The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 20, 1956 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, March 20, 1956
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Plans ^ AhrUx? •awJP ew «h« fund *5 fund 6f lgona : tot the or^anUaiton of aw, " 1 Corpd r alion were 16 be un 12 n . a tM "ieeltng ef m Al 9 o«« «haJttblw f 6v,ehlrtg : (Tuesday )ai His high' lahodl 1 he '.W*3wiU» JOB sliifes of Mbcfc irt^^Hon- ?l alldn , r 6 ? 1 * b « ett«red< at $100 i eld f^W'fhUS provide a wlMidnr a base for erldeavoffng ie bring about Unfold f%rt| ft>r Dapt. of Blatory dad AruklJ&> Dee Moinee 19, Iowa industrial development locally. ', - ( > Undo*'Hii pribpdsali: isaeh'isutehaser' ef stock ' have one votft in seleeltori ef s fc^d of dirieioifs of mwnbott fe handla affairi 6t 'Ui«eofpottiJorL Each ehajirV regardless of ruimboiol jshate's, would hay* but bit*? Ff&m the nine direetofs S president, vice presides*, aAd treasurer would be elected; would be ftoft-laxable, non^pfoili, and. Development Corp. By fluss Waller* , *. - v « ....',• ; Inez, Wolfe, secretary "of ihe Algona school board, is at a'.loss to understand'.why anyone today is unfamiliar wilfi the fact'that a checkmark in a ballot square spoils a ballot. 'Only an "X" marked within ,the square is legal—check marks do not count m a school election, ot: any ffther , ... might be that the laws need changing to make ,a check-mark OK but until the laws are chang-.: ed they will not count. ,,'••* **•*... : : When Leonard Mullihs of LuVerne Iwp. misses going to church of ; a Sunday morning, there is a penalty—Leonard has to geil the family dinner for noon .. .this has done two things for. Leonard, First, he has learned something about cooking. Second, it . has & tendency to make him think twice before he decides not to go. •*.''•,'.*.• • * .' ' Dean L.,Barnes, counly extension director, wouldn't believe it except that it happened to".him all in one day, March 10 .lo be exact... he heard thunder, saw a flock N of ducks, and gol s'tuck in the snow, all on the same day. * « * One local business man, looking*, out the window, with Ihe slore emply excepl for employees, remarked, 'We gol plenly of Chiefs'bul no Indians." . One of our readers sent us a little clipping from somewhere . or p|hM with Ihe • interesting %-' ••-. formation 'tfi at "from' ""January through September, 1955, over 12 million, dollars worth of hams were imported from Communist Poland, according to the'Deparl- ment of Commerce ... and other pork imports from the same as such it is thought thai ihe investment of share-holders would bfe deductible for income tax purposes. The plan is one that was developed locally after a study of numerous similar plans evolved and now in operation in other cities in the area, by ihe industrial development committee of the Algona Chamber Of Commerce, of which R. C. ,f a £ e is chairman, and of which Jim Palmer, M. C. Metealf, Dick Catr. Lawrence Wlnkel, Eugene Cook, and Les Kenyon are members. Ted E. Davidson, managing director of the Iowa Development Commission, was to be the guest speaker ai ihe banquet program. His subject was io be "Industrial Development", a theme thai is of greal general interest ai the moment here and throughout ihe state. Also to be announced ai ihe meeting were ihe new directors elected by ihe various bureaus of ihe Chamber during ihe past week. ESTABLISHED 1863 Entered as second class matter at the postoiflce at Algona, Iowa, Nov. 1, 1632, under Act of Congress'of March 3, 1879. ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 1956 3 SECTIONS - 20 PAGES VOL. 93 - NO. 12 Let School Addition State Gradr.f Heref hursday ' 37 fet Heads Of Algona Legion To Be Honored All 37^ past* commanders of the Algona post of the American .Legion, from which group 32 .are still, lining, will be honored Thursdfiy evening at a banquet and .'program to be held at the Legion Half'here.: • Trio Confesses Robberies At Lakota and Ledyard With the arrest of Ihree Twin City men, following a running gun fighi ai Danbury, Wis., law enforcement officers of-,three states have solved a serie* 1 . of burglaries, including five at Ledyard and three ai Lakola, which took place the night o£ February 21. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorsl wen! to Wisconsin last Wednesday, where one of the captured trio confessed to having robbed the Carpenter Hardware* Egesdal Grocery, Farmers Elevator, Hoci Island Lumber and Ihe pool hall, all of Ledyafd; and Brack's Market, Ukena Hardware and Thompson Yard office in Lakota. ' ' t °S? ?, f J ^f e men was wearin 9 a pair o f boots stolen from Brack's. Two of them were , £ r ,° m .J ',? » ' the othOT from Minneapolis. They were 31 /and 33 years of age. 'Sheriff Lindhorst said they had in their poscession a few other items stolen from Kossuth county. Prosecution will take place in Wisconsin, where thivrften were apprehended. They were seen leaving a building at Danbury. afier a robbery, goi'mlo a gunfight with a policeman, and were later captured by a combination, of police, sheriff and patrol officers. A slate agent made the trip to Wisconsin with the Kossuth sheriff, and other burglaries in Northern Iowa were also cleared up by the arrests. Republicans Pick County Delegates, State Meeting country broughl Ihe grand tola, pork imported from Ihis one country to over 14 million dollars in value, i During the same period, we EXPORTED only $2,642,000 worth of products :. our contributor added thai anyone who objects to Polish pork helping drive down the price of American pork might write ineir Congressman or Senalors Or maybe Mr Benson! * * # The number of dairies in Iowa was cut almost in half during the pasl few years, according to the stale agriculture deparlmenl. By Ihe end of 1955, from a previous high of 527, Ihe lolal had dropped lo 271 ... 256 dairies dropped by Ihe wayside. • « » An unusual event upset ihe Roy Pehrson family at their miles northwest of Cily, Salurday night a home Swea week ago, during the blizzard ... their television set caught fire. Happily, they were able to disconnect the machine and carry it oulside before any greal damage was done. II is Ihoughl lhal a shorl circuit caused blaze. the Sometimes one wonders if maybe the southern stales, lefl alone, mighl nol be able lo handle and solve their own parti^ cular state proble/ns better than some of the "advisors" from other areas, not faced with the same problems at all, and knowing very litlle aboul Ihem. . * * * There is one group of 4-H youngsters (and Iheir parents), who received some rough treal- ment al Ihe conclusion of Ihe 4-H Pay held here a week ago Saturday. The youngsters, from Seneca, were snowbound, and a ranged to remain overnight at the Presthus home here...en- route to Ihe home, Iheir car slalled in Ihe snow, and Ihey gol oul lo push it'free.. .in Ihe mean- lime anolher car with several young men about 20 also stalled, and after the Seneca kids gol back into their vehicle the men walked over and asked them to get out and push the other car ... the youngsters afraid they would get stuck again themselves, declined, ancj kept moving ... as they pulled up in front of the Presthus home the second •Commander Lounsberry State Commander Robert Lounsberry will be the guest speaker. Everett Baldus, present commander of the post, will preside, and Glenn Seger will furnish a musical program. The dinner is being - served by Ihe Legion Auxiliary. The local posl was organized in 1919, and C. B. Laird was the first commander. Of those who have served since then five' are dead—Dr. E. C. Hartman who served in 1922; D. E. Poller 1924; A, E. Kresensky 1926; M. H. Falkenhainer, 1929; and W. A. Hawcolt 1944. Others who have served as posl commander in Ihe order in which Ihey served beginning in 1920 are F. T. Sweel, W. L. Ayers, L. E. Linnan, Verle Vin- cenl, M. G. Norton, Harry Godden, Loren Minkler, H. M. Smith Archie Cunningham. G. D. Brundage, M. J. Streit. John Momyer, D. C. Hulchison, J. D. Lowe, Major Saul, W. A. Lorenz, E. A. Schemel, John Kohlhaas, R. H. Miller, Lloyd Robinson, Kermil Setchell, W. E. McGrew, Harry Greenbtrg. L. G. Kenyon, Bernard Dahl- lauser, W .A. Sharp, Richard T. Post, Campbell Humphrey, Don T. Hemmingson, Bless R. Rusk, and Ihe presenl commander, Everett Baldus. A lai'ge crowd, including manj high school students from arounc. the county, attended the Kossut) counly Republican convention Friday morning at Ihe courlhouse in -Algona. > Main business of the meeting was ihe selection of 31 delegates io the state conven- ! lion in Des Moinos April 9. The list of delegates selected was not made available by D. E. Dewel, ihe appointed chairman, to the press representative of the Uppfcr Des ^iM^ne^jjregent at^ the