The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1954
Page 5
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FRIDAY, APRIL 80, 1954 BLYTHEVft'LB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FAGEFIYB Admiral Warns U.S. Of Steady Soviet Sea Power Buildup WASHINGTON (AP) — Adm. Robert B. Carney, pointing to a "steady buildup" of Soviet sea power, declared today that the United State must carry on a vigorous ship-building program to avoid a dangerous obsolescene of its fleet. Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton (12:31 fuoUtions) May 3455 3457 3454 3457 July 3438 3439 3436 3437 Oct .- 3391 3394 3391 3394 Dec 388 3390 3388 3388 Ntw Orleans Cotton May 3446 3453 3446 3453 July 3438 3439 3437 3437 Oct 3392 3394 3392 3393 Dec 3388 3391 3388 3391 Chicago Soybeans May ... 41iy 2 416% 411 410% July ... 408% 413% 407% 408 Sept ... 283 285 280% 280% Nov ... 258% 260% 256% 257 Chicago Wheat May ... 2041/4 206 7 / 8 201% 203 July ... 202y 4 207% 198 198% Chicago Corn May ... 1531/4 l533/ 4 152% July ... 153V 4 153% 152% 152% New York Stocks 02:4* A T and T ................ 168 Amer Tobacco ................ 62% Anaconda Copper ............ 35 Beth Steel .................. 65y 4 Chrysler ...................... 58% Coca-Cola .................. 122 Gen Electric .............. 123% Gen Motors ................ 69% Montgomery Ward .......... 60 N Y Central ................ 22 Int Harvester .............. 3iy 8 Republic Steel ............ 55 Radio ........................ 28% Socony Vacuum .............. 44% Studebaker ................. 14 7 / 8 Standard of N J ............ 89 Texas Corp .................. 70y 2 Sears ........................ 63% U S Steel .................... 47 Sou Pac .................... 41 7 / 8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI. LW— (USDA)— Hogs 6,000; active; barrows and gilts mostly 10 higher; sows steady; boars steady to 50 lower; bulk 180-230 Ib 27.10-25; high percentage of these 27.10-15, with around 700 to 800 at 27.25, including all grades; numerous loads and lots 230-250 Ib 27.00-15; bulk 240-260 Ib 26.50-27.00; 270-300 Ib 25.25-26.25; load around 320 Ib 24.35; load over 400 Ib 22.75; bulk 150-170 Ib 26.75-27.25; lighter weights too scarce to mention; sows 400 Ib down 22.50-23.50; heavier sows 20.50-22.00; boars 17.0020.00; good early clearance. Cattle 600, calves 400; mostly steady in cleanup trading with cows fully steady to strong; veal- ers and bulls unchanged; small lot good to low choice steers 20.0023.00; commercial to low good 17.00-20.00; few good to low choice heifers and mixed yearlings 19.0022.00; utility and commercial 14.0018.50; utility .and commercial cows 13.00-14.50; few 15.00; canner and cutter cows 9,50-12.50; utility and commercial bulls 13.50-15.00; cutter bulls 12.00-13.00; good and choice vealers 18.00-22.00; few prime to 24.00; commercial to low good 13.00-17.00; commercial to choice slaughter calves 12.00-18.00. + Many U.S. ships which were built during World War n, said the chief of naval operations, are approaching obsolescence and "this is particularly true of the destroyer types and the submarines." He set down his ideas in an address prepared for the Society of Sponsors of the United States Navy, a private group. "Until the recent past," he said, "the Soviet Union appeared to have less interest in maritime strength than in other forms of national and military power. Under those conditions our naval requirements were generated largely by the necessity for countering the submarine threat and whatever danger might come from the air, and maintaining our over-all maritime supremacy. Maritime Challenge "Now things have changed. We are being challenged in a maritime sense, and this new factor "must be borne in mind in connection with our defense planning. • "The Soviets are steadily building up their naval power," the Navy chief said. "They are building up a formidable strength in surface craft, including cruisers. The yave a large submarine fleet offering a direct threat to our supremacy at sea. They are integrating air effort into their maritime operations. And reported they have just about as many men in their naval service today as we have. "As a matter of fact," he added, "numerically, it may not be long hefore they have more men in their naval and maritime service than the United States. "That does not mean they will be superior in effectiveness, because it takes long years to build a truly great navy. Nevertheless, it marks a significant trend." Rep. Cole Urges U.S.