The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 13, 1956 · Page 62
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 62

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 13, 1956
Page 62
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From Evelyn i , i< ihree cWl- uftdtf ,het roof at the same time, recently, all un-p)anned. Maufice cart* from Minneapolis, £ Ut J?' M rs $*lp h Carpenter, came M^J^ 8 " 81 " 0 *" and Marian, M« Richard Schrhitz, came from Storm Lake. !•'••' Mrs Carpenter came as a' 'fare- WeU ;before she arid her doctor husband leave. on; an e*t*nsive trip ^hich will keep; them' away fforh home till Apffr. They will go to Chicago and from there via plane id New York City, thence to Puerto Rico, Quam and the Virgin Islands where'the doctor «^\,u ht . te<1d a medical meeting. >Vh!W here sh*; Visited the attic aha there investigated the con* tenw^f trunks in search of an pM lashioneji gown of her mo- thefs which she" Wanted to wear to an'enteftAlrimetit at the Mar- shalltowjri Country Chib; ./. ^- '.'/.;',.? : •'' * •* -'.- - ••.• Mil SehmlH. ihrouflh • i*rU* of clrcumitAnces; h>d been sleeping on the 'davenport and came home for a good flight's test "in her- old bed*' at the parental hotfeY -Mr &ftd MW ScnrWt* are building qujte a pfetentiousr new home and in*the meantime have been living tiA|»|thfelI*bungalow. Sleeping ^acifitW wefe Somewhat crowded, hence the make-shift davenport. Mr and Mrs. Schmitz are going to •>Chicago soon .to choose drapeb ahd furniture at the Chicago Mftrtf AH of which sounds most, interest jrig and makes' me i pile, shade of "grten". that v 61' debbil envy crpfos up now and ihen, but I try to keep it a pale 4 shade. • .-. '. • • • To th« lilt o* trld luh.rwom.n, including Rose.Medln, Pearl Pott«, Hazel Lusby, Katherine Oil- more, Liazle Post, Lolla Ladendorff and Rose Anderson, add the name Myrtle Gillett, mother of Mrs Aldean McAdams. Her birthday was observed recently and . among her gift? was a rod and reel from her^raJj'dson, The gift ivas purchased on a snowy >day and when he. »went down the streets of Des Moines carrying ihii out-of-season article, passersby smiled and probably thought thief fishing season was to be prepared for,'in-plenty, of time. With the; season a bit far away, her Soft-ln-law suggested a tub of water in which she could dangle the line. She was agreeable to this and answered in the same spirit — "Oh, , any where would .suit me, just so I have a fish pole in my hands.". * : * * Shirley Mo* and her husband, Ted Mongan of Omaha, Neb., had an experience last week which if it never repeated will be soon enough. They were in a super market shopping when in came armed bandits ,who demanded cash. Shirley r wtis only tnret feet behind onfe of the men. She said the chills ran up and down her spine and • had shev been a child she'd n^ver , Have gfoWri another inch conforming the old adage "scared out of a year's growth." .'.''.• • ' . t * ••* • '• To Mrs C. W. Morck credit for having reported the first robin to me. Bless their little hearts. I'm gpfng to haunt the back porch now and look fo,f one to welcome. Out will go some extra feed too. , We have an addition to the house for screens and storm windows. At one time I kept a wheel chair in there sd I 'dubbed the addition "the dog house" an appropriate name I think for a wheel chair's shelter. This addition is low enough for Mrs Gilles and my Esther to place feed for birds, so all winter the "feathered friends" have been well cared for. Now something spedal must be put there for the robins. I wonder what they like best. • • • I spent Saturday afternoon and evening at Mason City with my cousin, Gerald Cady and his wife Julia. I purposely requested them to have a continuous T.V. program in the hopes 1 would catch the "fever". But alas, I came home no more enthused than I had been. The Lawrence Welk program was "up my alley" and I especially like Dick Dale. * • • My trip was not without benefits, however, for I learned something about dogs. Delia Welter and her sister, Edith, Who haye been vacationing in Florida the past fortnight, had left their pet with my cousin who has an We ae grateful for this opportunity to thank the Barry family for their fine business in the past — and we are very pleased to greet Larry Knoll as the owner of "Larry's Recreation/' I ' i ' • '*. •»••-•.•*, i ...-,.,.. • ••', v</-. x • •-••. v ?