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do COMMERCIAL RECORD. Finance and Trade, SALES AT BROKERS' Bonds. $3,000 Atch. 1op 1st 82 $4,000 Atch. Top' kak Santa Fe L.

G. 754 $1.000 Eastern Rd SInKIng 50 Conway Rd 78.. 50 $1,000 Ports'th Gt. $5,000 Hart. Erie R'a 78..........8 30..

208 $15,000 20g Raitroaas. Bos, and Albany 13 BOARD, June 3. 10 Boston and Maine R'd. 93 20 Chicago, Burlington Quincy £6 Fitchburg ka. 1244 51 0.

C. New. Bank. 4 Revere Nat'l Manufacturing Co. 1 Pacitic 2000 Car to 2 Pullman Palace CarCo.

80 Mining Cos. 150 Duncan Sitver 100 National SECOND CALL. Manufacturing Co. 22 Chicago, Burlington 4 Everett 758 Quincy Raitroads. Mining Co.

6 Bos. Prov. 1471 17 Calumet Recia 10 Wii. Balt. R'd.

63 SALES AT AUCTION, June 3. Bonds. 20 Brighton Nat'l 991 $2,000 St Johnsbury Town 14 Old Boston Nat'l 72g 6s 3 Blackstone Na'l 1228 $5,000 Cincinnati 7 3-10s. 15 Exchange Na'l Bk. 1902.

23 Third Nat'l Bk. $1,000 Chicazo City 75, Globe Ward Na'l Bk. 90 1894. 1034 First Na'l $1.000 ....00 1888.. 1037 25 Boston Na'l Bk.

$1,000 1892.. 35 Union Na'l Bk. ....1602 $1.000 1892. 3 Tremont Nat'l 1132 $1,000 Toledo, 0., city 88. 25 Na'l Bank of the ...1084 monwealth.

$1,000 1878.. 102 18 Boylston Manufacturing Na'l Cos. $1,000 1876.. 2 Hamilton Manu. $2,000 86,500 7s, ....102 2 Nashua Manu.

.5674 $1,000 Cook 7s. 4 .560 1880... 5 Manches'r $101 West Bos. Savings Lowell Manu' ..650 Bank Book. 90 1 Merrimack Manu.

$1,800 904 130 Atlantic Cotton $1.000 Bos. Lowell R'a 7s, '95 ....1072 4 Lancaster Mills $4,000 Old Colony Rd 78. 1 Tremont and Suffolk 1894 $500 Chicago, Bur. and Railroads. Quine R'd7s.

50 Cheshire 43 $1.500 N.H. State 68. 1898,1109 3 Bos. and Me. 924 $2,000 St.

Louis City 68... 10 50 931 $1,000 Concord ald 30 Highland Horse Mont'l Rd 7s. 1064 00 001072 $3,000 Nashua Roches- 2 Bos. Revere Beach and ter Rd 6s. 1894.

91 Lynn Rd. $3,000 Michigan Gen. R'd. 10 Northern R'd Air Line 88, 3 Bos. Clinton Missou.

R'd 89 burg Rd 65 in Nebraska 892 18 Old Colony $4,000 Jackson, Lansing 25 Cambridge Horse 107 Sag'w R'd 8s, 729 500 New York New Kansas0ity, Topeka land Western 768 Gas Co. Banks. 10 South Bos. Gas L. Co.120 25 State Na'l Insurance Co.

10 First Nat'l Safety 15 Faneull Hali Ins. 100 ...262 Car Vo. 16 First National Bank. 50 Pullm'n Palace Car Co. 101 111 38 Webster a 104 Miscellaneous.

15 Mt Vernon Na'l Bk ...1254 GO Boston Pier or Long 20 Shawmut Nat'l 1229 Whart 125 3 North Nat'l 90 Am. Watch 894 32 BroadwayNa'l Bk.921@94 BOSTON, SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 3. Local Money matters remain as they were-rates are un- changed. The Export trade of Boston has been fair during the past week. and the figures for 1876 thus fer are over a million and 8 half of aol'ars ahead of last year's for corresponding time.

The recent shipments of Corn from Boston to toreign ports have been very large. Steamer Istrian. took (for Liverpool May 27) 41,050 bushels; brig Forsete (May 26 for Queenstown) took 9,303 bushels; bark Sarah Hobart, tor Limerick, Ireland (May 29), took 25.979 bushels; bark Annie W. Weston, for Bristol. Eng.

(May 29), took 39,663 bushels; bark Sagatun, for Queenstown (May 31), trok 13,967 bushels; bark Minnie Hunter sailed June 4 for Hull, took 24,850 bushels; and brig Carrie Bertha, which cleared June 1 for Hull, took 26,415 bushels. In regard to general trade, we may say that Dry Goods jobbers and retailers are exbibiting considerable confidence, and the Hide and Leather dealers are somewhat encouraged. In many respects trade in Boston looks a great deal as it does in other commercial centres. The New York Shipping List (3d) says the old high priced era has gone out, and a new one of small profits and quick returns has come in, which, rightly considered, will be best for all concerned. It may require considerable time yet to readJust the machinery of commerce.

which has been thrown out of gear by the events of the last few years, but the work is already far advanced, and the promise of better days is as plainly apparent as anything in the future can be. Hard times cannot long remain in a community where people live within their actual incomes. But though judicious economy is at all times desirable, and with the masses necessary, parsimony is reprehensible. People ought to spend their money in proportion to their earnings. Speaking of Cotton, the New York Commercial Advertiser of this (Saturday) afternoon We bear people talking already of anotaer crop of equal magnitude or larger than the present oue now approachiug its close.

It is imagination which pictures in this early day large figures, because the new crop is not made yet. and if seasonable weather favors the crop, then it is justitiable in taking the low track leading to 10c, and perbaps lower but at the present moment, when Liver. pool begins gradually to diminish her stock, and our own is tending that way. it is natural to expect a slow but gradual reaction of markets. paaticularly that of Liverpool, which is much below our parity.

It is said that the late rise in the New York market will be the cause of swelling our present stock, already 40,000 bales larger than last year's. We admit that the stock at New York is principally our weakest point, in other words, the scarecrow for low prices, and the question is asked how long it will take to dispose of it. We have before us nearly four months before the new crop will begin to come in, and during this time, between our own spinners and exporters will find its way far from our shores. Already we notice that exporters are shipping every notice that is tendered to them, aun should not be surprised if they take by degrees a great deal of cotton. The market for futures" opened firm and higher but toward close.

prices receded 3-82c. to ic from the highest point, the market closing steady." In New York to-day. Money was easy at per cent. on call. The cicsing quotations were per cent.

London advices report a gain of £10.000 bullion by the Bank of England on balance to-day. The market for securities is quiet and steady, Consols and United States bonds being without change. Gold opened to-day at and closed at all the sales of the day having been at these figures. The ductuations of the week were as given Highest, Lowest. Closing.

113 1134 1127 1127 1128 1128 1128 .1128 1123 1128 1125 Friday. 1124 1124 1128 1128 1124 1124 The Customs receipts at New York to-day were for the week, last week, 1,856,000. The shipments of Specie from New York for the week amounted to $937,732. The Celtic, which departed to-dav, took $100,000 in American Gold coin, $115,000 in Sliver bars, and about $51,000 in Mexican Silver. Imports at New York, gold value, for the week, $4,087,668, of which $760,209 were dry goods, against $967,152 last week.

A special meeting of the stockholders of the Atlantic Cotton Mills will be held on Thursday, June 8. 1876, at 12 o'clock noon, to see it they will authorize the sale of their property, The stock was sold at 50 a few weeks ago. To-day it brought only 25. Sales were small at the Boston Stock Board to-day, and do not require lengthy comment. At Auction, to-day, Blackstone Bank shares improved a little; also Shawmut.

State, Third National and Union; some others did not gain in price. Manufacturing shares continue dull. The Treasurer of the Atlantic Cotton Mills, Hon. William Gray, has issued a circular, in which he the 17th inst I wrote to the agent at Lawrence to close the mills as soon as he sbould have worked up into cloth the cotton now on band, and this will be done by the 10th of June. The uncertain state of markets.

the large supply of manufactured gooas of Dearly all kinds, which Dave not gone into consumption: the probable dechine in cotton; the tend-ney towards the return to specie payn ents (the brightest sign in the bustness world), combined to convince me that my duty to the stockholders of this corperation required this step. The debt of this company. on Dearly all of which I am endorser or surety, with my son, Wm. Gray, calls for consideration and attention by the proprietors. I have decided that I have carried a burden, never borne by any other person hoiding a similar office.

as long as ought, and it is due to me as well as to the corporation that additional capital pe provided in some mode, that I may be relieved and the compaey placed in an independent position. The corporation can then resume dividends whenever protits are made, otherwise a long time may elapse before that can properly be done. A large part of the decline of the stock arises from absence of dividends, and I am clearly of the opinion that the interest of the stockholders will be promoted to the tall extent of any supposed Government bonds were active in New York to-dar, A. and strong up to the close, when the following were the prices offered: U.S. Currency 6's, 1248; U.

8. 6's 1881 coupons, 1222; U.S. 5.20 1865 coupons, U.S. 5-20 1865 coupons, U. S.

5-20 1867 coupons, 1213: U. 9. 5-20 1868 coupons, U. S. 10-40 coupons, U.S.

5's 1881 coupons, New York Financial Matters. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET, Saturday, June 3. The following table shows the opening, highest and lowest prices of the day Opening. Highest. Lowest.

Y. Central. Li0 110 110 138 133 139 144 144 144 Lake 521 24 24 104 105 do. preferred. 603 603 603 Rock .106 1064 106 Cleveland and Pittsburg.

924 924 Milwaukee and St. 393 404 394 do. 698 69 Obio and 17 17 17 Union 60 60 C. and Ind. 43 Western Union 684 687 684 Atlantic and Pacific 15 15 15 Pacific 27 274 138 140 138 Stocks at the close were quiet and showed a reaction to 1 per cent.

from the best prices of the day. Railroad bonds were dull and firm P. M. Milwaukee and St. Paul.

La Crosse Division, sold at 103. and Union Pacific Sinking Funds at The following were the closing quotations for Pacitic Rallroad bonds Union Pacific Firsts 1048 to 1042: do. do. Land Grants 994 to 100; do. do.

Sinking Funds 891 to 898; Central Pacifica 1089 to 109. The transactions at the Stock Exchange to-das aggregated 88,700 shares. The following table shows the extreme fluctuations for the week in the leading Lowest. N. Y.

1094 138 14 134 Lake 54 Wabash 23 24 40 do preferred. 601 574 Rock Fort .103 103 Miiwaukee and St. Paul. 401 37 do preferred. 658 924 924 473 411 Union 60 594 Hannibal and St.

13 124 do. preferred 22 22 Ohio and Mississippi. 173 165 Missouri Pacific. 121 124 Western Union 684 658 Atlantic and Pacific Pacific 28 151 Wells, Fargo Co. 901 89i American Mer.

Union 63 63 The Lowell Manufacturing Company have declared a dividend of twenty collars ($20) per share, pavable June 8. RAILROAD EARNINGS. The following is a statement of the comparative earnings of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad Company for the fourth (4th) week in 1875............ 208,444 $87,556 From 1st to 31st (1 1875 718,465 From January 1 to May 31 (5 2.650,273 $432,812 The returns of the Atchison, Topeka end Santa Fe Railroad for the month of May show a large increase of earnings as compared with last miles (including leased 1875-507 107,644 LAND DEPARTMENT.

22,601 $81,499 NEW YORK BANK STATEMENT. 27. Loans. $251,492.700 17,368,500 Legal 49.290,400 Det osits. 208.978.700 16,009,200 NEW YORK, JUNE bank statement shows the continued accumulation of legal-tender and bank notes at this centre, the legal- tender.

average having been raised $2,476.100 during the past week, and there being an average of about $650,000 more National bank notes here than during the preceding week. The specie average is also $120,300 higher than last week, the receipts from Calltornia and other unreported sources accounting for this. The average of loans is reduced by $813,000, which reflects the diminished demand for bank accommodations from the mercantile community as well as rom the Stock Exchange. The circulation of the New York banks has been reduced an average of $115,400. It should be borne in mind that.

when business again becomes active and bank notes can be profitably employed, this circulation can be restored, and probably will be. Then will begin the only contraction which should be taken into account. when speele payment resumption by the Treasury 1s considered; for under the Resumption act there must be a destruction of United States legal tender notes to equal eighty per cent. of the new issues of National bank notes. Contraction of the legal tender note circulation is the only contrastion which will help the Treasury to resume.

The surplus reserve of the New York banks is now $16,456,150, and the New York banks now hold about $13,000,000 more legal tender notes than they did when the April currency tide turned in favor of New York city. The following is a comparison of the averages of the Clearing House banes for the past two Jane 3. DIfferences. $250.679,500 $813,200 17.488,800 120.300 51,766.500 2,476,100 211,196,600 Inc 2,217.900 15,943,800 115,400 COINAGE STATISTICS. WASHINGTON, JUNE total gold coinage for the month of May, as appears from reports received to-day by Dr Linderman, the Director of the Mint, was tradedollar subsidiary silver coinage, minor coinage, total number of pieces struck, 634; total value of the coinage, $5,696.840, This is regarded as a very large coinage.

The mints will close for the annual settlement about the 15th of June, which, it is expected, will occupy about two weeks. After the resumption of operations, subsidiary coinage, it is probable, will be at the rate or three millions a month. Of the amounts during May, 5.757.518 pieces, representing $1,301,680, were colned at Philadelphia; DOSTON POST. MORNING. JUNE 5, 1876.

NEWS ITEMS. Gamblers appear to be driving a flourishing business in Hartford, judging from a recent incident which is described by the Times of that city. On Wednesday it was ascertained that a young man of 17 had been fleeced out of $269 by gamblers, and subsequent investigation showed that the boy, when a lad of 14 years, was enticed into a gambling-house in that city, and led on by being permitted to win sums of money till he became passionately fond of gambling. Unknown to his father, he lost considerable sums of money, which he drew from the savings bank, and also money which he at a later day had earned, or had been furnished by bis indulgent father. During the past two years, the gamblers have taken upwards of $1000 from him.

A few days since they took $269 from him -the money belonging to the boy's sister. The father finding out this fact demanded of the gamblers a restoration of the money. He asked for no more. The larger sums had gone, and he did not care to recover them. But this sum of money, which was entrusted to the boy to carry to the home 01 his sister, was gobbled up by the gamblers in a few minutes after the youth left his father's office; and this the father was determined the gamblers should restore, though its should cost him thousands of dollars to recover it.

It was restored, and there the matter rests for the present. The Times learns that men are regularly employed by the gamblers to stroll about the city and draw in young men who are known to be in situations where they can procure money. They are coaxe1 and flattered and permitted to win something; but before long they are in the clutches of the gambJers and, what is worse than the loss of money, the young men are ruined. The season has fairly opened at Newport, and already we are told that upwards of fifty cottages are occupied for the summer. The weather of late has been delightful, the trees and shrubbery are arrayed in all their summer dress, and the season is at least a fortnight earlier than it was last year.

Bellevue avenue, the principal fasbionable drive of the city, is being brushed up, and before the majority of the fashionable equipages appear it will be in splendid order. The turnouts this year will be something marvellous for Newport, and will include the fashionable four-in-hand coaches that have lately created such a flutter in New York under the patronage of James Gordon Bennett, Col. Delancey Kane and others. Among the cottagers who have already arrived are Mr and Mrg W. W.

Sherman of New York, whose magnificent new house has just been completed, Hon. Levi P. Morton, John Carey, son-in-law of the late William B. Astor, F. S.

G. DeHauteville of New York, Mrs G. C. Cram, H. Allen Wright, J.

F. Pierson, Rear Admirals Case and Taylor. Mrs Julia Ward Howe and her daughter have taken possession of their unpretentious summer residence in the town of Portsmouth, near the Glen. Hon. George Bancroft, the bistorian, will take possession of his villa on Bellevue avenue on June 9.

Newport by death has lost many of its well-known summer residents within the past year, among the number being Mrs J. W. Chanler, daughter of the late William B. Astor; Mrs William B. Hatch, Miss daughter of the Hon.

August Belmont; William Tilden Blodgett, George Griswold Gray, W. 0. Stone, the artist; Mrs E. M. Willett, E.

M. Willett, Judge Samuel Blatebford, J. Allen Post, Mrs Charles Morgan, all of New York: Miss Charlotte Cushman, Dr Samuel G. Howe, Horatio Harris, and John Borland of Boston, and Miss Julia R. Newberry of Chicago.

