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The Circleville Herald from Circleville, Ohio • Page 1

The Circleville Herald from Circleville, Ohio • Page 1

Circleville, Ohio
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Thundershowers Chance of thundershowers this afternoon and evening, high mid 80s; low tonight mid 50s; clear and warm tomorrow with highs expected in the mid 70s. High Thursday, 81; low, 59. The Circleville erald Friday June 9, 1972 14 Pages 15c Per Copy FULL SERVICE Associated Press leased wire tor state, national and world news, Associated Press picture service, leading columnists and artists, full local news coverage. 89th Sunset Sale Is Rated Success World Pilots Threaten Strike Circleville merchants generally report a successful Sunset Sale Thursday evening. Twenty-three do merchants kept their doors open from 7 until 10 p.m. yesterday to encourage family shopping and offer special prices on goods. A great attraction to the crowd was the drawings for gift certificates and prizes offered by each of the participating businesses. From all reports it appears Gordon Massie is Weslfal! Superintendent the second annual Sunset Sale compared favorably with its initial performance last year during which some 20,000 tickets from newspaper ads were deposited in special containers in the stores. Several storekeepers revealed great enthusiasm and reported I their sales that evening were a record for such an event. A number of shoppers were on hand for the merchandise offered at special prices by many stores. Prize winners as announced by the 23 participating merchants are: Don Boutique Gloria Simison, 135 E. High $20 gift certificate. Rose Allison, 437 N. Pickaway family size oven broiler Firestone Store Leah Ott, 308 Julil Drive, stainless steel cookware. Hallmark Gallery Vera S. Cook, 305 Avon Orivc. $20 gift certificate Boyer's Restaurant Wanda McCain, 281 Meadow Drive, four chicken dinners Shop Mrs. Louis (( ontinucri on Page 2) GORDON MASSIE The Westfall Board of Education Thursday employed Gordon Massie, 39 505 Ridgewood Drive as local superintendent. Massie returns after a two absence to the district he served eight years as principal. feel Mr. Massie will do a fine Pickaway County Superintendent Ed Martin said today when he announced the employment. worked eight years in the district, he knows the problems and potentials of the For the past two years Massie has been local superintendent at Berne Union School in Fairfield County. Prior to beginning his 8-year stint at Westfall as principal, he taught four years aft Gallipolis. HE is a graduate of Rio Grande CoLlegc and received his degree from Marshall University, Huntington, W. Va. He has had other graduate work at Ohio University. Married, he and his wife Clara are the parents of a son, Bill, a 10th grade student at Circleville High School. Mrs. Massie is a teacher at Jackson Elementary School. Massie was given a 2-ycar contract at a beginning salary of $16,600. He is to begin his duties Aug. 1. Five candidates were interviewed Thursday by the board. In other action taken during the special session, Paul Hoskins, biology teacher, athletic director and head baseball coach, offered his resignation to accept a position with the state. The resignation as accepted. Bombs Pound North Viet Instaliations SAIGON (AP) American i r-bomliers gave the Hanoi-Haiphong military complex on Thursday its hardest; campaign in New York McGovern Opens Drive In New York 237 Delegates Are Up For Crabs In June 20 Test NEW YORK (AP) New York State holds its Democratic primary election June 20 with front-running Sen. George McGovern striving to add 237 delegates to his already imposing preconvention list. He is scheduled to begin campaigning here today. New convention delegation will number 278 with 248 elected in the presidential primary and the remaining 30 chosen by the Democratic state committee after the primary. McGovern is competing for of the elective delegates. His oposition in almost all the 39 congressional districts are uncommitted slates or those nominally for Sen. Edmund S. Muskic of Maine, who has dropped out of active primary competition. principal rival nationally, Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, of Minnesota, has not fielded any delegates slates in New York. However, he is hopeful of picking up support from uncommitted or Muskic delegates. Humphrey is said to be undecided on whether to Bremer To Have Examination BALTIMORE (AP) Arthur Bremer, charged with the shooting of Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace, will undergo a mental examination. U.S. District Court Judge Edward Northrup appointed two psychiatrists Thursday to administer the examination hi order to determine, among other things, competency to stand trial. Bremer, 21, is accused of gunning down Wallace, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, at a campaign rally on May 15. Wallace, paralyzed from the hips down, is recuperating at a hospital in Silver Spring. Keeping Score On The Rainfall lUuifalt lor 24 Hour Period Eudiug at 8 a.iu. Actual hince June I Normal June I 1 05 