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Durant Daily Democrat from Durant, Oklahoma • Page 1

Durant Daily Democrat from Durant, Oklahoma • Page 1

Durant, Oklahoma
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II 1 1 1 in)iwnwwnwm iiiw wiiniraniyiisrawwrwely hwiiwh aw ww'm NryV'm'FC'vVVrtwM ravNwminttMifWNn i-i i r--': r-s w- y--': 'vV'rVv s'x y- 1 H- i 1 1 1 s- 7 1 i 1 i H- 0 Jl 5 VT ---1 i Vf-' 1 t-i 5 -1 -I- VT r-j -v 'M' 1 1 1 'u 1 '1 1 I O' "i 'V 'v 1 -f' 1 11 1 1 -y -i-' 4 a i lV 1 1 -p I 4 1 IS55S32523S55 "S' j'TV' mm 1 A lfvf Hum hul unr oil jf i' v-r A i GratranwfUr tonlcbt and nornnr raeopt thuador ohowm -r-' v4'-'5t 5 wMM'nd atMteT--vJ VJ '-vy vt H-v: to outiwMUriy toU yfr vft DURANT IS IH OATIWAT V0LUMB XLV1 UNITED PRESS r- A VTOJUa TEXOUA -v 1 BSUAY JULY11 1947 3T FULL LEASED WDU DURANT thlo aftomoon and mmtk nph tonl(ht fUdoy-U to (and mostly cloudy aklaa lata tonight' and Friday Low TO -y' Cotton Men BudGentry Killed In Pgtdon And Parole Board Appointed -o FoceSerjoiis Situation' Weevil Control Onf Solution Growers 'Told FormarSofaly CommissioMr Hit Rbodstde Culyert i 'JSaticer 'FizzIpsArmy SizzI- faced Juotieo of peaeol day on fire I charge of boating feeble I "Vi" Will Get Nb Economic Aid Unless They Attend Paris Conference Spokesman Soldi (UJ9 A high American source warned tonight (UJ9 A high American source Warned tonight that any European nation ataying away from the 'Parii conference cannot hope for economical aid in the future "hut Russia appeared to have turned on the heat to keep all of her eastern satellites out of the meeting Cxcchoelovakla pafthe only one Bryan bounty with other -cotton southern pklshoma smfafing a serious situation In cotton inaect Infestation unless controls am placed Into effect Immediately -Thls was tho Warning mads by Shawnee Brown Oklahoma extension service director in a special "boH mestlngbeld In the City- Han hem today -Farmers county agents totton gbmers and crushers attended today's session The meeting waa one of a series being held In tho southern half of Oklahoma UHa week to focus attentlon ou tho seriousness of the boll weevil situation HersliTBrymn cdunty Coiinty OKLAHOMA fclTT (UP) Oo Roy Turner today named seven of thy- etaht aaalstaiht pardon and parole officers whose Jobe ware created by the tlshlesialature la' aa attempt to keep more ex -convicts on the straight and narrow The three probation officers who have Bis i fed in the pardon and parole jOtti undepSlEr pcevioue ad-minlstratkdyif retained with mm of them Henry Tyler -named as first assistant to clemency officer Joe Harp Fylar whq has served aa chief probation officer the last four yeare formerly wee aceretaqr to Bam Brown a former lteAlatter penitea thuy warden Hie salary will be IL IM per year under the Sew eat up Campbell LeFlore Atoka and Teague Oklahoma City both probation officers since 1141 were the other Robert 8 Kerr appototeSa who ware retained Tumor still has one assistant par- don and 'parole officer tomppoint wAnan "Reforme approved by the legislature eauek'mr one of the pasts to be filled by a Iranian Othermppolntfes announced today: John HqUtUon Kufaula sheriff Of McIntosh county until his defeat for re eleotion last year County Attorney Park I eald he Was coraddertng I lony chargee under dhel hiew mental health act I iy the 1947 legislature Ix 1 the misdemeanor cor prlU be dismissed ittendant Ray Duran a I kl Indian and erstwhile rial wrestler pleaded not I the misdemeanor dharges It and battery yesterday fa attorney Bhriato I the attendaiu probably I five 100 bonds today to gain his rdeai i the eeetera European states which had given vn conditional acceptance ty a bid to the eonfer- a A formal CUsh communique Questioned In Slaying Agent John Btogner said the boll weevlT Is causing considerable tofloer the Met IT years Hubert Wagner Ctwndlefi form- ia'acetissd of as-pplng fve Inmates with strap last Sunday The the beating were Idas Ray Lloyd Weldon