London has lately been basking to an unprecedent degree in the rays of royalty. The Queen has been about more than usual; the Prince of Wales is still the cynosure of all eyes; the Empress Augusta of Germany has only just left, and King George of Hanover and Queen Mary have just arrived. The Empress Eugenie is apparently permanently established at Chiselhurst, and Den Carlos has replaced the Duke of Aumale at Twickenbam. The Empress Augusta, a very intelligent and active- minded old lady, made herself very much at home here, going about a good deal in society, and studying the scientific, literary and artistic groups in interviews with selected typical specimens. She is said to have been very much pleased with her visit, and to have carried back with her to Berlin strong English sympathies.

The visit of the ex-royal family of Hanover had to be postponed until the departure of the German Empress, but the one followed very quickly on the other. Indeed, a very slight delay on the one side, or precipitance on the other, would have brought them face to face on Dover pier. This contingency was, however, happily avoided, and the military and naval big- wigs of the port, having put on their best clothes to do honor to the Empress, kept them on far another hour or so as mark of respect for the dethroned King and Queen. The Kiog and his family had a very hearty family welcome from the Prince and Princess of Wales, and the other Princes and Princesses who were in town. There was quite a bout of cousinly kissing and embracing all around.

King George is quite blind, but fond of literature and the arts, He has a considerable fortune, but of course he has not a ghost of a chance of ever recovering his kingdom. Sensible people are beginning to get rather tired of the extravagant way in which the Prince of Wales's journey is spoken of, as if, in these days, a visit to India without accident were an altogether marvellous and unprecedented event. Many thousands of people do it every year as a mere matter of course, like taking walk in the park or a run to Brighton. The Philadelpbia Times describes a couple of remarkable women who are connected with the Centennial Exhibition. One of these is Miss Emma Allison of Ontario, who has the entire charge of the Baxter portable engine of six-borse power.

She ie by no means a soot-begrimed and oil-covered Amazon, but, on the contrary, of neat and cleanly appesrance and a bighly-educated and refined young lady. Of the brunette type, medium height, well-formed, possessing a gentle disposition and much vivacity and good sense in conversation, she affords no little attraction to visitors as the dexterously manages her iron pet and tells them all about it. Her dress is neat, and she makes it a point to keep both engine and room in the perfection of tidiness. She believes that if so many male engineers did not find such apparent delight in plastering themselves all over with soot and making their engine rooms perfect specimens of disorder and filth, women would long ago have looked with favor upon the occupation. Another lady whose natural ability has taken an entirely different direction is Mrs Maxwell of Colorado.

She early acquired a taste for hunting, and she roamed the forests about her home, sometimes in company with her husband but more often alone, and within the past ten years has shot and killed over four hundred wild animals, such as bears, wolves, panthers, foxes, etc. She learned the art of stuffing the animals thus brought down, and many of the specimens now exhibited in Eastern museums were killed and prepared by this lady. She has, however, saved about 200 of the finest specimens, besides a large number of stuffed birds, and these are exhibited in the Colorado building. Her age is about 35, but she looks almost ten years younger. In manner she is very modest and unassuming.

The telegraph has already furnished a brief description of the lynching of six murderers, who killed an aged couple named Harmon, in Edgefield county, South Carolina. The scene of the lynching was near the residence of the murdered Harmons, a point about twenty-five miles from Abbeville, and thirty from Edgefield Court House. The discovery of the dogwood club and the confession of one of the murderers led to the immediate arrest of five other men and of three women who were likewise implicated. The examination by the coroner's jury conclusively demonstrated the guilt of all six of the men. all of whom, indeed, confessed to having participated in the murder and robbery of the aged couple.

The examination being concluded, the coroner formally delivered the prisoners into the possession of Sheriff Ricbardeon, who was present. He had DO sooner received them into his custody than he was approached by a party of men, who told him that they would relieve him of any further trouble, and at once bound and blindfolded him. The prisoners were then immediately formed into line, and having been given five minutes in which to pray, they were all shot to death. Upward of five hundred people were present, about fifty of these being colored. There was no excitement, and the whole proceeding was conducted with the utmost deliberation The lynchers openly acknowledged their participation in the affair afterward, and expressed their willingness to submit to any authorized tribunal.

The feeling among the colored people was as strong against the murderers as among the white people, and they even say that if the whites did nothing, the colored people would take the law into their hands. The prisoners testified that the three women were present at the murder, but were not more directly concerned in it. The lynchers turned them loose, upon condition that they leave the country forthwith. All the lynchers were from the counties of Abbeville and Edgefield. They listened quietly to remonstrances of some of the older persons present, but said they were fixed in their resolve.

Nine-tenths of those present, and at least an equal proportion of the citizens of the county, approve of the lynching. The New Hampshire Legislature assembles at Concord on Wednesday next, and the inauguration of Gov. Oheney will take place on the following day. The political standing of the Legislature is thus stated: In the House there are 211 Republicans and 179 Democrats total, 390 members Republican majority, 32. In the Senate, 9 Republicans and 3 Democrats.

In both branches, 402 members Republicans, 220 Demoorate, 182; Republican majority on joint ballot, 38. It will be seen that the Republicans have a sufficient mijority to give them entire control on all matters that may divide members according to party lives. There will doubtless be a speedy organization, and after the inauguration of the Governor for which considerable preparation is making both Houses will be ready for the business of the session. The election of a United States Senator to succeed Cragin, and to make provision for the Constitutional Convention, in accordance with the vote of the people last March, are the only important publis measures to be acted upon, unless some partisan legislation should be undertaken by the Republican majority. The canvass for the Senatorship is now being very briskly carried on by the Republican candidates, who number a dozen at least, but no one of them as yet appears to bave a sure thing of it.

Messrs Rollins, Stearns, Ela, Marston, Stevens, and the rest of them, are eagerly counting their chances, while the present incumbent, Cragin, is quietly waiting for his rivals to demolish each other. The gentlemen prominently mentioned as Democratic candidates are Hon. Jobn G. Sinclair, Hon. Harry Bingham, George A.

Bingham and Hon. A. Hatch, either of whom would fill the position with credit to themselves and the State. The Savings Bank Commissioner reports the number of individual depositors as 100,191, The sixty-eight institutions for the reception of cavings have deposits amounting in the aggregate to increase during the year of $983,578. The Insurance Commissioners report the number of home companies at sixteen; towns at six.

The State Mutual and New Hampshire Stock companies are in about the same situation as for the last year. Seventy fire and marine companies of other States are licensed to do business in New Hampshire. These, in 1876, have paid losses to the amount of 012, against $266,189 paid for 1875. It will strike the majority of even right-thinking persons that the Presbyteriap Assembly has taken strict and too radical ground in regard to what is termed "promiscuous danoing." By this term is meant any dancing in which both sexes partioipate; but as there would be very little dancing in society with men and women dancing by themselves, the attack of the Assembly means the utter condemnation of this popular amusement. This attaok is ill-timed and unwise for at least two general reasons.

In the first place it cannot succeed, and in the second place it ought not to succeed. The Virginia "hoedowns" and the dances of the Nautch girls are neither of them "promiscuous," and yet even our Presbyterian friends would hardly claim that they were more refined on the one side or moral on the other than the graceful and pertectly proper dances which form the staple amusement of American society. Dancing is fine art as much as music is. One should be the barmony of motion as the other the harmony of sound, and they are intended to go together. There may be sacred as well as secular dances, and if the Shakers have any absurdities in their religion, their dancing is not the greatest.

Against excesses in dancing the clergy have a right to preach, just as they have a right to protest against excesses in eating, drinking, dressing, but regarding the thing itself, which is as innocent as it is attractive, they should speak guardedly, for their statements show that they are more frequently inspired by their prejudices than by positive knowledge. RAILROAD third adjourned meeting of the Directors of the Union Pacific Raitroad was held Saturday. No business was transacted, and the meeting was further adjourned to September It is reported that the fast train to New York over the Boston and Albany Railroad is soon to make the distance between Boston and Springfield (ninety -eight miles) in two hours and a The Old Colony Railroad is putting in a new turn-table at South management of the Framingbam and Lowell Railroad will put on the first regular Sunday train ever run over it on the 11th of this month. It will leave South Framingham shortly after 7 A. M.

and arrive at Lowell at 8.45 A. Boston and Lowell road schedules eighty-five daily paseenger trains. At its Mystic wharf about one thousand tops ef coal are now daily handled. Grain cars come close alougside of the water and charge their freight directly into the holds of vessels. BOSTON POST COURT RECORD.

U. S. CIRCUIT COURT-JunE 3. Betore Judge CLIFFORD. Glover Sanford et al.

v8 Merrimac Hat Company. -This was a bill in equity brought to seek relief in the matter of an alleged infringement of letters-patent granted to Frederick S. Sanford and Dwight Wheeler April 10, 1866, for a new and useful improvement in sewing machines for sewing sweat linings to hats, and by the patentees subsequently assigned to the complainants. 1 be defence was that the complainants are not the sole owners of the patent; that the right for the State of Massachusetts is beld by John B. Stanwood, that a previous suit had been dismissed by agreement of the parties, and that substantial parts ot the invention haa been in previous use, Heard.

Edw. Avery and C. O. Morse for comol'ts; W. W.

Swan for resp't. U. 8. DISTRICT COURT-June 3, Before Judge LOWELL. Motions were heard.

The following petitions in bankruptcy were filed during the week ending June 3: Voluntary -Ernst Becker of Boston, Benj. Remick of Bosten, James H. Lombard of Boston, Alexander Ruth Horace G. Littlefield of Lynn, Patrick K. 0'Lalley of Boston, Stoughton B.

Holden Lutper L. Holden of Boston, Wm. Cunningham of Boston, Daniel C. Shine and John I. Shine of Boston (copartners as D.

C. Shine Eugen C. Akers of Worcester, Nathan S. Chamberlin of Marlboro, Michael R. Manley of Cambridge, Schuyler S.

Scrioner of Malden, Kuben A. Adams of Cambridge, George F. French of Boston, Thomas Hunt Boston, Luke A. Wilder of Boston, George Pierce of Worcester. Wm.

F. Bull and George W. Hill. both of Lynn (copartners as Hill Brothers), Javez Sears of Beston, Geo. W.

Mayall of Melrose. InvoluntaryJohn Pinder et al. vs Alonzo F. Travis Natick: Charles A. Bardwell et als.

vs Henry E. Gaylord of Nouth Hadley; A. Currier Sons et als. vs Wm. H.

Balch of Maiden. SUPERIOR COURT-(First Session) -June 3. Before Judge DEWEY. In oraer No. 122.

The entire list is as vs Doherty. 8386-Ward vs Volans. 1138-Baldwin vs Romans. 2878-Piers vs Gay. 2234-Gray vs Boston.

4820-Wood vs Citizens' In8056-Spurr vs Flynn. surance Company. SECOND Before Judge entries In order, the post list. The entire Mst is as vs Ingalls. 3553-Sanborn vs City of Cambricge.

5675-Allen VS Proctor, 6251-Driscoll vs Walsh. 6297-Treadwell vs Hayward. 899-Homer vs Perkins. 5443-Cusick v9 Inhabitants of Brookline. 6007-Putnam vs Home Insurance Company 4815-Wood vs Firemen's Insurance Com pany, 4819-Same vs Builders' M.

Insurance Company. SESSION. GARDNER. on the January supplemental 5635-Carpenter VS Farnsworth. 6341-Foltz vs Rich.

6395-Kelley vs Hickey. 5343-Lent vs Howes. 5349-Bailey vs Hull. 4487--O'Neil vs McCarty. 4763-Riley vs Jackson.

4479-Trickey vs Boyden. 3153-McKinney vs Lynch. 4713-Ward vs Kearns. 1171-Brockway vs Pierce. 1283-Boston City Flour Mills Vs Boston and Albany Railroad Co.

wife, was held tor trial until to-dav. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS Middlesex County. MUNICIPAL COURTS-June 3. Before Jndge Chamberlain John Kelly, for the larceny of a book, was sent to jail for three months. John CADovaD, for breaking and entering an unoccupied house, No.

24 Phillips street, was held in 1200 for trial at the Superior Court. Maria R. Twine, on a charge of concealing mortgaged preperty, was discharged, no evidence as to the existence of the mortgage being produced. Maggie Sullivan, for assaulting per mother. was sent to the House of Industry for three months.

John McDonald, tor assanitiog Wm. Riddle with a krite, was beld in $300. Daniel Wood, obstructing sidewalk with his buggy, paid $10. Hubert Laily, charged with a telonious assault on Margaret Haley, was held in $1500 for trial. The woman was held in $300 as witness.

In the East Boston Court, the case of Henry Dunton, charged with adultery with Jemima Walker, came up by continuance, but there was no evidence to convict Dunton and he was discharged. In the Bunker Hill Court, Rebekah Goldstein, charged with malicious mischief, bad her case continued until Wednesday. A fellow named Richard Jordan, charged with assaulting bis Concord-F. Hayward to G. D.

Palmeter, $1850, buildings 7 acres, north side New Bedford road; also 10 acres, old Bedford road and Virginia road, Maiden-S. S. lates to J. H. Talbot et $3500, buildings, south half lot 116, 3150 feet, corner of Lynde and Union streets; V.

M. Hiil to W. S. Baker. $3500, buildings, lot 10, 5000 feet, Granville and Sea View avenues; P.

Sargent et al. to D. Lawrence, $480 85, 4808 5-10 feet, lot 9, Davis and Pleasant streets. Weston-G. F.

Harrington to T. F. Harrington, $2500, 3 acres, acres. on Davis, Warren. Bemis and Bigelow, Waltham-H.

Hammond to R. A. Jones, $350. land on Hammond street. Newton-H.

Claflin to L. J. Calley, $1000, buildings, lot 1, School street Woburn-H. Johnson to L. B.

Russell, $4000, part of buildings, 26,000 feet, east side Beacon street. Cambridge-M. Broderick to C. Drum. $3000.

butidings, lot 127, 4030 feet, porth west side Spruce street: W. Muilen to J. Boyle, $4500, buildings, corner South Third and Charles streets. E. Currier to W.

W. Bowker, $980, lots 20 and 22. Richardson street. Arlington-G. H.

Hills, executor, to D. N. Skillings, $5700, double house, southwest side Arlington avenue and on Academy street, 26 rods. Bedford-W. E.

Banfield to I. Banfield, $750, 27 acres, road to Billerica. Hopkinton-F. G. Hubbard to L.

F. Hubbard, $1600, buildings, 29 acres, west side High street. Norfolk County. Hyde Park-Wm. W.

Lowe to Abbie wife of Martin W. Damon, northeast side Child street, 6375 feet, buildings, $2900, Hyde Park Metbodist Episcopal Church to Chas. Haley, north side Winthrop street, 9700 feet, $2000. Medway, and Franklin Barnard to Delia wife of Joseph Littlefiela. 80 acres, buildings, $4000.

Weymouth-Mary A. Blanchard to Jonn Cahill, southerly side Broad street, 7-16 of an acre. buildings, $2600. as Frost to Eliza wife of Emery A. Wheeler, west side Railroad street, acres, buildings, $2800.

Quincy--Howard Gannett to Annie I. Albee, northeast side Winthrop avenue, 11,250 feet. $2547 44. John D. Wells to Dora A.

French and Josephite M. Wright, south side of Greenleaf street, 13,100 feet, buildings, $4150. Franklin-Daniel Lawrence to Alice wife of Charles Abbe, about 81 acres in three parcels, $5000. Wrentham-Marv, wife of Max Bawman, to Joseph T. Bacon.

southwest side or South street (Ucombs's acres, $2100. Auction Sales. Albert Howe sold the James MeKenney estate at Allston, June by order of the administratrix, The land, 27,000 feet, and buildings on Summer street to Joseph McKenney at 58 cents per foot. Lot on Allston street. containing about 30.500 feet.

to George H. Floyd, of Boston, for 44 cents per foot. J. F. O.

Hyde sold on Friday the three- story brick house No. 35 Buckingham street, by order of mortgagees, for $7000. to E. D. Goodrich, cash.

I'be mortgage was for $8000, and the house has been valued at $10,000 or more. C. W. Sawyer sold wooden house 96 Bartlett strees to George Pearson for $3304. G.

M. Atwood Co. sold 14.000 feet of vacant land on Harvard street. Cambridgeport, for $3000. to James Jones.

Also house No. 85 Chandler street, to Jacob Fox. for $1925 above first mortgage of $8000, interest and taxes. Brick house No. 5 Wall street, for $6000.

