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Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise from Bartlesville, Oklahoma • Page 1

Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise from Bartlesville, Oklahoma • Page 1

Bartlesville, Oklahoma
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NEWS TODAY BARTIESVILii NTERPRISE 1 NORTHERN GREATEST NEWSPAPER VOLUME 21 OFFICIAL COUNTY FAPEU BARTLESVILLE OKLAHOMA FRIDAY EVENING NOVEMBER 14 1921 TWELVE PAGES NUMBER 293 3 Iff s- Few Irregularities Found in Indian Affairs 15 FIREMEN ARE INJURED WHILE LABOR FARED WELL MEMPHIS BARBER IS WIRE FLASHES NEW ENTERPRISE READY TO START BATTLING FIRE Conflagration Originated in Richard Chemical Salt Pctrc Plant LOSS INTO MILLIONS Ilames Spread Rapidly and Soon Were Beyond Control of Firemen JERSEY CITY Nov A conflagration which started in tha salt petre plant of the Richardson Chemical rompnny leaped beyond the control of tha fire fighting force ot two cltlo to tha abandoned plant of the American Sugar Kotlnery company and then destroyed several smaller factories and two rows of tenement houses raged fur four hours before Bremen declared It under control at 1pm today The loss it la estimated will run Into mllluna ot dollars Fifteen persona were seriously Injured or burned scores of other wars cut by glass blown out over a half mils radlna by a aerlea ol explosions and 900 fimlllea were made homeless At 1:30 fire In tha rear section of tha American Sugar Refinery building forced ths firemen to retreat Tha walla at th rear of tha building were beginning to cava In Th main warehouse of Colgat and company filled with soap and other highly Inflammable substances i across th street Plants of the Vulcan Iron works company and Of" Manhattan Electric Supply company also were naced At 11:25 tho salt petr pUnt had been destroyed and tha flames had spread to a block of three story frama dwellings close by and one building of tho Cri-( Continued on Page Nine) COUNTY COURTS GIVEN A CLEAN HEALTH BILL Congressional Probe of Indian Affairs Proves to Be a Flivver ML'SKOGEH Nor County eourta of Oklahoma under Investigation by a apcclal congres-alonal commute headed by llep-reientatlva Homer Snyder of Now York were given a clean bill of health by th commute which adjourned It aeaelons her at noon today The committee will rcaume Ha inveatlgatlon of India affaire in Oklahoma In Washington on December I Special attention will be given at that time to an appeal made by Shade Wallen euper-tendent of the Fire Civlllzod Tribes who has naked an adjusl-inent of the preaont ayatem ot handling the legal affaire of Indiana George Short attorney general of Oklahoma appeared before the committee today and volunteered bla aervlea In assisting the probe Into Indian affaire Oon-greaaman Snyder told him that no condition baa been found in Oklahoma that needed the attention of the legal department of tha atate "The blanket charge of cronk-edneea In Oklahoma eourta waa unjuatlfled and "Mr Short told the committee "It may apply to Individuate or to email groups but it doe not apply tn the atate at a whole" The committee concurred with the attorney general1! a la lament present- condition In cnatern Oklahoma the Indian service la held responsible for the protection of restricted Indian while the authority for administering their affaire la vested Jointly In the elate courts and the federal government" Mr Wallen told tha commute today CIDER SUPPLY TO BE AVAILABLE NOW fengieanan Acquittal will Remora Injaaetlon Which If Kept III Cellar Closed BALTIMORE Nov lowing hi acquittal yesterday by Jury In United 8laies district court on a charge of making Intoxicating win and cider in the dollar of hi horn the Injunction against th rsaldcnc of Representative John Phillip Hill will be lifted In the next few days It was Mid today by United States District Attorney Amoa Woodcock The lifting of tha Injunction which has closed his cellar under federal Mai will glv Congressman Hill th right to um the cider and wine stored there Thre are two gallons of the former and several gallon of th latter Conan Doyl' assertion that everyone works In the next world will 'perhape disappoint eome II Mr Mabels