BEHIND INCH Actual since Jan. 1 ,16.28 Normal Jan. 1 18.09 Hiver 3.10 Hun oro; Hui.bti 9:00 pounding since the resumption of full-scale bombing more than two months ago, U.S. military spokesmen announced today. Pilots said they hit barracks, storage depots and vehicle maintenance facilities four and five miles west of Hanoi, left a fuel depot in flames a mile northwest of Haiphong, wrecked war materials at the Cat Bi airfield on the southeastern edge of the port city and dropped two railroad bridges within 25 miles of the Chinese border. More than 200 strikes were flown over the North Thursday, considerably fewer than the total of more than 300 the day before. But spokesmen said more targets were hit in the Hanoi-Haiphong area than on any previous (lay. While the fighter-bombers were hitting the northern end of the country Thursday, B52s were pounding the southern panhandle for the first time in nearly two months. The targets today were supply depots scattered from inside the demilitarized zone tw 31 miles north of the DMZ. One senior officer said he could find no evidence that American bombing has deprived the North Vietnamese of supplies in South northern provinces. But he said it is a matter oi Radio Hanoi reported that an F4 Phantom was shot down Thursday over Vinh Linh, just north of the DMZ, and the pilot was captured. The broadcast did not give his name, nor did it say if he was injured or what happened to the second crewman. Earlier Hanoi claimed that three U.S. planes were downed Thursday. The U.S. Command announced no losses in the North Thursday. But it said a Navy RA5 reconnaissance jet crashed into the Tonkin Gulf 17 miles southeast of Haiphong Wednesday and the two crewmen were rescued unhurt. One U.S. Air Force Phantom flying a night mission in defense of besieged An Loe, 60 miles north of Saigon accidentally a bomb on South Vietnamese troops in the city and killed 10 of them, the U.S. Command said. Another 19 were reported wounded. It was the third accidental bombing in three days by U.S. or South Vietnamese planes. Already on the scene arc 114 youthful McGovern volunteers, among them Kathleen Kennedy, 20-year-old daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy. She campaigned for the South Dakota senator Wednesday on the streets of Brooklyn and the Bronx. Conservative estimates give McGovern a minimum of 188 New' York delegates, including 33 who are Less than 20 per cent of the 3.6 million registered Democrats are expected to turn out for the primary. Also in the field arc 48 dele gate aspirants backing Rep. Shirley Chisolm, black congresswoman, and 12 favoring Sen. Henry M. Jackson of Washington, no longer a primary campaigner. volunteer workers arc concentrating on four the Bronx, Albany and Buffalo. Shultz OKd By Senate WASHINGTON (AP) The nomination of George P. Shultz to succeed outgoing Secretary of the Treasury John B. nally has been confirmed unanimously by the Senate. The 83-0 vote Thursday pi pels Shultz toward his second post in President Cabinet. Presumably, he will be sworn in shortly. Shultz, 51, served as secretary of labor for 17 months after Nixon was inaugurated. Then he moved to the White House to become director of the Office of Management and Budget. Shultz, an economist, served as dean of the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago before joining the Nixon Cabinet in 1969. He has lie- come one of closest advisers. The Senate Finance Committee unanimously approved the nomination May 25. But Senate Republican leaders asked that the Senate vote be put off until after the controversial nomination of Rivard G. Kleindienst to be attorney general had been on. Kleindienst was approved earlier Thursday. NEW TRUCK new fire truck arrived about 10:30 a.m. today. The $41,100 Mack truck replaces the truck lost in the fire-double fatality wreck that occurred over a year ago on Route 23 at the Chesapeake and Ohio overpass. Firefighters will he thoroughly trained in the operation of the new truek before it is pul into operation. Kleindienst Approved By Senate WASHINGTON (AP) A and Richard G. Kleindienst has become I he top law-enforcement officer after a four-month controversy which could set the tone for the upcoming presidential campaign. The 64-19 Senate vote Thursday approving Kleindienst, a 48-year-old Phoenix, lawyer, as attorney general ended the longest confirmation fight for a presidential nominee in memory. Throughout the 21 clays of hearings on the nomination of Kleindienst to succeed John N. illillllllliliiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Roundtown ItlllMllfltllllllillllllllSIIIIIIIII A NEW and cheerful voice has been answering telephone calls at the Circleville Area Chamber of Commerce office on W. Main St. Chamber secretary Jean Ankrom has an for a time this in Gale Hall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hall Miss Hall will be assisting in office work until she goes to her new leaching post in Piltsbrugh, Pa. BECAUSE of the great number of applications for driving permits and licenses, the Ohio Patrol Driver Examination Station has arranged to have the office