-&<-• CAMOlEt M .\ " " CIGARETTES CONFECTIONS CIGARS NOVELTIES TOBACCO PAPER GOODS BOX CANDIES CANADA DRY BrrnmgM — BOWEY'S Syrupt & Topping* WITT SALES WHOLESALERS SPENCER, IOWA PHONE .712 15 FIFTH ST. S. E. * To BARRY'S W» extend to you our friendly good wishes on the completion of almost half a century of business on the Algona scene . . . a business with a fine record . . . known for friendliness. It has been a privilege to serve you over many years. * To LARRY'S Welcome to Algona, Larry Knoll . . . we or* confident you will tilt* the friendly neighborllness of our city . . . and that as lorry's Recreation your business will continue to enjoy a splendid patronage, as in the past. DISTRIBUTING CO, ALGONA, IOWA .animpl .hospital ,ahd..also takes animals tr). poWd ift the absence of the oWne'fcs. thilla picked up the dog Saturday afternoon-iflhd noticed he was shudding badly. Julia had gone to the hospital, a few yards.from the dwelling, to wait on Delia ahd when she was. asked why the dog was "moul- ting", Julia didn't know. When she came back she asked Gerald and He. explained that the pet was shedding early because he had. been in a warm •. room. Once outside again, the fur will cease to shed. Delia Said he loves to have his hide brushed, and this titftg 8he, vaduumed him. Now there.'s ah idea to pass on to you dog owners. • . •' » • Millie ttoite hAs lor years exercised ' her "green, thumb" in wohderful vegetable gardens and apparently she does equally as well, with flowers. Last year she had''an Easter lily' given her and after it's period of blooming she put the bulb away to rest. It looked-Hopelessly dead wheln she inspected ;it a few weeks ago. She decided to plant it and scarcely dared Hope it Would live, but it has surpassed all her hopes and now has twb lovely blooms. • • * At reported previously Mrs Arthur Obrecht appeared on T.V. at Fort Dodge recently. It was more fun to have others along to share the gayicty, so her brother- ih-law and sister. Mr and Mrs H. A. Kaiser, of Rolfe and Mr and Mrs John Meyer of Fort Dodge were with Mr'and'Mrs Obrecht When they "painted the town," dining, dancing, going to a show and lunching and then the big event at the studio at 5:45 1 believe it was. Mrs Obrecht confesses she was a litHe. tense and is perfectly willing that anyone else who cares to can be a T.V performer—she, well she'll stick to being just a housewife. Her gifts were hose, a sitting for her portrait and a oorsaije. .... B. P. Richardson has returned from Houston, Tex., where he had visited his son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Ed Voigt. He said .the weather was like Iowa's May. Ah, wonderful Houston. • . • • Mrs Marie Muriagh had an interesting letter from her daughter Josephine Pruyn the other day. Mr-and Mrs Pruyn are vacationing at Miami, Fla. "Jo" loves to fish'and she was thrilled to haul in a 20 pounder the other day. Mrs Murtagh couldn't think of the name of it, but 20 pounds is a pood haul, no matter what kind, Just so it's edible, and I'm sure her's must haye been a good variety. She .was so excited about it she -wrote her mother she had to take an 'aspirin immediately afterward. • ' ' i * ' * ' * Harold Weber, former instructor of music here now living at Cedar Falls, tootf a bow the other night while conducting )a music group, a bow that surprised Tiim as well as the musicians and audience. Seems he had been sick a few days and really shouldn't have tried to make an appearance. Not realizing how weak he still was, he. was determined to do his part, when all at once he fell forward onto the music rack. No damage done, no serious after-afects, but he probably wished he had heeded advice from the missus. • • * . Jim Palmer to a good son and a thoughtful one. His mother said he recently phoned the family again. He does this quite frequently in place of letters. What.a nice idea. He is stationed at Long Beach, Calif., and is in the navy. • • • June, 1929 — Carol Owen of Jefferson visited last week with his grandparents, Mr and Mrs L. M. Owen. His parents Mr and Mrs Verne Owen drove up after him Saturday evening and took him home Sunday. Last Friday the Owens and Carol went fishing up at Mud Lake and caught 83 bullheads. (The Owens lived in the Fielding Perry house on east College street. They built it, I believe.) Mrs O. Lorenz (mother of "Dutch") went to Fort Dodge Friday to visit