Huff 105 One of Sun I ting Widows of Veteran of War of ISIS WASHINGTON Nov Mrs Mahala Huff 10j Is Iho oldest pensioner on the government rolls snd Is one of the 29 surviving widows of veterans of the war 1812 She lives In Louisa Ky and la tho widow ot Janies Huff who was a private In tho Virginia militia Figures announced today by the pension bureau disclose ibat the number -of widow-pensioner of this war has decreased in the past 15 mnnlhs from 41 to 29 Ages of most of the others range from SO to 95 Tho youngest is Mrs Armlnln Anderson G4 of Cedar Crove MURDERER PAYS DEATH PENALTY IN CHAIR Harry Diamond Electrocuted at Michigan City Ind for Wife's Murder MICHIGAN CITY INI) Nov 14 Harry Diamond of Gary Ind met death unflinchingly In the electric chair nt the Indians state prison earl today Ills execution wps In expiation for the murder of hi wife who was shot to death wltjle motoring between Gary and East Chicago Ind In February 1923 To sister Fannie Diamond he li said to have confessed yesterday that he killed bis wife bnt declared that the crime waa committed whlla he was suffering an epileptic fit As ho was led to the electric chair however he said to hla guards: "You men are (Oontlauf Fss 81 1 1 4 COUNTIES STILL OUT Official Tabulation of Vole In First District Held up hy Delay la Counties OKLAHOMA CITY Nov Election board cf 73 of the 77 Oklahoma counties have certified th return l'o the general election of November 4 to the state election board according McAlister Mcretary The countie whoa return are missing Okfuskc Nowata Mayea and Bryan A contest in Mayc county Is delaying that certification MqAllitor anld Official tabulation cf the ccn-grrralonal -race In tho rat district which unofficial return show 8 Montgomery of Bartlesville narrowly uefested Wsynj Boyless of Claremore I hold up hy tho delay In the certification of Mayes and Nowata counties No official notlfleatlon hai been received hy th- board of a contest action In Nowata county Instituted hy Baylness Ridge Manufacturing Co Unloading Equipment for New Factory Here Bartlesville' newest manufacturing lnstllut: the Ridge Manufacturing company uday la unloading the second of Its big metal presses and those In authority In the company say tha they will be working thirty to forty high paid mechanics In this city by the beginning of the new year The company Is to manufacture tho ltldgc Auto-Theft alarm that has excited euch far err' le comment among the insurance under writer The ilarm is contained in a metal box under the floor board of a car and sounds when tha car Is moved without depending on electric contact The best mechanics In the employ of tho underwriter were unable to stop the alarm Inside of thirty minutes and their test require i only an alarm that will stand seven minutes o- work The big inetal press which the company received today now give It two of the largest presses of this kind west of Chicago These are built to turn 11 om seven tn ten thousand of the alarm In a day They will lio Rady (CmtlsHd ea Pm tsi CHICAGOANS PAY HOMAGE TO DEAD OUTLAWLEADER Underworld Characters Vie with City Officials in Floral Offerings CHICAGO Nov Thousands of persona filed past the ornate flower-bedecked casket of Dion O'Bannion nil nglht and this morning In tha final tribute to the florist gunman rnm runner and ht-Jackcr slain Monday morning In hla flower shop by three gunmen who called him from hla task of trimming chrysanthemum sterna Ills funeral today was looked forward to as tha greatest In Chicago's history even surpassing that yesterday of Michael Merlo friend of O'Bannion and leader of the Unions Slcllllana when 1000 automobiles 25 of them carrying flowers formed tha cortege rom St Clemente chnrch where 10000 persona had gathered for tha last rites O'Bannion's funeral today was without the blesalng of tha church although burial In consecrated ground was permitted It brought a new era In Chicago's civic affairs as well aa marking the passing of tha 82-year-old gang leader termed by Morgan Collins chief of police Chicago's arch-crMlnal and re-(OMitlim fan 81a) New Congress will Hat Xore lulinr Endorsed llcpreseMlutiic Thnn Present One Ghr ths AmkisisO rnwl KL TEXAS Nov 11 lnliiir fan'll