mBetk, •AtigUs Cotton, county chairman for the republican party, callec the" meeting to order and D. E Dewel was named chairman and Oliver Carlson, secrelary of Ihe convention. All persons present were given the right to vote on mailers brought.before Ihe convenlion. Resolulions, which were prepared by a commillee appointed ay Collon an hour before Ihe car which gol underway, and followed Ihem, pulled alongside and the young men got oul . . . Ihey smashed a window in Ihe Seneca car and ripped the jacket of one of the 4-H kids . . . in the meantime police were called ... by the time the police got there 'the other machine had disappeared. » * * Famou* Laj$ meat Narrows! Wilbur Zeigler New V.F.W. Head Wilbur Zeigler, well-known Algona farmer, was elected commander of ihe local V.F.W. posl during Ihe annual election of officers at the business meeting Wednesday night, Mar. 14. A large crowd attended. Other officers elected include Vaughn Hoover, . senior vice commander; Curtis Muth, junior vice commander, Jiip Kelly, quartermaster; Charles Sparks, chaplain; Richard Riley, sergeant; Max Bartholomew, judge advocate; and Walter Barr, 3-year trustee. Installation of these officers will be held during the regular meeting Wednesday night. April 11, at which time an oyster stew feed Will be fealured in connection with the current membership drive. Charles Devine is the retiring commander. Ottosen Woman Hurt In Crash Mrs Richard Kinselh of Ottosen vas reported in good condition al ..ulheran. hospilal in Forl Dodge vhere she was laken after being njured in a car accident about :30 p.m. Wednesday, March 14. Mrs Kinseth and children, ary and Craig, were'returning ome from Bode when she lost ontrol of her car aboul two miles out of Otlosen on Highway 222. The aulo went into the ditch and rolled over twice. Mrs Kinseth suffered compound fractures of Ihe ankle and cuts. The children were not hurt. Extensive damage was caused to the car. convention, were read and passed on a voice vote. In general, the county republicans voted to back Eisenhower in the presidential race; commended Ihe sta.te.legis- lature for its all-around work in the past Session; approved Richard Everds, Estherville, as a possible delegate to the national convention in San Francisco; 'endorsed L. W. Nitchals, county attorney, Marc Moore, auditor, and Dr. J. M. Schutter, coroner, incumbent office-holders, for re-ele0- tion; pledged, support for -. anV Other republican candidates'' -fo :c6xuity;-officesir4ffd;^dredj%%re apportionmenl plan' for the selection of senators and representa- lives in the state of Iowa. Howard Seely was appointed to head a five-person committee which selected the 31-person county delegation to the state convention. During presidential election years, there are two county and state conventions. The first is for the selection of presidential dele- fates an.d the second following he primary election for making contested nominalions and lo Another Ten Year Sentence In Court Here Clyde W. Steinberg, Buffalo Center, was sentenced to not lo exceed 10 years at the state peni tentiary at Fort Madistm, Satur day, by Judge G. W.'Stillman in Kossuth district court on ' a plea of guilly to a charge of sodomy Steinberg was bound over tc district court lasl week after i preliminary hearing in J. P ' ,.«He ? ^yias:,-the second man - 0. K. Permit For a : week. .the charge in 'A new damage case was filed in district court, asking damages of $2,083. Plaintiff in Ihe case is. Walter Steven Galtan, by his father, Kenneth Gallan, with James W. Tindall Jr. and James W. Tindall Sr. as defendants Plainliffs charge negligence on Ihe parl of Tindall Jr. who was driving a car when it collided wilh one driven by Gallan, wilh Ihe laller's son as a passenger. 