open on Wednesday beginning next week Preliminary or final license tests will In- offered Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week until further notice. Grant State $72,000 For Boating Safety WASHINGTON was allocated $72,000 by the Coast Guard Thursday under a program to increase the safety of recreational boating. The funds are intended to encourage and assist state government to develop further their own boating safety of forts, with an emphasis on public education and law enforcement activities. Mitchell, liberal Democrats centered their attack on the ad- ties with big business a theme they are likc- from Sato said talks Kissinger Visits Japan TOKYO (AP) Ilcnry A. Kissinger was flying to Japan today for his visit to strengthen the Nixon relations with most important Asian ally. President adviser on national security was due in Tokyo tonight for an unofficial weekend visit as the guest of the nongovernmental Japan- U.S. Economic Council. But his schedule was crowded with meetings with officials, Prime Minister Eisaku down. Japanese newspapers the chief topics of the would lie role in international affairs following visits to Peking and Moscow, and U.S. policies toward Communist China and the Nationalist Chinese regime on Taiwan. The Nixon administration hoped that powers of persuasion would repair some of the damage done to Japanese-Ameriean relations by failure to consult Sato in advance of the switch in its China policy last summer and by its restrictions to curtail Japanese exports to the United States. The Asahi Shimbun, biggest newspaper, said sources in the Foreign Ministry told it Kissinger was coming to Japan demonstrate not by words but by deeds the tance the Nixon administration attaches to Japan in its foreign lias been no time in the postwar period that the gap in Ja mutual understanding was as wide as it is said an editorial in the paper. It accused foreign policy of the position which Japan should occupy in international politics and role in ly to repeat during the presidential campaign. Specifically, they attempted lo discredit denial that he played a role in settlement of three antitrust suits against International Telephone Teegraph he ninth-largest business. Settlement of the antitrust suits was linked by columnist Jack Anderson with commitment of up to $400,000 lo San Diego to help the city obtain this Republican National Convention, later moved to Miami Beach Despite grumblings that he was too conservative and had helped formulate hard-nosed Justice Department policies for dealing with demonstrators and dissenters, Kleindienst won the Senate Judiciary unanimous approval the first time around. Then, on the day his nomination was to be taken up by the full Senate, Anderson published an interview with ITT lobbyist Dita Beard and a memo purportedly written by her which connected the antitrust suit settlement wih the ITT cominitmen to San Diego. I Kleindiens immcidalely asked that the hearings be held i open in an effort to remove the cloud over his head. The committee agreed. The liberal Democrats on the panel set off on a wide-ranging inquiry that took them to a Denver hospital to question Mrs. Beard and led them finally to the jMirtals of the White House. On Thursday, despite 24 days (C ontinued oil Page 2) German Pilot Is Shot Dead In Hijacking U.N. Requested To Take Action Against Piracy LONDON (AP) The International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations threatened Thursday night to ground most of the world's airlines for 24 hours June 19 unless the United Nations takes effective action against aerial hijacking. The strike threat came a few hours after 10 Czechs hijacked a Czechoslovak airliner to West Germany, killing the pilot in the struggle to take over the plane. A West German prosecutor said he will try to put the Czechs on trial. The US. Air Line Pilots Association has asked all union workers to join it in a boycott of the airlines of all nations that give refuge to skyjackers. The international federation said it supported proposals to set up a special commission to recommend measures against nations that harbor or fail to prosecute hijackers, and warned: the United Nations fail to take effective action, then 1FALPA lias initiated plans to institute a worldwide stoppage of air services on June 19, The statement, added that representing over half the pilot members of IFALPA have already agreed to this eourse of The federation includes 64 associations with a total membership I of 50,000 pilots. The group said it was threatening a strike view of the failure and ineffectiveness of measures so far taken by the (Continued on Page 14) Dad Is Nominated Under Son's Name Terminal Security Force Urged SANTA ROSA, N.M. (AP) Seventeen year-old Dewey Van Cave got enough votes to win Republican nomination to the Guadalupe County Commission in the primary election Tuesday, but it was hi.s father who had filed as the candidate and paid the filing foe last April BOSTON (AP) Chairman Seeor Browne of the Civil 'I he middle name ap Aeronautics Board today pro- peurcd on the ballot position of his father, Dewey Cave, and