-Canadian Defense Pact Plan Would Guard Against Attack On Continent NEW YORK (#—Rep. W. Sterling Cole (R-NY) urges an American-Canadian defense pact to ward off any enemy attack against the North American continent. Cole, chairman of the Senate- House Atomic Energy Committee, proposed last night at a Colgate University banquet "that our government, as speedily as possible enter into a mutual continental defense pact with Canada." Such a pact, he said, should be "under the authority of the TJnited Nations, comparable in purpose, scope and organization with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization." Supreme Commander There would be a supreme commander with Canadian and American land, sea and air forces under him. "I submit that all other considerations notwithstanding," Cole said, "it would be suicidal for Canada and the United States not to recognize the new dimensions to sovereignty brought by the threat of atomic and hydrogen warfare." He said it was questionable whether the Soviet Union "could now mount an attack of such intensity and scope that our ability to retaliate would be eliminated." "But three or four years from now," he said /'the Soviets will .be able to launch a saturation attack against our "nation—an attack so massive that our ability ultimately to prevail may be open to grave question." He said a 100 per cent defense against assault is impossible but a strong defense would "inflict such losses on raiding formations that an enemy will in all probability be dissuaded . . . and be kept from dealing us a mortal blow." DEFENSE (Continued from Page 1) led the fight against it. Halleck and other administration 'leaders in the House called the I amendment unnecessary and unwise and said it amounted to notifying potential enemies in advance where the United States would or would not fight. Eisenhower said any artificial restraint on his power to send troops anywhere in the world could not fail to damage his flexibility in trying to protect the United States. The Air Force was given the largest allotment of new funds under the House Bill. Its share was $10,819,310,000, a cut of $380,690,000 from the President's budget requests. The Army was given $7,619,066,986, & cut Of $591,933,014; the Navy $9,705,818,500, a cut of $209,181,500. Other funds were for the office of the secretary of defense, the National Security Training Commission and interservice activities. CANNING (Continued from Page 1) with the exception of one area. > "Frozen citrus concentrates," he stated, "have made tremendous progress and undoubtedly will just about push the canned product off the grocer's shelves in time. "However, the expense of storing and transporting frozen foods will mean their retail cost will make the sale of canned goods highly- competitive." Mr. Sylvester was introduced by Rotarian Louis Cherry. Guests at yesterday's meeting included Ernest Roe, Ralph Todd, Harry Hodges, Clarksdale, Miss., and Junior Rotarians Billy Gilbow and Bobby Hill. Negro Pupils Take Trip to Memphis Thirty-seven sixth graders from the Robinson elementary school made a jaunt to the zoological gardens in Memphis yesterday to study at first hand the habits of the animals there. The students had previously studied the peculiarities of animals by reading books on the subject and seeing film strips. The program and Memphis trip was made possible through the cooperation of the Blytheville School District and Robinson School. Fifty-five per cent of the ciga- rets produced in the United States are made in North Carolina. RHEUMATISM — ARTHRITIS SUFFERERS OFFERED AMAZING RELIEF Remarkable new medical discovery offers fast relief from nagging, crippling pains of Rheumatism—Arthritis—Neuritis. Ar-Pan-Ex tablets work through blood stream — reduce uric acid- speed blessed relief from stabbing pains in muscles and joints. Ar-Pan-Ex can bring restful nights —active days. Try Wonderful Ar- Pan-Ex.tablets today! WOOD'S DRUG STORE RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. (Wide Vision Screen) SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUES. & WEDNESDAY HOWARD NUOHIS >»•»" JANE RUSSELL fRENCHUNE Car, Truck Collide At Intersection Here No one was injured in a traffic accident involving damage to a truck driven by Gordon Harris and an automobile driven by Floyd Lancaster yesterday at the corner of Seventh and Walnut, according to police reports. The reason he ran through the stop sign on Seventh street and hit the Smart furniture Co. truck going east on Walnut was because his brakes