Sales Te-day, By J. K. Porter Co. at 3 o'clock, mortgagee's sale of brick house No. 160 Mt.

Vernon street, next to the corner of Brimmer street. By Louis Congdon at 4 o'clock, in Situate, assignee's sale of toe property formerly occupied by William H. Healy, between Border street and the river, about 30 acres of land on which is a good house of 12 rooms. MARRIAGES. In this city, June 1, by Rev A Gordon, James Baker to Miss Tryphima Can.

both of Boston. Jnne 1, by Rev Winkley, Darius Stockwell to Miss Elizabeth Chandler, June by Rev Dr Blagden assisted by the bride's father, Charles Talbot of New York, to Caroline Crowninshield, daughter of Rev John Phillips. At Dorchester. June 1, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev James Brshford, Mr James O'Hara to Annie Pierce, daughter of Edward Pierce. At Medford, June 1, at the Unitarian Church, by Rev De Long.

Benjamin Haves, Esq, to Mary daughter of Thomas Harlow. At Winchester, June 1, by Barnes, Dr Edwin A Colby of Lowell, to Miss Minnie youngest daughter of John Ret, Symmes. At Newport, RI, June 1, by Rev Dr Mercer, Charles Cutting of Boston to Mary Betton of New York. DEATHS. years, Peabody, June 4, Eben King.

At Duxbury. May 29, Laura A Winsor. At Springfield, May 27, Mrs Lydia Chase Wilson, 82 years 11 months. DEATHS IN BOSTON -For the week ending Saturday, June Ward 5 Ward 0. Ward Ward 14...........

Ward 3.. Ward 15..... Ward Ward 16.. Ward Ward 17.. Ward Ward 18..

Ward Ward 19.. Ward Ward 20. Ward Ward 21.. Ward 10, Ward 22, Wara 11.... 6 Ward 23.

Ward 12... 3 Ward 24.. City Massachusetts Hospital. Carney Other Institutions. ..12 Whole number of deaths.

129; American parentage, 54; foreign parentage, 75. June 3, Peter Morton of South Boston, aged 53 years. AGP Funeral at bouse, corner of Fourth and streets, on Tuesday, June 6, at 4 PM. In this city, June 3. Mrs Henry Rice, aged 78 years.

BOP Funeral services will be held the Arlington Street Church, on Tuesday at 12 o'clock. June 3, Nancy Morriil, widow of the late Joseph Morrill, 80 years, 2,661,000 pieces, representing 83,814,000, at San Francisco; and 1,797,116 pieces, representing $581,160, at Carson. pieces, 83,814,000, U. S. SUB-TREASURY, BOSTON.

The following was the report at the close of business this (Saturday) afternoon, (June Totai 03 Coin 6,027.380 63 Customs for 216,546 83 Imports at Boston. LIVERPOOL, Eng. Steamer Atlas-19 cases steel Jackson-166 bdls steel Douglas Axe Mfg earthenware Pierce Robert son-1 cask eartbenware Dariing, Providence-14 cases brandy Davies-41 cases Frost wine Childs-2 cases paper A A Pope co-3 cases cottons Adams-10 cases ultramarin Weeks, Dupee Soren-2 cases card cloth Murdock, Letcester-1 case machinery Jas Belers-1 do do Saco Water Power co, Biddeford-2 cases machinery Merrick Thread co, Holyoke-1 case buckram Dennison co-1 case boots Prof Asa Gray-1 box L. Hodges2 cases machinery A March co-6 cases thread Ross, curper co-1 do do Sibley, Camner co-1 do do Haven Wright-12 grindstones 1 case shank stenes Jackson-10 bales hemp Saxonville Mills-2 casks earthenware Briggs5 chests indigo box samples Slade-40 bags cochineal box samples Howe Goodwin-8 cases thread American Net 00-15 crates earthenware William Gould co-32 cases steel Jere Abbott-14 do do Richards-5 cases toys Gay Wolfe-1 case veneers Jas Alexander-1 case books Estes Lauriat-1 bale carpets Cushing-1 case worsteds Miller Bros co-1 case twist Wilson Merrill-30 dales burlads Balley-8 bales Jute Sampson, Hall co-6 bales jute clote 20 casks skins Baring Bros co -7 cases yarn Boston Elastic Fabric co-1 case hardware Sanders Creswell59 bars iron Moors CO-12 cases window glass McPherson-1 case Freeman, North Adams-1 case chants' Despaich co-4 casks peint King co-1 case books Gale-2 do do Little, Brown co-1 case Houghton Dutton-2 cases hardware Lewis Coleman co-40 casks salted skins Booth co-2 cases seal skins A Slocum-1 bale feathers 2 cases skins Jacob Norton-2 cases skins Martin Bates son-2 pkgs Ashcroft-5 cases worsted Boyce56 bales hair Chase co-210 boxes tin Fuller, Dana Fitz-22 cases 44 bars 4 rolls steel 18 bdis wire reds Nayler cc-10 cases yellow metal Willett, Hamlin co-100 boxes Iron 2 bales Williston, Knight co-20 pkgs earthenware Pierce Robertson-200 cases oranges A Brown CO2 pkgs hardware French Coffin-42 pkgs chairs Buck son-50 cases oranges Hooper co-15 do do James Alexander-11 cases 39 bdis steel Wethereli Bros-1 parcel Joan do Howe French-1 do Whitting-1 00 A Williams co -I box American and European Express co1 hamper live fowls Perry-1 case Prof Anthony. Cambridge-2 pkgs ten Macedon-1 parcel Austin-1 do Goodrich Stoke, Chicago-1 do Faxon.

Elms co-1 do Lane Hubbard-1 do Geo Breen-1 do Miller Bros co-100 cases moulds Providence Tool co-1 case White co-1 do Elms. Warmer co-1 do Hogg, Brown Taylor-5 cases I parcel Wm Lowry 00--51 cases oranges 88 boxes fruit Tulley co--1 case crape A Hastings- do do Cooke3 cases thread Leeson cc-9 cases 1 parcel Stoddard, Lovering prgs 11 boxes 1 parcel A crates earthenware 13 bales cotton 2 cases iron tubes 998 boxes tin 210 bales coir yarn 2 cases cardamoms 34 casks 66 tierces soda ash 22 cases wool varns 6 bales paper 70 cases oranges 10 bdis potash 7 bales empty bags 1 pkg pictures 1 pkg colors order. French Goods-4 pkgs Hogg. Brown Taylor-2 do Hovey co--I do A Cald well co-1 do Prof Walcott Gibbs -I do A Chandler-1 do Smith-1 do Thompson Odell-2 do Horace Partridge co-3 do Camille, Reed co1 cask porcelain Davis-1 pkg Wheelock. Jones co-1 do Moors co--I do Beebe son-2 do A Berger do Rogers- I do French co-1 do Wra Bellamy -I do Shoenhoft Moeller-3 do Lee Boulanger-2 do A Snow -3 do order.

CADIZ. Sc Walter Parker -85 bales corkwood 71 bales corks 31 casks wine bbla do 20 octave do Clark co -3 butts wine 6 hhds do Williams-3 butts wine casks sherry Dunbar co-205 lasts salt 35 qr casks sherry 50 octaves wine order. PONCE, PR. Sch Druid-151 puncheons molasses 26 tierces do 20 bbie sugar Sprague, Soule co. HILLSBORO', NB.

Sch Rose --213 tons coal order. Receipts of Leather and Hides--June 3. Leather--Boston and Albany Rallroad-54 bdis domer Bros -40 do McKay, Dovle co-3 do A Tower-10 do Blake co-3 do A Thompson co-10 do Blaney-96 rolls Coon. Crocker Hobart-6 do Tnompson co-16 do Franklin, Upton co-30 do 0. Bishop co-10 do Cutter Bros co-5 do Sawtelie-4 do Atherton, Hall co-19 do Johnson, Eaton co-5 do Thomas Procter-22 do Watrous-20 bdls 10 boxes A Adams co-10 rolls 39 bdis Corey co-22 bdls 4 casks 1 crate Pratt co11 rolls 7 bdls Hobart Dwyer-3 bags, A D.

Nichols. Old Colony anc New port rolls 25 bdls 3 cases order. Boston and Lowell Railroad-69 bdis 19 bags Pratt CO10 rolls Knight Daniels-9 do Russell, Johnson co-20 rolls Lewis co-84 rolls Cook. BosteD and Maine Railroad-15 bdis Homer Bros-23 rolls A Roberts. Fitchburg Kal roac-36 bdls 34 bass Allen, Field Lawrence-20 rolls Corey co-34 rolls A co-17 rolls Jones co-32 rolls 0 Safford co-21 rolls HO Rodgers1155 sides Hersey, Washburn co-2278 do Thomas Procter -6 rolls Edwards Brackett.

Portland -Steamer John Brooks -20 bdis JO Saflord co-3 bdis order. New York--Steamer Glaucus-97 rolls 52 bdls order. By Express -Munroe Arnold's Peavody Express-265 sides Atherton, Hall co-24 rolls Henry Poor son-52 rolls Hull co-10 rolls EW Gilbert-10 do Potter, White Bayley -10 do Tigh-53 do Pinder Winchester-23 do Osborn jr co-25 do I James-10 do Warren Pratt -25 do Higbee Foster-14 do Frye co-4 do Webster co-2 do Smith-13 do Bill Almy-18 do A A Messer -13 do Allen, Field Lawrence -2 do Butter -5 do Hubbard Blake-4 do Pemberton Bros-1 do Beebe CO-24 roin: Davis Bros Co-120 do order. Moulton Co's Salem Ext rolls Homer Bros-31 do Potter-2 do Nash-18 do WE Gilmore-24 do Marsh Bros-42 do Dewson. Williams co-3 do Hill Almy-70 do Higbee Foster -20 do Nichols Dalton-21 do Hili Almy-412 sides Henry Poor son-30 roi 8 order.

Merritt Co's Salem Express250 rolif Boyd. Corey co-23 do Stowe, Bills Whitney-2 do Putnam -25 do Hull c0-33 do Homer Bros-6 do Moore-15 do Ball Almy-17 do Glibert-20 do 0 Wiison-41 do Field co-12 do Hull co-12 do Moore co-77 do Haskell co. Other Sources268 rolls orcer. Rides--Boston and Albany Railroac-3 bales dry hides Edwards Brackett-10 bales dry hides 56 bdls green bides Johnson. Eaton co.

Grand Junction Railroad-500 green bides Perry, Cutler co. Ola Colony and Newport Railroad19 hide: 4 bdl: skins order. Boston and Lowell Railroa-5 bels skins A Wyman. Boston and Maine Railroad-19 green hides 4 bd calf skins Buck. Fitchburg Railroad-23 bals hides Briggs.

New York-Steamer Glaucus-153 bdls green salted hides 2 hhds skins order. Foreign Exports. I ANNAPOLIS, Sch Home -65 bbis four-15 bbis 2 bags corn meal-6 do cut logwood-1 do tustic-1 cam wood-200 the soda ash -3 bbis tar--I do pitch-1 do bread box oranges -l do lemons-1 melodeon-1 soda fountain-10 pkgs soapstone facing -5 hf chests tea. ST JOHN, NB. Sch Dom Pedro-100 bbis spirits -5 tons marble-100 bales oakum-75 pkgs furniture-67 bals shovels6 pigs glassware-ll bbls kerosene oil -139 rolls sheathing paper-20 bbis pitch -10 bbls tar-10 bdis shatts-25 tubs lard -309 feet ash lumber-18 boxes mase.

Sch -100 bbis corn meal -200 bbis flour-8 tons marble55 boxes canned fruit-23 pkgs furniture. CHARLOTTE OWN PEI. Sch Asseo-21 bbis corn meal -114 bbis kerosene oil -35 bbis porgies-65 boxes haruware150 pkgs woodenware-400 rolls tarred paper-32 bbls pitch41 pkgs furniture-15 bbls beans-1526 bars 176 bdls rod iron50 pkgs glassware-3 pieces marble-11 doors-3 bdls windows -5 bbls 3 boxes dyestuffs-700 feet walnut lumber. WINDSOR, NS. Sch Dyer-37 pkgs hardware-5 chests tea-1 bale cotton waste-2 bbis turpentine-141 pkgs furniture-1 box feet wainut lumber.

MATANZAS, Cuba. Bark Geo Kemp-1177 bdls shooks 13 casks 194 bdls heads-4 horse rakes-8 tyres-8 Iron huds 4 cases axles-1 box bolts. CAPE VERDISANDS. Brig Nellie feet shirgies-150 cases kerosene oil-2 hhds leaf tobacco-343 bbis bread-280 bbis dour-100 bbis corn meal400 bush furniture-4 cases domestics-4 trunks cloth caps. Cotton June 3.

By Rail--Grand Junction Railroad-35 bales Lockwood Mfg 00-34 do Ward. Total 69 baies. By Sea -New York--Steamer Glaucus-804 bales order. Total receipts-873 bales. Wool June 3.

Boston and Albany Railroad-35 bales Hilton. Weston co-10 do Hard ing, Gray Dewey-2 do Perry, Cook Tower -18 do Fenno. Sou co-40 a0 Nichols, Dupee co-35 do Wright, Worster Deiano-11 do Tracy, Purdy co-16 do A Sawyer. Grand Junction Rallroad-138 bales Sawyer. Lowel! Railroad-2 bales Garrison Rodlifte.

Boston and Maine Railroad-4 bales order. Fitchburg Railroad36 bales Chamberlin Bros co. New York -Steamer Glaucus -165 bales order, Total receipts-507 bales domestic. Flour Boston and Albany B. Consignees.

Bbls. Crockett 50 Williams Cutting, Winca 200 UpDam 100. Nazro ..399 Allen Woodwort n. .....100 TE 55 Woodward. Brown 100.

Cutler 100 Cummings Gilman. Chenev 300 Robinson 100 Page. Southara co. ...200 Hosmer, Crampton HamWriht 200 Greenouga 100 2824 Junction A Hunt co. .....100 June 3.

Bbls. 'D Coolidge Varney ...100 100 100 Lyon. Dupuy 700 Lowell RR. Dort. Heald co.

.300 Plumer .100 Cummings 500 Providence b. Robinson Homer, Crampton Hammond. .100 200 New York -Steamer Giaucus. Fenno 100 Tetal Grain 3. Boston and Albany Rauroad-400 pusb corn Bangs, Scudder co-800 do do Sumner Crosby son-1400 bush oats Hathaway Woods -1400 bush oats Loud co-400 do corn Lord, Raulett co-700 do oats Reynolds co-1000 busa shorts Woodwara, Brown co-700 do oats Wheeler.

Grand Junction Railroad-52 0 bush corn Brigham co -400 do corn Barrett Ireland-400 do do Crocket Bros-100 do do Davis Taylor-1600 do do Greer co-800 Kinsell, Tabor co-800 do co Lord, Raniett co-1000 do do Lamson-6400 do do Chapman co-1000 bush shorts Powers, Melvin co-400 do corn WT Baker co-2000 do do True co-4800 do do J. Woods. Fitchburg Railread800 bush corn amson-400 do corn Gilman, Cheney co -1400 do oats Reynolds co-700 do do Goodwin, Locke co-700 do do Crowel son-750 do do Gardner, Stone c0-750 do do Hosier, Cramuton Hammond-400 do corn Jackson Morse-1150 do shorts Wheeler-700 do oats Lord, Ranlett co-50 do wheat Cushing co. Lowell Railroad-1000 bush shorts Crocket Bros -700 bush cats order. Total corn: 9900 bush oats; 50 bush wheat; 4150 bush shorts.

Meal 3. Boston and Maine Railroad-118 bbis corn meal Davis Taylor. Fitchburg Raltroad-100 bbls corn meal Cushing co. New York-Steamer Glaucus-100 bbis oat meal Bowdlear co-20 do do George Cheever. Total receipts-218 bbis corn meal: 120 bbls oat meal.

Provisions 3, Boston and Albany Railroad-50 tierces lard Wright CO -50 tierces hams Bell co-81 dressed hogs Lyman Belknap CO--23 bbis tallow Barrett co-2 do do order. Grand Junction Railroad-52 tierces lard 125 boxes bacon order. Old Colony Railroad-3 bbis tallow order. Lowell Railroad--12 bbis tallow Reardon son. Boston and Maine hbd tallow Moore Barrett.

Fitchburg Railroad -65 bbls beet Baldwin, Farnum Shapleigh-4 bbls tallow order. Eastern Railroad-10 bbis grease order. PortlandSteamer John Brooks-10 bbis tallow Robinson co. Total receipts- 64 bbis 1 bhd tallow; 65 bbls beef: 102 tierces lara; 50 tierces hams; 125 boxes bacon; 81 dressed bogs, Tea, Coffee, Sugar and Molasses Receipts. June 3.