S3 Joe Askew 15 Rayn nolda S3 and Vanghn 3C Vandoear resident at the lnatituttoa said inmates had the lntelli-l boya aiz years old or dam-ga A recent check on on farm bowed that 63 squares out of 100 examined Were damaged' Another fanner who had inch a rata of infestation dusted wtUrmldum arsenate two weeks In succession and reduced Ida Infestation to 14 dam-agedqugrqp-in 100' examined km organising our forces in the control of cotton Insects" Mr Brown bald weevil is hitting us whom it hurts it tho present in our pocket- 'J If' (Bud) Gentry KDlfONI 0I2-(Bud) Gentry 53 former state- safety ehnihis-eloner waa killed In a trafflo accident four milea south of Edmopd early toSay and a woman eompanlon died of Injuries In an Oklahoma City hospital nine NEW YORK CB-Wra'-'if middle-aged buelneaemen whoM-V names appeared on tho six address book kept by Mra Many' -Bering wars questioned today about their relationship with the 1 tctreaa who whs found stnngted Inker faahlonsble apartment Police Commisslonw Arthar WsOsnder took Charge of tho Investigation and aaMjgnsd 60 of hla hast detectives to the Job of checking ongrapa ths 'SOO-odd names listed In ths wduminous ad- ii dmaa braki kept by the bloods at-tractive Mra Mannarlag I'honk Many bf ths names In the books aecretory of the parolee advisory aad welfbm council for' Lincoln bow la the Insurance bust-mo et chondMr V-' I F-GWum Barra underebarlff of Beckham county and former etate highway patrol trooper- Gardner Braly Ada preeldent of a palnb company and formerly fMd man tor the Federal Land Bank Tumor eald the woman probably vM bo appointed within tho nut dapMr soy said he had prevkauh vail against mistreat- I botiri later Irving Newton' Warrbnt Officer (J g) with the $th Air Force weather Teportlng1 atatioh at Fort' Worth Army Air Field makda positive Identification of 1110 mysterious object picked up lqr-W Brlsxell pf Cbrona Naur Mexico The tinfoil coveted hexagonal object hang 12 font below a weather balloon which filled with' hydrogen and released Radar sets thnr-trace lta iUghgittlng data foom 'winds reporta Thcs balloone 'tavel vlh wind waa expected tonight-' -The actlonrwas taketras a high American source -who declined to allow dlaoloaura of hla Identity Issued a grUn warning to of Europe which shun the Paris ran-(erenoe He raid that this would bo the for any European state to apply for 8 The nations of Europe hat mid twist realise that this la a lest can and that If they stay outside jurar they will have to atay outside for He deprecated the use of alo-pan frsce Tims Lend Lease" to oonnsctlon with ths MsrshaU plan rnd bluntly asserted that ths United States "naturally would have Ip Impose poms sort of eon-' (U tions on the loans given to European nations Poland 'led ths sttsek on ths Pqris meeting with a htatement by Premier Josef Cyranklewics whose 1 rejection of the Invitation dchosd strongly the attack launched against tecoaf rifence by thsMas--aw radio CyrtnklewlcB charged that the oonference would- "ptaoc Britain and franca "to a prtvUegwd pool-Hon guaranteeing them defacto Iraderehlp in and repra-e-ntation of membera In ths prp-organlsation4 -ThM he charged would "contribute to the reterth of German rape Hty" However 'ha paid tribute Vt American eld uto Poland aftd pressed confldsnra thawraud mesas wiU bs found for Jusrud possibly direct utilisation of this aid by ths countries most afflicted by OddFellows Install T)fficers patients did -not have ipy of the Mental Health pnerton said 1 was foroed pnder the ohTlaws whfadi maltreatroent-of Mts Si a miademeaimg with I hr of 30 dan for each of-1 iver aa soon as get al copy 'of the newnet I 1 ill probability charge Du-! 