Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 26, 1973 · Page 31
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 31

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1973
Page 31
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I Market Reports Today .I54.7M55.30 OAUMBUBO MUHEE BUYEIte BeftkojtMi ttMtttjHI MtdQWlli Quotations: NO. 14: mm ...$M»4M8O No. 1*3: 250400 „.__.M9.5O4M00 Packing Sows: mm .... ...$4s.oM4«.oo mm , s44 .otM46.oo CHICAOO 8TOOCY ARDS ATKINSON MAMCOT Volume: 1,800. Butcher Trend: $142 high* er. No. 14: 200425 .... No. 24: 190-140 $53.75454.75 240-270 ........ $52.75454.50 230-300 $52.00453.00 Sow Trend: $l-$2 higher. 300-500 ..$46.75449.00 Indianapolis Livestock INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) Livestock: Hogs 1,900; unevenly 2.004.00 higher, closing 2.004.50 up; No 1-2 200-240 lb 54.50; 118 head 54.7545.00; No 14 190-250 lb 54.0044.50; No 2-3 240-275 lb 53.00-54.00; No 3-4 230-320 lb 50.00-53,00. Cattle and calves 100; not enough of any class to test prices. Sheep 100; lambs 1.00 higher; choice and prime spring 39.0040.00. BACKYARD SALE 936 S. Pearl Friday, July 27 Clothes, assorted appliance*. sizes, small FOR SALE BY OWNER 7 Room Home, 3 or 4 bedrooms or two apartments. Modern kitchen, dining, living rooms, 2 full baths, 3 enclosed porches, alum. SS At aiding, all well decorated, nice lot, close to Lombard Jr. High & other schools. Priced Upper Teens CaU MI-«Mi alter j PM. Tot Appointment Gen El 83 Gen Fds 25% Gen Mtrs 67% Gen Tel 30% Gen Tire 21 Goodrich 21 Goodyear 23% Greyhnd 14 Gulf Oil 23% 111 Cent 20% 111 Pwr 25% * FAMILY MOVING SALE 1379 N. Kellogg miDAY, JULY 37 Nothing Sold Before S *Jn. Dishwasher, bicycles, aquarium, dry sink, full size bed, crib, TV, rocking chairs, hi-chair-stroller, comb., clothes all sizes, odds & ends, dated telephone insulators. LARGE GARAGE SALE Thursday. July 3S — 3 • I Friday fc Saturday - All Day 668 Lawrence Ave. Cedar chest, office desk and chair, citizens band radio, 2 bicycles, play pen, tamps, furniture, dishes, electric iron, lots of games and toys, clothes, bedspreads, drapes, camera, many nice misc. articles. 1966 Impala Super Sport 394. mw twtk Men NEW YOftK (UPI) - Stock market mMday prices: Admiral li* bland Stl »% AtldGhim tt% till 311% AUd Straff* lot Harv »% Allis Chal 10 Int Nick »% Alcoa 03 InU Paper 31% Ani Air 11 tot TAT 34% Am Can 30% low* PAL tt% Am Qran M* Johna-Mn 22% AmElPwr if Kennecott » Am Mtrs 7% Kreage 3t% Am TOT 51% Krofter 17% Anacooda 23 Lib McN 5% Ashl Oil 27% Litton 9% Att Rich 84% Lockhd 0% Avco 11% Mar Oil 29% Bea Fds 22% Maytag 30% Bendbt 36% Merck 92% Beth Stl 20% Minn Min 85% Boeing 19% Mobil Oil 62% Borden 23% Monsanto 58 Cap C Bdg 49% Nat Bis 44% Catplr 62% Olin Corp 14% Celanese 34% Outbd M 31% Can II Lt 20% Owens -11131 Cen Tel 24% Penn Gen 2% Cessna 22% Penney t2% Chrysler 26% Pepsi Cola 13% Cities Svc 46% Pfizer 52 Coca Cola 143%Phil Pet 55% Colum Gas 27%Procter G 113% Comm Ed 31 Quak Oats 36% Comsat 53 RCA 25% Cons Ed 22% Rep Stl 24% Cont Can 26% Revlon 66% Cont Oil 41% Safeway 34% CPC Intl 29% St. Regis 41% Dana 30% SanFelnd 24% Deere 46% Sears 103 Du Pont 171% Shell Oil 55 Eastman 144% Simmons 20% Exxon 96% So Pac 30% Falstaff 3% Firestone 20% Sperry 45% Std Bds 50% Ford Mtrs 55% SO Ind 85 Fruehauf 27% Stvns JP 28% Gam Sko 28% Stude 39% Gen Dyna 23% Texaco 34 Tex Inst 105% Un Carb 37% Un El 16% Vtd Corp 8% US Gyps 21% US Stl 29% West Un 22% Wstghs El 38% Weverh 63% Woolwrth 20% Oregon and Washington traffic laws allow right turns red lights after a stop., on FOR SALE 