By Rail -Old Colony Railroad-50 hf chests tea order. By Sea--New York -Steamer Glaucas-115 hf chests tea 218 bags coftee 13 boxes sugar order, Portland-Steamer John Brooks-50 bbls sugar 25 hhds molasses Dana Bros. Total receipts-165 br chests tea; 218 bags cottee; 50 bbls 13 DoxEs sugar; 25 hhds molasses. Produce June 3. Eggs-7 bbls 247 boxes.

Butter-900 pkgs. Beans-221 bbis. Cheese-20 boxes. Boston 3. for the Boston Post.I FLOUR-There is a steady demand tor four and prices continue to be sustained for choice brands, but the sales have been contined to small lots.

We quote Western superfine at $3 common extras $4 2505; Wisconsin extras 75; Minnesota extras $5 75; winter wheat Ohio, Indiana and Michigan Illinois 25: and St Louis $6 9 bbl, including favorite brands. Southern dour is Arm but quiet at $7(09 bbl for medium and favorite brands family. Fancy Minnesota and Wisconsin extras are selling at 374 bb), including choice and and favorite brands. GRAIN--The market tor Corn is steady with sales of mixed and yellow at bush. Oats are in moderate demand at bush for mixed and white No tor rejected; and bush tor No 1 white.

at 85 (a bush. Shorts have been selling at Fine Feed at and Middlings at tor. PROVISIONS--There is a dull feeling for Pork and the sales have been confined to small lots. We quote prime at $17(a17 50; mess at 50; and clear and extra clear $23 bbl. In Beef the sales have been at 50 tor mess and extra mess, and bbl for family.

Lard is dull and in moderate demana at for City and Western: and Smoked hams at id, as to quality. City dressed bogs have been selling at 9c b. Cut meats remain the same with moderate sales. BUTTER--The market remains without change. The trade are purchasing in lots as wanted.

and extreme prices are difficult to realze. The sales of choice New York and Vermont have been at selected lots at some advance, and common to good b. There 18 a fair supply of Western butter OD the market, and the sales have been at 24c Db, as to quality, We quote New York and VermontFine dairies, Good to Common and Creameries Selected lots WesternFine Choice and Common to 180 20 CHEESE There is a dull feeling for cheese and it is now difficuit to obtain over 10c id for the best lots arriving. The sales have ranged from 4(a6c for common. and 9(a10c for factory.

with an occasional sale at 1lc b. We quote: New York and VermontChoice faetory. .......10 Common to 4 WesternChoice Common to EGGS-Stock large and demani moderate; prices are low and no prospect of any improvement. The sales of Eastern have been at Prince Edward Island and Northern at and Western dozen. We quote Eastern, Western and ...10 Prince Edward 12 (a 13 Northern, WHITE BEANS-The demand for white beans has been moderate and good mediums are not saleable at over $1 15 bush; Pea beans range from $1 40(a1 50 bush tor Western and Northern: Yellow Eyes at $1 bush: Red Kidneys have been selling at $1 40 bush, and dull.

We quote: Pea, Northern and Eastern, hand 50 Pea, Western, hand 45 Pea, common. 20 Medium, good and 15 Medium, common to 1 10 Yellow 1 00 POTATOES AND ONIONS- The market for Potatoes is dull and prices are low. The sales of Jackson Whites have been at Early Rose and common kinds at 9 bush. Bermuda onions are selling at crate, and in moderate demand. We quote Potatoes whites, Potatoes--Early Rose Potatoes--Other kinds .25 Onions.

Unions, new Bermuda. 1 75 00 HAY AND STRAW -Prime hay is scarce and market firm, with a steady demand. The sales of coarse Eastern and Northern have been at ton; and flue and medium grades 9 ton. In Rye Straw sales have been at ton. We quote: Easter and NorthernCoarse, $22 00 Medium 19 00 20 00 18 00 19 00 Swale nay, Bye straw.

27 000 a 025 00 STRAWBERRIES- supply of strawberries is large and prices are low. The sales have ranged from quart, and inferior at lower prices. COTTON-The sales of cotton have been in small lots but prices are steady. We quote ordinary at good ordiDary 108c: low middling middling and good middling at 9 including uplands and Gulf. SUGAR--The market is firm for sugar at 9 for fair and good refining.

Retined sugars have been in fair demand at 108c tor powdered: for granulated, and fb tor the ditterent grades of coffee crushed. Grocers' prices range from 109c 9 th for second and first quality granulated. Domestic Markets. 49 See Telegraph Columns for Markets, if any. GLOUCESTER FISH MARKET.

June 3-During the week ending June 3, 49 fishing arrivals have been repotted-35 from Georges Bank with an aggregate catch of 525,000 be salt codABb: 6 from Grand Ranks, with 195.000 Is ballbut: 6 from Western Banks with 300,000 bs salt codfish, and 2 from mackerel trips with 150 bbis. The mackerel fleet are arrivAng with small fares: sales were made at $4 15 8 bbl, as to quality, out of pickle. The receipts of Georges codfish have been very light and stock on hand small. We quote sales at $4 50 qtl, and firm. Western Bankers report fish scarce: taken as fast as it arrives for kench curing, for export, at $4 gtl: common $4 qtl.

Old Bank fish not on the market. We quote hake at $2 50 pollock at $275 for salt, and $3 50 for slack salted: haddock at $2 as to quality; cusk at $3: tongues and sounds at $10 bbl; hallbut fins at $9 50: ballbut heads at $3 50: pickled codfish $5 50. Round herring $3 75 bbl; smoked halibut at 7c prepared and boneless codfish at 5 to 7c 3 D. as to quality. Freeh ballbut in fair receipt; demand light and prices rule low: last sales of Bank at 34 and 8 ib for white and gray; Georges Shore dsh-The tew brought in sell readily.

We quote last sales at 24c Do for fresa codfish, and 14c for; haddock fresh mackerel $10 9 cwt. Telegrapo.) NEW YORK. June 3. 5 PM dull and unchanged at $5 for pots. Cotton strong and advanced 1-160; sales 4558 bales: 12 1-16c for middling uplands; delivered contract 2400 bales: futures advanced Flour--receipts 12.694 bbis: market in buyers favor with 2 limited export and home trade demand: sales 12,800 bbis: No at 50; supertine Western and State at $4 40; common to good extra Western and State at $4 00 20; goed to choice do at $5 25 65; common to choice white wheat Western extra at 85 78 fancy do $7 75; common Louts to good extra patent Ohio $4 Min- 90 common to choice extra St $5 nesota, extra good to prime $6 40: choice to double extra at $7 50, including 1500 bbis lew grade at $5 50; 2400 bbis City Mills extra $5 25: market closing quiet, Southern four unchanged; sales 1050 bbls: common to fair tra at $5(26 15; good to choice do at $6 Rye four unchanged; sales 300 bbis at $4 20 for Jersey superfine.

and Penn- Corn meal syivania at $2 active: 25; Brandywine $3 40(43 45. Wheatmore sales 1400 bbis: Western, receipts 218,141 bush: market about Ic better. with good export sales 344,000 bush: 98c for rejected spring: $1 07 08 for No 3 Chicago: $1 11 for No 3 Milwaukee; $1 17 18 for No 2 Chicago; $1 194 for No 2 Milwaukee: $1 21 for do to arrive. an extrem: $1 30 for No I spring; 91 07 26 for ungraded spring: $120 for Nos Canada 2 in and 3 winter red Western: 37 for winter red bond: $1 45 for white Western, latter for crop 1874. Rye firmer and active; 86 87c for Western: fur State: 96c for Canada 10 bond: 41.500 bush Western to arrive at 36(87c.

Barley quiet, Barley Malt quiet and unchanged. Corn -Receipts 33.698 bush; sound steady; unsound dull and declining; sales 147,000 bus for damaged and heated Western mixed; fer no grade mixed; for steamer mixed; Western for graded mixed; for ungraded new mixed: 59c for ungraded yellow Western; Southern also nominal; for yellow: 63 a 66c for white Southern: 20,000 bush grade mixed, June. part in settlement. Oats Western -Receipts 34,500 basn: sales 18,000 white busn; including for New mixed York and State: tor do, No 2 No 2 Chicago mixed No 2 Miiwaukee do 43c; New York No 40c. Hay heavy at 75c for shipping.

Hops quiet 15c for Eastern and Western; for New Yore State: nominal for Californians. Coffee -Rio quiet and unchanged; 1300 bags PT; quoted at 15 18c gold for cargoes; gola for job lots. Sugar quiet and unchanged for fair to good refining; 8c for prime: 500 hbds muscovado at 78c for fair redning; refined unchanged. Molasses dull and unchanged. Rice quiet and unchanged.

Petroleum quiet and nominal: crude 84c: retined at 143 Tallow tirm: 128,000 Is at Rosin unchanged at $1 75 tor strained. Turpentine heavy at 30c tor spirits. Eggs dull and unchanged; for State and 10(a) 12c 1or Western. Coai steady at for anthracite per cargo. Leather Arm; hemlock sole.

Buenos Ayres and Kio Grande light, middle ana beavy weights at California do at 20(a 22c; common do at Woot heavy; domestic fleece 58c: pullea unwashed at 10a25c: Texas at 15 (a 27c. Pork dull and lower: 100 bbis new mess at $18 1500 bbis July at $18 65(c 18 80; 1500 bbls August at 05. Beef dull. Beet hams quiet. Tierce beef dull.

CutmeatsW estern dull: middles lower 10c for Western long clear: 104 for city long clear: 200 boxes City long clear PT. Lard opened more steady and dull, but closed lower; sales 300 tca prime steam at $11 20, closing at $11 124: 1000 tierces July at $11 20 a 1) 25: 2750 tierces August at $11 30 11 40; 2750 tierces Septem ber at $11 524: all closing at laside prices Butter heavy; ter new Western; for do State. Cheese unchanged; for common to prime. SeedsLinseed quiet aud firm. Whiskey dull at $1 104 cid: held at $1 IL.

Freigbts to Liverpool -market tirmer: cotton, per sail, 5-16d: per steam, 5-16d: corn. per steam, wheat, per steam, 1000 104d. (By Telegraph.1 ST LOUIS, June 3-Whiskey higher at $1 10. Pork steady at $19 50. Dry salted meats--some inquiry: shou'ders at 64c: ciear rib sides 9c; aud clear sides 94c; held nigher.

Bacon quiet shoulders clear rib sides 10 a 104c; and clear sides Lard lower: current make 104c; and refined 114c. in the market but wanted and would bring full prices. Cattle-None here but wanted at tull prices. -2900 bbis tour 18,:00 busn wheat: 33.000 bush corn; 16,000 bush oats; 1009 bush rye; 100 hogs; 184 cattle. (By Telegraph.I CHICAGO, June 3-Cattie-Receiote 2500 head shipments 4000 head; market weak and tending downward; common and butchers stock 50: good to prime shipping steers $4 25(24 75; best $5(a 5 25 Hogs-Receipts 7500: ship ments 5000; market easy: light $6(26 10: beavy to packing $5 05; shipping Sheep -receipts 700; common to medium 25; best $1 50.

By Telegrapa. I MILWAUKEE, June 3- Flour quiet. Wheat firm; No Milwaukee $1 13: bard do $1 17; No 2 do $1 052; and No 3 do 99c. Corn in fair demaud. Oats steady; No 2 204C Rve steady: No 1 72c.

Barley duti, Freights steady; wheat to Buffalo 24c: to Oswego 54c. Receipts-7000 bbis four: and 174,000 buso wheat. Shipments-7500 bbis flour. 96,000 bush wheat. Telegraph 1 June 3-Flour dull.

Wheat dull: No 02 white Wabash $1 33; No 3 do $1 21: No 2 white Michigan $1 16: extra co $1 33: amber Michigan $1 234: No 2 do $1 07; No 1 red winter $135: No 2 do $101; No 3 red $1 07. Corn easter; bigh mixed 50c: low mixed 484c: No 2 white 494c: no grade 47c: damaged 104c. Oats firmer: No 2 314c: Michigan rejected 28c. Receipts-225 bbis flour: 30,000 bush wueat. 25.000 bush corn: 8000 bush oats.

Shipments-300 bbis four; 3000 bush wheat: 57,000 bush corn: 6000 bush oats. By Telegraph. i LOUISVILLE. Jure 3-Provisions steadier: pork $20. Bulk meats-shou'ders 62c; clear rib 94c; clear sides 94c.

Bacon -shoulders clear rib sides and ciear sides Lard--tierce keg 14c. Whiskey firm. CHICAGO, Jure 3-Flour quiet. beat active and Arm: No 2 Chicago spring at $1 No 3 Chicago spring at 914c; rejected do Corn easier: No 2 at Oats tirmer at 284c. Rye steady at 684c.

Barley moderately active at 58c. Pork lower at $17 80 Lard easier at 104c. Bulk meats firmer; shoulders at 64c; clear rib and clear sides 94(0 94c. Whiskey $1 09. bbls dour; 128,000 bush wheat: 269,000 bush corn; 77,000 bush oats: 9000 busa rye: 0000 busb barley.

Shipments-9000 bbis flour; 101,400 bash wheat; 242,000 bush corn: 71,000 bush oats; 420 bush rye. (By CINUINNATI, June 3-Pork firmer; sales at $13 25: held at close higher. Lard firmer; steam at 103c: kettle at Bulk meats firm: shouiders at bid. 610 asked: clear rib sides 9c cash, held bigher at the close; clear sides 94c. Bacon steady; shoulders clear rib and clearsides a and 10Ac.

Hogs in good demand and scarce; prices nominally unchanged: receipts 274; shipments 2000. Whiskey steady and firm at $1 07. CLEVELAND, June 3-Petroleum quiet and unchanged. PROVIDENCE. June 4-Printing cloths market closed flat at prices previously prevailing.

The sales of the week, as reported. foot up only 20,000 pieces at for standard and extra 64x64. Some of the print cloth mills are about to shut down until business improves. Cotton June 3. Telegraph to the Boston Post.1 LOUISVILLE-Market quiet; middling -Net receipts 130 bales; gross receipts 131 bales; exports coastwise 1053 bales; sales 99 bales; stock 15,576 bales: market quite; middling 114c.

-No receipts; stock 1006 bales; and market quiet; middling l1c. MEMPHIS--Net receipts 183 bales; gross receipts 183 dales; shipments 167 bales; sales 350 bales; stock 34,206 bales; market steaay: middling 11c. -Net receipts 190 bales: gross receipts 200 pales; sales 132 bales; stock 7976 bales; market dull; midaling l1c. BALTIMORE-Gross receipts 8 bales: exports coast wise 25 bales; sales 225 cales; and stock 4308 bales; market quiet; middling NEW ORLEANS-Net receipts 310 bales: gross receipts 815 bales: exports to Great Britain 749: bales; sales 1000 bales; stock 113,903 bales; matket quiet; middling CINCINNATI-Net receipts 17 bales: gross recaipts 17 bales; shipments 7 bales; sales 240 bales; stock 15,984 bales: market steady; middling 114c. NEW YORK-Net receipts 483 bales; gross receipts 1099 bales; sales 4558 bales; stock 181.970 bales: market strong; midding 12 1-16c: low middling 114c; good ordinary 10c.

CHARLESTON-Net receipts 75 bales: gross receipts 75 bales; exports coastwise 113 bales; sales 50 bales: stock 7073 bales: market quiet; middling AUGUSTA-Net receipts 20 bales; gross receipts 20 bates: stock 191 bales: market quiet; middling 11c; low middling 10c; good ordinary 84C. NORFOLK-Net receipts 248 bales: gross receipts 248 exports coastwise 997 bales; sales 140 bales; stock 5783 market steady; middling PHILADELPHIA-Receipts 97 bales. MOBILE--Net receipts 18 bales; gross receiots 18 bales: sales 500 bales: stock 19,294 bales; market quiet; middling 11, CONSOLIDATION -Net receipts at all United States ports for day 1'95 bales: to Great Britain 7591 bales; exports to France noue; exports to the Continent none; stock 775 bales. Freignts. NEW YORK, June From Shipping List.1-FreightsGrain freights to Europe have been moderately active at tirm rates.

but other branches trade have been extremely dull, with little in the aspect of affairs encouraging to the owners of tonnage. The considerable teet charters for Europe with grain during the week includes a few American vessels. but it is generally conceded that there is no protit in the bus ness at current rates, where the homeward voyage has to be made in ballast. Still, many owners prefer to keep their vessels in motions rather than lay them up, which inValves loss through depreciation, as well as from the incidental expenses of whartage, luterest, etc. Berth rates are stronger.

