "Jubal" company's risk and the roundup must be kept moving "come Hell, or high-water!" The prospects of ending up with their cattle scattered all over Wyoming Conditioned this -ultimatum. Mike Elbert Ray Sewick Perhaps that's why this particular roundup footage is so . impressive. No staginess, just a gigantic movement of cattle! handled in the very businesslike manner of experienced cattle men. Guiding the movement of a sea of steers, nearly 1,000 of them, with the same lack of dramatics shown by skilled engineers as they change the course or a river. ' Tliis vert absence of pageantry and flourish lends far more dramatic impact by conveying an impression of the stupendous- being achieved through the workaday skills of real cattle wranglers.—Men who fail to find anything' dramatic or symbolic in the inevitable sweat, grime and choking dust that goes with keeping ,'4,000 pounding hooves guided steadily toward a given destination. Esther Quinby ••, Director Delmar Daves accepted the conditions. Carefully he located his cameras at strategic points. His cast members joined the cowhands at the very start Of the drive. No racing in for a I scene, and out again. No confusing maneuvers. They had to ride it-out. E. L. Garbelt '!*It all paid off with truly great shots of one of the most spectacular and realistic roundups evor filmed.—And. if Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine and Rod Steiger appear dust-caked and sadctle- wfiary, no makeup man can take •sT^bow. As one cowhand remarked, "Ritiin 1 roundup aint no picnic, podner! Them actor fel- lers shore earned their spurs THE HARD WAY;" It so happened that the "Jubal" troupe arrived on location at Jackson, Wyo, three clays before several of the big cattle ranches were to round up their herds for movement to fresh grazing grounds,. Wo?d of- - the massive drive <~ roach eel", assistant-director Eddie Saeta. Eddie promptly contacted the ranchers with an If IT'S WEWS — WE WANT IT Friday — 2 p.m Special "SCHOOL'S OUT MATINEE" (20c - 50c) i- .... # ' S \ t i i Robert Taylor m "BILLY THE KID" 275 HORSEPOWER! MOST POWER-PER-POUNDI...MOST FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILYI the fabulous Studebaker Golden Hawk is the hottest sports car in America today. It has the most power-per-pound of any car on the road, bar none—with cornering and acceleration to mat9h! Yet that's only half of its charm. For besides being a. true sports car, it's a family car, as well. There's room for five husky adults, with all their luggage—plus all the priceless safety, comfort and convenience you'd want for your family and friends. Including all the power options—power Steering, power brakes, power windows, power seats and automatic drive! To discover true sports car fun that all the family can share, take a ride in any one of the four fabulous Studebaker Hawks, todayl in,,. drive a Studeb&ker Hawk today! Studebaker SCHULTZ GOLOBN HAWK' CK.Y MAW* POWB« HAWK PUGHT MAW*. 5 - PLUS Color Cartoons SUNDAY - 2 Days TWIN PROGRAM REX BEACH'S IMMORTAL LEGEND OF THE YUKON! STAKING ANNE BAXTER JEFF CHANDLER RORY CALHOUN CO-STARRING JOHWliRE nttCAKL BINION MO' WALLACE FCC • RAYMOND WALBU8J|' PLUS CO-HIT Algona, Iowa Teen-agers on a terror rampage! . . TOMMY COOK MOUIE McCART in "TEEN-AGE CRIME WAVE" Special Kids Show Friday As public schools will not be in session ihi4 ftida? due to teaches' meetings, the Algona Ih&dler will celebrate the event with a special "School's Out" matinee at 2 p.mi Film late will include a lechnicolof wesletn, "Billy the Kid", wJih Robert tay* lot, plus five color cartoons. Portland Twp. F-B Group At * Sparks Home Portland—The Portland Township Farm Bureau met at the Howard Sparks home Wednesday evening, March 14 with about 2o Farm Bureau members present. Program chairman was Lewis Larsen, Topic—Why Farm Bureau, by Owen Hurt. Mrs Bernard Phelps was music sponsor. Earl Zwiefel played two numbers on his accordian. Mrs Mennet Tiuhkhill had the surprise number at which time two pictures were showed, one a Red Cross picture, "Disaster in the East and in California"-and one on "Trac- tdr Safety". At the close of the meeting a delicious lunch was served by the lunch committee, the Earl Ackermans, ,'Glen Lar- sens, Ed Larsens and B. E. Millers. The next meeting will be Wednesday eveh'ing, April 11, at the home of Mr and Mrs 'Earl Zwiefel. Mr and Mrs Ben Lampe visited Tuesday evening at the Harold Lampe's near Bancroft. Mi's Harold Lampe jtlst returned ftbWl Iowa City where she hag spent a week after having major surgery. Mrs Ray McWhorter was taken to St. Ann hospital