her daughter, Mrs Myron Hill. From Fort Dodge she went to Harlan to visit her son Bruno and after a visit there she will go to Council Bluffs and Omaha to visit her daughter, Mrs John Shearer and her son Fred. (Fred I think must have been the one I knew as "Fritz" who worked for my father and George Johnson when they were contractors and partners. I used to gc to town (Lakota, then Germania, with Fritz when he was sent for groceries. The trading was done at the Bell brothers store. Does anyone remember them?) Burt Cadet p Finishes Primary Flight Training Is Homemaker Winner, Ledyard Winter, shown h»r«, ww recently name^I winner of the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow award in the Ledyard school. Miss Winter, a senior, takes part in vocal music and was manager of the girls basketball team this year, and is in the choir of the Presbyterian church at Lakota. She will now enter competition and could be named Iowa's candidate for the title ot All - American Homemaker of Tomorrow. She received a pin as an award. 151 YEARS When a brother and two sisters attended a reunion at Marengo recently, they with their respective spouses represented 151 years of matrimony. The couples involved were Mr and Mrs Lewis Kuch, who were married in 1915; Mr and Mrs Philip Vogt, married in 1906 and Mr and Mrs John Kruse, married in 1896. Mr Kuch is « brother of Mrs Vogt and Mrs Kruse. Aviation Cadet Russell N. Christensen, above, Son of Mr and Mrs H. N. Christensen of Burt, recently graduated from primary pilot training at Graham Air Base, Florida. ( Graham is one of the nine civilian flying schools, under contract to the United States Air Force, to provide, the initial 22 weeks of" academic and flying instruction to. Air Force cadets and student dfficers. A graduate of Burt high school/ Aviation Cadet. Christensen later attended the Iowa State College, Ames, where he majored in Engi-. neering. •• < . _ He is now; stationed at Laugh- Hn Air. Force' Base, Tex., where he is undergoing his final 20 weeks of single engine jet training prior to receiving his silver pilot's wings and Second Lieutenant's commission in the United States Air Force. I'icktcig gave a talk. Entertainment • included, gongs led by Helen Lickfeig; Darlcno Studer presented a game; and Ruth Lickteig showed , a* wardrobe for a doll. Guests included the mothers and Mary Staudti "c6unty extension home economist. . .•• • f NOTICE dr SCHOOL ELECTION PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given td the qualified voters of the. Sentral Community School District, in the Counties of Kossuth and Palo . Allo, Stnto ot Iowa, that a Special school election has been called and ordered to be held in and for said School Dls* Irjct on the 4th day of April, 1958, whereat there will be submitted to the voters of : »aid 'Sentral Community School District, to be by them voted upon. • the , following proposition, to- , "Shall the Board of Directors of 1 the Sentral Community School District In the Counties of Kossuth and Palo Alt6, Stale of Iowa, issue borids in an amount not to * exceed $450,000.00 for the purpose ,,• of carrying out a school building: [ program consisting of erecting a hew secondary school building, procuring a site therefor in the Northeast Corner of the Southeast Quarter (SE V 4 ) of Section Nine (9), Township Ninety-seven (97) North Ranee Thirty (30), West of the 5th P< M., Kossuth County, Iowa, and procuring and improving adjoining land as a site for an athletic field in and for said School District?" The polls for 1 said election will' be open from twelve o'clock noon until seven o'clock P. M. of said day and for said election the whole of said nine Community School District has been consolidated into, and will constitute oVie voting precinct and the polling place therefore Will be at the school building in the Town of Lone Rock, Kossuth County, Iowa, at which time and place all of the qualified voters of said School District are hereby notified to appear.-' ' This notice W given by order of the Board of Directors of the Sentral Community School District pursuant to the provisions »of Chapter 296, Code of Iowa, 1954, and to a. sufficient petition with the requisite signatures in accordance therewith and • as ordered uy a resolution adopted by the Board of Directors on the 27th day of February, 1956. • Dated at Fenton, Iowa, this 27th day of February, A.D., 1956. DOnha J. Swanson Secretary,t Board of Directors (Published March 6. 