3 five seperute feloi Which carriee mevlmum tofts yearn nd therefore could not -be (NBA PHOTO) Post- Graduate Course In Gynecology dBe Taught Here Second victim oi the early-morning miuhap waa Mrs Dorothea Qntes 43 of Oklahoma City -The woman died tmcspaetadly at 9A5 la 8L Anthony hoepttel at Oklahoma (Sty wham her -(- at first had barn hdiavajl not v-v -Highway Patrolmen Otto Haltom and Trooper CHUted Duggah who Investigated the accident reported Id Oates had suffered a broken noee cuts and brulaee They'aald sha bore nwvlaihia ln-tnrtes that would kav been fatal The vekfclp Auraed tsompli' loop and -landed or its whs Gontry wag thrown 50 feet rom the station wagon aad dled rfva broken neciLj v- Investigating trooper rebelled that only mmntlyQentry had m-fevred tahta -atattoR wagon aa a y-- a The former etate offlcMfe 1946 taddet station wagon struck a rMdeUe euIvert Vthat vanned deep ditch ia prfyate property on Kaaiem avpaua The vehicle then ptamgad 14 feeF- to tho batten pt Xnatnllntloa of nwjdyeMcted officers of Durant OdaTUIow lodge was Mlf la the lodge mail when frank Hlnkaon re-elected Noble Grand renewed his pledge to nib the lodge I' Other officers Installed were Ob Robinson vlos'gmMp-Bugena Fuller treasurer lfJobneon conductor Try warder A IX Plyler' right supporter of nobis grandH Fry left juipporter C- Rate Inside guardMh Blanton outsMs guardian Glsn Joaaerand fight scons supixatar VFollowrit VarThaShow )okd Broadcast MfX-r'? yr -r wars well-to-do businessmen Iks volumes contained ths games of only a fear women v- pose to 300 peraons wan quss-Monad during the night Indudbig cna man whose Mgnatun was on uncaahad cheek found In the lalnjrcmsBX apartmenL Po-Hoe jxfliaad tn dlvidge hfif name but raid ha told them hs had ban home with $ls wife Tuesday after noon' and svsnlng i WaUandar raid mm' of thqpaf' quertlnmd was a suspect and none waa held -y lb Maanaringi 40 a forinsr Mt ictnas knOw proftsMcdd aUy Besals ThM urns' found rtrsnglad hi bar seventh ffioor mid- IS--Manhattan apartment early yea-' terfay by bar maid PoUca eatab-- Uahad the Urn of ths Haying aa between I and 1:30 Tuesday-- The nude body was found In the bedroom a abset from on of tha twin beds knotted around neck An orange bath towell had been stuffed tn'hsr mouth Also found hi the spsrtmaht was cigar butt evidence of Sinai visitor an half empty bottle of Soch whiakay aad numerous pho- togrsphs of Mr Msiyierlng takan Vry-i ft 'Vs' We am sll lnterested In how loud the cadi register- rings whan a of cotton Is taken to town' The merchant cotton buyer crusher processor and farmer all know that If It coda $175 fo rales a baM of cotton and you get leas than that for "It ths cosh- regtater ring at slL Iks extension servlcs director pointed out that every pound of lint cotton msrketod In Bryan and other-' cotton growing counties means about 40 cents to tba inner "This enough to wake ua up to tho fXct that should -market pur option rother thWfc let Jbe boll weevils and other InstfUMn eastly food hs-ssld- Brawn pained out tint alt 'cot ton 'In tenets have a part in the uoptral of cotton weevils and ether insects The former because hs lb trying to make a living from cot-iod Ha cant do it if hi cotton la not 1 protected ths processor MbauA hs'mskes n-Uving out of placing cotton one step closer to tho consumer and the eqj because about four fifths of the clothfog hr wears Mq made of cotton -Director Brawn enured cotton grqwers that research and education has hot-foiled themTVi knout how to control the boll weevil through he said Stiles sxtendoh oervloe entomologist told the-group that boll weeds can be controiad dusting calcium hraehato at rata' of to 8 pounds per wm peaches 10 per cenL The should Mart when rsushes 10 per cent- Tha-saMum arsenate applied at day or night or when the oew IS ALo eotJSFour Rlaner left supporter Fits fight supporter of vice grand Hubert Atherton left Sip- will bo ulsaaod to station KBBO wfll broedoaat of tho Ato-each afteraooa hogtaaMg lock whldi wtU hour and a half being done by atraaaerlp-at tho-rodeo iaeh night ho performance and played tho air-tho foUowlag af-ThA'laat program will bo inibur sCtOTBooBe' rto tune In on Til oe your porter BetlWUhaplahM nr waralSo inaU Ralph Ownby es treasurer