Friday night. Mr and Mrs Ben Lampe visited at the Jim Steven Home near Bancroft, Wednesday evening. Mr and Mrs Steven are nfcely settled in their new home. The little daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Becker.was taken to St. Ann hbspital Sat 5:30 Wednesday morning. Aftef a night with a high fever, the little one went Into a convulsion. Mr and Mrs Paul Arehd were Sunday dinner guests at the Duane Arends _of Algona. Sunday aftefMb'on visitors at the Tom Trenary's were Mr and Mrs Bill Trenary and Doyle arid Mr and Mrs Harbld Becker. IOWA'S WONDEfc SHOWPLACI The SURF CLEAR LAKE , IOWA FRI.. MARCH 23 KENNY HOFER SAT.," MARCH 24 KEITH KILLINGER And Orchestra MAR; 30~— NO pane? "" 'SAT., MARCH~3i~ JULES HERMAN And Orchestra SUN., APRIL 1st EASTER SUNDAY Ladies, Wear your pretty Easter bonnets — Will buy the prettiest one. HANK SCHOOLEY & Orch. WED., APRIL 4th CREW CUTS With BLUE BARRON ORCH. RUMMAGE SALE (Especially Children's Clothing), - ;/ ; FRI., MAR. 23 - All day 4 ivening SATURDAY, MAft. 24 - All day Kohlhaas Bldg. — Across Frofrt PjJS* Office ST. ANN HOSPITAL AUXILIARY >,' • • > . . J _j... J _^j_i_ TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY M-Q-M's dramatic, tense, angry, sometimes frightening and always; fasfcinailng, slbiV ; If it happened to •. *'* r -.,;<$.*-. Would you 4 •-** 'vi defy the kidnappers _ at the risk of your son's life ? Dramatic hlork - buster from M-G-M! •^^^•^•^^^^•^^••••^•^•H^^^^^' " • I ' • •••— ' " , ••^T '- •' H*trw4 j i ^LENN FORD-DONNA REED V* N&-M PICTUftt , . ALGONA Barry's Recreation League Standings Hawkeye Lanes - League Standihgs Published each week through Courtesy of Morck Dist. Co. & Storz Brewing Co HAWKEYE LANES American League W L Titonka 71 l /2 32',2 StuderV 67 37 Brandt Buick 66 1 ,!; 37 MJ Hamilton Hatchery -_G2>i; ' 41V-: Baker's Livestock 61 43 • Sjogren's 58'/i 45'-a Bootif Ridge 44 "a 59'.z Robinson Produce 42 1 /;; 61 Ms Sorensen Motor 42 02 Corwith 38 66 Hefti Lockers 35 G!) Lions 35 69 National League . W L Algona Produce 72'-j 31'i> Ernie Williams P-C -.64 40' West End Billiards __62'.a 41'-I- Seven-Up 60'.2 43',i Hurt Co-Op Elev. 57'^ 46'2 Ready-Mix ' 55 -f9 Bancroft; Oil 54 50 Ernie Williams J-D -.48'i 55'2 Rood Ins. 39 (i5 Kossuth Co. Imp!. 38'- 65'2 Bntt _-.. - 37 07 Ray's Jack Sprat 35 09 Western League W L Pioneer Hibred (J9>- 34'- Titonka l>9 35 Swart/ Hclwe. 611 36 Burl Merchants 65 39 Mutual ot Omaha 58 46 Sjogren's ._. .57 47 Sargent Feeds ........52 52 Plantation .... .. 4(1'2 55'2 Thcrmogtis -.. -47 57 Albright Aero-Service Thomas Skulgus Kossuth Motors Classic Lsaguo Harnin's State Farm Ins. S. & L. Plantation Titonka - ...... ________ Boecher Lime Apl. Sei'ley Farms Root lid we. .: Hub Clothiers Miller High Life Scobba Skelly Serv. Burt Mixed League Sinclair OiliTs Has Boons Conoco Service Brandt Buick B Lie karoos Aces Standard Oil VVts _______ ..... Fanm.Ts Co-Gp Surjjent Feuds Struclels ......... . HutXL-ir.s Cities 'Serv. LARRY'S Monday Men Milli.T Ilinh Life Hudo Billiards Moosu - . ________ ..... _ KCs . _______________ Bode D-X ^ . ...... . Clark Gram ..... . .. 4(i 58 Schulto Rcc. 28 5(i .28 76 Don's Phillips 06 ...,23 61 20 84 Tuesday Men W L W L Humm's . 51 33 77'-. 26'- Moose .-.50 • 34 67U 26'i; Bint/ 47 37 65 39 Paul Set-ley Farms -__46 38 63 41 Russ & Kv's 44 40 . 63 41 Peterson's Cafe 39 45 .til 43 Barry's 37 47 .44 GO National Guard _.' 37 47 43 '•> GO'.*- Wednesday Ladies W L 41'- 62'a Cook's'Welders 45'a 20','>, 34 " 70 T.huente's 42 la 23 li 33 71 Druf-sists' Mutual 42'-a 23'2 31 73 Bancroft Co-Op 32 34 \V L Moose- 28'a 37'a .69 35 Coast-to-Coast 28 38 63 36 United Variety 27'i: 41'i -6.3 41 Welp'.s ._ 17>-> 48 Vis 59 45 Thursday Ladies W L 5'"-. 51 l; . Sharp's 44 22 50'- 53'". Bill's Standard 38 28 -48',-j 55' 2 DeKalb Hood-Winks -.37 29 47'- 56 1 -> Van's Cafe _._32 34 "47 " 57 ' ASC 31 35 44 60 Storz-Ettes 30 36 .43 61 Wallburg Texaco :27 39 32 72 Bradley Bros 25 41 Mixed Doubles W L V/ L Cliromi- Cafe 19 f! _57 27 Cowan Motor Court ..-18 9 54 31)>ast . __.lfi 11 ,.52 32 Bis Four 14 10 491.. 341, Pli'inii'.s : 14 13 39 " 45 " KE 11 13 ..33'- 50'i; No Goods 10 17 The above Bowling Standings are Presented to You Each Week Through The Courtesy of MORCK Distributing THE STORZ BREWING CO. Like a refreshing dip, Storz has what it takes to satisfy your thirst. Each golden glassful is a toast to pleasure — Bitier-Free pleasure — with no lingering aftertaste. You'll find it less-filling, too. That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly Jjgfor

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