phenomenally In tho general elections Hiinmi'l Gonipers president nt the American Federation ot labor anlil loilny In a public statement I'oiiimt'iitiiig upon tho results of the November 4 balloting Ihe fare of tho tremendous Conllilgs landslide there were elected In the new house of rep' resentatlves more members having labor's endorsement than are to lie found in the present house" Air Gnmprrs asserted new congress Is not likely to pass any measure greatly dolrl mental to the Interests of the workers and our people generally1 the statement continued FASCISM IN A STRUGGLE WITH WANING POWER Present Session of Italian Parliament May Bring About Change IBr Ths IaUreaUsnsI Maws Imln) BOMB No Benito Maaso-llnl's power nndrgoa another test today with tha convoking of th chamber of deputies For sevarol months put than hav bean nnmlitakabl signs that Fascism was straggling against waning strength The present session of parliament may bring about either a complete reversal for Fascism or It may mean strengthening of ha grip Tha oppoaltlon la determined to abaent hull from tha chamber of doputles leaving tha Fudatl government with a chamber composed only of a majority which majority oonslata of atralght-llna Fasclatla and those co-operating member of non-Faaclat partle Tha oppoaltlon la of tha opinion that by lla abstention from participation In tha work of parliament it will be damonatratlng Ita belief that tha nation la elng ruled in an nnconatltullonal manner and that tha fra will of tha people la auppruaed Mussolini's course of action la being anxiously awaited He may decide to ask tha majority to glva him virtual powsra of dictatorship tn order to govern without parliament There le however a section of the majority composed of non-Fssclit co-operatora who are opposed to such a coursa an they will undoubtedly demand that Mussolini first make overtures to the absents opposition Whether such negotiations would succeed Is doubtful If Mussolini makes overtures to the absent opposition it is prepared to demand guarantees for a return to constitutionalism and normal government There are doubts whether Mussolini can afford to negotlats on such a basis-Within hla own party there are faction who Insist upon Fascism carrying an with no change In policy Mussolini's power certain to tested as well as his control ovr th more extrema member of his-own party Ills ability to steer middle course which will bring peace will be tried to th utmost nd If veers either to the right or the left he Is very apt to bring at least political upheaval The odds are slightly In favor of Mussolini He bu faced crisis before and surmounted them and he has an adaptability to conditions which will servs him In good stead 0 9 LAST MINUTE Earl of Derby Wins 'Ho" Hare (Ily Uw Associated Frass) DERBY ENGLAND Nov 14 Tha Karl of Derby took flral and second places in the Derby cup race of l20u pounds run here today The winner waa hla Spend-ritt by Chaucer out of Rothesay Bay whllo Highbrow took second money' Cloudliunk owned by James White was third Twelve horses ran Wisconsin Educator Dead WIS Nov Dr Samuel Plant president of I -awn-nee college since 1S94 was found dead In bed at Sturgeon Bay early this morning Pliers Winging Way fe Houston NEW ORLEANS Nov 14-Thc round (he world planes New Orleans and Boston It piloted by Lluetcnants Erie Nelson and Leigh HUBBY IN THE WAY DROWN Muskogee Pair Accused of Drowing Theodore Milsaps MUSKOGEE Nov Georgo Mnnwarrlng and Thelma MUsaps will be arraigned la city court here this afternoon on charges of murder -4 t-sitwqaMen with 4b death by drowning her on Angus) 19 last of Theodora Mllraps husband of a month whom authorities declare was (he way" Tha Information charges Mil-ups was drowned by hla wife and her companion Manwarring while all three had been swimming In a gravel pit When the body wee recovered It was clothed with underwear Tha wife and companion explained that none had taken bathing suite They claim Ibd young husband was sailed with cramps and they were unable to av him Susplcoa was aroused by the pair's constant companionship even at the funeral of the husband An Inveatlgatlon was started that culminated In the arrests yesterday Well Is 8 In