of grand lodge fundi Good Timiss MadelnAtoka RodeoShow in nlghtdub Om of tbs photos i The postgraduate course la Gynecology (dlsesjMS of -women) will be Instituted in the Oolwlck Clinic Dursnt st 8:00 Wednesday July 18 Thla opportunity for pastgraduaU study Is open to all doctors In medicine and is spOn-oitd by the Oklahoma Stale Medical association Each Wednesday night for ten aubcesakve weeks ths alert doctors la the Durant will tak advantage of this noetgraduaU education which has been broughtto them by the' liberal financial aid of The Qummon-wealth Fund of New IM ths Oklahoma HealtfP Department-end thp OMdhoui Stats Medical Association v'y-syi VI ijv-- i The Stats Postgraduate committee very pleased to have- engaged Brpmwell Branch A i A 8 of Macon Oirglv aa the Ins true torHe a than of remarkable educational background end has had years of experience In the practice of Gy nantiogy Doctor Brandi has been teaching intermittently since 1915 and -has only completed four years of padgradtiste' teaching in another state Ho brings of being enthusiastic cap-aids merited his A Hopkins degree Medical spcndlngrths In ths boo Ng concrete for the 8' 70 dab betwe And Boswell In rls being pushed rapidly aa L-' work waa eomplrtad thla hsd been torn in two leaving only picture of Mr4 Manpering- Fo Uw said ths may have bqentorn in two by the slayer who took the other half with Mm- PttUca dracribad tha qupl' Nhpyq''' chock wee found In the apartment i ra a bald' mlddto-agad friend of victim: He cold he had known ai Gentry fraa dead when a Bsggef- Home ambulance raach-'seyne foom Hdpknd a minutes latefT His body twoUfhiotba funeral paitartepa grading wped frpm mlattvvs ln Enid ri'j- A' woman pamengar far Gentry1 vehlqla Mre Oates 45 '3400 Broadway) (Rdsboma Ctty- wai taken to St Anthony 1 1 yr Berkley Dh Ky- ld after tal in OMshomn City a conference with Preeldent Truman that' the Chief Executive wllL and Trooper Gilford Duggdn m-Tteto the new Republican income tax thTatmtch oMhs earns I ported thewwnan had suffered pf2Sw LL -mhvthe nty line and PoawanPqur- Mid condition urns not btfIn th 40li Nreta on the Jitter stretch QriUcaL iT leoeooe tax reduction bUL Mr Tru- tnpleted a weak ago and The rfehlda was traveling outh the -flret bill which liyviMfn eheped np It kae I toward GklalMliwt City atthe tlmalyroiM luve made the tea cat tff ti-wui of the tatal mlahap ltlve Met July I The preeeat bill tine at Boh RimrJackl Gentry's aeiath In traffic ae-1 makes the cut effective next Jaa 1 pnired cldetit was an lronlctwirt of foto the preeldmt veto itr Bark- than two miles of concrete He fiad aervad aafotyMy-urae asked pftar aa early morn-' with Stranded cotton form south I Mra Mannertag for 17 yean and had -been with 1 bar Monday night oTldVtold growers hobeUsm 0V Dead MotOr In dusting for weevil control I dusting for wt LofUn stiirtfd dustlnr his raft I Lake Texoma ynv another group ion when it waa about 10 inches Ipf brtte elt whn tun high Ha has mads three appScs- 1 tions with a mixture of 50-50 ufl1 Wooljjwdt tho night at an phut and caktittm-araenats His Hfostatiomhas never bean higher! AsraPmmoa oil than one per cent and vsn flealj waffle House her brother Don and their brother-in-law yf ipna la laid The cotton weevil control with him ths reputation sn experienced teacher-' Doctor Branch degree from Johns university ana hla Mi from Johns Hopkins School In After Clerks in a etora mar bar apartment raid she usually came In about one a week with an- envelope containing $100 MR and would gat It changed: Other employee said eha eome-Umee got $100 checks cashed then Police sstsbllshed thstim of the slaylpg through Bsrvey'Hsr- dry clsaneris-dellvery boy He eald bs had eaBsd at the apartment to pick Up acme cloth- inff to be cMajied and MrMan- and i safety waruinga to Ok-- motorists first became I falng tsix miles stretch of pave-tending west to BosML I h-ths-lfctter pfiflectJaAPBfc (Highway 70 will turn a ribbon of eonemt from