'Two other new cases, bolh matters of account, were filed, _________ _. _____ ...... _._ _____ , .vrile Ihe platform for Ihe parly I one by Deitering Garage asking Infant In Hospital Mary Ann Kaiser, 9Vfe month old daughter of Mr and Mrs Herbert A.". Kaiser, has been, hospitalized at University .Hospital in Iowa City the past 15 days 'in order to determine the cause o( a heart condition. Sh« is also scheduled for heart surgery week and bar condition is serious. Witness Crash In Which 3 Died Mr and Mrs Wm. C. Dau returned last week from a seven weeks Irailer vacation to Florida, and on the way home were the third car to arrive at the scene of an automobile crash which took three lives, and involved three cars. ' They had spent most of theii time in Florida in Ihe St. Petersburg area, and also enjoyed four days in Cuba, flying both ways by plane from Tampa. With them on the Cuban trip were Mr and Mrs Henry Orthel of Titonka, and Mrs Andrew Peterson, formerly of Titonka, who now lives at Clearwater, Fla. They also ran across Ihe Roy Bjustroms, Lloyd Muckeys, Russ Cooks, E. K. Pittmans and Clem Cavanaughs in St. Petersburg. *'The auto accident scene was in Florida. Mr Dau helped remove .two of the dead people from one car, just a few seconds before fire ignited and destroyed one of the crushed vehicles. which is derived from resolutions An announcement was made oncerning junior delegales lo the tale convention. It is hoped at easl two can be selected from ach school in the county, frorr. either the junior or senior class. Transportalion lo and from the one-day convention will be furnished by party members. There were studenls from Tilonka, Hurt and /Ufiona, and perhaps others, present at Ihe coun-ly convention." • / » • DEMOCRATS SET MORE CAUCUS DATES Precinct caucuses have been sel as follows for counly Demo- crals. March 22, 8 p.m., Wesley Public School—Buffalo, Wesley and Prairie Iwps. March 23, 8 p.m., Ramsey Twp. Center School — Ramsey, Porl- land and German twps. Herman S. Studer, districl commilteeman, will be at both meetings. All other Democratic county caucus dales were announced previously. March 22, 8 p.m., Burl Iwp., al Burt Legion Hall. March 23, Creek twp., school. 8:30 p.m., al Lolls Lolls Creek March 24, 8 p.m., Wesl Lone Rock, Kossulh Implemenl Shop, 8 p.m. Distribute Free Food Mar. 28-29 Mrs Helen Huber of the Kos- judgment for $408.97 from Louie Miller, and a second filed by the Forest City Municipal Hospital versus Robert and Emilyn Kitner, for $149.25. First Day Spring And Acts It ' 'Wilh no sub-zero readings registered during Ihe week, il appears spring might be shaping up —of course, il should because Ihis is Ihe opening day of lhal most pleasant of all seasons. Low reading during the period was a seven above mark Thursday, while the high, a 45, came along the next day. Date Hi Mar. 13 35 Mar. 14 27 12 Mar. 15 29 Mar. 16 45 13 Mar. 17 ..41 28 Mar. 18 34 25 Mar. 19 39 21 Three-quarters of an inch of now, only moisture in a week, was registered at the airport weather stalion Sunday. , Vote On Grant Decision, Mar. 28 An election at three north Kos- sulh schools has been set for Wednesday, March 28, i 0 decide tlie future of the Grant Consolidated school district. Petitions have been accepted to dissolve .the district with foal* going into the Ledyard schools and the other half into the Swea City schools. sulh Welfare office, announces that surplus food commodities will again be dislribuled al Ihe courlhouse in Algona, March 28 and 29. To be dislribuled is a shipment of cheese, dry milk, bulter, shortening, lima beans, rice, corn meal, flour, pork luncheon meat and pork and gravy, being dislributed for the months of April and May. Any lovv income family as Veil as families receiving assistance are eligible to apply for the commodities. Ptsee Officer* . A county peace officers meeting was held Monday evening at? the Johnson House, following dinner. Raj pft L{n4hors,t, sher, iff, presided. Judge G. W. StilJ- man was guf$t .speaker. Wedding Licenses To Four Couples Licenses to wed were issued during the pasl few days to Ihe following couples by Alma Pearson, Clerk of the district court here: March 8 — Theodore R. Johnson, LuVerne, and Betty Marie Frenz, Rockford, 111.; March 9— Fred Hofmann and Sharon Schutjer, Tilonka. March 10 — Dean Reed, Mankato, and Renelda Johnson, Burl; March 17 — Dixon L. Banning, Swea Cily, and Carolyn Durbin, Armstrong. Catholic School Zoning Commission Advises Adding To Commercial Area Algona's city council spent 4M> hours during its session Wednesday night discussing a variety of business lhal came before it. One of Ihe major items was a building permit issued lo St. Cecelia's Calholic church for construction of a new 2-story $300,000 high school building. James E. Loftus, Omaha, is architect for the new slruclure which is lo be 175x164 and will contain 16,000 square feet of floor space. The new brick building will be erecled in Ihe near fulure near the new church. ' Other building permils were issued to Sylvia E. Marlin, Harold Sundel and Ferm Sewick, who will build a new $8,500 home on Nebraska slreet. A per- mil for Albert H. Hagg, who was going to build a garage, was re jected for a technical non-com pliance wilh Ihe zoning ordiance .The council accepted a deed to property purchased recently,from ^Gordon ,.S, : v Kuhn 'Son.