Osage County Gashing Over Top at Kale of 5)00 Barrels a Day Tha Fhilllpa Petroleum com-pany'i A Matt well No 9 which drilled Itself late yesterday afternoon la still gushing over tha top at tha rata of 5000 barrels every twenty lour hours No sand record has been obtained as ha bit had barely touched the and at 2991 feet when the tremendous pressure of gas sent the oil gnshlng out over the top of the hole Tha tools and wire line are still tangled up in the hole The Phillips company has recently completed number of other big producer on th Malt lease which la located In the northeast of 11-27-5 Osage county one of the leases purchased nt the last Oaage leas sale TO HONOR HNS Xorrlxe Speak on Americans at MelkodNt Chuck Bnnday Bight Sunday evening at th Method-t church service will be held honor of the American Indian Dr Morris will apeak on tha Americana" Seata will be reserved for Indiana A number hara promised to ba present Miss Dorothy Me Borney of Tulsa who was crowned Queen of Indiana laat summer at tha Indian celbratlon In Tulsa will be preaent Mr Law-son Nnrata haa expressed her desire to ba present and will talk She Is chairman of tha Indian welfare work of the American Federation of Woman' rluba Special mnale will be rendered The Campfiye girl wll act aa uahara SLAYS FOUR AND ENDS OWNS LIFE Domestic Difficulties Is Cause of Henry Diabolical Deed Thursday MEMPHIS Ti'iin Nov Rci-se Weber brother of Henry Weber crippled barber who shot and killed four persons her last night and then slew himself was J'illi'd this morning on a technical chnrgr llceso Weber Is said have made threats against a man whom he held responsible for the beginning nf thn trouble that ended In five deaths Inst night Whllo pnllro were seeking to prevent further additions to ths homicide list relatives of those slain Inst night were going about Ihe aad task of completing funeral arrangements for tha four shot hy Henry Weber They are: hla wife Mrs Bessie Weber Earl Shader employe of a dental (apply firm Mrs Karl Shader and Mrs Thomas Alexander Police assign aa the eanse for the killings difficulties" Weber and hla wife separated last Sunday Ha waa Insanely Jealous of her and feared that aha Intended to get a divorce A messenger gent to hla wife by the barber laat night received (Csntimwd aa Pie Mil MEXICAN SOLONS SHOOT IT OUT General Sanchez and Deputy Louis' Morones Engage in Gun Battle MEXICO CITY Nov After a heated session during which tha luliorllcs and members of the confederated bloc hurled charges against each other tha sonata yesterday adopted motions urging the chamber of deputies to place those responsible for Wednesday night's shooting before the grand Jury for trial and alio reminding the deputies that tha regulations prohibit bearers of arms from entering the chamtier 4 The chamber held no session but there was a private meeting of the mnjnrlty groups at which It was decided ibat the confederated bloc should be disbanded nnd another bloc fored excluding General Jose Marla Sanches A bitter exchange between General Sanches and Tepuly Louis Morones preceded the shooting affray In which Morones and F't-nty Leopolds Guerrero were seriously Injured Deputy Morones' condition Is Improving end his physicians hope for prompt recover1 but Guerrero's chances were declared last night to be slight ill ftirirhen Woman Mad a Restless and Painful Night and llaa Taken Rat Illtle Nourishment MARION OHIO Nov Mra Warren Harding's condition wae Improved today over what It was last night when she auffered with an attack of "air brought on liy heart attack Dr Carl Sawyer said this morning An official bulletin said: "Mrs Harding had another very restless and painful night The heart symptom which developed laat evening are Improved this morning She Is weak and has taken but little nourishment In general she Is not so Miss Claire Adams movie iter and Benjamin Hampton wealthy film magnate were recently married In California In compliance with the wish of tha former Mrs Hampton who died a year ago From San Franciaco cornea word of new Invention called ths wafeldog a combination of warn and a sort of hot dog with a collega education Wade hopped off from hero nt 10:43 a in for Houston Texas