I to Boggy River a bf mom-thag 45 mcet-Uua Arthur Little and hla daushtar whan the highway patrol ted Feb 17 1937 in the administration' Of the lafo Gov Mariaadr ATOKA Good ttom were made In rurmb of tbs annual Atoka roundup witnessed by a cpadty crowd Wednesday night opening night of tho threader event Bareback and brors riding also cams in for many thrills and riding- Hi banbaek obi riders qualified They' were Jbdd Whatley Odell Webb Clinton Hill Joke Monroa Buster Butts and Charlie Foster Jim Snlvriy and Tatar wen neck-and-neck for time honors In the calf roping event- Bnlve-ly pinned hla calf in 10 1-5 and Decker got a time of 10 3-5 Other -times ware Bike-17 3-5 Flqyd Marcum 33 14lrDiclr-JohnccnrlT--verett Shaw 31 3-5 Rueeell -Moore 30 3-5 with 19 eecond penalty Buck Ooodepeed no time Jack Ramaey 3-5 with 10 eecond penalty Ouster Dsris- 31 1-ODick TVoutt 30 Mlks Kfinebsr no time 1L Blnn 33 1-6 9 Qualifiers saddle brane riding Neal Gray Tster tMdnr Buster Butts Frad Warford Byrl Joseph Tbxaq Kidd Roy 'Martin-Cllnton HI1L Jbss Goodepsd won the steer rapbig contest with flna tima of 10 eS-5 second His petRor was Bbck Ooodepeed frith 34 1-5 second Other times 'wen Clark Mclntyra 30 1-5 XXpk Treutt-41 -1-6-Wolf Marcum 53 8-6 IX Blnn 37 3-4S Everett Shaw 35 Tatar Docker 35 aad Marvin McWUUun 67 Bulklogging times wesa ally good with 71-5 aseond mark tumid In by Odell Webb sad mark of 7 3-6 seconds mads by Todd Whatley Gaorga Hlnkla waa a close third with 7 44 Other marks were Tatar a ings have hold in Muskogee and McAleater Another will be hdd in Chfokasha Fridsy Tboso atteridlngtoday's hers wen ftam Mccurtain Choctaw MaijNR Puehmatmha Atoka Pontoto Carter end Brymn eou(v liltals of Johns Hopkins and Me-omri "Georgia he taught and practiced surgery and gyneetdogy at the Yale Medical School In Chang eha'-ChlML- Fromi915 to 1928 he spent varying portgrauluate riods at Johns Hopkina -The ayo Clinlc and other medical emten In tho United State An- Jean nine of Tacoma Wash stranded when their outboard motor treat deed The boat finally drift-d-taLahonL south of Flatter' well away from the place where they had left their automobile Mr' Feretta etartod out tn find the ear but become last In the timber tend ended up et a farmbouae ie InjUred or Crash confereocs Truman- be will" he mfeUed Reportcra then aaked whether he thought ths veto wguld be Barkley eald Mr Truman's veto of the previous tax reduction bill was auetalaad by two votes la hs bouea 8ut-Whea-thahoiiapaeaed the Re eerved until Aprit 1939 when I rev Ived msaeum thl week the mar-former Gov Loan a ap-lsln was by aura than aough tp pcintad Walter (Johnaoti aa afetjrJ to MeenprkUs Bemto Demeereta I were organtatag for a fight to re- Gantry retpraed to the comntf I jtapublMaa measure oa the sloncria offte on obitmeut by noor of the senate but they had vlr-former toy Robert Kerr hi Lmgy no hope of eucceee 1943 and served until four months I Mart of the Demoerate were ex-aga fpected to line up behlnd'a substitute Bom at Pond Creek Nov 28 1 biU by Democratic whip Beptt 1383-Gentn1 wao tho first whlU Lucas Of Illinois It wquid raise per-S taHs- the old Cherokee I small exmaptlon trcnl Tte to Strlp after the famous nm for Mnd by four I taxes from M' per rant-for psMoae homeatead learnlns tees than I10N tat taxabto Gentry Rlwd the Unlvenlty Iicohm 10J per eeat for thoee orKaasaame year and waa grad-lwith a taxable income of more r- where he spent the remainder of the jther extensive study waa spent nertag caked him about a blue and white drees eha had given him previously He promised to deliver it 3:30 but when be returned ha did not answer raid the radio was playing la tha apartment at the tlm It was tin playing at 0:15 yesterday when Jbx Laura Rayfidd tha negro mid entered with bra key to clean tha apartment Merlin told priKp Mr Manner mg wm dad only In a knee-length coat when ha eaDd to pickk i up tha gannsnt to bo cleaned Po- Fee bdlovad thatberkiner In tha i