The engagements comprise-10 Liverpool, per sail, 30. 00 bush grain at 8d: and per steam, 87,000 bush grain. To London, per sail, 44.000 bush grain. chiefly at 83d, though inciuding one load below the inside figure; 100 bbis four at 2s 6d: and per steam, 22.500 bush grain, 10 104d. To Glasgow, per steam, 52,500 busa grain, To Bristol, per steam, 26,000 bush grain, 16d.

BALTIMORE. June 3-Freights-Grain charters have been active, and with light supply of available tonnage fu port, rates have advanced to 3d for bandy sized vessels but closed Friday 2d, at 68 quarters. Some advance also in petroleum charters, but business in other respects remain auli. Steamer room to Liverpool is in more limited supply and rates bigher. Steamer Diego cleared within the week with full cargo, and the Hibernian to leave 7th has most of her room engaged; quoted rate on grain 94d bush in ship's bags.

The charters for the week were as follows: A vessel of 3500 quarters grain. Cork for orders, at 6s 3d: one 4000 quarters, to arrive from the Delaware, to a direct port in the United Kingdom, at 6s; one of 2400 quarters, Cork for orders, 6s 6d and £10 gratuity; one of 4500 quarters. to a direct port 68 3d; one of 3300 quarters, to West coast of Ireland at 6s 9d: one of 3500 quarters, to arrive Cork for orders, 6s 9d; one of 7300 quarters. same voyage. 6s 3d; one of 3300 quarters do, 7s; one of 3500 quarters do, 7s 3d; one of 4000 quarters, do 78; one of 3000 quarters to arrive.

same voyage at 6s 6d: one 2800 quarters, do. 7s; one of 4000 quarters, do, at 68 9d: a Br. bark. 6600 bbis refined petroleum to Antwerp at 4s gd; a German bark, 4500 bbis do, to Bremen, 4s. SAILING OF THE OCEAN STEAMERS, FROM EUROPE.

Name. LEAVES FOR DATE. May 21 May 22 24 May 24 New May 24 May 24 City of May 25 Liverpool. May 25 State of May 26 May 27 New May 27 May 27 York. May 27 Glasgow.

May 27 Caspian. Liverpool. May 30 May 30 Boston. May 30 New May 31 Lord Clive. May 31 City of Liverpool.

June 09 June Britannic 00 FOR EUROPE. Somerset. Liverpool. 00 New June 00 00 June 00 City of 10 Liverpool. 10 June 10 New 10 10 10 15 FOR HAVANA, New Those with a star carry the mails.

Miniature June 5. HIGH WATER SUN MOON LENGTH OF DAY 10.45 A.M. 4.24 7.32 3.01 15 H. 08 M. SHIP NEWS RECORD.

PORT OF BOSTON, See Telegraph Columna. Saturday, June 3. ARRIVED. Cunard steamer Atlas, Hoseason, Liverpool 23d ult, Queenstown 24th, with 26 cabin passengers, 220 in the steerage, and a full cargo of mose to James Alexander. Sch Walter Parker (of Orient), Daniels.

Cadiz 3d alt. with mose to Clark Co, Dunbar Co, Pierce Co. J.D Williams, and others. Br sch Adah, Burrill, Clementsport. Steamer Glaucus, Bearse, New York, with mdse to A Whitney.

Steamer John Brooks, Liscomb, Portland. CLEARED. Carroll, Wright, Halfax and Charlottetown, by Nickerson Co; Br brig A Odiorne. Renault, Sydney, CB, Perkins Job; Br schs Osseo, Grabam. Charlottetown, Hatheway Co; 0 Dyer.

Boyd. Windsor, NS, by the same; Clyde, Anthony, Granville, Forrest; John 4 Ball. Conley, do. by the same: Don Pedro, Peck, St John, NB. Batheway 0o; Howard Holder, Williams, do via Portland, Harris.

Alse cleared, Br bark George Kemp, Taylor, Matanzas. by Pickering Co; brig Nellie Mitchell, Johnson. Cape Verds, Truant Davis; Br sch Teare, St John, NB. COASTWISE--Steamers William Lawrence, Howes, Baltimore via Norfolk, by Sampson; Norman, Nickerson, Philadelphia. Sampson; Neptune.

Berry. New York, by HM Whitney: New York, Winchester, Portland, by John Brooks, Liscomb, do, William Weeks: ship Yosemite, Mack, San Francisco, by 0 Taylor Co; schs Sarah Bruen, Petty, Chester. Pa. Linnell: 0 Paine, Hilyard. Eastport: William Rice, Pressy, Rockland; Mary A Powell, Willey, Portland, to load for New Orleans, Rose Co.

Sunday, June 4. ARRIVED. Br bark Saida, Gregory, Pictou. Brig Hattie (of Boston), Robinson, Baltimore via Vineyard Haven. Br sch Druid, Smeltzer, Ponce, PR, 19th ult, with molasses and sugar to Sprague, Soule Co.

Sch Caleb Eaton (of Boston). Savage, Baracoa via Vineyard Haven. with fruit to Tyler. Sch City of Chelsea (of Ellsworth), Goodwin, Bermuda via Vineyard Haven. Br sch Eliza Batchelder, Parks, French Cross, NS.

Br sch Minneola, Langley. Bear River. NS. Br sch Rose, Vaughan. Hillsboro, B.

Sch Native American. Agnew, Calais. Sch Mary Eliza, Bullock, Bangor. Steamer William Crane, Howes, Baltimore via Norfolk, to Sampson. Steamer Gen Whitney, Hallett, New York, with mdse to Whitney.

Steamer Katabdin. Roix, Bangor. Steamer George A Chatee, Yeung, Gloucester. BELOW -Sc Ida Howard, of Portland. SAILED-Saturday, wind ESE to SSW, steamers Parthia (at 8 AM from below), Carroll, William Lawrence, Norman, and Neptune; bark Essex; and from the Roads, bark Minnie Hunter, and orig Carrie Bertha.

Nothing sailed Sunday, wind SW to light. VINEYARD HAVEN, Friday, June 2-Ar, bark Haven, Ulrick, Perth Amboy for Portland; schs Telegraph, Thorndike, Rondout for Boston; Ellis. Torrey, do for Bath; Wanderer, Coombs, New Bedford for Round Pond; Newport, Miller, New York for Windsor, NS; Daylieht. Reed, Bangor for Washington: Vashti Gates. Calais for Mystic.

Sailed, barks Haven, and Ocean Pearl; sc Telegraph; sloop 0 Trumbull. Wind NE. moderate-PM, foggy. EDGARTOWN, June 1-Ar, steamer Lottie Merrill, Brightman. Newport for Round Pond, Me; seas Brown.

Mott, Albany tor Boston; Storm Child, Young. (for Georges); Belle of the Bay, Emmons (do) Helen Thompson, Watton, New York for Boston; Rebecca Smith (three-masted), Grace, Philadelphia for do. Fesses reported 30tb are still here. 3d-No wind, and thick fog. our Correspondents.J GLOUCESTER.

Mass. June 3. Office or Cape Ann Advertiser. Ar, schs Adeline. Hodgkins.

Millbridge for Boston; Black Warrior, Stephens, Calais for do; Wellington, Barbour. Gardiner for New York; Lizzie Clark, William Merchant. Woodbury, Margie Smith, Barracouta. and Davy Crockett, Banks: Henry Standerry. Bridget Ann.

Challenge, Eliza Jane, William Terry, Finance. Lodi, and Margaret, Geerges Bank; Henry Friend. South mackereling. 4th- PM. Ar.

bark James A Borland, Baker, Cadiz April 24, with salt. Sch Marla, of Westerly, has been bought by George Greenman, of Norwich, for $3500, and is now receiviug repairs. The original cost of the vessel was $17,000. Steamer Laurel, built by William Maister for the United States Lighthouse Service, was launched June 1 from the yard of the Columbian iron works, Baltimore, Her length from rabbet to rabbet is 134 feet: breadth of beam molded, 25 feet; depth of hold amidships. 10 feet.

She is to be schoonerrigged, and will have two upright boilers, 21 by 27 surfacecondenser, flue boiler. BALTIMORE. June 2-Steamer Florida (new), recently placed on the route between this port and Norfelk, has been withdrawn. It bas been ascertained that there were defects in her construction. When the wind is blowing so as to strike the steamer upon her sides, the gas-houses upon the hurricane deck being very high, cause the steamer to careen so much as to necessitate their removal and the substitution of lamps instead of gas in the various departments of the steamer.

Another defect to be remedied is the obstruction in running caused by the braces under the guards. In a high sea these braces strike against the waves and check the speed of the steamer considerably, ana it is accordingly intended to place what is called a spousing where the braces now are. The repairs will cost about $2000. DISASTERS. Steamer Neckar, at New York from Bremen, reports: May 29, lat 42 48, lon 42 20, passed a wrecked yessel, bottom up; supposed a fisherman.

Ship Success, Chase, at New York from Havre, which arrived 2d, and anchored at Sandy Hook, reports: May 19, lat 50 41, 100 46 56, passed a vessel of about 90 tons bottom up, fresh painted bottom, with copper paint, supposed to be a flening schooner, and but a short time in that condition. Bark Thomas Cochrane, Taylor, from London for Boston, put into Halitax 3d inst, leaky. Bark Imperial, from New York for porto, while going to sea, ran aground Friday (2d), PM, near Atlantic Duck, but subsequently came off and proceeded, passing Sandy Hook at 4.08 PM. Bark Thomas Lee. Kendall, from Workington for Quebec, with coal, before reported asbore on Goose Island, was towed of June 2, making water: will dock and be surveyed, Sch Everett, from St Jago for Boston, was spoken (no date), lat 33 25, Jon 77.

with loss of foresail. flying lib, fore and maintopsails: was supplied with sail needles and coffee by -ech Burdett Hart, Brooks, at New York June 2 from Feraandina. Brig Julia Blake, Knowlton, from Rio Janeiro April 1 for New York, with a cargo of rose wood, has put into St Thomas, leaky. Steamer Steinmann, from the River Plate for Antwerp, put tr to Madeira May 17, with machinery defective. Sch Merriman (of Taunton), Crane.

from Bay River, for Fall River, before reported at Nortolk. leaky, put in May 31 (not as before.) She salted from Bay River on the during the passage encountered strong Northeast winds. On the 30th, Cape Henry bearing west, thirty miles distant, at 3 PM, keeled over on ber port side, when, on sounding the pun ps, found that she had sprung aleak at the rate of 1500 strokes per tour, which required constant pumping by all bands, in order to keep her tree. She will undergo repairs at Graves's shipyard. Sch Carrie Melvin, which was ashore at Cape Romain, ani subsequently doated, arrived at Charleston May 30, in tow of steamer Louisa, and sde was berthed at Accommodation wharf.

Her bull does not show any special signs of damage, but she will require an entire outfit, her masts being cut away, ner rudder broken at the stock and nearly everything moveable being taken away when she was first abandoned. Sch Waterline, of Boston, at Vineyard Haven, which was run into in Vineyard Sound, was heeled over on Toursday, enough to repair her. Later accounts state that she has been pumped out, and now lies at Steamboat wharf. Nantucket, June 1-A schooner loaded with ice, which bad been run into by steamer Lancaster. was hooked on to on Saturday by the River Queen, at the mouth of Vineyard Haven Harbor, to be towed into shoal water.

She refused to move, and the steamer left her. WHALERS. At Porto Praya, CVI, April 21, bark Perry, Bassett, Edgartown, vo report of oil. Ir esers Haven, Williams Co, are fitting another whaler at New Bedford. A letter from Capt Tripp, of park Pioneer, of New Bedford, dated Barbadoes May 12, reports arrived 8th, with 700 bols sperm oll all told.

At 3. AM April 27, was run into by bark Abbottslord, striking Pioneer on the starboard bow, staving in bulwarks from the fore rigging to the knightheads, car- 1 ring away jibboom, fly jibboom and stays, foretopmast. foretopgallant yard; knocked the Pioneer on the other tack and came in on her quarter, carrying away main rail and stanchions trom quarter to the gangway: carrying away starboard boat, davits, and everything belonging to her; also carried away overhead house and bearers and stove boat on the bearers, and carried away two main chains, broke the mizzenmast in three pieces above deck, carried away maintopgallant yard, and chafed the main and mizzen rigging, maintop and back stays. The Pioneer was repairing as rapidly as possible, and would ship part ot oil by brig Elvie Allen for New Bedford. A letter from Capt Edick, of bark Sappho, of New Bedford.

reports her at Barbadces April 12, with 200 bbis sp oil. Had shipped oil by brig Elvie Allen for New Bedford. and sailed 14th to cruise, steamer Atlas, at Ar at Liverpool 20th ult, Evangeline, Manson. New Orleans -22d. Siberia, Urquhart, New Orleans: William Douglass, trom do: Gen Gonzales, Whitney, Charleston.

Oft the port 23d, Revolving Light, Coonan, from New Orleans. Sailed 21st. Hattie Bangs. Bangs, Buenos Ayres: Hortensla, Sima one, Quebec-220, Carrolton, Lewis, New York, Cleared 20th, Tabor, Taylor, San Francisco; Maria Augusta, Obman, Sandy Hook. Off the Bar Lightship 18th, Sewail, Pennell, from Liverpool tor Pbiladelphia-19th, Lydia Peschua, Fechter, from do tor Wilmington.

NO. Ar at London 2uth. Fire Queen, Hamilton, New York-22d, Denmark (8), Williams, do (and entered outward for do.) Cleared 20th, Gentile, Barjeto, New York (and salted from Gravesend 22d; Emma, Cox, do (and sailed from Graveseud 21st)-22d. Janet Ferguson, Ritchie, Montreal. Sailed from Gravesend 20th.

Vlator, Eng, Philadelphia. Anchored off Deal 22d, Andrea, Wilhelmina, Wetigust, from New Orleans for Reval. Ar 20th, Johann Wilhelm, Albrecht, London for PhHadelphia (and sailed.) Off the Lizard 19th, Johann Ludwig, Holljes, from Bremen for Baltimore. Passed 20tb, Iris, Armstrong, from London for Miramichi (or Sandy Hook.) Ar at Faimouth 21st. Vermont, Richardson, Callao, Ar at Gloucester 20th, kxcellent, Shaw, Portland.

Sailed from Bristol 20th, Rockland, Cann, Montreal-21st, Hebe, Freitag, Sandy Hook. Ar at Lowestoft 20th. Helios, Lund, New Orleans. at Ipswich 21st, Marie, Levold, New Orleans. Ar at Barrow 22d, Lady Dufterin, Flynn, Savannah.

Cleared at Newcastle 20th, Elizabeth, for San Francisco, Ar at Hull 22d, Hinac (s), Mills, New York. Ar at Portmadoc 20th, Ocean Child, Davies. Doboy. Ar at Glasgow 19th. Emma V.

Bernier. Portland. Ar at Greenock 22d, Caribou, Kenny, Java. Ar at Leitb 22d, Manson, Smith, Porto Rico. Sailed 22d, Carrier Dove, Simmons, Philadelphia.

Satied from Beitast 2uth, Acadian, Cusin, New York; Emma Shaw. Macomber, Troon. Westport-Ready for sea 19th, Saga, Larsen, New York. Salled from Dublin 20th, Francis Hilyard, Abbott, Lowes, Del. Ar at Limerlek 22d, Syringa, Trefry, Philadelphia.

Ar at Ancona 18th uit. Wanderer, Gove, New York. Salled from Trieste 19th ult, Luigi Rugglero, Cafero, New York. Ar at Messina 14th ult, Caledonia (8), Allison, Sorrento (and sailed 15th for Palermo, where she ar 16th). Sailed from Palermo 17th ult, Veteran, Gage, Salled trom Leghorn 18tn ult.

Nomad, Jayne, New York. Sailed from Genoa. 17th ult, Midboe, Lars, New York. Oleared 18tb, Arno, Soppa, New York; Assyria (s), Donaldson. Leghorn.

Ar at Malaga 14th ult, Abby Bacon. Merrill, Gibraltar. Ar at Cadiz 16tt ult. Apna. Hawkins, New Orleans; Mary Stewart, McLaren.