the name won. Election officials are uncertain who to declare as winner. know what to do in a ease of this type, and we will have to ask the secretary of office in Santa Fe for information an what happens County Clerk Chris Olives said. The Santa Rosa News informed the county oft ice of the apparent error after the election. Gen. Ryan Dies MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) Maj. Gen. Cornelius E. Ryan, 76, veteran of three wars and a former civilian of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, died Tuesday. He served 41 years in the Army and led the landing in France at Omaha Beach in World War II. Young Delegate Rejects Gilligan Remark lly ALVIN ORTON Jit Associated Press Writer LIMA, Ohio Thompson, youngest member of Sen. George Ohip delegation to the Democratic National Convention, rejects tw'een Gilligan, McGovern and high school senior said he took a "good deal of at reference to McGovern delegates as Thompson referred to a newspaper report on a meeting be Ohio Gov. John contention that McGovern workers have disdain for the political establishment. He believes just the opposite is true: Party regulars look with favor upon young And the car-old Lima other Democratic governors at the National Conference in Houston curlier this week. Gilligan reportedly voiced concern over legion of youthful supporters, saying they are only interested in electing McGovern president and are not interested in the Democratic Party and all iLs candidates. Gilligan was quoted as having told McGovern that bringing all these new people into the political arena you have displaced all the party those people who for their 20 years of party leadership only wanted a delegate budge. replace those leaders with just Gilligan added. party has lost the stalwarts who gel to go to the convention in Miami Beach because some young punk wanted to go in their McGovern reportedly acknowledged the problem exists and promised, far as possible, I will see they work with the guess one of the young punks Gilligan was talking about, and 1 take a good deal of offense at his Thompson told The Associated Press. ran fairly and squarely as a lie said he felt Gilligan was bitter over having supported the The governor came out early behind Sen. Edmund Muskie of Maine. Thompson said he was active in the youth movement in gubernatorial campaign, at which time was no authorities, one stronger for reform than does he (Gilligan) think his constituency Thompson asked. Thompson said it is the on Page 2) creation of a special federal force for airport security. Browne said the force should be the single federal authority i 1 for measures against aircraft hijacking and extortion. In a speech prepared for the Aero Club of New England, Browne said the Uniled States must recognize that airport security is a national responsibility, and not one that can be left to the airlines or ait ports. federal government must act before the sands run out and we have a real Browne said. He noted that the British government recently decided to assume full responsibility for an- tihijacking police measures, even for foreign airlines serving Britain. Browne said he sympathized with the goals of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) in declaring a boycott of airline service to any nation giving sanctuary to hijackers, but added that he is opposed to boycotts by nongovernmental organizations. invite retaliation. They tend to be he added. Browne said the trouble with air security in the United States is that no one is in and airport security is fragmented among various federal, state and local none having both responsibility and authority. Browne said the federal government is looking in the wrong direction in issuing new regulations that put responsibility on airlines and airport operators. Hanoi Fails To Remove U.S. Mines WASHINGTON (AP) The North Vietnamese have made some primitive efforts to clear U.S. mines from their rivers but have failed, Pentagon sources report. Lacking sophisticated minc- removal gear, the North Vietnamese were said to have been floating metal drums down their streams in an effort to detonate magnetic mines sown by U.S. warplanes. Navy jets dropped two types of mines starting in early May. Smaller magnetic devices went into rivers and big acoustic mines into seaport entrances. Sources said Navy planes have since laid additional mines to supplement more than 600 which wer dropped originally at Haiphong ami othtr harbor mouths. Pentagon officials denied that any of the first batch had drifted or hud been removed by the North Vietnamese from seaport entrances. Thus, the seeding of more mines in harbor entrances suggests that some of the original devices have become inactive. U.S. officials in Saigon have said the North Vietnamese are relying increasingly on barges and sampans to move supplies along North rivers and other inland waterways because heavy U.S. bombing has cut the rail and road lines in many places. Mines dropped into North Vietnamese streams are serious hazards to such movement, U.S. officials said.

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