fi- In the clinics Of Edlngurg Belfast Dublin Lomten' and Paris under the Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship From 1928 'to 1940 he practiced Gynewogy in Shanghai Chin Since 1940 the doctor has been practicing Gynecology In this country and doing postgraduate teaching Southeastern On The Air woman received serioua Inland twk others suffered ml-IJuries In three ear collls- fee mile north of Armstrong is Highway 99 this Bunting clock i Patricia Ann Kooo cf Dtn- Ihc moat oerioualy injure ler treatment at the Durant al where Mis Waa rushed in nee ambulance 8ba suffered cuts and bntiasa Alice Kemp FflWers of sight white ths other three mods Uwjmelwi ae comfortable ee poael Ur where they were Meanwhile when the ftahArmen foiled to oome home after dark Fferetta and OUa Wren etai eerrh la the area where they known to be fishing spent the en tin sllgbt 6a the lake end atong bore and found the Met flehannan after daylight-' lt wee tougher on ua eeerrhara It wee on the other' (Briowmra prognma to be by Southeastern State college El Those enrolled fortiuTcouree In Durant thus for are i Dr Colwick Dr A Hyde DrAW tred Baker Dr Paul Bmltte Dr Haynle Dr Maurice Huck-ln' Jr all bf Durdnt Dr I Moore of Bokchito and Dr Scott of Tishomingo Coin Counltr HfllOW toUfrlOt JUIf 1 it WM MMWCM wllB I mmsj-w I aehlfli aBy 'i I Visual Education "Visual Edu- ramooela a esniw for 1 the blu Mr EL REN(X frank Madlaon la Reno's bualeat eefti eoUector but not from eholc iijM maintenance ep' erator forth38(rparfclng'inetarr Durant Produce And-iGraiiuMurketii: raoDUCE Heavy Hens 4Mlh up 31 fH-fH ura-rgp tnnn minor Injuria Ford eta era traveling bound truck driven by Fran- 1 1944 tnodri DodgVdriven tj xAnthpoy Room of rr following the' Ford the coupe whan the latter I acraaa the slab in front of state highway patrol- by i route and EmostM old I uated frwti the Dnlverslty of Okie-1 iw4et Except for making the ef- 0a Sue SUers of Caddo' re-1 home Arts Mra-1 naUsm He playud qiuulertiack the (K football team A member of ths Oklahoma Na-tkmal-guarA he want wltii tha SBth dlvtalo aad served eight months in (francs during World War X-Aftor--4hawarJw attended -tho Uaivenity of London for timu -Gantry was a Sensed pilot and a ans-tiiM dirt track auto racer' Hs! entered politics Feb 15 1935 when ha mambewaac- wtaiy of ths Stats Highway com-1 of Oklahoma's finf Highway com- mkrion Bs hrid that porition until aw- -4'ku- -1 truck after ths I off The highway sad over-1 Thatrack eras loaded with I Kid they war a An tbg I badly damtgd Gantry Is survlvad byhls wife aad a daughter Joan rural homemakers ar expected to attend the annuel Farm end Home week on the Oklahoma A ft -the annual conference will be "Building Better Rural Community1 used her As a part of hie dutie haeoilaet an average of 31006 ecirn each week which nraa Of add tip to 'appwalmatriy $470J- Mae msasiMin VarHOMt HU Ihft ttion in ths PiibUe Dr John WMorri pipfsseor of geog-and visual education PeraotiaMties the another In a see of- (ntervtewa of xsummer sess peopM Dr Eugene Slaughter ba in charg Friday JaTy 11 Fonlga Interview with Mexico Dr Haggard of the Spanish department and "Today Value of Latin" babel Work of ths Latin de-pertinent i Blnn 10 1-5 End Warford 10 and Jake Monroa 14 44 Qualifiers In tbs brahma bull riding Gram Marshall Clinton HUL OrvUte Mann and' Jaks Monro MM Who failed to ride their bulls wan Hu-tart Faltoo Rod Horn Lewis Tl-garand Roy Graomrood Another big show will be bold tonight a light under 1)6 lb 15s -Heavy fryers to 3 lhV 336 Leg fryer -baodsEOwss 28c Butter fet GRAIN i Wheat $1-90 to $195 Oats $070 to $080 Barley $1-35 to $L35 Ear com $LT0 to fLOO counting by band but the recent purduaa of an aafomtio counter has aimpHflsd hla Job The madUrn ago Madison asy' ta aroadarfuL OffidsM of an Ohio city net me day as "No Accident There wan 304 other days that should added 'v- A Ae-efe-ot ram ra.

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