New York. Sailed 15th, Fannie Tucker, Gloucester, Mass-16th, Joshua Bragdon, Fletcher, do, Sailed from Bordeaux 19th ult, Carlo, Tonnesen. New York, Ar at Palais, BI, 19th ult, Thos Hilyard, from Independencia Bay (and sailed for the Loire). Ar at Havre 20th ult, kdith, Homer, New Orleans. Cleared 19th.

Nicholas Thayer, Crosby, New York. Ar at Antwerp 19th ult, Superior, Helgesen, Philadelphia. Ar at Flushing 20tn ult, Eolus, Andersen. Baltimore, Sailed from Maasluis 19th ult, Sophia Luhrs, Hopkins, New York (and returned to the Roads). Cleared at Rotierdam 20th ult.

Alert, Jonassen, New York. Ar at Bremerhaven 19th ult, Mosel (s), Neynaber, New York. Ar at Elsinore 18th ult, Loreley, Marcussen. New Orleans for Cronstadt: Church. Kelley, Mobile tor do (the B- Church since ar at Croustadt 251b).

Passed Copenhagen 16th ult, Mentor, Rice. from Baltimore for Dantzic-18th, Ludwig Burchard, Korft, from Riga for New York. Ar at Stettin 18th ult, Graf Moltke. Ohlf, New York. Sailed 18th, Somerville, Baker, Bordeaux, Ar at Nagasaki March 13, Rosetta McNeil, Brown, Shan hae.

Ar at Hong Kong about 17th ult, Oceanic (s), Parsell, and Lotus (s). Gray. San Francisco. Ar at abyab April 15, Wakefield, Carver, Batavia. Sailed from Calcutta April 24, Sussex, Stap, San Francisco.

Sailed from Kurrachee April 20, Aunie Lorway, Gles, Bombay (and ar at 26tb). Sailed from Madras April 27, David Brown, Colcord, Calcutta. Sheerness, May 19-Bark Ilmatar, waterlogged, has been towed here from Dungeness with fore and mainma-ts cut away by salvors. The crew have been sent on from Dover, and are now on board the ship. Madeira, May 14-On the morning of the 12th lost (no previoue indication of any change in the weather having been perceived) a gale suddenly began to blow from the SW and increased in viotence as the day advanced.

About 3 PM the sch Osprey of Perth. dragged from her anchors and went ashore, the captain and crew being all saved. During the night the gale raged at its highest, with a tremendous sea running, and driving four other vessels ashore -two Americab brigantines (the Maurice, and Nellie Clifford), and two Portuguese. The crews were alt saved with the exception or two men, both Portuguese. Shanghae, April 6-The Free Trade, American bark, previously reported in dry dock here, undergoing repairs, has completed the same.

I Per steamer Atlas- Additional. Ar at Liverpool 22d ult, Stella. Kay, New York; Bride of Lorne, from Independencia Bay; Revolving Light, Coonan, New Orleans-23d. Adorna. Hawkins, do; Widtn, Moller, Wilmington; Ontario.

Martyn, Hamburg; Olive Mount, Jordan, New Orleans; Thornbill, Hayes, do; Lincoln, from do; Ellen, Sutton, do. Cleared 22d, Andrew Jackson, Bartlett, Boston; Crimea, Glover, Buenos Ayres: Atlanta, Gunderson, Onega; Walton, Williams, St John. NB. of the Northwest Lightship 21st, Hattie Bangs, Bangs, from Liverpool for Buenos Agres. Of Holynead 23d.

Pegasus, rom New Orleans; Mary Frost, from Galveston; Empire of Peace. from Mobile. Wind WNW. moderate. three of the above arrived at Liverpool same day.

23d.1 Ar at London 23d, Sam Weller (s), Murray. New York, Entered outward 23d, Talisman, Baker, for Onega. Passed Deal 22d, Emma Partridge, Partridge, from Mobile for Rotterdam. Passed the Fastnet 20th, Reynard. Field, from Liverpool for Boston.

Passed St Catharine's Point 22d, Chapman, Tukey, from New Orleans for Amsterdam. Sailed from Ryde 22d, Tranquebar, Waterhouse, Hamburg. at Gloucester 23d, Genoa, Priest, York. Ar at Falmouth 22d, Linda, Costa, New York for Glasgow23d, Huntress. Gunn, Rio Janeiro.

Ar at Bristol 22d, Gem, Smith, New York; George Peabody, from Pensacola. Ar at Lynn 23d, Kate Howe, McNeilly, Baltimore. Sailed from Hull 22d, Othelio (s), Bristow, New York (and passed Yarmouth same day). Cleared at Newport 22d, Isaac Jackson, Welsh, Buenos Ares. Ar at Cardiff22d, Gov Wilmot.

Lowe, London, Sailed from Shields 22d, Semiramis, for San Francisco. Sailed from Dundalk 22d, Gipsey Queen, Montgomery, for Baltimore. Ar at Greenock 23d, Helen Finlayson, Alexander, Trinidad: Routh, Martin, Portland; Iza, Chandler, do; Frank, Petterson, Wilmington, NO. Ar at Belfast 22d. Forest Belle, Scott, Baltimore-23d, Webster, Prince, Pertland, Ore; Lotbair, Holy wood, St John, NB: A Stoneman, Caiu, Philadelphia.

Ar at Queenstown 231, Maury, Christiansen, New Orleans; American Eagle, Tozier, from Pensacola (and sailed for London). Ar at Table Bay, CG, April 23, Svanen, Schultz. NYork. Sailed April 22. Charles Lewis, Race, Algoa Bay.

Cleared at tienoa 19th ult, Belle or the Bay, Williams, Girgenti. Sailed from Marseilles 13th alt, Goodwin, Craig, Cardenas. Sailed trom Cette ult, 0 Jayne, Osborne, Island of Elbr and Philadelphia. Ar at Alicante 13th ult, Giles Loring, Anderson, Valencia. Sailed 13th, Endeavor.

Mountfort, Almeria. Ar at Gibraltar 14th ult, Lizzie, Carney. Genoa (and cleared 15th for Boston). Ar at Antwerp 21st ult, Palma (s), New York. Ar in the Texel 31st ult, Redowa, Wallace, New York.

Salled from Maasluis 21st ult, Sophia Lubrs, Hopkins, New York. Ar at Riga 18th ult. Fearless, Slater, New York; Racer, Knudsen, New Orleans. Ar at Cronstads 16th ult, Eldorado, Larsen, Savannab. Ar at Anjier April 10, Hawthorne, Nason, Padang.

Ar at Penang April 18. Invincible, Strickland, Liverpool. Cieared at Maulmain April 13, Kit Carson, Spence, Europe. Ar at Bassein April 12, Henrietta, Blanchard. Liverpool.

Sailed from Colombo April 14, Polly, Wood, New York. Despatch to Merchants' Ar at Madras April 24, bark Ethan Allen, Hardy, Point de Galle (and sailed April 26 for Masulipatam). Sailed from Havre 3d inst, steamer St Germaine, Riculous, New York. Ar at Liverpool 3d inst, ship Loch Cree, Currie, San Prancisco. Sailed, ships Revolving Light, Coonan.

America; Herman, Dillon, States: Florri Bombay; M- barks Jeffle Soutbard, do. Woodworth, United Hulbert, Handy, Also sailed from do 3d inst, 5 PM, steamer Iberian, Horne, for Boston. Sailed from London 3d Inst, sch Charles Morton, Pike, for Boston. Sailed from Newcastle, Eng, 3d inst, steamer Woodburn, Thompson. Philadelphia.

Sailed from Bristol, Eng, 3d inst. steamer Arragon, Symons, New York. Sailed trom Belfast. Ireland, 3d inst, bark Hattle Goudy, Hammond, North America. At Iquique March 31, ship Magellan.

Henry, for Boston, ldg; bark Constitution, Bishop, for San Francisco, ldg. Cleared at do previous to April 1, bark Maud Scammell, Thompson, Falmouth, Eng. Sailed trom Cienfuegos ult, bark Scotland. Wetmore, New York; sch Mary Staples, Melt, Philadelphia. Sailed from Sagua 29th ult.

barks Surprise, Averill, North of Hatteras; Edward Cushing. Bickmore. do. Ar at Havana 2d inst, barks Woodworth, Frederickson, New York; Elba. Gover, do.

Sailed from Cardenas 1st inst, sch Riles, Small, North of latteras. Cleared at Sydney, CB, 3d inst, sch Grace Bradley, New York. Ar at Pictou 3d Inst. sch Elizabeth Ann, Decoste, Boston. Sailed, sch Margie, McFadden, Portland.

Sailed from do 2d Inst. sch Acadia, for Portland. Ar at Yarmouth, NS, 3d inst, sch Gladiator, Parker, Portland. Ar at St John, NB, 3d inst, sch Chambers, from York. Cleared, brig Ysidora Rionda, Plummer, Havana: webs St Pierre, Hales, Providence; Nellie Clark, Clark, New York.

Also ar at do 3d inst, sca Brill, Colwell, Boston. FOREIGN PORTS. At Penang April 22, ship Herald of the Morning, Towne, for London. Akyab, April 24-We have not heard of any transactions being entered into during the past fortnight, and at present there is no demand for tonnage. but they are all at low rates, and the market again closes Rangcon, April 22-We have a few transactions to report, to very dull.

Several ships are still unfixed, At Calcutta 28th ult. saips Lottie Warren, and Victoria, for Boston; Nancy Pendleton. Pendleton, unc. Caloutta, April 28-f Atkinson. Tilion Co's consequence of numerous arrivals, shippers have been boldlog back their cargo in the expectation of lower rates, and 8.5 their agents have, so far, been firm, very little business has been transacted during the past week; we think, however.

that before the mall closes, engagements will be made tor seeds at a decline of 2s 6d on last rates. For London via Cape -No fresh tonnage has. as yet, been berthed, bat lin and rapeseeds are offering freely at slightly lower rates than last paid. For the United States- -The chartered tonnage for New York which had been placed on the market, has been arranged tor. For Boston, there is some cargo in the market, which will enable the Victoria to fix in a few For New York -There is ratber more inquiry resulting in the charter of the iron ship Red Gauntlet (Br.

tons, iron) securing a full cargo consisting of 10.000 bags Hnseed. 100 tons light freight. and balance cargo lineeed or measurement goods at 384, vita options 1540 be ga cutch at same rate. and 50 tons saltpetre at $3. reletting ccu0 to 7000 bags linseed at charter rate.

The Ivanboe has re-let 100 cases shellac at $8l, and 15 bales goat skins at $8. Savetr Faire, 300 bags tumeric at For the West Indies- William Seea (Br, 672 tons. 74- 12), to arrive. bas secured a cargo of rice at $3 for Jamaica. Bombay, May 1-Chartered- For Havre--The A Davis, 1399 tons, full cargo, £2, and consignment commission.

Colombo, April 25-Freights for London -Closing rates, per of sailing vessel: Coffee in casks, 16 cwt, 509: do in bags, 18 cwt, 30s: Junk and yarn in rolls, 12 cwt. 30s. Per steamer: Cottee in casks. 16 cwt, 70s; do in bags, 18 cwt, 408; junk and yarn in rolls, 12 cwt, 30s to 55s. Ar at Mauritius previous to 30th ult (by cable), bark Nellie Slade, Atwood, Bombay.

Ar at Port Elizabeth, CGH, 2d ult, ship Memnon. Baker, Beston. Ar at Sierra Leone no date (by cable), brig Shasta, Brown, sch Hand. Dougherty, New York. Sailed, bark Liberia, Richardson, New York.

Ar at Madeira May sch Moseley, Higgins, Wilmington, NO. Sailed, brig Prioress, Bull River. Ar at Gibraltar 10th ult, brig Rovigilamo, de Genaro, Messina for New York (and towed through the Straits 12th)14th, bark Investigator, Bateman, Marseilles for do: brig Miranda, Hartzell. Malaga for do. Sailed 12tb, sch 0 Winship, Done, (from Trapani) Gloucester.

Mass-20th, bark Schamyl. Snow, (from Palermo) Philadelphia. Salled from Lisbon May sch Atkinson, Young, Philadelphia (after putting. back). Sailed from do previous to 31st ult, brig Helen 0 Phinney.

Boyd. New York. Ar at Bordeaux 29th ult, bark A Parr, Robbins, Independencia Bay. Ar at Hamburg 1st Inst, ship Osceola. Nickerson, Guaymas.

Sailed 1st, ship Lady Blessington, Brown, Quebec. Passed Copenhagen 25th ult, bark Mississippi, Hein, New Orleans for Reval. Ar at Reval 1st inst, steamer Beriln, Heimbruck, Savannah. Sailed from Liverpool 2d inst, brig Kossack, Smith, Cow Bay, CB. Off Deal 2d inst.

bark Aristos, Kildahl, New York for Ramburg. Sailed from Bristol, Eng, 2d inst, brig Three Sisters, for Philadelphia. Ar at Grimsby 1st inst, bark Helios, Snellman, Darien. Ar at Sutton Bridge Ist lost, barks Theodore, Danielsen, St Marys, Ga; Mexican. Baxter, Pensacola.

Ar at South Shields 1st inst, bark Adventure, Jamie, Pensacola. Passed St Catharines, IW, 2d inst, steamer Presnite, Armstrong. from New York for London. Ar at Glasgow 31st ult, steamers Scott, Quebec -2d Inst, Acadia, Craig, New Alexendria, McKay, do. Ar at Sligo 29th ult, bark Hibernian, Kerr, Darien.

Salled from Queenstown 2d inst, steamer City of Richmond, Brooks. (from Liverpool) New York. Ar at Victoria, VI, 29th ult, bark Revere, McIntyre, San Francisco. Ar at Moliendo 13th ult, ship Gardner Colby, Streeter, Savannab for Callao and Pascamago. Sailed from Demerara 10th ult, brigs Georgia.

Fields, Baltimore-11th, Eastern Star, Foster, New York-14th, Delta, for Halifax, At do 14th nit, bark Zephyrine. Johnson, for Turks Island and Boston, to sail in 2 days; achs William A Keeney. Beers, for Liverpool: Kate Wentworth, Mead, from New York. Sailed from Naguabo, PR, 2d inst, sch Harriet Brewster, Sanford, New York. Ar at St Thomas previous to ist inst, brig Julia Blake, Knowiton, Rio Janeiro for New York, leaky.

Salled from Trinidad 29th ult, brig Hans Olsen, Medboe, Boston. Ar at Batabaro 26th ult. brig Erie, Sparks, Honduras; sch Maud Barbour, Pabnke, do. Ar at Havana 2d inst, steamer Liberty. Sundberg, NYork.

Sailed 3d. bark Robert Murray Jr. Purington, Sagua, to load for a port North of Hatteras (not as before reported). Ar at St Johns, NF. 12th ult, sch Maggie Masters, Masters, New York.

Cleared 18tn, brig Atton. Copp. Miramichi. at do 24th ult. sch Morning Light, Neville, Boston.

Ar at Cow Bay, CB, 1st inst. brig Jobanna, Lennox, Dunkirk. Ar at Louisburg 2d inst, sch Setegawa, from Fortune Bay, NF. for Gloucester, Ar at Canso 31st uit. sch Enoch Benner (for Cape Breton, on a trading voyage).

Ar at Halifax 3d inst. bark Thomas Cochrane, Taylor, from London for Boston. leaky. Cleared at Lepreaux, NB, 30th ult, sch Busiris, Martin, Penarth Roads. Ar at Richibucto 30th ult, bark Herbert Hall.

from Sydney. OB. Cleared at St Andrews. NB. 2d Inst, schs Crandali, Maloney, Portsmouth; Robert Ross, Clark.

Boston. Ar at St Johr, B. bark Wayrarer, Thurber, Liver. pool: sch Nettie. Britt, Portland.

Cleared 2d. schs Louisa A Johnson, Mabiman, Wilmington. Del; Scott, Haley, New York: Ocean Belle. Wasson. Boston.

Salled from do 1st lust, ship Zephyr, Sweetzer, Liverpool. SPOKEN. April 8. lat 3 40 N. Ion 27 23 ship Fleetwood, Taylor, from Ardrossan Marco 12 for San Francisco May 15, off the Start, ship Constantine, from England for United States.

May 17, lat 43, Ion 42, ship Liverpool, from New York for London. May 25, lat 49 40, lon 22 25, was passed steamer Wieland, from New York Hamburg. May 26, 15 miles East of Body Island, sch A Wagner, Slemmons, of and from Baltimore for Nassau. May 28. lat 35 40.

1 64 50. bark New Light, Snow. from Baltimore May 20 for Rio Janeiro. May 31. lat 40 30.

lon 68 31. bark Christopher Columbus, from Limerick for Philadelphia. May 31, lat 34 35, lon 75 25, sch Rockie Yates, from Matanzas for New York. June 1, 50 miles East of Sandy Hook, bark Sarah Kingsbury, Waterhouse. from Sagua for Boston.