It will ho a non-slop flight Vermont Drouth Broken MONTPELIER VI Nov The drought In this state has been broken Rain fell last night followed by light suow early tills morning with further precipitation indicated No aetloi has been taken hy the fish and game or forestry departments In regard to lifting the ban on bunting Cotton Consumption Increased WASHINGTON Nov Cotton consumed during October ag gregated 532629 hnlea of lint and 55095 of linters compared with 435219 of lint and 49976 of lint-era In September this year and 643260 of lint and 5491 of litilerr In October Inst year (ho census bureau announced today MYSTERY GIRL PRIZE PUZZLE F'ound on Columbus Ga Streets Refuses to Reveal Identity COLUMBUS Ga lov Identity of the ent girl ot mystery" lying at tha city hospital where aha haa ben alnea found en tha' Street hare laat Batnrday morning in dtxed condition remained unrevealed today A alight thread of hope that a relative of the girl had Icon located was broken last night when Mrs Ellison Lee residing near hero declared the belief that she had been mistaken In -her earlier expraaslon that tha girl waa her granddaughter whom the had not aeen In five year Maintaining the ellenc that haa marked the case since ah was found tha girt laat night was Induced to answer a question of a nurse as 1 to whether the woman was her grandmother "I don't know but I think so" waa her sole comment Hospital attendants have had difficulty In administering nourish meat to tha yonng woman aa she refuses food almost going Into convulsions at Its taste At one time while being given a liquid diet th ranch the nose aha cried out: "atop they are poisoning me!" The girl la apparently about 20 yeari old possessing a masculine appearance Her hair la bobbed In a boyish style and she has well defined features ESCAPES CHAIR FOR FEW MONTHS Leroy ft roll Negro Sentenced to Dl Tenlghf Geti Reprieve to Prepare an Appeal McALESTER Nov A reprieve to stay tha execution of Leroy Scott negro mnrderer of Frank Daniels local taxicab driver has ben received from Governor Trapp by tha state prison here ft waa announced Scott waa to have been executed tonight but th reprlev was granted to giro attorneys more time to perfect hla appeal The new date nnleas changed hy the criminal court of appeals when It reviews the ease hse been sot for March 20 it waa stated DANCE Barite Hall Dewey Oklahama FRIDAY ROY II Xante by Rag richer McKONE TIRES BERTH'S ICPPLY COX PA St lit nan 524 Third ft Usage Leonard Kip Rhinelander Wealthy Raw York Yealk Weda Daughter NEW YORK Nor Society waa aurprlaed today at tha new that Leonard Kip Rhinelander had married to th daughter of a New Uoehelle cabman On petober 14 Bill 11 Blunder wto Miss la 23 yean old married Miss Alice Beatrice Jones la th city hall at New Rochelle Mayo Scntt performed the ceremony and two minor city officials acted aa witnesses No member of tha groom's family waa pntent Sine their marriage th couple 1 i lived lu frame dwelling which la the home of tha hrid' parent and where two alatera of tha brlda also live with their husbands ona a chauffou and tha other a laborer The ancestry of tha Kip and Rhinelander families goes back to tha early Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam now New York Rhinelander recently cams 1 tto fortune of more than 1300000 THE WEATHER OKLAHOMA: Tonight partly cloudy warmer In northwest portion Saturday Ir wrmar KANSAS: Partly overcast tonight and nut much ebanga in temperature ARKANSAS: Tonight cloudy shower In south east colder Saturday lilr warmer The temperature lu Bartlesville at 3 Friday afternoon waa 40 degrees above aero At 7 o' dock Friday morning th thermometer registered 36 degrees above aero The maximum nnd minimum tern-pastures In th city Thursday were 60 and 40 degrees above aero About two Inches of rainfall were recorded over th elly Thursday night and Friday The Road Oklahoma City muddy Shawnee muddy Enltl muddy Ponca City mnddy Miami muddy Blackwell muddy Okmulgee muddy Muskogee muddy NcAIester muddv Tulsa muddy Automobile lire Chains a We have a complete stock of TIRE CHAINS for both the regular and balloon tires Curtis Supply Co.

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