13i 20 and 27, 105G, in The Algoha (Iowa) Upper Des Moines) / Prairie Pals 4-H The Prairie Pals met Saturday, Mar. 3 with Julie and Melissa, Nygaard. Plans -for the booth in" Algona for 4-H Day were discussed. Demonstration were given' by Julie. Kyg-a-ard, Delores ~!n.«a T~* i CIA-j T -r-r ouicc oi me J3antt in i>un, IOWB, on and Darlene Studer, artf Helen the loth day of -January, isse. after NOTICE OF AMENDMENT TO ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF BURT SAVINGS BANK, BURT, IOWA KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: , •;'.' :•• . Notice is hereby given that at the regular annual meeting of the stockholders of the Burt Savings Bank, a corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of Iowa, held at the office of the Bank in Burt, Iowa, on We have.long' regarded Barry's Recreation as one of "our favorite customers" ... and have been pleased to serve them with our products over the years. ' Now, as this well-known Algona gathering place becomes "Larry's Recreation", under the ownership of Larry Knoll, we take this opportunity to salute both — the old and the new. Our best wishes and regards go to both the Barry's and the Knolls. DIX BOTTLING CO. Estherville/ Iowa 5«3»»^»amoo£om^»>^;^^ gs»samawo««a#D»^^ From The Land of Sky-Blge Waters Best Wishes FROM HAHH'S BEER We wish to thank Barry's for the privilege of serving them and their customers . . . and we join in welcoming Mr. Laurence Knoll to Algona as the new owner. Potter Distributing MURL POTTER aftygflrerareoy^ due and lognl notice been given to the stockholders thereof, in con- lorniity with Its Articles of Incoqjo- rntion and the provisions of the Code of Iowa, the following AraerWment was adopted. By striking nil of Section I of Article V and- by inserting in lieto thdre- of the following: • "The affairs of this corporation shall be conducted and managed by a Board of not less than five (5) nor more than nine (9) directors, who shall be elected from the stockholders at the annual meeting of the corporation and shall hold office for a terrh of one year or until their successors are elected and qualified and have accepted their office." H. E. Hachut, Chairman Marion M. Chipman, Secretary (Published Feb. 28, March .6, 13 and 20, 1956, in the Algona, Iowa, Upper DPS MolngsV May we take this opportunity to wish Larry's Recreation ^ the same success enjoyed by Barry's 'Recreation the past nearly half-century • THE B&F SALES CORPORATION Candy — Tobacco Fountain Supplies FORT DODGE, IOWA Tuesday, March 13, 1956 Alflofta (lo.) Upp«r D«* ••• • Rodney Bennett Rites March 12 Funeral services for Pvt. Rodney C. Bennett, 18, Bonne, former Algona youth, were held in the Central Church of Christ at Boone, Monday, Mai'. 12. Burial Was in Linwood Park. The Schroeder Funeral :Home' was in charge ef arrangements. . -, Rodney, son of Mr and Mrs Charles Bennett, who lived here for 15 years until two years ago, died from "probable carbon monoxide poisoning" while on duty in the Greek mountains. Me* Unlisted in the affhy irt 1953 and* re-enlisted last September. Rod-, ney was a member of the Signal- Corps; 21*1 At Stuart, Mrs Lidie fiwefs recently observed her 21st birthday. All the more remarkable, because Mrs Ewefs is 88 years old. She ^as born Feb. 29, 1868 , Johnstown, Pa. wa$ destroyed May 31, 1889, when a dam, 12 miles above the city broke, bring- » ing death to'2,280. BARRY'S now LARRY'S Best Wishes to Both The Old and The New from up the fresh-up family drink" SEVEN-UP DISTRIBUTING CO. Duane Jensen ALGONA, IOWA 5,.,... J&G&Q®X8XQ^^ tun IIIWIIK (omnni • MIIWAUIII. wisconsn • * iivitioi pi ICNIIIIT iitumiii IHC Milwaukee's Finest Beer First In Milwaukee For SIXTH Straight Year So Long, Barry's Hello, Larry's BLATZ, Milwaukee, sends a message of thanks to Barry's Recreation . . . for the privilege of providing our product over past years. / Milwaukee, sends a frlendry word of greeting to Larry's Recreation . . . where our product will continue to be yours for the asking. This occasion, when a "business name" with a 47-year- old record of service changes to a new name, is one we wish to salute. We say "So long" to Barry's Recreation — and "Hello" to Larry's Recreation. Algona Beverage Co. 416 East Oak Distributors Algona/ Iowa

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