No date. lat 33 25. Ion 77, sch Everett, Saunders, from St Jago for Boston ((see Disasters). No date, 10 miles East of Scattarte, bark Clyde, Sutter, 24 days from Liverpool for Quebec. DOMESTIC PORTS.

CALAIS-Ar 28tb. schs Ullman, Goye: Julia Maria, Albee; Pike. Robinson, and Mary Reeves, Bracy, Boston -29th. John A Lord. Thomas.

and Harp. Bickford, do -30th, Eatou. Harney, do-31st, Pride of the Kast, Lord; Keystone. Wilder: Amirald, Bickford; Carberry. Treworgy: Florence Isle, Keene: Jed Duren.

Cook: Holway, Bryant; Allston, Fitzgerald, and Clara Rogers Rogers. do. Cleared 29tn, schs Palos, Ober, Block Island: Roman, McFarland. New York. LUBEC-Ar 30th.

schs Mist, Hickey. Calais for Boston (with loss of boat and rudder); Sammy Ford, Allen, Dorchester, NB (and sailed tor New York). Sailed 28th, schs Torpedo, Allen, New York-31st. Charles Sears, Turner, Hillsboro, NB. te load for New York.

BANGOR-Ar 3d. schs Adeline Hamlin, Lewis, and A Folsom, Rose, Boston; Telegraph, Clark. Bristol: Pavilion, Leach, Bucksport; Jacob Willam, Varnum, Weymouth: Kossuth, Dodge, Salem. Cleared. schs Martha Sargent, West, Boston; Mary Willey, Williams, Portsmouth: Arthur Burton, Frobock, Georgetown, DO: Free Wind, Frisbee, Pawtucket; Harriet.

Weymouth, Lynn. BATH--Ar 2d. schs Grace Van Dusen, Reeves. Boston, passed up: Eliza Emery, Wicks, do: James Flanagan, Scull, do do: Richard Tull, of Philadelphia, do; Anna Barter. McNilley.

Portsmouth, do; Julian Nelson, of New Bedford. do: Neille Jerrill. of Bridgeton, NJ, do. Salled 2d, brig Abby Thaxter, Veazle, New York: schs Agues, Hodgdon, do; James Martin. Brown.

do: Rachel Vannaman, Brown. Palladelphia: Estelle Day, Tracy, do; Ellie Smith, Weeks, Richmond, Va. Ar 1st. schs Eliza A Hooper. of Camden (and passed up); Elva Pettingili, York.

Portland (to load for Philadelphia); Sherman, of Centreville, Mass; Harriet Milier. Greenwich, NJ: Abby Dow, Young (and passed Falcon. Taylor, Boston (passed up); Orlando, do (passed up); Western Star. do (passed up): Gov Hunton: Marsball Perrin (passed up); James Moore: A De Witt. Manson.

New York: steamtug Hammell, do, Sailed 1st, schs Irene Meservey, Meservey, for Philadelphia; Priscilla Scribner, Dalsy for do; Mary Rankin, Fuller, for do. Charlotte Jameson, New York; Almira Rowland; Adams, Robins; Jostab Whitenouse, Farobam. Baltimore -2d, Suniight. Etheredge, for Philadelpbia: Lizzie Wilson, Wilson, for Baltimore; Frank Emery, Falker, for Georgetown. DC; Ana Brown, Collins.

for New York; Tantamount, coastwise, PORTLAND-Ar 2d, sch Boston Light, Boardman, Boston for Camden, Me. Cleared 2d. brig Annie Torrey. Haskell, Kennebec, to load for New York; schs Day Break, Blake, Matanzas; Snow Bird, Crippe, St John, NB. Ar 4th.

steamer Eleanora, New York. 2d, schs Annie Babcock. Lee: Terry, Cranmer, and Laura Rose, Allen. Philadelpala. NEWBURYPORT-Ar 20, sch A Fabens.

Reed, Mayaguez, PE. WAREHAM -Ar 1st, steamtug Mary Curtis, with dredge Baltimore in tow, from Fall River. NEW BEDFORD-Ar 2d, sch Oliver Chace, Kel'ey, Seconnet River. Sailed 2d, sons Giles, Brawner, Baltimore3d. Daniel Webster, Winslow, New York.

FALL RIVER-Ar 1st. steamer Hercules, Swasey, Philadeipbia (and salled 2d to return.) DIGATON- Ar 1st, sch Leach, Johnson, Philadelphia. BRISTOL- Sailed 2d, sch Cranmer, Cranmer, Philadelphis. PROVIDENCE- Ar 2d, schs Ario Pardee, Nickerson, Port Johnson; Nathaniel Holmes, Dow. Weebawken: Ocean Belle, Mills, Brewer.

Me; William Mowry. Eaton. Calais. Salled 2d, schs Nancy Rose, Smith, Puila delphia: A Kindberg, Horton, do; Electa Bailey, Smith, do; Chas Comery, Creamer, New York: John Daily, Long, do; William Mayo, Whitaker, do: Rescue, Kelley, do. -No arrivals In port 2d PM, bark National Eagle, Sears, of and from Boston for Rio Janeiro: schs Rowena Arabella, Harding, for Philadelpbia: Red Rover, Bowden, from Provicence for New York (or Ellsworth).

NARRAGANSETT PIER (Dutch Island Harbor) June 2- Ar. sch P. Bradley, from Providence for Dorchester, NB. NORWICH-Ar 3ist, schs A Babcock, from Philadelphia; Cynthia Jane, from Trenton NEW LONDON -Ar Ist, sch Kate Mary, from Newburg Sailed. brig I Havelock, for Nova Scotia.

NEW HAVEN-ArIst. Bark Zulma, Peterson, Ponce. NEW FORK -Ar 2d. barks Pomoua, Danielson, Plymouth, Eng: Brimiga, Porter, Belfast, brigs Eastern Star, Foster, Demerara; Angela, Evans from do: schs Reindeer, Howard, Abacoa: Charles Morrison. Smith, Cow Bay, CB; Burdett Hart.

Brooks, Fernandina; Mary A Hand, Hand, do; Orion, McLeod, Belfast; Nelson, Holbrook, Clark's Island; George Andrews, Watts, Bath: Searsville. Hart, do; George Jewett, Jewett, trom do: Harriet Sarah, Newman, Boston; Catharine, Young, do; Washburn, Mulligan, and Lucy A Biossem. Jones. New Bedford: Samuel Crocker, Thrasher, Taunton: Hunter, Frye, Dighton: Darling, Darling, Fall River; Thomas Borden. Chur buck, do for Philadelphia; Catharine, Howes.

New Haven; Thomas Paine, Paine, do for Philadelphia: Forest Oak, Parker, and Carringtou, Parker. from do for Baltimore: Tiyon, Matthews, Bath, Me. Cleared 2d, steamer City of New York, Timmerman, Havana; ship St Petersburg, Hansen, London; barks der, Sparrow, Marseilles: Wm Croscup, Owen, Havre; Lawrence, Pellic, Penarth Roads: Venture, Fiorian, Cork; Aquila, Gerrard. do: Genn, Collins, Havana; brigs Hyperion. Clark.

Passages; George, Champlin. Arroyo, PR and Ponce: Louis Squires, Blatchtord. Rio Janeiro; Louisa Price. Brown. Sacmel: Harry Virden, Collins.

Havana: Laura Gertrude, Risk, Brunswick, Ga; schs Eddie Pierce. Hawes, Nassau; Tam 0'Shanter, Zeluft. San Salvador; Hamilton, Mins. Cat Island: Charlie Cobb. Keauedy, tor do; Southern Cross, Patterson.

Shulee. NS: Sarah Mills, Kelley, Norfolk: Ida Gibson. Bowker, Richmond: Cari Lothrop. McAllep, Boston: Florence Wackrill. Doane, de; Marietta Smith, Preston, Provincetown: Julia Newell, Sheopard.

do. Sailed 2d, ships Regent. for Melbourne: Carl, for Bremen; barks Cambrian, for Liverpool: Inca, for Rotterdam: Matthew Baird, for Jamaica; Lizzie Hobley, for Queenstown or Falmouth; brig Kaven, tor Havana. Ar 3d, steamer Nectar, Willigerod. Bremen: bark Louisa, Dolly, Wateriord: brigs Augusta, Dorsey, Tralee; Ilelene, Hermus, from Messina (with fruit); sch Vraie, Price, Georgetown.

so. Cleared 3d, steamers St Laurent, Lachesnez, Havre; Main, Reichmann, Bremen; England. Thompson, Liverpool; Celtic, Gleadell, do: Bolivia, Small, Glasgow: Leo, Dearborn, Nassau. NP; City of Houston, Deering, Galveston; Morgan City, Read, New Orleans; New Orleans, Dearborn, do: San Jacinto, Hazard, Savaudab; ships Annie Goudy, Bent, Bristol, Eng: John Bryce, Morse, St John. NB: Grace, Black, San Francisco: barks Doris Gerdes, Meyer, Riga: Peggie Day, Mackie, Aberdeen: Golden Fleece, Armstrong, Barbadoes; Genovar, Simmons, Matanzas; brigs Annie Gardner, Havener, Barbadoes: George Gilchrist, Orcatt, Ferdandina; schs Anita, Mcuready.

Ciudad Bolivar: Admiral, Steelman, Charleston; Julia Floyd, Gaskins, Georgetown. SC: Charles Moody, Arey, Boston; George A Pierce. Kelley, Salem: Peasley, Barker, Damariscotta; Blackstone, Wickson. Providence. Also cleared 3d, bark Eliza Barss, Vesey, Bermuda; brig Gem, Pierce, Barbadoes.

Ar 4th. steamer Spain, Grace, Liverpool May 24, Queenstown 25th; ship Ormara. Simpson. Calcutta Feb 15; barks Marie, Olsen, Havre: Beatrice, Bowley, Cardenas; Palo Alto, Jenkins, Havana; Brothers, Pratt, Liverpool; brig Elgil, Nerland, Rio Janeiro. Passed through Hell Gate 2d, bound East, schs Evergreen, Michener.

from New York Londonderry, Dwight Davidson, Freeman, from do for Cambridge; Watson. Noe. from do tor Boston; Mail, Wakedeld. Port Johnson for Bath; Wm Cunningham, from do for Boston; Burnett. Harris, do for do: Louisa A Orr.

Orr, New York for Gloucester; Fairwind. Bowman, Hoboken for Wood's Hole; Clio Chilcot, Metterton, from South Amboy for Boston; Merwin, Bance, Port Johnson for Fall River: Gates, Freeman, and Clara Sawyer, Hanscom, Hoboken for Boston; Joseph Wild, Reed, from New York for Malaga. At the head of Long Island Sound PM 2d, bound East. schs Merwin. Elizabeth English, Clark, Amelia, Mary Baker, and Florence.

PHILADELPHIA-Ar 1st, sch George Walker, Wilcox, Kennebec River-2d, steamer Saxon, Snow, Boston; schs Crissie Wrignt, Clark, Trinidad; Charlie Miller, Thomas, Abaco; Skylark, Small, Boston: Lizzie Young, Young, Charlestown: Heraty, Canton, Hingbam. Also ar 2d, steamers Centipede, Miller, Boston; Perkiomen, Pierce, Providence; Lancaster, Mills, Boston; bark Addie Cann. Jenkins, Londonderry; schs Flora Crowley, Crowley, Gardiner; John Middleton, Jr. Townsend, do, Cleared 2d, sens Saran Raton, Dix, Eastport; Addle Walton, Nickerson, Boston; Therese Wolte, Champion, do; Lizzie Florence, Lippincott, Hyannis; Sallie Chartre. Trafton, Somerset; Index, Garrison, Weymouth; Little, Gandy, Lynn.

Also ar 2d. schs Joseph Marsh, Brown, New York; Hart, Burgess, Stopington; Cora, Ray, Salem; Hallock, Hallock, Hingbam: Hattie Perry, Chase, New Bedford. Cleared 2d. steamers Leopard, Albertson. Fall River; Achilles.

Bacon, Newbury pert (and both sailed): brig Isaac Carver, Williams, Bangor: schs Jcseph Marsh, Brown, New Bedford; Lizzle Purdy. St John. NB; Young, Ball, Boothbay: Bidwell, Wallace, Portsmouth: Ella Powell. Hickman, do: Joseph Hall. Harrison, Fall River: George Prescott, Guptill, Gloucenter Matr Cranmer, Coombs, Boston; Florence Lillian, Smitb, Savannab, Ar 3d, bark Maria Stoneman, Blauvelt, Dublin; schs St Croix.

Leland, Havana: Whitney Long. Bickmore, Gardiner; Agnes I Grace, Smalley, do; Laura Messer, Gregory, do: Marshall Wells, Case, Horton's Point; Harrington, Anderson. Rappabannock River. Cleared 30 steamer Roman. Crow ell, Boston: bark Daring, Branscomb, Matanzas; brig J.B Kirby, Barrett, Blavana: schs Addie Jordan, Leavitt, Portland; Douglass Haynes, Adams, Augusta, Me; Babel temel, Gloucester; American Eagle, Newlove, Danversport; Hart.

and Lottie Ames, for Portland: Joseph Hall, Hamiltop. Fall kiver. Salled 3d, steamer Roman. Also ar 3d, sch Nettle Brown, Kelley, Boston. Cleared 3d, ships Kinburn, Perry, London; Edith Troop, Crocker, Panama.

Sailed from Delaware 2d, schs Wheaton, Barrett. Boston; John Perry, Kel'ey, Bangor. Lewes, Del, 20-AM. Ship Kate Prince, for New York; barks Atlas, and Minerva, and sch James Balg remain. Noon.

Steamer City of Limerick, from Philadelphia for Liverpool, bassing to sea. Bark Kong Carl sailed for Boston last evening, Harks Falcon, and Anna are ordered to Baltimore. PM. Went to sea, bark Ganger Rolf. 3d-Bark Capella, from Antwerp, for orders.

BALTIMORE-Ar Ist, sch A Burlingame, Burlingame, Chestertown. Md. Ar 2d. steamers Ohio. Meyer, Bremen: McClellan, March Providence (and cleared on her return); barks Matilda vara, Brooks, Amsterdam via Lewes, Del; Jenkins, Spreul, Bremen via New York: brigs Mississippi, Concord.

Marchant, Boyle, Demerara: John Boyd, North, New York: do: Prentiss Hobbs, Doge, Portland; Bogota, Johnson. Pres- Urchilla; schs Young, Gross, Governor's Harbor; cott. Merriman. Babamas; Drisko, Haskell, Gardner, Me. Cleared Thayer.

2d, steamer Sau Bolivia, Francisco: schs 0 Lane, Lane, Doherty, Liverpool; ship Frank Boston; Hattie Starrett, Baker, Baxter, do; Elizabeth De Hart, Lowe, Bath. Lucas, Rio Janeiro; brigs Ar 3d, ship Grey Eagle, Wright, Clark, do via St Thomas; schs from St Rebecca John, A NB. Carter. Tomlin, Also New 3d, brig George William Lattimer, Norris, Ponce, York; Arthur, PR. ar Cleared.

steamer San Marcos, Burroughs, Liverpool; sch Mary Ireland, Fisher, Barbadoes. steamer New York: US Fern, from Skinner, John Hall, and Annie Allen, Jane for sche Georgetown, Sailed, Long, schs and Sweeny, Thomas, Annie from Gassill. Georgetown Newton. Mary for coastwise ports. PETERSBURG, Va--Ar 30th, schs James Maloy, Goodman, Abdell, BaNorfolk (to load tor -31st, A con.

New York. HAMPTON ROADS--Sailed 31st, sch Pochasset, Rackett, from Georgetown, DC, for Boston. RICHMOND-Sailed 1st, sch Harlow, Soper. New York. NORFOLK 31st, schs Jane Fish, Teal.

sch Rockport, Stn- Me; Charles Moore, Russell, Augusta, Me. Sailed, 1st, schs Star Spangied Banner, Owens, Alexandria; nickson, Murray, Philadelphia. Ar Mary WILMINGTON, NO--Ar 2d. sch Jesse Hart, Bath. Hickman Robinson, Philadelphia.

Cleared, sch 30th. schs Lilly, Cole, New York; Charley Buck. Fess, Bath. CHARLESTON-Salled Dickinson, Dickinson, Satilla River: Hattie Turner, Bessie Ar Hooper, 2d. brig Port Nellie Royal, S0.