1935 CHIVY MASTER 4-DOOR S CD AIT Needs little restoring—3700 or best offer. Call 6394217 After S P-M. Weekday* Legal Notice NOTICE SERVICES TO PERSONS UNABLETOPAY THEREFOR CERTIFICATION Galeftburg Cottage Hospital Gi0esW|, Illinois KnOS (Aunty The Galeaburg Cottage Hospital hat certified that it will not exclude any persons from admission on the ground thai such person is unable to pay lot needed services, and that it win make available to each person so admitted services provided by the facility without charge or at a charge which does not exceed such person*! anility to pay therefor, as determined in accordance with criteria established in the Illinois Medical Fa cilities Construction Plan. This certification has been made pursuant to the requirements of the regulations of the Public Health Service, U.S. Depart ment of Health, Education and Welfare, (42 OFR ss 53.111), and the applicable provisions of the Illinois Medical Facilities Construction Plan. The Illinois Department of Public Health has, therefore, established the foregoing level of services as the level of uncompensated services to be made available by said facility in the period May 1, 1973 to April 30, 1974. The level of services set out meets the presumptive compliance guideline of the Federal Regulations. Copies of the criteria used for identifying persons unable to pay for services may be obtained from the Illinois Department of Public Health. The records and documents on the basis of which the above level of uncompensated services was established are available for public inspection at 535 West Jefferson, Springfield, Illinois between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on regular business days. 7-26-lt MACdttt AOCttOW fti»6ftf i *tf M, lit! fttetiftt eiitit ttbm tteft *»••» This Week 453 9 509 152 Last Week 842 ll 612 64 CATTLE: Receipts 40% slaughter fliMW} bil*ae« miiflly feeder cat. Ue. Dfmand *ood. Slaughter steers end MHftrf Jo-1.00 hight. Cows Soc Thursday, Juk26, l$73,. 31 sold by the head; some U.S. 1-3 145 lb.. 47.00: sold by weight. SHEEP: som# ChOtt* 100 lb. slaughter lambs 3350; 50-90 lb. feeder lambs 39.50-35.50; Good a«d Choice replacement ewes 13.3035.00 per head. The Venezuelan Constitution WHS pMMdgated Jan. », 1661. steers 49.75-SO JO; Choice and Prime 85O-10S»^lb. heifer* 4t.00-4S.90; Ch«W« JleMOWJb. 47.00-48 .JS. COWS AND BtriXS: Utility and COHUntfeUl CttWI a .TS-41.40; Caa- her and Cutter 3O .00 -3S .50; buns yield ffOdO 1-M1W-1700 lb. 40.00- "jrtfeBtJt CATTLE: Choice 350-550 A). StOMft 57JO-0S0O: 550-SSO lb. J3.00-87.75; mixed Good and Choice •0O-10OO lb. 49.0O-S8JS: Choice 350- SS» lb. heUetl 53.75-41 J5;5M-«90 lb. 49JS-S3.00; Choice.Mid reWace- mont eowa ooo.otHtfljOO per head; tome with calve* at side 475.00- t ^Hobl?* Receipts mainly feeder pigs. Demand good. Prices 2.50-3.00 per head higher-. _ SLAUGHTER BOARS: 300-700 lb $7.35-39.00. FEEDER PICS: U.S. 1-2 30-40 lb. 31.25-36.50: 40-50 lb. 36^5-41.00: all COR SAlf 1Mb lb. and 3.000 lb. round bale eertieft, fits all categories, 2 -3 point hitches. •he** 175-3351 MAOOOW. ILL. YARD SMI 1?i N. Pearl rftiDAY, jrvLt if t un. - ? Boys clothing site 10-12, few mens clothes, misc. CencoQoi at CAM el Halt Offic* Spoco Air Cond. Plenty free Parking 94*1*1* •AMtYAfU) SALS PURL'S M MlM Wom of Abiafdoa oa West Side) raj. - SAT . . suw. 2 modified hog houses, few antiques, furniture and usual misc. Several fm\\t YARD SALE MM LTMAfl Sf ftftfcf Including: Clothes. hie-n3cs, small cord organ, electric guitar, some antique dishes and misc. items. Wicker rocker — many 5 to 10c. Jotf M to lt-» i.Wl. t6 1 Mela dele Joh> so ft it MttSH swirr CORN Mday i tat. Cdfftyt *isH Market IMS. GARAGE SALE 943 SOUTH PEARL fiims, ii etui n mi. Sears electric heater, two camp lanterns, ^ two oM brass chandeliers, old casters for furniture. Homemade bread and jelly. All kinds of clothes. GARAGE SALE 1441 RUSSELL ATE. FRIDAY, Jaly If 9 AJ4.