-• Sguth •Phillips:' : -street.-iSa-he ^property purchased for $3,500, will be iisec by the city in the furlure in case extension' of East CHubb st. becomes a necessity. Storm Sewer Discussed Storm sewer construction in the east portion of lown was discussed wilh Morion Bittinger, engineer on Ihe projecl, in regard lo the assessment schedule. The council will study Ihe schedule before laking aclion. The zoning commission handed n a recoJnmendalion on properly on East Slate street and an open learing will be held by the council April 11 at 7:30 p.m. The com- riission advised lhal Ihe soulh half of block 225 and "north half of block 237 be changed from multiple dwelling to commercial use. The property in question ncludes property on the north ind south side of State street east of Hood's Supw-Valu 'grocery tore., Discussion of blacktopping for •Vesl McGregor slreel from Ihe ity limils to the corner of Ridgely street and problems involved in paying for same was held. Assessmenl is probable, although nol certain until further study of the problem is made. Public Hearing April 11 On Zoning Change A public hearing has been set for April 11 at the Algona city council chambers, at 7:30 p.m., on the question of a considered change in ihe zoning of a portion of East Slate St. from a residential lo a designed commercial area. Such a change was recommended by the city zoning commission. A legal notice with descriptions will be found elsewhere in today paper. Reeled Plumb, Schipull, Board At Creamery A large crowd was in attendance al Ihe annual meeling of Ihe Algona Co-Operalive Creamery at Ihe V.F.W. Hall Thursday. A dinner, served lo 422 per sons, preceded the business meet ing. Fred Plumb was named presi dent and Harry Sabin,.,yice pre*v dent, by " "" "~ Lucia Wallace Expansion At $110,540 Total Fort Dodge Firm Low Bidder On General Contract Bids, paving way for a new seven room addition to the present Lucia Wallace school, wore opened by the Algona Community School District board of education in the high school auditorium Thursday afternoon. Successful bidders on the $110,540 construction project were Woodruff-Evans Construction Co., Fort Dodge, general; E. L. Secory and Sons, Clear Lake, plumbing; and Algona Electric, electrical. Five firms bid on the general contract, six on the plumbing and two on the electrical. Firms and their base bids were: General Woodruff- Evans, Fort Dodge to the board-' of directors and ,Ec Mawdsley was elected to take thi place of Corwin Peer, who re signed. Sabin and Floyd Bode are the other directors. Mads Christiansen was ap pointed secretary and manager of the creamery. He has been in charge of the local creamery foi the past 40 years. The year's business was discussed, and according to Chrisl- iansen, the local firm's total business, $700,000, during 1955 was approximately Ihe same as n 1954. Dick Dale Day Is Postponed Word relayed to the Algona Kiwanis Club Monday night by officials of WOI-TV, Ames, said hal "Dick Dale Day" would be scheduled for either Saturday, March 31, or Saturday. Aiiril 7. The event, sponsored nere by he Kiwanis Club as a tribute p Algona's Dick Dale, was tenta- ively sel for nexl Salurday, Mar. 24, bul WOI-TV officials said lhat the Lawrence Welk orchcs- The council'rejected a $500 bid I f, ra ' of whi< i h Dk ' k from John Gisch for the pur chase of several acres of land near the sewage treatment plant and also rejected a request by Gisch thai Ihe city install storm sewer in blocks 64 and 65 in the southwest part of town. Curb & Cutler Matters A correction in the curb and gutter assessment roll was made. C'. A. Peterson & Sons, Rock Rapids H. J. Cowan, Algona Forest City Improvement, Forest City Sande Const., Hurnboldt' Plumbing . . E. L. Secory & Sons, ; - ClejuV;Lake, •'- •: J -VX'.