Crosby, from Bremen; sch Hattie Paige, Godfrey, bark Philadelphia. Beltiste. for Cleared Rotterdam; 2d, schs Merrill, Foursch Mary Clark, Sailed, nier, Orient, 1.1; Sarah Wood. Constance, Philadelphia. Dickens, from St At quarantine 30th, bark Thomas.

27th, schs Nellie, Berry, WilGEORGETOWN, NC-30th. Lizzie SCAr Lane, West, Charleston. Cleared mington, schs Ridgewood, Johnson, York-30th, Josepa Rudd, 29th, Patterson. do. RIVER, SO-Sailed 1st, brig Ida, Gregg, Bristol BULL Chanuel.

PORT ROYAL. SC-Ar 2d, steamer Carondelet, Faircloth, Fernandina (and sailed for 2d, New sch May McFarland, McFarland, SAVANNAH-Sailed Barcelona. BRUNSWICK, Ga--Cleared 1st, sch Ada Gould, New York. 27th. sch Vannamap, Sharp, New JACKSONVILLE- -Cleared 29th, schs Vidor, Snow, New York.

WEST -Ar 24th, schs Bob, Albury, Nassau: Mary Smyrna: Florida. Gilmore, New York. Moore. New Orleans-25t. Richardson, Alice Pray, Vane, Nassau.

Davis, Belize. Emily, Sailed 23d, sch Abraham PENSACOLA -Ar 30th, brig I Merryman, Lecraw, Falmouth. Jam. NEW ORLEANS-Ar up 2d. sch Texana, from the Coast.

Cleared. ship Saranak, Wood, Small, Liverpool. Ar at the Passes 2d, steamer Hudson, Gager, New York. Salled 2d, steamer Knickerbocker; barks Onkel and Freihandel. Ar at SW Pass 29th, bark Kinto, Long, Havana.

GALVESTON -Ar 2d. sch Washington. New York. Cleared. bark Sabine.

Williams, New York. Salled Ist, steamer State of Texas. Bolger, New York. SAN FRANCISCO-Cleared May 26, ship Southern Chief, Higgirs, La Paz. Sailed, barks Almy, Freeman, Honolulu via Trinidad; Portland.

Gage, Astoria. Ar May 27. barks Wm Dietz. Endicott. Seattle: Monitor, Emerson, Humboldt.

Cleared, ships Wiggin. Sehome; David Crockett, Anderson, Cork: Greyhound, Burns, Tabiti. Salled, ships New Era, Sawyer, Cork; Lookout, Wig gin, Bellingham Bay; bark Northwest, Farnham, Port MadiBOD. Ar June 2, ships Lathles Rich, Lewis, Hong Kong; St Nicholas, Tobey, New York. Cleared, bark Stella, Black Meyer, Hawk, How- Burrard Inlet and Shanghae.

Sailed 1st, ship land, New York-20. ship Pride of the Port, Sawyer (from Port Townsend). Calcutta. FREEPORT-Ar May 27, barkentine Amella, Foye, San Francisco. SEATTLE-Salled May 26, bark Aureola, Malgram, San Francisco.

PORT -Ar May 26, bark Tidal Wave, Reynolds, San Francisco. PORT GAMBLE -Sailed May 26, barkentine Victor, San Francisco. PORT BLAKELY-Ar May 26, barkentine Ham, Gove, San Francisco. Sailed 27th, barkentine 0 Taylor, Bergman, San Pedro. PORT May 26, bark Gem of the Ocean, Gray, San Francisco.

PORTLAND-Ar May 27, bark Dawn, Nelson, San Francisco. ASTORIA, May 28, bark A Thorndike, Kelley, Liverpool. PASSENGERS. In Conard steamer Atlas, at Boston from Liverpool-Mr Haliburton, James Bogle, Mr and Mrs West, Miss Norcross, Miss Callagban, Dr Von Fleischi, Dr Goidschmidt. Baron Posohini Finetti.

Mr and Mrs 0 Warden, child. infant and two maids, Mr Anthony, Cameron. Lepege. I HI Hoet, A Peequeux, Mrs Mary Thomas. Mrs Hall.

Mr K. Morrison Brown, Ricbard Pellow, Robt Jack, Mare Theio: and 220 in the steerage. In steamer Norman, from Boston (June 3) for Philadelphia -Dr A Morrill, Dr A Merrill, Miss Hagen, Rev Grant. Rev Joeln, Mr Davis, AS Morrison and wife. Mr Cogswell and friend, Mr A Morrison, Mr Bacon, Mr Ludiam.

Gilkle, Ross, Mr Prince, George Todd, Greenough and wife, Tobey Jr. Cobb. We are glad to see this line well patronized. The managers deserve the success they meet with. I ENTERTAINMENTS L.

B. EVERY WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFTERNOONS The renowned and Inimitable In their famous specialty, THE BELLES OF THE KITCHEN, Preceded by Naval Engagements by the DRAMATIC COMPANY. Doors open at 1,30 and 7.30; begins at 2 and 8. tf Je5 BOSTON MUSEUM. Mr B.

M. FIELD BOSTON THEATRE. TOMPKINS 40 LAST WEEK of the Engagement of MISS KATIE PUTNAM. EVERY EVENING, except SATURDAY, it 74, also WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFTERNOONS at 2, first time at this theatre of the OLD CURIOSITY SHOP, -WITH Mis6 KATIE PUTNAM as Little Nell and. the Marchioness, Introducing her celebrated songs Mr H.

S. Murdoch Swiveler Specially engaged for this part." Mr W. J. LeMoyne Mr R. F.

McClannin Grandfather Trent Mrs J. R. Vincent Mrs Jarley SATURDAY EVENING-BENEFIT of Miss KATIE PUTNAM, drst time here of JANE EYRE. tr je5 HOWARD ATHEN ZUM. ISAAC B.

RICH JOHN Managere For a Short Season, Commencing MONDAY June 5th, H. HAVERLY, Prop'r. HAVERLY'S MINSTRELS. The Largest and Most Refined Minstrel La Organization la the World. A CONGRESS OF STARS.

Led by the King of Negro Comedians, In one of their CHASTE and ELEGANT ENTERTAINMENTS, introCOOL BURGESS, ducing all the Latest Etbiopian Novelties of the day, In a style and manner peculiar alone to this Talented Troupe. FAMILY MATINEES WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. je5 tf GLOBE THEATRE. ARTHUR Proprietor EVERY EVENING. and WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY MATINEES, HUMPTY DUMPTY.


BEST ENTERTAINMENT MOST PRICES. Doors open at performances at 2 and 3. ti-jes BOSTON MUSIC HALL. MONDAY EVENING, June 5, GRAND TESTIMONIAL -T CTHECREW, 1o enable them to procure sufficient funds for entering the INTERNATIONAL RACE at the Centennial for the CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD. tt my 30 BOSTON BASE BALL GROUNDS.

Championship Match! BOSTONS VS. LOUISVILLES! Je5 TUESDAY, June 6. at 3.30 P. M. 2t On Free Exhibition.

FINE COLLECTION OF Rare Old Engravings and Etchings, AT GALLERY OF L. A. ELLIOT 594 Washington street, next Globe Theatre. Send for catalogue if unable to visit exhibition. my29 MWSMTu CARRIAGES.


Parker BOSTON, Will continue the Manufacture of FINE FINECARRIAGES, Sulkies, Trotting Wagons, REPAIRING, In all its branches promptly executed. Work called tor nd delivered. STORAGE for Carriages an Sleighs. 1ta ma25 COAL. COAL.


sell 690 Washington street. coply CUILD. CHURCH CO. PIANOS "Are the perfection of musical Ism." Providence Journal Liberal prices allowed for old Pianos in exchange for new. New and old Pianos to let and for sale on instalments, and very cheap for cash.

Cor. of Washington and Dover streets, Boston. SMWtf se25 HALLET, DAVIS CO, PIANOS. 484 Washington Street, Nearly opposite Temple Place, BOSTON. Send for Illustrated Catalogue.

Free. ThMly mh2 49 MISCELLANEOUS. SICILY landing from Italian Bark Anna Maria." for sale Bags Pojero Lead Seal Sumac, now D. H. TULLY 19 Central wharf.

3W my 21 by temporary or permanent binding for Magazines, Circulars. Pamphlets and Papers, EMERSON'S BINDER is the most convenient and durabie. For sale by AARON R. GAY 130 State street. tf my22 Brazilian A FRESH INVOICE OF TURKISH RUGS, and small sizes, just received and for sale by M.

Ot large RODOCANACHI 17 Central wharf. eop3m mb4 BOXES SOAP, various qualities, suitable for SOAP AND CANDLES. 3500 retailing for family CANDLES, use. all sizes. 800 Manutactured and will be sold at the lowest boxes MOULD prices 8 (corner of Chatham Boston, -BYmy9 J.

MORRILL. Co. eoply! Faultless 13 in PATTERNS Bromfield Stawly Fit, GOWING'S Ease CUT. stree and Wear SHIRTS. BOOKS, ETC Be sure to read that most Interesting book, ROMANCE OF PERFUME Clifford.

LANDS, Or the Search for Capt. Jacob Cole. By Perfumer, F. 9. C.

For sale everywhere. Th MI 123 having reduced his expenses to Stock for a fraction of its cost, added thereto $10,000 worth of A. the practicable point, bought up his Bankrupt Choice New Books at hard pan prices, is determined to maintain His Reputation as the cheapest bookseller in the United States. He must sell to raise money. Save by buying now cheaper than ever.

New store, rear of 399 Washington Street. Entrance through the Archway. Jel ThM Encyclopedia Britannica. Vol. 4.

A conspicuous feature of this volume, just published in England and America, is a Brilliant Galaxy of Biographies. Among them are essays on Bolivar, Bonaparte, Boyle (Robert), Butler (Samuel), Brougham, Browntag Buckle Button, Bunsen, Burke, Burns, Byron, Cesar, Calderon, Calvin. Camoens, Campbell (Lord). The article on Botany, by Prof. Hutton Balfour, covers eighty -four pages, and is illustrated by hundreds of drawings This volume contains many copyrighted articles by American and "Cambridge," by Rev.

Dr G. B. Ellis, "California," by Prot. J. D.

Whitney. There is little risk to saying that no other volume is extant rich in useful and various information as Vol.IV. of the so Encyclopedia, Ninth Edition. 4to, clot $9.00: half Russia. $11.00.

LITTLE, BROWN Publishers, 254 Washington street. Boston. je2 FM AN OUNCE OF ANY OF LUBIN'S PERFUMES, 75 Cents. The same quantity and quality contained in one of Lubin's bottles, this saving 25 cents. All odors open to smell of betore buying.

CLIFFORD, PERFUMER, 23 ThAly 23 SCHOOL BOSTON. SCHOOLS. BRADFORD LADIES. ACADEMY FOR YOUNG Year commences August 29. For circulars or admission apply to MISS ANNIE E.

JOHNSON, Bradford, Mass. May 15, 1876. 2taw8w my20 MISS ABBY H. JOHNSON, PRINCIPAL OF BRADFORD ACADEMY, wit resume ber Home and Day School at 100 Charles street. September 27.

Classes will be formed in the Natural Sciences, in Mental and Moral Philosophy. and in Enghsh Literature. The modern languages will be taught according to the system of Prof. Sauveur. Miss LUOY LAR0O and Rev.

A. N. HUDSON will assist in the class in Literature. Miss JOHNSON may be found at her home on SATURDAYS. WFM3m myi6 COPARTNERSHIPS.

NOTICE. PROM and after this date, the firm of EDW'D D. PETERS will cease to do business, except in liqutaation. Either of the undersigned are autborized to settle the attairs of the Copartnership. GEORGE H.


HALL and GEORGE GEARS HE PORT Dave formed a Copartnerstip, under name of GORGE H. PETERS CO and will continue the Lumber and Commission Business at the old stand, No. 12 Central wharf. Boston, June 1, 1876. HR undersigned will continue business as a Commiscount.

at No. 12 Central wharf. Especial attention sion Broker and Ship Agent, on his own acgiven to Fire and Marine Insurance, but consignments of Lumber not solicited. JOSEPH P. ELLICOTT.

Boston, June 1876. jet INSURANCE. Prescott Ins. No. 56 DEVONSHINE STREET, Boston.

CAPITAL 8200,000. Is prepared to insure against Losses by Fire at fair rates. DIRECTORS-Samuel Atherton, Daniel Denny, Wm. G. Weld, Walter Hastings, Samuel Johnson.

Alpheus M. Stetson, Ezra H. Baker, Frankin Greene, Ropes, F. M. Johnson, Uriel H.

Crocker, Albert Thome6011. FRANKLIN GREEN President. FRANCIS A. STEVENS, Sec'y. eoptf 9824 SUFFOLK MUTUAL INSURANCE Nos.

6 and 7 Sears Building, Corner of Washington and Court Streets, BOSTON, MASS. Cash Guarantee Capital, $200,000. Insurance on first-class Business Structures, Dwellings, House bold Furmture and Wholesale Stocks of Merchandise. EDWARD WALLEY. Sec'y.

GEO. GOULD, Fres't. DIRECTORS-Alcheus Hardy, Henry D. Hyde, John Cowdin, George A. Miner, Horatio Harris, S.

a. Wailer, Asa P. Potter, L. C. Kimball, A.

L. Coolidge, H. H. Hunnewell, George Ripley, J. L.

Ross, Charles Rohins, George Gould, W. 0. Grover, M. D. Spaulding, Warren L.

Tower, Charles A. Cummings. 2tawtf oll THE BOYLSTON MUTUAL INSURANCE With a Permanent Fund and Assets of over $1,000,000, INSURES upon Fire, Marine and Inland Risks, AT OFFICE, 45 State Street, Boston. J. W.

BALOH, President. N. S. JENNEY, Secretary. eoply fe25 Marine and Inland Insurance.

ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance OF NEW FORK. Hulls, Freights and Cargoes Insured. All Profits Divided to Policy-Holders. ASSETS, JAN. 1, 1876, $16,019,940.

Dividend Forty per Cent. W. H. H. MOORE, 2d V.

President. J.D. JONES. President. CHARLES A DENNIS, V.


No. 4 Merchants' Exchauge, State St. fel Mly 32d Year. NEW ENGLAND MUTUAL Life Insurance POST OFFICE SQUARE, BOSTON. Assets, $14,399,527.95 This Company insures lives upon the MUTUAL plan, and upon easy terms of payment of premium.

Also. is prepared to discount at a reasonable rate of interest Endowment policies which will mature prior to Jan. 1, 1873. BENJ. F.

STEVENS. President. JOS. M. GIBBENS, Secretary.

eop3m my? BUSINESS CARDS. HUCHES DOWNING, Carpenters and Builders, 33 Travers Street. Boston. Jobbing promptly attended to. Special attention given the fitting up of Offices and Stores in Hard and Soft Woods.

Satisfaction guaranteed. tf Ola HOUSE, STORE AND OFFICE WINDOW SHADES Manufactured, Lettered, Made and put up to order by CHARLES H. BRUCE 794............. Washington ADAMSON MANUFACTURERS OF Glue, FlintSand Paper. Emery Paper, Curled Hair, Cowhide Whips, Plastering Hair, etc.

145 Milk street. Highest prices given for Glue Stock, Damaged Hides, Cattle Falls, etc. E. A. GROTHUSEN.




S. PIBROR Tremont, cor. Court street; McDEWELL ADAMS, 22 Boylston street. 2taw3m apI J. L.

FAIRBANKS STATIONERS, Account Book Manufacturers, Importers and dealers in Note and Letter Papers, Envelopes, English Paper, Parchment, 288 Washington Street, Boston (0pp. School Street). H. G. TUCKER.

E. H. WHITNEY. myl7 eoply SAFES -ANDMACHINERY MOVED. Commissions saved by sending orders direct to MARTIN FAY, 86 Sudbury Street.

Boston. New and Second-hand Sates for sale cheap for cash. Ja8 eoply Established in 1839. F. A.

KENNEDY, MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS OF CRACKERS and BISCUIT. With the Largest Facilities of any Manufacturer, In his line, in the conntry, he is prepared to All all orders with despatch, Particular attention given to putting up goods for export, either in sealed tins, barrels or nalf-barrels. WSMly my24 THE ONLY PERFECT Safety Matches -ARE THE- AMERICAN PARLOR FUSEES! And they have the endorsement of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, and the Insurance Companies of the United States. BOSTON DEPOT: 27 CONGRESS SQUARE. Ask your Grocer, Druggist or at House-Furnishing Stares for the American Parlor Fusee.


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