The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 20, 1956 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1956
Page 5
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WatdV d siu'deHt; at the Iowa State, College, Ames', spent the wefkend here with her parents, Mr and Mrs Harry Ward Mr Aid Mrs Waller McBride and family spent Sunday at Elmore, Minn., with Mr and Mrs Albert Ogren. , j ' Mt alrtd Mrs Ii4ierhf6ri MisbkcB hate asf guest the latter's mother, Mi's Elmer,' Carlsorij of Des Moines'.: Sh'c will remain here till after Ea'Ster, Mf ifrid Mr# Jlih Walker Were visited Thursday, by Mi's Jim Long dnd Mrs ftbse Kraft, of Lon6 Rock. \Mrs Kraft is mother of :Mrs Walker. Mr and Mrs J. W. Walker and John ahd Mrs Jim Walker and Charla.drove to- Alden Sunday to visit Mr and -Mrs Joe Johnson, parents'' of Mrs J. W. Walker. Jacqtieline Vander Waal, a student af the Iowa State Teachers Collcge'i Cedar Falls, spent the' quarter 1 , break here with her parents, Mr and Mrs M. L. Vander Waal. Dr. and Mrs Karl Hoffman spent the weekend'at Carroll. Dr. Hoffman attended a dental study meeting Saturday afternoon, conducted a clinic .and: arranged the prbgram; James LindhorsMeft last week Monday! for Des Moines and wilt go frorrj there to 1 the Great Lakes Nava,l Base to begin his .training. Mrs 'James Uttt arid daughter Deborah spent Wednesday at Garner" with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr and Mrs Ralph Hejlik.; Mr rind Mrs 'Robert Chambers, and two sons,- Don and Dick, will leave Monday for their new home at Pomona, Calif. The Chambers have .been staying with Mary Lytle since their furniture was shipped to California, i Mr Chambers is recovering nicely from an' appendectomy two weeks ago. ' ' -TV •-• ,••• • ..-/•-<••:•-~<r.'.* Mrs J/ihahnit Hanson hadJ son-in-law and daughter, Mr ana Mrs Harold. Davis of Mason City as guests Sunday. 'Mr and Mrs Edgar Campbell. were visited over the weekend by Mrs Campbell's parents, Mr and Mrs Hbrher Youri^ of Gai'- ner. • Mr and Mrs Jim Walker sjierif Friday evening at Lone Rock With Mr and Mrs, Elaine Saxton. Mr and Mrt Jack Craig and family have moved to Dakota City. They had been living in the Mr artd Mrs Wayne Hanson house on east Call street. Virgil Shackelford was taken to the hospital at Fort Dodge Monday morning for a few days' stay. Mr Shackelford has both legs broken and in casts. Infection has set in and the doctor advised a few days in the hospital for treatment. Mr arid Mrs Heinie Fishe* Witt return Saturday to their home'at! Walker, Minn., afte a visit here with Mr and Mrs Robert Carney and other friends. Mr Fisher, who has, both legs broken, will return to Rochester, Minn., April 16th for further treatment. Mrs Fisher will begin opening their summer resort fo the coming season. Mrs Owen Booth and daughter Karen were at Iowa City last .week from Tuesday till Thursday; Karen had a check-up at the University hospital. During the absence of Mrs Booth, Mr and Mrs William Booth were here from Carroll to look after the other children and household. » Jack Allen received his discharge from service March 15 and left Fort Riley, Kan., for Cedar- Falls where he arranged to enter the spring tenm and will work on his Masters Degree. He will visit his parents, Mr and Mrs James Allen till time to enter the college. - : . ' Mr and MM Joe Willfl«r w**# visited-. Friday by Mr, and Mrs Alfred Miller pf CdfWith. Sbnja Ma'ckirttofehr teacher tit third grade 1 al'th£ ift^anf toild* ing' if . sick' and ;Mrs WilMjft Steel'^ has been :i\SfesliWtin^ Jo> * Aad Mrs PWi&titf Z«giet ; . itf Rehvtfcfc Suridfay, antf visited' Mrs Zelgftf'S brOther-i* 1JW a'Jftrf sater.'MTahd Mfg " ''"' ' ' M* MY art'd tfift we$KMdrtaay". at Wai ^ , Minn./ witft? Mr 1 , and Mrs' Merjl Baconj,• " x.ij , Mr and >pf* Wftted ZelffA were recently vlsJte'd 1 by Mr and Mrs Wilmar" BrdWff artdf fbttr children of t)unc6rnbe. Mr Brown is one of the" owners of the Star-- lite, theatet Mftahd MVr Gebirgtf S&rii visited over night Thursday by' Mrs Sefrit's sister Mrs J". H. Ben- fef of Des Moihes, who was en- rbute to Minneapolis, Minn., to visit her daughter. Sue LaBarre, Marianna Steele and Edith Christensen are accompanying Carol Nutter home economics teachei* to DBS' Moines where they will attend an F.H.A. meeting Thursday, Friday and' ; Saturday. Mrtf EJrrfesl Williams is sorAv- what' improved .from a- knee in* jury suffered when she and her husband 1 were in Florida several weeks ago. She' wr.enched tM knee while in a swimming pool, and has been on crutches a considerable; part of the time since.! .Mrs' Ida Wittkopf was visited a w'eek ago .by her, son-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs Fred Kos-:' sick of Marshalltown, and their friends, Mr and Mrs Norman Hanson who accompanied them. Last week Sunday the visitors,' Mrs Ida Wittkopf, Mr arid Mrs Garret Wittkopf and family and Ida and Ella Zumach were dinner guests of Mr dnd Mrs Edwin' Wittkopf. Mrs Fred Will accompanied her sister-in-law, Mrs Rose Loper to' Omaha, Neb., and recently returned from there. Mrs Will visited her brother-iri-law and. sister, Mr and Mrs Henry Neuman and Mrs Loper visited her. son-in-law and daughter,.Mr and Mrs John McClintic who recently moved there from Des • Moines; Mr McClintic is employed with a railroad company.' , ' '<• MM Don Weis* Visited, over the .weekend by lattefc's brother, Pfed Englekln'g of Van Horn. 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The girTt wete here \Vitn the 4-H grdup.- Mi?' and Mrs Clyde Aiftfln dro.^f to BitherviHe last week; Sund'^i; arid were supper guest's of Mi and 1 Mrs Richter. Mr Richter is manager of the new/Oavis Pain store which .opened at Esther. villis last Decembef. / ',, ,;', Cteorie SenschoJer has titi*. dismissed froTri' St. Ann' hospital where he was taken a fe 1 ^ We'ekS ago following a fall in Which hf suffered a back injury. The vertebrae between the shouldert. were affected but improvement 1 is now noticed. ..;••; Mrs Orville Wicks accompanied h6r sister, Mrs L. E. RasmuS- Sen and Suzanne of Kanawha to Mason City Friday afternoon fo^ a'iyisit with friends. She returned to Kanawha with her sistfer arid niece for dn' overnight visit. Robert Chambers was released .from St. Ann hospital Thursday and is recuperating at the home of Mary , Lytie' .'vfith ' wh9rh';>Jii£'; wife and two children have been staying since their furniture was shipped to ^California where .i.tliej Chambers will, make their home as soon as traveling is possible. . Mrs, Ben Wibberi dfovfe to Bancroft Thursday 'where shfe wds joined by her toother, Mrs Nels, Godfredson and went on' to Estherville to visit Mr arid Mrs Ed Godfredson to whom a daughter was recently born. The infant has been named Sandra Rose and is_ a niece of Mrs Wibben. •'..'.• : " ' Mrs E. H. : Zillriisfih is expected home today XTuesday) from the uifiversity 'hospital, -Iowa- City, Where she. was taken -a few; weeks ago. prior to the' birth of a< •child. The infant born by Cae- s'arian *ection and a premature child will ; remain longer, at -the hospital. 