-7 Boys skates size 2 It 3. school clothes, also men's & ladles clothes, new double sheets, etc. Backyard Sale 1766 Beecher Ave. •ti, July VI — 64 LARGE BACKYARD SALE: FRIDAY and SATURDAY Jaly 37 fcM—1:00 10 5:00 if Ml S. WASRWOTOlf, Abingdon Clothing. aU slzes--iots of infants and childrens. Toys, jewelry, material scraps for quilts, and many miscellaneous items. Flies belong to the order Dip- tera, insects with only one pair of wings, says National Geographic. OARAGE SALE 291 ILLINOIS AYE. Thurs., Friday It Saturday July 21th. 27th ft 21th — 9:00 - ? 1 Registered Chihuahua, male Tape recorder, bicycles, ironer, some Avon products, and lots of miscellaneous. Sweet Corn by the Dozen Wignoll 's, Altona Call 484-5541 BACKYARD SALE 875 E. Berrien St. THURS. - mi. — 9 - 3 Clothes of all sizes, little boys clothes, shop vacuum and misc. items. Not Responsible for Accidents Wanted Someone to level land which has been cleared Phone 289-4371 FOR SALE 12 FT. ALUMINUM BOAT and 5 H.P. MOTOR 343-3056 WANTED WAITRESS Apply in person or call for appointment Phone 342-6015 2200 H. Henderson CLUB 19 NOW Featuring UNION OPTICAL PLAN UNION MEMBERS BRING YOUR UNION CARDS UNION OPTICAL CO. uu "75rh" Year Since 1898" MOST FOR YOUR OPTICAL DOLLAR CONTACT LENSES Hard or Soft Complete Hearing Aid Service Full Line of Batteries PHOTOGRAY & PHOTOSUN LENSES They Darken and dear Automatically With The Changing Light ft Centact lens & l Glasses Dispensed on Prescription of Dr. Everett Reath, O.P. OVER 2000 STYLES OF EYEGLASSES FROM THE LOWEST PRICK) TO THE FINEST AVAILABLE INCLUDING HUNDREDS OF NEW METAL STYLES. "Gold Carpet Service" Gives You A One Year Warranty Eyeglass Repair and Replacement Eyes Examined. Special Attention Given To Children Glaucoma Tost Ma Appointment Necessary Largest Most Scientific Optical Laboratory in Downstato Illinois Finest Union Craftsmanship American Optical: lauich ft lamb, Shuren and Many Other lonsos and Frames Proscription Sunglasses • Safety Classes # CHARGE IT "THE ONLY 100% UNION OPTICAL CO, IN THE MIDWEST" SH OUR FRAME CONSULTANT LEAH GOULDING Dispensing Optician Mon. * Fri. • AM- 8 PM TUfS.-WiD.-THURS. & SAT. 8 AM - 5 PM Union Optical Co. M S. Kellogg, Galesburg PH. 343-7410 >^ Wickes Lumber 10'x7' STORAGE BUILDING Nominal Dimensions Rugged 4 -coat finish—in-' side and out. >e Watertight, protection against the elements. *• An ideal place to store all your lawn & garden equipment and utensils. sm$20.07 X Nominal Dimensions 10x10 BUILDING$109.00 T Reg. $139.95 6'x5' BUILDING $64.88 ier Jnit Reg. $99.95 Reg. SIIJ5 WIXC0TE* EXTERIOR LATEX HOUSE PAINT Iffiitoilled MTI SAVE 16' ALUMINUM EXTENSION LADDER Dependable die-cast aluminum lock; free-swinging safety shoes; 11/4" round rungs. WhiU 0»lf ^ «Avrourr r ^lF WIXC0TE* ULTRA FLOOR FLOOR &_PATI0 U & PATIO ENAMEL Heavy duty; resists abuse & wear; withstands severe ^ $438 2-Gal. Pail Reg. S13 .99 SAVE $3, WIXCOTI* UTEX IMT./EXT. W1XC0TI*ALIPURP0SE "nsr$2.88 tussv »3.88 WIXCOTI* UUM SPRAY 610$$ ENMIilS Me fiS *'8.88 20' EXT. UDOU' W $10 o7 T!Wi • uom —.iwkiMtm*,. ^r 5 ^ Monday * Thursday 8:00-5:00 Friday 8:00*8:00 Saturday 8:00*4:00 4 Milts South of Galesburg on Route 41

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