-- $77,995 80,400' 83,388 86,995 88,692 "Algona' ,Hanig Bros., Fort Dodge '•• 26,12§ Frank Roger Plbg. & Htg., Estherville Sande Const., Humboldt C. C. Garner, Laurens Electrical Algona Electric Pratt Electric, Algona I 26,329 26,630 29,382 $4,970 5,356 . K. S. Cowan's motor court on East State was assessed for curb and gutter around the property when it was installed there several years ago, consequently removing the property from the present assessment. City Clerk Ivy Scuffham was authorized to pay Schrani Bros., Clear Lake, 90 percent of its fee for digging open storm sewer ditch east of town. The company was paid $3,042, the balance to be paid following completion ot the job. City Engineer Lewis Ferguson and Street Commissioner Jess Liitehbrook were authorized to al- tend the Asphalt Institute at Ames, March 23, city bills were Daid and the new planning-zoning commission sel-up was read dnd approved for the second time. Dne more reading *and passage s necessary. is now on tour, and it has beei impossible to conclude arrange nients. The Welk band is ex peeled to reach New York Cit w this week, and word of the new date will be sent to tho Kiwani Club here as soon as it is set. Meanwhile, local residents ma; still have their names signed to the special "Dick Dale telegram' by signing the sheets providec for that purpose in many loca. business places. It is expectec thai the telegram will be Teac and shown over TV on the Lawrence Welk program which honors Dick Dale. Winner of 17 Siat« & National Awards. 1950-1985 Including Qeneral Excellence, Iowa Press Ass'n. 1955 H. C. Madsen, 85, Rites, Ringsted Seneca — Funeral services were leld at the St. John's Church at Ringsted Saturday, March 17, for Vtrs H. C. Madsen, 85, who passed away Wednesday morning at :he home of her daughter, Mrs Cecil Anderson, Seneca, after a "ingering illness. Mrs Madsen was born Nov. 4. 1870, in Denmark and is survived ay two daughters and four sons. The services were conducted by he Rev. Carlo Petersen and in- erment was in the family lot ir he St. John's Cemetery. New Adjuster For Mutual Ins. Robert Wallace, Baird, Iowa, has been engaged as inspector and adjuster for the Kossuth Mutual Insurance Assn. here, it has been announced by Lola Scuff- hara, secretary. He took over his new duties Monday. Mr . has been a farmer and also a business-man. He is married, and has a young daughter. Plan alternates increased the general and plumbing bids and decreased the electrical figure. Use of- steel ,instead of wood beams and a ceiling of the same material as the present building added $2,350 to the general contract and a new extra boiler which will be hooked up with the present boiler for gas with a stand-by fuel oil set-up hiked the plumbing total by $2,055. A tolal of $30 was lopped off the elec- 'rical bid. The $110,540 total on all work vas $10,000 below the original estimate of cost for the addition. The seven classroom addition will be built on the north side of the present building at Lucia Wallace and will allow the building to erve kindergarten through sixt.ii rade inclusive. At present, dndergarten through 4th grade served. Work on Ihe structure will begin just as soon as contracts are signed which should be within a few days, and it is probable the job will be completed by September 1 this year. Square footage cost of the new addition is $12.48, low compared to other schools of similar construction in the state. A new unit at Bryant and a new east side grade school are next on the agenda. Tinsley, Higgins, Lighter und Lyon, architects for the entire $544,000 project, which includes purchase of land for various uses, are now preparing plans for the proposed buildings. Citizens of the school district approved the entire building and land plan during a special election Monday, Dec. 5, 1955. Besides the three school buildings, land to be purchased includes ten acres near the junction of East State and Main streets, 25 acres east of South Phillips street for a future senior high school and athletic field and vacant lots north of the Lucia Wallace grounds. Cars Collide On East State St. Alguna police investigated a wo-car crash on East Call street Thursday at 8:30 p.m. involving autos driven by Chester Webb nd Mrs Joe Lynch, Jr., both of Algona. Both cars were headed east, .nd the Lynch vehicle was stopped at the time of the accident, he taxi driven by Webb hit ice nd couldn't be stopped, the auto itting Ihe rear of the other car. }amage was estimated yi $70 on he Lynch car and $300 on the ne driven by Webb.

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