'He h*s been 1 named Timothy John., ; . j Phillip Schneider, Eldon Moore- came Sunday, for a visit with the: respective parents, Mr and Mrt Paul' Schneider, Mr and Mrs August Schmidt. The boys are stationed at Fort. Leonard Wood, Mo. After, a furlough of 14 days Phillip' will report at Fort Kriox, Ky., and .Eldon will report, at- Fort Benningj Ga. . • . Mrs Deb Hall and Maxihe Sweet -i-eturned to Algona Tuesday following a visit to Pierre, S, D. where tpey became stranded' in iihe storm over the weekend of the'lOth 1 . Mrs Hall'visited her mother at PieVre, and then 'planned- on joining her husband at Minneapolis' where" 'he'- is' '"''oft a' two-week tour of duty in the air force reserve. .However, the storm cancelled all plans and the two women .returned 'to Algona ,as soon as travel was possible. > Heinie Fisher,, who had been at St. Mary's hospital, 'Rochester, since the .first, of ,'the~ 'year; was flown to Algona Wednesday where h^ will be 'with his wii'e Hi the Robert! Carney residence until such-time that they can return to their resort^home at Walker, Minn., probably the latter part of this .month; Mr Fisher returns to the hospital at Rochester April 16 for a month of further treatment of, his legs. 'In the meantime, Mrs Fisher will begin work in opening the resort , Mr and Mrs John Spencer ware visited last weekend by Mr and Mrs Glen .Kikendall and son Roxie of Des Moines. Mr and Mrs , Lswis Marshall Mr and-Mrs Willis Marshall and dllen Marshall were visited Friday by Margaret Smith, of Weldon. She is grandmother of Lewis, Willis-and Ellen Marshall. v Phyllis Werijes of Lakota is -he new bookkeeper at'Cownn Bldg. Supply. She assumed the ,iew duties recently after tac re- 'ignation of Florence Sorensen Who joined the stSff at' Brown's Studio. . Mr and Mrs WUlis Marshall hrfd ! is dinner guests last \Veek Sun- iay the letter's parents, Mr and •li-s Otto Ramus Of LuVerrie« and ?uests at supper were her bro- .her-in-law and sister, Mr & Mrs Jharles Sorensen- of Corwitli. "Mr and Mrs Ai< WieSe had' Mr ind Mrs Monroe Bellamy of /lason City as Weekend guests. Mr and Mrs Bellamy lived here a few years ago and he was irucker for a bread firm. Later ne was transferred to Mason City. • ' ' ' . Mr and Mrs Cecil Taylor are being the latter's son; Lt. Howard Franks, W.ho'''has been located at the air 1 base' at Panama'City, Fla. He is being 'transferred to Chandler, Minn., and will bo in the radar detecting department, of the^mivy, . SchobyReelected :To Dairy Post At the annual meeting of the Iowa State Dairy association, held March Fort Dodge, C. R. Sclioby 'of Algona was 'elected a dircctqr-at-large of the organization. Schoby 'lias served two terms'as president of the A'mer- ,ican Dairy Association. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION , OF BEE ZEE TRANSPORT.. COMPANY ,T,0 WHOM IT MAY 'CONCERN; Notice ; is hereby 'given ., (lint • tho undeisignfd Wave formed a c-orppra- tlon under the provisions of Chapter 4D1 of the 18S4 Code of town. The name of the corporation Is "Bcq Zee Transport Company," and Its principal .phioe on busivfesl 'sliull 6« at Lone Hock, Iowa', ' The general nature of the business slfrtll be as f6lloW9t ' , To cnn'y on n general trucking and trartsiiort business, 'anil to that end to lilirphase, o\vn, lease, deal In and ufspose of .trubka and motor transiibrlTs and otncr 'vehicles and kindred appliances, and In fonjlcctlon therewith to Carry oh the business of storage, warehouse rind fot-\vavding, ahd the doing of tteieh and 1 evciy rtct or' acts, tiling 61 things