failed, Lancaster told police. Considerable damage was done to both vehicles. RUSSIA (Continued from P»g« w ma to the conference, since those two countries border on Indochina. The importance of early agreement on the Indochina conference became apparent yesterday when Thailand's Prince Wan Waithaya- kon one of the three chairmen of the general Far Eastern conference, said the general debate on Korea probably would be completed by the end of the week. Korea Hopele** The discussion may be transferred then to working groups assigned to consider the details of various proposals made so far. Most observers already have written off any chances of a Korean settlement as hopeless. The proposals of the Communists and the West are as far apart as they were in 1948 when the United Nations first approved its plan for unification of the divided peninsula by U. N.-supervised elections. There appeared to be a bit more optimism on the Indochina question, perhaps because Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov so far had raised no demand which the Frenchwer e disposed to fight. His main demand to date on the Indochina conference has been that the Vietminh must be included. Although Bao Dai had threatened earlier to boycott the conference if Vietrninh representatives were present, most Western diplomats fit there was no sound reason for opposing Russia's demand. The U. S. view was that it would be extremely difficult to negotiate a settlement unless both sides were represented. The French government sent Marc Jacquet, French Cabinet minister for Indochina, to Cannes to talk to Bao Dai. Apparently he turned the trick. Jacquet returned here last night amid optimistic expressions from French sources. Some of the top diplomats here already are preparing to go home. U. S. Under Secretary of State Walter Bedell Smith is arriving Saturday to replace Dulles, who is expected to leave early next week. Tornadoes Hit 3 Texas Towns LITTLE ROCK w _ Tornadoes struck Kloise, Breniond and Tyler, Tex., shortly before noon today out no deaths or injuries were reported, the u. S. Weather Bureau reported. The bureau said houses and | barns were demolished at Eloise ami Bremond. both of which are near Waco, and that one airport hangar was blown down and two others were damaged at Tyler. The Tyler blow was described as an -unconfirmed tornado." A pickle factory, and a filling station were blown down at IMineola. Tex., the "bureau said, ' but ihe damage was attributed to high winds, not a tornado. 75,000 Cotton Workers Needed LITTLE ROCK (tf>)— Aboot 75.000 additional farm workers will be needed to cultivate this year's cotton crop in Arkansas. The State Employment Security Division said today the number was {a "normal requirement" to augment the state's supply of resident, farm laborers. Workers will bo needed beginning about May 10, said ESD Administrator Bayard Taylor. He listed "labor demand" areas: Bly- thcviUe. Jonesboro, Pint' Bluff, Hope, Forrest City. Helena, Newport and Monticello. Florida Vacations Given by Ring Firm Florida vacations of from five to nine days will be given to 50 purchasers of diamond rings at %il*i *« • Wilson Seniors To Present Play A three-act play, "Seventeen is Awfully Young," will be presented by the Senior Class of Wilson High School Tuesday night. It was incorrectly reported yesterday that the play would be given Thursday night. Thompson Jewelers here. Harold Thompson. .Jr.. owner, said there was no contest involved in the offer of the expenses-paid trips by Columbia Diamond Ring Co., which is giving the trips to Miami Beach mark its Golden Jubilee celebration. Transportation to Florida is not included. (Continued from Page 1) for more general testimony. Juliana insisted he was just trying to meet what he considered the wishes of the committee when he supplied the photo to Schine and Stevens alone. He said he understood committee Counsel Roy Jenkins wanted "a photograph of Mr. Stevens and Private Schine." he said these instructions could have come cither from Jenkins or Roy M. Conn, chief counsel for the McCarthy committee, or both. "I was led to believe that was what you wanted in the hearing," "I didn't know why you wanted it." Juliana, in reply to questioning by Sen. Jackson ID-Wash) said he was present when Stevens was questioned at length as to whether Stevens had asked to have his picture taken alone "with Dave." "The word alone meant nothing to me at that time, Juliana replied. When Jackson indicated surprise, Juliana said he hadn't read any of the