Incident to or 'growlnl out or said business, including the owning, leasing, holding,' erecting and .maintaining tof warehouses, garages and, other buildings and real estate 6t whatever kind'and nature Incidental t<V or ,r>eecss.ary in cortjuncllon with said (business, and to transact and .carrV on tiny other business not prohibited by law. 1 The amoimt of autho.rl7.ed capital stock Is Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,- OOfl.OO), to be paid cither In cash or in property .approved' by the Executive Council of the State ol lown. The corporation shall commence business Immediately upon the execution of these Articles and issuance of Its Charter, and Its existence shall be perpetual. The corporation shall be managed by a board of directors, consisting of not less than three (3) nor more than seven (7) directors, to be elected .ill the annual meeting on the last Friday, of January of each year, and the ofi leers shall be a President. V Ice- President and Secretary-Treasurer, Until the first -annual meeting In 11157 the following shall be officers: 'John K. Zalaznlk, Algbna, Iowa — President. Bahnc K. Bahnson, Hurt. Iowa — . " Vice-PreSident. L. E. Lhinan," Algdna, Iowa — Secretary-Treasurer. And the r&llowing shall be directors: John K. Zalaznlk, Algona, Iowa. V. M. Zalaznlk, Algona, Iowa, Bahne K. Bahnson, Burl, Iowa. M. A. Bahnson. Burl, Iowa. L. E. Llnnan, Algofia, Iou»a. The private. property of the stockholders shall be exempt from liability for the debts of the corporation. The Articles may be amended at any annual meeting or,'special meeting" so called for thnt purpose. Dated at Algona, Iowa this 30th day of January. A.D., 11)50. John K. Znlii/nlk VJrginla M. Znlnznlk Bahne K. Bahnson M^- Tf. Bahnson Incorporators (Published in • the- .Algona down) Upper DCS Moines. March 20. March 27, April 3, alid April 'ID, 1050). Tuesday, March; 20, 1456 Algbna (la.) Upper Des M6lrtas-3 NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice Is hereby given that a public lidafing will bd hcla April II. 1956, at 7:30 p.m. In the Council Chambers fit the City Hall, AlRona, town, when the Algona City Council will consider changing the zoning of the following described real estate: The South Half iS'.i) of Block 225, Call's Addition, Algonn. Iowa. Lots 1, %, 3 and -I, Block 2.17. Call's State Street Addition. Al* gonn. town. Lot One 111 of Lot Eight 111) of the Auditor's Plat of the South •I'a rods of (he Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 2, Township D5 North, RaiiRe 20. We'st' <)f the 51h P.M. to commercial district, being n hearing oil report and Recommendations of the Algona Zoning Commission recommending said change of zoning and being a hearing on proposed form BAKE SALE & LUNCH From 10 a.m. to f 2 p.m. Sat, Mar. 24 Episcopal Church Spohsorcd by Guild of St. Thomas Episcopal Church of ordinance submitted to the City Council My said Zonirig Commission, now on nip in the Cily Clerk's office, City Hnll, Algnnn. Iowa. CITY OF ALGONA. IO\VA Or. Cameron C. Slu'erK. Mnyor iPulilisliml March 20, *19Sfl. In Tlic Algnn;i • down) tipper DCS Moinos) With Each and Every Pair of WORK SHOES or BOOTS Purchased 5 - PAIRS WORK SOX DIAMOND'S 13 Kosculh County's Biggest Stock of Men's Spring Jackets — Reversibles, Washables, • Lined and Unlinecl $3.95 to $8.95 'S SURPLUS T* 1 TV O r nT" I T"V fi ' T" 1 TV O 1 I "I 11 ^ EASTER after EASTER for BOYS & GIRLS ARE THE CHOICE OF VALUE-WISE SHOPPERS! Scottics are popular .because . 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