proceedings since they started. Not Changed At one point Juliana told Jackson, "I don't think the picture was changed." "You don't think the picture was changed," explained Jackson. "No, sir.' replied Juliana. "Then what's your definition of change?" asked Jackson. Juliana said he meant that the portion of the picture showing: Stevens and Schine had not been changed. Jackson retorted no one had ever charged that portion of the picture had been changed. Anastos was in the witness chair when McCarthy broke in dramatically, protesting that a "filibuster" was in progress. He said the committee should "call the man who handled the emoval of the colonel (Jack T. Bradley) from the photograph" of Stevens. Schine and Bradley. McCarthy said Juliana would testify that he received a picture with three people in it and "explain how. when and where the third man was cut off" of the print which was submitted to the committee. Amislos and another member of the McCarthy stuff had testified they knew nothing about any "cropping" oi the picture, but they gave conflicting versions of its handling. Anastos said he accompanied Schine from Washington National Airport to the subcommittee's offices last Thursday and Schine put the photograph on a desk there. Offered as Evidence Anastos said Mrs. Frances P. Minis, a secretary, wns in the room and took a "peek" at the picture which \va* wrapped when placed on the desk. Mrs. Minis, following Anastos to the witness chair, said he was wrong about her looking at the picture—that she didn't even know the package contained a photograph. Anastos was "in error" in his statement, she dcc/:»red. As turned over to the investigating committee by the McCarthy camp, a blown-up print showed only Secretary of the Army Stevens and a smiling Pvt. Schine standing by .an airplane. The McCarthy camp offered it 'tis evidence Unit Stevens was on friendly terms with Schine at the very time the .secretary contends McCarthy and his aides were exerting improper pressure to get preferential Army treatment for the wealthy Army private, a former unpaid consultant on McCarthy's staff. And. Anastos said, the last he knew of the photo was that he carried the wrapped package from the subcommittee staff offices to the hearing room last Thursday and gave it to Jullano, McCarthy aide. Mrs. Mims insisted she knew nothing about the picture—that riw hadn't even heard of It until tbt issue came up at the hearing. • ••••••••••••••••••••••ft Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p. m. Admission 15c & 35c At All Times *FRI. & SAT. Double Feature A. EXCLUSIVE FILM* Pn*Kti«i > A urrein PICTURES Pmr —AND— THE KID Serial "Jungle Raiders" No. 5 Cartoon "Foolish Duckling" Sun., & Mon. Double Feature —AND— teltiitt picture INKI Metro'News ON OUR METALLIC CURVED SCREEN Listen to KLCN at 10:10 a., and 4 p.m. for Ritz & Boxy Program Announcements LAST TIMES TODAY JUDY HOLLIDAY •ith MICHAEL ffSHEA • Story w« 9crt« M«y bj CARSON KANIH rntfwud DT FRED KOHLMAR • E*«ctid bj GEORGE CUK08 PARAMOUNT NEWS & SELECTED SHORTS SATURDAY ONLY HCKMCOLOK color by COLUMBIA PICTURES (« CONQUEST OF COCHISE Stirring < JOHN ROBERT JOT • ; HODIAK • STACK • PAGE Sawn Pljy by ARTHUR LEWIS ind OeYAUON SCOTT Kttwtt to SAM KATBHAN • OirecSed tv WlillAM CASTU —PLUS— "Jack The Giant Killer' 1 A Cartoon Feature SUNDAY and MONDAY M-G-M'S DRAMA OF A CHAMP WITH DYNAMITE IN HIS FISTS AND FERVOR IN HIS HEART! If you were one of the millions who thrilled to M-G-M's "Stars In My Crown" you'll like this off-beat drama of z champ, a chick and a scamp! They're a heart-warming threesome. EXCITING COLOR! SHELLEY WINTERS AN M.C-M PICTUK A or Pnuu fnm "ft" Lord in Hit Comer md ScriM Ptiy by ART wnn • era* SM« by EUSTACE COCKRELL fhotoiraphtd in ANSCO COLOR • Print by TECHNICOLOR Dine*! by FRED M. WlLCOX * ?,<*««) by SOL BAER FIELDING Paramount News & Cartoon "Two Little Indians' OPENS 6:30 EACH NIGHT SHOW STARTS 7:00 2 SHOWS EVERY NITE! RAIN or SHINE! »•••»•••••••••••**••*•*••************************ LAST TIMES TONIGHT Plus Two Color Cartoons SATURDAY ONLY Double Featurt Program CAVE Of TERROR' Pint Cartoon: REDWOOD SAP" OUTER RICHARD CARLSON • BARBARA RUSH toKM * JACK MNOU - fcrM*% * IMMr tSStt • S*y * WT IMMUftV N«in«kyWIUMMILUMD*AUNIVERSAl.lNT[RNATIONAl PICTURE Cartoons: "Fuddy Buddy" & "Foxy By Proxy' Sat. Late Show 10:30 P.M. and SUN. & MON. May 1-2-3 MoWARNIRCOLOft jj •DORS ROBOT**' m : DAY CUM MINGS SILVERS j r^Mw omen. Hiar own M<IM*CIUWI rwiiSkrrt»IMies<rHAIK.(yi. 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